“Hipsters” to the Rescue: What are YOUR Frugal and Hip Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas?!

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This is such a cute Valentine’s Day  gift idea…perfect for all of the couponers in our lives! πŸ˜€  Head on over to the Mommy by Day Crafter by night blog to find out how to create your own “Book of Love” coupon booklet.  You can even print her FREE templates to use for your booklet!  Sooo cute!

Do you have any unique, frugal and “hip” Valentine’s Day gift ideas?!  Please share in the comments below… Thanks! πŸ˜€ 

(Thanks and photo credit, Mommy by Day Crafter by Night!)

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    • Riya

      so cute…

  1. Yvonne

    I have to brag about a gift my hubby gave me 2 years ago for Valentine’s Day. We were on a tight budget and we said homemade gifts only. He took 30 strips of paper and on each one wrote something special about me! Some were serious and some were silly. He rolled each small strip up like a scroll and put them all in a glass jar with a bow on top. I still have those little notes and read them once in awhile.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh my word… I think that is such a cute idea. I may have to steal it and do something similar for my hubby! πŸ™‚ Thanks, Yvonne!

    • Jacklyn

      Why 30 Yvonne?

      • Tina

        Maybe it is her age? I was wondering that too. I totally love that idea! I am all about homemade gifts.

      • mommyspendsless

        My guess is that it’s roughly a month’s worth, so she can read a message each day of the month then start over the next?

        Or maybe that’s all that would fit in the jar πŸ™‚

    • Nancy

      Totally going to steal your awesome idea Yvonne! Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Amy

    I bought boxes of Hershey’s Pot of Gold chocolates back in December to give at Valentine’s Day. They were on sale at Walgreens (I think a register reward deal) and I had coupons. I also bought cherry cordials on clearance after Christmas to give on Valentine’s Day. They are in a red box. I’ll give my toddler a few little toys, which I found on clearance after Christmas. I also bought red and green M&M’s after Christmas that I’m going to separate out into red and green. Red for Valentine’s Day and green for St Patrick’s Day. I will probably bake chocolate chip/M&M cookies to give away. It would be too late for anyone to do these ideas now, but keep this in mind at every holiday and buy for the next holiday. After Valentine’s Day buy candy and other items on clearance to put in Easter baskets.

    • julie

      I thought I’m the only one that seperates the red and green M & M’s! LOL!

      • Renee

        I thought I was the only one who thought post christmas red (and green) screamed valentines day.

  3. Lisa

    Last year I made my hubby a “mini scrapbook” of 101 Reason Why I Love You! It took some time to make but it was a lot of fun to stop and remember all the reasons we fell in love! He loves it and still keeps it in his work bag!

  4. Melissa

    One year I bought a pack of Post-It notes and wrote something different I loved about my boyfriend on each one. Then I stuck them all over his room. He was still finding them days later! It was a thoughtful way to point out just how great he was.

  5. Sonja

    I am hosting a neighborhood fondue date night at my house (5 couples) We are all chipping in for a babysitter and pizza upstairs for the kiddos…we have all written a poem to share with our hubbies that night:)

  6. lana

    What we are doing is completely out of my hands, and it’s more of a “right time, right place” kind of thing, but still frugal! πŸ™‚ my husband has a 2 hour conference he has to go to on Tuesday that’s 5 hours away, so he asked me to come with him. They are paying for his hotel room and reimbursing us for gas and food, and the reimbursement rate is higher than what you acrually pay, so we are getting paid to go out of state, stay in a hotel for the night, and have a romantic dinner. Plus I got him the free tiny prints card. πŸ™‚

  7. jennsbox74

    The 14 Days of Valentine’s is such a good idea! I wish I would have found that site earlier πŸ™‚

  8. Valerie

    With 2 teens in college, I try to be very creative with our funds!
    So I took advantage of the Cardstore.com free promo codes and did the Valentine Coupon Card and customized it to say that he is entitled to a Valentine’s Day Dinner and movie with his dear wife. With the card, I’m enclosing a free groupon for the dinner, which I got as I had some credit in my account from a friend joining groupon. Then on Feb 14th our local theater is showing 3-D Titanic and I received a free pass for 2. I love these cheap but lovely gifts. Hopefully, he will too!

  9. Shannon

    Not to be crass, but there’s a certain something that’s free. Now that’s a hot deal!

    • Makayla

      πŸ˜€ Made my day. You’d think it’d be a guy typing that πŸ˜€

    • Laura

      That’s my kind of Valentine’s gift πŸ˜‰

    • Heather

      And K-Y’s been on sale quite a bit- come to think of it so has the pregnancy tests!

    • Dayna

      You need a coupon for that πŸ™‚

      [Your Name Here] Body Shop
      ~We’ll Get Your Motor Running In No Time~

      Our records indicate that your vehicle is due for routine maintenance. One of our highly qualified technicians will assist you when you come to our shop on:

      Date: Tuesday, February 14, 2012
      Time: 11:00pm
      Shop Location: Our Bedroom

      • Kerri F

        I think I’m stealing this! I love it!!!

      • Anna

        HAHAHAHA love it!

      • Shannon

        That is classic! I love that!

      • Miriam

        stolen! thanks!

      • Muquee

        Hi Dayna, I missed getting to read these for the 14th but I am now because our anniversary is this weekend. I had to write and thank you, I love this idea and so will HE! This is right down my Hot Guy’s alley as he is always doing something to our vehicles and keeping them well maintained. β™₯

    • adri

      I usually do that, free and dig stuff up from sexy drawer, plus ton of KY but I CANT!!!! I am 10 weeks pregnant and cant be intamate for at least 2 or 3 more weeks per dr’s orders and thats the way its been the last month. I am unemployed, did get him free cardstore card but dont know what else. would love to find something cute, free n maybe homemade

      • Sarah

        I would say you give him a massage, cuddle time, or other things that don’t violate your doc’s orders. πŸ™‚

  10. MegB

    Card -cardstore free
    movie- redbox free

  11. gg

    First of all, I save the cards we have given each other from yrs. B4 & re-give them. We usually both have forgotten what they said. And I’m putting together a basket w/the “Good for your heart” vitamins that I just purchased fro Walgreen’s w/the free rebates. This will truly show him how much I care!

  12. Mella

    We decided we would bake cookies at home instead of buying sees candy. Saved lots so far.

  13. Laura

    We planned on going out to eat at a nice Italian restaurant, but my husband loves my cooking so I’m going to make a romantic (and inexpensive) dinner instead. We have a fondue pot that we haven’t used since Valentine’s Day two years ago and I already have chocolate so that will be a sexy dessert πŸ˜‰

  14. Trish - Mom On Timeout
    • Riya

      Love those Hersheys kiss roses !And other stuff too !

  15. carrie96

    I have found several good ideas on http://www.thedatingdivas.com/
    This year I am giving my husband a “passport” to Africa were he served a mission for our church. I made him a little suitcase that I will pack his African clothes in and some items to make in African craft. I am planning on preparing some African food for dinner and letting him reminisce (again) on his days there. In the next few months I plan on doing the same thing for date nights to country’s we want to travel to.

    • hotmamacoupon

      This is such a great idea. wow. I hope you don’t mind, but I am definitely stealing this idea. i think I ll be sending him to India this Valentine’s day. lol

  16. samantha

    Last year I had us write questions (why do you love me, what’s the funniest thing I’ve done in our marriage, what color would you like to see on my hair, what makes you want me more than anything else etc.) and we ate some frozen Chinese dinner with candle light.
    If you want something done there are these “first date” cards that ask things like what’s your favorite… who do you look up to most, childhood … get to know you questions, they were pretty fun we did them once, and both learned something about each other (which we did not think we would) I think if a few years i’ll pull them back out and see what’s changed.
    One last thing, last year my sister in law cooked lasagna noodles and then took a heart shaped cookie cutter and made “heart pasta” with them.

  17. i'mBringingSexyBack!

    Home made boudoir photos for the hubby! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

    • Ashleigh

      I love this idea of doing your own shots; you got someone to help you I’m guessing? A great local photographer had a Valentine’s day boudoir special … hair, makeup, one hour of photography and two 5×7’s, all for $60! It is alot more than I would spend for a gift, but it is a great price as compared to what they normally charge. They did an awesome job too πŸ™‚

    • Karen

      I tried to do this for my husband, and the pics got lost in the mail!! I was too shy to have them developed at the local walgreens, so I ordered them online. I’m terrified that they ended up at one of my neighbors houses!!

  18. Tammy

    I am going to wrap every single box of KY I have gotten recently and give them to my husband. πŸ˜‰

  19. jlp

    I found a new silver fortune cookie (you don’t eat it!) at a thrift store so I am going to put little love notes in it everyday and put it in his car so he can read it at a stop light on the way to work. I love my hubby!

  20. Heather

    I got a nice one from my cousin actually. She made S’mores mix with small marshmallows, chocolate chips and graham cracker cereal and put them in decorative gift bags. I think it would be nice in a mason jar as well.

  21. Lea

    My husband always wants to do the “romantic” thing on Valentine’s Day. I love the fact he wants to give me roses but they only last a few days. A couple of years ago, he surprised me with the perfect gift!!! He gave me a rose scented candle. He said now I can have my roses any time I want!!! How awesome! I’ll always have my roses!!

  22. midget

    Most frugal idea? Ignore Valentine’s Day. Seriously. πŸ™‚ I will be.

    • Michelle Wences

      LOL Midget – us too.

    • Sarah

      We will be too. A) It’s a Tuesday night, B) I have to work that night, and C) We have 2 small children 2 and under so it’s really hard to find a babysitter. (Plus I have to work the following weekend)

    • Rachael

      I agree, as much as I would love to do something with my husband we both work and have no one to watch our kids πŸ™ So, by the time we get them all set for bed we’ll be exhausted and ready for sleep. Maybe next year, lol!!

      • Willa

        Set the alarm about 45 minutes (or more) early and “celebrate” then πŸ™‚ We did when ours were small and, after all, it’s still Feb 14th some place in the world.

  23. Shan

    My husband and I decided not to celebrate Valentines Day with stuff. Instead we have a nice dinner with the kids and watch a family movie. I would rather be shown love throughout the year and receive a gift when it is least expected πŸ˜‰

  24. Amber

    Well, since you asked…I have to show off what I made today. I stole it from Pinterest so it is definitely not my idea, but pretty cheap. About $10. And, I used the Twizzlers I got from the Staples deal last month!

  25. Dayna

    You can fill a container full of Hershey Kisses and decorate the outside with lip prints for spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend
    Or put in the Hershey Kisses & Teddy Grahams for a BEAR HUGS & KISSES gift

  26. Emily

    Here’s a healthy one. pick up a box of cuties. and make stickers that say “you’re a cutie will u be mine”! Kids always get candy this is just a healthy valentines!

  27. Alyssa

    I’m going to make my hubby a candy bouquet and deliver it to his work. I learned how on youtube. http://youtu.be/UJZxqq-PlIo

  28. Anna

    We’re doing it frugally, just not celebrating it!! Quite frankly I don’t know why anyone would go out to eat on Valentine’s Day and call that a romantic time. It’s so hectic and busy and full of people, crazy!! What about those cheesey cards that someone else wrote anyway, do you really wait until 2/14 to express love?? I gave my hubby a card letting him know how much he meant to me after he was there for me when my mom had a major surgery and i really needed him. We certainly don’t need v-day to express our feelings. As long as baby is aleep and we have energy left to snuggle up, that’s our special celebration lol

  29. Katie

    I got the free Tiny Prints card and the free Redbox promo code, and I got a $20 gift card to Albertsons by switching a prescription there a few weeks ago (actually turned out cheaper to fill it there anyway!). I’m going to use the gift card to splurge on steaks and a bottle of wine, which we don’t do too often now that we’re on a one-income budget.

  30. Heather

    Last year I bought like a glass bottle of snapple or a juice or something and after I drank it, I washed the bottle out and took the label off and filled it with Reeses Peices. Then my kids and I made a new label for it that said “We love you to peices!” He really liked it!

    • Coupon Giveaway

      Love that idea heather!

  31. Jen

    My husband will be a few hours away (driving distance) for the work week…so I am going to put a card from me and a card from our kids in one of the backseat pockets of his car and text him Valentine’s Day morning to tell him to go out and get them. I think he will like that we planned ahead and were thinking of him!

  32. Krista

    Just read this on another blog- Tuesdays Letters was the name I think? The couple has a little metal box and everytime they make love, they add $1.00 to the box. They’re saving all the money for their 50th wedding anniversary.

    I think I’m going to make a little box for my husband so we can start this, too. Its cute and free!

    • Kayla

      OMGosh I love that idea!!! Then My hubs will see Im not holding out hahah, we can put it towards our second wedding!! I better get a move on!!! That second wedding is gonna be a pretty penny lol

  33. Cindy J.

    Several years ago I did the gift each day for 14 days for my husband, and I am doing it again this year. I remember going to our local Duckwall’s about every day to get him something. I made a really tiny card for one day and a very large card for another day (out of cardboard). Thank you everyone for all the great ideas. You can also clean out your Coffeemate creamer container, take off the label and use it for candy. The red lid makes it perfect for Valentines Day!

  34. megan

    So I just thought of this.. and since my hubby is living out of state for work right now it wouldn’t work. What about taking a boudoir photo and cutting it into 14 puzzle pieces? Give him a piece each day for the 14 days of V-day gifts. Then on valentines day you can give him a whole picture, and a close up of the real thing?

  35. Kayla

    Well This year we are def. on a budget..But Grocery outlet has 2 bacon wrappen filet mignon for 4.99 They arent very big But make it kinda fancy, and have some of his fav sides, Put Our daughter to bed early and enjoy a romantic dinner at candle light, shoot maybe even a little wine!and I have everything except th meat so this year it will just cost me 5 bucks!

  36. Samantha

    One year I recreated our honeymoon cruise in our bathroom. I put a space heater in the bathroom to make it feel tropical, set up a card table in the corner with a white sheet (I don’t have a white table cloth) dragged a fake tree from another room in (with stuffed monkeys in it) and put a big camping pad on the floor covered with beach towels. I wore my fancy dress from our honeymoon, and made foods like we had on the cruise (including monkey la las and molten chocolate cake). After dinner we put on our swimsuits and went for a “swim”. It was fun to recreate a special time in our lives with stuff we already had around the house, we even looked
    through our photo albums of the wedding and honeymoon. (PS, our toilet has its own little room so I closed the door so it didn’t feel weird eating in the bathroom haha)

  37. TrinIty

    My husband and I decided years ago to stop spending on (& adding to clutter) cards for eachother every holiday. Instead, we picked out a nice leatherbound journal together and write eachother notes in it on occasions like valentines, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. And sometimes just because. It is nice having all our letters to eachother kept together and no more cheesy cards or drawers stuffed w sentimentality.

    • Adrian

      That is a wonderful idea! I love it! The card clutter drives me nuts too, but we both can’t bear to part with them. This is a great alternative. Would be neat to have our 5 year old start one too and we could see how much her writing and thoughts evolve over the years! GREAT IDEA!!!! πŸ™‚

  38. mday

    SInce my birthday is two days right after Valentines Day we usually wait!!! Honestly this year has been tight money wise! I think the Jar thing will be an idea I will steal.. That sounds great.. Every year I try to do something special for my Hun.. This year before he goes to work I will make him Valentines Pancakes with Hearts. I pack his lunch and make him a heart shape sandwich… On his cookie I place a short strip of ten reasons why I love you. Then I put ten things in his bag.. Like beef Jerky with a note #1. you are so caring, # 2 silced apple you are a great father. So on and so forth.. He gets a kick out of it.. Last year I wrote a letter saying 14 Reason Why I Fell in LOve With You.. For fourteen days each day I would sent him a reason why I fell in love with him 5 years ago.. He loved it so much, he saved all his notes and filed them away for our kids to see later on as they get older. .

    As I do this year on the food and note, I also got us some movie tickets through the K-y deal and I got him a card through the free Valentine Cards that Collin posted.. I got a cute card that says in the Front Maria and John and I will probably stick the movie paper on their.. I would have not been able to do that if it wasn’t for Collin.. So thank you Collin..

  39. Adrian

    Last year we went to California for Spring Break and my mom was able to capture a picture of my husband, me and our daughter holding hands looking out over the ocean. Whenever we see that picture it just brings us peace and back tothe great memories we had on that trip. I ordered him a free print of it from Canvas People (just paid shipping) and made him a homemade card. I think he will love that it is his favorite picture, but done in a unique way. Our daughter is writing on post-it notes, all of the things she loves about him and we are putting them all over his mirror on his side of the bathroom. He gets up before we do and I know it will make his day seeing those before he goes to work! πŸ™‚

  40. Katie D.

    You can make your own fortune cookies and put love notes or things in his future πŸ˜‰ on them.

  41. Michelle C

    One year I bought rose petals and red balloons (day after V-Day) and blew up the balloons and put all over the bedroom, the petals from the front door to the bedroom door, had a homemade cd I burned from iTunes with “mood” music playing, and a bottle of massage oil from the Dollar Tree (it was even in a red bottle). There were tealights lit all over and the lights out (they sell the big bags at WM). We each had a massage with the works.Then the same in the bathroom with candles and rose petals for a shower/bath by candlelight because that massage oil tends to be sticky πŸ™‚ I had also set the table with day after purchases at 50-90%…red and pink heart doilies, heart themed paper plate, napkins, cups, table cloth and confetti (and they can be used for several years since it’s 20 to a pack!). Dinner was already cooked and plated and just had to be heated after the shower! For dessert … chocolate and a paint brush for body art (and then another shower of course!) I spent more time than money getting this together!

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