Happy Friday: Small Gestures Mean So Much

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Here is my story I wanted to share : This morning in desperate need of some caffeine I headed to the local Chick-Fil-A Drive-Thru to grab a Large Coke for FREE with my calendar coupon. Waiting in line, I could see the cashier and the customer ahead of me in some sort of discussion but I thought nothing of it.

When I approached the window to hand in my coupon, the cashier told me that the woman who had been in the car ahead of me wanted to pay for whatever I had ordered. The cashier explained to her that I was only getting a FREE coke and had a coupon for it but the woman insisted and payed for my coke anyway!

The cashier told me the woman just wanted to practice a random act of kindness and that I should just keep my coupon for the next time! I was so touched that I was the recipient of such a kind gesture – I have heard of random acts of kindness happening before to others but this was the first time something like this has happened to me! It completely made my day!! All over a simple coke!

I can’t wait to pay it forward and make someone else’s day! I thought maybe you could share this with your readers in the hopes that it might cause a chain reaction and add lots more random acts of kindness all over!! Happy Friday!


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  1. Rachel

    Wonderful! πŸ™‚

  2. jane

    A few years ago my husband lost his job and our only income was his unemployment ( I am a stay at home mom). After a few months of zero spending and strict coupon use, I felt so guilty sitting in the line at McD’s after ordering a Iced Vanilla Coffee. I literally had scraped quarters and dimes together to pay for it. I got to the window to find that the woman infront of me paid for my coffee. I was in tears! As soon as my husband found a job, I started randomly doing the same thing.

    • jj

      =) you warmed my heart today.

    • Anonymous

      Aw! That reminds me of when we were really poor growing up and my mom had to count out pennies for gasoline. You can’t do that now though with the prices today!

  3. grubbca

    In a shopping center parking lot one Easter time, I was just thanking God for His abundance and asking Him what I could do. I completely forgot about this later when in the checkout line, I felt very moved to pay for the Easter roses a lady’s in front of me did not have enough for. She cried, we hugged, and she left. Then it hit me. I remembered my earlier prayer and told the cashier. She cried and said “God is good”. It was amazing. I just know that God will call on His children to help others when they need it.
    Incidently, I saw this lady at church several months later. I really want to see the checkout lady again…

    • Laura

      The same thing happened to me. I asked the Lord to use me and a while later I saw a woman sitting outside a grocery store and I felt compelled to talk to her. Long story short I ended up buying her groceries and asked her if I could pray with her. I was so blessed! God is good!

    • Mag

      What would have God done without us people….God needs us to do those things every day.

  4. Katrina

    I get such great joy out of doing things like that for others. One day I did it and the lady followed me to the next traffic light just to say thank you!

  5. Lmorris53

    Love it! I am turning 20 on Sunday as instead of going crazy with birthday celebrations for me, I thought it would be fun to complete 20 “random” acts of kindness for people during the month of March. Instead of people getting me gifts or a party, I’ve asked friends to come on minding missions with me or donate a few dollars to help buy supplies! It is soooo much fun! We can make a difference and be a blessing in this world! Best part is, most of the supplies for the minding missions have been purchased with coupons!!

    • Tilla R Ham

      kudos to you for being so thoughtful of others at such a young age. i hope you have an amazing birthday filled with crazy celebrations on top of your 20 acts of kindness, both sound totally necessary:)

    • Jaime

      That is so awesome of u!! I hope u have an amazing bday!!!

    • Alyssa

      There is a website that does this sort of thing. Where on your birthday you do that many random acts of kindness. Thought you might be interested in looking at it πŸ™‚

    • Dyona R.

      My friend just did that for her birthday! Have fun!

    • Susan

      Have a great birthday! I plan to do 2 RAOK in honor of your 2 decades of life because I am so impressed of your generous choices at such a young age.
      I would like to know what you mean by “minding mission” though.

      • Lmorris53

        Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!! Means a lot coming from total strangers πŸ™‚ typo…kinding missions πŸ™‚

    • macarena white

      Happy birthday to you and god bless you for being so good. I try helping others every chance I get and I try teaching my son to give back even though he is only 3. Your mom must be so proud of you!

  6. Staceyque

    I ran a fabric store for 7 years so I had TONS of fabric when I stopped and went back to school full time to finish my B.A. One day I was in the store (we live in a tiny town so we have one store to get everything, an Alco) and they had a tiny little fabric section which of course I loved to go and just *look* πŸ˜› There was a lady there, and she was asking my advice on which fabrics matched better, so I gave my opinion. She walked off and I started thinking RAK! So I ran to the front, and fortunately she was in line at the checkout. I started talking to her and told her how much fabric I had and that I would gladly send her the 2-3 yards for her project. Come to find out, she was making a lap blanket for her husband when he went in for his dialysis treatments because he would get so cold. Talk about fate! I got her address and she kept asking for mine to send me money, I had to explain to her I didn’t want money. I just want her to pass on the RAK to someone else someday. She had a hard time understanding the concept but finally agreed, and sent me a thank you note in the mail for the fabric.

    • Joy


  7. lynn

    I work at Starbucks and we have this happen every few weeks. Usually one car pays for the car behind them, but once we had the chain of paying for the car behind you go on for 15 cars. When people have something done for them they often want to pass on the good deed, it sure is fun to see that happen.

    • Heather

      15 cars, that’s amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Anonymous

      I love this! Great idea! Think I am going to do it tomorrow πŸ™‚

  8. Rebecca

    Great story! About 12 years ago, I was 20 and traveling alone to visit a relative in intensive care who’d just had a severe stroke (& never recovered). I stopped for gas at a station along the way off the freeway (SE IA). I was pretty obviously upset despite trying to compose myself. When I went into the gas station to grab a drink & snack & pay for my gas, the man ahead of me (who ended up being a big rig trucker) paid told the cashier he’d also get my things there. I was stunned and could only manage to thank him. I hope he knew how much it meant. If you’re out there, thank you so much. That kind act honestly brightened my day enough to let me finish my journey without incidence. I still think fondly of that kind trucker. πŸ™‚

  9. Amanda

    Thank you for posting this! I am reading everyones comments and bawling. So many wonderful people in the world!

  10. Meridith

    What an inspiring story! There is a kids book called Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed. I read it the other day to my third graders. If you have children, check it out at the library. One person alone can make the biggest difference in somebody’s life.

    • Carissa R.

      Just put a hold on it at the library per your recommend. Love having these kinds of stories to teach our children.

  11. JJ

    Almost two years ago, my sister and I were standing in line at a starbucks in our city’s target the day before thanksgiving. The line was moving pretty slowly but I was telling my sister that, for once, I would be choosing a different drink from my usual.
    After some time mulling over the menu, as usual, I concluded that I was just like my dad and I hated change. The lady in front of us turned around and agreed while laughing. Soon after, she paid for her drink with a 20 and left most of the change for my sister and I to buy drinks! She said it was no problem even though she looked kind of sad and told us to have a happy thanksgiving. I never forgot that and left my 10 dollars for the couple behind us, but I even though I remember seeing that girl put her money back in her wallet, meaning she didn’t continue the chain, I was hopeful.

    The city I come from is by no means safe and my family experienced such a tragedy a year ago yesterday. However, it’s always nice to find a few people who are willing to selflessly give!

  12. Jennifer

    One of our local Christian radio stations promotes this very concept once a year, and it really catches on. It is amazing to hear all the really touching stories when people call in.

    • CW

      My Christian Radio station (88.1 WAY FM- South Florida) does this several times a year, they call it the “Drive Thru Difference” and have a link to a letter you can print for the person in the car behind you, with a phone number. People call in and tell how muh it meant to them. They often do it on Fridays. That’s what I thought this Happy Friday post was when I saw it! I want to say its been going on for 2-3 yrs. Good concept/idea!

      • CW

        how “much” it meant to them. Sorry, I’m tired, my spelling is slipping…

      • Valerie

        We do the “Drive Thru Difference” here in Georgia, too! (Atlanta station 105.7 “The Fish”). People are all the time calling the station telling how someone paid for their meal. I am hearing more & more stories about people paying for everyone in the restaurant! Recently someone called to say that at their church on Wednesday night someone paid for everyone’s meal (over 100 people!) and attached a $5 bill to their letters so that everyone could pass it on!! God is amazing! and so are His people!

  13. amber

    I am in my final year of studying as an art education/book arts major. This semester has really killed my budget as far as art supplies go. I was super excited last month when that Michael’s five dollar coupon was released, I brought my three-year-old with me so I could make two transactions. Of course, I ignored the fact that he is also a budding artist and wanted everything in the store. When I finally found my way to the check out line, I had to wait for a few minutes. My little guy for some reason had his eyes on a yellow artificial flower. I did not want to lose my spot in line to see the price or, if I’m being honest, did not want to spend money on something that would simply pacify him in the car ride home. Trying to explain your budget and motivations to a three-year-old is practically useless. By the time it was my turn I was beyond frustrated and just wanted to go. My son was crying, “the yellow flower, the yellow flower, the yellow flowerrrr. please mom!” and I was just like, “no. we’re done. we’re going home.” As I am packing my car, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I look behind me and there is a little old lady, with a yellow flower. She asked if I minded that she had purchased the yellow flower. I seriously started crying and could barely say thank you. The tag on the flower said 1.19, but it might as well have cost 100. What an amazing feeling! I love that people with the biggest hearts are still out in the world. I definitely love to pay it forward soon!

    • Heather

      oh, how very precious… now I am bawling. thanks for sharing!!

      • amber

        I’m happy to finally have an outlet to share that story! These are all great! [and I’ve teared up reading these as well, dont worry! :]]

      • Livvy

        More than any other story here, that one really touched me. I have two toddlers and I’ve been in that situation where you desperately want to get them that tiny little something, but you can’t and they can’t possibly understand why. It’s heartbreaking to have to say no to something so simple as a little flower. That old lady was incredibly thoughtful and sweet.

    • Peggy

      Your story had me in tears! As Mama to two (including a three year old) I have been in that situation many times. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve barely made it out of the store with my wits as one kiddo or another is starting (or finishing) a meltdown while all I want to do is quickly get out. What an amazing act of kindness from a stranger who perhaps knew that situation all too well herself.
      Love this story & will probably recount it to others as it just warms my heart! :o)

  14. allie

    I love all of these stories. The point is the intention. She just wanted to perform an act of kindness. I love it! She will be blessed because of it. I have done this, but it just reminds me that I need to do it more often. Right now, I am able. But, who knows when I will need an act of kindness. Also, even for people that have plenty of money: it’s not about that. It can really touch and move even someone who is very well off.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Rebecca

      Ditto. A sincere act of kindness doesn’t expect payment/obligation, be it to one’s self or another, nor deservedness. I love these stories, however, some people seem to think it’s as much about the chain as it is about the kind act.

      While waiting for my appt. this week, I let a woman go ahead of me though it made me stay longer & I’m rarely apart from my young children; however my kids were at my house with Grandma, & I heard this woman say her children were waiting in the car with their grandma. She was very grateful thanking me with a huge sincere, warm smile, & the person our appoinments were with even thanked me for being so kind. I honestly just felt it was the right thing to do; I replied that I have kids, too, understand what it’s like, & would hope to be treated that way myself – ala the Good book’s golden rule. I don’t expect anything of that woman other than for her to have a better day than she would have & maybe a brighter outlook.

  15. allie

    By the way, Collin…….THIS is why I love your site more than any other! Thank you for encouraging and supporting random acts of kindness!!!!!

  16. Blessed

    I was at goodwill one day trying to get a small chest of drawers I had just purchased to fit in my car. There was an angry woman outside of the next store yelling at someone on her cell phone and it was not helping my frustration with the situation. After trying various angles, to no success, people started coming to help me. I think at one point we had 4 or 5 people trying to get the thing into my car. I had all three carseats (no kiddos) with me at the time. I had to find room for them to. After everyone had given up and left to go about their day, a sturdy middle aged woman approached me with a look of determination. With her help I loaded the chest successfully into my car and we had a few laughs along the way. I was feeling guilty about spending the $20 on something for myself and I think this nice person could tell. She asked me before leaving β€œAre you ok?” I said β€œYes, I think I can get it inside when I get home. Thank you so much.” She says β€œNo I mean are you ok?” She noticed the carseats and lack of wedding ring. Not wanting to seem pitiful, I tried to explain how I would be graduating with my engineering degree in a few months and that I am better since the divorce. She waved her hand in the air and sad jubilantly β€œDo you need some money?” I tried to say no I would be fine, even though I was not really sure we would be. She just smiled and said her daughter is close to my age and she has watched her raise kids on her own and sees how hard it is. She handed me a handful of bills and walked off after quickly hugging me (which I really needed). After she had left I counted 5 twenties. A hundred dollars. I cried. It was Christmas time and money was tight. I have NO idea who she is and she didn’t appear to be excessively affluent. I will never forget how sweet she was and I look forward to the day when I can help others like she did me.

    • Leslie

      That is an amazing story. 100 dollars!!! Wow!!

    • Amanda Perez

      Wow your story touched me in more ways than one its like you and I have the very same story to the T I too am studing to be and engineer and am divorced with 3 kids. My ex husband failed to pay for our van my children and I had been using and it was repoed. Well long story short my friend and her husband blessed us with our new used van and we are loving it. Being a single mother isnt the easiest thing in the world but mothers like you and I will survive just by taking it one day at a time one moment at a time!!!

  17. LJ

    My family went to IHOP one Sunday morning for breakfast as a treat since we don’t eat out too much. We were shown to our seat and sat across from a young man eating by himself. My kids looked at him and said hi! and smiled. A few times while we were eating they looked at him and smiled but that was it. We went to pay our bill and the waittress said it had been taken care of. “By who?” we said and she told us it had been the young man sitting by himself had paid for all five of us. Needless to say the waittress got a good tip. Never had anything like that happen before. We were kinda in awe a bit for the rest of the day but we also wore random smiles all day long.

    • Peggy

      That is wonderful! It makes me happy to hear about your friendly kiddos showing kindness to a stranger and that it was a young man who paid it forward. What a great lesson in kindness for your kiddos to witness too! :o)

  18. Andrea

    One day my husband went to work which is about 1 1/2 hours away and forgot his debit/credit card and his cash. He needed gas and asked the lady at the gas station of I could pay for his gas over the phone with a credit card, she said there wan no way she could do that. She gave him ten dollars out of her pocket so he could make it to work. We don’t know what my husband would’ve done if she didn’t do that. God is great and there’s a lot of nice people out there πŸ™‚

  19. megan

    My husband and I were out to eat at a local wood fired pizza chain a few years ago when a Woman and her son were seated near us. There was just something about them that was compelling to me. My husband and I paid for their meals, it’s the greatest feeling in the world to me!

    My husband whose in the Army has had many meals paid for by random restaurant patrons when he was in uniform, but there was a night we went out to dinner with our then 18month old. Our waiter making small talk asked if my husband was military (his haircut made it obvious) and they chatted a bit about it. When it came time to pay our bill we got our receipt with a note that said “Thank you and your family for your service” a family at another table had our waiter confirm we were military and then paid for our meals! Such an amazing feeling. I always try to give, sometimes maybe giving too much, but it is a source of my happiness! And a great way to turn a crummy day around!

  20. abigail

    this is awesome! inspiring!!!

  21. deb

    over the past couple years I had it happen to me three times, twice at Starbucks, and once at Mcdonalds. I was so shocked that there was people out there doing this. (and of course I’ve passed it on at different times)

  22. Sue

    Last year I ran in to Target to buy a box of my favorite much needed hair color . I had just come from the gym and had my husband drop me off in front of the store as it was the only item i was buying. When I went to pay my card was expired. All of a sudden the nice young man in a business suit behind me paid for it. I don’t know if he was in a hurry or thought I really needed it too. I decided to be thankful rather than embarassed and my husband and i got a big smile out of it on the way home.

  23. Sarah R

    Last year money was bad… My husbands dad died and we spent our entire savings going home for his funeral. We had to fly and rent a car because we didnt have enough leave time for driving. We were at the gas pump about to start paying for gas with our credit card when a woman poked her head around the pump and said she wanted to buy our gas. I told her there was no way I could possibly accept such a kind gesture. She said she saw my husband’s blues in the window and she had a feeling we werent in that small town for any happy event. I told her that no we weren’t. And she filled our entire tank, which was about $55. I was so thankful and touched that I couldnt help but cry. Then she told me that she was ever so happy in her life and in need of nothing and some day I would be the same and share just alike. So someday I will.

  24. Autumn

    I like to think of this story as more of an act of God. Back in the early 80s, my mom was a single mom raising my brother and I. I was around a year old and my brother a few years older than that. We were leaving church one Wednesday evening when my mom got into her car and realized she didn’t have even a dollar to her name or enough gas to get us home. My mom sat in the car with tears in her eyes and just prayed that the Lord would help us get home with the little amount of gas she did have. Well not even 2 minutes later, a woman my mom had never seen before, comes up to the car and says “I hope I don’t offend you, but I think God just told me I need to give you this $5.” $5 back in the early 80s was enough to give my mom about a half tank of gas! I just think that it’s such a wonderful story!

    • Katrina

      That is so beautiful!

    • Laura

      God is so faithful and hears our prayers. Thank you for sharing!

  25. Tenisha

    Two years ago, I was heading to Target with my 4 children in tow, having just come off the subway. I was thinking about what I was going to get (with my coupons, of course) and the fact that I hoped my transactions really went as planned seeing as I had to have fare to get back home and I really did need what I was going for. A woman drove by slowly in her car- to which I paid no mind until she backed up and said”excuse me, miss- are these ALL your children?” I laughed and said yes and told her that I was older than she probably thought I was- (used to people by now thinking that I am younger than I really am). She said – I don’t want to keep you from where you’re going but God told me to give this to you . When I saw it was money I refused, politely (never having anything happen like this before so I didn’t know how to respond, really). But she said no- please , take it. Then, she just drove away and when I got in the store, still a little dazed, I saw that she’d given me $50.

  26. cbgrace


  27. rainwindel

    When I was 17-19 I worked at a grocery store as a cashier. Occasionally someone wouldn’t have enough money for their purchase (usually less than $1) and the person behind them would say “just add the rest on to my bill”. Well, I have never forgotten this one couple who came through. They were just bickering and cussing at each other. They were fighting over who had the money, why the other didn’t have the money, etc. They scraped together some money ( I don’t remember what they were buying ) and still ended up being over $5 short. The man behind them said to just add it on to his bill. Then he told the couple “hey, why don’t you guys just come out and check out my church sometime”. I remember just being amazed because although $5 is not much money (to some) I had never seen someone be willing to do that before. And to some people, especially me at the time, $5 is HUGE.

    • mary

      A few months back i was checking out at Pathmark. An elderly woman was in front of me getting ready to pay, she could not find her debit card and did not have any cash on her. i told the cashier to add it to my bill. I of course was using coupons so my bill was not going to be very high. the woman gave me a big hug and told me that her husband had just recently passed and she was really lost without him. I felt so good being able to lift her spirits a little that day. Thanks to coupons I hope to be able to do this again for someone.

      • maria

        WOW mary, after reading all of these up to yours so far I have been so moved, but yours made me start crying–I am going to do a RAOK today (I wanted to do 22 for my birthday in Jan, but I was just so busy with school, now I will though) thats so amazing. I could not even imagine how life would be without my husband, and I have only been married three years. Thank you so much. This is one of the reasons I love this site SO much, and love colin for promoting RAOK and to pay it forward. God is so good. God bless everyone who is reading these and feels moved by them, and wants to help or has ever helped someone before

  28. Sara

    I never heard of these acts of kindness until recently, but have experienced one before. It was about 10 years ago. My son was just a baby, his father was an alcoholic that did absolutely nothing to help take care of us, and I was waiting tables to survive. I drove a rusty, old, loud, station wagon. I pulled up in the gas station to put $2 in the gas tank. The lady on the other side of the pump came over and told me she would like to fill up my tank. I insisted that was not necessary and said no thanks, but she wouldn’t give up. Finally I said Ok and she swiped her card at my pump and told me to fill up my tank. I know I didn’t fill my tank. I pumped like $15 worth of gas and the guilt was so intense that I stopped. I just felt really bad that this lady I didn’t know wanted to pay for my gas, and I thought “wow, I must look pathetic”! There are times in this life when people are placed in your path, just when you need them. For me, it wasn’t so much about the money, even though I desperately need it. It was more about the fact that I was living with this monster, and this woman made me realize that there are still good people out there. If at any time you feel compelled to do the slightest thing for another person, please do. It could be the smallest thing to you, but could completely change their life!

  29. Jenn

    I offered to pay for the grocery items on the belt for the lady behind me in line at Publix. The lady had 4 items on the belt and when I offered to pay for them (I gestured to the items on the belt) she was grateful and said “thanks” but then proceeded to reach over and grab 5 candy bars and 2 magazines. There was already another customer on the belt with a divider down and she pushed it back to fit her new items. WHOA!
    I looked at the cashier and he was about as stunned as I was. He rang up the 4 items and plopped down a divider for the magazines and candy bars.

    • cara

      sounds like u had a great cashier that day!

  30. Valerie

    I work at a pharmacy and a few years ago I experienced an amazing act of kindness. I man came in to get medicine for his wife who was ill. For whatever reason, it was no longer covered by their insurance and would be over $1100! He was, needless to say, very upset! His wife had to have her medicine. Very quietly, a women at the register told the cashier to add the women’s medicine to hers and she paid with her credit card and left, admonishing the cashier not to tell him who paid. The amazing thing about this to me is not that she paid for the medicine (although that is pretty amazing!) but that she wanted no credit for the act!

  31. Stacy

    Hearing these things does make you feel good. I was behind a woman at babies r us. She had coupons and clearance clothes but got to the register and still saw the total was over her budget. She stood there thinking about what she didn’t need for her boy. That’s when I remembered the 2 garbage bags full of clothes I was taking to the consigment store. I felt weird but asked her if she wanted them. She started to cry she said her husband just left her and she was struggling while looking for a job. People have been very generous with my son. I felt so blessed I never thought people would be so kind with gifts for my son. Feels good to give back. My son wouldn’t have all he does without the kind people in our lives.

  32. squarejellybean

    Wow awesome stories I havent bought anything for strangers yet but makes me want to start. I’ll I’ve done so far is let many people go in line in front of me at the store when I am couponing they are so grateful but I just don’t like to hold up the line. Some people tell me thank you more than one time I just tell them “do unto others as u want others to do unto u”. But I had a recent yard sale ( not coupon stuff) and my husband and I sold everything super cheap and we threw in many free things and people left with a big smile on their faces. Another thing I have done is let people use my rite aid card or cvs card because they dont want to sign up for a card but I dont want to see them pay full price. All these stories inspire me to do more because about 8 months ago we had no income due to my husbands temporary disability. Thanks for sharing everyone πŸ™‚

  33. Livvy

    When I worked at Kohl’s a couple of years ago, a lady came through he checkout line with 3 little kids around her and a baby strapped to her front. She had a cart absolutely LOADED with back-to-school clothes, shoes, and baby clothes—all clearanced at 70-80% off. She “paid” with a 20% off your purchase coupon and over $100 in Kohl’s Cash. Her total was less than $5 and when I casually remarked what an incredible deal she got, she burst into tears and told me the story.

    She was coming in the store to get a couple of needed items (shoes) with her 20% off coupon and, as she helped her children cross the parking lot, a young man drove up and explained that he had bought a few very large items a couple of weeks earlier at Kohl’s and they gave him a lot of Kohl’s Cash, but he didn’t normally shop there, didn’t need anything, and this was now the last day to use it. He knew it was worth something, so he drove back to the store and just waited in the parking lot until he saw someone he thought would need it. He offered it to her and she thanked him profusely, but didn’t look at it until she got in the store—and then had to explain to her kids why she kept crying.

    She said they were really struggling financially and to be given over $100 in “Kohl’s Cash” (which is like a gift card) at such a trying time to their life, was just beyond anything she’d ever experienced. She never got his name, just knew he was “about late twenties.” Several in line cried as they listened to the story. That man affected far more people that day than just the family he gave that to, and I often remember that story.

  34. MamaJ

    Love these stories. I’m totally bawling lol!

  35. Carissa R.

    Cry, cry, cry! I’m am so touched by all of these stories. Added to my “to do list” = Random Act Of Kindness.

  36. WatFamily

    I had the same thing happen to me at Starbucks around Christmas. Ordered my drink and when I got to the window she said that the woman in front of me paid for my drink. It messed with my head because I was trying to figure out if it was someone I knew but it made my day. So the next week I went to Starbucks I paid for the drink for the car behind me so I could pass it on. Felt great.

  37. kckitty12

    After reading this post, I did the same for the car behind me at Chic-Fil-A this morning! I was using a free 8 piece nugget coupon and that just happened to be what the lady was getting! Random acts of kindness was a great way to start my Saturday!

  38. Katie D.

    In the D.C. area, our Christian radio station is encouraging us to do this.

  39. starwarsbride

    Yes, I was in a McDonalds and was trying to pay for a drink with my change, because I had two kids coupons with me and wanted my kids to get there free food and then I decided I wanted a drink. I guess I took so long, the guy behind me offered to pay for it. Oh, I was so surprised. Thanks to the Lord, we have plenty of money, I just didn’t have anything but change on me at the time. I was so thankful, but still insistent that I dig out the rest of my change that I said “No, thanks! But that is so very kind of you!” I got my order in, and as they were filling it, the guy ordered his coffee. I opened up the change side of my purse and dug a little more and got out enough to pay for his coffee…I told him I hoped he didn’t mind if I paid for his coffee since he was so sweet to me! I also paid for the Dunkin donuts coffee for an elderly man at Costco, who was in a motorized wheelchair and only came in for his regular purchase of just coffee. He was very surprised! It was nice to do, but I know that I would really be doing God’s work if I offered to pay for someone’s overflowing cart at Costco. That would be a sacrifice! Let’s take care of each other! Glory to God!

  40. starwarsbride

    All the bad rap that couponers get…maybe it’s God’s way for us to save money and then we can pass on the extra to bless others. It’s kind of the same concept with Dave Ramsey and paying off all of your debt, including house pymts! It’s so wonderful to be able to give! Try it and see! πŸ™‚

  41. Becky

    The monday before my daughter was born (on a Wednesday)- my husband, mom and I went to Stake and Shake and talked about our plans once my daughter was born (we were living with my mom at the time and knew my labor was starting)- we ate and I let myself get a milkshake bc I had a coupon for it. When it came time to pay I was told that someone picked up my bill and left a message saying good luck with your labor. Being hormonal, I cried. I think about that often- I am often reminded of that story and try to help others when I can.

  42. Lor

    This same thing happened in our town last week.My husband heard that the local Starbucks had over 100 cars go through the drive up and pay for the car behind it. I have a new appreciation of our town!

  43. Jennifer

    At my school UNCC someone had taped a note to a deink machine that read, “This is a random act of kindness. Your drrink is on me today. Have a nice day!” with a dollar and a quarter attached.

  44. tracy

    My husband and I went to eat at a local restuarant in our town, to celebrate a new job I had gotten. My husband is in the military and does military funeral honors (folding the flag, etc..). He happened to be in uniform that day because he met me for lunch. We ordered our food and was having a good time, when our waiter came up and let us know the nice old man who had just walked out the door paid for our lunch! I walked out to thank him becuase I had never had that happen. And what I heard next, I will never forget. He told me his son was in the Army, and had been hit with an IED in 2006 and passed away. When he walked in, he saw my husband, and remembered his face from his son’s funeral. My husband had handed him the flag his son earned. It was such a touching story. We cried and hugged, and he told me to thank my husband for what he does. I will NEVER forget that day, and I have such a new profound appreciation for what my husband does.

  45. Beth Wolfe

    This past Christmas my husband and I and our 5 kids were in kohl’s shopping for some last minute Christmas gifts when a lady came up to me and said she had about 25 shirts in her car that they looked like they would fit my husband and was wondering if I would be interested in them for free. I of course said yes and my husband went outside to get them and put them in our van. The lady came back into the store and handed me a store gift card and told me Merry Christmas and to use the remaining balance. To my surprise when we checked out I went to use the gift card and their was 131.98 left on the card. Needless to say she made my Christmas.

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