Rite Aid: Free L’Oreal Youth Code Cleansers

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Update: The Video Values coupon is now printing with an exclusion on L’Oreal Youth Code cleansers, but was not printing that way earlier. So please keep this in mind, as you will not be able to score the deal below if you print now. πŸ™

Here’s yet another great Rite Aid deal to add to your shopping list! Through March 17th, L’Oreal Youth Code Cleansers are on sale for only $4.39 (regularly $8.29). Pair this sale with the $5/1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon and you’ll have yourself some free cleanser!

Rite Aid Deal Scenario (valid 3/17)
Buy 1 L’Oreal Youth Code Cleanser $4.39
Use the $5/1 Youth Code coupon from the March Video Values (will need to be adjusted down)
Final Cost FREE!

* And don’t forget to check out this post to see how you can snag Kids’ Sunglasses for only $0.99!

(Thanks, Emily and Coupon-Coupons!)

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Comments 61

  1. Marty

    Yeah I noticed this Sunday when I went. Good luck finding any at this point, the shelves at every rite aid I know of were well cleared by Sunday noon time.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      My Rite Aid here in Boise had at least 4 of the cleansers on the shelf so it is probably worth checking out at your store.

      • Marty

        sorry didn’t mean to be disgruntled πŸ™‚ rite aid stores in my area are so wiped out so fast, I know its not true for everyone. I regularly wait 2 months for vitamins to come back in stock to redeem a rain check.

  2. Adrianne

    I love this cleanser. It removes eye make up and leaves my skin smooth.

  3. whitephantom

    Yep they are cleared out, checked every rite aid in town and one didn’t carry and the other two were gone gone gone before even opening on sunday. That’s sad news and the truck only comes every other week and our $3 coupons will expire before restock

    • whitephantom

      Still check of course everyone, just don’t be surprised, these were cleared last week and I had to get a rain check, was lucky to score the last one with a rain check to get my +UPs from last week (cleansers not part of +UPs this week)

    • AnneS

      I got a rain check from last week too – went to 4 different stores -all out. Needed 2 of these to get my UP deal (buy $30 worth get 10UPS) and mail in rebate so I paid in advance to get the UPS. Today I was told it will be 2 weeks until the next truck comes and they don’t know if I will get my cleaners then or not – how is this possible? Every two weeks? Is there somewhere I can special order these so I can make sure I get them before spring is over??

  4. Heather S.

    I have a question. The Rite Aid near my house in Pooler, GA won’t adjust down coupons. They are adamant that if the coupon is more than the cost of the item that you can’t use that coupon. I have missed out on so many deals bc of this. Do other Rite Aids adjust down coupons?!!! Help!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Heather!

      I would print out a copy of the Rite Aid Coupon Policy as it specifically states the following:

      In the event that any item’s selling price is less than the value of the coupon, Rite Aid will accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item. Coupon redemption can never exceed the selling price of an item and no cash back is allowed.

      • Michele T

        Thank you!! I was having the same problem here.

    • Laura

      I just went into my Rite Aid here in Western PA and they also refused to take my coupon because the coupon was a higher value than the product. They stated that they have never told they could manually lower the coupon to the cost of the product being purchased. That was the cashier and the supervisor!

      • Crescent City Couponer

        Call customer service 1-800-RITE-AID (1-800-748-3243) or TDD/TTY 1-800-821-1833.

    • wendy

      we have the same problem here in the cleveland area.

    • marie

      My Rite Aid did the same thing to me. I plan to take a copy of their coupon policy in.

      • Laura

        Exactly what if finally did and it worked. Got an apology and a free bottle of the Youth Code Cleanser. Yay!!!!

      • Laura

        Exactly what I finally did and it worked. Got an apology and my free bottle of Youth Code Cleanser!!!!

        • Laura

          Get this Ladies, after speaking to the Mgr. yesterday on the phone when she apologized and told me she would hold a bottle of the Youth Code for me, I went back today for it. Unfortunately the Mgr. wasn’t there but the same Supervisor that would not let me use my $5.00 coupon on Monday for the $4.39 product was. She was not happy. Said, in a loud voice, she was very upset and was just doing her job. Told me she called the Mgr. this morning and the Mgr told her she was right in what she did. So the Mgr. told me one thing and the Supervisor another. I’m like “so do I have to come back when the Mgr. is in?” She nastily said “NO I’m changing it this time” and allowed me to buy the bottle with my $5.00 coupon. Wow, I don’t feel like ever going in there again and I’ve been a happy customer for many years. Anyone have any suggestions? Cause I don’t want to start anything but I feel like talking to that Mgr. again. I was upset by the time I walked out of there.

    • reeree

      i am a ee for rite aid and never refuse the couponers…we all have a great time with it..it is so much fun doing it..i am truly sorry that you have a hard time at your rite aid

  5. Christina

    How do you use the video values? I signed up but it didn’t ask for my wellness card # anywhere. Do they link it by my email address? At the store does it just automatically come off at checkout?

    • Suzy

      You have to print out the coupon after you watch the video.

  6. J

    this weekend this can be free at cvs. it is 7.99, but will be get 10 Eb when u buy $30 then submit for $10 rebate. I just ordered 4 coupons ($3 off Loreal face wash) this morning from couponsthingsbydede.com. So it makes it 4 for free after EB and rebate. I hope I get a % off email too so this can be a money maker. The 7.99 is regular price so a percent off should work. I just put my buy $50 get $15 rebate in the mail. I made that to a MM too. I can not recall what my oop was. Got too eager to get it in the mail so I did not add that up, I know it was less than $10.LOVE the rebates out there right now.

    • misty

      That seems like a GREAT deal! What insert is the $3 loreal coupons in do you know? I’d love to try to do this dal myself! Where is the $10 rebate at? This will go towards the beauty club rewards right? Any help would be much appreciated!

      • J

        i read that it was in the 1-22 red plum. I had to order the coupons because I did not get this coupon. The coupon is only good thru the 18th which is Sunday.

      • J

        Misty, I read it was in the 1-22 red plum insert. I did not get this coupon, but I read u can order it from coupon clipping sites. Here is the rebate link. the coupon is only good thru the 18th which is sunday. check out momsbyheart.net. that is where I read about this deal. I just ordered for the first time from couponsthingsbydede.com. She ships the next day.

    • sne3103

      J, thank you so much for this deal idea! I think I will do this instead, especially since rite aids everywhere seem to be out of this product….. do you know by what date I should buy to get the $10 ECB wyb $30?

  7. jen rivera

    I just called my store and they are setting aside the last one for me! love my RA!!!

  8. Ashley

    awesome πŸ™‚ glad I didn’t do this weeks shopping yet πŸ˜‰ I’m going today though, keep the rite aid deals coming! Thanks Collin!

  9. Alla

    I checked at 2 RA stores yestreday and they were wiped out already. Nothing on the shelves unless my closest RA gets it on Thursday cuz their load comes on Thursday again. Keeping fingers crossed.

  10. Teresa

    Can we get a rain check for this item?

    • karen

      i got one

  11. Holly

    Random request: If anyone has a crazy 8 coupon that they don’t plan on using, would you mind sending it to me? Thanks so much. hollynicole13 at hotmail.com

    • Melissa

      You should be able to pick one up at Gymboree or Crazy 8. They have a coupon you can use from the 15th-18th and they are handing them out at the store.

  12. Lauren

    It can be a money making scenario wyb (7) bottles. Yes, that is excessive, but if you have several Rite Aids around you, it may be doable. Scenario is up on my site, too.

    If you have several of the $3/1 Loreal Youth Code product 1/22 RP coupons, you can turn this into a money maker…

    Buy (7) Loreal Youth Code cleansers $4.39 = $30.73
    – $5/1 Loreal Youth Code Rite Aid Video Values coupon
    – (7) $3/1 Loreal Youth Code product 1/22 RP exp 3/18
    Pay $4.73 and submit for $10.00 Loreal Youth Code mail-in rebate
    = $5.27 Money Maker after rebate

    (Rite Aid does not allow overage, but I do think because your entire Loreal purchase is greater than the coupons being redeemed, the $5/1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon will be redeemed at face value and not adjusted down)

    -The Model Couponer

  13. Maymee

    I just went last night but they not let me use my coupon because the coupon was a higher value than the product. πŸ™

  14. Caryn Hetland

    registered and watched the video…..now i printed the coupon and on the top it says manufacturer coupon and in fine print it states that it is only good at rite aid…….help?

  15. Rachel

    I called my rite aid and they set aside 2 for me. I’m going to bring in a copy of their policy and see. I know they have adjusted down regular manufactor coupons before but I haven’t had the situation yet where they might adjust down a video value coupon. do you think it is the same? going to try tomorrow morning πŸ™‚

  16. kim

    Good luck in getting them. Last week I was traveling around.. and went to 6 cities and no luck. I heard they were stocking two of them. I finally found a store last week with two of them.

  17. Susan

    I went to my local Rite-Aid yesterday .. they were out of them. But they weren’t on sale either. The price tag still said over $8. No one at the store knew anything about them being on sale.

  18. Erin

    Ugh! I tried to print this and it won’t print!

  19. Gaby

    My store doesn’t even carry this cleanser.

  20. Crescent City Couponer

    Video no longer available to watch. Only these videos are still available:
    L’Oreal Ever Creme – Save $1
    L’Oreal Everstyle – Save $1
    L’Oreal Excellence – Save $2

    • Crescent City Couponer

      The $5/1 Youth Code video is back πŸ™‚

      • Crescent City Couponer

        It now says “Any any L’Oreal Youth Code item (Excluding Youth Code Cleansers).”

        • Lisa

          IT IS NOW SAYING EXCLUDING CLEANSERS, oh well. I guess this is not for me.

  21. Michelle

    Its gone now from video values!!!!!

  22. Liana

    I once went to Rite Aid and brought my Tylonol Precise coupons on the day they expired and they were out of stock so the Manager cashed out my coupons and gave me a raincheck for the items at the selling price. This was last year when it first came out and I walked away with $11 in cash from the coupons and rainchecks for really cheap Tylonol Precise.

    His mistake? or is that what they do?

    • Alea

      I think he wanted to just help you out and give you a good experience. However, it is wrong of them to cash in coupons when you aren’t buying the product at that time because let’s say you never buy the Tylenol, they are then cheating the manufacturer getting a reimbursement on the value of a product they didn’t sell.

  23. SteelersChick

    Coupon seems to be gone! ;-(

  24. sarah

    no more $5 youth code coupon available. πŸ™
    but i was able print 4 of my coupon
    i think thats good enough but i would have love more of the coupon
    ohh well. thanks colline for all your hard work and time…..
    really really appriciate. i m now regular visiter on hip 2 save.. love love love hip 2 save .

  25. Brooke

    my store had 3 left when I just left… The 5.00 coupon rang up no prob and the extra went towards my other purchases! I only had one coupon but I am happy with 1 free!

  26. Shirley

    Am I missing something? The rite aid video values page doesn’t list the L’Oreal Youth code video anymore? Did they remove it?

  27. Amanda

    I know I watched this video and I was going to print the coupon out today, and now it’s not there! How can they take it away if we already watched it?!? I’m going to email them.

  28. Amber

    The coupon is available again but now excludes Youth Code Cleansers. πŸ™

  29. Lisa

    I just watched the video and it excludes cleansers. I’m so jealous of everyone who got in on this deal early! πŸ™‚

    • mindy

      lucky i watched them earlier and printed out the coupons for each of my email accounts…now i just have to find which rite aid has them, which is none πŸ™

  30. Mia

    The $5 RA coupon states “Excluding Youth Code Cleansers” so I don’t think you can use it on this cleanser.

  31. Lucy Anne

    At the last minute, I decided to drive over and check a second Rite Aid store and I found one last bottle! Thank you for the heads up about issues redeeming a coupon with higher value than the product- I did what Collin suggested and printed out their policy. When the cashier mentioned it, I said, “Yes, I wondered about that too. That’s why I checked the store policy and saw that it says right here…..” No problem after that. Just paid 35 cents tax πŸ™‚
    Thank you everyone for posting!

  32. kymmie73

    I just watched my Rite Aid Value Videos and got my coupon but now it specifies: excludes Youth Code Cleansers! Bummer! But great to all who got the great deal!

    • Rachel

      just got back from rite aid and had a wonderful experience…bought 2 of the youth codes gave her 2 $5 vv and paid just the tax .66 (the manager adjusted the second coupon down to match the cost of the item without me even asking). He even commented on what a good deal it was and that he was impressed by the couponers stretching their dollars in this tough economy. This RA is 2 towns over from me (about 25 min away) but I may go back there (instead of my local closer RA) just because of the super attitude of the staff.

  33. Laura

    When I went in to get the Loreal deal, I was told that they would NOT adjust down my coupon – as if there was absolutely no way to do it – after speaking with Rite Aid customer support twice I have now been told that they will only adjust down the coupon if it’s a small gap, such as five cents, other than that they will not. I mean there are no restricitions in the coupon policy, what is going on?

  34. Patti

    My rite aid is still out as of today, but do you think it’s still worth trying the $5.00 off coupon once they are back in stock (before the coupon expires?) My coupon doesn’t have the exclusion.

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