Target: *HOT* FREE FoodSaver Sealing System

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Update: It looks like the Target store coupon is out of prints πŸ™

Wow! The super high value $10/1 Foodsaver Target store coupon available here now has NO exclusions. Yesterday and earlier this morning, a few exclusions were listed, but if you print it now – absolutely none are listed (as you can see from the picture above). So if you do have the Target store coupon with no exclusions listed (I would print ASAP!), then you can score the following *HOT* deal…

First, hop on over to, use zip code 77477 (if needed), then click on the β€œHousehold” category to print a $10/1 ANY FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System coupon. Then make sure to head on over to the coupon site to print a $10/1 FoodSaver Appliance Target store coupon. And finally, head to Target with both of these coupons to score the following deal…

FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealing System $19.99
(This product wording comes directly from the FoodSaver site)
Use the $10/1 FoodSaver manufacturer’s coupon found here
Plus, use the $10/1 FoodSaver Target store coupon found here
Final cost FREE!

(Deal and Photo Credit: Wheel ‘N Deal Mama!)

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Comments 280

  1. Jamie

    Went to the store today for the deal- WHAT A HASSLE! The cashier nit picked every single coupon I had in the trip questioning which item was where, claiming it was not in the bags. She picked up a swiffer duster I had and said I could not use the coupon because it beeped. The coupon had the same image of the swiffer duster I was buying (no restrictions). Next, she didn’t even scan the food saver before placing it into my bag. I tried to tell her, but she wouldn’t listen. Didn’t even acknowledge what I had said! When it came time to scan the coupons for that item, she said it rang up as “peaches”- MORON! She then called over her manager who then claimed we couldn’t use the coupons on the item, it had to be a bigger model. I quickly pointed out there were NO size restrictions on the coupons I had printed, and she then called over her manager, which finally put the deal through. It was only then that the first manager noticed the item had never been scanned in the first place…What a load of shenanigans. I must say, Target is consistently the worse when it comes to using coupons. More frequently than not I get some bimbo who is not aware of the coupon policy or insists that a coupon cannot be used for an item for no apparent reason. Why should those who try to save money here and there be penalized for doing so? As a college student, I am constantly trying to save as much as possible wherever I can. I am so frustrated and fed up with Target’s unfriendly coupon handling methods.

    Even after all of that, I still paid it forward and left an extra $10/1 MFQ and $10/1 Target Q on the food saver for someone else to score the deal when they are back in stock. Hopefully I made somebody’s day more so than mine!

    • dee

      Jamie , im sorry i had a bad day a target … I’m sure you will get a good karma back since you left your Q’S for somebody’s else =)

    • Linda

      Just a thought, but it may not be good karma to call anyone a “MORON”. If you read some of the other comments, other people had the coupon show up as “peaches” also. So perhaps it was not the cashier, but a glitch in how the coupon printed off the website.

      • Jamie

        Linda, I didn’t call her a moron out loud, it was a thought in my head. And I’m thinking it wasn’t the food saver that showed up as peaches because that hadn’t even been scanned when she was arguing the coupons with me. I think you may have misread my story a bit. In either case, I’d still like to think I was still trying to make somebody else’s day a bit brighter by leaving the coupons, even if I was frustrated. Everybody gets frustrated, and target is most definitely frustrating. Surely you can understand that.

    • kristen

      i went today and the SAME THING HAPPENED!! he saw i had coupons….asked for them right away. scanned one thing then the coupon for it. some of the coupons were beeping although they were right….i normally go to this guy and he pushes everything through, never even looks at the coupons! he said that the computers were upgraded last week or something. what a freakin hassle! took 25 min to check out and i didnt have much at all! makes me not want to do coupons or shop there anymore. target has always been my favorite but if the next time i go this is what happens no more target for me!

  2. dee

    PLEASE For those who printed 2 copies of the TARGET coupon and aren’t going to use one, would anyone consider paying it forward and sending me one? I would appreciate it.
    I print the MQ’s but not TARGET

  3. Mindy

    I cannot find them in the stores. They’re completely sold out.

    • dee

      mindy, you should ask for a rain check =)

      • EMILEE

        rain checks weren’t allowed on the foodsaver in lakeland fl:/

  4. Jenna

    I have a manufacturer for the food saver I would trade for a target coupon of the food saver. Anyone interested?

  5. Teresa R. Longstreet

    i would love a target coupon.

  6. amy

    Looks like the Target coup is no longer available πŸ™ If anyone has an extra Target coupon I’ll send you an envelope with a stamp for the coupon to be mailed… Thanks πŸ™‚

  7. Linda

    Just a tip for anyone that loves their Foodsaver as much as I do and needs bags or rolls, or anyone looking to purchase a new one, – I highly recommend “liking” Foodsaver on facebook and signing up for their emails on their website. They offer great deals on a regular basis and often with free shipping. I love getting a bargain without getting dressed, using gas or worrying about beeping coupons and less than helpful cashiers!

  8. jen

    is the bardcodes of target coupon suppose to be all same? i printed 2 grocery target coupons and the barcodes were same.

  9. 3bettins

    I have the handheld one and it doesn’t work! Not even for free. My larger one just stopped working and I was hoping for a new one but I guess I’m out of luck

  10. Holly

    I got 2 Food Savers (Free) plus 4 bags (with the BOGO and $2 off Coupon) for around $17. Thanks so much!

  11. cheryl holden

    good morning. If you have an extra Target coupon, I would appreciate it. Thanks so much!

  12. Lisa

    if anyone has a spare target coupon id love one willing to send money for it … … thanks

  13. Sunny

    Does anyone have an extra Target Foodsaver coupon they are willing to share. I will mail you an envelope. Thanks!

  14. tracy

    did anyone else go to the target store and they not take them,i got the handheld one for 19.99 which would be fee with coupons and they wouldnt take them so i just told them i didnt want it,the coupon says no restrictions on what machine

    • charlette

      Same here. Went after work yesterday and there was one left on the shelf. The cashier said she couldn’t take it because it beeped. I went to customer service and was told the handheld was not an appliance. The manager then told me that if the register beeped, they couldn’t push it through.

    • margie

      My Target store in Oregon would not take the web coupon, only the manufactures coupon on the hand held Foodsaver. I called corporate and was told it had to be the item pictured on the coupon. So if anyone wants my useless coupon they are welcome to it. My husband and I quit shopping at Target years ago because they always used the “bait and switch” tactics. Looks like they haven’t changed. Won’t waste my time and gas going there anymore.

      • Krisha

        I would love your extra coupon!

        • Linda A

          If you still have the coupon, will you please send it to me..thanks

  15. Mae

    Does anyone know what this person’s talking about from another site? ….TIA

    “Thank Goodness I know the site that keeps all the Target coupons for when Target decides to pull one for being too hot”

    • mel

      there’s a back door site that I had bookmarked on my old computer until it crashed about a year ago.. I’ve been trying to find it ever since πŸ˜₯

      • tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

        Try, see if you can do a search for it.

  16. Michelle

    I was looking for the target coupon as well for the food saver. If anyone has an extra I can mail a SASE to them. many thanks, Michelle

  17. Michelle

    I printed 1 target and 1 manufacture coupon, but with all the horror stories I’ve been hearing, think I am going to pass on this deal. If anybody has a publix 5 off 30 coupon, I’d be willing to trade.

  18. Jaycee

    I have a target coupon with no restrictions and a manufacturers coupon. Wiling to trade for any free product coupons. Please email me at

    • Mae

      Just sent you an email-

  19. Anahi

    I was able to get both the Target coupon and MQ and even found the item in the store at $17.99. Buuuuuut, I wasn’t able to get it. First they told me that it wasn’t like that one in the picture, I said the coupons don’t specify which one. Then they told me that they couldn’t apply both coupons because the coupons exceed the value of the item. I wasn’t sure about that so I just left it and didn’t get it.

    Today, I looked at Target’s coupon policy and it says: “Coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied.” >_< I could have gotten it. Target is definitely the store that has given me the most grief about my coupons, almost every time I go. I just felt so defeated, I really don't like to having to fight to use coupons. I'm still considering whether I should try again at a different Target, doesn't seem that worth it though.

  20. cat

    I have both coupons if anyone wants to trade for any free product of any value at all. Juse e-mail me at

    • Mae

      Just sent you an email as I’ve yet to hear back from Jaycee.

  21. Jen

    Would love a Foodsaver Target coupon if anyone has one available. Thank you!

  22. Krystle

    I tried to use both coupons but one of them kept adding 10 instead of deducting it from the total so the cashier had to call the manager over to try and override it but then she said I couldn’t use the target coupon and 2 other target web coupons for other item. Her reason was that it wasn’t valid! I even mentioned that I printed it directly from the target website. She was completely rude to me and treated me as if the coupons were fake and her reason was just stupid. What is the point of the coupons that didn’t have any restrictions when we cant even use them in store. What a waste of my ink and time. Target needs to just take down the coupons if their rude managers wont take them.Time to make a call and complaint to corporate.

    • Cathy

      I agree 100% Krystle. Why would they bother posting coupons that their stores won’t take. Yeap, time to to call corporate and complaint.

  23. Gemma

    If anyone has the Target coupon with no restrictions (or even with them) I would really appreciate it. I’ll trade if you are looking for something I have or it can be a raincheck for next time. Thanks in advance!

  24. Sue

    Was able to use noth coupons in SC…just had to pay tax.

  25. Krista Cordova


  26. tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

    I went to my Target today to get my 3400 series. They only had 1 in stock and 1 2200 series. The 3400 was priced at $157.99!!! WalMart has them for $143.97 so even with the TQ and MQ, it would still have cost me more to buy it at Target. I asked if they would match WalMart’s printed price but they wouldn’t unless it was on sale in their flyer (they wouldn’t price-match every day price).
    I did get 2 packs of 2 roll bags with the bogo q’s, but the cashier wanted to debate taking both the TQ (bogo) and the MQ (@$2). She talked to CS and they must’ve informed her to take both since she came back and forced the TQ through. I guess they’re all beeping now and not automatically going through.
    Thank you to everyone who tolerated my rants!!! πŸ™‚
    I guess tomorrow I am off to WalMart to use the $10 MQ and hopefully see if I have any WalMart gc’s from rewards sites kicking around to lower the cost. I will see if it’s cheaper at BJ’s, my FIL got us a membership there, but I never go.
    Annette, thank you again, sending back a tweet πŸ™‚
    If anyone still needs a TQ WITH restrictions, please reply back, I have 1 I can send out. Clearly states “black unit” or “vertical” which is ONLY the 3400 ($157.99) or the 2200 series ($119.99)


    • Mandy

      I would love to have the tq with restrictions. Please email me at πŸ™‚ thanks so much!!!

    • Mae :o)

      1.) If you find it at Kohl’s, they will price match it [even if it isn’t in a sales ad]. You can just bring in a print out from the Walmart website [or any other competitor].
      2.) Than you can use whatever the current discount is; I am not sure if it’s still current, but Collin has recently mentioned 20% off going on.
      3.) Than you can apply your MQ for one sweet deal!!

      Question for All:
      Anyone know which of the FoodSavers offered at Kohl’s is worth the money/good quality?

  27. tinksmagic (@tinksmagic)

    I would recommend printing both of these and take them with you. Often managers know the coupon policies (or like to make them up as THEY go along) but the cashiers (for whatever reason ) do not know.

    Why many will argue with a seasoned couponer who would know the rules going in is anyone’s guess. So much for the customer is always right.

    • Annie B

      I actually had the coupon policy with me the other day when I was attempting to purchase frozen easter pillsbury cookies (store had them on sale for .85 and I had a manufacturer coupon for $1.10). The lead cashier manager stated that they could only do the following ” Coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied” if it was a non-internet printed coupon. I have been really frustrated with Target’s employees ability to “pick and choose” which of the policies they follow.

  28. lee

    I also have both coupons if anyone wants to trade for any free product or coupon for a free item. Email me at coconutbug at hotmail dot com

    • Krista Cordova

      do u still have both coupons?

  29. Krista Cordova

    anyone have both coupons without restrictions i will trade for whatever u would like thks krista

  30. DJ

    Target seems to publish coupons for items they don’t even carry – None of the stores in Indy seem to carry the FoodSaver machines that are $19.99 that they have a coupon for. They also published a coupon for Good Nites disposable bed pads and none of our stores carry that item either. Sure not having much luck using the Target coupons :(.

  31. kristen

    i have a target coupon if anyone wants it….the first person to email me with their address i will send it to. when get that first email i will update this

    • kristen


  32. shirley

    I am wondering if Walmart will take the MQ and the target coupon? The Target stores have been out of the Foodsaver item that I want, but I was able to find it at Walmart.

    • krista

      i dont know but if they do pls let me know thks

  33. Sarah Gonzalez

    I have two Target foodsaver coupons with no restrictions for anyone who would like them. My store wouldn’t except them. And I am not sure I will shop there much more because they give me such a horrible time everytime! LOL. Email me if you want them =)

  34. Anahi

    I have both coupons if anyone wants to trade. Email me and I can mail them:

  35. ldsdentalstudentwives

    I’ve gone to Target after Target every week since these coupons came out to try and get the hand held FoodSaver and every Target near me is always out of stock.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do if a store doesn’t get an item back in stock before a coupon (especially a high value one like the FoodSaver) expires? Is there anything you can do? I know a rain check doesn’t work on coupons, does it? Thanks!

    • EMILEE

      i asked to get a rain check on the foodsaver and customer service told me it wasn’t allowed. my target in lakeland, fl has trucks come in 3 times a week. monday, wednesday, and friday. customer service told me to call right at 8pm everyday if i REALLY want it so i can be the first one to get it pulled off the shelf. good luck with your hunt because i’ve been trying for the past 2 weeks and no luck. it’s like foodsaver isn’t sending out anymore of the handheld vacuums:( super disappointed because i would love to have one to take to my new apartment!

      • EMILEE

        i meant to put 8 AM* sorry!

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