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Coffee with Collin: Shop with Me at JCPenney on “Best Price” Friday

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If you are a frequent JCPenney shopper, I am guessing you may be quite familiar with JCPenney’s Best Price Friday shopping event. On the first and third Friday of each month (which is tomorrow!), JCPenney offers up their lowest prices on select items storewide until they sell out; you simply look for the prices marked in blue.

When I first learned about Best Price Friday, I knew I wanted to go check it out. So I grabbed my video camera and headed to the local JCPenney store here in Boise, Idaho. Check out my video below to see how I snagged 5 cute shirts for $10 + tax–no joke! (Note that this was filmed last month.)…

(If you can’t see this video, go here to watch it.)

* Be sure to check out the Best Price Friday Event at your store tomorrow, April 20th, and then come back to let us know what items you snag! 🙂

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  1. Sarah

    Wow! I had been planning on going for the first time tomorrow…now I will DEFINITELY get there early! Can’t wait to check out the kid’s stuff!

  2. Jenn

    I am definately going tomorrow. I was in last Saturday and got really great deals. I was told that some of the things I was looking at were going to be price dropped tomorrow, I am will be going to get those.

    On Saturday I got 7 pairs of heels for $4-$5 each. I also got a few boys hoodie jackets for $3 and two men’s army type jackets for $4 each.

  3. Sarah

    I went shopping at JCP for the first time since they changed their pricing strategy and I was especially impressed by the look and feel of the store. It seemed so much neater and less cluttered. I think getting away with the sale and clearance signs all over the place really makes a difference. I also think their ads are beautiful to look at and I actually read through it whereas before I’d barely glance at it. Now I just need to check out these great deals on the Best Price Fridays!! You can’t bet $2, even some garage sales are more than that!

  4. Melissa

    That’s awesome. I hope all of the J.C. Penney’s do this. I currently rarely shop there but will have to go more often if they keep this up.

  5. misty

    hope there are still deals left at 12. have to work til noon, tomorrow

  6. mary

    i went on the 1st frday of this month and grabbed 2 clairborne shirts for my husband marked down to $6 but when i paid they rang up at $3

  7. DMarie

    This was great info! I had no idea that JCP had this type of “sale”. I’m definitely going tomorrow at 10 am. Thanks Collin!! PS-you look amazing in the video!!

  8. Mika

    Do these prices go for online items also?

    • Em

      Yes, they do!

  9. Heather

    I love your bag in the video! Where did you get it?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      A thrift store… I LOVE thrift shopping! You never know what treasures you are going to find. 🙂

      • danielle

        My Mom buys her (almost new looking) Vera Bradley purses for under $15 at Thrift stores, that retail for over $50 and are retired patterns. Love Thrift stores!!

      • Pamela

        Speaking of thrift stores– I bet the clothes you got at JC Penny were CHEAPER than most thrift stores!

  10. danielle

    Wow!! I won a $50 JCP gift card from Lee Jeans Spin & Win Instant Win game back in Oct/Nov of last year. And just got it in the mail yesterday. I never shop there so I was trying to figure out what I’d do with it (other than spend it at the salon on all my favorite hair care products)!! THank you for posting this, I’ll definately have to check it out. Maybe get my nieces some new outfits for summer 🙂

  11. jenna

    I will have to disagree with Collin. The thrift stores in my area almost always have higher end clothing, especially for children and they are only 2.29-3.29, depending on the size. I would rather spend money on better quality(even when used) then spend money on something of lesser quality that will not last.
    I know many areas do not have “nice” thrift stores, but for those that do, I think it is a better option.

    • mommyspendsless

      In my area a lot of the thrift stores sort through their clothing and anything that’s a higher end brand or in particularly good shape/in style gets put on a special rack and marked higher – $9.99+

      Since I switched jobs and I work in a different area and have a shorter lunch break, I also don’t get the chance to go too often so that’s another factor in my non-existent thrift store shopping (which I used to enjoy and stocked up on my daughter’s first year of clothing very inexpensively that way).

    • Sue


    • michelle

      i think some of jcp’s clothing is great quality. I have some items that are 10 years old from dept store brands that still look great. My mom bought me a short sleeved cardigan type wrap for $4 from jcp a few weeks ago that is amazing quality. I could not believe her until i saw the tag! I never find any great quality clothing at thrift stores in my area for that cheap. Why pay $5 for a used top when I can pay $5 for a brand new one? =)

  12. Steph

    I am surprised some of you did not know all the details about JCP changing their policy. It took effect back in Jan/Feb. I think Feb. They have three prices. White, red and blue (oh so patriotic). Blue is the best price Friday for the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. Red is any item on month long sale and white is the every day.

    Supposedly, the new prices “include” the coupon deductions already. Well, I will admit I have not been in JCP on one of the best price Fridays, but I have came by a couple other times and was HIGHLY disappointed. There are items still in the store that before the policy switch I paid MUCH less for by using a coupon. I am not the only who feels this way. Check out their FB, last time I was there it was a bunch of complaints.

    I think it’s a strategy to have less employees working except on two days a month therefore saving the company money.

    • Emily

      I agree! I used to get much better deals with coupons than I do now.

    • Feikee

      i am so agree with u.. Me n my mom in law used to shop there all the time.. Now, we just don’t!

  13. Mary J

    I’ve gone on the Best Price Fridays and haven’t found anything at the JCP in my area. I have to say the items I’ve looked at were so poorly made, I would rather get something higher quality used.

    I hope you all have better luck tomorrow than I’ve had!

  14. CHI

    I’ve stalking several items for 2 best Friday in a row (at least a month) and the deeper discounts have not materialized they still at 4 dollars, im waiting to see if this Friday they would go to $2. It’s winter clothes so i dont have to have it but it would be nice. I asked one of the employees about it and he said that probably the $4 dollars is the lowest and final price. I thought that the blue tags would be going lower and lower until they were gone.

  15. kiran

    In my area even after the policy change all items are kinda expensive ( specially i was so hooked on their $10/$25, $10 off $10 coupons) i got so much stuff for pennies in past but i am willing to give them another try this week

  16. Anna

    wow I had no idea, I will have to check itout. Thanks Collin. Although I told myself I wouldn’t shop there again after my frustrating experience with their website and shopping the clearance section only to have things disappear in the cart…what an awful website. I got the $50 gift card for $25 last year on one of the groupon life sites. I went to return one of the items and they tried to give me .50 even though I paid $12.99 for it because they couldn’t figure out the gift card and were treating it as a coupon. Took me an hour at the store to get my money back. The online system is just simply old school!

  17. Kristin

    I went on the first friday this month and last month Last month I got 3 girls winter jackets for 2 bucks a piece and On the first friday this month I got 6 pairs of mens jeans for 30 bucks Cant beat that

  18. Maria

    This is so great that you got such good prices Collin, but my JCP is so different..the lowest I found things for are around ten dollars, and thats only for normal t-shirts. I wish they would go lower…I would love to get things for around two dollars! I went a few times because I kept seeing it on the Ellen show, but no luck so far. Lots of love from Houston, TX 🙂

    • Erin

      I agree. I think it all depends on your location. There are no $2 racks at all in my store. There were some $3 stuff for children, but only for novelty tees, which I do not buy and the picked-over low-end brands. The “$3 and up” rack in ladies was mostly “and up” and the stuff was bad. So bad. Despite the higher prices in the past with coupons, I do enjoy shopping there more now. It’s just so much cleaner and less cluttered. Less crowded, too!

      Great finds, Collin! I only wish I could shop in your store!

  19. Julie

    Thanks, Colin!!! Love your videos 🙂

  20. Pamela

    Oh Collin- If I looked as good as you I could buy anything and look great in it– as you do! Thanks for sharing- I had no idea….about JC Penny that is. 🙂

    • Laura

      That’s what I was thinking–if only I had a cute little body that looked great in any shirt I put on!! 😀

  21. Dallas

    Anybody know how California JC Penny’s are on best priced friday?

    • ProudMama

      From my experience, in No. Cali, not very good. I saw absolutely not a thing for $2, a few pretty ugly things for $3 and the rest went way up from there (but still ugly – the Best Price Friday things). I’m thinking Cali isn’t going to have the same prices as most of the other states… If you’re quick enough, there were some cute things online on their Best Price Friday section – but I didn’t get them in time.

  22. Ashleigh

    Collin – What kind of camera did you use to film? It films amazing!!!!

  23. Mary

    I stopped at my local JC Penneys on the first Friday of April and bought five St John Bay misses sweaters for only $1 each!! These had original prices of $34 to $40 on them. Can’t beat that!

  24. Molly Guay

    I actually haven’t been in since they stopped sending the coupons. I USED to get my Paul Mitchell hair stuff there. Take away my coupons, you lose a customer!

  25. Carrie

    Ok, Collin. HOW do you stay so fit? Future Coffee with Collin topic? Say yes, yes, yes!!

    • Shanshan

      Yeah I was wondering, is Collin just lucky or she does work out and watch her diet (which I can’t afford the time to do while so busy couponing!)

    • Rebecca

      I agree. That’s a great Coffee with Collin topic – obviously we’re all curious & many of us can use whatever help/tips we can get. 🙂

  26. Emily

    I went to my store tonight. I think they had already marked down everything. I bought 3 pair of toddler pants for $2 each and a super cute pair of sandals for $12. Awesome! I was skeptical about the change in their pricing. I always took advantage of their coupons, so I got awesome deals before. However, my store looks so much cleaner and nicer. It’s not tore up from the floor up anymore! Plus, there aren’t the mad crowds on when they would have special weekend sales. I do miss that most of my perks for have a JCP Rewards credit card have gone. I wish they would still send out a few extra coupons since we are credit card holders.

  27. Dana

    I don’t think the sales are just Fridays. My mom and I went last Saturday and Liz Claiborne Sweaters were $5!!!

  28. time4mom2

    I LOVE Fridays @ Penneys. About a month ago, I got 10 name brand bras (for teen daughter & myself) for $2 and $4 EACH!! 😀

  29. Janel123

    I had not been to JCP recently, but last week I went and found clearance kids tennis shoes. I bought 4 pairs, all Nike or Skechers, for less than $40. I still miss the coupons.

    • melissa

      I miss the COUPONS too!

  30. melissa

    I went 2 weeks ago on the first friday and didn’t have so much luck so maybe I’ll have to try again!

  31. Sue

    how much did JCPenny pay you to do that?

    • Rebeca

      Sue, you forgot the smiley face at the end…;)

    • Yoko

      Sure! Collins should get paid by JCPenny for advertising their stores!

  32. Sarah R

    You are too cute! Lol I love the song that was playing. What song is that?

    • kellsian

      It’s ‘Short Skirt Long Jacket’ by Cake =)

  33. Sarah

    LOL, I was actually planning to finally go check it out for the first time tomorrow and you posted this!! Hopefully no one in my small-ish town reads your blog and goes to wipe the store out to resell at the many flea markets around here 🙁

    • Erin

      Funny. 😉 That’s often my reaction to the stuff that’s posted here. I live in suburbia where everyone is now an extreme couponer. Can’t wait til they all get over it! My fingers are crossed for you!

  34. Kalena

    I work at JcPenney in the childrens section. At work yesterday I spotted boys pajamas for $2 and a set of 2 for $3! I also know that the men’s section at my store is having a HUGE discount, alot of the stuff is $2, and I’ve seen dress shirts for $7!!! And remember if you register your debit or credit card at jcp.com you can build up points and get $10 off coupons! Which makes for even better deals 🙂

  35. Robin

    Collin, you are so cute! I loved the fashion show part of this, and I had no idea JcP did this. I’m going to have to stop in and see what my store has!

  36. alice

    Love Jcp!

  37. Becky

    I am going there today at lunch to check it out. I found some good deals at my local store when it first started but I was having a “nothing fits right” day- so I am hoping today will be better. I also had luck when I was in Louisville, KY- got a pair of dress pants for $6.00 and a work shirt for $4.00- my friend got a sweater for $2.00- I was happy with my $10.00 new work outfit!

  38. Julie

    I went today and found toddler water shoes for $1! That is the best I have found so far, my store doesnt get very low on most things. The kids stuff was all $6 and up except for the shoes.

  39. Anna

    Wow just got back from JCP and I got some GREAT deals today! I spent $17 plus tax and I got 10 items of clothing! I got 2 winter sweater for me, one spring coat for me, and 7 long sleeve shirts and sweaters for my husband!! You really have to look but you can find quite a few $2 items and some that are just a $1 in the mens section!

  40. Lynn

    Thanks Collin for doing a video on this, I have wondered what the JCP deals were like.

  41. wendy

    got men’s gold toe socks , hanes underwear and t shirts for $1 each!!

  42. Alisha

    My JCP had nothing under $4.00 and those were tank tops. All of the signs said $4,$6,$10 and up!! But I did get 2 pairs of kids shoes for $18 Total. A pair of Arizona loafers that retail for $30 for $6 and a pair of Hot Lights Skechers that retail for around $44 for only $11 so I’m happy that I was able to save $57.00 on nice shoes!! Hopefully next time they will have better prices.

  43. emily

    no luck, all the $2 stuff for kids were just t-shirts and I can get nicer brand stuff at weekend garage sales for 50 cents.

  44. sueb

    Didn’t find much in the ladies section but founds some great stuff in the men’s department. I’m in MA and they had a nice selection of Patriots NFL clothing for really reduced prices like $5 for $50 sweatshirts. Also found a pair of nice mens PJ bottoms for $3 regularly $30 and a great white graphic tee for $4 regularly $16. Spent $44 for $311 worth of clothing. Thanks Collin.

  45. Tricia

    Well I had gone to JCP once before today to see their new pricing (but on a regular day) and today I decided to check out the “best price” thing. I was disappointed. The best price racks were few and far between, and the majority of the ones that were there were filled with random items like their clearance racks looked like, and were not that big of a bargain nor my style.

    Another irritant, for example, were the ladies sweat pants. They started at $3, were all the same exact thing but different sizes and colors. A horrendous shade of purple in any size was $3, a basic black in a medium was $9, and a basic black in XL was $3. They were all the same pant!

    I only saw one $2 rack in the whole store. And that was in the junior section, and they were horrible neon colors and looked like they would fall apart in the first wash. There was a reason they were the cheapest thing in the store. The scarf rack (I saw it mentioned in the video) was $8 and up.

    Despite all of the tricks and turns with the last system, I got better deals. Before they switched over, my last shopping trip netted me 14 work shirts, 2 casual shirts, a very nice body pillow, and a very nice standard pillow all for ~$120. See the difference?

  46. Alyssa

    Ugh! I went overboard. I got 3 shirts for me for $3 each. I got my boys 3 pairs of jeans for $3 each. A nike hoodie for $5 for my dads birthday. And my husband 5 pairs of jeans all different prices but all under $10, some were $5 and $7and $9. My total was $60

  47. statenislandmom

    being all excited to see what was on “sale”, I ran on my lunch break to find nothing! seems like its either 1 style of shirt or its winter clearance stuff. Snagged 2 skirts for my girls $12 each, no big sale, but they needed them. JCP has let go alot of people and it shows. The prices are so tiny on the tags too.

  48. Wendy

    I went today and found NOTHING. I saw one type shirt out of all the sections I looked in, for $2. And it was just a plain, long sleeved tee. And there wasn’t any $2 sections, I just happened to see the tag was $2.

  49. Jill

    I just got 5 $2 shirts for me & 2 boys pj bottoms for $3. My total was $14.05! Thank you!

  50. Mae-

    I was aware of JCP changing their sales tactics around the start of the year. Than I read a local blog post [2 wks ago] where the comments were mixed at best, so I haven’t felt persuaded to go in. Plus Fri. is usually my no-go day. Lol 🙂

    I would have to agree with Anna… she is not kidding saying “The online system is just simply old school!”. 🙁

    Definitely glad to see that Collin had such fantastic luck in finding bargains. Maybe her good vibe will bring us all good karma. 😉

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