Smirnoff: *HOT* $25 Grocery Purchase Rebate (Select States Only)

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Wow, here is a great $25 Rebate Offer from Smirnoff!  Through September 30th, 2012, purchase One 12-pack or Two 6-packs of Smirnoff Premium Malt Mixed Drinks OR Smirnoff Ice Premium Flavored Malt Beverages and $25.01 worth of groceries to receive a $25 rebate by mail.  All rebate requests must be received by 10/15/2012.  Go here and enter your home state and birth date to print the form, and for more details.

Keep in mind that the rebate form did take a little longer than expected to print so try to be patient as you can only print once per device.

*Please note that the Smirnoff products do not count toward your grocery purchase, you must purchase $25.01 worth of groceries in addition for the rebate to be valid.  Limit 1 rebate per household.  Not valid in AL, AR, HI, IN, KY, LA, ME, MN, MO, NH, NJ, NY, NC, PA, TX, UT, VT, VA, or WV.

(Thanks, Midwest Coupon Clippers!)

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  1. Robin

    Cool. Works great for me!

  2. Crystal Kent

    How long did it take to print?

    • Crystal Kent

      Mine hasn’t printed πŸ™ It says it has though. I have contacted Smirnoff.

    • Alyssa L.

      Printed right away and quickly for me.

  3. Kristen

    I am assuming the Smirnoff purchase and the grocery purchase must be on the same receipt? (i.e., I can’t buy the Smirnoff at a liquor store and the groceries at a separate grocery store and include both receipts)
    If that’s the case, anyone have any suggestions for doing this rebate in Maryland? It’s not listed on the “not valid in …” list, but grocery stores are not allowed to sell liquor in MD. Hmmm …

    • Kelley

      wondering that also. . .also in MD

    • pl4ygiirl

      It does say on the bottom “Mail original dated cash register RECEIPTS(S) with Price(s) of qualifying products circled…” So im thinking you can do different receipts because not all grocery stores sell liquor =) hope that helps

    • amhale11

      You could always get it at Target or Walmart or a drug store and buy groceries there… or do they not sell liquor either?

    • kayla

      Smirnoff premium malts isn’t a liquor though. It’s just 5-6 percent alcohol. I’m not sure of your state but the four states I frequent all have this in their grocery store with the beer as it’s the same alcohol content. Wondering if it’s the same for you guys? A lot of states do sell beer in their grocery stores and this is usually such a low alcohol content its considered a beer… or a &*%(# beer to some haha!

      • Kristen

        Nope, in Maryland there is no beer, wine, liquor, etc. sold in any grocery/drugstores. You have to go to a specific liquor store πŸ™ I remember the first time I went to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and saw beer in WalMart I was amazed, lol.

  4. Kelley

    Does it have to be purchased at the same store? We have liquor only stores, so????

  5. Stefanie

    I live in SC and these drinks are sold where beer is sold, even though we have liquor-only stores too (can only buy liquor at those stores, nowhere else).

    • midget

      Same here in OR, in with the beer. These Smirnoff products are NOT HARD LIQUOR – think of them as equivalent to wine coolers. They taste kind of like Kool Aid, or the better flavors of Jello.

      • amhale11

        Wow, in Cali the liquor section of the grocery stores takes up half the store LOL! We have pretty big sections at the drug stores too! I guess we must be a bunch of drunks out here. πŸ˜€

        • Sarah Johnson

          LOL, same thing here in IL. And our bars stay open until 4am and you can buy liquor any day of the week.

  6. Jessica

    Uggh new york is never included in anything. I can’t wait to move to new Mexico in a couple months!!!

    • Kristen

      New Mexico is super-special because the Walgreens ads always say “Limit of __, except in NM” πŸ˜‰ Good luck with your move!!

    • Stacy

      NY isn’t included because NY is usually a no beer purchase necessary state. Be on the look out for forms in yours stores that give you $25 back on $25 groceries without the Smirnoff purchase required. I love Smirnoff rebates!

  7. Joni

    After a little concentration…I figured out how to print it. Thanks, my husbands really enjoys this drink. Making a little money giving him a treat not so bad!

    • amhale11

      How many husbands do you have? πŸ˜‰

      • hyedi

        LOL! thats funny, Joni!

  8. Kristen

    Mine did not take any longer than usual to print, although it has a beautiful and very colorful ad at the top, no doubt taking a ton of my color ink πŸ˜‰ Should have printed in b&w!!

    It does say “To receive your rebate, mail original dated cash register receipt(s) with price(s) of qualifying purchases circled and completed certificate to: …” So maybe you can purchase the Smirnoff at one store and groceries at another. To me, it’s worth the gamble of a stamp to find out!

    • amhale11

      I printed mine in color too, doh! But it’s very pretty LOL!

  9. bre

    it does say receipt(s) which makes me think you cna do multiple purchases

  10. Emily N.

    I wonder if this really will work – it sounds like an awesome deal!

  11. Krystal

    Is this a before coupons thing? I guess I could just take my receipt to customer service and have them deduct my coupons without it showing on the receipt…

  12. Jeanne

    Does anyone know if it has to total $25.01 after coupons?

    • Alyssa L.

      I am guessing yes, since it says “Minimum grocery purchase of $25.01 required.” and not “$25.01 WORTH of groceries.”

      • Jeanne

        Thanks Alyssa – still a great deal!

  13. amber

    This just seems really strange to me. Doesn’t everyone buy groceries that eventually add up to 25.01. Why such a strange amount? Why don’t they just make it a Try me Free REbate? I’m not going to buy this stuff unless I get my rebate.

    • Alyssa L.

      Basically, you have to buy more than $25 in groceries in order to receive the $25 rebate. Hence the “*Minimum grocery purchase of $25.01 required.” As for why they do that rather than a try me free rebate, it may be a move to get people in the mindset to purchase this product at grocery stores when grocery shopping.

    • Jane

      I’m thinking it may also be illegal maybe to basically give alcohol away??

      • Stacy

        Something like that depending on the state laws.

  14. Kristen

    What kinda drink is this stuff

    • Kristen

      It’s a malt beverage … tastes sort of like carbonated juice or fruity soda (depending on the flavor you get), with more of a “bite.” I don’t like beer but I like drinks like this and Mike’s Hard Lemonade πŸ™‚

  15. amber

    The terms and conditions at the bottom says that this is a sweepstakes.

    • Alyssa L.

      Where does it say that? I’m not seeing it. The form itself states that it is a “mail-in rebate” and uses language such as “limit one refund per household.”

      • amber

        When you go to the link that says Enjoy the Flavors of Summer. At the bottom underneath the black box (in the gray area) it says in white, “Terms and Conditions”. When you click on the Terms and Conditions it’s all about some Sweepstakes. ???? I’m very confused.

        • Alyssa L.

          It’s something different. This company runs a sweepstakes pretty much every summer. The sweeps those T&C are for is to win a free magazine subscription, which is different than the rebate.

          For example, the T&Cs state: “Every 228th person to enter during the sweepstakes period from these states will win a 1-year, monthly magazine subscription. Approximate Retail Value of music download is $0.45. Approximate Retail Value of magazine subscription is $20.00. “

    • thelostpond

      That has to be something different since under meathod #3 of entering it says “More than two entries will automatically result in disqualification”
      This coupon says “1 per household”They may have some sweepstakes going on also.
      It also mentions a website
      This is totally different than the coupon.

      • thelostpond

        If you go to my link in the above message and fill out the state and age it gives you an entry form to enter a contest.
        Collin’s link takes you to a page that says “enjoy the favlors of summer save $25 on groceries”
        My above link says ” enjoy the flovors of summer and you could win great summer prizes from the makers of… plus save $25 on groceries”

        I hope this helps.

        • no name

          So use both links, mine and Collin’s, one only works for coupon and the other only works for the contest.
          LOL This was like a hunt and find contest! Hope someone here wins!

        • thelostpond

          So use both links, mine and Collin’s, one only works for coupon and the other only works for the contest.
          LOL This was like a hunt and find contest! Hope someone here wins!

          • amber

            Thanks for sleuthing! πŸ™‚

  16. Alexcia

    I’m out before I was in, not valid in TX jeez….

  17. Spartacus the Mighty Terrier

    I dont drink, but for $25 in free groceries maybe I should….;0)

    • Pamela


  18. Monique

    Does anyone know how much approx the Smirnoff is?? I don’t drink so I have no idea on prices anymore. I’m sure my parents would enjoy this and I could get some free groceries out of it πŸ™‚

    • Kristen

      I think around me (in Maryland) it’s around $7.99 for a 6-pack but I haven’t bought them in a while so I’m not totally sure about that!

    • ercin13

      the 6 packs are on sale @ winn dixie for $7.99 right now

  19. Laura E

    Buying the items here in Nj and then having the rebate sent my parents in Florida!

  20. 1217topher

    My favorite is the Cherry lime Smirnoff Ice. I can confirm they typically run $7.99 for a six pack.

  21. Ashley57

    Yay! This is awesome. Thanks.

  22. Cindy

    Are they all alcoholic?

    • Nicole


  23. hyedi

    Collin, is it possible for you to get ahold of Smirnoff to verify if this is a legit rebate? It just seems to good to be true….not trying to be a ‘debbie downer’, just cautious;)

    • Tracey

      It’s legit. And as far as asking Collin to call Smirnoff I don’t mean to be rude but you can pick up the phone and call the company if don’t believe it is legit—there is a Consumer Inquiries number right on the rebate— she can’t do everything for us. I don’t even drink and I know that there are often rebates like this out there just check out your liquor section in your store you will see many like this from beer and liquor companies they come along more often than you think. This is an awesome rebate, I’m going to buy and give the Smirnoff to my aunt & uncle they hold a Memorial day weekend party and do the rebate for myself making about $10 profit. I can’t pass that deal up.

      • hyedi

        Yes, I do think you are being a bit rude. I didnt post my comment for someone to come along and ‘set me straight’ about what Collin can and cant do for us.
        I understand that I could call and ask, I just thought maby she already did, or has the ability to ask her ‘Blog friends’ about the rebate.
        I take affence to you making a comment insinuating that I take Collin for granted.
        Not too nice.
        Yes, maby I should have wrote that request of Collin a little better, so as not to affend you Tracy. I don’t take Collin for granted, so, to appease Tracy, I appologize Collin.
        Next time, watch out for the ‘Comment Police’, I know now what affends…..

  24. dani

    Oh the joys of living in California.. Alcohol is sold EVERYWHERE; grocery stores, Walmart, Target πŸ™‚ Strange cause anything alcohol related like this (and IWG) are usually void in CA.

  25. roxy

    I am so excited!! We just bought a 12 pack of mixed drinks at Publix 2 days ago. We never buy stuff like this, but it was in the clearance section $12 for a 12 pack. We thought it was a great deal. And we bought around $60 worth of groceries. This was a happy coincidence. Can’t believe that buying alcohol can be a good thing sometimes. Ha ha.
    And oh, they taste very good. Very refreshing. Perfect for a summer party

  26. Crystal

    Would a 24 pack from Costco count?

    • Stacy

      I wouldn’t use the 24 count. I would buy the specified kind or risk them denying the rebate.

  27. Steph

    Help…what am I doing wrong?!! I put in my state (one that’s o.k.), my birthday (I’m 44…hello!) and press the “continue” button, but it keeps bringing me back to the same page for me to fill out my information again. Now I DO need a drink!

    • Kim

      Maybe your pop up blocker for the form needs to be shut off.?? Hmmmmm

    • Lori

      I was having the same problem and went into Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer and it printed fine the first try.

  28. Kimberlyk1

    mine won’t print for nothing….any ideas??

  29. Jeanett

    if I live in NC, where it’s void, but I will be on vacation in a state where it’s not, could I purchase in an acceptable state and have it sent to me in NC? Just curious. Thanks for any help!

    • mel

      when i tried that once and my rebate was denied. But If you’re already going to buy the smirnoff anyway, then its worth a shot.

    • Stacy

      NO. It doesn’t matter where you purchase the products, it matters the mailing address the rebate is going to. You could do it the opposite way. Purchase in NC and have mailed to NJ. Also be on the look out for Smirnoff rebates in NC. NC is GREAT for No Beer Purchase Required (NBPR) rebates. They always have Heineken, Amstel, Corona, etc.

      I live in VA and we get about 1/2 the NBPR rebates the NC does.

      • Stacy

        Oops thought you said you’d be vacationing in NJ – anyway some info applies.

  30. bkny63

    Is this before or after coupons? Should my bottom line total be $25.01. It’s confusing because it says prices circled.

    • Kristen

      I don’t think you can use coupons. Obviously I don’t know for sure since I did not make up this rebate πŸ˜‰ but I would recommend that your out-of-pocket be $25.01 or more, so circle the total amount paid (before tax) on the bottom of your receipt(s) and make sure they add up to over $25.

    • Stacy

      Your bottom line total should exceed $25.00 to be safe. You could spend $100 and use coupons as long as you PAY $25.01+ you will be fine. I circle $25.01+ worth of items and the total amount paid. Also you can use multiple receipts with Smirnoff rebates (I do it all the time). If for some reason they end up denying the rebate- call the number. They have always fixed it so I got my rebate.

  31. jo

    Does the smirnoff have to be in the same transaction as groceries?

  32. lindsay

    does the smirnoff purchase amount count toward the $25.01 groceries purchase?

    • Rachel

      At the end of Collin’s post it says the smirnoff purchase does not count.

  33. phxmomof2

    I have had very bad luck with rebates because I usually miss something so I had a question for you experts. Do you have to circle the smirnoff items on the receipt in addition to the groceries? I’m ready to mail it in, just wanted to check on that first. Thanks!

  34. Suzy

    Thanks for posting this deal! I got my rebate check today in the mail!

  35. Connie

    Does anyone have a copy of this rebate form? I can’t find the website because has some domain name issue now. I have the receipts just need the form.

  36. Julie

    I am having the same issue as Connie…Need the rebate. Anyone know a way around this or when it will be fixed. Can my friend make a copy of the form for me??

    • Connie

      Hi Julie,

      Just before I typed a reply to you about the non-response I received from Smirnoff about SMMD being unavailable, I clicked on the photo of the rebate at the top of this page and low and behold, SMMD seems to be back. I still have to see if I can print from my computer, but I have my fingers crossed.

  37. Ashley57

    I got something saying mine was denied because I had $36 of groceries but about $20 in coupons. I called and the lady was very nice and fixed it for me. Just an FYI, it is suppose to be after coupons.

  38. Karen

    has anybody received this rebate? I sent my in back in May. thanks.

    • pl4ygiirl

      I did, they sent me an email first sayin that it was qualified

      • yoko

        when did you receive rebate back?

    • yoko

      I have’t received rebate back yet… I was very concerned..
      I sent it on MAY.
      Hopefully I will receive soon!

      • pl4ygiirl

        I received this email from RFS email, on June 28 nd got the rebate like mid july

  39. Katya

    The website says the rebate is no longer available, even though it’s definitely not past September 30th yet.. What’s up with that?

  40. Kerri

    Mailed my rebate 8/4 and received the email from RFS today (8/30) that my rebate qualified so hopefully will receive the rebate in the next 4-6 weeks, or sooner. : )

  41. Richard

    sent my in a good while back and still have not got anything from them here in Oklahoma

    • Karen

      I did get my rebate finally. It took 3 months. I never got an email like some of the others have stated.

    • Michelle

      I just got my rebate today. I mailed it in 6/16/12 and contacted them 8/24 asking where it was and they said they were going to look into it, but I didn’t hear anything else until I got the rebate today. Hope you get yours soon!

  42. Katie

    I mailed the rebate form and receipt on 6/4/12, and received the rebate just today. I had surrendered my hope in haste.

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