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Entertaining Your Kids with $10-$20 (What Would You Do?!)

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With summer in full force, I know that many of you struggle with ways to entertain your kiddos while at the same time keeping your budget in check. Although there are many at-home activities, crafts and cooking projects that can keep little ones busy, it is sometimes nice to take an excursion that gets everyone out of the house. But those little excursions can add up to more than expected if there is little or no planning.

So….this is where your help is needed. If you were handed a $10 or $20 bill (depending on your family’s size, location etc.), how would you use this money to plan a fun day with your kids. Where would you go and what would you do? Please share your ideas, tips, tricks, and secrets in the comment section below.

* On a side note, be sure to check out this post for lots of great cheap and free kids’ activities like bowling, movies and more.

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  1. Leah

    Carmike does movies on Thursday mornings at 10, it is awesome! It is $2 per person and you get to see the movie (old ones), a good size popcorn and a small drink

    • Aubrey

      A theatre in our area does free movies for kids. These are older movies that have been out for awhile. Or Harkins does newer ones for a couple bucks per person.

      Michael’s does free crafts in our area every Tues, Thurs, and Sat from 1-4.

      Hit up your library for ‘culture passes’ to local museums, science centers, zoos, etc.

  2. Jennifer Buckler

    in our town one of our churches is putting on family theater every thursday morning for just 2 bucks a person! plus they get a drink and popcorn!

  3. Rachael

    We love the outdoor. In fact we plan on going this week so the kids can see Brave. $7 for adults $3 for kids, bring your own refreshments, chairs, etc. The best part is for one price you get one kids movie and one adult movie after the kids movie is over.

  4. crystal

    Our local Parks and recreation does a lot of things for free, lowes build and grow, home depot does building, Michaels passport to imagination,and cinamarks summer clubhouse. I would do those cheap to free things then take my kiddos out for ice cream. Our applebees has $.99 kids meals on Tuesday! hope that give you ideas.

  5. Rebeca

    Check your library and all the libraries in your region for passes. With them, you could potentially take the kids to the local children’s museum, protected areas (think trails, sandy lake beaches, picnic areas, playgrounds, etc) without having to pay full entrance or maybe nothing at all. Pack your own lunch and yummy snacks and you are ready to go!

    • RB

      The library in the town I grew up in had free storybook or movie afternoons and stuff like that for the kids, so assuming you’ve got something like that they’re close in age that’s a good way to keep them entertained for a couple of hours.

  6. RB

    One thing my sister sometimes does with her kids is take them out shopping and give them a “budget”. I would take the kids to the dollar store, give them a “budget” of about $3 apiece and let them pick out a couple of new toys or craft supplies by themselves. Then we would head out for ice cream or milkshakes (what’s inexpensive will obviously vary depending on where you are, but even the inexpensive $2 ones at McDonalds are a treat!) Assuming the weather is nice, we could take our treats out to the park and play there for a bit. With three kids and one adult, this would come in under $20.

    • Melissa

      Whenever we would visit my mother she loved giving each of my kids $5 to spend at the dollar store. My children are young adults now, but they all have sweet memories of the fun times we had choosing how to spend the cash.

  7. Shebella

    In Atlanta, Ga you can go to the public library to get the free zoo pass. Pack a lunch and go watch the animals go wild. Use the $20 to purchase everyone ice cream after lunch. Check with your local library to see what passes they may have.

    • Kayla

      Awesome! I did not know about this! My husband and I are students in Atlanta area and this might make for a cheap date ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lori

      Great tip! We are also in Atlanta. Our favorite thing to do is head to Centennial Olympic Park for the free jazz concerts on Tue/Thu at noon and Wednesday evening. They have a great park and water fountains for my daughter to play in!

  8. Evelyn

    Hop on the subway and spend the day at the Lake Michigan lakefront-bring a backpack with snacks/beverages from home. You can also spend the day at the zoo, which charges $10 for parking and offers free admission for all ages. Again, u could bring a backpack/cooler with food from home.

    • gabby

      I used to lived in Chicago and miss going to the lake front and zoo with my kids…

  9. Em

    We love to go read at the library for hours!!! I hate checking out those 3 page kid books, so they get to read and I don’t have to track them down at the house before they’re due! We take a ruler to mark the spot the book belongs, read one at a time and then put them back! The librarian loved us! I even volunteer while they are reading and reshelve books!

  10. SLS

    This would be what I would do if my niece were visiting, since I don’ have kids of my own. I live in Portland, OR. I would take her to the central library downtown via the MAX (light rail) for a couple of hours to look at the books in their awesome children’s room. Then we would go to Director Park, a few blocks away, which is a primarily concrete park, but which has a really large fun fountain that kids (and adults) love to run through. We would eat our picnic lunch there and play for as long as she wanted. When she was done, we would go get a treat at Cool Harry’s, a local food cart not very far away that makes all kinds of fun flavors of frozen yogurt. $10 would cover the frozen yogurt and the light rail ride for us both, with some change leftover.

  11. Jessica

    Our Park and Rec does a bunch of free things also. As well as our library, they offer free activities and we also take full advantage of the museum passes they offer. I also usually purchase a years memebership to a different local museum or aquarium each year, that saves $ and gets us in free all year.

    • Andrea

      Our Parks & rec does a summer program each week day from 9-12 and 1-3 (breaking for lunch, unsupervised and not provided or offered), but it’s $20 per kid for the length of the program. Extra field trips and events cost extra, and transportation is not always provided. Our local Boys & Girls Club charges just $5 per kid for the entire year which allows access all day during the summer and after school during the school year. They also do extra trips during the summer that cost extra.

      • Jessica

        Our Boys and Gilrs Club is $35 for the year and they can go all day during summer, after school and they can even eat there free. My son has a membership but has not used it much yet. Our park and rec offers swim lessons in 2 week sessions for $20 per child also. They do lots of day camps and those run between 50 and 100 per session.

  12. Danielle

    Geocaching, free and fun!

  13. lindsey

    Amc movie theaters have movies before noon for $5 per person, child or adult so we usually all go. Plus if you have the stubs reward you get $10 for every $100 you spend and free drinks on occasion. It adds up quick with a family of $5. We then usually go to Steak and Shake afterwards. Kids eat free on the weekends. So we take the kis meals off, then use the coupons on our meals and usually get out for under $20, that’s 5 meals, 4 shakes and tip!

  14. Mark

    I would give each child a few billa a 1.00 and a 5.00, I would have the rest in bills, and in mixed coins, and I would play the money game with them. It teaches how to ad up different coins, for different grand totals, and let them see the real value of money, as to how many coind they need to add up to certain amounts. My parents played this with me and my brother when we were young, and money was scarce, yet it made a lasting impression, and taught us that kids ton’t have to be kept on the go to have a good time with their parents, it’s quality family time that matters, not where you go with your parents.

    • Mark

      billa should read bills, sorry for the typ error.

  15. abigator

    drive to the beach and pack a lunch so just gas money:)

    • Rebeca

      We did that last week and although we had to pay $15 for the parking, the kids played for hours with the sand and we went for a dip in the sea. Then we headed to the playground and the spray park!

  16. Jen

    In SoCal there are lots of activities my kids and I do each summer:

    –The county and city libraries host free activities each week from cooking, to arts, to magic shows. Plus they have summer reading clubs with incentives for the kids.
    –Some museums like LACMA and the Science Center are free, you just need to cover parking $6-10. Check out the “Discovery Room” at the Science Center.
    –Local pools have recreation swim from $1-3.
    –Those Lowes and Home Depot weekend workshops are super awesome and Free.

    –AMC Theatres has $6 movies (no restrictions) for all ages if you choose a showing before noon.
    –The SEA Lab in Redondo Beach has $2 fish feeding and $4 (per fam) tours of their touch tanks. My students even got a lesson and performed a dissection a few years back.
    –The Cabrillo Aquarium takes voluntary donations and is small and fun especially for younger kids.
    –The LA county fair will be starting soon and tickets are $5 after 5pm with coupon.
    –The Griffith Park Observatory is awesome and Free! The planetarium movie is a few dollars if you choose to see it, but there are lots of other things to do.
    –Go to the BEACH! I like to go around 9-10am while there is lots of parking and minimal crowds.
    –Sea Side Lagoon is great for kids and only about $4-5 (in Redondo Beach)
    –The Getty Center museum is free
    –We love to hike on kid friendly trails (i.e. Monrovia Falls)

    That’s all I can think of at the moment. I’ll post more if any come to mind.

    • Jen

      Just to clarify…LACMA is free for kids under 18, BUT when my family went last Fri, they signed our kids up for free memberships, each of which includes 1 free adult admission per visit.

  17. Shelbey

    Living in a small town with the nearest place to really go on an excursion 20 miles away we would have to do something here in town. Fortunately we have an awesome little coffee shop right down the street. ๐Ÿ™‚ A few times a month they do “Movie Night” on the huge wall outside the coffee shop and they usually run a drink special. So we’d be able to walk a couple blocks, go watch a movie and have a couple of cafe caramels for under $10. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Katrina

    This is our reality…lol. I just graduated with an engineering degree in May and I have a 4, 5 and 6 year old. My new job does not start until July 9th, so money is VERY tight right now. Our local chamber of commerce puts on movies in the park and free family activities about once a month, the local frozen custard place has 2 concerts a week w cheap kid’s cones, there is a petting zoo at our local park, our science center has free admission and parking on one side, we pack picnics alot, I buy craft supplies at thrift stores for super cheap, we recycle boxes (and everything else) for all kinds of fun stuff, fort making is always a hit and you can get clothes pins and clamps etc at dollar stores, we walk the dog to the sno cone place, catch the ice cream man at the park, buy little treats and have tea parties, rent movies on amazon to reduce gas costs, local theater has $3 (movies about to come out on DVD) every day, drive in is $10 for adult and 2 kids free kids are $3 per extra kid, I make sidewalk paint out of cornstarch, water and food coloring, wading pools are great for younger kids and super cheap, my kids LOVE to go to yard sales and I told them how it is great to get more for your money but also it is like rectcyling so better for the planet, we have family game night and try to look for new games at yard sales, I let my daughter pick out fabric (from my found at yard sales, clearance bins and thrift sales collection) and teach her how to sew various things.

    • Katrina

      OH! The farmers’ market is always a hit too.

    • Heather

      You are an AWESOME mom! I just wrote down some of the things you said – hopefully it should help us spend more quality time together.

  19. Barb J

    found a lot of groupon deals for the summer where my kids can do stay and play activities for under $10 for both of them.

  20. Taraneh

    for IL residents, check out and see if your library is participating and you can get passes to a number of different museums or even the Brookfield Zoo or Chicago Botanic Gardens.
    And again for IL residents, the Art Institute of Chicago is free every first and second wednesday of the month

  21. Meredith

    Sign up for the Kids Bowl Free program. All you have to pay for is the shoe rental, which for us is around $2/kid.

    • mindy

      I signed them up for free bowling too and bought 2 pairs of shoes for both of our kids using the money I earned from surveys.

      Also, I take them to a local park that has a lake and bring a bag of popcorn (free with coupon) to feed the fishes (birds and turtles joint the feasting too) or spend a dollar to buy hotdog buns/bread. We even fish there sometimes too (with $3 of live earthworm from walmart) but the kids like feeding the fishes more than catching them.

  22. Andrea

    We have access to 2 local reservoirs, admission for the carload is $5 for the day. This grants you access to all of the trails and beaches. Pack a lunch and it’s cheap entertainment for the entire day.

  23. Amy

    Our city has free splash parks at a few of their parks. It is a concrete area with fountains and waterfalls, that the kids run through. Some turn off while others turn on. It’s like running through the sprinklers but much better. These same parks have great play structures and lots of grass. One even has a pond for fishing.

    Our library has a great play area with quieter play activities: computers (with headphones) with kid activities and games, puzzles, puppets, peg boards, a tunnel. And we always pick up free DVDs at the library, some for the kids and a few for us parents.

  24. Anny

    Our local small town movie theater has free movies on one morning a week to keep the kids busy.

    We have had fun Friday’s and the kids try to think of FREE or inexpensive ideas to do which save money and have excursions that involve creativity. Photograph Friday was the favorite… we grabbed the cameras and went out shooting with a picnic lunch. The kids would submit their favorite pictures to the paper or the news channel. Then look for a deal to print out their favorites and then scrapbook their summer.

    • spifftiff88

      I like Photograph Friday! That’s cute

  25. Sue

    Ok pack up you lunch/dinner and eat at the park. Sing songs on a walk. Look for bugs. Make things out of old things you dont want like a purse out of old pants and more just get creative, Sell stuff you dont want or need anymore. Go explore some where you dont normally go. Go window shopping but make it a game like can you find an orange hat and a sign with a abc in the words and more and the winner gets frozen juice when you get home that you frooze before you left. Pretend to have a tea party. Check out a new book or make up stories and plays. I am the queen of things to do when you have no budget. We saved up to buy a tree one year and made an axe out of cardboard and carried it home singing carols and you would not believe the people who stopped to sing along or cheer us on. Its fun you can make anything fun. Hope it helps and just know its never about the money its about spending time together so hope you have a blast.

  26. Chelsey G.

    I live just outside of STL. So for us a few great fun things we love to do on a budget is
    – STL Zoo- we always get there early because the first hour you can ride the carousel, pet the sting rays and get into the Children’s area for free.
    -St. Louis Botantical Gardens- Whitaker Music Festival on Wed. nights. It is free admission to the gardens and the children’s garden is free from 5 to 7. Plus, this is the only time they allow you to bring in food for a picnic. So we have a picnic and listen the live music
    -Spalsh City Water Park- On Friday Mornings it is half price for Toddlers. (My kids are 3, 2 and 3 months)
    -City Gardens- Just about 1 dollar to feed the meters and the kids can spalsh around in the fountains for free.
    -Our local Library has amazing story time once and week and they have Wacky Wednesdays which has a different event every week.

    I am sure there is more but those are some of my favorites!

  27. Pinky

    Things we do for free:
    Library reading program
    Church VBS
    local Salvation Army spray park
    any free street fair, local festival, parade etc.
    Library movies

    Things we do at a minimum cost:
    Early bird movies first showing are always cheapest
    Drive in younger kids are free at our theater so for 10, 5 dollars for mom and dad we get to see two movies. Plus you get to bring in whatever food you want!
    Chucky Cheese, a few tokens and no pizzas, maybe food at McD’s before hand.
    Fishing, kids can fish without a license, dad has his license, maybe 3.50 for worms.
    Crafts, lots of fun crafts from Joanne’s, I just keep a box and stock up when there is a sale.

    • Alea

      Wow! Your drive-in is a TON cheaper than ours!!! Ours is $9 per adult and kids 4-12 are $6, so not a “cheap” activity at all. ๐Ÿ™

      • Pinky

        Wow 9 dollars yuck. Our evening movies at the regular theater are not even that much.

        • Emily

          Ours is 20$ a carload, so not that bad if we take my truck, it fits 7! lol

  28. Alea

    I would have a picnic lunch at the park with my kids where they could play in the park and at the sprayscape and afterwards treat them to ice-cream at the local ice cream place! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Anne S

    We have a lot of freebie stuff we do (local programs at the park, library programs, Home Depot and Lowes building, $ movies during the summer, the local sprinkler park) but $10 is the amount it costs to park at Stone Mountain State Park, so I would probably pack a picnic, take the family to the park, hike up the mountain, eat lunch and play in the playground area.

  30. Dayna

    We have a drive in movie theater close to us, they charge per person, but only for adults so you can take a family of 4 to a movie for under 10 dollars.
    Beaches are usually free, or only have a parking fee.
    Libraries are always hosting free events especially ones for younger kids, My family Loves books, so this is a good option for us. And its a great way to teach kids responsibility by letting them keep track of a checked out book.
    There is a local pool that charges 2 dollars per person for a day pass.
    Parades and street fairs and other city events are almost always free.
    There is a park just a couple blocks away from us, so packing up a cooler and spending a few hours there with a picnic lunch is free, gets my kids the exercise they need and we can spend as much or as little time there as we want. plus its a great way to tire out kids who don’t like nap-time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Melony

    1. Lowe’s, Michael’s, Home Depot, Joann’s, and Lego store for free craft type things – cost $0.
    2. Reading club at the library – also $0
    3. Festivals – always free to get into (with the exception of the state fair), bring your own snacks and just pay for parking.
    4. Splash park downtown – free but you do have to pay for parking. Also, the malls have mini splash parks which are completely free.
    5. local park – free
    6. State house tour – free
    7. Museum on Sunday as it is free here.
    8. biking on a local bike trail – free
    9. Bowling – free just purchase shoes
    10. Skate Zone – sign up for their emails and get free skating just pay for skates (better yet if you have your own, it’s free)
    11. Local concerts in the park – free
    12. Movies – during the summer here, at least 1 place has free movies.
    13. There’s always volunteer opportunities as well.

  32. zoe

    our town has a free zoo with like 60+ animals attached to a huge park. we would go there, and since my son is only two, the food i got for lunch at noodles and co (usually costs around 5.00) would feed us both. then to the library, on purdue university’s campus to run in and out of the fountains in the sun/heat, then maybe catch a 1.00 movie that runs all summer, different movie every week, a morning and afternoon show, and the 2 year old is free, so just a buck for me. Then a walk around town, and to the dog park to watch all the dogs, maybe stop in to the animal shelter to volunteer, the animals love to have the baby around and he loves playing with them! after that, might head to applebees for after 9pm appetizers, which are half price. cheese sticks for me, cheeseburger sliders for dh, and spinich and artichoke dip for our two year old. then head home. that is about 10 bucks if it is just baby and i, or around 20 if it is all three of us.

    or we can pack a lunch and head to the indy zoo since we get a membership annually as a gift from my parents. so about 15 bucks in gas that way, then have the zoo, a botanical garden, two playgrounds, a splash park, and so much to do and see!

  33. Sara

    Tip to save: I you havent subscribed to the various restaurants and stores that offer free coupons, you should! You sometimes get free food meal coupons or gift certificates, and awesome coupon offers.
    Good way to start a day with my girl is having a good breakfast at home and then go out to our local Regal Cinemas to watch a movie. They offer selected G or PG rated movies for a dollar on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10:00. I live in Central Oregon so there’s so many outdoor places to go to. But theres a wonderfull park with a pond full of fishes. You can take your children there to fish and awesome part is they get to not only enjoy catching a fish but they get to keep it too for free! I would take her to Old Navy so she can pick a toy or something she’d like using our money gift coupons from our snap app. Then final but not least enjoy a wonderfull smoothie from jamba juice. =D

  34. McKeever's Mom

    One year we had a Not-Me birthday party. Not-Me is the one who spills juice on the counter after it’s been cleaned or tracks across the floor after it’s been washed. Since every mom in the neighborhood had a “Not-Me” at her house, we decided to throw a party. No gifts were involved, but each mom had an activity at her house (pin-the-tail, bob for apples, etc.) and then we had cake and ice cream. This was more toward the end of summer when the children were really bored. We bought game prizes that were school supplies and those weren’t very expensive because stores were featuring back-to-school sales. If I remember correctly (my girls are now 26 and 30) we complied all those left-over party favors, hats, plates, napkins, etc. so it was an non-themed kind of party for both the boys and the girls. The neighborhood children had so much fun they wanted Not-Me’s party every year.

    • Katrina

      haha, what a cute idea.

    • Karin

      I am so doing this! What a great idea ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. karen

    Love to save up milk cartons and take them to the local pond. A little duct tape, 2 boys and a “contest” to see who can make the best raft is really fun on a hot day. Or a lemonade stand is always fun too.

  36. rn30032

    i’m in decatur,ga!! 10 min for downtown atlanta and there is ALWAYS soemthing for FREE going on here, check out your local church’s for VBS program most run 9am-12noon and some run as late as 2pm. There is usually a snack/lunch and most are free or with minimal cost and u get FREE time for yourself. With have Centennial Park here and it free and the Fountain of Rings shoot water up and much cheaper than WHite Water. Most library have summer reading programs and freebies to go along with it!! Kids eat free at Steak n Shake Sat/sun with $8 Adult purchase. Most place have 1/2 price appetizers after a certain time, so fill up on that and drink water. We have atlanta parent mag here and it is a GREAT resource!! CHeck FB as well

  37. Katie

    Here are three cheap things we are doing this summer:

    1. Free zoo passes from the library (either pack a lunch or you just have the expense of the food in the zoo).

    2. Our town has concerts on the green every Tuesday night. This week is 50’s/60’s music, next week is a billy Joel cover band! Can’t wait! We pack a picnic dinner and the kids can dance around ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Rave theaters have free movies for kids this summer. Check their website.

  38. Peg

    I live in Indiana and have a three year old, at daycare the song “Big Green Tractor” is very popular, so one day we were driving by a John Deere tractor store and my litttle girl starts screaming Big Green Tractors:) So I stopped and got my camera and her out and did a little photo shoot with the tractors, she sat on one, sat in the wheel of another, stood underneath another! When we got back in the jeep and were heading out she says “man that was so much fun!!” So little photo shoots with the digital camera has become fun days! Cheap way to entertain and never can have to many pictures:)

    • Katrina

      Great idea!

    • Michelle

      Great idea. We have a couple tractor stores around my area. I also love to take pics of our son outdoors. Nature trails, lakes,beach etc.. Not only great memories, but nice to print out as gifts for the grandparents =)

  39. Joy Lanthier

    1.tuesday wednesday and saturday- free movies at flix, and regal at 10am
    2. thursday cruise night (old cars) a picnic concert and puppet theatre at Canalside followed with dollar ice cream at various locations
    3. friday-lots of free museum admissions
    4. weekend-festivals complete with giant slices of pizza that can feed a family of 6 for 9 dollars,crafts games and music
    5.weekend lowes and home depot crafts

    add a beach, libraries, village days, drive in, free museums, and parking Buffalo is amazing in the summer!!!

  40. Dorie

    Watch groupons. I have found 2 really cool places to take my oldest that I didn’t even know existed and they are not that far away. Also, community aquatic parks. Today we went to one in a neighboring city that we had never been to that had age appropriate activities for my 9 month old and my 6 year old and it was only $3 each ($2 if you lived in that city), plus the baby was free. We took our lunch with us and a had a great day for only $6.

  41. Liz

    Besides what everybody has said…
    There are several farms nearby earlier in season we picked Strawberries, right now blueberries and black berries are in season.

  42. M

    SPCA is always fun (and free!), another things with animals where I live is that our library has a “Read to the Dogs” day once a week – kids can practice their reading skills by reading books to pets of the library staff.

  43. Melony

    14. the zoo here sometimes does free admission days.
    15. pool pass for the day here is about $1
    16. Elementary school playgrounds = free as well.

  44. Danielle Robinson

    If I had $20, there is a lot that my son and I could do here in Jacksonville, FL. We could go to the $1 summer movie program at Regal Theaters. Then we could both bowl 2 games for free with the Kids Bowl Free and only pay $7 total for shoes. Our Museum of Science and History has $5 Fridays were we can stay the whole day. And we’d have $1 left over for something from the ice cream truck!

  45. Miriam

    Now that it’s nice outside we love to go to local farms! Feeding the animals is a few quarters and a pound of strawberries is $3. I’m having a great time with my 1 year old learning about the animals and how the various fruits grow. We’ll be there to get blueberries this week. Sometimes we’ll get a smoothie made from the fruit that’s in season on our way out. (I do a lot of these suggestions for cheap indoor activities in the winter – library storytimes, McDonald’s playground and ice cream, visit mall and its nice playground.)

  46. mary

    I have a 13 month old and we currently attend story time 2x a week at the library and we are paying $85 a month for a family membership at the YMCA, I dont feel that its very expensive because my husband, son, mother and I attend. my son and I are doing mommy & me and swimming classes there and I get to do zumba while they watch him. We also plan to attend a play group soon.

  47. Teresa R. Longstreet

    if i had ten dollars handed to me, i would take my girls to the park and feed the geese. i would buy sandwhich items and chips. get old bread from the local bread store. we would play at the playground, feed the geese and then enjoy our picnic by the lake and then walk off lunch by walking the mile walk around the lake. and head home for some quiet time. probably with enough left for a kids size cone at chic fila. if i had twenty dollars handed to me, i would take them to a local ceramic store to do some painting. and have a bag of chips and juice afterward. with enough left to stop by the blockbuster kiosk and rent a $1 movie.

  48. Michelle

    Like most others: (my list might be long!)

    – The library is great on a hot day.. plus ours has crafts every Wed. afternoon.. It is also right behind a decent shady park that has picnic tables. The Dollar Store is right across the street as well! Sonics and Dairy Queen is only 5 minutes from there, so their half priced afternoon drinks would be great after running around! This could be an all day outing!
    – VBS at our church! We are really excited about this!
    – $1 movies on Tues. and Thurs at Regal (older, but good family movies).
    – Fishing in the pond behind our house – bring a net to let the kiddo catch minnows or let him catch roly polys in his dollar tree “bug kit”.
    – The beach is always nice – it’s a good 45 minute drive, but the toll is only $1.50 and free parking. With our gas card deals and money off from rewards programs, it’s really not that bad. Bring a cooler filled with water and juice boxes.. and those free magazines that I got from Hip2Save posts and stay for a few hours! Spend a few bucks at the Dollar Tree on new beach toys.
    – We love to go to state parks ($5 entry fee per car), and we can fish, nature trails, playgrounds, geocaching (we can bring the dog too!) and also some have a lot of information pamphlets, ranger program booklets, etc.. to read during the hike. Grab some $1 lunchables before hand and a few canned drinks and waters for a quick and easy lunch.
    – Grab a frozen pizza on sale and a Redbox movie (or find one on Comcast OnDemand) for a fun Friday night tradition!
    – Anyone live near Bass Pro Shop? They have free games, crafts, and workshops during the summer. We went this past weekend, and it was actually a lot of fun. They were giving out free samples of their salt water taffy, too.
    – We have a free dog park nearby. It’s fun visiting with other (friendly) dogs!
    – There are also several parks downtown that offer “splash pads” and fountains. These are near Planet Smoothie.. this is a “splurge” for us, but sooo worth it!

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Become a Hip2Save Insider

Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! Once you join, you'll be able to save & share your favorite deals, rate posts and recipes and add items to your cookbook! What are ya waiting for?!

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