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How Do YOU Feel More Empowered by Using Coupons at the Register? (+ My Video Tips)

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Do you experience an increased heart rate, profuse sweating, stuttering, or an overall lack of confidence when approaching the checkout zone with your coupons in hand? Or maybe you’re stoked about the great deals you’ve just found in-store until you face a cashier who is having a bad day and isn’t happy with the site of your stack of coupons (…not to mention the long line of customers behind you that are now annoyed by your coupon-saving endeavor!)?

Well, if you experience one or more of these symptoms or have found yourself in this same situation, then this is the video for you!



“Hip” Tips for Feeling Empowered at the Register:

(1) Know your store’s coupon policy!! For more information, check out the Hip2Save Store Guides found here. If you are not able to locate a coupon policy online for your local store, I highly recommend that you email customer service asking for a copy of the policy/guidelines and/or you can contact the store manager.

(2) Consider dabbling in cashier profiling. Personally, I look for happy and laid back looking cashiers.

(3) Make use of your time waiting in line and organize those coupons! Consider grouping together all of your free and Buy 1 Get 1 free product coupons as these typically require the cashier to manually enter the price of the item.

(4) Stack your coupons in the criss cross method demonstrated in the video as this should prevent coupons from sticking together… especially printable coupons. You may also want to consider handing over your coupons one at a time.

(5) Be respectful and patient! Kill em’ with kindness! 😉

So how about you? What are your tips for having a successful checkout experience? How do you feel empowered at the register?

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  1. Terri Massie

    Never choose a cashier of menopausal age.

    • Laura B

      so true! Ive heard going to male cashiers is better and I have found this to be true. If I ever go to the store and see a favorite cashier who-gasp-loves that I coupon I will consistently go to them! BTW I have a hard time at walmart every time so be careful when you go there. I add up my total before tax so I know when they have not scanned all my coupons before I pay.

    • J

      I AGREE

      • tracingskynova77

        I Agree about WALMART, and male cashiers!

    • Laura

      I haven’t noticed that to be true. I try to avoid young cashiers. Most of them are clueless, inexperienced and scared to get in trouble that they hassle you about every coupon.

      • Laura

        I should add FEMALE young cashiers. Most young males are laid back.

        • crystal

          Agree about older females – I wish I can say something else about that, but don’t want to start a riot on Collin’s site. 🙂

    • animity

      Really, I have had the best luck with the older ladies (except for one). They always love to see how much I have saved. One lady always looks at the bottom of the receipt and gives me a little wink.

  2. Alea

    I make sure I have my coupons organized BEFORE I get to the register, if I have any free product coupons – I put those items at the end of my order – so if they need to look up the price, it’s pretty easy for them to do so. (I used to put the free product coupons on the items – so they can write down the price as they scan the items, but quite a few cashiers didn’t like that – they wanted all the coupons together). I think the key is to be educated – know the store policy and make sure you are buying the RIGHT items for the coupon and you will have the confidence. I don’t ever have the store policies with me for two reasons – they change frequently and also no one wants to be told how to do their job, pulling out a page that tells them how to do their job will 9 out of 10 times make them bitter and rude to you. If they are unsure if something is allowed – POLITELY comment about “oh, I thought I read your policy is such and such, can you please double check with a manager” – like point 5 – be kind, if you are nice, they are more willing to work through your coupons without hesitation.

    • Leslee Long

      I try to put the problematic coupon items towards the end, too. It makes it so much easier.

  3. Dee

    Try to go to the same store and get the same people! 🙂

  4. Thao

    Totally should print the store policy and take it with yo. I had a cashier at WM tell me that they won’t take my coupon for Bayer (which was value at $3) since their product was only $2.22. I explain to her that corporate will take it cause it’s in the policy but she still wouldn’t do it. Luckily my phone has data so I quickly found WM coupon policy online and showed it to her. Would have saved myself a lot of time if I had the policy on hand.

  5. Krista

    HAHA, my husband and I always profile our cashiers! I also sometimes take the time to warn a person who gets behind me that I have a few coupons and I ALWAYS apologize to someone behind me if my coupons really hold anything up.

    • Laura B

      Just wanted to add if I have a huge order with coupons and the person behind me only has one or two items i let them go first 🙂

      • tracingskynova77

        Same!! ^5 to You Laura B 😀

    • Alea

      Same here – I always apologize if a coupon causes a delay and if the cashier apologizes to me that they have to get an override – I always apologize to them as well and thank them for taking the time to get everything right. If a cashier gets frequent nice coupon users, it will change their overall attitude to see a handful of coupons handed to them.

      • tracingskynova77


        • Tina

          I also let people go in front of me and they appreciate it very much as well as the cashiers because most of them get stressed when the line gets longer so thats what makes them angry. I also agree on being organized and polite.

  6. Melinda

    If I have a coupon that requires the cashier to enter the item price, I try to put that item at the end of the conveyor belt and then put that coupon first in the stack of coupons. That makes it much easier for the cashier to confirm I bought the item and to see the price on the register. I also make sure my coupons are organized before I get to the register and I’m able to hand them over in one stack. Only once have I had a difficult cashier. She saw me holding my stack of coupons after she started scanning a few items. She commented very loudly “oh, you have coupons.” She stopped scanning the products and had me literally place each coupon on top of the item on the conveyor belt. Most of the customers were looking at her like she was nuts. It took twice as long to check me out and all of the coupons worked no problem.

  7. Lynn

    I once saw a shopper actually cutting the coupons they were going to use while standing at the register. It was a perfect example of how not to be.

  8. Amy

    All great tips, but I think the most important one is profiling. I always do this, especially at Walmart. I have found the younger men are the best to check out with. They question the least. If no younger men are working I find a younger woman. Also I try not to go to anyone who I’ve never seen before and might be new, even if they are a younger man. The new ones might have to call over a manager if there are any problems with coupons scanning or if they have never done a price match (at Walmart).

  9. tracingskynova77

    I try to do all of my coupon shopping at Target because Walmart has given me such a difficult time with using them ..such as scanning them ..if they don’t scan ..they REFUSE to take them ..regardless if they are printed off my home printer, or from the coupon section of the newspaper .. I have called corporate twice regarding the Walmart in Lakewood, WA .. ..they still give me a hard time, and have the longest lines EVER ..I’m talking 25min+ waits … ..they get SO much business [military community] and seem to lack in the customer service .. ..not sure why they continue to advertise their simplistic, hassle free ‘ad match guarantee’ commercials ..because they can’t seem to get their coupon scanning aspect down ..let alone the later .. .sorry for my rant .. Target never gives me slack .. ..

    ..anyhow, MERRY 4th of July my peoples!

    • Jan

      I have one cashier at Walmart who I only go to with coupons…I will even wait in a long line! She is so friendly and always makes sure the coupons have worked.

    • sarah

      You’re not alone!!! I frequent it too, I know that Ft. Lewis generate sooooo much traffic in all stores in the area, I try to go past 9pm or it’s nuts in there.

    • Sunny

      Funny, because at Wal-Mart, my coupons NEVER scan! I somehow don’t have this issue at other stores. I wonder if Wal-Mart PURPOSELY doesn’t program coupons into their computer?

  10. J

    I profile, go to the younger cashiers (as I have found that the older cashiers are very slow and have to read the coupon very slowly even before trying to scan it). I have not any issues with price matching.All the cashiers at my Walmart are about as friendly as a poked bear.LOL

    • tracingskynova77

      Lucky YOU J! Share the LOVE 😀

  11. Tamara

    I was just thinking about it yesterday(like i needed to vent about this stuff))I live in tiny town with only Walmart and recently opened Walgreen’s. And every time i go to Walgreen’s i really feel very self- conscious about getting free stuff or couponing cause no one coupons here NO ONE, i mean i saw a lady with a huge binder once and that’s it. And all the cashiers at Walgreen’s, it feels like they think: “can’t you pay for the stuff like everyone else?”I don’t know maybe our store is small one they think i am robing them with my RR and coupons? And we get probably 1/3 of the ad that big town folks get, so really it’s very discouraging. But i try not to think about it cause thanks to coupons and deals Collin posts i can afford something i couldn’t before. And my friends i can’t even convince them to coupon because they are aware of the situation here. Sorry for such a long post.Thanks.

    • tracingskynova77

      Walgreen’s made me feel like that the other day .. the new cashier needed help from her manager .. ..scanning coupons ..and the cashier kind of made me feel awkward ..and, the manager did also ..both making me feel like I was ripping them off .. ..but, I sure am proud of the items I buy with zero cash ..thanks to: Collin/H2S/contributors 🙂

    • Dawn

      I’ve never understood why some cashiers act the way they do when I have coupons. The store is not out one single penny, they are getting paid by the hour anyway, so what difference does it make if they scan a coupon plus they are not out any money whatsoever out of their pocket, so what is the big deal? I think they are resentful because I took the time to try and save some money and I’m getting a really good deal and they wish they could do it, but they really don’t want to put forth any effort, jealous, maybe, I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had designated check out lines for coupon users? Then if someone gets behind me in the “coupon” line they were warned. Plus the cashier would be knowledgeable on the store coupon policy.

      • tracingskynova77

        OMG! SMARTEST THING I’VE HEARD ALL DAY DAWN ^5! I like that! 😀

        • Dawn

          Thank you for the compliment, but I don’t think these stores want to make it easier on us. 🙁

          • tracingskynova77

            I, know, it .. but, it’s our right to clip and use ..we just have to be confident about it ..I’m working on that 😉

      • Carla

        It matters to the cashier simply because they could get written up if someone tries to get over on them with a coupon. When I was a cashier, I constantly had people try to hand me coupons for items that they didn’t buy or had expired. They would try to smile and wink their way through it. I’m sorry but if you hand me a coupon for Claussen pickles and you bought Mt. Olive it just isn’t going to work. The same goes for coupons that have expired.

        Another thing is that coupons can take a lot of time. Cashiers need to keep a certain scan rate up and can be written up for not keeping up to a certain time.

        Trust me, Cashiers aren’t being hard to deal with for no reason. I always tried to accommodate couponers. I was always very happy for the savings that they would have! It was frustrating, however, to have people try to use coupons incorrectly. Or have someone who was unorganized and then my scan ratio would be off for the day.

        I also agree that a coupon line would be awesome! That way the store would realize that the cashier was slower due to the coupons and then they wouldn’t catch flack over it!

    • mj

      i know the feeling….lol……..

      • mj

        one of my key to success is to be very well prepared and polite….
        if everything goes smooth then they dont even remember You…
        when in doubt I let the cashier decide what to do…I tried to argue with them but I cold not win….and was upset later for 2 days …not worth it

        • mj

          oh and profiling is a must !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ubett

      I had a horrible experience at my Walgreens today and I left and went to another one quite a ways away, when I got home I called Walgreens Corporate office at 1-847-914-2500 to leave a complaint. During the recording say “Department” and then say “Consumer Relations” if you call after business hours leave a message and let them know how their cashier made you feel, they will call you back. You are the Consumer and your opinion matters to them.

  12. Baze

    I always write a list before leaving the house, and I use a paper clip to attached the coupons to it. I also put the coupons at the edge of the cart once the product is in it. That lets me know I found the product and will be using the coupon.

    I also try to be very polite to the cashiers. Yes, I do profile. I have found that the more “mature” cashiers don’t like dealing with coupons sometimes.

    • Anna

      I do the same thing!

    • mary

      I do this as well 🙂

  13. MOM22RN

    The criss cross method of stacking coupons is a GREAT tip! I started stacking my coupons this way soon after realizing that a lot of my coupons weren’t getting scanned…especially IP 🙁 Having the store’s coupon policy readily available is sooo important as well. No need to argue with the cashier when you have the policy to prove you know what you’re doing 😉

  14. shannon

    I will share w/ the cashier how much money I’m saving and encourage them to do the same. Then give them hip2 save’s website!

  15. Ali

    This cashier profiling is so true. I had a mean lady cashier from the photo area at CVS yesterday (she called me over). She gave me a hard time on practically every coupon. Well I had to go back to CVS later that day and the young man actually complimented how much $$$ I saved
    . What a difference.

  16. irene

    I agree that profiling is very important to successful checkouts. If you don’t have a choice at a small store, just stay calm and and act confident, even if you don’t feel it. If there’s a disagreement, do not continue to argue; just ask for the manager. There’s always a manager lurking around somewhere. Chances are, they will be more knowledgeable and courteous. If, on the other hand, they are the source of the negative atmosphere, then you know to avoid that store next time! 🙂

  17. Amy D.

    I criss-crossed my coupons 3 shopping trips in a row, got 3 different cashiers, and each one of them straightened them out before running them through! I don’t even bother with that anymore. 🙂

    • Kathleen

      That happend to me too. So now if I have a few of the same coupons epecially the ones you print out I hand them to the cashier a few at a time and watch the screen to make all of them get scanned. It is a little obnoxious on my part but I try to be super friendly and apologetic to the cashiers and I haven’t had a problem yet.

  18. Sandra

    I try to have all my coupons organized. I am consistent. I shop at the same stores all the time. The cashiers know my kids by name. I always tell them what is free this week. If there is a man behind me in line I always warn them of my coupons and tell them to go ahead of me.

  19. fran

    I actually hand the cashier one coupon at a time since some them are IPs and they tend to stick together. That way I can watch them to make sure each coupon is being taken off. I hate to have to waste time at C.S. if the cashier missed a coupon.
    I will let them know if I have any free coupons so they can write the price on the coupon as they scan the items. I find this is a lot easier than having to scan the receipt after everything is rung up.
    Lately, I haven’t had a cashier ask me for all the coupons, but if that happens, I just tell them I’d rather do it this way so they are sure to take off all my coupons.

  20. serena

    So funny you posted this today. Was at Smiths this morning and I had to ask my cashier to get me someone else to cashier who was more patient. Then talked to the manager who apologized. She just had no patience and had me at the brink of tears when I was flustered about a complicated deal.

  21. crystal


    Thank you so much for the video, Because I had an unpleasant experience at my local grocery store. Their policy state that you can use one manufacture coupon along with their store coupon plus they accept competitor coupons. Fair enough!

    Okay! So on Saturday I went for my normal Saturday morning grocery shopping, gathered all my coupons together before I got to the check out lane.The cashier rang up all my items (older female), so now it was time to give her my coupons.
    Gave her my stack and she looked at me has if I just finish killing someone with hatred in her eyes.
    She then said to me (why I didn’t give her the coupons before she started ringing up), so she would ring each item up then the coupon afterwards.I told her it’s my personal preference to see all the coupons scanned at once, so that I can see what My grand total should be. she THEN SCATTERED all the coupons at her register and insisted on going through each coupon along with each item. Fair enough! her choice. I had all day!
    Then she started to scan, But the coupons weren’t coming off, and so I politely said to her quote (The coupons aren’t ringing up) she replied yes they are .I replied Nope! they are not. Then the baggers that bag the groceries said to me .Yes! They are coming off. When it got to a Free item she scanned it but the coupon didn’t come off,so this time I said is there someone else that can help you because the coupons aren’t coming off for example the last free product coupon didn’t come off.She said said to me She works there and she knows more about her register and about coupons than I do, and that they were coming off( keep in mind my total was still at $89.00 before and after she scanned all my coupons.
    I lost it in the store at this point. I demanded to speak with a manager or go to customer service she refused and so I grabbed all my groceries, all my coupons on the counter and walked to customer service to speak with the manager . He scanned all my coupons and delt with the issue. To say the least the cashier was scanning the coupons but the items were coming off( I think it was a scam) but the store manager assured me he would deal with the issues..So I am saying all this to say know your rights,Know your store policy,Know or count all coupons before going to the register , double check your receipts and demand to speak with a manager when things are going oh so wrong.
    Oh and my grand total was $20.93 for $89.00 worth of groceries .. 🙂

    Please forgive me for the long post!

    • crystal

      oops- made a typo I meant to say she were scanning then but they weren’t coming off.

    • Ubett

      Some Cashiers will ask you to give them the coupons before they start scanning to match each item up with the coupon, this takes a very long time and it is not right, I found out that this is a ploy in order to discourage you from using coupons with a cashier who does not like to deal with couponers. You did right to go to the manager. I had a similar situation at Walmart and the Manager apologized and informed me that the store doesn’t lose any money as a result of you couponing. The cashiers that do this are ignorant of the fact that you as the consumer is what keeps them with a job.

  22. Estel

    At big chain grocery stores I typically don’t have a problem with my coupons. Well…that’s only half true. In one way…I almost ALWAYS have coupon problems. SOMETHING will always not scan properly. Sometimes this necessitates a manager or someone with a “key” being called over, sometimes the cashier can override it themselves once they have confirmed it’s the proper item. I wish for the latter since my local Shoprite’s front end manager seems to often be in a sour mood (but I can’t really blame her that much, customer service has ruined me on people a bit too).

    The one time I honestly felt guilty about my couponing was at the Harmon’s next to my job. With my coupons my total came to $0.02…which was so exciting that I forgot that since I really needed cash back and had to use my debit card, I REALLY should have grabbed another power bar or something so it wouldn’t hurt the store so much to run my card. I work at a small business owned by my in-laws so I know that when someone puts, say, $1 on a card, the business actually loses money on that transaction. At least a small business does. Thus the minimums imposed by many small businesses, which my job does not yet have.

    When I told my husband he was shocked, “How could you do that to them?!” When I explained that they would get reimbursed for the manufacturers coupons he reasoned that since they are a chain owned by Bed Bath and Beyond it probably doesn’t matter in the long run. I still felt bad though. Not for my coupons…but for being an idiot about my credit card. The cashier didn’t seem to care but she probably has no idea about that aspect of the business.

  23. Jenn

    I have been using coupons for some time now, but I have a cashier question for you all. I was at a store where I was overcharged on a product. The item was advertised as $6 and it had a $1 off coupon attached. The store originally charged me $10 for the item & when the manager was refunding me the money she said, well you paid $9 for the item because of your coupon so we owe you $3. I had the hardest time trying to explain how that was incorrect & it should be $4 back. So I am double checking, was I correct? Though, my real question comes from the fact that I felt bad about this conversation I had with the manager…I still do. I was polite. I knew the store policy and yet, I still feel bad. If I just let it go, I’d be upset about spending too much yet correcting it just ruined the managers day (clearly!). So what is the solution there, it seemed like a no-win situation. Anyone else felt that before?

    • Shaina

      You should have gotten $5 back. Think of it this way:

      The product was on sale for $6.00
      They charged you $10.00
      If they were to refund you normally w/o coupon, it would be a $4.00 refund because the difference between 10 and 6 is 4.
      Now if you add the coupon in, you would have paid $5.00 for the product on sale.
      Therefore, with the refund, they would need to give you a refund of $5.00 because the difference between 10 and 5 is 5.

      Hope that helps more than it confuses 🙂

      • Jenn

        Not confusing, thanks Shaina! I should clarify that the item rang up as $10 & I did only pay $9 OOP because of my $1 coupon. With the same math/formula you used we are on the same page. Thanks for confirming I was correct at the store.

      • araceli

        Actually that’s wrong oop she paid $9 in cash and with a 1 off coupon..since she paid nine oop and the true total was supposed to be 5 after coupon she is supposed to get back 4 🙂

  24. Beatrice

    1. Items I’m using a coupon for always go on the conveyor belt last. I can then show the cashier the item if there is any question as to whether or not I bought the correct item.

    2. I also put items that are marked with a clearance price last on the conveyor belt so that I can watch to make sure I’m charged the clearance price, not the original price!

    3 As for as organizing the coupons, I just make sure the smaller ones get stacked on top so they don’t get lost. I watch the cashier scan them and make sure none are skipped.

    4. If you have a fairly large stack of coupons it is helpful if you shop during days and times when business is slow and crowds are low so you don’t have to worry about people behind you getting upset that you’re holding up the line. I go early in the morning or late at night and try to avoid weekends.

  25. James

    Well, after couponing for more than two years now I can say that I have experienced all of these things many of you have. What I have learned is the extreme couponing show has totally messed up a lot of stores that were once coupon friendly, and of coarse the coupon scammers. Kroger which used to be my favorite store because of the Kroger value brands and the manager’s specials, has totally chaged their policy. Now Kroger only allows 5 like coupons per purchase. However I have skated around this by using more than 5 like coupons, by getting 5 different kinds of the same product. Kroger still only allows 2 printed coupons per individual item though. My favorite store are now Walmart and Publix. Every week I average $250-500 worth of savings at both of them. That is with only an hour to an hour an half’s worth of planning a week. I almost always get %95-100 savings at both stores on every trip. The statements about cashiers is true also. I always go to guys over women if I can. I never go to any women over 40, and I never try to go to managers at Walmart unless I have to. On Saturday I had a problem with a Assistant Manger at a Walmart here in Atlanta. It was about the schick hydro gift sets that have been recently marked down to $5. The coupon I had was a peelie and said $4 off any schick hydro power. I said nothing about quanity or limits per visit. Well, the manager said he personally called the manufactor about the coupon and said I could only get one per visit. Just to let people know out there who are new to couponing. When a store employee tells you this. They are almost always lying. What I did was go put the other 5 gift sets back in a hidden place. I walked out to my car and I got the other regular $4 off schic razor coupons that plainly state: One coupon per purchase. I went to another register on the other side of the store and I got the other sets for $1.35 each, and I got overage from the purchase of 8 bayer aspirins and my total after tax was .2. As I was leaving the guy came up to me and started smarting off yet again, so I wrote down his name and called his regional supervisor who just happens to live in Dunwoody, Ga and is a good friend. Hopefully he will be demoted to a store greeter, with that great detail he gives to customer service. If you are going to seriously coupon you should expect to get somebody like this at least once or twice a month. Each store has at least one employee who feels like its in their job description to intentionally try to rain on your parade. The key is learning to spot these people and learning to avoid them. I shop either later in the evenings between 8-midnight, and between 8am-11am. It seems like these times of the day are reserved for happier people who dont mind when the customer wants to save some money. And there is certainly less people who are in a rush to make it back to their oh so important office jobs, or rush home to cook dinner. I love couponing. It saves me thosands each year. Thats money I can spend on vacations, paying off my house, and living a better life. I wish I had done this as a college kid. If I had i would own several houses rite now. The best of luck to all of you out there trying save some cash! Too bad our president doesnt coupon!

    • Ubett

      I agree with you about the Extreme Couponing show. I hope they pull that mess off of television. Many of the stores are changing their policies because of those hoarding, selfish idiots, and they are making people suffer due to the fact that the show really gives the wrong impression about true couponers who are just trying to make ends meet. If we can get people to not watch the show. It will go off the air.

      • Sunny

        I was interested in learning more about the ins & outs of the extreme couponing show so I found a blog that detailed the behind the scenes info. Not only are the extreme couponers at fault (some engaged in bar code de-coding), but stores are as well! Some stores will bend their rules just for the show, so they get good press by saying “look how much you can save here!”, when the truth is that that you can’t. For example, one store allowed an extreme couponer to double all coupons, when the store policy has a limit. So its not just the people couponing, but the stores who make things worse as well!

  26. Susan

    It is such a shame that we get “looks” when trying to use a coupon. When I was a retail manager, I always emphasized to my employees that without customers we would be out of a job! You would think that customers would be treated a little nicer in this economy. Thank you

  27. Shipra

    These days I am having trouble with Rite Aid, the cashiers dont scan my coupons and today when I went to buy SK Energy Shots and tried to use both $1.50 off coupon and BOGO coupon on two, the two cashiers kept me telling that you can only use one. I tried to explain that I am using $1.50 off coupon on the one I am buying and the other is free with the BOGO coupon, still they insisted and very rudely said no you cant use both, and I got nervous and so dumb, I used BOGO coupon only, I should have voided the transaction. They always give me looks coz I coupon. On my last trip, I used $3 +UP to pay and the cashier scanned, but the $3 were not deducted, i went back again and they gave me my UP rewards, I am regretting going to RA these days, they are really giving me hard time.

    • Megan

      Actually, it is my understanding that you can’t or shouldn’t use a cents off coupon with a BOGO free coupon when you are only buying two items.

    • Ubett

      I completely stopped shopping at Rite Aid, their cashiers are horrible. They act as if they are loosing money with coupons, when they actually get the money back from the manufacturer. I was so excited when I went there a few weeks ago to use their coupon posted from this web site and a manufacturer coupon. They were rude and had nasty attitudes. When I get my Sundays paper with a Rite Aid ad in it, I throw the Rite Aid ad in the garbage. Couponing is a way of life and nobody should make you feel bad because you are using a coupon. To me coupons are just as valuable as money. Smile!…And go to another store. I am learning that there are plenty of stores that love your business…and your coupons too.

  28. Steph

    I am a young female cashier who loves to coupon too 🙂 Coming from a cashier’s point of view don’t be mean and uptight about every coupon also one of my biggest pet peeves about couponers is that they try to tell me how to do my job or they think I am incompetent of checking for them. And like I said, I am a HUGE couponer! So I know quite alot about how coupons work :p It is very true with everyone saying to profile your cashiers because I love my regular coupon customers who are so friendly and relaxed and I have become accustomed to their style of shopping. I think when you coupon it is so important to just relax, if I go coupon shopping when I am disorganized and stressed I end up making a huge mess in my calculations and cause problems for my cashiers, which I always feel even worse because I go thru the same thing haha. I love couponing and I also love helping people, but not to those who feel entitled and insult my intelligence T.T I know not all couponers are like this most of the people who come thru my register are not and its fun to watch them save so much money, but their always a handful of people who give a large group a bad reputation.

  29. Ubett

    For those who do not want a horrible experience with a cashier who hates coupons do not go to Walgreens in Sacramento on located at 3521 Del Paso Road. The young Cashiers not only hate dealing with coupons, but the Managers dislike coupons even more so. I was so kind to the cashier and he made it known that he just did not like dealing with coupons period. The manager came up and made it known that they prefer that you not shop there when you have coupons or they will make things very difficult. I left three baskets at the counter and drove over 25 miles to Walgreens in Woodland {another city} where the cashier was so pleasant that I told here that I will drive the distance for your kindness.

    • gabby

      I don’t shop at Walgreens, I had many horrible experiences I refuse to go there. I love CVS they are always nice and friendly with me.

  30. Jodi

    I was a cashier for ten years. All I’d like to add is please do not put your items on the belt with the UPC codes facing UP. UP is the one side that the scanner cannot read, so that means we have to turn every item on it’s side. This slows our scan time, and is VERY bothersome for the wrists. Cashiering is murder on the wrists 🙂

    • Gigi

      Depends on the store. Most of those I shop at, cashiers scan products with handheld guns or scanners placed at a downward-facing angle in a holder. Setting items down on the counter or conveyor belt with the UPC codes facing up is extremely helpful in those cases.

  31. liz richmond

    i have been using the hip to save site for over a year and am grateful to colin for the time she puts in. it was a rite-aid cashier who told me about hip2save and i love it.
    when cashiers compliment me on the savings i make sure to tell them about hip2save. i am not like the extremists and will never understand their stockpiles of thousands of items. they could help so many people with that. i will take my 10 to 20 $ savings and be happy with that.

  32. Sunny

    This is why I LOVE the u-scans, self-scanners, or whatever you want to call them. (Well, except at Wal-Mart, but Wal-Mart just all around stinks!) You can go at your own pace, double check that prices are ringing up right, make sure that ALL coupons are scanned correctly, and at least at the stores around here, the u-scan attendants are friendly.

  33. nicole

    i love hip2save but latley the videos have been so short and not like they use to be, i really miss coffee with collin also, it really gave us a chance to be one on one with Collin and the savigs and all that, but why are the videos so short and not as great? is it because of Today? Sorry but i’m not trying to offend anyone, the hip2save page/fans or Collin, i follow this site daily and love it. just wondering why?

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