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New Back to School Video: How to Price Match School Supply Sales at Walmart

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Today’s video will you take you along with me to price match a few great school supply deals at Walmart. As I have stated previously, Walmart is a great store for all you coupon newbies as it is what I consider a “basic” store meaning you do not have to worry about Register Rewards, +Up Rewards, Extra Care Bucks, buy one get one free sales, Catalina coupons etc. On the flip side, Walmart allows you to snag some awesome deals all in one place with their price matching policy. Don’t believe me?! Check out the video below…

* If you can’t see the video, go here to watch it.

Hip Tips to Price Match at Walmart

* Head over here and print out a copy of Walmart’s Price Matching Policy (also known as the Ad Match Guarantee). Keep this policy in your coupon binder so that you can refer to it when and if questions arise.

* Familiarize yourself with the types of sales and promotions that CAN be price matched at Walmart:

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Ads with a specific price noted. For example, Walmart will price match an advertised sale at Albertsons for Buy 1 Tide Detergent at $5 and Get 1 Free. However, Walmart will NOT price match an advertised sale at Albertsons for Buy 1 Tide Detergent and Get 1 Free with no sale price stated.
  • Local competitors’ ads that feature a specific item for a specified price. Note that items purchased must be identical to the ad (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.).
  • Preferred shopping card prices for specific items that are in a printed ad. For example, if Rite Aid is advertising Milky Way Bars for $0.50 with your Wellness+ Card, then Walmart will match this price.
  • Fresh produce and meat items when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb. for lb.; each for each).

* Familiarize yourself with the types of sales and promotions that CANNOT be price matched at Walmart:

  • Ads when the actual price for items cannot be determined and/or Buy one and Get one free (BOGO) ads with no actual price given
  • Internet pricing
  • Misprinted ad prices of other retailers
  • Competitor ads from outside of the store’s local trade territory (note that it is a store manager’s discretion as to what defines a territory)
  • “Going out of business” sales or “close out” prices.
  • Percentage off Sales
  • Competitors’ private label price promotions (i.e. sales on store brand products)

* Be sure to tell the cashier that you are price matching items BEFORE the items are scanned as the cashier will need to manually key in the prices. If possible, separate all the items that you are price matching from the rest of the items in your transaction. This will make it easier for the cashier and will allow you to pay close attention to each item as it is rung up to be sure the prices are keyed in correctly.

* Note that Walmart specifically states that you are not required to have the ad with you when you price match; however, I strongly encourage you to bring along the competitor’s ad(s) as this will make for a smoother checkout process.

* For even more Walmart shopping tips, check out this video filmed back in April 2011 (you may also want to check out my Walmart Store Guide here)…

*If you can’t see the video, go here to watch it.

How about you? Do you have any tips/suggestions for price matching at Walmart? If so, please share them with us in the comments below!

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Comments 83

  1. Kathy

    I don’t like to carry all the add and flip around, so I get on a store’s website and browse their ad. I click on the items I am interested in and print the list to take to Walmart to price match. I also note on that paper if I have a coupon. Much more streamlined than finding prices in ads at the checkout.

  2. angela

    You can price match the penny items too! Also, it’s really easy to make a list with item – price – store whose price you are matching and then use that at the check out stand so you aren’t turning ad pages to find the prices. Makes the checkout so much less painful!! 🙂

    • Taraneh

      do they also do limits on the penny items? staples has notecards for a penny this week but they’re limited to 2 per customer. so does that mean i can only get 2 at walmart or can I get more? thanks!

      • Let's Trade Coupons!

        You need to stick to the limit on each trip. However, I have done the penny deals on different days so I could get more than one!

      • Jess

        That penny deal is for Staples brand index cards, so Walmart would not have to honor it because it does not carry Staples brand anything. It would, however, match the Sharpies Highlighters for $.50 (I think that is the price) if your Walmart carries that particular size package.

    • Michelle

      That’s awesome if your Walmart does price match the penny items, but I can see how the store would interpret the policy as saying that you can’t. It states that they don’t match “Items that require a separate purchase to get the ad price”, which I would interpret a $5 minimum as being. It’s still definitely worth a try though!

  3. amberwaves

    Thats weird- I was just at Walmart last week trying to price match the ToysRus crayola crayons and customer service wouldn’t let me because I didn’t have the ad with me.

    • heather

      Same thing happened to me when I was price matching Silk soy milk. I have done it other times without an ad but this last time this cashier made a big fuss

    • lilblossom

      That is why you bring the coupon policy 😉

    • Susie

      I had a similar experience at my Walmart after months of never having a problem. If you have a smart phone, pull up the ad on it. I was a little put out by the whole situation, so the next time I shopped I came armed with a printed Walmart coupon policy and all competitors circulars. That day I went to a long term employees register and told her about my experience. She told me they were cracking down because so many people are abusing the system their store manager has made a new policy that if the price is more than $3 under their price, or something that sounds way to low (like the bts sales do), they are to ask for the ad. She said customers are bringing up $10 items and saying they’re .29 cents. It’s so sad that we suffer for the less than scrupulous, but I can understand why, even though it’s a pain for us honest folks. She also said she had someone bring up a internet printable for a free playstation 3…so funny, we know there’s no such thing! Some people will do anything so unfortunately we all pay for it. Just keep your binder filled with back up proof if needed and stick to your guns. We’re honest, they’ll honor it.

  4. Marian

    Thanks for the video! It was cute and informative.

  5. appu

    Collin , ur Awesome ,
    u do videos ,deals and shopping , give excellent tips , Where do u get the energy from?
    Seeing ur videos refreshes me each time. Thanks

  6. Ashley R.

    Price matching is awesome!! Get to know your cashiers!!! I have some cashiers I would instead put my whole cart away rather than use them… The cashiers aren’t millionaires and mine enjoy all the great deals I bring to their attention….

  7. johnathans_jiggle

    Awesome! I love all your videos!

  8. lilblossom

    Can I price match store coupons with an after price on it?

  9. Emilytwinmom

    Every time I try to price match at Walmart the cashier hears me say “price match” and calls a manager, who will either tell me it’s not the right item without even looking, or they’ll just sigh and get all sorts of fussy and input the price. ONE TIME I got a really nice older lady who price matched everything I had (a whole 3 items). I asked once at my local Target if they price matched and the two women at customer service laughed at me and asked me where I heard they would price match. I wish we lived in an area with better price matching stores!

    • Lynn

      That’s strange because Target does price match. In fact, I think I’ve seen it printed on their ad before. I’ve price matched at Target using a Walmart ad & didn’t have any issues but I was also in a big city that had about 10 Target stores.

    • Kim

      I price match at Target all the time. YOu have to take the entire ad to customer service as the cashiers can’t do it. I price matched with the Walgreens ad and the Publix ad this week. It does state on the back of their ad that they price match.

      • Mary

        Be careful though, Target does not price match your local grocery stores if you have a savings card. Our local Pick N Save puts in their ad that you have to have the savings card to get the sales price. Walmart on the other hand will price match to the stores with savings cards. I would recommend taking the ad with you to show the cashiers and then there will be no questions.

  10. Barb J

    thanks so much.

  11. Dora

    I can’t price match and use coupons at my walmart 🙁 but at Target I can price match and use their SQs & MQs.. Target is just so much easier than walmart.. Half the time at walmart they don’t wanna give me my overage.. I still have 134 $3 off bayer and everytime I go in its a 50/50 that I’ll get someone who knows what they are doing 🙁

    • Ashley

      134 coupons??

      • Valerie

        Hope you are planning to donate most of those bayers!

        • Rebeca

          Come on hipsters, what she does with her Bayer is really none of your business!

          • Dora

            Lol I had over 600 of those coupons and I gave them all to friends, family memebers .. anyone who had a need for tthem got them..

    • Casey

      Why can’t you use coupons at Walmart?

      • Dora

        They told me either I price match and can’t use coupons or I buy the product at their price & can use coupons.

  12. Tricia

    Thanks for posting! I went ahead and printed out the price-match policy so I’ll have it ready to (politely!) show the CSM-Nazi next time she tells me Walmart does not price-match ad prices that require a customer card. Now if only I can convince her that London Broil-top round and Top Round London Broil are, in fact, the same sale item.

  13. angie

    My walmart has no competitors in my area :0(

    • Sue

      Creepy I second that :0(

  14. Mandy

    Does any one else’s Walmart price all BOGO free sales without the price? My walmart uses their price too…not the price in the ad.
    Publix has Lays chips BOGO $3.99
    Walmart has Lays for $2.48.
    They ring up the first bag for $2.47 and the second for $.01.
    So you are not only getting BOGO, but at Walmart’s “low” price.
    All cashiers at my store in North GA do this and the manager said this is store policy.
    I am not going to argue with the manager on this one, but I was just wondering if other stores do this??
    I have been getting some incredible deals, especially on school supplies!!

    • Makayla

      No. This is wrong and you are lucky, for now. Enjoy it while you can. Ever since they updated their policy, they price match the BOGO at the other stores’ prices, hence their fine print of only accepting an ad with a price next to the BOGO.

      • ranclars6

        I know several Walmarts that do the BOGO deals this way. And, they’re not just in on area. Except on the no price BOGO. They should only honor ads with prices.

  15. mel

    I’m not big on pm, I’d rather give store A my money, unless I was already making a trip to wm.

  16. Amy

    Thanks so much for posting these videos! I actually priced matched for the first time last week. I was so nervous about it but the cashier was very friendly and never even had to look at an ad. The only local grocery stores that are close by are Bi-lo and Shoprite so, I was very excited to get the sale prices of the other stores without having to drive an hour away. Thanks again!

  17. Tabitha Clark

    Will Walmart price match the lowest price from CVS and Rite Aid ads….for example if deodorant is on sale for $2.99 and then gives a $2 +ups making it $.99…..will Walmart price match it for the $.99 or the 2.99 ?

    • Laura


  18. Amanda

    Hello All! I just wanted to mention that I am a cashier at walmart and I am very familiar with the price matching policy. First I want to add that the reason the policy states that you do not need to bring the add is because each walmart store is SUPPOSE to have the ads at every register. That does not mean they do becuase some stores font always follow the rule. 🙁

    Secondly I wanted to ad that at least at my store we CAN NOT honor extra reward prices. Such as if CVS has an item on listed as $4 with 2 extra bucks rewards, we would only be able to honor the 4 dollars. We can not give you the item for 2 dollars. This stinks but it is how it is.

    As others have said I really do appreciate when people separate their items, have the ads ready and get the right item. Working at walmart can be stressful but when a customer honestly saves money, I get really excited for them!

  19. Rosa

    I tried to price match once 2 weeks before black Friday I had the add on my Walmart app for that store they did not want to give me the price that was in there and because of that and poor costumer service I hate Walmart I live 3 hrs away so when they wanted to rectify the situation I could not get there so they r horrible And I deleted my Walmart app

    • Teri

      Rosa, I feel your pain. I have given up shopping at WalMart. I used to shop there every other day…I hate my local WalMarts too.

      • Anthony

        me too 🙁 they always give me a hassle…
        and i’ve come to notice that my local walmart overcharges me quite often on items that were clearly marked for cheaper…and when i catch it I always go back and complain and show them and take pics with my iphone…

        just recently actually i bought some spectracide and then saw it in a walmart ad for like 3 dollars cheaper…and i checked the date and it was within that date…I was like wtf? and they made a big hassle about it…

  20. Marissa

    I have a Target question. I love target MUCH more then my local Walmart. They are usually always rude to me and tell me that if a coupon won’t scan they won’t accept it (they will swipe it one time and then hand it back…) anyway.
    Targets price matching policy seems VERY specific and complicated. Just wondering if anyone has done it and how they feel about it.
    ALSO I was wondering with staples “spend 5$ get erasers and flash cards for .01” deal do you have to spend 5$ at Walmart or target or do you just get the .01 item.
    LAST thing. Do they limit you to the number you can get (like 4 highlighters or 2 penny items?)
    THANK YOU anyone in advance!!!

    • Mary

      I have pm at Target before. They will not pm with my local grocery store because it requires you to have a savings card to get the sales prices. I have price matched other items but you need to have a copy of the ad with you in order for them to pm your items. It is a pain though because you have to take your pm items up to the service desk and checkout the other items at the regular checkouts.

  21. Lori

    Since I don’t have access to all the great coupons out there, I do a lot of price matching. I can usually save $50 a week! I keep my price match items toward the end and use sticky notes to put the prices on them. Most of the time, cashiers love my system. I also have my list of stores and prices handy if they ask.

    • Mary

      Great idea on the sticky notes.

    • Amy

      Like that idea! I think I’ll try the sticky notes next time.

  22. Sarah

    My BIGGEST tip for price matching is to write on a piece of paper the Product name/amount/and initial for the place (ie. T-Target). I put this is plastic paper protector in the front of my coupon binder. It’s so much easier the flipping through the add at the register. I still bring the adds just in case, but I file them in the back of my binder.

  23. Molly

    You are awesome! I know you hear that all the time, but your videos are so cute and informative. Thank you for everything you do!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awe… you are most welcome, Molly! Thanks so much for your kind words. I now have a huge smile on my face! 🙂

  24. Jill

    I loved your video and post! Thanks!

  25. Dino

    Done price matching several times at walmart never had an issue instead cashiers are always surpriced they don’t see guys often doing pm and using coupons at the same time 🙂

    • Emily

      Good for you! I need to find a guy who coupons!! 🙂

  26. Cassie

    I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think you are!! You have helped me save so much money over the last year. I check you sight daily just to get a high!!! Thank you so so much!!

  27. Briana

    I love to stock up for the Operation Christmas Child gift box school supplies this time of year! We do one from each of our kiddos and these deals make it great on the budget.

  28. cherie

    My walmart is a stickler about having the they typically have the ads up there at the registers..but if its not in the ad they refuse to price match it.. or if they are missing that particular ad..they wont price match it

  29. Nicole

    I price match at Walmart quite frequently & have never had a problem. I’ve even done it without the ad once or twice. So nice to be able to get great deals without going all over town for 1 item here & 1 item there.

  30. ranclars6

    I price match at Walmart EVERY week. And I’m not talking one or two things. I PM at least 100 items every trip. I like to shop in one place and Walmart is the best option for that!

    • Let's Trade Coupons!

      I price match at Walmart EVERY week. And I’m not talking one or two things. I PM at least 100 items every trip. I like to shop in one place and Walmart is the best option for that!

  31. Karen

    Does anyone else have problems price matching meat from the butcher? We have an Albertsons and a Fiesta Foods nearby that have smoking deals on meat sometimes, but I only like to make one grocery trip. Our Walmart used to price match these, but now they won’t let me unless it is the same brand of meat (i.e. a Hormel ham), but a lot of times the meat on sale is from the butcher or isn’t branded (just boneless chicken breasts at $1.39 a pound). I have been meaning to e-mail Walmart corporate and complain about this. Other than this our Walmart is great at price matching, but I was wondering if other people had this problem since most meat isn’t “branded”.

  32. Teri

    I need to go to your WalMart. Mine is a nightmare. They won’t even accept competitor coupons if they have the competitor’s logo on the coupon, but the coupon says manufacture’s coupon. I have given up…for me WalMart is just not worth the hassle. But I appreciate the vid. I used to spend a barrel full of money each week at WalMart of all sorts of things…,now at Publix and Whole Foods I spend way, way less…and am not stressed out doing it…and the bathrooms are always clean. I must use public restrooms due to medical concerns. WalMarts ARE NEVER CLEAN.

  33. Rosanne

    Hi Collin – can you verify that you can also price match the $.10 or $0.01 deals going on right now at Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, etc. at Walmart?

    • Jess

      If they are brands that Walmart carries (ie Crayola, or Sharpie) you can. If they are store brand (ie Staples erasers, or Office Max index cards) then no.

    • Michelle

      If they are the deals that you have to spend a minimum of $5 I don’t think so. Walmart doesn’t price match deals that require a separate purchase. It sounds like some Walmarts do so YMMV

  34. ellen

    I can not price match and use coupons at walmart here in rockford cs is very rude that’s why o barely shop at walmart..

    • Jes

      Same in Burlington, WA. They said I can either choose price match amount or use coupons on regular price. The cashier was a pain in my dog’s butt, I’m not sure if all walmart cashiers are trained to give every customer that has coupons hassle and try to get away with trying to pull a fast one on us. I had a few $2.00 Glade impression mist coupons and she told me that “oh it says, limit one per purchase” that means for all the stuff in your cart. I have to tell her that it meant one coupon per item purchased and she had to call a manager. The manager told her she can scan until it won’t let her scan anymore. Bradford’s Christ, there was at least fifteen people in line at that time, all not happy. It should have been a quick transaction but they make it so difficult.

      So anyone know if they accept coupon with the ad match???

  35. Patti

    I price match every visit to Walmart (I save about $2.50 off a gallon of milk alone.) Thanks for another great video:)

  36. Jan

    I don’t like to price match at Walmart because I would rather give business to the local grocery store or another store that isn’t so HUGE. I do shop a Walmart for some things because the price is better, but if there is a better price elsewhere, I’ll just go to that store. I have had issues with Walmart not taking coupons or not telling me it didn’t take amount off (and with a toddler it’s hard to watch everything going on with the checkout). Walmart just frustrates me some times!

  37. Mary

    Does anyone know if Walmart pm Office Max’s spend $5.00 get 20 pencils free?

    • Sarah

      No, they don’t match buy product A get product B free deals.

  38. Jill

    Thank you for your video, it was very helpful! In addition to the ad match-ups, does Walmart honor the printable Target coupons – for example, $0.50 off three packages of Crayola crayons?

  39. Christy

    When I price match at Walmart I make my list and shop for those items first, I keep on hand sticky notes that I have written the match price on already and place the sticky notes on the items therefore when I get to the register all my ad matches have the stickies on them and I do those last, I also have my list written down along with store info and price info. I do bring my ads with me just in case because there is one manager that is a butt and always gives me problems if she is called. I have also complained about here to the other manager and If I see her when I walk in the door I dont ad match unless I see my favorite cashiers!!!!

  40. fei

    Hi, Collion, I LOVE your website, and I have been saving so much since know your site. I go on line almost everyday to find good deals, I check your site very often, trying not to miss any deal ; )
    when you say if the coupon is $2, and the item is only $1.5, walmart will still issues the whole $2 coupon. I cannot find the policy where has the words saying that walmart will give the extra coupon value to use for others. Can you send me a link or a pdf document so I can print it out, and bring it with me to walmart? thank you very much!

  41. Amy

    Thanks for the video, Collin! I’ve only PM at Walmart once or twice a while ago and it was a nightmare, so I haven’t done it since. I might try again, though, after watching this video. One of the problems I had before was the cashier and manager gave me an item limit… I tried buying something in an ad that was BOGO with the price listed, they gave me the deal, but said I could only buy 2 items (limit of 1 BOGO transaction even though the competitor’s ad didn’t list a limit). Then they took/confiscated the competitor’s ad I had so I couldn’t repeat the deal.

    Does anyone know if it is Walmart’s policy to limit the amount of items you PM? It isn’t specified in the policy.

  42. Let's Trade Coupons!

    The Sharpie Highlighters that were for $0.50 were for the 5 count. Not the 4 count. When you price match at WM you need to follow the ad match policy.

    • Shauna

      Yeah I went to price match the highlighters today to get a class set for my third grade classroom and I couldn’t because they are not the 5-packs Staples advertises, they are 4-packs.

  43. Mike

    great video! Very cool stuff you had there. I am partial to Frys and Safeway because they dont seem to hastle about the coupons and I agree that the cashiers are usually cool if you are prepared and have your stuff together

  44. Melissa

    Sorry if this question has already been answered, but do you know if Walmart will match the coupon prices of other stores (i.e. Walgreens has an insert of coupons with specific prices for items in their Sunday ad).

  45. Sarah

    Be careful when price matching at Target. I tried to price match the 25 cent crayons that Toys r Us had in their ad and I was told you cannot purchase more than 5 boxes because Target decided no family would need more than 5 boxes. I was told this by customer service. I checked their website and there is no mention of any limits on price-matching. I was really disappointed as I wanted to buy a bunch for the local school supply drives.

  46. marsha garehan

    I had to jump Through hoops, including walking off to customer service, getting a manager and going up against FOUR walmart employees to get 12 one subject spiral notebooks for $1 a piece, (I had a target sale clip, right off the shelf at target) I had $200 worth of items already rung up! And they tell me they dont match “sales” from other stores just regular prices!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? I finally got the price after 15 minutes of arguing, when I finally asked for the regional Managers Name and contact info!! Disgusting!

  47. Deborah

    I was recently shopping at Kmart, I had browsed their ad online and found a booster seat on sale for $9.00. I found that exact seat at the store but they would not honor the price from their own website ad. Now I am sure you are thinking oh it was an online only offer…no it was not an online only offer>it was the standard weekly ad from that specific store. I was told i could purchase it online and then pick it up in store for that price which seems rather ridiculous to me. It meant I had to use my phone, order and pay then wait for about an hour for the store to receive the order online and then they would pull the product for me (which was already in my cart) and I could pick it up at the register. Seemed utterly pointless to me.

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