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Hipsters to the Rescue: Paying the Babysitter

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Check out the email that I recently received from reader, Cindi…

Hi there! My husband and I love using your site to find great deals for movies, dinner, and date nights… but when it comes to paying the babysitter, sometimes we feel like no matter how much we save on our night out we just can’t afford the high babysitting rates! So I would love to know what other Hip2Savers think is fair. Also, would it be weird to pay the babysitter in movie tickets and other merchandise that I can find a hot deal on?

So, this is where YOU come in! Please share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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  1. Rachel

    I nannied my way through high school and then paid my way through private school with my nanny money. As a caretaker of someone’s children it was my responsibility to help raise the child the same way any parent would. This is a huge responsibility and is priceless. It’s no walk in the park for the babysitter either! I always start at $10/hr and go up from there. Even if it It is only One child. Treat your babysitters well. They are investing in your child’s life. As a college grad who now has a professional job I still keep in touch with my kiddos:)

    • misty

      Thank you for your post, Rachel! It is because of caring sitters like you that I have been able to go to work (or out for the evening) without worrying if my two kids were well-cared for. Is it expensive? You bet – but it’s part of the entire package of being a parent.

    • Michelle

      I agree with this. My husband and I always made sure we paid the sitters that we loved enough to keep them coming back! It was important that our children be cared for and not locked in a room while the sitter watched TV. Kids that are babysitting age these days have bills (car insurance, gas, some with school bills) and cash is what they desire. If you’re paying adults; then possibly movie tickets and such would be ok.

  2. Emily

    Investing in my child? I am not paying $10 an hour to a teenager to watch my Netflix while my kids sleep.

    • kel

      Then don’t go out. It’s pretty simple – and where I live, the going rate is $15 an hour. If you’re too cheap to pay someone qualified to watch your child – then don’t go out.

      • Emily

        What are they doing that is worth $15 an hour? My kids are asleep by the time the sitter comes over. All she does is sit there in case the house burns down. It isn’t being cheap it is about paying someone for doing basically nothing. You are a fool if you pay someone $15 an hour to watch your kids sleep.

        • Alea

          Not at all – what if your child got sick? What if someone broke in? They are there for YOUR child’s safety and comfort – that’s priceless and not being a fool at all.

        • Danyiel

          I hear you Emily-$15 is a little much, but I guess it depends on where you live. We do the basic $5 an hour, sometimes more depends on the length of time and such. Sometimes we just do a flat rate for the day.

    • tina

      i don’t have any small children in need of babysitting as my daughter is grown. However, the manager of the cvs i go to was telling me some time ago about a woman who buys tons of free make up and beauty products every week with her coupons and extra care bucks. The manager asked her what she does with all the stuff and she replied by telling her its payment for her weekend babysitting. She has several teenage girls from her community and church that she uses when she wants to go out with her husband and she uses the make up/ beauty products as her payment. She doesn’t have any money out of pocket for the products and the girls like being able to “shop” from her stash. often getting alot more money worth of product than they would have earned in real cash. This makes for a really cheap night out every couple of weeks and the rotation of girls ensures they don’t get bored with the products. I thought this was very clever. Bartering for babysitting, Sounded like a good idea to me.

      • Cynthia

        I would have loved that as a teen when I was sitting. I used to watch kids for a hair dresser and we traded sitting for hair coloring. I thought I was getting the better deal.

      • nannym

        As a full time nanny, AND college student, I have to say that I would NEVER sit for this kind of pay. The time I spend with the two year old boy that I nanny is priceless. I am taking the role of teaching him to talk, read, behave, and use the toilet. I set up play dates and trips to the zoo and all kinds of social outings so that he gets the stimulation that he needs to grow and thrive. I get payed a weekly wage, but it adds up to about $10/hour, and even that is a low rate for me. For one-night random sitting jobs I charge $15+ depending on ages, how many kids, etc.. I guess it makes sense to find the cheapest sitter you can, but don’t be surprised if you offend some experienced nannys. That is the one thing that I don’t tolerate: when parents try to underpay me for my work. If you don’t have the money to pay for a decent sitter, then don’t go out. Your kids would MUCH rather spend the time with you anyways.

    • rose

      just remember the babysitter is giving up there time how much value to you place on an hour for your time plus if it was me and the chid was sleeping i would not be opposed to doing other things that need to be done like a load of laundry picking up toys etc.

  3. Amber C.

    If you are lucky enough to have good friends who you would trust with your children, you could save money with a “babysitting trade”. You watch them all one night and let her and her husband go out. Then trade off and she and her husband will keep the kids while you go out. It is a great solution when BOTH families want to save money! 🙂

  4. Andie

    I am reading this with my sister and friend and we all three have children. Two of us have children that are old enough to babysit (along with younger kids) and are just in awe at your posts. First I agree with the one comment that babysitting is a write of passage, it is a learning opportunity before a teenager gets out there in the “real world”. Over paying will set the child up for disappointment and unrealistic expectations. A normal job with no college would NEVER start you off at 15.00 even if they worked at a daycare. Second there is a HUGE difference between a teenagers care **even with them doing extra duties** and a nanny or a daycare. A nanny or a daycare usually teaches your child something, pays for the food they are feeding your children and sometimes provide transportation for the child. A teenager does non of the above. A teen needs to learn some good work ethics and at a reasonable rate. 5-7/hr is reasonable. I would never allow my child to take more than that nor would I pay more than that. Side note if you are babysitting no matter how much you get paid it should be expected that you clean up your mess and the child’s mess this is what babysitting is otherwise you are just being paid to watch tv or talk on your phone. No tip should be given for these duties, now if they go above and beyond if you want to give them a tip great but it shouldn’t be expected. I think other forms of payment are perfectly acceptable if you discuss it before that night. dont have them arrive and spring it on them because they will feel pressured to accept and I dont think that is fair. but if discussed and accepted totally acceptable.

    • Heather

      Thank you! I think the focus of the question was lost on here-the question wasn’t about nannying or daycare, it was about ( I think) having the teenager next door babysitting while the parents go out for a couple hours, which I would take to be completely different. If people want to go on about paying for daycare, I DID work at a daycare, taking care of 14 two year-olds at one time, doing art, circle time, diapering, potty training, you name it; and I was paid after 3 years of EXHAUSTING work, $11/hr. I’m not complaining, it was a choice I made to be able to stay close to my then only daughter. I would have welcomed $5 an hour to watch someone else’s kids in their home. I now stay home with our three kids, and we don’t go out, 1: because we can’t afford a babysitter, 2: because having worked with other people who work with kids, trust no one with mine. It’s a choice. P.S. I live in a very expensive part of the country.

    • Ken

      “Over paying will set the child up for disappointment and unrealistic expectations. ”

      Wow. That’s an interesting way to rationalize being cheap. Unbelievable.

      • Lynn Leigh Lopez

        A teenager would never be able to get any job making $15 an hour. And not everyone can afford to pay a teenager as though they are a professional nanny. Get a grip.

        • nannym

          Got my first job at 15 making 12$, so no, its not too far off if you’ve found a responsible, mature teen who you trust to spend time with your kids. I’m offended by some of the replies on this post. If you really trust the person watching your kids that little to pay them like that, then maybe you should reevaluate your parental judgement. Or the value you place on a dollar.

          • katie

            well said lynn!!! 🙂

    • Tali Bangert

      I can’t say I agree with this. I have been babysitting since I was in 6th grade, and I see it as something more than just “watching” the child. I always spent my time well with the kids I have watched, I NEVER just sat and watched TV. I was always out with kids at the park or playing around the house with them, I was always actively involved. I believe that everyone I have ever babysat has been taught something by me, very similar to a daycare or a nanny.

      Also, if I was babysitting into the night when the children were sleeping I made sure I did some work around the house. The parents are still paying me so I wanted to earn that money. I would pick up all of the toys, clean the kitchen, and whatever else needed done. Babysitting isn’t just an easy job that teenagers do, they are giving up their time to care for your children, and they should be respected in that manner.

  5. T

    I’ve been a nanny for 12+ years and I’m astounded by the number of comments I’m seeing that say things along the lines of “I would NEVER pay 10/hour for a sitter! What a waste of money!” or “I can justify how little I would pay a sitter by basing their pay on minimum wage, minus $5/hour to account for taxes.”

    You know, there are many things in life we choose not to partake in based on how much money we are willing to pay for those things…and there are many things in life that we have to forego because we can’t afford them at all.

    And for those who are unable or unwilling to to pay a babysitter a fair wage, hiring a babysitter may be one of those things that they just can’t partake in.

    • Andie

      No one is talking about highering a nanny. We pretty much all agree that that kind of attention is worth more money. we are talking about a teenager who comes to your house and watches the kids for a few hours while you and your husband go to dinner and a movie or something. Or maybe i need to go grocery shopping and want some alone time for a couple hours. That is not worth 15/hr or even 10. Teenage kids are not supplying food or probably even cooking food, they are not nurturing them or teaching them anything, them are basically keeping them from breaking themselves and trashing the house and giving some entertainment.. thats it.

      • T

        Hi Andie,

        I wasn’t referring to nannying – that’s much different from babysitting. If you’re able to find a sitter who will just prevent the kids from “breaking themselves and trashing the house” and you both agree that it’s worth a low rate, then that’s a good solution for everyone involved. If both parties agree to it, any rate is fair, but that’s not the issue I was referring to.

        What I was pointing out is the negative attitude behind comments like those I mentioned above. I see that you agreed with a comment Breanna made below – she explained reasoning behind lower pay much more logically and respectfully than the “childcare isn’t worth $___ per hour” comments that I originally mentioned.

        • Andie

          I apologize I misunderstand your comment. I just believe it depends on the venue and not only “getting a good deal” or being fair but with a teen teaching them some sort of responsibility, realism, and good work ethic. I would never want to be unfair but I dont want to be taken advantage of either. Daycare/nannys/parents night out daycares all different entirely.

  6. Emily

    No one is forcing young people to babysit. If they don’t like how much they are paid then they can either say something or never sit at that house again. We all live in different areas and use sitters for different things. Some people need nannies some people need sitters occasionally at night. The best thing to do is ask around where you live. Don’t let anyone here bully you into paying higher then you feel comfortable. These comment sections have gotten so nasty lately. I am saddened by this.

    • Ashley57

      I agree. I feel like we are not being as nice and helpful as we used to be. What happened to if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?

  7. Mia

    The going rate for me in CT for an older babysitter’s $10 – $15 per hour(3 kids). A mother’s helper (plays with your kids while your home) would be more in the $6 range. I would never leave my kids with a 13 year old. One too many times in the ER to know that a young teen would panic. I would rather pay a bit more for peace of mind.

  8. Breanna

    Obviously, rate of pay depends a lot on the sitter’s experience and what they’re expected to do. We have teenagers at church who love babysitting our kids, and our expectations on them are low. They may play with the kids for an hour or watch a movie and then put the kids to bed. For that, we’ll pay about $7/hour, and the teens have been totally happy with that. On the other hand, if I were hiring someone to babysit on a regular basis where they’d be spending a lot of time with my children (like watching them while I worked during the day), then I’d obviously be wanting someone with more experience, and I would expect more of them. They’re totally worth the $10-15 (PLUS) an hour!

    As far as ideas to SAVE on sitters, I agree with the above post about doing a trade with another couple. That’s worked really well for us. Another option would be to “barter” if you’re a business owner or something of that sort. I am a photographer and have made arrangements with a couple teenagers that if they’ll babysit for me X number of times, then I’ll shoot their senior portraits or something. My sister in law teaches voice lessons and trades babysitting for a voice lesson, and it’s been a great arrangement!

    • Andie


  9. Julie

    My brother and sister in law has four children. For their Christmas gift, I find an event that I can do free with their four children, pack a picnic and send their parents out for a lunch and matinee. That is Christmas for six people. Maybe those of you with children can ask for a gift like that from your extended family. It’s like those IOUs you may have given your mama when you were five that could be cashed at any time of the year and are well worth it to the receiver.

    • Andie

      I really like this idea. Not only does the parents get a break but your are spending quality time with your nephews/nieces. That is WAY better than a bunch of toys that will be broke in a few months 🙂

    • Julie

      Another thought is to find an event that is hosted by a school, church, or trusted organization in which your children would be occupied for a few hours . For the summer try a VBS, during school Wednesday night Awanas and youth groups. I know of a few schools that offer tutoring and after school programs as well as summer school till five at least that are fairly reasonable and even free. Then plan your “night or day” out accordingly. Don’t forget to offer some of your time to help out every once in a while especially if you are paying nothing for their services.

  10. kema

    Hopefully yall remember what $5 gets you if your child ever has an accident at the sitter. I doubt you will be able to get to them in time and the response time for the ambulance isn’t that great. I doubt any teenager who is smart is going to babysit for 5$ if they have CPR training and a car. That’s worth at least 10$ no matter where you live.

  11. Jodi

    My feeling is that payment must be in cash. If the sitter wants to find a great deal on movie tickets or merchandise, that is up to her/him. I have 5 kids and was a babysitter for many years myself. Had I gotten paid with stuff rather than $$, I would never babysit for that family again.

  12. JD

    GREAT Question!!! I had a babysitter watch my three kids while we went to my friends wedding. We were home by 11:00 . Paid her $50 for 6 hours. A couple days later my neighboor was telling me that my 3 year old and 4 1/2 year old were at her house and asking for her daughter to come out and play. Mind you she lives one house down and ACCROSS the street!!!!! After she noticed something was not right, she came to my house opened the door and found my babysitter was playing WII with my 6 year old. I guess you get what you pay for! LESSON LEARNED!!

  13. Rachel

    What happened to accepting what the family could afford? When I baby sat, I never asked for a specific amount. I just took what they gave and it was usually 2-3 dollars per hour, maybe 5 if there were multiple children. And if it was a religious event the parents were attending, I would never take the money. What happened to baby siting to help out your neighbors?

    • Maria

      I agree with you Rachael my in laws charge $2.00 an hour for every child they watch. They are well experienced and are over 30 years old. I know other people charge the same amount $2 an hour around where I live. I live in Illinois. I have two kids and even daycare here they charge $200 a week per child.

  14. tracy

    I’m 31 and I babysit and have my 2 year old babysat. I think it totally depends on the situation. I have a close friend and our 2 year olds just love each other. We pay each other $5 an hour. I didn’t want to charge each other but the other mom insisted and I have to say now I agree. That way we can use each other and no one feels taken advantage of. I would offer her a deal in exchange for sitting, since we are close friends and are not really doing it for the money. I have a 11 month old I watch 3 days a week in my home for $40 a day. It works out well since I can stay at home with my 2 year old and earn some extra cash. I watch triplets in there home and get paid $10 an hour. In those cases I would not expect to be paid in deals. So I am saying it really depends. A very close friend and you offer something they could really use, sure. I think any other situation the deal would have to be on top of normal pay.

  15. Amy R.

    I called and asked my teenage babysitter what she thought about all this. She said movie tickets were “kind of fun”, since they can cost over $12 each where we live. She even said she might re-gift them to a friend for their birthday. But for the most part, cash is better. But she was open to gift cards and other non-cash payment depending on what it was. I would ask the babysitter first. Also look into a “parents night out” at a local daycare. My son’s preschool has one the first Friday night each month. And they are very reasonable and my children love to go. They think it is a huge play date. Good luck.

  16. Shannon Russ

    I think paying a babysitter with movie tickets etc. rather than cash is cheap and tacky. Teens have bills, need gas for their car, etc. Yes, they probably will just be house sitting and holding down the fort until you get back, but they also take risks that something could happen and should be paid for their time. If you are too cheap to pay a sitter, you probably shouldn’t be going out in the first place!! Stay at home! Same thing goes with people who don’t tip properly. If you can’t tip a server at least 15% for good service, eat at home!! Think about it, you get what you PAY for. For putting my children in someone else’s hands, I would pay cash….not crappy movie tickets etc.

    • J

      I agree 100%. How are teens supposed to save up for college when they are paid in makeup? It’s not like you can just mail in three lipsticks and an eyeliner with the application.

  17. Bekah

    It is definitely interesting to see all of the different rates for around the country. I’ve been watching kids since I was 13 (my younger sister and I did it together for family friends together for a while). I never had a “set” rate. I love kids and want to play with them and have fun. If I’m ever asked, I just say whatever the parents think is fair. As I’ve gotten older (now I’m almost 25), it also becomes easier to deduce what families can afford and I’m really fine with whatever as long as I get to play with the kids. Before I went to law school, I was working and my boss and his wife had an adorable baby boy. We knew each other well and they were younger without as much financial stability so I would sometimes just take the baby to watch him. I never got paid–nor did I expect to–but I got the baby time I wanted and they got some peace of mind. I think if you can find someone who understands your situation and loves kids, and you don’t take advantage of the person, then you can really work out any situation. That being said, I would happily take movie tickets or gift cards to places I like to go if that was pre-arranged. However, I have sensitivities to certain scents and I can be picky about what products I like, so that may not be the best arrangement depending on the person but it never hurts to inquire. As a student and person who likes to go out, if I’m getting gift cards or movie tickets for babysitting, I’m basically getting what I’d be spending the cash on anyway and probably be getting more as a result. You may also want to think about groupons/livingsocial deals. Depending on what it’s for, I’d personally be wiling to discuss that as well although keep in mind the expiration dates.

    • Bekah

      I also agree as well that you don’t have to pay as much when the kids are in bed, but keep in mind if the sitter says that someone woke up in the middle of the night, or if the kids refused to go to bed until mom and dad came home–I know I did.

    • katie

      wow!! You seem like a really nice well rounded individual!! do you happen to live in the wisconsin area?! just kidding!! but REALLY its so NICE to see someone ON this website still has kindness and thoughtfulness in their hearts!!! 🙂

  18. saa

    I have not read every single comment… but I’ve read multiple that mention simply paying them to watch TV while your child sleeps. When a child sleeps they are very vulnerable. Anytime you have a one to one ratio with your child and only one other person you want someone you can trust. You want them to be watching the house and, well, not abusing your child or inviting others over who may. If you find a good one- do what it takes to keep him/her. Perhaps share a babysitter with another couple. This is also a great idea for child abuse prevention if the children are old enough to talk. A good babysitter is imperative whether your child is sleeping or not.

  19. Tammy

    I am a mother of 2 little ones, and I have babysat practically my whole life. When I was a young teen, I would make $2-3/hr for watching kids during date night. This did not help me learn the value of a dollar. It helped me realize that some people are crazy for leaving their children with random 12 year old girls. I got a “real” job when I was 14 because I had to pay for my own clothes, makeup, etc and felt that I was being taken advantage of in my babysitting jobs. I started babysitting again when I was pregnant with my first and wanted to make extra $ (I had a full time job as well). My rate was (and still is) $10/hr for 1-2 kids and $12/hr for 3 or more kids.
    All of the families I babysit for think I am priceless and would NEVER leave their children with a teenager, unless the mom was home as well and the teenager was just acting as a “mother’s helper.” Many teenagers are very smart and reliable (I was one of them growing up), but now that I’m a mother there is soooo much more that I’m capable of. If you have perfect children and babies, having a teen watch them is fine. But if your children have fears, sleep issues, cry a lot, colic, food allergies, etc..than having an actual adult (preferable a mother) watching them is imperative for peace of mind. One of my clients (who is now a good friend) absolutely loves to pay me at the end of the night and can’t stop talking about how amazing she feels when she goes out with her husband and isn’t even a tiny bit worried or concerned about her children. And these are kids who sleep the entire time I’m there. She is paying me so she can know that if they wake up (and they often do), I will take care of them as well as she would.
    So basically my advice, to those who would never leave their kids with a teen, is to hire a mother and pay her fairly. Trust me, your children are NOT angels! Even the best behaved kids are tough to take care of and sitters deserve a good wage.
    To those who can’t afford it, work really hard at making friends with fellow mothers and trade babysitting services. This is what I personally do b/c my husband and I can not afford to pay someone. I’ve met a lot of mothers at MOPS and other groups aimed toward mothers of small children. 🙂 I would never let a random person watch my kids, but I met an amazing friend and we swap childcare all the time.

  20. Kim

    I think everyone has a valid point to make.
    Bottom Line – whatever [or however] you pay your sitter should be discussed in advance.
    I think it’s best to talk about the amount I plan to pay when I call to ask if they are available. That way, they [no matter what age] won’t feel like they’re being cornered, and can say no, or even just say that they’re unavailable if they’re uncomfortable with the offer.
    Personally, I try to pay my *favorite* sitter $12 for 2 kids. She plays with them non-stop, cooks for them, and doesn’t allow them to watch TV unless it’s to put the other child to bed. When she babysits for an all day event, I don’t feel I can pay as much – so I discuss in advance what I’m able to offer. I feel completely safe with her caring for my kids, and I think she’s worth every penny and more. NOTE – she’s in college, for a career with young children.

  21. allison

    i have two suggestions:

    1) Goods for Services

    when i was a beauty consultant for mary kay cosmetics, i made an arrangement with the 13 year old next door to watch my baby at night while he slept so i could attend my success meetings. i talked to her about her pay rate (she didn’t have one), so i offered her $5 an hour (after all, my baby would be asleep). after she accepted, i then gave her the choice of the cash, or choosing $7 worth of mary kay products per hour to take home at the end of each night. she chose the makeup, which meant i was only paying her $3.50 an hour (we have a 50% markup), and she was getting a great product that she loved.

    2) Babysit Exchange

    my other suggestion is a babysit exchange. in our exchange, there are 4 families with a total of 5 children. at the beginning of each month, we sign up to watch the children one Friday out of the four in the month. so, when it’s our turn, we babysit. meals are brought by their parents. on the other 3 friday nights, we have 2.5 hours to ourselves and it’s FREE. I LOVE IT! we now don’t have to pay for babysitters for our weekly date nights!

  22. allison

    OH! i also paid her $5 extra for every poopy diaper she changed. i was worried about her not wanting to and baby getting a diaper rash, so this way i figured she would WANT to do it to earn a little extra cash.

  23. Bailey

    I am 25 with a full time job. I still baby sit because it is extra spending money for me and i enjoy the kids. In my area of Florida babysitting is no less than $10/hour. However most people pay a lot more. When I am asked a rate I tell them to ask around and they can come up with the rate. However if it is less than 10 I will not continue since I don’t need the money. As far as paying by if the kids are awake or not I don’t believe that should make a difference. For me it is my time I am getting paid for. As a babysitter I only clean my messes and the kids messed and leave the house the ways it was when they left. I am not a cleaning service/ babysitter in one. Good babysitters are hard to come by and if you find a good one you should do everything possible to hold on to them. However every area is different I have family in Michigan and they are amazed by what we get paid here. As far as things instead of pay absolutely not I would never except it because I can get that stuff my self and I always have a plan for my money. But don’t forget family and friends is different. Family I would never expect to get paid just appreciation and a favor in return. And friends it depends on how often you ask them and if they have kids to make it a play date

  24. Rebecca

    I was reminded of this thread while reading comments on my small rural town’s local newspaper webpage today and had to share this man’s sad and frightening babysitter experience:

    “LLoyd T-Bone Johnson wrote on Dec 12, 2012 5:52 PM:

    ” This play was the good watchin’. Saw it with my ex-old lady and we had a ball.

    The popcorn was hot and not stale like at the laundrymat, but it did taste like they substituted the butter for oleo. Nonetheless it filled us up.

    Only bad part was the play ran longer then we expected. By the time I got home my kids were all alone. The babysitter dipped out because we only paid her for 1 hour. She left my kids to fend for themselves. I’d go again, but can’t afford the babysitter, or four tickets. Do you think we could buy two tickets and have our 5 and 8 year-olds sit on our lap. Let me know. ” “

  25. Amanda

    I babysat 3 kids every single day from 6am to noon, from the end of September to the end of October. I don’t think I got paid what I deserved (not that she has even paid me yet) for what I endured. I got up at 5 everyday in order to shower and get ready and be there for 6, I was expected to get her kids (9, 6, & 5) fed, dressed and off to school on time. When we first discussed it, I was only responsible for getting them to school, and giving the youngest his lunch and taking him to school. It was also discussed before hand that I would only be there from 7 to noon, but that changed after 3 days.

    It went from me just being there to make sure they were okay (because they were “angels”) to me trying to get all 3 of them dressed, making them food, because the oldest who was supposed to do so wouldn’t get her ass off the computer and expected me to bring her food to her, and making sure they got out the door on time. Which rarely happened. Within a week, the middle child hated me. For no reason. The mom had said I could bring my laptop over to entertain myself because the boys typically just watch tv/play wii in their room, and the girl plays on the computer. The rest of the month was horrific. The middle kid was bringing out things to hit me with, was punching me, blatantly refusing to do anything I say, ignoring me, and once even brought out a super soaker and aimed it at my macbook. I mentioned all of this to their mother and nothing ever happened.

    Needless to say, I am still waiting for the money owed to me, which is not nearly enough to compensate for what I had to go through. And what was I “paid?” You ask yourselves, $400. For the month. Every single weekday for 6 hours, one day I picked them up from school as she had an appointment, and one day was a PD day where I was TOLD I was bringing them to the park. I was also told I would get paid extra for those days and didn’t.

    And all you mothers on here say that you don’t think at least $10/hour is enough to take care of children? I’m 19, I no longer live with my parents, I have bills to pay and gas money to pay for. Sure I could have helped her tidy the house a little while the kids weren’t trying to kill me, but I was dealing with enough crap from them, and frankly I am not a free cleaning service.

    That’s my story. Interpret it as you wish, but I know for a fact, that I did absolutely NOTHING to those kids to make them hate me.

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Become a Hip2Save Insider

Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! Once you join, you'll be able to save & share your favorite deals, rate posts and recipes and add items to your cookbook! What are ya waiting for?!

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