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*HOT* $1/3 RoseArt Printable Coupon = FREE School Supplies at Target (& Other Stores?)

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HOT! Getting Toasty! Lukewarm Starting To Melt Ice Ice Baby
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Yay! Not only did lots of you receive a rare $1/3 Any RoseArt Products coupon in your 7/29 Red Plum coupon insert, but you can now also print this *HOT* $1/3 ANY RoseArt products coupon! Just head on over to Red Plum to print yours (it was on page 3 for me).All gone πŸ™Β This coupon makes for lots of sweet deals and even freebies when paired with all of the fantastic Back to School sales going on. And here are a couple Target deals you can score….

RoseArt Glue Sticks 2-pk $0.25 or RoseArt Crayons $0.25
Buy 4 for a total of $1
Use the $1/3 RoseArt products coupon found in the 7/29 RP or hereΒ All gone πŸ™
Final cost – 4 for FREE!

RoseArt Markers (10 pack) $0.52
Buy 1 package of markers $0.52 and 2 packages of crayons $0.25 each
Total = $1.02
Use the $1/3 RoseArt products coupon found in the 7/29 RP or hereΒ All gone πŸ™
Final cost only $0.02 for all 3!

RoseArt Washable Markers 8 ct or Watercolor Paints 16 ct $1
Use the $1/3 RoseArt Products coupon found in the 7/29 RP or hereΒ All gone πŸ™
Final cost only $2 for 3 – $0.67 each!

(Thanks for the heads up on this coupon, Free Stuff Times!)

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Comments 78

  1. Karen

    I haven’t had roseart items since I was little and my mom skimped from the crayola’s one year, the quality was horrible! Has anyone purchased roseart brand markers or crayons recently? How are they? Am wondering if they’ve improved over the years.

    • Makayla

      No, they are still not crayola. However, I will be using them for crafts (gluing them to make wall art, etc)

    • Jill

      They’re still not very good. As a teacher, I would always buy Crayola.

    • Debi

      I think it is a matter of preference, but I prefer Crayola.

      • heather n.

        as a cheepo & experienced homeschool mom of 4, I don’t like Rose Art. lol

    • Heather

      With two toddlers, we go through watercolors VERY quickly! so even though I believe they are cheap and poor quality, the paints do the job just fine!

  2. Adrienne B.

    didn’t get them in my paper, so thank you so much for posting links here! πŸ™‚

  3. michelle

    how many prints were you guys able to get?

    • Amanda

      I was able to get two.

  4. roxy

    i can’t print any Java coupons and it drives me crazy. Every time I try to print from redplum or smartsource, no matter what browser i use, it tells me i don’t have Java. So I install Java every week, but it still tells me i don’t have Java. It’s so frustrating. Anyone else having the same problem?

    • Jessica

      Im having the same problem πŸ™

    • Catherine

      My computer is always asking me to instal Java too. I do it, then it says I need to install it. I’ve tried everything to fix it and have just resigned not to print redplum coupons.

    • Bridgette

      I’m having trouble, too! It says that I need to install it! Ugh, didn’t get them in my paper! So want this Q….I homeschool my four kids. Free crayons will be very useful!

    • Patti

      me too for two weeks now, and I think I’ve given up too on Red Plum, makes no sense.

    • mary

      It tells me to click on run and I don’t have a run button to click on…UGH!!!

      • Melanie

        Me too! I have regularly printed from Red Plum with no problem for over a year, and now I get this every time I try to print coupons.

        • Daniela C.

          I had the same problem with redplum. I looked up red plum customer service and it directed me to the facebook page. I had to uninstall the temporary java file and restart the browser. It did take work and i am able to print now. I hope this helps!!

    • Julie

      Try this I was having the same problem printing from redplum you have to be on the page you want to print from in order for this to work Click the start button on computer>Click on control panel>click programs>click java>make sure at the very top that you are on the General tab> You should see something that says Temporary Internet Files under it click Settings> a box will come up and you will see a box that says Delete Files> check both boxes>click ok>click ok>click apply>click ok>then try to print again.
      **This only works for me if I’m on the page that I want to print from first and I have to do it everytime I print from redplum** it is the only work around I have found.

      • Jill

        I tried that with no luck. However, when I was in the Java app I clicked on the “update” tab and updated the software and it worked!!

        • Jen R

          Thank you Jill! Updating was the only thing that worked for me as well πŸ™‚

    • HeathersHollanderHut

      I was also having the same problem. I went to and used the installation on the main page. I was then able to print them.

    • Kellie

      You can’t be in Firefox. They usually print when you go through the internet explorer links.

  5. Adrienne B.

    I don’t see the coupons. is there a different zip code that works?

    • Tarri

      mine is on Winston GA, try 30187

      • Adrienne B.

        thank you so much! πŸ™‚ that worked

  6. Makayla

    If anyone is doing the backpacks through office max perks… I just received a $15 off $75 code I will not be using. You’re welcome to it.

    • Carrie

      Already redeemed, darn! πŸ˜‰

  7. Tamara

    It won’t let me select it at all. πŸ™

  8. Lora

    is anyone still having a problem printing at Red Plum Site?????

    • Bridgette

      Yes! Maybe it’s just busy…I hope it works soon!

    • maflies1

      Yep! Received a message that coupons were generating. If this is your first time printing, you will need to click Run… That’s all I got! I am not a first time printer from Red Plum, And I never got an option to choose Run if I was. Just stayed on the same screen. What gives???

      • Bridgette

        Exactly what I got…is there any way to contact them??

      • Priscilla

        You need to hit the enter button and give it time but they will print.

    • Paige P

      Yep. I select my items and hit print. Then I get a box that says, “Is this your first time printing from Red Plum? If so, hit “run.” But there’s no RUN box to click, and I think I’ve printed from RP before. I do know that the last time I tried, though, I got the same message. Frustrating…..

      • Ms.Dee


    • Jill


      • Patti


    • Jen R

      Yep same with me, must be RedPlum’s website, hopefully they fix it before prints are gone πŸ™

  9. sebauer

    I was having problems and then restarted my browser and then it worked. What about the “write dudes” $1/2 coupon? Anything good deals to use that on?

  10. Kelly T

    OT< but does anyone have a PDF of the Bath and Body Works coupon $10 off $30 that expired 7/29? the stores still accept them for 3 days and I didn't get a chance to print it before they took it off their site. Kellydusteen at gmail dot com. Much appreciated!

  11. lucy

    About the quality of Roseart…definitely like Crayola better, but still occasionally buy Roseart for simple coloring for my preschooler. Also, our church collect school supplies to take down to children in Mexico. I wish I could donate all Crayola products, but our budget won’t allow me too…will definitely be picking up these markers and crayons to donate to the kids in Mexico. I’m thinking that a lot of them have never had the chance to use Crayola products, so they’ll be thankful for these.
    Thanks Collin for all your hard work!

  12. Dawnelle

    Maflies 1, Same thing here???? I don’t understand.

  13. Jodie

    all it says is generating your coupons πŸ™

    • Brandy

      Same here. When I try to print from RP a popup comes up saying printing 1st time press “run” but its in a sample box. There isnt anything for me to push. Can someone help. Thanks!

  14. Maddie'sMom

    When you get that message close out your browser and try again. That’s what I kept doing and it finally worked! :0)

  15. Kristin

    I’ve just click on the run button and wait for a couple minutes and it will print

  16. melissa

    I’m a little confused about the prices, the 10count markers are .52 and the 8 count are 1.00? Might be interesting to see what the actual prices are. Anybody been in to Target to check yet?

    • shannon b.

      The 8 count at that price is the washable marker. The 10 count is NOT washable.

    • April K

      I think the $1.00 one is washable and the other is not.

    • Shelly

      The 8 count are more because they are washable. πŸ™‚

  17. Jodi

    There are also 12 pk of colored pencils for .52.

  18. erica

    I went to target today to get 4 packs of crayons. They would only let me get 3 packs with my coupon and adjusted the price for .75. Is this right? Also they would only let me use 4 coupons that day.

    • sandra

      I guess a way around that would be to get the 2 crayons and 1 marker. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Gax

      The part about adjusting the coupon is right. Target doesn’t allow overage according to their policy. The 4 coupons thing I’m a bit confused about, though…

  19. Michelle C

    The red plum site is slow, but it helped me to restart my computer and try again. Thanks for posting this, Collin! I didn’t get the Rose Art coupon in my paper so I was thinking about ordering them on ebay. Now I don’t have to! This weekend is tax free weekend in TN and the following weekend it will be Tax Free in GA.

  20. Dawnelle

    I had to update my Java and then it worked

  21. Kristen

    I bought 20 of these on eBay and the seller sent me 40!!!!! 120 boxes of crayons!!!!! πŸ™‚

  22. Lesley

    Has anyone checked the prices at their local stores. I am in FL and on Saturday the crayons and glue sticks were .52, not .25. Did they go on sale starting Sunday? Or is it regional pricing?

  23. Megan :)

    Thank you so much I love your site! I was able to get a lot because I have 5 computers!! the markers and and colored pencils cost .52 cents and the crayons are .25 cents. I bought it at target. My walmart store doesnt carry it- it would of been awesome because i could of gotten overage. Oh well I am still very happy!! πŸ˜€

  24. LynneW

    Consider donating some of these!

  25. Jannell

    I am also in FL and price on crayons was .52 cents on Saturday.

  26. Karen

    I just printed off the roseart coupons from redplum and they were on page 4 for me, able to get per computer. I don’t use them myself and i don’t really matter how good they are as they are free. I donate mine to the school. Thanks for the info on the coupon.

  27. CourtneyAmanda

    Target will not even ACCEPT the Roseart coupons this week because the products are “already on sale”. LOL since when have they not accepted coupons on sale items. At least, that’s what I was just told at my store, so guess what? They can keep their Roseart.

    • Meche

      Woah! That’s crazy! Targets getting so annoying about taking coupons. Today they wouldn’t honor a target coupon from shop kick and a printed one from their site. Sad you had a bad experience. Did you take it up w management? I know sometimes it doesn’t feel worth the hassle. Bummer.

  28. Eroica

    It was 0.52 for crayons at my store here in NorCal. I was going to buy a lot to donate to a school. I guess i’ll have to check Walmart.

  29. melissa

    is the coupon gone?

    • Scott

      Looks like it is gone, unfortunately.

  30. SoCal Annoyed!

    Im From SoCal and it seems that I did not get my roseart coupon… Did this happen to anyone else?

    • ashley

      happended to me as well

  31. Danielle

    Can anyone help?? Is this an unadvertised sale?? My flyer does not tell me it is on sale. I live in CT. I want to price match at Walmart but I don’t want any trouble. I also can not find this deal on using my zip code. πŸ™

    • HeathersHollanderHut

      This is the normal price, they aren’t on sale.

      • Danielle

        so the sale is regional?? Ok so apparently I have goofed. I ordered 20 of these coupons from ebay and have no way to use them..:( does anyone know of any upcoming sales I might use them on?

        • HeathersHollanderHut

          $0.25 for the Crayons and $0.52 for the Markers and Pencils are the normal price – so you can still use these even at normal price to score some very cheap RoseArt goods if you go to Target for them.

  32. Lori

    My target would not accept the coupon from the insert because it states “not to be combine with any other discount” (or something close) …. Doesn’t Target realize they actually get 25 cents b/c we can only use 75 cents of the dollar off. …. I’m going to try WalMart … remember you don’t have to have the ad at WalMart.

  33. Jodie

    You can’t copy coupons that is called coupon FRAUD. That gives us a bad name when people are not using coupons the right way.

  34. Jackie

    Today I tried to use the Red Plum coupons I had previously printed but Target wouldn’t accept them because the coupons didn’t scan. The cashier and a manager said they can no longer enter any coupons manually that do not scan. Since when did Target become so difficult and picky about coupons?! Target used to be coupon-friendly but they’ve definitely changed recently. So disappointing.

  35. sharon

    I cannot find the rose art anywhere, all I found is CraZyart (I looked at walmart, walgreens, and family dollar)?? I think they changed the name on me so I couldn’t use the coupon!!

  36. kristi

    WalMart in Fort Wort/Keller doesn’t sell RoseArt brand. Target does though. They have the 24 ct crayons for $0.25, but all other products were more. I was able to get 8 boxes free with 2 coupons. I bought this brand last year for my kids and it was very poor quality. So I tested a few out of one of the boxes I got today…they worked great!

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