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A Coupon Fairy Makes My Mom’s Day..

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As many of you may realize, I receive hundreds of emails throughout the day. Although many of these emails are simply companies sending their latest deals and offers, I do often discover very important emails sitting in my inbox.

Yep, yesterday I glanced at my inbox and found this email (pictured above) from my mom, Susan, sent from inside our local Walmart here in Boise, Idaho. Even my mom gets excited when she finds an unexpected coupon left by a “coupon fairy.” So thanks to the couponer who recently left the Baked Naturals coupon on a Walmart shelf… you made my mom’s day! 😀

On a side note, I got another email this morning that truly touched me. An email that really got me thinking once again just how important it is to think of others and do what you can with what you’ve got to touch lives. Don’t forget that even a small act of kindness in your mind can make a HUGE impact on someone’s life.

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  1. laura

    I do the same. I left coupons If I will not use it.


    I love this!!!! My mom is so involved in my couponing. She ask me every sunday when i talk to her at night how i did , and to send her a picture. She even saves the pictures and show all the girls she works with. Love You mom !!!!

  3. Jennifer Savino

    I do the same. I love being a coupon fairy. 🙂

  4. Jennifer S

    How sweet 🙂 I once got a great deal on a clearanced razor due to a coupon fairy at my local Fred Meyer. I tend to send my extra’s to my Mom (in another state) and then whatever she won’t use she gives out locally so I guess I am a coupon fairy in that way 🙂

  5. Melony

    My neighbor just became a foster parent so I am going to use my deals to help her out. 🙂

  6. Ashley57

    I wish I did this more. I have a question – I mainly use printed coupons so that is what I would be able to leave normally. Should I be worried about people taking them and using them fraudulently (ie copying them) or should I just leave them, knowing it is likely to benefit someone? I believe they are tied to my account. Please let me know if you all think this is a silly worry!

    • Tarri

      I am the same, I worry about someone copying them and using them, so I don’t leave those ones.

    • Alicia

      Personally, I think it is silly to worry. People are probably going to simply use it when they find it.

      People often say “I will not give that homeless person change because they are just going to spend it on drugs” But, the way I look at it is that this person is living on the street and desperate enough to beg for change and that means they are not in good shape. Being kind doesn’t mean you have to also police your kindness.

      • Stephanie

        Yes but maybe the reason they’re not in good shape is because of drugs, alcohol, etc. I believe you can’t help people who won’t help themselves, and begging for money won’t lead to a better life. There are resources and programs for those “down in the dumps” and unless they decide to utilize those, they will be stuck in the same position tomorrow, a week from now, two months from now, etc. Giving them money is a short term solution to a long term problem, so it never really ‘works’.

        • Jaime

          A very high percentage of the homeless are mentally ill. Schizophrenics don’t think about getting help for themselves, for various reasons. Not everyone eho is homeless is a drunk, or drug abuser, or just too lazy to get a job.

          • Tonya

            I agree. And it’s hard to judge someone if you havent walked in their shoes. I’m not saying that you have to spend your money on people if you don’t want to, but if you are fortunate then please dont hate on someone who isnt. I try to give when I can and I would rather be the person that helped someone who didnt truly need it then to NOT help someone who did. Lumping EVERYONE into some negative category isnt very compassionate. I started having seizures in my early 20’s and there is nothing more upsetting to me then someone saying something negative about my character just bc they don’t understand my struggles. Some people get dealt a different hand in life and it’s not always so easy to get back up after you’ve fallen, especially when everyone is kicking you while you are down. I know I’m getting preachy here, but addiction is also a disease. At the end of the day we are all just trying to survive <3

          • Stephanie

            I said ‘maybe’. Not ‘definitely’. I still make a point of not handing out cash after I gave $60 to a con artist in Colorado and he was back the next day. I wanted to punch his face in because it was literally the last bit of money I had. I don’t think all beggars are like that guy, but I have a child now and have to put him first. I will give rides if needed, buy lunch (which I do quite often), pay for groceries, donate in other ways, etc. I’m not saying I’m not a compassionate person, but I can help so much more in other ways than giving them $2 at a time ever could, and if that isn’t good enough for them (because it truly sometimes isn’t because they probably really do want the money for less sympathetic reasons), then they can go con someone else. Just the other day this guy approached my husband and I while we were getting out of our car and we had our son with us. He said he needed money for gas and for food for his kids. My husband offered to buy him food from the nearest restaurant. It turns out his kids were not in the car (if he even had kids…) and he only picked out a small portion of food. Well, by the time we shopped and came back out of the store, their car was gone which is funny because he said he was out of gas and was ‘stuck’. Yeah, right.

        • Jenna

          I can’t help but comment to this, as you need to know that is a very low percent. I am a former officer whom was injured in the line of duty. I returned to work (was suppose to be on light duty, but had to do as instructed to keep my job), within 3 days of my injury. Because workers comp DR would not take me off light duty and because my injury required surgery, I was fired 2 months after the injury and they canceled my comp claim, not to mention I lost my medical insurance and only source of income. Being a single parent of 3, I lost my home and about everything we owned, as I spent 9 months fighting to force them to reinstate workers comp and fix my injury, which become very complicated, serious and has left me disabled from the delay and lack of medical care. 4 years later, I am left 90% disabled and still battling many medical issues, procedures and surgeries, all related to the original injury. I can go into many details, but just wanted to give you something to think about. Just because a person falls down on their luck does not make them lazy, a druggie, ect… I never begged for money, but there were times I questioned what I was going to do to feed my kids and to this day I struggle to provide heat, electric, ect… I am very tired of people whom feel they have the right to judge, label and look down on anyone whom appears to have hit a rough spot in life. While their is a small percent whom may spend that $1 to try to get high, there is a much larger number whom that $1 may have given them enough hope to hang on one more day. As for benefits, it’s not as easy as you think and many people can not get the help you spoke of for numerous reasons. Point is, until you walk in their shoes, how do you know what they will do with the handful of change someone may give them, not to mention the degree of courage it took for them to put themselves out their like that. Trust me, I went from a once highly respected officer, with a huge circle of friends, to people treating me like scum because I now drive a piece of crap vehicle, struggle to walk and count pennies for bread. Every day, I wish I could work a job and escape the constant extreme physical pain, not to mention emotional torture of being trapped in a useless body and constant stress of how I am going to provide simple necessities.

          • Sarah

            Thank you for your service Jenna.

            • Jenna

              thank you Sarah. Amanda, you have one of the most difficult jobs out there and I applaud you. It makes me sick how my family is forced to live, yet I know of others whom are taking advantage of services they do not need or shouldn’t be able to get, yet someone whom needs them can’t qualify. Hannah, I never said to open your pocket book, all I am saying is I don’t feel it is right to look down on or judge someone you know nothing about. Things are often not as they appear and just because someone screwed you over (I have had it happen to me, many times myself), it doesn’t mean the homeless man sleeping in the park or mother and kids sleeping in a car, got there because of drugs or being lazy, nor may they deserve it. Those whom have hit rough times and are trying to survive are not always looking for hand outs (must don’t), they just want the same respect and opportunities they once had before. It is very hard for me to do anything/everything (that includes breathing), yet I still try to force myself to coupon and make a run a week. While I can’t afford to hand out cash, I have given out coupons and explained the deal, to a few people I have seen whom appeared to be calculating if they could afford that item, something as basic as Easter candy, food, toothpaste, ect… I have also given away other items (most I got free or for pennies) and will continue to, as I see fit. Sometimes, taking a small gamble like those pays off huge (just their expression or knowing that one second may have changed their life, maybe they will pay it forward) and if it doesn’t, it’s not like it cost me that much anyway nor aided to their illegal activity, so what does it hurt to take that chance. The whole point to my first post was that not every one whom hit a hard time is a druggie, lazy, deserves what they are going through, ect…. and until you experience it yourself, how do you know what they are going through, what they will do or have any right to wrinkle your nose at them? Every person is different. The hardest part of my whole journey is how the community I once served, treats me and my sons. I got injured performing my job and pay a very high price daily, do I really deserve being talked down to or treated untrustworthy, beneath others or so now differently just because my title is gone and income has hugely decreased. Am I not the same person others once trusted with their life? Who has the right to judge me or lump me in a category? I do not want pity, praise, hand outs, ect… all I want is the respect I spent most of my life building that vanished the night I was injured! Maybe that is exactly what that person you see struggling wants too. Is that too much to ask?

          • Amanda

            This really moved me. I work in Social Services and you are absolutely correct Jenna. People can judge and assume all they want, but until they walk in another’s shoes they have no idea. It is incredibly difficult to be eligible for some services. Believe me….I run some of these programs!

            • Hannah

              I believe that is exactly the point – we haven’t walked in their shoes. And if the above commenters are like me, then they are leery to give because the person MIGHT be trying to con people. I have seen first hand through my family, and it makes me sick, how people can act as if they are in hard circumstances through no fault of their own, and in actuality, they are the true cause of their own demise – selfish, irresponsible and immature behavior. I have a hard time giving my money or time to someone that is taking advantage. I KNOW there are people out there who are truly in dire straits and can’t make ends meet, but because of seeing this deceit first hand, I am absolutely skeptical about anyone asking for help.
              And sadly because I can’t tell the con artists from the truly needy, most times I don’t give.
              I think it just boils down to whether or not you’re a cynic or a believer.

    • fran

      I don’t think so, Ashley. If they just used the coupon, it wouldn’t be bad. But if they don’t know that it is illegal to make copies of a coupon, you would be the one who loses out. I think just like you. They are tied to your account. I heard of a gal who lost her printing privileges because she or someone she gave coupons to, was copying them.

      • Heather

        How would know if a coupon has been copied? I’m new to the online printables. 🙂

        • Ashley57

          There is something on one of the barcodes that is tied to you. I also get 10 swagbucks every time I redeem one, so there is some method of tracking.

        • fran

          When you print a coupon from, at the top right of the coupon, you will see a 16 digit number. The first 4 numbers are linked to your computer. Look at all the coupons you print, and you will see that the first 4 numbers are the same on all the coupons. If you copy a coupon, they would all have the same 16 digit number. You will notice that when you print 2 coupons, they have the same first 4 numbers, but the rest is different. Also, the very last number goes in sequence of how you print. If the last number is 4 on your first print, it will be 5 on the 2nd coupon (I’m talking like coupons). I will show a cashier the different codes, if they question my coupons. HTH 😉

      • Sarah

        I was blocked from a couponing printing site & couldn’t figure out why- it said I misused my coupon priviledges. Didn’t know what on earth I did & posted about it & found thta you get this message if you had copied coupons. I had never compied a coupon, but I had let some of my printed coupons at the store & this is the only way I can figure out why I was blocked. I think someone took them & copied them & it was tracked back to me. Just glad that was the only thing that happened!

        • Lolita

          Wow, I never thought of that! Will not be leaving any more printed coupons!

      • Jen Trimble

        I was banned from printing Smart Source coupons for an entire year bc of copying coupons. I always shared and let other others print from my computers when they were here…I would also set my printer to print a certain amount (before I was aware of limits) so I’m very careful with printed ones now. You would not believe the things I missed out over the past year b/c of not being able to print. The error message would come up asking you to contact them to reinstate printing privileges. I bet I sent 50 emails and never heard a thing. Finally the other day I clicked on a coupon to print and walked away…when I came back I seen it was trying to print a SS, I thought well Im not getting that one…it ACTUALLY went through! I’m very excited to have it back! I still don’t know which coupons led to the cut off but Im not taking any chances.

    • Kristen

      It’s a shame, but I would never leave a printed coupon. The company can tell which IP address printed a coupon, and if it gets copied they may block you from printing more. I’ve heard too many stories of people leaving a printed coupon and it getting copied and mis-used.

  7. Ann

    just be careful to NOT leave any of your printables behind because if someone copies them YOU get in trouble.

    • LaToya

      Holy poop! – I’ve never thought of it. And I leave printables around the Walmart all the time! Wowzers.

  8. Krista

    This is so great! I have read so many acts of kindness and I it is so awesome the things people do! When Walgreens had their last friends and family coupon a few weeks ago, I decided to start a small act. The line was a few deep and I kept telling myself to give the man in front of me a coupon since I wasn’t going to be using all 4 of them that printed. I noticed that he had some items that qualified for the friends and family coupon so I gave him one. I don’t think he realized it at the time but I noticed that I saved him $4 that shopping trip with that small coupon. I could not have been happier and it felt so amazing to do a small act of kindness! With the holiday season starting up, I think this is a perfect time to become a coupon fairy 🙂

    • Geena O

      thats a kind thing U did Krista!

  9. Ashley57

    I posted two free taco coupons up at a local college the other day. I hope a poor college student was able to get a meal!

  10. Barb

    that’s sweet. i also leave coupons i am not going to use but others might.

  11. Shannon

    This happened to my hubby the other day. He saw $1/2 Diet Dr Pepper 2 liter coupons sitting right next to them. He brought them home but didn’t use them. When he told me about it I told him “Oh, a coupon fairy left those.” The look he gave me was priceless! I explained that I had learned about this concept on hip2save & then he got it. He said we was going to save the coupons & pair them with sale. My good deal hunting has rubbed off on him! Thanks for the coupon fairy, he was able to snag his favorite Diet Dr Peppers for 50 cents each!

  12. Tarri

    I was in Bath and Body Works on Saturday and gave a lady a free item with $10 purchase. It feels good to do this when I can.

    • Geena O

      totally agree with U Tarri! I love leaving the coupon near the item….n it makes me smile when I think abt somebody finding it!

  13. janel

    I love it!!!

  14. Kate

    So great to see this – yesterday I was in our new CVS and I saw a young lady with 4 Cover Girl products. I asked her if she would wait a minute and I would give her a coupon for her purchases. I gave her 4. She was so grateful and I was so happy. I love when I can leave Qs on the shelves, but to it in person was even better.

  15. Laura

    I used to do this, until I was at Target one day and an employee went down the isle behind me and threw them away 🙁 so now I save them for my friends monthly coupon swap

    • Wendi

      They do that to me at Walmart. They say it’s a hazzard because they fall on the floor, people slip on them and sue the company. UGH. So I stopped. I will however hand a coupon to someone if I see them buying something I have a coupon for.

      • lore

        I just use a small piece of scotch tape and tape it to the item!

  16. Diane

    Colin you look so much like your Mom!

    • Ashley

      I was thinking the same thing. Collin certainly won’t have to fear aging 🙂

  17. Wendi

    I paid it forward today in the drive thru at Panera. Someone got a $13.00 breakfast for free. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed giving it.

    • Michelle

      How incredibly nice of you. Can’t wait til the kindness comes right back atcha. And it will. 🙂

  18. Lisa

    I live n a “snotty” upscale neighborhood, at my local grocery store when I offer someone a coupon for an item they have they look at me like, what u don’t think I can afford this and invariably refuse the coupon. I always feel like I’ve done something wrong. Now I just tip the sackers w free item coupons that I know they use. But, why would someone want to spend money if they don’t have to?

    • Suzanne H

      I have the same problem where I live. People are so consumed with looking like they are rich, lots of them act like coupons are “below” them. When this happens, I remember 2 things: 1. I am debt free – we own our home, 2 decent vehicles, have no credit card debt, have a generous emergency fund, several life insurance policies and have 2 fully funded college funds for the kiddos. Most people do not so they can perpetrate all they want – I am laughing all the way to the bank! and 2. for every few people who refuse a coupon, there is going to be that 1 that will be grateful and, perhaps, REALLY needed it! I keep handing them to people in line with me, leaving them on shelves and offering them in restaurants, etc. If it makes a difference to 1 person, that’s good enough for me and maybe, just maybe they will pay it forward!

      • Em

        It’s ridiculous isn’t it. My husband and I are both ER doctors, so we make decent money (after the HIGH rates of malpractice insurance, it really balances out to not as much as people perceive, but it’s ok, because I love my job). When the nurses talk about coupons I’ll try to join in and they are always really snobby “I wouldn’t bother if I made as much as you.” Sad thing is, I heard them talking about pay, and several of them actually take home more than me! Oh well, they don’t seem to mind when I coupon for candy for them. Or doughnuts.

      • Dawn

        That’s awesome Suzanne! I drove a 1998 Tahoe until about 2 weeks ago. People kept asking when I was going to get a new vehicle for years…they said, “you have the money”. I would tell them that even though I did, if I did I wouldn’t have a savings which is more important than a flashy new car. But, alas my trusty Tahoe finally passed away and it wouldn’t make sense to fix it. I have lots of friends who have 2 new cars, and a much bigger house than ours….but everything we own is paid off…it’s nice not to owe anyone! 🙂

      • Sarah

        My 2 of my sister-in-laws are the same way. They think coupons are below them. Funny thing is that one of them is now living in her parents house with my brother-in-law and their kids because they have lost their house and my bro-in-law has lost so many jobs due to his stupidity (he now works at Walmart as a cashier). They will take hand-outs from her family but using coupons is beneath her!! I really don’t get it!! (My husband has a really good job, but I coupon to help make sure that there is food on our table and to help try to pay our debt down.)

    • fran

      You want to laugh? I had a friend who would go to Acme and if they had a B1G1 free sale, she would sometimes only get the one. She would say she doesn’t need 2 heads of lettuce (or whatever), and I would say “BUT IT’S FREE”. I would tell her she could give it to her daughter or a neighbor. I don’t get people either!
      Many years ago, I was in a supermarket and the person in front of me qualified for a turkey and they didn’t want it. I asked them if they minded if I got it and they didn’t mind. Woo Hoo!

      • Ashley57

        LOL, that is so funny. At least you got a free turkey.

  19. Tonya

    Wow, your mom is beautiful! I love how happy she looks! I miss my mom <3

  20. jen

    I usually do this a Kohl’s!! Most of the time they give you the % off coupons back after they scan them so i usually just hand it to the person in line behind me, 90% of the time they don’t have one and are thrilled to get one!!

  21. Diane

    I agree your mom is beautiful!

  22. cj

    We used to have a local charity that would put them with a note and tape them to products. You could “donate” the savings to the charity, if you just left the note attached. Or, you could just use the coupon. I always looked for products with these coupons attached. The charity did the coupon “billing” for the store and everyone won!

  23. Bobbi

    I will sometimes give a coupon to the person in front of me at the checkout lane if I know I have a coupon for something they are buying. It’s a bit awkward at first, but they are grateful. I also will print multiple copies of the kids eat free Chili’s coupons and give them to other families who are eating there. 🙂

    • Ashley57

      That is a good one. I will have to remember that.

  24. Kristine

    Thanks for the tips on not leaving printables…I’ve done that before (though I still love leaving other coupons). My husband and I are really tight right now, and I was so happy to find someone left a high-value Kleenex coupon next to a package of kleenex at Walmart. I wish I could thank the person that left it there…it’s amazing what a little act of kindness can do for someone. 🙂

  25. Lieca Nickel

    I am the coupon fairy at the checkout lanes. Instead of complaining about waiting in line I usually ask the person in front of me if they have a coupon for one or two of he items they are purchasing. Usually I am handing them coupons, but I usually state this is an act of kindness and to pass it forward. They smile and say they will or it usually promotes a positive conversation. The highest coupon given was $10 off the whitening strips and that individual was very thankful! Little things like this hopefully will make the world a little happier as I feel people helping people is the best way to be….thank you Collin for all that you do for us!

  26. Lolita

    Your mom has such a warm, sweet smile 🙂 Is Ma from your mom’s side?

  27. Joy

    Your Mom is so cute. Although, my Mom no longer coupons much any more she saves all her coupons for me that she doesn’t use. She taught me everything I know. Talking to her right now on phone. 🙂

  28. dawn

    I leave coupons for diapers, wipes, etc because I don’t have small children anymore. If I have a coupon that is going to expire that day as well I leave it with the product if I’m not going to use. Sometimes I have found my self seeing someone looking at a product but won’t buy it for that price and I’ll give them my coupon.

  29. Lisa

    I love leaving coupons for people, and even better, giving it to someone who is looking at an item that you have a coupon for. I’ll never forget when I gave some diaper coupons to a lady who was shopping with her young daughter. They were so excited and happy and thankful! I also appreciate people who leave coupons they aren’t going to use. I don’t often need them but sometimes I do and I love it!

  30. Jen Trimble

    i did learn that stores do not like you leaving coupons so i only leave a coupon if its a really good one or give it to someone directly. there was an elderly lady looking at the adult briefs the other day at cvs and she asked me if i knew which was the best deal. i said i sure do and pulled out the $14.00 off coupon. cost her less then $1.00 and she was so grateful…it melted my heart to see her smile and appreciate that 🙂

    • Stacey F

      That’s awesome. I just bought a package of those yesterday and my husband gave me a look like I was crazy. I told him that I could most likely find someone to give them to or I could make up a Christmas care package for someone at the local nursing home that may not have any family left.

    • Jessica P

      I was at Goodwill the other day and had quite a bit of stuff because I got items for myself, my mom and my grandmother. I had to count my money and total all my items before I went to the check out to make sure I had enough cash. I was checking out and a lady offered to let me use her smart card. She asked the cashier if that was allowed and the cashier said it was fine. It saved me 20%! So I didn’t have to worry about the total anymore. It really meant a lot to me and I really appreciated it. The next chance I got to pay it forward I did!!

  31. Stacey F

    I send all my expired coupons to a lady who sends them to a US military base overseas. They can use them there, up to so many months after they have expired. I have done it for a few years now. I do also hand out coupons at the store if I notice people with stuff I have coupons for.

    • Lolita

      Do you know if free item coupons can be sent there as well? Sometimes I cannot find a product or don’t make it to the store in time (it isn’t worth it to spend the time and pay the gas to get one $2 item for free), but I hate throwing those out. I would love to send them to the military overseas.

      • Stacey F

        I send my free item coupons there also. It’s better than throwing them away. Hopefully, they can use them. I don’t send any store coupons and they need to be sorted out by food and non food. It makes it easier. If anyone wants the address, they can email me at and I will send it to them.

      • Nicole

        At the commissary, they will not redeem coupons that will give out products for free. They will redeem BOGO coupons though. I do not know the policy at the exchanges though.

  32. Meg

    I was a coupon fairy in person the other day at Kroger.. I was picking up 4 of the Dial hand soap that is 30 cents( on sale with the doubled coupon). An older woman standing next to me was clearly trying to figure out the best deal, so I asked her if she would like coupons for four Dials and end up getting 4 bottles for just over the cost of one..she was happy to accept!

  33. Debbie

    I don’t like trashing coupons, so I would make my rounds to different stores leaving coupons on the shelves (sometimes taping them to the items). One day, a floor manager at Target informed me that unless I am a vendor for a specific company that I am not allowed to leave coupons on the shelves. He said that he goes around pulling and trashing any coupons left on the shelves. But….I’m still doing it!

  34. Lisa

    I always save the diaper/baby wipe coupons to leave coupon-fairy style. Been a long time since mine were in diapers, but I remember how pricey they were! Once in awhile, If I have a lot of them, I’ll look for a mom with a baby in the store; not one has ever turned them down. :~)

    • Patti

      Great idea. Love this!

    • Amy

      My kids are long past the diaper stage too. But instead of leaving them on the shelf I pair them with a store coupon and donate the diapers/wipes to the local shelter or friends that I know who are going through a difficult time, since we all know how spendy they are but are much needed.

  35. Nicole

    Our Walgreens has stopped taking printed coupons due to the fact of copying but when I talked to the manager he took mine because they have a watermark on them and as long as they have a watermark he said he will take them.If you look hard at it you will see it.I love being a coupon fairy in line at the grocery and usually try to give some to people behind me in line so they dont get upset that I am taking longer than someone that does not coupon.

  36. Blessed Giver

    Yesterday we were took our dog to our local “affordable” vet clinic for their yearly shots. While we were there waiting, an elderly lady came into pick her dog up from getting spayed. The waiting room is tiny and we could overhear their conversation. The vet tech was telling the lady that they strongly suggested she purchase pain medicine to take home for her dog and it would only cost $8.75. The lady said that she didn’t bring anything but her driver’s license with her so she didn’t have the money with her to buy the pain medicine. The lady said she would come back the next day with her money and buy the pain medicine then.

    I couldn’t bear the thought of this dog going home without pain medicine. I was especially concerned because this is a vet that does low cost spaying and neutering so I was afraid that this lady didn’t have the extra money to purchase the medicine for her dog. I just can’t imagine what a difficult position it must have been for this woman. I know she wanted to do the best for her dog. You could tell by the things she said. Since I had my hands full holding our dog, I asked my husband to (quietly as he could) go pay for the dog’s pain medicine. I wanted to do it anonymously but the lady was waiting at the check-out desk for the vet to bring her dog so she could leave. I didn’t want to risk her leaving without the pain medicine.

    My husband went to the desk and paid for the pain medicine. I couldn’t hear what was being said but later my husband said the lady told him she would just come back tomorrow. My husband told her that when our dog had surgery before he felt better when we gave him the medicine. She said she really appreciated him paying for the medicine. Then she got tears in her eyes, the vet tech got tears in her eyes and another lady who was waiting a few feet away said “That’s so cool of you. I’m going to cry.” Then when the lady got her dog and was leaving she gave my husband a hug and thanked him again.

    I tell this story not to brag on myself or my husband but to say that God puts you in the right place at the right so you can help others. I feel truly blessed that we had the ability to help someone in need. I hope that others who hear this story will be inspired to give. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount to make a difference!

    • Rebeca

      Loved your story, thanks for sharing it!

    • Stephanie

      That was very kind of you. You are absolutely right about God putting us in the right place at the right time!

    • Libby

      I was in line behind 2 women at my local grocery store a while back. The first was with her daughter and realized once all her items were scanned that she didn’t have enough money with her. The lady behind her kindly offered to pay for the rest of the bill, which was over $10. She said that God had blessed her and that she didn’t mind at all. What a great act of kindness, 🙂

    • Edie

      Don’t make God your reason for helping people. Do it because it’s nice, not because you’re trying to get brownie points.

      • Lenore

        I believe you misunderstand Edie. These are not trying to win brownie points. They are simply saying that out of the abundance of their hearts because of the love that God has visibly demonstrated to them, they want to be able to bless other people. It is, in fact, purely a love thing – not a points thing.

  37. Rebeca

    By the way Collin, what is the other email?

  38. Jeanine

    I always leave coupons I will not use, however I do not leave printed coupons. Those I destroy. I’m not taking chances with anything that is attached to me and can cause me problems later on.

  39. erika diaz

    Im in a search of a coupon fairy plz I need help

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