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Target Halloween Clearance = Great Deals on Costumes, Food Items, Plates & More

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Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to run on over to your local Target store (and other stores too!) to snag some great Halloween clearance. Check out some of the deals below that my sidekick, Mary, spotted at her local Target in Austin, Texas..

Halloween Pop-Tarts 12 ct. $1.44
Use the $1/3 coupon found here or here
Final Cost $1.11 each!

Halloween Kraft Mac & Cheese on clearance $0.58-$0.61
*Also on sale Buy 3 get 1 Free
Final cost as low as $0.44 each! Awesome price!

Pillsbury Halloween Funfetti Cake Mix $0.63
Not a bad price and no coupons needed!

Bounty Halloween Paper Towels $1.99
Use the $0.25/1 coupon from the 10/14 PG
Final Cost $1.74 for 2 rolls! Not bad for Bounty!

Dixie Perfect Touch Grab N’ Go Cups 12 ct. $1.49
Also, buy 1 Archer Farms Christmas Blend Coffee 1.75 oz. $1
Use the possible $1 peelie coupon located on the cups (if you can find it) valid for $1 off any coffee purchase when you buy these cups
Final Cost only $1.49 for the cups and coffee! Sweet!

Solo Halloween Paper Plates $1.49
Use the $0.35/1 coupon found here
Final Cost $1.14!

Halloween Costumes 50% Off (possibly more or less at your store)
Check out this post for a great idea on how to create an awesome Christmas present with all these discounted Halloween costumes!

Come back to let us know what other great Halloween Clearance deals you are able to find at your local Target!

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Comments 53

  1. Jessica

    My Walgreens, CVS, and Family Dollar all had Halloween candy 50% off. Great deals! The sale was not marked but everything did ring up at half off. I even scored halloween themed teddy grams, pretzels, and rice krispies for super cheap! (:

  2. Rebecca W

    I got 18 packs of Cliff Bars for $4!

    • Georgina

      Hey Rebecca! I buy Clif bars on a regular basis. Where did you get such a good deal?!

      • Georgina

        Oh, duh! Considering this is a TARGET post, I’m assuming you found them at Target 🙂

        • Rebecca W

          I got them in the Halloween section at Target. I was so excited!

          • Jill

            I got 2 boxes of these, two! $4 for 18 Clif Z-Bars – GREAT deal!

            • chrissybozz

              i got them too!! napkins, cake mix, and candy! wa-hoo!

            • cacee

              Popped into two local targets in St. Louis…south county, 75% off costumes/ food, 50% off candy, Fenton/ bluffs, 70% off costumes, 50% off food/candyclif bars 2.68 a box

    • Kelly

      I got Clif Bars at Target this morning too! I also got a box of the indivudual bags of Pirate’s Booty snacks- 3.99 for 24. My kids love them and the individual bags are so convenient!

      • Kelly

        individual 🙂

    • mamasweetpea

      awesome find… will have to look for those… they’re halloween clif-bars? will have to get some goodies for my kid’s school snacks but probably will pass on all the candy

  3. vicki

    the only thing i was interested in was candy (m&m’s, kisses, etc) and ours is still only 30% off. i did pick up a box of halloween funfetti cake ($0.63) and a can of halloween frosting ($0.75), but that’s it for now. will keep checking back on the candy. 🙂

  4. Crystal w

    There was a $1/2 pilsbury target coupon recently made out I be a great deal !!

  5. Kristen

    The school where I work has a Halloween “Boo-tique” with donated costumes for students who can’t afford one. You might ask around if there are any organizations near you who do the same thing and consider donating any cheap clearance costumes you find 🙂

  6. sentra00sr20de

    the haloween kraft macaroni and cheese rang up buy 3 get 1 free to line up with Target’s sale this week of kraft macaroni and cheese. so even better deal

  7. Lisa

    On target there is a pilsbury coupon $1/2 you can also use

    • Stefanie

      Thanks for sharing, I just printed two and am hoping to find two mixes and two frostings left so I can bake cupcakes for my students for their pizza party! 🙂

  8. Kris

    No food at our targets here in NJ, also shelters in Toms River, NJ are asking for costumes so that they can have a trick or treat for the displaced kids on Monday. If you are feeling generous with any good deals, you could send or drop off any cheap costumes or candy..or even essentials to these shelters. Lots of families have lost everything and I think it is great they are trying to maintain some normalcy for the kids and have something for halloween for them in the shelters.

    • Heather

      I know we have several people here in my town in South Jersey that are collecting things like this to drop off at two shelters that had specific requests. I am going to Target tomorrow to see what I can add to the boxes I have been putting together. Since our Trick or Treat was rescheduled, we are holding a Trunk or Treat tomorrow night and asking people that come to bring donations.

    • Heather

      I don’t know how far you are in NJ but there is plenty of food and Halloween costumes at both the Target in Mount Laurel and the one in Marlton.

    • SoxGirl1029

      Do you have an address where we can send things? I know we wouldn’t be able to get anything there in time for your trick or treating, but maybe to send a box of food or household items?

  9. melissa

    Anyone know of any good online Halloween clearance? Thanks in advance 🙂

  10. Kristie

    I grabbed 3 costumes at Target for 50% off and 3 from Party City for 50% off. I am going to do the trunk dress up idea for my daughter for Christmas. Thanks for the great idea!!!!

    • Mimi

      Me too! I got two costume from Toys r us yesterday. I am still waiting for more % off to get more!

  11. ap

    I went to my local target after seeing this post. Didn’t find clif bars or mac and cheese, but got lots of cookie/cupcake decorating halloween goodies for 50% off. I also found the Shaun White shorts for 70% off in the kids section. School uniform shorts were also 70% off, so I got some plain khakis for next year for $3.88. The halloween candy was only 30% off, the costumes were 50% off. Wasn’t sure how much stock there would be if I wait until the weekend, so I gave up the extra 25% and went ahead and purchased items for just the 50% off. Alll in all a good deal. Thanks H2S!!!

  12. ap

    Anyone know when the Halloween Stores go 75% off?

    • megan e

      this is what suggests af the markdown schedule (she’s been following it)

      “We expect the 2012 Target Halloween Holiday Clearance Markdown Schedule to look like this: Nov. 1st = 50% off, Nov. 4th = 70% off, and Nov. 7th = 90% off. The bagged candy exception holds true. ” Bagged candy starts at 30% then goes to 50% and 75%.

  13. April

    Pottery Barn Kids has some great deals on Halloween costumes as well marked down as low as $13.99 originally $59!!! And if you have the 15% off coupon that expires tonight, even better, plus free shipping! Also, 5% back through Upromise. These are great for cold climates!!!

  14. Layne

    My daugther is 14 months now, so i got her a 2T witches costume and a few tutus for a total of $5 at walmart. I figure by the time she’s 2T she’ll be able to use them as dress up clothes. I also got a bat shaped sippy cup with a straw for a dollar. I got a a pair of pirate boots for $5 as well, and a dollar was spent on a halloween themed tumbler. From the look at the sales that i saw Target for decor, walmart for candy and costumes

  15. Laura

    FYI- While returning a non-holiday item at Target today there were 2 unhappy customers trying to return unused costumes. As stated on their receipts you only get the clearance price refunded after the 31st, not the entire amount. Always read your receipts!

    • Michelle M

      For costumes, that policy makes sense to me because someone could easily tuck in a tag for Halloween and then return it.

  16. SoxGirl1029

    I got my dog the cutest hot dog costume at Target today! There was also a bunch of non-Halloween stuff clearanced as well. I got a leather storage bin for $8.98 marked down from $29.99 and a couple of small decorative bowls for $1.48. Also, I was able to find a set of gravestones that came with skeletons and a fence at Walmart that was already clearanced 75%. I bought 2 packs for $3.74 a piece 🙂

  17. janel

    I got nothing ours had almost nothing and it wasn’t even ten a.m. Yet! 🙁

  18. Kathie M

    Just an FYI the holiday Pillsbury cake mix has a very long shelf life and unlike the everyday funfetti mixes the sprinkles are seporate so you can use these as white cake mixes all year long. I make a ton of cakes so I always stock up when they go on sale (I bought 22 at Easter and I’m down to my final 2 so I need to find some tomorrow).

    • Michelle

      Thank you Kathie! That is a great tip. Wish I had read that before I hit Target yesterday and passed over the cake mix boxes. 🙁 Now I might have to make another trip there. I was planning on making cupcakes for my son’s upcoming birthday party.

      • Michelle

        I just bought some cake mixes. The funfetti is actually mixed into the cake mix. Just FYI in case anyone was wanting it thinking it would be a plain white cake mix.

        • Cacee

          The funfetti was not mixed into the cake boxes I bought. Did you open a box? At Christmas time the funfetti is separate from the mix as well

  19. Kathy

    My Target have 12.6 oz m&m bags on 30% Halloween sale for $2.09 . There is a target coupon for $1.50 off when you buy two… Comes out to about $0.80. Also Pilsbury coupon for two products…. Cheap cake mixes and sprinkles

  20. Amanda

    I got a see-through orange, 66-quart latch box (made by Sterilite) to store all my Halloween decorations in. It wasn’t with the Halloween stuff; it was over near the storage boxes. Unfortunately, it was only 30% off (not 50% off like all the other decorations) but I decided to get it anyway because there were only two and that’s exactly what I wanted. It was $6.28, original price $8.99. No Pillsbury Halloween Funfetti Cake Mix or Halloween Kraft Mac & Cheese that I could find. Lots of candy at 30% off. I believe I saw the Pillsbury Pumpkin Shape Sugar Cookies for $1.25; I almost bought them but didn’t have the $1/2 Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough coupon and decided I didn’t really need them anyway. Lots of outdoor decorations and costumes available. This was in Lowell, MA.

  21. Emilytwinmom

    I found a fog machine marked down 75%, and got a few costumes for play, fog for the machine, and various party supplies and decorations for 50% off. Our Party City didn’t have any costumes marked down, but they did have a ton of stuff marked down 40%.

  22. Chrissy

    Our costumes were 70% off today!

    • A.R

      hi Chrissy.. which Location is that? thank you

  23. deb

    does anyone know when target will be 75% off halloween?? Thanks!

  24. Janette

    Deb look @ comment number 12.1 she answers this question and gives a pretty good link. 🙂 I checked several different Target stores in my area in Southern Ca. and they are on the current schedule of 30% off for candy and 50% for costumes.
    My Birthday is Nov. 7th I am hoping to find some pretty good deals @ 90% off. I’ve had some pretty good luck years past. Also sometimes they will still have old signage but have reduced the price so I always price check just to make sure.

  25. CJ

    I am on bed rest due to pre-term contractions, so haven’t been able to venture out. Doctor’s orders are now “You could do a quick run into a store if you need to” so I’m taking my husband along tomorrow to push the cart while I do a very fast look at the clearance:). My daughter has been wanting the Merida dress for so long and again commented on it tonight — I have a feeling they won’t have them in store, so I checked online and sure enough it was on clearance! Someone is going to be very happy on Christmas morning:)

  26. Janette

    I visited my Target this morning and the costumes were 70% food 50% everything still had the old 50% signage up which I think helps to contribute to the good selection still available. I purchased a “Princess and the popstar” for $9.00 and a simple Buz Lightyear costume @ $3.74 I will save these for christmas. There were more costumes there that i liked but I will try my luck for when they are reduced to 90% off.

  27. cacee

    Popped into two local targets in St. Louis…south county, 75% off costumes/ food, 50% off candy, Fenton/ bluffs, 70% off costumes, 50% off food/candy

  28. Jean

    I found Kraft Halloween marshmallows at 35 cents a bag. Pair that up with the Kraft Marshmallow coupon on 🙂 50 cents off 2 = 10 cents each!

  29. Kimberly

    Finally got to target this morning… Everythimg was 90% off!!! I got $250 worth of costumes for my two youngest for only $25!!!! Im going to put a dress up box together for them for christmas! Thanks!!!

  30. jeannie

    I went to my target this am after voting and nothing….all the halloween stuff was off the floor already…also stopped at my local walgreens…nothing..all off the sales floor 🙁

    • cacee

      I went to another target this morning in St. Louis. 90 percent off costumes and everything but candy. Got several little girl costumes for 2 dollars and under! Huge box of pirates booty for 2 bucks
      Cereal. 27

    • A.R

      hi Jeannie,
      which city,state is that?

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