What are YOUR Grocery Price Points? (Plus, Hip2Save Printable Spreadsheets!)

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Have you ever wondered if you’re paying too much for your groceries or if you’re really getting the best deal? Or have you wondered exactly what you should be paying for items such as meat, fresh produce, diapers, or other grocery items?

Well if you’re new around here, you may not be aware that I recently created a spreadsheet with “Hip” prices for some of the most common grocery, food, household, and other items. Just click on this link or on the image below to print or save the PDF file to your computer! Or, if you’d rather, you can go here and save the Price Points document to your computer and edit/change the prices based on your region! πŸ˜€

Keep in mind that these prices will vary greatly based on your region, but should be a general indicator of good prices for most areas. This would be a great document to print, put in plastic sleeves, and place in your coupon binder so you can glance at it while shopping. πŸ™‚

I’ve also received quite a few questions from readers about knowing when exactly is the best time of year to buy certain grocery or non-grocery items? This new spreadsheet found here (or click on the image above) will show you the general “best time” of year to keep an eye out for sales on certain types of food or other non-grocery items.

Also, you can find these spreadsheets at all times on the right-hand sidebar of the Hip2Save home page. Enjoy!

* Now it’s your turn… what are your personal price points for grocery items? How do you save on items, such as meat, produce, and other grocery products that are hard to find coupons for?

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  1. Lucy

    THis is amazing!! Thank you so much! I was just thinking the other day that I should make a spreadsheet comparing prices of our surrounding stores. It’s such a daunting task especially because I usually am shopping with 1 or more of my 3 children. This is such a big help!

  2. Swati

    For vegetables and fruit; I shop at the Indian and Asian grocery stores; They have fresh produce which is priced lower than regular supermarkets.

    • bhw

      Hi Swati,

      I do the same. For example, I can get a huge bunch of fresh basil (or mint) for only $1. It is three to four times as much at my local grocery store! Also, items like soy sauce, fish sauce, etc. are much cheaper.

      • Tiffany

        My friend keeps telling me to do this! I have to try it.

    • C

      i do the same. i also buy meat at the asian store. it is a lot cheaper.

  3. Megan

    Would you put a little hover over “pin” button on your pics so I can pin stuff like this easily? πŸ˜€ Thanks.

    And awesome list, BTW!

    • Cassy

      I use the “Pin It” button from Pinterest in my toolbar. On Pinterest, click “About” then “Pint It Button”. I agree that Collin should get into Pinterest though!

  4. Linda M

    Thank you, Thank You!! This will help tremendously.

  5. Susie Q


  6. Mary

    WOW-I wish I lived near you-$1.19-$1.29 for Boneless chicken breasts?! Rock bottom around me is $1.99lb! Ground beef for $1.25lb?! We’re lucky if it goes down to $2.50lb (which it hasn’t for MONTHS!). Jealous in NY.

    • Mel

      Mary- I live in NY too and am super jealous too! I see some of the deals on here n wish we had it in NY!

    • kelly

      I thought I did pretty well on my savings until I saw this list! I’m in Mass – also up there on the meats – many veggies too I think I pay a little more than this for – even on a great sale….

    • jc

      I know! DC is super expensive!

    • NJ

      Same here on Long Island!

    • janel

      I don’t like fatty meat (I buy 90/10 or 93/7) so I’m lucky to get ground beef for 4.00 a pound.

      • Jenny

        I’ve heard if you rinse the meat after browning it, it washes away the fat. So, if you were making a dish where you brown the meat first you could probably try that with a cheaper/fattier blend. Even so, though: I hear ya on not paying money for the fat

      • mar

        i totally agree with you. at target (around me at least) they frequently put the 90/10 (not sure if they have the 93/7) on price cut $3-$4 (lowest I’ve seen was $2.00). So you might want to be on the lookout for that if you go to target.

      • Lisa

        If you go to low on your fat you sacrifice taste as that is where the flavor comes from.

    • Pamela

      Same prices in MIchigan ……. (the high prices)

      • Katie

        Also much higher here in MD. Still so grateful for the spreadsheet though!!

    • Sarah

      KY commissary everyday price for boneless skinless is 1.59 (in the family pack) That’s the best deal I see anywhere down here!

    • Jessica

      In California we could never get meat this cheap! I think I got a steal if I get chicken for $1.99/lb

      • Erin D.

        In Calif. you can get chicken breasts with bones for $.99 lb. at Stater Bros. markets and Smart and Final markets all the time. I never pay more and I always debone it and freeze it. HTH. I agree all other prices are way higher in Calif.

    • Emma

      I have’nt seen price’s that low around here for a long time, even on sale, I live in eastern Ky.

    • Jennifer

      Haha, I’d love to have the prices of any of you folks:) We’re stationed in Hawaii & everything is SO EXPENSIVE! I just like reading about some of these deals to dream since I know I won’t see decent deals again till I’m back on the mainland:) Of course, it is 79* here & sunny, so I guess I do have that trade off, hehe;)

      • Sean B.

        Chix breast might get to $1.69 but I usually have to pay $1.99 also in Pa. Many of these prices I have seen occasionally but all of these are over mine. Strawberries are $1.38, that is the cheapest for sure.

  7. loren

    Thanks, i was just looking for something like this yesterday, you are so awesome Collin!!

  8. Jen

    Very nice though would love to know in todays market where lean ground beef (85% or higher) that is fresh; not prepackaged & trucked in,can be found for under $1.75/lb??!!!??

    • allthingseasy

      That seems absolutely impossible to me! The CHEAPEST I have ever seen ground beef where I live is $1.97 a lb for 80/20. Rock bottom! Normally the cheapest you can get better meat than that is closer to $2.99/$3.50 for an 85/15 and thats on the cheap!!!

  9. Melissa

    Just like Collin mentioned….prices depend on where you live so don’t be discouraged if you pay more. I live in Central PA and pay $3.88 for 1 gal. of 1% milk, 1.99 is about the cheapest I see bonless chicken and ground beef has been really high lately. I’ve noticed eggs have gone up in price…1.99 per dozen for the store brand!

    • Jen

      The drought from last summer is going to make beef prices skyrocket this coming late spring/summer & into fall. It will be everywhere that the price increase is felt. We haven’t felt it yet b/c of there is still surplus. My FIL is in the beef cow business. The prices are not gonna be pretty πŸ™‚ Thank goodness that there are other ways to get lean protein, especially for those of us w/ husbands who are beef/potato people. Kids would be just fine if they never took another bite of red meat the rest of their lives…

      • Dana

        Milk is so expensive in PA because the state controls the minimum price and none of the stores are allowed to sell below that price.

    • Amber L.

      Melissa, I too am in Central PA and have seen the prices you mentioned. Boy, I wish we had lower dairy prices! Half my budget is milk, cheese and eggs most weeks! – Carlisle.

      • JoAnn

        Pittsburgh here, and I hear you! I honestly don’t even look at the price of milk. It never goes on sale. I just buy it. Ground beef is really expensive too. I don’t find the WalMart/Aldi choices to look all that appealing, and the lean stuff at Giant Eagle is so expensive I want to cry. I try to buy mark down meats, but even then I don’t feel like I’m getting any deals. Just gotta pay the prices for meat and dairy, and scrimp and save everywhere else.

        • Katie

          JoAnn, I hear you! I have four little kids so we buy 4 gallons of milk a week. I still save on it, though, in a couple of ways. I have a Sams Club membership, and their milk is around $3.39 here in MD, about sixty cents cheaper than the regular price at stores. I also get Member’s Mark frozen chicken breasts for $1.89, which is the cheapest I’ve found in my area. Sometimes I can save some on milk at Trader Joe’s or when my Safeway Just for U account gives me a personalized deal on milk (they must know I buy in bulk!). Anyways, just wanted to share. πŸ™‚

      • amanda

        Just saying hi from Chambersburg. It’s nice to see a few people from around my way.

        • Amber L.

          Yay! I make it to C-burg all the time as my parents are in Ship! I love that one Thrift Store, well, actually you guys have a few nice Thrifts! If you ever need a Thrifting partner, I’m your gal! πŸ™‚

        • Jennifer

          I grew up in Gettysburg, but now my hubby’s stationed in Hawaii so we’re out here for awhile. I miss that area though! All of my family is still out there, so we’ll be back:) Oh, and as for thrift type stores, I really miss Gabriel Bros!

    • SMS

      Hello from the Harrisburg area! This Wednesday Aldi will have boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.69/lb and Keep an eye out for Karns circulars; they sometimes have as low as $1.49/lb (for 10lb bundle). Sometimes we’ll buy 20lb bundles of meat at Karns and split between families. Eggs at aldi run $1.69/dozen and last spring I got them for $.59/dozen there!

    • Becky

      Hey don’t feel bad. We pay $4.25 for a gallon of milk in Arkansas.

  10. Ashley Grace Wright

    WOW talk about price difference in areas. Especially the ground beef at 1.25/lb. I have never gotten that price and we have our own cow to eat. Thanks for your help in other areas though

  11. justme

    I buy our family’s meat when it’s marked down right before they won’t be able to sell it. I freaze it if I’m not going to use it right away. Every time I’m at the store it’s like a mad dash from everyone when the meat department is putting out the markdowns. I’ve never had a problem with any of it. If you think about it they can’t sell it if it’s still not fresh and safe.

    • Mel

      I used to do the same until our local grocery store closed. Now I purchase meats at Costco. I’m not sure how much the meats come out to per lb but it does come out cheaper than if I purchase in a store.

    • bhw

      I recently bought some chicken at Kroger that was on manager’s special. When I got home I opened the package and it smelled awful. I was able to return it and get my $$ back.

      That’s a rare occurence but you do need to be careful with that kind of stuff.

      • Laura

        Same thing happened when I bought marked down shrimp at Kroger. I made the entire dish and had to throw out the whole thing. I was so mad!

      • roxy

        I had this happen more than once at Kroger πŸ™ And it wasn’t even manager’s special or close to expiration date. I finally gave up buying meat at Kroger. Publix is more expensive, but their meat is always fresh and even tastes better

    • heather

      I do the same, esp. with ground beef at Food Lion!

    • mindy

      I do the same but only in prepackage not those repacked at the store level. I often get flat iron steak for $3-$4 per lb and freeze them.

    • Emma

      I do the same the when I am blessed enough to find some, most weeks I can find some, but not a lot, and I take it home and rewrap it in freezer wrap paper, date it and freeze it right away.

      • Emma

        I never buy chicken like this through, because you cant tell much about it in a package and being able to smell it either.

  12. Stacey

    I need to move!!!! LOL Prices in Philly are WAAAYYY higher!

    • Genny

      Anything up North is CRAZY HIGH! Lol me and mine husband are both from NJ and hes in the services and he wants to go back to NJ but i keep saying noooooo lol dont get me wrong I love and see the city but with a little one thats not my plan! I love this price point sheet tho! Im good at buying other items on sales and using coupons but when it comes to groceries im lost!

  13. anastacia

    does anyone have a price point for clinical deoderant?

    • Amber

      Because it’s the only kind that works for me, I have to get it. My price point for Dove/Secret/Degree clinical is around $4. I am always checking clearance at Walmart and CVS for it.

  14. Sara

    I take and transfer scripts to rite aid get the 25.00 per script use this at RA. Then transfer script to our Meijer and use a coupon for a free 20.00 in grocery. They then keep giving you 10.00 coupon. This money I use to buy meat when the price is the very lowest. In Northwest Ohio meat is very high. I also do the Zaycom. Aldi I can usually get my produce very cheap. In the summer garden, and can. We just got a Ruler foods which is in compition with our Aldi which mean MILK WARS milk is 1.49 a gallon I do freeze milk. When I visit my sis in IN. I get milk for 99 cents eggs 39 cents sugar 89 cents. This I know is crazy however I have to save with a large family I try to only spend between 3-400.00 a month (family of 7)

    • Terri Prowell

      You can freeze milk? does it taste good when un frozen?

      • Debi

        YES! You CAN freeze milk. I learned this from my depression-era grandmother, and my older In-Laws do it too (depression-era). If you CAN put it in a plastic bag…which they dont really sell it like that anymore, but the point is that it expands when frozen. Also the Pediatric Association recommends skim for kids over 2….but that freezes better than Whole.

        • Karen

          Tastes fine. However pour off a 1/2 cup so your milk container doesn’t overflow.

          • Lynne

            I read somewhere the reason for the indents in the sides of a gallon of milk is so it has room to expand when you freeze it. No idea if its true but seems to make sense. Lol

      • Sharon

        You have to be sure to defrost it completely before using, too. The fat defrosts before the water.

      • Laura

        You can freeze human breast milk so I don’t see why you can’t freeze cow’s milk! lol

      • allison

        i froze a half gallon of whole milk. it didn’t overflow with expansion and it defrosted perfectly! i like to have some extra whole milk in the freezer for the little one just in case we run out and i can’t get to the store right away.

    • Lyndi Hedgecock

      just fyi-i would be dancing in the street if i could buy milk, eggs and sugar for those prices! LOL! our milk is $3.99 and it is ~occasionally~ on sale every two months or so for $2.97 with a limit of 2. our eggs are closer to .39 cents each than .39 cents a dozen and our sugar is $1.97 at least with a doubling coupon along with a sale! LOL! πŸ™‚

      • Sara

        I hear ya! I was shocked when I moved east! In CO I could get things super cheap, but in MD, the prices are sky high! Never thought I’d have to work so hard to have a reasonable grocery bill!

        • Kelli

          Sara, HI from a Marylander! I’m from Baltimore!

    • Susan C.

      I have frozen mild in the plastic gallon jugs without pouring any out before freezing. Never had one burst, but the sides do buckle out. Also, it takes a long time to defrost and the color changes very slightly but tastes fine.

    • amanda

      i am part of a program called wic it helps you make sure you and your baby get enough healthy stuff while prego i have been on this program for over five years (3 boys) and i have always frozen my milk kids love it it tastes no diff!!!!

  15. Sarah

    Honestly I have noticed prices are on their way up. I have had to raise some of my price points on certain things. (I even live in an area that typically has really low price points compared to a lot of places) :/ Meat and milk are 2 of the things that I have noticed have gotten a lot more expensive……..


    in what area is someone getting 10lbs of Cat Litter for only $1 and is it scoop-able litter, cus I want a deal like that!!! πŸ™‚

    • Jennifer

      Black Friday at petsmart. .99-1.99 after reward for 35lb tidy cats. I usually roll 7-8 times and stock up for the year.

  17. justme

    Oh and another way to save a TON of money is to buy your beans dry at Walmart and cook them over night in a slow cooker. Then I freeze them. 1 1/2 cups equals a regular can of beans. Much healthier and less sodium. I also make my own yogurt overnight in the slow cooker. Thanks to pinterest these frugal do it yourself ideas are everywhere. Laundry soap is super cheap and easy to make as well.

    • db

      I buy dry beans and cook them too! It’s really easy, Ican eat healthier and it’s cheaper. Plus, I hear it’s better for the environment, so it’s a win-win all around!

      • Kan

        you can find dry chickpeas, red kidney beans and black gram & black eyed beans at Indian grocery stores for cheaper!

  18. theresa

    I just move to Florida, and the prices here are much higher than in Indiana and Michigan. Eggs are $1.79 a dozen, milk $3.79 a gallon and bread $1.29 a loaf. so i have had to change my shopping around plus no doubling. But i just found out at my dollar general has bought a dairy, so now i can get milk for $2.50 a gallon and eggs and bread at $.95 each.

    • Pamela

      Those lower prices you listed are cheaper than what I can find in Michigan. (sale price of milk is 2.69 , sale on eggs is 1.25 and sale of bread depends on what kind of bread) So I think it depends on where in each state you live….. not just the state. Dollar general has really grown and spread out.

  19. Joyce

    This is totally off topic, but maybe someone could help with an answer….I have never done the CVS spend $30 get $10 CVS gift card – does this offer track throughout the week or do you have to make the total purchase at one time? Thanks much.

    • Lyndi Hedgecock

      you can do it throughout the week! πŸ™‚ just look on the bottom of your reciept and it will tell you exactly how much you need to make it to the $30! πŸ™‚

    • Alyssa

      It tracks throughout the week, but doesn’t roll over to the next week.

  20. Jolene

    Your stock up prices are too high imo….. I live in the chicago area

  21. lisa

    Thank you so much for your price points – what a great help to have something to compare to!

  22. allthingseasy

    Wow those price points are super low on the meat and produce! I guess things are just more expensive where I live! I dont buy any packaged/processed foods, (we have a ton of food allergies) but I still try to only spend $100 a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for two adults and two kids. I honestly dont mind paying a bit more for healthier or organic items when they are on sale and staying away from processed food. Its worth it to me!

  23. Tina K

    You’re the best! I truely appreciate your posts and the weekly deals – its what I look forward too every week πŸ™‚

  24. Louise

    I’ve heard before that January is the month to stock up on oatmeal. Last year I waited for a sale on rolled oats but prices didn’t seem to dip very much. I haven’t seen any great sales this month either. Collins price point is 50 cents for 42oz. I’ve never seen that price before. I would love to know what everyone’s price point is for rolled oats and where you usually buy them?

    • Megan

      I usually buy my oats at Costco. It’s usually $7.89 for a 10 lb. box. I think Sam’s Club may be cheaper on the oats, but I’m not sure. If you don’t have a membership to either of those places, check the bulk bins at your local supermarket.

      • amanda

        do u know if sams club excepts ebt ( foodstamps) the hubby has been layed off for three months trying to find out were to use the card????

        • Erin D.

          In Calif. everyplace accepts EBT, even the fast food places like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell. Just call your store. They will help answer your question. Good luck! God Bless.

        • Cathy H

          Yes you can use ebt at Sam’s club

    • Karen

      I have been buying my rolled oats in 25 pound bags (I know it is a lot, but it really doesn’t take too long to work through them) and they are about .50 a pound. So much cheaper!

      • louise

        Where do you buy the 25lb bag?

  25. Cara

    We lived in TX for 3 years and have now lived in CA for 4.5 and I still feel sticker shock every time I shop. I buy organic milk — $4.50 a half gallon. Organic ground beef is $6.99 a pound. Whew!

    • Jessica

      If you have a Sprouts near you, check their weekly sales for cheap meat. Sometimes they put their meats on sale for rock bottom prices. That’s when I stock up.

    • Ashley

      Ugh I can relate! I buy 6 half gallons every pay (2 weeks) and thankfully get to shop at the commissary but its still $3.79 each.

  26. meg

    Thank you for this list. This is pretty much on target with what I pay. I live in northeast Ohio. We have stores that double coupons and we have a lot of discount stores.

  27. mel

    I don’t have a price point for food. I just look to save at least 50% or more combining sales w/coupons, except for milk. It very rarely goes on sale, so that’s $4 automatic on my list. Produce I only buy whats on sale that week and I always ck the last chance bin. I bought 10 over ripe bananas for $.88 today. When I got home, I peeled them, sliced and froze (on a cookie sheet, them popped off and put in a container) for my morning smoothies. Meat I tend to buy from a local grocery who has reasonable prices better than Winn Dixie & Walmart. I’ve started buying frozen chicken tenders in the bag from Sam’s (Want to say its like $8ish for 4 lb bag.. much cheaper than buying fresh)
    For HBA though, my price points are
    Free – floss, toothpaste & toothbrushes
    Free to .50 – shampoo & conditioner
    Free to $1 – body wash & bar soap
    Free to $2 – mouthwash , hair dye
    Free to $1 – deodorant (dh can only use degree, when I can get it cheap, I stock up!)
    Makeup – varies, depending on the item. I do splurge at Sephora for a good foundation & make up brushes.
    Free to $2 – razors & refills
    Free to $5 – vitamins

    About 99% of my hba comes from the drug stores, so combining sales, cpns & rewards I am able to get items very cheap and this stretches my grocery budget.

    • JoAnn

      I follow about the same with my h&b. I have a few items I am willing to spend extra on and some I stick to the list no matter what. I never thought about freezing ripe bananas, thats a great idea!

  28. Steffan

    are these straight sale prices or net after coupons etc?

  29. Laurel

    Thank you!!!

  30. Jenny

    Collin, I’ve been curious about your grocery budget for your family – just wondering? We have a family of 5 here too and I just wondered what you budget weekly. Thanks for all you do!

    • amanda

      im also a family of five and would also love to know!!!!!

  31. Jessica

    How old is this list? I’m in Iowa where we can get cheap food but nowhere near much of this list. I would say it can’t be accurate. But thanks for making us wish πŸ™‚

  32. Holly

    For those of you milk price comparers – I now buy my milk at CostCo. I live in south Jersey (in the county with the actual highest dairy production in the state!!) and a gallon of 2% milk is around $4.25. But, at CostCo, it is $3.19. Apparently, none of the dairy my county produces gets sold in my county, we ship it out to everywhere else.

    With that said, I never spend more than $1 on a box of name brand cereal.

    • Lacy

      I agree with buying milk at Costco! I’m in the KC metro area and milk here is $2.85 for skim and $2.95 for 1%! Great price with no sale if you ask me. Going through 2 gallons a week, a membership easily pays for itself in a years time!

  33. Krissy

    We raise our own beef and chicken, so it’s organic @ maybe $2 lb beef (all cuts!) and chicken 1.50 lb. Have our own egg layers and buy pork from people we know and trust. I will NOT compromise my ability to buy raw milk from a local farmer and am happy to pay $6 a gallon for that:?) I can then make my own butter and have fresh buttermilk for all my baking, helping defray the cost. We grow a large garden, using and canning what we can use and selling extra at a farmer’s market. I buy bulk in my organic flours, sugars, sea salts and other dry goods and can’t find a grocery store that comes near to matching what the local Mennonite store gets it to me for:?)

    I am a freak about toilet paper and have researched it down to square inches! Don’t be fooled by “double and triple rolls” or “extra quilted and soft” They are not always what they claim in size and my personal price point per single roll is 17Β’. My hubby laughs at the toilet paper bulging out of closets around here! I have a serious fear of running out;?P

    Just a couple rambling thoughts!

  34. I Love Shoes

    Thanks Collin. A little off the subject. Collin, maybe this can be a future discussion… Any suggestions on the best rewards credit card. I know some people are strictly against credit cards, but I pay off my balance every month and usually have credit balances on my cards. I don’t spend what I dont have. My motto is pay me to use my cards :-0. I have an American Express with 76,000 plus sky miles, but I’m just limited to traveling within the 48 states and redeemng American Express gift cards. I have a Bank of America World Points Visa. By my closing date in two weeks, I will have enough points to redeem a $500 check. I plan on starting a bank account for my future bundle of joy. I am starting a family soon. I would prefer something with great incentives towards baby and children items. I was thinking about a Toys R US Mastercard or Target. Unfortunately Target card is limited to just Target, but I am open to Target if someone can share the benefits of haing a Target card. Anyone with advice please assist. Thanks

    • Renae

      I would be interested in this too! I did just get a Target red card because they offer 5% off every purchase plus free shipping on line on any purchase.

    • Brenda

      My family uses a Chase Freedom card. I pay for everything with it, groceries, gas, bills that allow payment with a credit card (cell phone, utilities, etc.). We pay it off in full every month. We earn anywhere from 1% minimum up to 5%, based on what you are buying, and when. You earn a higher % on …example: gas and hotels one qtr, groceries/dept. stores another…. This is our vacation fund. If you are diligent about paying off your balance this can be a great way to earn cash. Another tip is if you know you need something from ……example: Home Depot and it’s the quarter that is 5% for groceries, buy a gift card at the grocery store, earn 5% cash back on the gift card for your “grocery” purchase, and this saves you even more. Same thing for eating out or whatever you may need that you can get a gift card for…hope this helps! You are thinking in the right direction!! Good luck!

    • Ambo

      I use AMEX preferred. It has a $75 annual fee, but if you spend a certain amount with the first 30-90 days (sorry I don’t remember the specifics) you get $150 back. You get 6% at grocery stores 3% for gas and 1% everywhere else. I do what Brenda does and buy gift cards. I bought my husband tickets to see the Lion King play for his birthday, but first I went to the grocery store and bought ticketmaster gift cards. If I know I’m going to spend money somewhere I get a gift card first! I think we can redeem the points for gift cards or cash back. I’m so in love with the card I have to be careful not to spend money just to get more points!

    • Krissy

      Bank of America Cash Rewards is my favorite right now. 3% back on gas and the other cash earners add up really quick! I pay mine off each month as well. In 8 months, I’ve racked up $270 in rewards which is nearly paying for our rental car on our “frugal” vacation to Maui next month! I hope you find the right one for you!

    • Sarah

      Target cards have a lot of benefits. They have a credit and a debit card (links to your checking account & you can withdrawl cash as an added benefit) that you can sign up for. Everytime you use it you save 5% on all your purchases at target (including Pharmacy, Photo, Target Cafe, etc.) Also for every 5 Rx’s you fill when you sign up with the Pharmacy rewards that comes with the card you will get a day of an extra 5% of your total purchases (discount will be mailed to you). You get Free shipping online when you use your target card (along with your 5%). You can opt to sign up for the Take Charge of Education program and target will dontate 1% of everything you spend on your Redcard to the school of your choice. You also get an extra 30 days for returns when you use your redcard making it 120 instead of 90 days to return an item.

  35. Laurie

    I live in Omaha Nebraska.
    Bananas 39 cents/lb
    Blueberries/blackberries 99
    Oranges 1.48
    Milk 1/2 gal on sale 99 buy as much as I can and freeze all.
    Half gal orange juice 99
    Kraft cheese,shredded,chunk 1.29
    Stems fresh veggies 69 bought 20 and froze
    Eggs 99
    Chicken tenderloins 1.59lb
    Campbell’s soup fat free cr mush/chx big sale Walmart 48 bought over 25
    Pasta 69-89cents
    Just to toss out some figures.

  36. Jeff Walker

    Where Can I find prices for FL?

  37. mommy1

    Anyone do some PP’s for organics? πŸ™‚

  38. Laura

    I was thinking about purchasing some items from Zaycon Foods, and wondered if anyone had any thoughts/comments on their purchases from them. TIA

    • carter

      I recently bought 30 pounds of 93/7 antibiotic free ground beef from zaycon for $2.69/lb. Love it! A couple hours with the foodsaver and my freezer is full of ready-to-go 1 lb packages. Hoping to get talapia next time. Personally, i’m not digging the chicken breasts…too much trimming for me!

    • Ambo

      I ordered chicken once from them. I was impressed with the service and very impressed with the quality. When I ordered it was for 40 pounds of Chicken. I did not realize how much 40 pounds of chicken was! And it is not frozen so if raw meat grosses you out, it may not be a good option. The chicken was in a plastic bag in cardboard boxes. I had to repackage in order to freeze it. It is different than just picking it up at the grocery store. I highly recommend this company.
      If anyone is interested I’d love it you used my referral: ANORBY

  39. Emma

    Thank you collin, you have helped us all so much, for a long time now, your blog is my first go to every day (you have helped me tremendously for a while now) I know prices will differ in differant states and area’s, but we can use your plan and make our own for our area, that way we know in our area the prices and can compare them to others area prices.

  40. Em

    We’re a mostly raw organic beegan family. I buy almost nothing prepackaged (Kombucha, Coconut oil). We stock up on veggies and such at the price points listed below. We also have a fairly large garden in the summers. We freeze our garden bounty and cheap finds in glass containers, or pickle them, dehydrate then freeze, etc. I will spare no expense to feed my family a wide range of color of veggies, so even if we’re out of something I’ll bite the bullet and fork over the cash. Which I hate doing.

    Any veggie/fruit that we eat (no corn, no potatoes, no tomatoes): less than a $1/lb/bunch/head and I’m buying loads of it.
    Oats: less than $1.50/lb and I’m buying a TON, like 5- 5 gallon buckets worth.
    Beans: less than 99cents and I’ll buy 5- 5gallon buckets worth
    Nuts/seeds: We buy them raw. There is never a deal. Ever.
    Coconut oil: .30c/oz or less and ill buy the whole shelf
    Spices: I wait until our store has a 25% off sale on bulk items and stock up for 4 months worth.

    We get all of our bee products in exchange for toiletries that I make. Unlimited amounts. I never buy herbs way way way easy to grow.

    We don’t shop very often (though I do run my the stores weekly to price check when we are down to a last bucket or so). It’s so nice.

  41. mira

    What about woman items like tampons?

    • Em

      Diva cup, cloth pads πŸ™‚

    • carter

      Free to $1 for playtex or tampax in Atlanta

  42. mike

    Thanks for posting this, I appreciate all the couponers that share their finds, I’m new to all this, walked out of Randall’s today with 2 free 65 oz grapefruit juices, will give back when I can!

    • mike

      I guess I should pick an avatar, since it automatically gave me a female one LOL

  43. Tara

    I also live in PA and buy my milk directly from the local dairy along with my iced tea and lemonade. Also thrilled with the giant coupon for 80/20 ground beef at 1.99/lb this week. Already hit them three times for 15 lb of ground beef along with the great paper plate/toilet paper deal.

  44. Melissa

    Here in IL I buy organic milk for the baby which is $4.29 per 1/2 gallon at target and a gallon of non organic is $2.29. At least I get an extra 5% off with the target red card. πŸ™‚ Thanks Collin!

  45. Amanda C

    Love this. How do I pin it?

  46. Debra

    Yeah…I’m gonna have to tweak this list as well. Prices here in Texas are not as ridiculously high as my home state of PA, but they’re nowhere near this low! But I REALLY appreciate having a starting point! Thanks Collin!

  47. Shannon

    I live in the south and I find milk and eggs to be on the higher priced of items. I buy chicken when bilo has their bogo sale. I also buy london broil when they have the bogo. Anyone in the south have any ideas for cheaper milk and eggs?

    • Jcatz824

      You could always buy your own “milking” cow and a few chickens.

  48. Angela

    My family found a local organic farmer from whom we buy a quarter to a half of a cow at a time. The cows are free-range grass-fed and I end up with a whole side by side freezer full of the best tasting meat for around $2.50 a pound.

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