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Walgreens: Possible FREE Chex Mix, $0.50 Bags of Doritos + More (Through Midnight Only)

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Calling all of you Walgreens shoppers! You may be able to head there now or a little later tonight (before midnight) to possibly double dip on the sales available this week and next week! You see, select Walgreens locations actually have the sales for the upcoming week start ringing up at the sale price Saturday. Now the time on Saturday may vary… so if your store does in fact have the sales for next week already in effect, you can score the following deals:

Chex Mix 5.5 or 8.75 oz, Bugles 6 or 7.5 oz, Combos 7 oz $0.99 (next weeks sale)
Use 2 $0.60/1 Chex Mix or Chex 100 Calorie Snack coupons found here
Or use 2 $0.50/1 Chex Mix or Chex 100 Calorie Snack coupons found here
Or use 2 $0.50/2 Chex Mix or Chex 100 Calorie Snack coupons found in the 1/27 SS
Plus, use the $1/2 Chex Mix Walgreens coupon found in the January Coupon Booklet
(note that this Walgreens coupon is only valid thru midnight)
Final cost as low as 2 FREE bags of Chex Mix!

Spend $15 on Participating Frito Lay or Pepsi Products = 3,000 Balance Rewards Points
-Pepsi Product 2 liters $0.99
-Pepsi Products 12 pk 12 oz cans 4/$12 with in ad coupon – sale price varies by region
-Doritos, Tostitos or Lay’s Chips 9-13 oz $1.99 (this is the sale that’s for next week) + on sale Buy 1 get 1 FREE (with current sale through midnight)
-Frito Lay dips or salsa 15-16.75 oz 2/$5

Deal Scenario #1:
Buy 2 bags of Doritos on sale for $1.99 each + on sale Buy 1 get 1 FREE
Total = $1.99 for 2 bags
Use the $1/2 Doritos coupon found here
Final cost only $1 for 2 bags, just $0.50 per bag!! WOW!

Deal Scenario #2:
Buy 2 bags of Tostitos on sale for $1.99 each + on sale Buy 1 get 1 FREE
Buy 1 Tostitos dip (FREE with coupon below)
Use the buy 2 Tostitos 9.5 oz.+, get 1 FREE Tostitos Dip (15 oz. or smaller) coupon found here
Final cost only $1.99 for 2 bags of Tostitos AND a Dip!

And don’t forget that when you spend $15 on Participating Frito Lay or Pepsi Products above, you’ll score 3,000 Balance Rewards Points back!

Come back to let us know if you are able to double dip on the sales!

(Thanks, Wild for Wags, Sarah, & For The Mommas!)

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Comments 59

  1. Mitchell @ Frugal Finders

    Worked at my store in St. Cloud, MN earlier today! I was able to get 8 bags of Chex Mix, 4 bags of Tostitos, 2 bags of Doritos, 1 jar of salsa, and 1 jar of queso for only $4.89!

    Just a heads up – the double dipping will not work at 24 hour stores.

    • Elizarae

      My store is 24 hours and the double dip worked just fine.

      • Pam

        mine is 24h as well, and worked just fine too!

  2. mel

    Did not work here for the tostitos, they did ring up $1.99, but not bogo free. Was able to get the chex mix free though!!

  3. Chrissy

    It worked in Texas. Bought 2 bags of Chex Mix at 99 cents a bag, use the JAN WAGS coupon and two 60 cents off coupons. Got both FREE plus 20 cents back…however I bought something else, because Walgreens will not give you the moneymaker in cash!

  4. Elena

    Worked here in Myrtle Beach, SC but wouldn’t take the coupons with food lion logo. Boo

    • HCamp

      They should its a manufacturers! πŸ™

  5. Cora

    Worked at my store if Lafayette, LA!! I just forgot to bring my chex mix coupons to score that deal. Happy with the deal on the chips, though.

  6. Melissa

    Deal did work at a 24 hr store, got 16 bags of Doritos used $4.50 in RR paid $11.42 and got 6000 points

  7. rachelle G


    • squarejellybean

      awesome I’m in Fresno!!! Did u call the store first? to see if the sales were started early?

  8. Cindy F.

    I bought 16 bags of a mix of doritos, tostitos and lays, 1.99 each/BOGO overlap. Paid 15.92 and received 6000 points here in NJ

    • Lindsay S

      I did the same thing in the Kansas City MO area! What an awesome deal!!

  9. Debi

    Just a reminder that the location with the Doritos and Pepsi coupons has a known Virus.

    • moba

      i printed the coupons with no problem, where did u get this info from?

  10. Jenny

    I just saw this on another site. It “kinda” worked in MN….. I went out & bought 16 bags of chips they were $1.99 AND B1G1F. I tried the salsa, queso, & chex mix–NO GO. I didn’t get any points added to my card, many have said when you buy 16 bags you get 6000 pts. I called the customer service number & she verified I should have rec’d the points– they were added πŸ™‚

  11. j

    the coupons out it’s not showin up as avaible anymore

  12. Jessica

    Even without the coupon 1$ a bag is an awesome price!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  13. chelsea

    how are you guys getting 6000 pts when buying only 16 bags of chips? at my wags, my chip bags would ring up 1.99 for the first one and then the second automatically rang up at 0.00 BOGO, not 1.99 so my total never hit $30. I got 3000pts for 16 bags.

  14. eric

    Thanks , got 4 free bags of chex mix in port orange, FL

  15. allison

    Worked in Bonita springs, Fl

  16. Deana

    Yee Haw…. Total score on chips AND chex mix. I was nervous about this deal. You know, the heart pounding, short of breath nervous..but WOW it worked! So worth it. BTW…location was Dallas, TX area.

    • Deana

      I forgot to mention this was the buy 16 bags of chips and get 6000 points point deal.

    • Lindsay S

      HA, this just made me laugh because I was the same way! Glad I am not the only one! I also bought 16 bags and got 6000 points! So excited!! I am in the Lees Summit MO area. πŸ™‚

  17. Taera

    Do any of the free products after register rewards deals work tonight? Will the register rewards print?

  18. Janelle

    Just left Walgreens in Roseville, MI w 2 bags of Doritos for 99 cents!! They’re $1.99 and BOGO I used my Food Lion Mfr Q for $1/2 πŸ™‚

  19. Melissa

    Missing out on this one since husband is working so I’m at home w/ the kids but I guess my hips will thank me for not buying all those chips!!!!!

  20. Katy

    Wish I had known about the coupons but I’m still super excited! Got 16 bags of chips (+6000 points) and 4 free bags of Chex Mix. I think we’re set for Super Bowl πŸ˜‰

  21. Sarah

    Didn’t work for me in Warren, MI πŸ™

  22. Melissa

    The one day I dont check Hip2save. Darn, I did get the chex mix because I knew of that. Stinks because I have $1 off one bag when you buy the dip. Would have been a great score

  23. Wendy

    Ha ha, went there earlier and got two bags for $1.99. I was surprised, now I see what was happening! I should have bought more.

    • Christina

      Same thing happened to me.

  24. amy

    Thanks for the heads up! With 3 teenage boys snacks are great to have! 4 12pks, 2 doritos, 2 tostitos and one salsa for 13.51 + 3000 pts!
    did deal twice, and bought 6 digiornos pizzas all for $46 +9500 pts!

  25. Jack

    Anyone with success on the deals…did the Mylar’s or tags reflect next weeks price already?

    • Christina

      No indication until check out that the chips were $1.99.

      • Christina

        I got the $1.99 chips BOGO before noon in WI.

    • Betsy

      They did at one of the Walgreens here in the Chicago area, but the two that didn’t already had the prieces in their computer system

  26. lisa

    Worked in Gulfport MS!!! 16 bags of chips and 5 free chex mix! Very cool!

  27. Doreen Craig

    10 2ltrs – 75 cents off each (hangtag). 6 doritios – BOGO $1.99. Total after coupons $8.35 used 2 $3 RR from Nature Valley, paid $2.35 and got 3000 points.

  28. melanie

    Thanks, I bought 16 bags of doritos and tostitos paid $15.92 and got 6000 points and 6 bags of Turtle Chex free after coupons! Think I’m ready for the superbowl!! Thanks Collin!

  29. Jack

    Any item quantity limits for the January book coupon?

  30. TH

    I bought only 8 bags…did not get the point but good deal on chips anyway! I could never eat 16 bags before trhe y expire even with all the help I have…

  31. Jeannie

    WOrks in Wisconsin – Holy cow this was a fun deal – thanks for posting it! I did the same as above, 4 bags tostitos, 4 bags combos, 4 bags doritos, 2 bags chex mix and 2 salsa for 4.72

  32. jac

    Wish I’d realized the $1.99 and BOGO would both work when I was there 2 hours ago! I did get the free Chex mix, so I was happy about that.

    Just some advice passed along from a friend long ago: those extra chips can be stored in the freezer! If you’ve got a deep freeze w/ a little extra room, store them until you’re ready to open and serve. They’ll be as fresh as when you put them in there. Surprising but true!

    • Deana

      I freeze cookies this way too. It works out great when there is an great sale on them.

  33. Jack

    Worked at my 24 hour store. With my discount, I got 6 bags of chex mix and 6 bags of doritos for $0.96!!

  34. Meme

    Just got back! Checked out at 11:48 pm! Whoo just made it! Lol 16 bags for only. 62 cents each! U cant beat that when my hubby wakes up he will be very happy πŸ™‚ READY FOR SUPERBOWL!!!!!

  35. Dino

    This is the reason why I love you colllin lol…just got back from walgreens amazing deals

  36. Marissa

    Did this easier today. Have no idea why it worked! My store has NEVER done the add early before. So excited! I’m ready for my 2 sons birthdays and Super Bowl! πŸ˜€

  37. Wendy

    I got the Chex Mix for free, just had to pay the sales tax. Then I got 16 bags of chips (mixture of Doritos & Tostitos) along with 4 jars of dip. Used the coupons from the Food Lion for chips and dip. Total was approx $13 oop plus 6,000 pts added to my account. Great deal!

    • Liza

      So if i go Now which I live in CA will I be able to get this deal?

  38. Amy

    I got 4 12 packs of soda, 6 bags of chips, 2 jars of salsa, 13 bags of chex mix, 2 bags of cracker jackd, and six .99 cent Hallmark cards for 13.20 with the coupons and RR I had. I also earned 8000 points and 3.00 Register Rewards. I am pretty happy with that! A total “cost’ of $2.20 πŸ™‚

  39. Rie

    Yay, worked for me. Got 14 Doritos, 2 tostitos, tostitos dip, 4 chex mix for $14.68 after using all the coupons listed above + 6000 BR pts! Whoo hoo, ready to root my Niners for the big win!

  40. Tina

    It worked here in central Ca. .. I bought 6 bags of doritos, 2 bags of tostitos, 1 jar of cheese dip (15oz), 8 bags of chex mix for $6.68 making each item .39 each. I didnt get any points back but there were no more chips to buy in the store. Now if my 18 free frozen hamburgers arrive from the $50 meat gift card I won from our local tv news station get here in time for super bowl, we will have a cheap but awesome super bowl party!!!!!! thanks for the tip πŸ™‚

    • Veronica m

      I’m in central cali too. I also did the Doritos/tostitos deal πŸ™‚

      • Liza

        Will I be able to get this deal if I go now?

        • Daphne

          Yes.I am in CA and just got back from doing it.

  41. Tiffany

    It’s really nice that you were all able to get 16 bags of chips. My store doesn’t even stock that many at a time. The shelf had 3, 2 of which I bought but it was also a tiny shelf. She said they may carry 6 bags of chips at a time. Too bad for me.

    • Chrissy

      Same here. My store only had a small shelf and they were almost all gone. The ones they had in boxes a lady was buying all 16 of them as I was checking out.

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