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“Hipsters” to the Rescue: What are YOUR Frugal and Hip Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas?! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Are you on the search for cute and affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas?! Then check out some of these adorable creations and share your own with us in the comments below!

First, Hip2Save reader, Melanie, created these sweet and nearly free gifts featured at the top of the post. Check out her email…

Today I made Valentine’s (practically for free!) for my 3rd and 1st grade children to bring to school. Here’s how:

1. Valentine tissue paper bought at Target’s 90% off Valentine’s Clearance ($0.20).
2. 2 Jumbo bags of snack size Kit Kats FREE from CVS after $3 off coupon (coupons given to kids dressed in costume for Halloween) and they were on sale for $3 in October. Candy doesn’t expire until 9/2013.
3. Red curly ribbon purchased at Target’s 90% off Christmas Clearance.
4. Avery printer labels FREE after rebate from Office Depot.

Wrapped two Kit Kats in the tissue paper. Tied the ends with ribbon to make it look like candy. Printed out labels that say, “You’re Sweet! Happy Valentine’s Day! From ______.”

Check out these other adorable creations to get you thinking….

* Crushed Conversation Heart Cookie Pops created by The Decorated Cookie

* Pom Pom Valentine’s Wreath by Honey Bear Lane

* Spa in a Jar by The Gunny Sack

Do you have any unique, frugal and “hip” Valentine’s Day gift ideas?! Please share in the comments below… Thanks! 😀

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  1. Nika

    I wanted to do something special, without spending alot. My 4 year old son & I bought & decorated a poster board. We made it into a huge card, personalized it with photos we cut into hearts. I’m thrilled with how great it turned out. I also bought a pack of regular balloons, and wrote out some sweet love notes. With plans on cutting them into strips &rolling them up, placing them inside the ballons as we blow them up. It’s a sweet/fun suprise… can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

  2. Mel

    I love the spa jar! I’ll be hinting around that I would love that as a gift!

  3. Amy

    I decided I don’t have time to be crafty this year for Valentine’s Day. I found brand new boxes of Valentines at Goodwill for $0.99 for a pack of 25. They had lots to pick from, including Transformers and Disney Cars, which my son loves. We bought two boxes. The Transformer ones also came with erasers. I love Goodwill. You never know what deals you will find there.

  4. Lis

    Darn you crafty people… Love to hate you though! Love all of these ideas. How sweet! Love Love Love the PomPom Wreath.

    • Niki

      Or just let the kids use some of those Sharpies that every Hip to Saver has and write Valentines on the Cuties! Saves the environment from the wrappers!

  5. Lauri B.

    Any good ideas for cheap hubby gifts?? We had to buy tires unexpectedly and it gobbled up our Valentines day fun money. 🙁

    • Tricia

      Bake him something, make “coupons” on index cards (I do that every year) you can do “coupon good for a day having full control of the TV remote”, or “good for one day of getting out of changing diapers”…my husband loves that one! lol You can make a card or craft for him. If you have kids make the kids hand prints on red paper and cut them out and let the kids decorate Valentine’s for Daddy. If you don’t have kids you can do something more “sexy” 😉 and get a dice and make up a game like write on an index card that if you roll a 3 you have to *fill in the blank* with something sexy. Get strawberries and chocolate chips and make chocolate covered strawberries. Cook a special dinner. So many options! We never have money for anything and are usually about $400 negative each month and we have a 4 yr old so I’ve spent many nights thinking of cheap cute things to do with very little! Good luck 🙂

    • Nora

      Give him the gift of you. Tie a bow around your waist and nothing else

      • jd

        Of course with a bow you’ve found on clearance! haha

    • lachmun

      I saw an idea in a book where you make a gift card for you, worth $100.00 (or whatever value). Then on the front of the gift card put a picture of yourself. On the back post things like lunch with me (aka you are lunch) for $20, or hot and passionate kiss $5.00, etc.

    • Mar

      Go to; type in your address- you find good deals. I purchased a 10.00 card for two. Depends on your area. IF I really have no money! I make him pancakes out of hearts decorate with is favorite fruit. I make his lunch so I sneak a valentines card; I purchase in advance for .99 from Collins site. He likes beef jerky so I place his beef jerky in the box; and make his sandwich into hearts. That is my Valentines on a budget. I make a cake also for all the family to enjoy on that day. Give my boys something to look foward too ;)!

    • Jenn

      Here are some ideas I did for my girlfriend. Take a bottle of Crush soda, create a label on the computer that says “I have a crush on you” tape it to the bottle (I used Microsoft Word), I got a box of bandaids “I’m stuck on you”, I got a yellow rubber ball with a smile and added the note “You make me smile” A lot of the stuff I bought at the dollar tree, bought on clearance, etc.

      • Maria

        Love it! Thanks!

  6. C.

    My fiance is getting an old-school present: homemade heart-shaped linzer tarts. LandOLakes has a recipe online.

  7. rose

    Yeah!!! I was hoping you would do this again this year! Thank You so much Collin!

  8. Greg

    After Christmas we shop the sales like all frugal Hip2Savers. Only we then separate the M&M or Hershey kisses into red for Valentine’s day and green for St. Patrick’s day

    • Morgan

      I do that too! 🙂
      Although my St. Patrick’s Day supply is getting limited because it has been my reward for potty training (staying dry through the night- we’re at the tail end of the training bit-I hope!!)
      But this has worked great with having treats for teachers and my husband for both winter holidays 🙂

  9. Tia

    The Kit-Kat surprises are a great idea. I admire people that are so creative.

  10. Ketsy alexander

    I was thinking about this today. I get two snacks this month because of valentines day. I made the pretzel rods with chocolate using a mold for one day and I’m still thinking on valentines day. The bow idea for the girl dounds great but for boys idk, maybe new crayons using melted crayons.

    • Ketsy alexander

      Also remember baking can be cut down in cost by sharing molds with a neighbor or friend 🙂 or by borrowing molds

  11. amy

    For my husband I am having my son make a card with his 2 hand prints to make a heart and then a foot print below.. saying I love you from the bottom of my heart to the tip of my toes.. and getting him mountain dew with a saying that says thanks for all that you dew… and reesies pieces saying I love you to pieces.

    • Tricia

      That is super cute!

  12. Kaylee

    Last year I took a picture of each of my girls dressed in their favorite princess dress-up, holding one of their arms out, palm up. Then I got on and added text to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Love: Princess ______”. I printed them off at Walgreens, glued them onto cardstock, and then glued one heart-shaped candy (with foil wrapper, of course) on top of their little hand, so it looked like they were holding it. Each one cost about $1 and was a hit with everyone! My girls requested to do them again this year!

  13. Kaylee

    Oh and for the hubby–take a few naughty pictures of yourself and just leave them on the camera for him to look at and then delete…that’s free and will definitely get things started. Then make his fav dinner…he’ll be more than happy 😉

    • Mar

      Oh my goodness never thought of the camera idea “Thanks” 😉

  14. mmartin69

    excellent ideas – using up some halloween candy I got at bjs for a song – just need tissue paper

  15. JoAnn

    Anyone have any elementary age appropriate ideas that do NOT involve food? TIA

    • Tricia

      Make bookmarks or put together little cups filled with pencils, erasers, crayons, mini notebooks etc 🙂

    • Sarah

      Melt crayons in a heart mold 🙂

    • Mar

      I was a pre-K teacher. There is so much out there you can google and find great ideas! Some of the ladies have good ideas as well. One simple one is get construction paper
      and some pics of you or your children decorate with shells, macron,candy hearts, etc.

    • MommySpendsLess

      What about this idea for Play Doh?
      My local Walmart had 11-packs of neon and metallic on clearance for $2. I snagged one for my daughter but was wondering if there was a good reason to go back for the other two boxes when I found that cute idea. Unfortunately when I made it back to the store they were already gone 🙁

  16. Mimi

    No candy.

  17. jd

    A way to save on money is to NOT celebrate it! I’m very lucky because everyday is Valentines day for me! Yay! If you have to celebrate it with the hubby then celebrate it the day after or even the day before. ALL prices on everything will be so much cheaper! And no lines at restaurants. Of course this is advice for those without children and then you’ll have to make things for their friends

    • Tricia

      I don’t think even having no money is a reason to not celebrate it because there are always ways to do things that are free using stuff around the house. Even something as simple as just watching a movie at home with snacks you already have in the house can be a great Valentine’s Day or making a pancake breakfast in the shapes of hearts…there are so many things! Just a nice little note saying I love you to your special someone is better than nothing 🙂

      • Erin

        I don’t think she’s saying cost gets in the way of celebrating; I think she might be saying that she and her husband make an effort to celebrate it every day and therefore have no need to make a special effort to celebrate on 2/14.

        • jd

          Erin you are correct. He treats me like a queen every day. He cannot possibly do more than what he already does for a ‘holiday’. I told him I want some kit kat bars and sweetarts. Thats all I actually want!

  18. Jen

    We made cards (with card stock we already had). I cut an apple in half and shaped it into a heart. My daughter stamped it red paint (that she already had) and then we printed out little slips that said “You are the apple of my eye, happy Valentine’s Day!” And she glued them on. She’s 3 and loves paint.

  19. Julie

    I purchase early and save the gift until I need it. I am amazed at the awesome gifts I am giving to my kids and hubby just because I got them when I didn’t need them (thanks to Hip2Save!!!!)

    • Ashley57

      I know – I am so excited for hubby’s gift. I bought the Dremel tool when it was on sale before Christmas and got a great deal. He is going to be so thrilled!

  20. Greg

    And here’s another one.. For years, be it Valentine’s Day a Birthday or an Anniversary, my frugal wife & I go to a Target, Hallmark store or just the local Grocery and browse the card aisle. When we find a card we like we just turn to the other and say “If I were to purchase a card for you, this would be the one”. We then kiss & finish whatever we came in for. I can’t imagine how much we have saved over the years. 😉

    • Ashley57

      I seriously love that. I have a stockpile of cards I bought off Ebay once (it was a crazy deal – the lady sold cards in bulk, and she was selling all the “damaged” cards together for just the cost of a flat rate box, about $10. I have cards to last forever!) If I ever run out of cards, I am going to do this!!

    • Erin

      Love it. I can’t believe how expensive cards are! And what do you do with them after you’ve read them? Recycle or toss them. Seems like such a waste to me!

  21. Bill

    Sorry, but we chose NOT to be frugal this year.
    Headed to Pigeon Forge for a weekend of fun and great food-Old Mill!!! 🙂

    • Rama

      Sorry, I don’t mean to offend anyone but I would not want to give or receive something that has been in my or anyone’s toilet; re-purposed or not! Toilet tissue rolls may have residual fecal matter on it.

      • Kristi

        especially if it has edible stuff filled in it…..

    • mary

      that is too cute!

  22. sarah@boxwood
  23. Erin D.

    My favorite gift I ever gave my hubby was a e-photo card I made on They have a free version or a inexpensive yearly membership. Using the free version I downloaded a card layout with a Valentine’s Theme, added photos of our early years from dating to our wedding, incuding the wedding kiss photo. I left it open on the screen on our computer. It had our kiss photo with a big “PLAY” button showing. He hit the “PLAY” button to view the card and hear the music play when he found it. We both loved that card and I have it saved on my computer so we can view it again in the future. NO COST IDEA – LOVE IT!

  24. Christina

    Alright I know someone at Hallmark is gonna hate this, but I have to share!! My husband an I many times when we are out shopping will take pictures of cute cards or gifts an send the pics to each other. Cuts out the need to buy a card and we know the other is thinking of us in a special way when we do this. It’s also a great way for us to put together Christmas or birthday lists for the kids when family members ask what they want. We just resend the pictures.

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