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“Hipsters” to the Rescue: April Fool’s Jokes Needed

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If you have been following Hip2Save for any length of time, you likely know how much I love April Fools Day! ๐Ÿ™‚ It is literally one of my most favorite days since it’s typically filled with lots of laughs, smiles and just pure fun… it makes me feel like a kid again! With that being said, I’d love to hear your fun April Fool’s pranks, jokes or tips that you may have (as always, please keep them family friendly).

Stay tuned for an upcoming, fun April Fool’s Day…no joke! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Dori

    Placing a rubber band around the sprayer on the sink & when the water is turned on it shoots whoever is standing in it’s path!

    • Tracy

      My boys did that to me one year!! I was pretty upset at first from the shock, but a darn good April fool’s!!

    • tracy

      i did that to my sister a couple years ago…she got mad and cried…you gotta get the right person i guess lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Autumn

      my sister did this at my parents house and as we were waiting on new victims WE would forget and soak ourselves every time. that one can go on for days!

  2. Rebekah

    I switched out my coffee addicted mama’s morning pot of coffee with flat coke. Everyone in the house laughed so hard except her. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Tilla Ham


  3. Amy

    I’m a little embarrassed to type this and I did this when I was a teenager, but still pretty funny. Call your local hardware store and ask if they have 2 nuts and a good screw followed by an April Fools’ greeting.

  4. Cindy

    Last April Fool’s Day I found a picture on the internet of a chipped front tooth(you could only see the tooth, not the face) and sent it to my daughter at college and told her that I had fallen on the treadmill and chipped my front tooth!!! She was so concerned that I couldn’t keep it up for long, I told her it was just a joke!!

  5. couponcrazygirl

    Wrap a rubber band around the sprayer on the kitchen sink. You may need to wrap multiple times. Then when some goes to turn on the sink, it sprays them!

  6. Sara

    I put a small post it under the computer mouse. It still slid around but wouldn’t register on the screen. I did it to all my cube mates. I just about died laughing!

    • Amy

      Love it! I got one of my co-workers good last year by making her auto correct type something funny everytime she typed “the” or “and”

    • Eyez

      Amy I am in tears….that is hilarious. I work in an office and just tried my mouse and nothing happened. hummm, I should get my co-workers. ha.

    • txhrc4

      No one here has that type of sense of humor, but that sounds so funny! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Heather

      I work in a large office building (typical cubicles) and on friends’ birthdays.. I prank their office/cubicle. I always include taping the bottom of their mouse, and their phone (the part where they lift their phone and the dial comes on) since it’s not expected.

      A month ago I syran-wrapped (sp?) a coworkers office.. filled her chair with balloons and syran-wrapped it.

      I’ve also put post-it notes one very inch of their office equipment.

      I’ve tin-foiled their office.

  7. Erin

    My best friend bought a commercial roll of Saran Wrap from Sam’s and wrapped her husbands car in was hysterical!!

  8. Holly

    One of my co-workers is obsessed w/ Tom Brady and has all his picks in her cubicle. I am going to repalce all of them with Gisele’s pics! She despises Gisele! 2 years ago someone replace a co-works lunch with an apple then took a pic of their reaction and put it as their wallpaper on their computer. The person had no idea how to change it and it stayed there for months.

  9. Amy

    Here’s a couple I’ve done… put a tiny drop of dish detergent in the bottom of the coffee pot. When it starts brewing, it will bubble. Did that to my grandma and she couldn’t figure out what was causing it to do that. I also folded up a pair of my granddad’s underwear really small and put it in my grandma’s wallet. When she got ready to pay for her groceries at the store, she opened her wallet and the underwear fell out. Luckily I was with her and I about died laughing.

    • Amy

      the underwear one is hilarious!

    • Carol

      HHHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! This really cracked me up!!!! Thanks!

  10. Tracy

    Cut several E’s out of brown construction paper. Put then in a brownie pan and wrap with aluminum folder. Then take your brownies (Brown E’s) to work!! Soooo fun!!!

    • Cj

      I am a teacher and teachers love treats!! I had the secretary announce (before or after school) the pan of brownies (Brown E’s) in the lounge. Those poor hungry teachers!!!

  11. Gracie F

    Paint Clear Nail polish on a bar of soap, watch them try to wash there hands and it wont lather.

    • Gracie F

      Heres a link of Kid friendly pranks,

      Cut pound cake to look like bread, toast it then put “Cheese” colored frosting in the middle and serve your kids a “Fake Grilled Cheese”

      • eemommy

        Did this last year and the kids loved it! thanks for the link
        Thinking about white toothpaste in the middle of Oreos this year.

      • Renee

        I did this when my kids were younger and they loved it! They still talk about it and they are 20 & 22 now.

  12. kim

    How about Collin posting a “great” deal and hyping it up like no other when obviously it is not? I am sure someone will fall for it and then say, “whoa wait a minute, you are telling me that paying full price for this tube of toothpaste is a great deal”? Better yet, have a group of people in on the prank backing Collin up.

    • Melissa

      Actually, I think Collin did that last year!

    • misty

      Didn’t she do that one last year? It seems like she did…and actually she got me for a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Amy

    Did this to a co-worker – go into Microsoft Word and set up their name or something they type frequently to auto-correct. For example, whenever she would type her name Sarah, it would auto-correct it to “crazy woman.”

    • llc

      That’s super funny. Love it.

    • Julie

      This is the first one that’s made me laugh! Too bad we’re on spring break at school!

    • rebecca S.

      Back in high school I was using a computer at the library to type a paper and everytime I hit space the words “Help me” was written. Freaked me out seeing help me after every word.

    • txhrc4

      Now that is a good one! How do you fix their auto-correct?

      • Amy

        It’s Tools –> Autocorrect in Word. You then fill in Replace: and With: In my example above, it would be Replace: Sarah and With: Crazy Woman.

    • Heather

      HaHAHA.. I’m doing this to some coworkers at the office!!

  14. Stacey

    I work in IT with a bunch of hungry, food loving men. I have seen on pinterest to make “chocolate chips cookies” from mashed potatoes/raisins. After mixing them together, bake them like normal cookies for a few minutes just to get the brown color to them. I have thought about doing this and leaving them in the breakroom. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Laura Priest Johnson

    I taped the button under the receiver of the phone down one year, then called the number from a different phone and watched a co-worker try to answer it. It was hilarious!

    Aldo made my husband a “cake” that was actually a meatloaf baked in a cake pan and frosted with mashed potatoes.

  16. Cheryll

    Put lotion or Vaseline in the inside and outside of doorknobs. We used to do this with our kids and you never know when you try to open the door if it’s there and your hands slips off. Just when you think it’s safe you grab the knob on the other side of the door and there it is again. We also did this more than once to the car door handles, inside and out. My husband and kids got me so often I waited for them to be gone on day and lotioned up every knob in the house. Just when they thought there was nowhere left it could be they tried to open the fridg. Needless to say they got me when I tried to turn the water on in the shower. It’s the prank that keeps on going. It’s silly but fun and easily cleaned up.

    • txhrc4

      hee hee! Love this one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Erika H

    I plan on having my 5 and 4 year-old spray their Daddy with silly string as soon as he gets home. I’ve seen a picture of a car filled with tiny balloons. OH! This one sounds awesome. Cut up a bunch of tiny pieces of paper and stuff them into the defrost vent in their car and turn it up full blast, so when they turn their car on confetti sprays everywhere!!! Though I don’t know if that can harm the engine somehow.

  18. Jill

    In my sons lunchbox, I bought individual bags of Doritos, cheese it’s, cookies, etc. I swapped the snack in each bag with another and used double side tape to close it and make it look unopened. He was 6 or 7 at he time. He loved it!

  19. dani

    One year, when I was in middle school, I replaced the filling in a oreo with toothpaste, I froze it for a little bit before putting them back into the container so the toothpaste would harden a bit. My brother was not very happy, my parents thought it was hilarious.

  20. Shannon P.

    We have 3 little kids and are and have been DONE having babies since the 3rd came along. Last year I had a friend who was expecting and she helped me produce a positive pregnancy test for the hubs. He was so surprised and trying so hard to be so happy and supportive, it was awesome!

    • Laura Priest Johnson

      I just might have to do this to my husband this year! I love it.

    • holly

      That’s a risky little trick! Love it.

      • Robin

        Last year my kids and I painted my husbands toe nails hot pink while he was asleep ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Tilla Ham

      just my opinion, but this one seems mean

  21. tracy

    i always have planned on doing something with saran wrap on my bf’s car,but when the day comes i always forget that its april fools day lmao

  22. Shelly

    For my kids, I have super-glued coins to my front porch. (They eventually come up!) But, it was funny watching them try to pick them up!! I have also put glitter in the rolled toilet paper, when they go to use it, glitter falls everywhere. This takes time on your part though. We have fake poop. We take it to the mall every year, sit back and watch people outside of Macy’s trying not to step in it. Also, one year, I saved a milk jug, filled it with water and put it in the bathroom. I made sure that my kids were near the bathroom when I went in and SLOWLY poured the water in the toilet. It sounded like I had been holding it for a month! I LOVE APRIL FOOL’S DAY TOO!!! Have fun!! Now give me some of your ideas!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Betsy

    My Grandma once made her famous brownies with cotton in them. So, when you go take a bite you get some strands of cotton too…very gross, but funny.

  24. llc

    For the kids (my friends parents did this to us when we were in Jr. High)
    Have someone (a neighbor, a school teacher would be ideal)call your kids when they are getting ready for school and have them tell you kids school is cancelled due to a fire and the school has burned down. My friend was so excited that we wouldnt have to go to school. I asked how the school burned down since it was brick.

  25. Amy

    I printed “my wife rocks at April Fools’ jokes” on a self-adhesive name label and stuck it to my husband’s back before he went to work.

    • Gracie F

      love it!

    • Tracy

      That is hilarious! I am so doing that to my husband this year ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Carla

      I love this! I am going to do this with my husband and both my kids!

  26. Emily

    I called my mom from college upset and asked where she was (knowing full well she was taking my brother clothes shopping an hour outside of where I went to school) and I told her that I needed her to keep driving and bring me some clothes b/c my apartment burned down. I told her the red cross had a place for us and school was giving the 40 people in my building space in the dorms until we found new apartments. She believed it and was getting upset and my brother was concerned and told him what I had said and he goes, “Mom that’s an April fools joke – don’t miss the exit to the mall.” She was furious but then laughed about it after her heart rate settled down.

    My Dad always woke us up and told us that school was cancelled. Then waited for us to get excited and broke the news to us.

  27. Susan

    A bucket of ice cold water and icecubes dumped on a spouse or child’s head while in the shower or tub will do the trick.

    • tori

      Hehehe! This is something we do weekly in our house!

  28. rebecca

    Last year I had a subject line in a coupon forum that there was a $50 rebate when you bought $50 of groceries … when you clicked on it to find out more info, it said April Fool’s! That was a pretty highly viewed topic. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve also had an April Fool’s Day party with some of our friends. I’ve told them to dress in their silliest outfils but then our family didn’t. We had games that made no sense and at the end I had a game that was just wacky as could be. I had matching boxes with wacky dollar store prizes like can of beans, walrus statue, pot holder shaped like a woman and such. I then made everyone wear a wacky hat and had about ten silly instructions like pass the box over four people to the right, switch your hat with the person who looks the most like you, and more. I then had them open the boxes to find the gift and ended it by telling them to pass it to the person to their left, some were happy with that, others not so much. The best part was letting them know they could take it to the Dollar Store to exchange it for something they wanted but everyone kept it as a fun momento of the day’s silliness.

    My favorite April Fool’s Day joke is to say I wasn’t born a fool, that’s why my birthday is the 2nd! And it is! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Shari

      Happy Birthday to you…mine is April 2nd also! My mom always tells people that she wanted to have me on April 1, but that the doctor didn’t want to work that day…sort of true, as I was a scheduled c-section, and April 1 was a Sunday that year! Always a cute story!

      • rebecca

        Thanks! Happy Birthday to you too! That is a funny story. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Mary C

    I scraped out the white cream in the center of the oreo…placed white tootpaste where the cream was and added the top back on. They I placed the two back in the package. I offered and they took the bait! It was a good one! My husband kind of enjoyed the new oreo and son was totally grossed out!

  30. nancy

    My husband used to car pool to work and one April fool’s day I went to where he parks his car and moved it (extra set of keys), and when he got dropped off with the other guys, at first thought his car was stolen but then after looking and looking found it. He wasn’t all that thrilled after a day of hard work but he did get over it and now I tease him all the time about it. We play practical jokes all the time on each other. It’s just when you get someone good like that you have to be prepared for the payback. LOL

    Another one was we had a bunch of big boxes around from whatever it was we bought at one time. Anyway, had my son get in one of the boxes before my husband came home. Then when he did, I asked him to help me take the “empty” boxes out to the shed. As he went to lift it, my son jumped out and scared the beejebers out of him. Too funny and we laugh to this day about that. Probably one of the best ones in our house thus far.

  31. Erin

    Take a screen shot of their iphone homescreen and then add it as their wall paper. When the homescreen button is pressed it will go back to the wallpaper but which looks like the main screen but the app buttons won’t work.

    • Amy

      That’s funny! I’m going to have to do this to my mom… all this technology confuses her anyways, so she would never suspect it to be a joke.

    • holly


    • Lisa W

      LOVE this, going to do it to my boyfriend. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Anne

    I love April Fools Day!!! My husband is a pastor. One year, April 1st fell on a Sunday. I had everyone in the church show up 10 min late for church. He had just preached, the previous week, about being faithful. When it was time for church to start, and only our family was there, he was so upset! He went into his office and started praying, “If these people don’t want to be faithful, then I QUIT! Lord, please let me leave.” It was all I could do to be quiet and let him be. I had all of the members line up outside his office. He was so upset that he didn’t even hear them. I opened his door, and one at a time, the members walked through his office and handed him April Fools Day cards. It wasn’t until the 4th one, that he actually got it. He laughed all the way through his message. And the church never forgot to be on time. Priceless!!!!!!

    • Colleen

      Wow, this is pretty inappropriate.

    • Tilla Ham

      i think it’s great that you are lucky enough to belong to a church full of people that are willing to have fun

    • rebecca

      As a strong Christian, I applaud your joke! I’m sorry if Colleen thinks it was inappropriate but God has a sense of humor too since we were created in His image. I’m sure He was laughing just as much as you were and that your husband realized that he too needed a little dose of that faithfulness he preached about. I hope you have a blessed Easter! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anne

      The church was going through a rough time, and needed some humor to lighten things up. Also, I should have added that it was Sunday School, and not the actual worship service and we only had about 40 in attendance for Sunday School. It was just the dose of medicine that all needed. Some of the thick ice that had formed from our tough times, was broken. I know that some see Sunday morning church as a very sacred thing, I didn’t mean to offend at all! At this point in our ministry, the church “body” was really struggling and the unity of the church was as important as the sacredness of the service. My husband would tell anyone, that this joke helped our ministry there in more ways than one. And, I think most of the church members would have agreed as well. That said, I am so very sorry if this was offensive to anyone. ๐Ÿ™

  33. Rachael

    Empty a water bottle and fill with clear koolaid and place back in refrigerator.

    • Melissa

      Or use food coloring in water to make “koolaid”

  34. Michelle

    This one required some work but it was hysterical!

    Using gmail, set up a Google Voice phone number. You can then send texts to any cell phone and it will come from an “unknown” number. My daughter and I did this last year to my husband and pretended that he was registered to receive daily Cat Fact texts. It almost didn’t work because he was going to ignore the text message. I told him I googled it and that it was legit.

    Basically the first text says thanks for registering with Cat Facts and you will now receive daily/hourly cat facts. This went back and forth for a while and then he tried to cancel. I wrote “command not recognized. Please prove you are human by answering the following question: what is your favorite animal?” He wrote dog. I replied: Incorrect! Your favorite animal is the cat. Then I sent a few more facts (flooding him with texts) and eventually he tried to cancel again. I wrote: What is your favorite animal? He wrote: Cat. I replied: Incorrect! You previously stated that your favorite animal was a dog. And it went on and on….

    OMG. My daughter and I were laughing so hard that we cried. I sent the first message the night before and then it went on all morning!

    • Amy

      I’m crying from laughing so hard – that’s hysterical how he tried to cancel and you kep him going. I’m gonna have to do that to my hubby.

      • Amy


    • rebecca S.

      Love this!!!

      • Michelle

        Yes!! I found it online last year but couldn’t find it again to post a link. I thought I had saved the actual text feed from when I did it to my husband, but I can’t find that either. So funny!

        • Rachel

          can Google voice be used for what’sapp if the person doesn’t have a text plan?

    • Amy

      my sister did that to me last year; it was pretty funny, but I caught on quicker than him!

    • Mary

      Awesome, love the random cat facts!

    • Anne

      My husband would go crazy with this! Might have to try it. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Priscilla

      This is awesome!! Laughed so hard:-)

    • Heather

      Ahhh so doing this to my best friend. LIke now.

    • rebecca

      I was laughing so hard when I read this, followed the link that was posted and nearly couldn’t breath I was laughing so hard! This is beyond hilarious and into amazing (almost evil) genious.

      • rebecca

        oops … genius, lol. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not so genius on that spelling. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Brittany

      This is hilarious! Can anyone please give step by step instructions on how to do this and then how to stop it? I’m not very tech savvy, but I really want to do this to my husband! I couldn’t find it in the link posted above. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Bridgette

        Yes please, can someone help me because I need to do this on a prankster that hates cats!

  35. sunkissedwendy

    I’v played quite a few pranks on my fiance. Last year I opened the lid off of his shower gel, put a piece of saran wrap over the opening and replaced the lid. When he took his shower he was squeezing so hard for shower gel to come out but to no avail!

    I’ve also frozen a tall glass of juice, then topped it off with just a dash of juice. I gave it to him to drink and watched in hysterics as he took a HUGE gulp and basically got a little drizzle of juice!

    And of course there are the smaller pranks like using double sided tape on the toiler paper so he couldn’t pull from the roll and changing the mouse click setting on his laptop (i.e. switching the left and right mouse click)–HILARIOUS!

    Basically, he knows I’m up to no good on 4/1!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. Andi

    Didn’t get to read them all, but one year I put food coloring in a bowl and then poured cereal over it. When they kids came down to eat, add the milk and it changes to whatever color you added. The kids loved it. Also the old gum wrapper put back in the pack and offer it to them.

  37. Shelley @

    I didn’t do it for April’s Fool’s day, but I did do it when ALL my SIL’s announced they were pregnant (like something was in the water or something) – when they all seemingly took to Facebook with the news on the same day, a couple days later, I posted a picture of a digital pregnancy test where in the window that it usually says “pregnant” this one said “just kidding” – It might have just been perfect comedic timing, but it was a huge hit and had people rolling! It was fun….you just gotta make sure you have an accepting audience! Several people noted that they wanted to use it for April Fools Day!

  38. sceniccityred

    One of my co-workers brought in a gorgeous platter of homemade chocolates. Of course, no one could wait to dig in…..they were…….chocolate covered………………..COTTON BALLS! EW!

  39. jodi

    Saran wrap the door, people will walk right into it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. liz

    I found out on April fools day 2005 that I was having my twins!! Already a mother to a
    1yr.old at the time I was waiting for the Dr. to say April Fools!! I always wanted 3 kids, I
    just didn’t ever expect to get 3 in a year and a half! Just for fun when I told my hubby I
    said we were having triplets:)

    • rebecca

      Lol. That’s one way to make twins seem much easier. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Kim

    I played a facebook joke and posted random raccoon pictures that I found on the internet and said that a raccoon was in my house. I updated it all morning with the messes I was “finding” around the house (upset trash can, spilled canned goods, hole in the wall, picture of a raccoon in the closet, etc) and finally posted a picture of a raccoon in a cage saying I caught it. I had friends coming over to the house to help catch it and clean up (hahaha). Others friends missed the punch line when I said it was a hoax and had told their friends at work about my horrendous ordeal. It turned out to be a good laugh for everyone:)

  42. Melissa

    My kids are pretty bummed that April first is a snow make up day here so they will be in school. I plan on packing an extra special lunch for them by making the “grilled cheese” pound cake sandwich someone else mentioned and switching the contents of their bags of favorite snacks. I think it will make their day! I would love to pull the “cat facts” text trick on my hubby but he is so busy working 6 days a week, 10 hrs. a day that I might put him over the edge!

  43. michele

    Thats my birthday, and thats no joke. I was supposed to be a boy though and surprised my parents , The joke was on them.

  44. Katie

    It wasn’t for April Fool’s Day, but I love playing practical jokes on my husband. My favorite was putting Orajel in his toothbrush. He started brushing his teeth and his entire mouth temporarily went numb. He was panicking at first, but figured it out once he caught me laughing hysterically.

  45. Kym

    I once pulled a prank on a coworker…. I did a “Print Screen” of his computer (including all icons and task bar along the bottom). No programs were open though. Once I had taken the print screen photo, I saved it as a JPEG, made it the background, and then hid all icons and gadgets on the screen. He sat there for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out why he couldn’t click on anything!! Myself and his students died laughing!! It was quite hysterical!

  46. Carla Fichtner

    A good joke to pull on your kids: Have beautiful banana split waiting for them on the table, except substitute the vanilla ice cream with instant mashed potatoes. Be sure to put the bananas on the side and drizzle the chocolate and whipped topping.

  47. Kandice

    As a wedding prank, some family members prepped the newlywed’s house. By removing all the labels off of their canned goods. It was a strange and hilarious mix and match of side dishes for a few months. Imagine what fun that would be for someone with a huge stockpile ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Tilla Ham

      even better to carefully remove them and reattach them to different cans;)

  48. Tiffany

    I once told my boss an angry customer called and wanted him to call back. I gave him the number to the Zoo and told him the customers name was Harry Lion! He totally bought it and EVERYONE at work was rolling!

    • Amy

      I lol’ed at that one! Reminds me of having someone paged at a store by the name of Ben Dover ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Butterscotchbob (@twe1ve0)

    ahhh where do i begin?!?!

    -one year told my mom a friend and i were pregnant
    -changed my name and profile photo on facebook to a friend then start commenting as them.

    i havent done this but putting flour or something powdery in a hair dryer so when the person turns it on, it just flies into their hair

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