How to Give Thanks to Coupon Friendly Cashiers & Stores (Suggestions Needed!)

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When you become an avid couponer (or even when you start out as a newbie), you quickly learn the value of a kind and hardworking cashier and/or store manager. When you are checking out at the store with a large number of coupons, an employee that is knowledgeable about the store’s coupon policy… and/or someone who is more than happy to take the time to ensure that each coupon is scanned correctly can make all the difference between a great shopping experience versus one that makes you never want to shop with coupons again.

So… the big question of the day is from reader, Courtney:

[h2s_box]I’ve been trying to think of some simple, yet meaningful ways to thank a select few workers at our favorite grocery store. I already sent a positive comment type message to corporate about the grocery store and how wonderful the customer service is, employees are, etc. If we were millionaires, I’d love to do something for the entire store/all employees, but we can’t do that. I have a few select employees who we’ve come to know a little bit over the past few months/years and I’d like for our family to do something special for these few employees. Any suggestions on how to thank them for their hard work and great customer service? [/h2s_box]

So now it’s your turn… share in the comments please! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Tilla Ham

    In many stores, if you accept any gift, be it as simple as a free coffee, you can get into trouble. So before you decide what to do to show appreciation, ask management what their policy is. If gifts are allowed, give them things they might enjoy or use out of your stockpile, free movie tickets starbucks gift cards? If gifts are not allowed, just be the polite customer you are and make sure to always say thank you

    • Lolita

      This! I wanted to give a baby shower gift card to a very nice cashier that was pregnant and I went to her boss to ask how I could do it, and I was told that she could lose her job if I did, to please not give her anything. That I can write to corporate to tell them something nice about her, and that they (local management) would also make note of what I said, but that was about it.

      • Lolita

        I did give her the hip2save website address ๐Ÿ™‚ since she was asking where I got my deals from, but that was about all I could do. I was upset, because I had been seeing her for a while, I usually went to her for check out, and she was a single (pregnant) mom working and I really wanted to give her a little gift.

      • anna marie

        I had a cashier at one of the stores i went to that had a baby girl,i didn’t want to get him in trouble so we met at the krogers parking lot so i could give him all the stuff i had for him.i give to cashiers all the time.Sometimes the cashier will make a comment ,i like that ,after i check out i will get another bag and give it to them and i would ask them if they need the reciept. At one of the Cvs stores i go to they have a really sweet lady that work there and she was getting marry and i gave her a card with money in it.if you seal the envelope they won’t know whats in it and she also gave me a thank you card with a picture of her and her husband on thier wedding day.

    • Ashley

      yes! because i’ve been offered things before from people trying to be nice, and yet i always feel bad/awkward saying i can’t accept them.

      • Jenni

        I work in customer service as a dog trainer and people try to tip me allot. I’m allowed to accept tips but for me, they already paid for the service and I honestly try my best to say “Thank you so much for offering but , I don’t accept tips, Your payment for classes was more than enough.” I just feel so bad for accepting tips! I had one person shove a $20 in my pocket and run away in order for her to tip me. Sometimes you really can’t help it! LOL

        • NANCI


  2. hillary

    My grocery store has a bulletin board where they post positive notes/comments received about the employees. I’m assuming yours doesn’t since you didn’t mention it, but you might want to look around just in case. Also, instead of just telling corporate, send a note or speak to the manager at the local store who is their direct boss. I’m sure they’d appreciate the positive feedback, and maybe that helps them get a bonus or something special.

  3. Danielle

    Be careful with this. Walmart (and probably other big corporate places) will fire people for accepting gifts. I’ve taken homemade candles to everyone at my favorite rite aid before. But just a few weeks ago I heard from a Walmart employee that a cashier tried to refuse a gift as was required of her, it got to the point where it would have been rude to continue refusing, so she took the gift and took it to management and explained the situation. They rode her with multiple meetings to treat her like crap and she eventually had to quit to get them off of her back. I don’t know what else the poor girl could have done. The story just makes me sick.

    • Tilla Ham

      Walmart is where I worked in the 90’s…my first job. It was expressly told to us upon hiring and throughout that any gift or gratuity was grounds for immediate firing. Walmart gets a bad rap, but it was a great company for me, I made a decent wage, I worked hard, I got 40 hours and had medical benefits, time off, 401k and profit sharing. She didn’t get terminated immediately as is the policy, so there is probably more to the story. Also, during my employ I had two children, I had regular customers for years, and one of those customers knitted me blankets and made baby books out of fabric…in order to accept them, I had management come, and give permission. They never said no.

  4. Tammarra Mycoskie

    As a retail associate for a MAJOR company for almost 24 years, I say a simple “thank you” is efficient enough. The cashiers I am in charge of are doing their required job at being knowledgeable of the coupon policy and are not permitted to accept gifts, tips or gratuities. It is ALWAYS our job to make sure that, you , the customers is taken care of quickly, efficiently & happily. Making sure coupon policies are utilized properly is all part of that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. mariel

    As a former grocery store cashier, I appreciated any gesture that made me feel human. When regular customers would say that they were thankful to see me because my smile brightened their day- boy, that made me feel like a million bucks. I had one customer that brought me in some of his wife’s baklava from time to time, and the gesture was kind, although, generally speaking I dont eat baked goods from someones kitchen that I have never seen. A popsicle on a hot day is also pretty great. Also when people would write letters to my manager re: my customer service I enjoyed that as well.

    • Erin

      So true regarding gestures that make you feel human! Just kind interaction and a genuine thank you is more than enough.

      • MommySpendsLess

        Agreed! I worked in a customer service/cashier position during high school and college. Seeing a regular who knew the drill and would smile and treat me like a person was like a little break and much needed pick me up in the middle of a busy afternoon filled with confused and sometimes annoyed (with the loud atmosphere) customers. In fact one woman came in weekly with her son and always greated me with a big smile and “look our favorite cashier is here!” Even though her kid was a little difficult I never minded and bent the rules for them as much as I could.

    • Ashley

      yes! i love when people treat me like a human!


    When there is an employee who was helpful to me, I always look them in the eye and sincerely tell them how “professional” they are, and they always get a big smile on their face and beam with pride!

  7. Jamie

    Let management or corporate know of a great job from someone in the customer service industry. Eons ago when my brother worked at Taco Bell a customer called and gave praise about him and it got him a raise.

  8. Dee

    I have a great relationship with one of my local grocery stores. The managers and most of the front end employees know me by name. I make it a point to take them goodies occasionally, normally something that they call all share like pizza or tacos. I have been shopping at this store for many years and simply want them to all know how much I appreciate all of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Lisa K.

    If someone comments on what a great deal I’m getting on something with a coupon, I will usually offer them one if I have an extra. Otherwise just being friendly is sometimes enough. I work in a customer facing environment and there is nothing nicer than seeing a friendly, smiling face some days.

  10. carol

    I’ve given my cashier some spare coupons, when I admatch my list when i was done, and list of websites i visit. i work as a cashier and as others have said if we accept any kind of gift being food, drink or money we could get fired. i had a lady i was helping with carry out tried giving me money for helping her. i kindly told her no thank you and simply explained to her i could lose my job if i accepted it, she asked if there was anything else she could do and i said come back and see me and if i am not there to just say thanks to her cashier and tell her that she’s doing a great job. that really does mean a lot to us since we do get a lot of crabby ppl in our store because they hate grocery shopping or our company. so please if you would like to do something check with their home office about company policy.

    • bunny

      I agree with Carol. Whenever I give a helpful cashier some extra coupons, they are very grateful. And I always refer them to Hip2Save because they want to know how I know about such great deals.

      So thanks Collin and all your readers too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Ashley

        aww, i can’t even accept coupons as a cashier. kinda jealous of ones that can!

  11. Sasha

    I use to have the coolest cashier @ Target here in Perimeter area, GA.
    When she was pregnant I gave her a huge gift bag of goodies. Here’s the simple way we worked it out-
    she told me what kind of car she drove, where it was located in the parking lot & I left the bag in there. Done.
    (And I’m so glad I did what I did-she drove an old beat-up clunker-I knew those goodies came in mighty handy!)

    • 6frugal

      If your store is in a smaller town I am sure you know where they live, leave at the door or if you know what church they go to you can give it to them then, then nothing to do with work except you both know it does.

    • Nic

      You left it in the car? Sadly, that’s not possible everywhere. If it were, then we could all have an easier way of thanking someone with a gift. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Susie

    I have to agree with the other Hipsters. I used to work for a huge retail corporation, and any type of gift, no matter how small, was strictly forbidden – if you were caught accepting anything, you would be subject to disciplinary action. Out of the 8 years I worked for that company, I was an overnight cashier for 3 of them. Being on that shift, I guess you could say I had regulars, and it was always nice just to have them say “Hi Susie, how are you?” and say “Thank you – have a great night!” I know it can be disheartening to know that you can’t really do anything for them, but those policies are in place for a reason. Have you ever thought about social media? I am always seeing people posting about their great customer service on company’s Facebook Pages. That way thousands of people will know how awesome the employees are at your particular store ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kim G

      Thank you for the Facebook suggestion, that is the best route I can think of, beside the praise I’ve already given in person and to local management. I would hate to get anyone in trouble.

  13. mel

    When I worked in retail, we were not allowed to accept gifts/tips either. I would just tell them to fill out a survey card b/c we got a bonus. I don’t think many co’s do that anymore (the bonus!). But a nice TY card goes a long way.

  14. Kay

    I have given a few of the cashiers I have gotten to know coupons I know they would use. One of them became an avid couponer by picking my brain every time I went through her line. And like me, she is a “hipster” as well!

    • Brian

      I do this all the time. I even have email addresses that I send deals to.

  15. Jonette

    At Christmas I made candies and cakes and took to my local wags and RA.
    This past Easter Weekend, I used my BOGO on Snickers candy bars. after I had completely checked out and all was bagged, I got a candy bar out, handed it to the cashier and said “have a wonderful day” and walked away… I also use their 800# to call in and praise employee’s

  16. Emily

    I work for a hospital and people often want to do things like this for our nurses that are really great but we’re not allowed to accept gifts. If patients write in and tell us how great they are, their managers will commend them and they’ll get a small gift card. We don’t advertise this to the public and our nurses don’t tell anyone about the policy but we get a lot of comments – good and bad – about our staff and management takes note. Maybe these stores have a similar policy. If nothing else, it will likely be noted in their performance review and help offset a comment that some nasty person wrote in about them.

    • Lynn

      really? oh dear, i once dropped off a gift basket for some nurses. what happens to it?

      • J

        When I worked in a nursing home we could not accept individual gifts but someone could purchase something for the entire dept. Hopefully the nurses were able to keep the gift basket.

  17. minde

    I have to say, I was very impressed with the management at my local Giant Eagle last week. As I was checking out, a manager approached the cashier & told him he had received a positive customer compliment and then gave him a gift certificate for a free lunch from the Cafe. I thought that was awesome!

  18. ym2

    Why stop at one email to corporate headquarters praising this store employee? Keep writing and praising the employee and store! Tell employee that you have written corporate about their outstanding service.

  19. Brandy

    On holidays my favorite store is always open which is a bummer for the few that get stuck working. On holidays, I bring the staff at my favorite store desserts for them to share such as homemade cinnamon rolls, pecan pie or other goodies. Food is always a good gift and if it is for everyone your not playing favorites so I would guess the management wouldn’t have a problem with it. It really isn’t any different than there friends or family bringing them food which I’ve seen happen at numerous times at various retailers including the big cooperate stores. Also whenever I call with a compliment I always state that employees first and last name so that way I’m sure they get the credit for their awesome service.

  20. Kb

    That’s what I loved about being in the restaurant service industry, I could accept gifts from my regular patrons. It’s too bad retail companies have such strict policies.

  21. Teri

    The best thing that you can do, is to find out how to give the cashier KUDOS through her corporate office. Call, write, email, whatever it takes. Offer details as to why you want to single out this employee for exemplary service. Have your friends also do the same, and this employee will get a huge entry into her employee file as well as possible bonus and even maybe a chance at a raise during her evaluation with the company. How sweet to care so much about the guys that work so hard to make shopping fun….t

  22. Cindy

    Since giving a gift may get them in trouble, I think another way of showing appreciation is to build a relationship with the cashier. Let them know you’re grateful for what they do and get to know them. It’s always nice to meet someone who’s not only friendly and appreciative but also wants to get to know you and not just be their way of purchasing things and leave.

    • Cindy

      And of course, I mean gradually! Let that relationship build slowly over time and after seeing them often. Ask them how was their day and whatnot… start off with simple talk. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Stephanie

    I went to cvs once because my ECBs were bout to expire just to roll them… The girl who checked me out was so amazed and happy for me (total was like $.40) I told her to just keep all the stuff. She was so thrilled whenever I came back in she walks with me around the store to make sure I get what I’m looking for!

  24. Erin

    A gift is very generous, but please don’t unless you have an established friendship beyond the store. If you haven’t emailed corporate, start there. If you’d like to do more, send the store manager a handwritten note about her, as well as well as a handwritten note to her personally, sent in care of the store. This will reflect well on her, and some stores even post such notes for other employees to see. Beyond that, if you know she is a couponer or trying to become one or there’s a smoking deal in the store, offer her some extra coupons.

  25. Holly

    I had this happen this past Sunday at Walgreens. I did 5 transactions (4 of those were for the TEN soda with an MQ expiring the same day).

    So, I informed the cashier that I was doing several transactions. She asked my to go to photo. I met with another cashier there, and halfway through my transactions I offered her one of my MQ’s saying “thank you for helping me”, but she declined saying that her family doesn’t drink that (and she was aware of the deal).

    The same Walgreens, I had 1 of the managers help me out with my Black Friday transactions and she was amazing. I promised I would contact corp with my positive comments. Also, whenever I see her, I smile and say “hello”!

    But I can understand the difficulty of giving “gifts” to cashiers; just like with the postman.

    • Holly

      Difficulty is not the right word, I should have said “a touchy subject”.

  26. kat

    How about asking them when they have lunch, go to nearby restaurant that delivers and have it delivered. It will be between the 2 of you. You do not have to say why you asked do you like Joe’s 1 block over they have the best sandwiches (with a wink and a smile)and they deliver. The delivery folks will not say who paid. On my birthday and valentines day I have received small hand picked flowers, dollar store vase and hand made card with a gift card. Stores do not know who delivers the flowers, if they do know you ask a friend to do it for you and you can do it for them elsewhere. Call 800#, fill out coment cards and mention workers by name, this can never be done to many times. The best of all is just be nice and tell us THANK YOU, not all of our customers are nice and plesant. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT ARE.

  27. Nancy

    The best gift you can give is a letter to corporate! This is incredibly valuable for the individual employee and may result in special recognitions, praise, and possibly a raise. Write those letters!

    • Lucy


  28. Lucy

    First, I genuinely thank and praise the employee directly and take down their name. Then, depending on the situation, I either speak to, write, or email the store manager or corporate, praising the employee and their customer service, emphasizing that it impressed me and would ensure my patronage. This feels so good for everyone and you would not believe the effects it can have on someone’s day, life, or position. I remember working a deli counter years ago, and one customer took the time to write a thank-you/endorsement to my supervisor about me. I was treated better, complimented, and soon after, offered a better position. It made me feel good about myself and about what I was doing.

    Simply taking time to let employees and their superiors know what a great job they’re doing can be wonderful and far-reaching. You may never know what the consequences are, but be assured, they are amazing.

  29. Nisi

    I am a manager for a *Very Large* retail chain. I love it when customers tell me about a positive experience they had in my store and I always let my associates know when they receive a glowing comment and they relish the feedback when they try hard to give quality service. And yes, I do include such things into consideration when promoting or doing yearly evaluations.

  30. Karen

    I work at the customer service counter at a large grocery store, the best thing to do is call headquarters and give praise to that employee! We get 5.00 gift certificates when someone calls and gives us praise!!!

  31. Sam

    Does anyone know if Rite-Aid employees can be fired for accepting gifts? A couple weeks ago when I was checking out, the cashier said how impresses she was with my purchase, and that she was looking to throw some similar items in a gift basket for her friend. Because she’s friendly, I told her that I actually already had enough of these items in my stock pile, and she could take a few, but also directed her to this website. She gladly accepted , took a few items, and thanked me several times. I just really hope this couldn’t turn around to get her in trouble.!

  32. 6frugal

    I have been able to take small gifts the customer asked manager in front of me so as to make them the bad person if they said no. I was so thankful and I was going beyond my job to help them but the other employees were so resentfull about it when they could have helped in the same way I did, but they would not. 3 years latter they still complain about the $20 gift I got, shame on them.

  33. Cate

    I worked in retail for years, and I have to say the best thing any customer ever did for me was treat me like I was a human being. So many people see retail employees as simply an extension of whatever corporation they work for; just acknowledging that I was an actual person would do wonders to lift my spirits in what was frequently a terrible, draining, demoralizing job.

    • 6frugal

      So true, not all of the customers are nice they have had bad days and take it out on the workers just as the worker may not be as nice to the customer because of how they were treated by the earlier customer but be nice and mean thank you and you may have just made their day. Wow, how things can change so quick you just made the day better. That can be thanks enough.

    • Ashley

      yes, i don’t feel like an actual human today because of those customers.

      • cara

        I used to have that problem and i realized that if I was extra cheerfull n nice it drove the mean people crazy. Its fun give it a try

    • Sarah

      I agree. Working in retail a customer can always make or break my day depending on their attitude. A thank you always puts a smile on my face! And telling management is even better!

  34. Suzanne

    I’ve given birthday gifts to cashiers at my favorite stores and I bake them cookies etc. I’ve also given them pizza back when all the free DiGiorno ones were going around. They also get nice goodie baskets for Christmas

  35. Maria

    I worked as a cashier at a large chain food store for over 2 years and I had many clients that would only come through my register since I understood coupons and coupon policies.
    I was not allowed to take any gifts from any customers but I became to know the customers and they used to bring me recipes for the foods they made, extra coupons, and always told me how happy they were to have a coupon friendly cashier.
    I was newly married at the time I was a cashier and did not know how to cook so those recipes were the best thing those older ladies could give me…not to mention the food was delicious!!!
    The ladies gave me the recipes all the time and I dont think that any manager ever complained about them. You should check with a store manager just in case.
    It may not be good for some people, but I always appreciated the recipes, coupons and the ladies would thank me. I think that was great gifts!!!

    • Ashley

      yes! i love when customers give me recipes that end up being delicious

  36. Nancy

    wow this post is about the exact thing that has been on my mind for a while now.My local walgreens has very nice employees, always friendly and helpfull. There is one cashier an older lady that I have gotten to know shes very nice, well last week when i went to walgreens she was working so it was my chance to ask, her if it would be ok for me to maybe bring her a little gift to show my appreciation for her great customer service, She smiled and said yes that would be ok I would really like that, She told me what days she works this week. So today I went to cvs and bought a pretty butterfly windchime,and a real cute small rabbit figurine, 2 snicker candy bars and and a rabbit pez candy. Went to rite aid bought a cute plastic basket, and a pack of 3 dish cloths. I just finished filling the basket. The basket contains the windchimes, rabbit figurine, candy, dishcloths, and the following samples body lotion,shampoo,tide pod,toothpaste. And the only thing I paid for out of my pocket was the $1.50 for the basket and $1.00 for dish cloths. It does not look cheap it looks nice I cant wait to take it to her tomorrow I know she will like it. I am going to do the same for a couple cvs cashiers.

    • cara

      You rock! I think that personal touch will make her day!

  37. Stacy

    I always find a manager if I have a wonderful cashier and let them know how much I appreciate them. Also writing a letter that the manager can put in their file is a great thing to do too.

  38. paula

    An employee survey is the best way. If not offered write a letter to the corporate office.
    I sometimes give clerks at my favorite store chocolate I get free with a coupon. I once gave a box of candy (also free) to the clerks at a store that was closing. I also gave $5 Starbucks gift cards that I got free to clerks in one store. Another time I got some novelty drinking glasses on clearance that a clerk admired so I gave him two. As for the gifting – I never got anything but a thank you anywhere I worked so I would say this is totally optional and some clerks do not wish to receive things so there is a fine line.

  39. Kelly Grant

    If I know a cashier is a fellow couponer/deal seeker, I try to give them tips and simple deals I know of around town.

  40. eyez

    does anyone need the April target baby coupon book? $70 in coupon savings. i don’t need them. email me at they expire may 17. i can mail them to you. good luck. first to email gets them

    • eyez

      coupon booklet has been requested by a hip reader. thanks for responding

  41. edy

    I know that my cvs manager won’t accept anything! There is several cuponers we get together sometimes at the same time at store! So,we decide to chip in and buy him a gift card for dinner! He won’t take it he said he couldn’t. And, when a regular cuponer that goes to the store 3 times a week and brought dinner for the cashier customers others thought there was something going on bad between them and there was she customer misusing cupons! And cashier helping her! So, even if we try to do something nice some persons won’t see it that way! But,cashier at cvs are told not to accept anything from customers not even a meal,

    • campanita

      That is the way most people will see it at my Walgreens, one manager got fired because she accepted coupons from an extreme couponer lady. I am pretty sure that the General Manager thought that there was something going on between them, the manager that got fired was very nice and helpful. Most of the employees at this store know me very well and always treat me and other customers with courtesy. The other day I was buying kleenex and had lots of coupons and the assistant manager told me, that is the only brand my son uses and at my house We only use Cheer and Suavitel. I asked her address and next day sent lots of coupons, I also do the surveys.

  42. Melissa

    Sending positive feedback to corporate and sending in positive customer service surveys is great! As far as addressing your appreciation to the employee on a personal level… how about a simple Thank You note? Surely management would not have a problem with an employee accepting a note. You could even send a note or small plant anonymously to the store addressed to your favorite cashier. You would make their day!

  43. Dana

    A great way to say Thanks is by either letting the store manager know how helpful the person was or to contact the district/regional office and tell them. Many stores have ways to recognize the employee when a customer acknowledges their help.

  44. Rebe

    1. Smile to them and thank them for their patience and professionalism. 2. Bag or help bag your items (I rarely see anyone doing this but whenever I do it them always thank me) and 3. Call or write to their supervisor and corporate. When we are very angry we complain like crazy and even call corporate but we forget to do the same when we are pleased.

  45. Ashley

    considering i can’t accept anything at my job (meijer), i’d say ask to talk to the manager. it’s nice actually being acknowledged by them and customers. and just being nice and friendly and treated like a human being is nice!

  46. Amanda

    The best way to thank a cashier would be to physically write a card with how much you appreciated the service. I know at the Walmart that I work in there is a bulletin board in the back room for employees who have good comments left about them! If I ever saw a card about me I think I would jump up and down with joy! The job is hard and most people are rude. The best gift I get any day is when someone uses coupons and price matching the correct way!

  47. leahna4747

    Well here is what I did to give thanks to the works… I invited them more like 4 employees to a cook out and we all had a grate time …. we laughed we ate we shared stories it was awesome .. And I will do it again this summer . And you no what there even more frendly…. and thay can’t do anything to them, thay are not working ..

  48. cara

    I write down thier names and call corporate and tell them what great employees they have though not mentioning coupons. Everyone likes a compliment and some companies reward employees for positive consumer feedback. I also have one cashier I know is struggling with a deadbeat ex so I ask around and get her stuff for her kids.

  49. Amanda

    I am a cashier at walgreens and we are not supposed to take gifts but ask the cashier how they can let their bosses know that they are doing a good job. It could be calling the store or talking to the manager in store telling them the great job the cashier is doing. Or it could be taking a customer satisfaction survey (if you received one) and in the comments saying that the specific cashier did a great job. Either way it is letting the managers know that the person is doing a great job and that they should keep it up.

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