The Joys of Pee AND Charlie Bee

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So today my low occurred at 3:34am this morning. My daughter had a nightmare and climbed into our king-size bed. I say king-size because you’d think there would be lots of wiggle room for the 3 of us. Well, after climbing in, my daughter curled herself up right next to me. Every single time I tried to move her, she was back at my side within minutes. Now don’t get me wrong, during the day I love to cuddle with my daughter and give her lots of lovin’… BUT in the middle of the night, not so much. It gets hot and I just like my sleeping space.

When I finally got to sleep, I awoke to a very warm feeling on my leg. Yep… my daughter decided to pee on me at 3:34am. She is potty-trained at night, but does on rare occasions have accidents. So sleep no more! I get up to change the sheets and make up the bed again. By the time I get back to bed it’s close to 4am and knowing I have to get up so soon… well, doesn’t help me fall asleep very quickly. So that’s my low… once again a major lack of sleep! Oh and lots of laundry. πŸ™‚

And my high for the day, spending time with my precious 7 week old niece, Charlie Bee! Holding her always reminds me of what’s really important in life. I feel so blessed.

[h2s_box]Every Monday-Thursday, I share my high(s) and low(s) for the day and I encourage you to do the same in the comment section below. My high(s) will simply be the best or most exciting thing that happened to me today and my low(s) will be something not so great that took place. [/h2s_box]

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  1. Alexi

    High: Watching Wreck It Ralph with my boys. (Part of it at least)
    Low: Watching Wreck It Ralph for the Millionth time o.0

    • amber g

      lol my son got wreck it ralph for easter and we have watched it that many times this week!!!

    • C

      My daughter just saw it yesterday and loved it

    • cjs

      *love* – now that’s funny!

  2. justme

    My low was the roofer telling me that he doesn’t know when he’ll ever get to fixing my roof and can’t give me a date to do so. My high was just forgetting about it and getting out and just enjoying the sunny day gardening this afternoon while the baby slept.

  3. Suszy

    My low was waking up again with a migraine. My highs were getting my prescription called in to help fight it and the goodies I received today. My klutch box, the Vocalpoint full sized Olay freebie, and my smiley package with my package of Campbell’s Go soup!! So, highs definitely kicked the lows butt!

  4. Salsam7

    My high was having lunch with a friend and the low was chasing a pesky water bug that snuck in my house around with a can of raid. Ugh!

  5. Ashley

    My low was spending most of the day with a headache, my high was finding tons of Starburst jelly beans left at Target today! (I had been to 2 different targets yesterday and didn’t find any) It really is the little things πŸ™‚

  6. Lori

    My daughter had a nightmare last night too & ended up in our bed at 4am. Glad to know I’m not the only one! Hope you can get some rest!
    My high today was saving big money at GNC. My low was eating Krystal for lunch (my daughters idea).

  7. Barb

    Low was getting home from the grocery store with 10 packages of Perdue Chicken (had raincheck and coupons of course) and packages of TGIF snacks for rebates and finding my chest deep freezer no longer deep freezing!!! Did have to throw away a bunch of old pizzas but that was nothing considering the amount of food in it!!

    The high was Sears selling me take a stand-up floor model after I told them my freezer broke. They were so nice and even PLUGGED the freezer in until hubby got home from work and rented a truck to bring it home!!

  8. Tina

    I feel for you. My five year old has the occasional night accident. Sometimes he crawls in the bed with us and he also likes to sleep real close and I will try to move him and he comes right back. I love my sleeping space too!

  9. mommy1

    OK, so it is not really one low for a day for us, as we always have a lot going on. So my low for the last month was my daughter’s 10th surgery (this one to remove tumors out of her ears) then a death in the family, among many other lows that have to do with health issues. The high, as always, was seeing how well my daughter takes everything in stride, and has the ability to look past the bad (she has Down syndrome and is one of the most precious people I have ever come to know. She is only 6 and has shown me more about how to handle life than any other human I have known).

      • mommy1

        Yes, I read that Collin! You have wonderful little ones, that’s for sure! πŸ™‚

    • Sharon

      Your daughter is amazing and it sure sounds like your an amazing mother as well!

  10. I Love Shoes

    My low began last night. I was driving home after Zumba class. While driving on I-285, I kept saying to myself the car next to me is very loud. After a minute or so I realized it was my car. I had a blow out on an expressway that was typically busy. A nice truck driver slowed down so that I could move three lanes over to the emergency lane. While moving over my car was smoking. My tire was torn off the rim. My life flashed in front of me. I was grateful the other car approaching was able to slow down and allowed me to move over. Traffic appeared as soon as I made it to the emergency lane. Timing was everything. My high: I have AAA. My boyfriend came and waited with me until help arrived. I wouldn’t allow my boyfriend nor the two men from the towing company change my tire on the busy expressway. I had my car towed home. My boyfriend was more concerned about replacing the tire. After making it home safely, repairing my tire was not concern. I am grateful to have an older reliable vehicle. Life goes on….

    • I Love Shoes

      I meant..I am grateful to have an older reliable vehicle as a second car. Life goes on. Repairing the tire on my SUV is not a priority.

    • DealGirl

      Glad you are okay! Same thing happened to my mom but luckily she was only driving about 60 on the freeway when it happened. People who go 80 when it happens often get severely injured or worse!

    • Mar

      aahh God has impeccable timing! So happy you are safe and sound and you are right priorities a tire can wait but a human life can’t!

  11. Dawn Decker Kulczynski

    Low was coming home to find out that our apt. complex messed up a payment and we most likely won’t have hot water in the morning…high was looking at a house tonight that we want to put an off on!

  12. Joyce

    My high for today is that my family and I are healthy. My low is finding out that my husband’s family stabbed him in the back on something. Family is suppose to be there for you at all times. πŸ™

    • jiya

      I can totally understand….it always happens with us…It’s just we are aliens in their life. Since I got married I am dealing with it πŸ™ . But bright side is we are together as a family with my kiddo.

    • cathy

      It happens, unfortunately =( But what’s good is that you know it and you will know who to be cautious with=)

    • Amber

      I’ve always felt that life gives you a family when you’re born, but when you grow up, you don’t have to keep toxic people in your life and you can pick your family. I haven’t spoken to my mother in 15 years, but I have TWO amazing women who are wonderful friends and mother figures in my life, as well as a great dad who raised me all by himself. My family are the people who I want to take care of and who want to take care of me.

    • Mar

      Not necessarily ! Family is tough! Worked with my on a business growing up and it was alot of drama! We had our highs and lows but as we grew up it became vicious at times! I ended cutting my losses early on and I’m glad I did went into law school! I still love my family very much but now I know to keep my distance; don’t necessarily want all that drama and she said, he said stuff! I sincerely think family means well but it seems they feel that the world should be looked at from their scope! Life and human it doesn’t happen that way! Sorry for your lows I know exactly where you are coming from.

  13. Jessica

    Low was dealing with a man via email and phone who was trying to place a classified ad to scam people. He finally gave up. My high was my hugs and kisses from my boys.

  14. Rachel

    My low is that I have a scratchy throat today and my high was splitting a frozen pizza for lunch with my teenage son and just talking and spending time with him! πŸ™‚

    • Mar

      Love that!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      What a wonderful high! πŸ™‚

  15. DealGirl

    My high of the day was getting a great deal on a hotel on hotwire! I also went thru ebates and have a rebate from entertainment book. My low of the day is my toddler throwing my iPhone in the sink full of water! :*(

    • Iris

      The exact same thing happened to me about 6 months ago with my iphone, my toddler was trying to give it to my daughter that was washing her hands, put it in rice immediately and it works perfect.

      • Kate

        Rice truly does work. I’ve had it happen twice and my phone is fine.

  16. Laura

    High- dinner was a success! Low- my poor baby girl (3 months) was crying for hours tonight and I think it’s due to her reflux. It normally doesn’t bother her (she’s a happy spitter) or maybe she’s teething…

  17. casey lantigua

    My high and low are the same. My son is going to start school next week. Happy for him but sad for me. I’ll miss him while he’s gone during the day but it will be good for him. Parenting is THE biggest life lesson.

    • C

      I’m going through the same thing with my daughter. Going to miss her like crazy during the day but I know it will be good for her. The letting go part of parenting is so hard.

  18. Tammy

    Low: Having my little girl cry about the death of her uncle.
    High: My little girl being thankful during her prayer that he had been sent to heaven so that he didn’t have to suffer anymore.

    • Kristen

      This is really touching. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    • Joyce

      How touching. Sorry for your loss!!

  19. angela

    Low: having to console my crying 5 year old boy after a tantrum. High: watching my 1 year old girl walk around in the high heels from her new Build a bear! πŸ™‚

  20. Jenifer

    My low was discovering the cat had been shut in the van all night! My high was a lunch date with the hubs and a now clean van!

  21. Karin

    High: my breast biopsy came back all negative. Low: many bills of mammos, ultrasounds, MRI & biopsy I took left.

    • Priya

      Karin, I am so glad that your biopsy came back negative!! Praying your bills will get paid off soon. πŸ˜‰

      • Karin

        Priya, thank you very much for your thoughtful comment! This made my day so wonderful!!! Thanks again!! πŸ™‚

      • Karin

        Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment, Priya!! This made my day so wonderful!! Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  22. Ketsy

    The baby has been crying all day long. No holding, no snacks, just wants to crawl away and get ino things. I can only take so much πŸ™

    • mommy1

      Yes, it is hard when the kids are not acting like themselves or don’t feel good. My daughter had her 10th surgery last month. There is always something wrong with her body and she was born very sick. I can only take so much myself!

  23. Amanda

    My low today was waking up tired, again. My high was spending the day with my beautiful daughters and the new 3 in 1 dirt devil vacum I found at Freds super dollar for 20 dollars! A great deal!

  24. Tracy

    Low for the days hurting my bottom (butt) while begin 26 1/2 weeks pregnant. Not begin able to take any medication to help easy pain. πŸ™ My High realizing my little boy will be here in 13 1/2 weeks! EKKKK! Super excited, I can’t wait to hold my little boy.

  25. Amanda

    My high – getting to go out with hubby while my in-laws watched the boys. My low – my laptop crashed which means that all of the hard work I’ve been doing to get my blog up and running again will go to waste and I have some giveaways ending soon so I hope my phone works alright so I can pick winners! My job is also an online job so I’m not sure how I’ll swing that. Perhaps I should have started with the low and ended with my high. I’ll know better tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  26. Sara

    My low- my Grandpa took his own life today. Feels so weird to say it, to think about it. My heart is broken. My high- having a Husband who is caring for our girls while I take a mental break. I am so thankful I chose the right person as my other half.

    • Kate

      I’m so sorry to hear that Sara, that’s heartbreaking. πŸ™

    • Kristen


      I am sorry to hear that. I am praying for you and your family.

    • Amber Anderson

      Goodness, Sara. I’m sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    • Sharon

      I’m so sorry Sara, we will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

    • Joyce

      So sorry Sara. That is rough. I am glad your husband is a great one to help you through this.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I am so incredibly sorry to hear about your grandpa, Sara. You will definitely be in my thoughts today.

    • Priya

      I am so very sorry Sara. :(. You and your family will be in my prayers today.

  27. Kelly

    My high for today was getting to spend lots of time outside with my kids, it was so nice out today! When we finally decided to come inside I discovered my low: all that nice, wonderful sun turned me into a lobster. At least my boys didn’t burn and I’d much rather deal with it myself then them getting sunburned. I think I’ll go buy a nice big bottle of Banana Boat tomorrow! πŸ™‚

    • Mar

      Aaaah it is always nice to just enjoy the weather and be with your kids~!

  28. Mitchell @ Frugal Finders

    My high was just feeling the warmth and seeing the snow melt in Minnesota!

    My low was taking my calculus test and almost running out of time.

    • Mar

      One of my fav. snow and one of my all time hates MATH!

  29. Erica

    My low was actually realizing just how much weight I have left to loose after having my baby.

    My high was feeling a surge of energy and empowerment that made me feel like I can actually do it.

  30. Mar

    My kids are teenagers and well at this point you take any high’s and hope you learn from the lows. What I did do sometime back was play the High and low game with them. This is a good way for us to communicate which is nearly impossible with teenage boys. When I pick them I say whats your low and they will say like homework and then I will share my lows as well. We don’t play it as much right now but this blog just reminded me to enforce it again. It is a quick way to stir up a conversation, and it sure does beat the all occasion fav. word they use ” Nothing” or Alright!”

    • Sharon

      I have 4 adult kids but still have a teenage boy at home and a 9 year old girl. Was just saying this to a co-worker . . girls you get every detail from who sat by who and what they were wearing and who said what and so on and so on. Teenage boys, your lucky to get a yes or no. LOL

  31. Jen B.

    If it makes you feel any better Collin, a couple years ago at 4am, I awoke to the sound of a funny noise followed by a flood of warmth in my hair. Turns out our problem-child cat peed in my hair!! I had to run for the kitchen sink and wash my hair out for 1/2 hr (you know how that cat pee smell refuses to go away). Then I had to deal with ripping everything off the bed and putting it in the wash. I swear I slept with one eye open for weeks after that! Anytime I felt him pounce on the bed, I shot up trying to avoid a repeat. Our poor kitty passed away 6 months ago, and I miss him terribly. I almost forgive him for that night. Almost. LOL

  32. Mar

    My high was taking a stroll with my husband “just the two of us” that is rare since he works so late! My low was preparing to do the budget!

  33. Amy

    Low: Realizing that my husband is not off tomorrow like I thought, but the day after. He works overnights at a hotel pulling 50 hr weeks, and it gets awfully lonely sometimes. πŸ™
    High: Reminding myself how blessed we are regardless of those things. Before he went into work we got to watch our wedding video for the first time! πŸ™‚

  34. sue

    high it was a nice day out. Low a really sore throat.

  35. PV

    My low was having an unexpected out of town visitor show up last night while I had laundry all over the couch, dishes in the sink, toys scattered everywhere. My high was being able to say who care about that stuff and spend some nice quality time with a relative I haven’t seen in 6 years!

  36. Kim

    My low is having my one year old get his shots on his birthday, run a fever and stay up all night, only to wake up to morning sickness because I am pregnant again. My other children were 8 years apart, so this staying up all night with morning sickness and fatigue is all new to me. Hats off to all the mommies that had kids close in age!

    • dawn

      Had to laugh, I had 4 wonderful children in less than 4 years, Now I Have 4 wonderful teenagers….

  37. schnauzminis

    Low-finding out there is probably no hope for my marriage any more after 15 years and dealing with so many mental issues that my husband has and the doctors cant fix, so so sad about that, high-my five children are beautiful and healthy and everyday I wake up next to my two year old little boy and hear hold me mommy and the day gets a little bit brighter!

  38. Shannon

    My high: my 2 year old is getting smarter every day
    My low: he’s using it against me

    • nalabay17


  39. MommySpendsLess

    I want to thank all of you who shared your highs and lows. So many of you have truly low lows (death of loved ones, severe health issues, divorce, etc.) that it helps to put my ordinary day-to-day problems (not enough sleep, helping a grumpy 3yo get ready in the morning, traffic on my commute home) into perspective.

    Trying to pick a high for the day has also helped me look for the good points and reminds me of all that I have to be grateful for.

    Thanks for the good idea Collin – I think I may add this to my daughter’s bedtime routine.

  40. nalabay17

    High: Feeling like I had a succesful week at the office, which is rare. Normally for every 1 task I get completed, I have 5 more waiting in line. πŸ™

    Low: My daughter (4 on Easter) crawled into bed with me last night and pee’d as well! This has happened 3 times in her life.. but 3:45AM was early. ::sighs::

  41. Priya

    My low yesterday was struggling with chronic pain in my back (ongoing for 13 years) and knee. My high was during our family prayer/bible study….giving it over to God again, remembering not to lose hope and knowing that God does heal.

    • Karin

      I will pray your pain will go away soon for you, Priya!!

  42. Irina

    Beautiful picture! : )

  43. cathycampo

    High-witnessing the ironing pile gone after I did it, and smell + sight of cut grass after I mowed. Low- wondering if my 13 year old wrote down all of her homework

  44. Michelle

    Low: Not being able to call my dad on his birthday (he passed away in August). High: Being thankful for all the birthdays I did get to spend with him & the memories I have.

  45. Whitney

    My low has been my 18 month old having heart surgery but my high is that she does not have a murmur anymore and she will grow up without congestive heart failure!

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