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The Oh So Special Little People in My Life Always Brighten My Day…

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My high today, without a doubt, was watching my sweet little ones make homemade cards for their daddy’s birthday which is tomorrow. They each took the time to write special messages and draw pictures. My son, Ayden, even put his own cash (birthday money he had received only a week earlier) in a little section of the card he had created. He was beaming with excitement when he showed me the surprise he had inside…

I am so blessed to have 3 precious little people in my life that teach me life lessons every single day.

My low today continues to remain the same low that I experienced yesterday. It is so difficult to watch all the news surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings without getting teary-eyed and feeling immense pain and sadness for all those directly effected. I cannot even begin to imagine all the pain and suffering that these families are enduring right now and will continue to endure.

[h2s_box]Every Monday-Thursday, I share my high(s) and low(s) for the day and I encourage you to do the same in the comment section below. My high(s) will simply be the best or most exciting thing that happened to me today and my low(s) will be something not so great that took place. [/h2s_box]

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  1. Jessika

    That is sooooo cute! Love the wallet =) & lets continue to pray and be there for everyone suffering right now.

  2. Casey

    Ditto on the low of the day:( My high would be spending the five o’clock a.m. hour with my 7 month old (as my little 2yr old slept)! I love the littles in my life but the one-on-one time are sweet moments, even if it is before the sum rises!

    • Casey


  3. Jen

    My high of the day was when all my friends got together and cleaned my whole backyard fixed the fence that storms knocked down. This may not seem like much to most but for me it is alot. I have fibromyalgia and some days are good but lately a lot of bad ones so very difficult for me to do yard work I do good to manage daily household chores. My low is seeing everything w the Boston Marathon and not understanding how one human could take anothers life.

  4. Katherine B

    My birthday is tomorrow too! 🙂 and I agree kids can always put a smile on your face!

    • Marissa

      It’s my birthday tomorrow too!!!!

  5. kelsey

    Your hubby and I share the same bday! He must be pretty cool then 😉

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Ya… he’s pretty cool! 😉 And happy birthday tomorrow!

  6. rn30032

    my low is that today is the last day of my 2 week vacation, but it has been a nice one and well needed…my high is having a job to go back too in the AM

  7. Susan

    I also have a son Ayden (spelled same way too)! He is very kind hearted like it sounds your Ayden is too!

  8. Brenda

    My high today was sitting in the glider with my 4 yo (who still faithfully naps) singing his good night song which happens to be away in the manger. When he’s sings with me it melts my heart. I’m one lucky mom.

    • Ashley

      Lucky! My daughter stopped napping when she was 2.5yrs, and my 1yr old skips occasional naps! Singing children melt my heart, too. 🙂 Rocking in a glider, looking into your kiddo’s eyes and singing is a little piece of heaven.

    • Melissa

      aw, my 5 yr-old’s good night song is Away In A Manger also.

  9. SoxGirl1029

    No high today…the past 2 days have just been surreal. It’s hard to believe that something as horrific as what happened at the marathon can happen right in my own backyard. I feel horrible for what happened to those people and guilty for thinking that God was looking out for my own family. Last year my sister took my daughter into the city for the day to go shopping and afterwards they stopped at Marathon Sports to watch the runners cross the finish line. They had so much fun that they had planned on doing it again this year, but on Sunday when I saw my sister at my mom’s house, she told us she couldn’t get the day off from work because someone else had the week off and her job wasn’t letting anyone else take time off. They were both so mad that they couldn’t go. I can’t stop thinking that my child was standing in the same spot in front of that store as those people who were killed. She was doing the same thing as that 8 year old little boy…I’m just lucky that these pieces of scum chose this year’s marathon instead of last year’s…and I feel guilty for feeling lucky. I guess the one thing you have to take away from all of this is that we all get busy in our lives and forget what’s really important. This has all really put everything into perspective.

  10. Erica

    My high today was getting to leave the hospital after a 6 day stay and a clean bill of health. My low was just finding out about the Boston Marathon bombings and my heart just hurting with emotional pain rather than the physical I was suffering. 🙁

  11. Julie

    My low today is that yesterday, April 15 was my birthday and I live in Boston. The marathon ran past my home in the early part of the day. I was so excited it was on my birthday. We know what the rest of the day turned out like.

    My high today is that our town of Boston is remaining strong and we feel bonded in unity.

    • Mary

      Read Mary C .
      Didn’t read your post before…just wanted to vent my sadness.
      Went back and saw your post.
      You will get through this.
      Happy Brithday!!!

    • Katie

      Happy Birthday, Julie. Yesterday was my birthday too. I grew up in Bedford, MA – My husband and I live in New Hampshire now with our kids, but we both grew up in Mass, spending many childhood days on those streets. Totally tore me apart. I completely understand how hard of a birthday it was.

  12. Mary

    My high…is being surrounded with my kids….my students.
    My LOW is worring about my nephew at Boston College and being in lockdown in the dorms. He was there. He is fine…Thinking about how this will change his life forever.
    SO SAD.

  13. amber

    My high today was baking cookies with my husband and 2 kids. We work opposite shifts so it is not often that the four of us are all together.
    My low was spending the whole day administering the state test to my elementary school students. I teach RSP and its hard to watch them struggle with the grade level test. I will be doing this all day for the next 2 Weeks. 🙁

    • Mary

      Oh.. don’t even get me started. Not sure where you are, or what grade level, but those poor kids.
      I teach proficient students and they struggle.

      • Joy

        My sons took these tests today in NY state. My 8th grader said the questions were hard. My two 5th graders said it was okay. But one of them is learning disabled and has Asperger’s. So he said he just guessed on a lot of the questions because he wanted to finish on time. He’s allowed extra time but no other help. He is going to really struggle next week on math test and probably have a meltdown because he won’t be able to use charts. Sigh! These tests are hard enough for normal kids imagine how tough they are for those who are learning disabled. So this is my low for today is worrying if my kid will make it through two more days of this nonsense only to do it all over again next week.
        My high is that my dh made it home safe and sound from business trip.

        • Luz

          You should send that email to everyone who can read…. I’m a teacher currently in maternity Leaf and know howhard it’s. Kids struggle, teacher are fire and school closed because of a test that just prove that every one is smart but not everyone can show it in a test.

  14. jhnicole

    My low is the same.My high was going to my teen daughter high school orientation today.Seeing those cards made me smile they are the sweetest.Thanks for sharing.Just talking to my kids is my high most days.

  15. Shanna

    I have always read this post, but never posted until today. My high, a great first soccer practice for my youth soccer team! I think we are gonna have a great season this year! My low… sons teacher telling me that she thinks I should hold him back in the second grade. She explained to me it had nothing to do with his grades, but she feels he’s too emotionaly and mentality immature for the third grade. She really has to stay on him to get his class work done and feels he will get lost in the sauce next year. I wanted to cry, hurt me to my core.

    • Mary


      I know how disappointing that news must have been. I had a friend experience the same scenario with her son. I do remember her mentioning that it was harder on her and her husband. Her child didn’t seem to mind having to repeat second grade at all. Try to look at it as a wise investment in his future. It is huge to you right now, but it is really only a “blip” on his academic radar. 🙂

  16. C

    My high …taking my 3.5 year old daughter to build a bear workshop. It made me very happy to see how excited she was to build her very first bear. She is growing up so fast so I’m cherishing all of these special moments that I get to spend with her.

    My low..feeling tired from having to clean a very messy house. I’m actually still not done yet but im going to call it a night and do it in the AM.

  17. Katie

    My high was finishing my legal research final – early. This test was so hard and time consuming I was terrified at first, but I was so proud of myself for getting it done – and early at that.

    My low was receiving an email from my 5 year old son’s preschool teacher. They have daily “news” where each child talks about something that’s going on in their life. My son’s teacher emailed me to tell me my son’s news was that something really bad happened in Boston. We’ve been shielding him from the news, but we live in NH and all come from Mass – have family there still so he does know that some people were hurt but that’s the extent of what he knows. Still it broke me to hear that was my sons news at school. He never mentioned to us that it was bothering him, but he said mommy was crying on her birthday (yesterday) because people were hurt in Boston. Breaks my heart.

  18. ashely

    my high today was playing with my daughter , my low was being monthly 🙁 cramps suck!!!!

  19. rebecca S.

    Kids are definitely something else. My 2 yo makes me smile every time i cough or sneeze she comes over to me pats me on the back and says “you k”. My allergies been acting up today and she just kept doing that and bringing me tissues.
    My high is how there is still so much good in this world.

    My low is the bad keeps getting closer and closer together.

  20. Tracy

    High: Finding my high school graduation video along with a summer camp video (I’m 26 now). Watching them brought back so many good memories. It made my day and was so excited to share it with my husband.

    Low: My house as messy as can be and don’t have the energy to clean it up begin 7 months pregnant. Hopeful I can find some tomorrow and get it back to working order.

  21. Jenny

    My High…is that I live in such a wonderful, caring, and ever united city–Boston. The passion for caring, always going above and beyond for everyone shows even in times of sadness and tragedy. My Daughter’s birthday is tomorrow and we planned to go downtown (pre-tragedy) and visit the city and that’s what we are going to do. As a Bostonian I will not let them take away the love we have for our city by this senseless act. the best gift i can give her is to show her that we will get through this as a family-the Boston way ( with dignity, unity, and ever lasting compassion–that the world is good but at times inflicted with pain and sorrow).
    My Low…the sadness of what happened at the Boston Marathon. The super low was the aftermath of what such senseless acts of evil caused! Boston will get through this with as we have down in the past.


  22. Melissa

    My sister in law finished the Boston Marathon 30 min. before the explosion. She was there with her husband & 3 children – so thankful that they are all safe. I also had a great day playing outside with my 3 kids – so happy that the weather is finally nice enough to get outside and play, play, play!!!!

  23. Lindsey

    My high was my little one turned 1 and taking extra time to appreciate how lucky we are to have her after two miscarriages. My low was working at my job I no longer enjoy for 8 hours.

  24. Karen

    what special kids you have. My son is 17 and does that, uses his own money to buy me gifts, I melt everytime. My high was making my 10 yr old daughter up for dance recital pictures and my low is the same, Boston, so sad to see the pics of the deceased and wounded.

  25. Gwen cake

    Awwe thanks for sharing that’s super cute 🙂 I don’t have little ones but maybe one day!!! 😀

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