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Kale Chips (Help! How Do I Make Them Taste Good?) + My Workouts on the Trampoline

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My low this week are the beautiful veggies pictured above! Over the past few days, I have attempted to make homemade Kale Chips 5 different times (yep, five times!) and each time has been a huge flop! They seem to either be way too chewy or too crisp and almost burnt tasting… and I definitely need some help in the seasonings department too! Do you have any helpful tips for making delicious Kale Chips that will be gobbled down by kiddos and adults alike?! Also, what temperature and cooking time do you recommend when making these chips?

My high has been my daily “workouts” on the trampoline with my daughter, Piper! All kidding aside, jumping on the trampoline is much harder than I remember as a kid (but just as fun!) – I can get my heart rate up and really work my muscles. And there’s nothing better than being outside soaking up lots of sunshine! I have also recently started running regularly again and was really proud of myself for completing a 6 mile run without stopping yesterday!

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  1. Joy

    We have a trampoline but you won’t catch me on it. Don’t want the neighborhood men getting a free show. Remember the girls on trampoline skit Jimmy Kimmel and that other guy used to do on their show several years ago? LOL. But, you go, girl. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Vishnu

    I am sure all the readers are dying to know about the trampoline Collin. May be its time for a post on trampoline , where to buy , how to install and may be a super hit deal on it too. Lol:)

    • Heidi

      I second that!

      • Jenny niemann

        I totally agree! I came to the comments to see if anyone had asked!

  3. renee

    I wash my kale and lay it on a cookie sheet, then drizzle it with some olive oil. I bake it at 400, for maybe a half hour. I’ll check it often towards the half hour point to make sure it’s crispy. When it’s not completely crispy, it’s really hard to get down :/ Good luck with it, and keep trying – it’s great – kind of a nutty taste!

    • judy

      I also use 400 degrees. I’ve put on ACV with the oil and it is pretty good. My daughter read that nutritional yeast will give them a cheesy flavor and I really liked those too but she was disappointed.

    • Samantha

      Half an hour seems way too long, usually mine takes closer to 10. Just wanted to comment so no one burns theirs!

    • Megan

      This is also the recipe I use. Make sure the kale is DRY before coat them with oil or you’ll end up steaming them. I just stuff the kale in a gallon zip lock and shake the oil up in there.

      It might also depend on what kind of kale you are using – there are lots of varieties. I’ve found that dinosaur works best. Plus the name dinosaur kale gets my kids a lot more excited. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Monica

    My kids love kale chips!
    I buy the light green variety. Wash, dry and tear on a baking sheet. I use PAM olive oil spray (just a little bit) and Nature’s Seasonings (again just a little bit) and bake at 340* for 20 minutes, toss, then bake again for 10-15 more minutes. Nice and dry and crispy.

  5. Erica

    The KEY to kale chips is you must dry well each piece of Kale after washing. The dryer the chip the better. I use a thin kitchen towel. Coat them well with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. My crew loves them but I did have to make them a few time to gain perfection.

  6. Brigitte

    I have also done the 2 TB olive oil, sprinkle of coarse salt and bake at 400 and my kids love them and devour them. However my FAVORITE way to make kale chips is this:
    1 lg bunch of kale, stems discarded and leaves ripped up
    30 grams sundried tomatoes (soaked in water at least 1 hour if dry)
    1 cup raw cashews, soaked in water at least 1 hour if dry
    2 lg garlic cloves
    3/4 c + 2 TB soaking water from tomatoes
    2-4 TB fresh basil
    2 TB fresh lemon juice
    2 TB nutritional yeast
    3/4 tsp fine grain sea salt, or to taste

    In a food processor or high powered blender, with the machine running, drop in the garlic and process until minced. Add in the rest of the ingredients except salt. Process until smooth, scraping sides as necessary and add the salt slowly to taste. Wash kale leaves & dry in a salad spinner (it helps the sauce stick). Place greens in a large bowl and pour the cheeze sauce on top of the kale. Massage the sauce into the kale with hands until well coated. Season with salt or herbamare to taste (I find I don’t need any extra salt). Dehydrate for 12 hours at 105-110 degrees F. Kale chips are ready when they are very crispy. (Apparently, you can also use your oven at a very low heat (like 200?) for less time as a dehydrator. I have never tried that way so I am not sure exactly how it works.)

    My husband and I can down a batch of these as soon as they are ready…sooooo tasty! They are a little extra work than simply drizzling with olive oil and baking, but they are definitely worth it! Hope you find a way to really enjoy kale chips!

  7. Meredith

    have you tried buying Kale chips in the store? I think they are nasty in general ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe it’s not your cooking, but the fact that kale in the form of a chip is a horrible idea ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I would also love to hear about the trampoline! like how deep did you need to dig into the ground/ how you did it?! this seems much safer than the typical trampoline.

    • Jen

      Yeah, I thnk kale chips are really gross. Good luck if you are committed to them. I had kale in enchiladas the other day and that was pretty good (I.e., I didn’t notice the kale).

  8. maggie mason

    Love jumping with the kids and you are right it is a work out!

  9. Tammy

    I absolutely love jumping on a trampoline… it brings back so many childhood memories! However, after having 3 kids I have a bit of an issue while jumping… thank God for panty liners… lol!! My only advice on kale chips… use a bag to shake coat the leaves with the oil and don’t over crowd the pan… and eat them fresh because they don’t taste as good after being stored… good luck!!

  10. Raya

    I keep it simple. I make sure the kale is dry, dry, dry first. Then, I melt some Trader Joe’s coconut oil, pour it over the kale and season with salt. I bake on a foil lined cookie sheet at about 350 or 375. I check it every 5 minutes or so to pull off the done pieces. Delicious!

    • Samantha

      I agree with using coconut oil! I absolutely love kale chips, but my husband hates them! We’ve experimented with lots of different oils, and I usually make it with olive oil since coconut oil is expensive, but I love them made with coconut oil. Sounds like people have lots of good strategies for coating the kale. I usually put the oil on my fingers and rub it into each piece individually, before coating with kosher salt. Try to not use the stem, it never gets crispy for me and is too chewy.

  11. Jill

    Cheese! It makes everything taste better. Cheesy Cheddar Kale Chips are so yummy. Add a little seasoning salt to it. Bake for about 10 minutes at 350, flipping once through. Kale is also delicious grilled, then crumbled into a pasta salad.

  12. Julie McClure Sutton

    I have recently started working out myself and I love it! I have thought about started running. I have mixed feeling on running. I have many friends that LOVE it and others that tell me how bad it can be for your knees and joints. Is there a good way to run and protect your body? I always see on the fitness and workout show how they push it. I did use to run about 10 years ago. I would love to pick it up again.

    I do agree….I think the most fun and rewarding part of exercising is when you can be outside and with your kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jackie

      Start slow and work up to the mileage you want to achieve. Make sure you get a good pair of running shoes from a running store that can fit you in a shoe appropriate for the way you run. I also see my chiropractor regularly, if you end up with one leg longer than the other while running you can end up with some major injuries. Combine your distance running workouts with high intensity interval training, strength and ab training and you’ll notice it will improve your running ability. Good luck!

  13. Kristin

    I’ve used low sodium soy sauce when making kale chips and it was delicious! I would recommend putting the soy sauce in a spray bottle, because it’s hard to evenly coat the kale. Happy cooking and munching! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Lisa Magaoay

    I’m curious about your trampoline also. We are looking to do the same but I’m not sure if we will attempt to do it our self or buy a kit. They are expensive!

  15. J

    This is how I do mine. Wash the kale, (duh!) and tear it into even size pieces. Put it in a colander and (Brace yourself…) massage the kale. Toss it around with your fingers, rough it up a little! Kale is naturally bitter and this helps release some of the acids or whatever in it. Dry it well and then I spritz it with some olive oil cooking spray and sprinkle on season salt. Make sure you space it out on a cookie sheet and I do mine at a low temp, like 300 for around 20 minutes. I keep checking to make sure it doesn’t scorch. They have a light potato chippy crunch to them. My kids love them!

    And you won’t ever catch me on the trampoline. I will ice skate, bowl, mini-golf, kayak, bike ride, play tennis, whatever you want, but no trampoline for me!

  16. Tammy

    Please tell us how you got the trampoline level with the ground!!!! We might be willing to get one like that, but normally they are just too dangerous.

  17. tracy

    spinach chips are better. but we put salt on them. so not that healthy. i feed kale to my rabbit lol i wouldnt eat those greens. not very good in my opinion

  18. Victoria

    You need to be using a dehydrator if you’re making kale chips. The nutritional makeup of kale is destroyed when you cook it over 115 degrees. That’s also probably why it’s tasting either too burnt or too mushy. The texture that a dehydrator makes is absolutely perfect, every time, and that’s why big companies that make kale chips (such as Brad’s Raw Kale Chips) always yield crispy yummy chips!

    Personally I use my vitamix to make a salad dressing-like paste to coat my dino kale in (curly kale varieties make a smaller chip…with dino kale you get a big crunchy chip, and I find it’s the least-bitter of all kales in general). I make a batch a week, just for myself, and it goes! It’s such a healthy snack! I don’t use formal measurements anymore since I do it by eye, but I take soaked raw cashews, some sweet red bell peppers, a lot of nutritional yeast, and some fresh lemon juice and blend it all together, then toss it with the kale in a big salad bowl. I lay it on my dehydrator sheets, set the dehydrator to 115, and walk away for at least 10 hours, flipping chips once about halfway through. I usually start them at night and by mid-morning I have fresh chips!

    Dehydrators are expensive but if anyone can find a deal for one, it’d be you, Collin! I feel it was well worth purchasing…you can dry fruit leathers in there, or even beef jerky if you eat meat!

  19. Marcee

    I, for one, have never made or even tasted kale chips before. I might have to try them now though. Lots of great tips here!

    I do, however, put kale in my smoothies and you can’t even tell! It’s a delish way to get the vitamins and nutrients while tasting yummy! You just add some kale and spinach to your blender with your liquid to blend it up nice and smooth. Then add whatever frozen/fresh fruit you like!

    • J

      LOVE green monster smoothies! Just made one with almond milk, raspberries, blueberries and spinach!

  20. Mary

    275 degrees for about 8 minutes each side. Be sure they are dry as any moisture will extend the time. You don’t have to flip each one, just move around with tongs.

    Tips: toss with 1tbsp olive oil (for two bunches of kale) and sprinkle smoked paprika over when done. You can store these after cooling in a plastic bag.

  21. Jamie

    I make my Kale chips by washing and drying the kale ( I use a salad spinner to dry it and then leave it sit on a cookie sheet. I live in AZ so it doesn’t take long to dry) I season with olive oil, lemon pepper, salt and garlic. I rub the kale together after I drizzle the olive oil to make sure that every piece is covered. Then season and put in the oven for 15 minutes at 375. My kids love it and my hubby likes them with red pepper flakes to make them spicy.

  22. Meg

    Don’t laugh, but are you sure that’s kale?
    It looks like a lettuce to me-I’ve never had that much red vein in my kale. Maybe there are different varieties?
    I’m a pretty horrible cook, but I just do a little olive oil and a little salt at 400. They never look pretty, but they’re tasty (My kids won’t touch them).

    • tracy

      yes that is kale. if you go the the grocery store there will be different varieties

  23. kd

    Why does it look like the top of your trampoline is on the ground? How can this work? Just curious.

    • tracy

      i am wondering the same thing. ppl are saying just dig a hole. well that hole must be pretty darn big to fit thee legs. and be able to still bounce on it. can anyone confirm that you do have to make the hole as big as the trampoline?

  24. MissyMiss

    There are in ground trampolines. Google them. They are very expensive. It can be done yourself, but a lot of work and you need to do it right.

    • Amona

      I’v seen them on line but without a price, do you know how much they cost ??

  25. Em

    Are you sure that isn’t red leaf lettuce?

    • Samantha

      Oh my goodness, I thought the same thing when I saw the picture! It really does look like lettuce and not kale. I think the super curly leafed kale works the best (picture here

  26. nel

    My friend just made these last week and her story ends with her 8 year old boy throwing up all over the dinner table… TWICE! I don’t think she’ll be trying again either…

    • Rebe

      LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. suemay

    what sneakers do you use to run in ? I have adidas trail runners , they are not working out.

  28. Joanne Edmonds

    For me, the best texture comes from LOW heat, 250-300 will take longer but produce the best texture!

  29. Mary

    I agree with previous comments. Low heat is better (250). I spray with olive oil, use onion powder, than parmesan cheese.

  30. Heather

    I actually go to a Trampoline Aerobics class three times a week and LOVE it : ) It is an hour long class, and really gets my heart rate up! I go to a place called Sky High in Sacramento – there are other locations in California, Illinois, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington and Texas if anyone is interested in trying it out.

  31. Helen

    I second the comment about using a thicker leafed kale like dinosaur. I found that the flimsier ones didn’t hold up well. Also yes to making them as dry as possible before adding the oil.

  32. Jessica

    I like to spray a lil olive oil on them and use a no sodium seasoning on them and bake 200 for 30 minutes flip and bake till crisp

  33. Haley

    I’m surprised nobody has posted this one. My husband loves them when I cook them. I also brought them to work and everyone liked them. Here goes:
    1 large bunch of kale
    3 TB olive oil
    2 TB agave nectar
    1 TB low-sodium soy sauce
    1 1/2 tsp garlic powder
    Wash the kale and take the veins out. Tear into large pieces and put in a large bowl. Mix oil, agave, soy sauce, and garlic and pour over kale. Work the mixture onto the kale evenly. Spread the kale out on a baking sheet in one layer so that the kale does not steam. Bake for 10-12 minutes at 350.
    I always make a double batch since it goes so fast. If it is chewy, leave it in a minute or two longer. If you leave it in too long, it will have a burnt flavor. My oven isn’t precise so I may need to change how long I leave it in each time. Usually 12 minutes is perfect. I hope you try this recipe whether you love kale chips or hate kale entirely. I saw it on dr oz if you want to find it. Look for their “banker” snacks. I also tried kale with cinnamon and sugar. That was good too. Good luck to all! Thanks!
    PS If you don’t have agave nectar, I would definitely try buying some for this recipe. It is worth it. You can buy it in almost all grocery stores.
    I also use the super curly kale when I make this.

  34. maysie

    I cook my kale chips at 300 degrees for about 20 minutes, turning the baking sheet half way through. For seasoning, a small drizzle of olive oil and some Emeril’s Essence seasoning (you can look up the recipe online…it’s slightly salty and a little spicy- good stuff).

  35. Nika

    I’ve never tried these before, but you have me intrigued. I’m attempting to make some now. Can’t wait to see how they turn out. I’ve only used kale in smoothies & omlettes before. Thanks to everyone for the tips!

  36. Jennifer L.

    Hey Collin, Were you ever successful at making the Kale Chips?

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