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Kohl’s: Score $90 Worth Of Clothes for the Kiddos for Only $46 (After Coupons & Kohl’s Cash)

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Earlier today, I told you here about this sweet offer from Kohl’s where you can score a $10 off a $25 Kid’s Apparel purchase Kohl’s coupon, valid in-store only through August 18th! Plus, you can snag a 20% off coupon valid on your entire purchase AND this coupon can be stacked with the $10 off $25 Kid’s Apparel coupon. This coupon is valid both in-store and online (when you use the code AUGFB20 at checkout), good through August 4th.

Plus, check out the great tip left by Hip2Save Reader, Rebecca:

If you can print two coupons, and do two separate transactions, you can actually save 50% off the clothes. Here’s how:

Transaction #1
Purchase $45 worth of kids clothes
Use the $10/$25 coupon found here = $35
Use the 20% off coupon found here = $28 ( 20% is taken after other Kohl’s coupons)
Pay $28

Transaction #2
Purchase $45 worth of kids clothes
Use the $10/$25 coupon found here = $35
Use the 20% off coupon found here = $28 ( 20% is taken after other Kohl’s coupons)
Pay $28

Take both receipts totaling $56 ($28 each) to customer service and get $10 in Kohl’s cash for spending $50. After Kohl’s cash, you spent $46 for $90 worth of kids clothes! Thanks, Rebecca! [/h2s_box]

Also, don’t forget that through August 7th, you will earn $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent which definitely makes these deals even sweeter!

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Comments 57

  1. Linda

    Went to my Kohls today (Chicago) and they didn’t want to take the $10 off 25. After a loooong argument, they took $8 off (don’t know why??). Once in the car, I noticed that they charged me for sales tax. So mad. It’s tax relief weekend and the signs are all over the store. The cashier didn’t scan the tax relief paper. I called and they want me back by tomorrow for a refund of the tax. Not worth the headache.

    • Linda

      BYW, I was purchasing kids clothes.

    • denise

      our kohls refused it – said it was fraud

      • Emily

        That’s so dumb! I got a hard copy coupon for 10 off 25 with my most recent kohls flyer in the mail.

    • Tee

      Okay I work at Kohls and all coupons are counted for but still you have to pay tax regardless.

      • Jes

        Many states have tax free week/weekends. Meaning no tax on clothes and school supplies.

      • mar

        Tee -taxes are a “norm” and obviously it is part of political society that we live in. No one is disputing that case at this point! The argument here is that “fact” that it was “”””tax free weekend” ours is coming up on August 9th thru-12. Thus no store charges taxes on clothes and school supplies. Thanks

  2. Heather

    Looks like a great deal–can’t wait to use it tomorrow!

  3. Katrina

    You don’t have to spend $56 dollars. I did the math and you can make each original transaction $41.25 minimum before tax. The total after coupons will be $25 after coupons.

    • Katrina

      …to clarifiy do two of those and make the final total right at 50.

      • melodyt

        I thought the coupon states $25 before tax?

        • melodyt

          ok sorry never mind I need to go to bed early tonight lol

  4. jennifer

    do shoes count as apparrel?

    • Suzanne

      No shoes do not count as apparel. But it counts toward the $25. I had a $11 shirt. Took $10 off shirt. Used 20% off
      I did four transactions, (asked and cashier said ok). Spent $17 approximately each. And received kohls cash! Saved tons! Include 2 pair of shoes!

  5. axhilli

    Haven’t shopped at Kohl’s in awhile and I even have a gc there but does $90 worth of clothes from there equal even 3 non clearance outfits?

  6. melodyt

    Can I do 1 transaction today and 1 tomorrow and still get a $10 Kohls cash? My Kohls is really strict about sticking to the 1 coupon per customer

    • Caroline

      Depends on your store, but usually you can combine all your receipts from the kohls cash promo period.

  7. helen

    When I get those 10 off 25 coupons I just buy 25.00. Then, go and do it again, and again, & again. I do not understand why anyone spends over 25.00. Then, if you want to take the receipts to customer service. I would not risk that though. they might not let you if you use more than one 10 off 25 coupon. you can save alot if you never spend over 25.00. my store still let you have the 20% off as long as from the start you spend over 25.00. It looks to me like you can print as many of those coupons as you want.

  8. Jennifer Olson

    You can also do two separate transactions of buy $25 – $10 = $15 (then 20% off that), will deduct $3.00 = $12; do this again in another transaction (maybe another family member can do it for you). Then, it’s like getting $50 worth of apparel for only $24.00. Just something else to keep in mind in case you don’t want to have to spend as much.

  9. helen

    Many of you may say it says you can only use one, but in my experience that is not true. The lady submitting the above deal has already used two and cutomer service knows it. I guess it will depend on your storel Also, to the lady whose store took off 8.00 – call Kohl’s cutomer service before you go back to get your tax refund. They may help you get your whle $10.00.

  10. Carolyn

    In the fine print the $10/$25 Q states “Cannot be combined with ….. or in conjunction w/any percent-off discounts”.
    So how can we stack these?

    • Jennifer Olson

      My coupon states: Offer can be combined with other offers. Dollar-off discounts applied prior to percent-off total puchase discounts. So, you can use both together.

  11. Heather

    Has anyone used these on shoes?

    • L

      My transaction included a pair of clearance kids shoes and was just over $25.00 before the coupons and discounts were applied. The $10/$25 Q came off without a problem. Scored pair of Nike sneakers and 5 boys shirts for $4.40! (Used $10.00 birthday coupon also) Very excited to find 90% off Nike sneakers ($5.50!)

  12. B

    I tried to use the $10 off $25 coupon tonight and they wouldn’t take it. They said it’s a fake coupon. I didn’t really believe the cashier so I went to customer service and was told that that Facebook coupon is a fake. Did anybody else have this problem?

    • JennsofS

      Yes we were told it was fake as well.

    • Heather

      It is both on the website main page and Facebook. They clearly are unaware of their own promotions. It scans at the register too!

  13. tanyam

    So I went today, and was able to stack $10 off $25 kids apparel and 20%off.

  14. robin

    How is it a fake? It comes straight from their Facebook page…then gets emailed to us. Ridiculous. Anyway you don’t need to spend that much. You’ll save exactly the same percentage wise by buying $25 minus $10 minus another 20%. It comes to $12 for $25 worth of merchandise. No need to spend the extra money. BTW they let me use this coupon scenario on a Jansport backpack. They said anything for back to school was included.

    • Lisa

      That’s what I was thinking…. No need to spend over $50 to save over 50%

  15. Tara

    The kohls coupon is a fake. If you go the the kohls Facebook page, you can’t access it. You can only access it thru a direct link to the coupon. Also the barcode is all 9’s. I did receive a 10 off 25 coupon on my latest kohls mailer today that is authentic.

    • Karen

      Nope not a fake. I took it to guest service and they said it was legitimate. Also, my barcode was NOT all 9’s.

  16. Amy

    It’s not a fake. Used it today and many other readers did too. Mine didn’t have all 9s. Maybe you have a fake one from a different website?

  17. karebearye

    A few months ago I asked about combining receipts to get the Kohl’s cash and she said too many people abused it so they would no longer do it. It may vary by store, though. I was able to use the coupon today.

  18. John

    For those who have and use your Chase Freedom card you get 5% cash back on all Kohl’s purchases to make the deal even better.

  19. Diana

    I went to kohls today- spent $38, saved $128$!!!!! Both coupons worked- i used 20% off total purchase first, and then 10$ off. Sweeet deal! Thank u!!!!

  20. Sandy

    Bought 2 baby sleepers, each originally priced at $28.00, but on sale for 9.99, and a baby bib originally $10 on sale for $6. Used the $10off $25 without any problem and then the 20%. My total was $12.55.

  21. Jenn

    Definately ask at your store if they still combine receipts. My local ones no longer do it.

  22. Cannielle

    For those don’t shop at Kohl’s(me), sears online has some 2T clothing clearance, I bought 5 @$1.74 each down from$12.00. That is 85% off, hurry!

  23. Emily

    So I got one of the 10 off 25 kids apparel coupons in the mail with my flyer. It says in store only but it has a coupon code printed on the front of it – Schooldays – that is working online. (it is past midnight on the east coast) Combine it online with ebates or whatever you use, and the 30% off code that starts on Aug 9 and you may find better deals. I don’t have the 30% code or I’d give it to you. The thing that came in the mail also said in store, you get 1 back to schools sweepstakes entry for every $30 you spend and a $5 off $50 order at staples coupon.

    They’ll also have night owls and early bird specials and bonus buys starting on the 9th.

  24. Rachel

    I got the coupon in the mail today and a 30 percent off so 25-10-7.50 is around 8 dollars good deal for some items be careful lots of things are overpriced 48 for a dress and over 20 for aerial pj dress. Shop clearance etc. I’m getting those booty shorts for under dresses and something else the shirts 2 pack is 10 on sale I’m gonna look for fake tons and uggs crazy 8 is my new favorite kids place.

    • Marcie

      Just FYI, they will take your $10 off first and then they apply the 30% off to the remaining balance. So, it will be appx $4.50 off, not $7.50

  25. Jamie

    Totally scored at kohls today. Did this deal…bought all clearance stuff. $360 worth of clothes for $40 (after counting kohls cash). 28 articles of clothing for next season. No problems at the register either! Awesome deal!!!

  26. Arla

    The $10 off $25 coupon is available to print from the Kohl’s website too. Good from Aug 4-18. It may be easier to print that one.

    • Jill

      Thank you! For some reason that one was not sending to my email….I just went on their site and printed…thanks again!

  27. Beth

    It is not a fake, there is still a link on their FB page. This is improper coupon use as it clearly says one per customer.

    • VictoriA

      Not so sure about that, I used to work there back in high school, and we were told that the customer could hold on to most of their coupons and re use them until they expired.

  28. Judy

    This is the wording from the Facebook coupon:

    OFFER VALID FOR ONE-TIME USE 8/2/13-8/18/13 IN STORE ONLY. ONE KIDS’ APPAREL MERCHANDISE COUPON PER CUSTOMER. $10 offer valid on a minimum $25 pre-tax purchase of kids’ apparel merchandise. Offer is nontransferable and must be presented at time of in-store purchase. Dollar-off discounts applied prior to percent-off total purchase discounts. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash. No cash back. Offer not valid for price adjustments on prior purchases, the purchase of Gift Cards, payment on a Kohl’s Charge account, the purchase of Kohl’s Cares® cause merchandise or other charitable items or in conjunction w/any percent-off discounts, including age-specific discounts. Excludes sales tax. Photocopies or duplicates not accepted. Only one kids’ apparel merchandise coupon may be used per customer. Return value of merchandise purchased w/$10 coupon will be subject to adjustment. See store for details.

    This is the wording from the coupon available on the Kohls website:


    $10 offer valid on a minimum $25 pre-tax purchase of apparel for kids. $10 offer is nontransferable and must be presented at time of in-store purchase. $10 offer can be combined with other offers and will be applied prior to percent-off total purchase discounts. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash. No cash back. Return value of merchandise purchased with $10 coupon will be subject to adjustment. 15% offer is nontransferable and valid only on apparel for kids on 15% Promo Code must be entered at to receive discount. 15% offer cannot be combined with any other percent-off discounts, including age-specific discounts. Offers are good on all sale-, regular- and clearance-priced apparel for kids but not valid for price adjustments on prior purchases, the purchase of Gift Cards, payment on a Kohl’s Charge account, the purchase of Kohl’s Cares� cause merchandise or other charitable items or in conjunction with any percent-off discounts, including age-specific discounts. Offer excludes prestige brands of cosmetics and skincare and select prestige brands of fragrance. For a complete list of these excluded brands, go to or look for signs in our stores. Offer also excludes select electronics; see store for details. Photocopies or duplicates not accepted. Only one apparel for kids offer may be used per customer. See store for details.

    Shopping Pass good August 4-18, 2013.

    They both specifically say “one-time use”. And both add “one coupon per customer”. However, these are from different sources, so I think you could use one of each, in two separate transactions. And this weekend is tax-relief weekend. And there are %off deals available if you get the Kohl’s mailers. I guess it would be up to the individual stores as to how they would look at this.

  29. Elis

    My 20% off email doesn’t have a barcode, but my $10 off one did. Is that supposed to happen?

  30. Rob N.

    Beginning today, you’ll also receive a sweepstakes game piece for each $30 you spend at Kohls. Details at

  31. Anna

    Kohl’s use to be one of my favorite stores to get good quality clothes and good bargains but not any more. I went on Thursday and picked out 2 pairs of tennis shoes and had them “held” till Friday because one it is tax free weekend and 2) because I wanted to be sure and get the right size. I asked before I put them on hold if the prices would be the same on Friday and they said yes. I went back the next day to pick up the shoes and they rang up $20 and $30 respectively higher than the previous day. When I objected, the sales lady said that with tax-free weekend and Kohl’s cash and 15% off I would be getting a better deal by buying them at the higher price. I said no I would not–just do the calculations. Then the lady got huffy with me and said go look at the sales ad. I said, “I’m sorry. I am just disappointed that I cannot afford the shoes. I have no feeling in my left leg and have diabetes so finding one shoe that fits well and is in my price range is a hard find but finding two was a bonus. ” The sales lady started going on about having a heel problem but she would spend extra money to get “good shoes.” I left in tears mainly because I could not afford the shoes I was so hoping to get (plus they were fashionable and usually I have to buy ugly shoes to accommodate my left leg). I am probably naive but I thought that was dirty to lower prices just before tax free weekend and then raise them $20-$30 the next day. I am a single mom with a disability and I take care of my self and 4 kids by myself and I use to count on Kohls being a good place to shop but I was really, really disappointed in them. Target, JC Penny, and most retail stores are making it so consumers can’t get inexpensive clothes any more (maybe kids but adults are harded to come by these days). I accept that and try to shop more carefully but I have to dish out some money for shoes because if the shoe does fit right it could lead to a major problem and amputation. That is just my lot in life but I was just hoping for a nice pair of fashionable shoes that fit well. Also, I did not appreciate the old saleslady comparing my disability to her heel problem–felt insignificant although my medical issues are my problem not Kohl’s. Just very disappointed that I can’t count on Kohl’s any more. I think retail stores are just making it harder for retailers to get a good bargain any more. I am more and more skeptical about “bargains” anymore however I still love HTS for their postings!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Mindy

    Just got back from Kohls with my 6 year old son. I printed the $10 off $25 kids coupon from the website and 20% off friends and family from my e-mail. Both had barcodes and I had no problem using them both in 1 transaction.

  33. shannon

    Just FYI I tried doing the scenario listed above where you split up your transactions, HOWEVER, they wouldn’t let me get the Kohl’s Cash as Customer service. I then contacted the customer service through email and this is what they said
    “Please be advised that the Kohl’s Cash promotion applies per single purchase, not for multiple purchases (receipts). I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. I hope you find this information helpful. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.”

    I think this is a YMMV simple because while customer service says this, it is not actually outlined under Kohl’s Cash “Details” as such… It simply says for every $50 with no mention of it being on ONE receipt.

    I, however, had no problem using both the $10/25 and the 20% off for both transactions, but she did take up the $/$ coupon for each transaction, so I’m glad I printed two off.

  34. Heather

    I got some great deals with these coupons today. I used two coupons, in two separate transactions (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) at my local Kohl’s, along with the 20% off and the additional 7% off for Tax Relief Weekend. I had no issue whatsoever using them–both Kohl’s cashiers were able to scan the coupons, which were recognized by the registers. Combined with some great deals for my older, teenage son from clearance and sales in the men’s section, I have $30 in Kohl’s cash to use starting on Thursday!

  35. Heather

    One thing I will add: Make sure you print off all 3 pages of the $10 off $25 coupon e-mail, as the scan code will appear on the second page in the e-mail. If they don’t have a code to scan, I can understand why they’d see this as a fake coupon.

  36. Nil

    Can I buy new born and 0-12 months clothes in this deal.? Pls someone reply. Thanks

    • Sandy

      Yes. I bought a bib too, no problems with it being an accessory.

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