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Walgreens: Accused of Overcharging Customers and Deceptive Price Advertising

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If you shop at Walgreens (or really at any store for that matter!), you may be interested in this email that I received from Hip2Save readers, Steph and Pam…

[h2s_box]I thought it might be interesting to you and your readers that the Attorney General in MO is suing Walgreens due to deceptive pricing tactics. I know I frequently have trouble with items ringing up incorrectly there, and it’s another reminder that we all should check our receipts wherever we’re shopping! Anyway, thought you might want to Google it and/or pass on the info.

I just saw your post about your mishap at the Dollar Store and the gum. Tricksters! ๐Ÿ™ ย It made me think of this article I read about Walgreens that was in our local newspaper just the other day and how you post a lot of Walgreens deals. It accuses Walgreens of overcharging customers and using deceptive display advertising and pricing schemes. ย Bottom line, always check your receipts after shopping!! ย Here is the link. ย It explains how they even hired private investigators to secret shop them and proves their theory.


For information about this lawsuit, check out this article published in the Huffington Post.

So what are your thoughts about this lawsuit?! Have you personally had issues with pricing errors? What steps do you take to ensure that you catch errors before you leave the store?

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  1. Mel R.

    As a Walgreen’s employee..I understand how frustrating this can be. I just wish more people understood that as employee’s it’s not our fault..we have no control over the system. We only run the register..not set the prices and policies. If I had that much power I sure as hell wouldn’t be behind a register.

    • Becky

      Great perspective, Mel! On behalf of all cashiers in any retail store, thank you! I also wish more people would understand we just work there, we don’t set the prices or purposely try to screw our customers out of money.

    • JG

      Well, I understand you’re point, Mel, but as somebody who has been watching prices charged vs. prices advertised VERY CLOSELY for quite some time now, I’d have to say that it works both ways. Quite often, the cashiers will huff & puff & get an attitude when you question the price that rings up (heck – just today at the gas station, they bold-face lied to me & told me the price on screen when they scanned something was actually the price with tax, just hoping that I’d shutup & just pay the incorrect price…and not having any other option, I did, but then I checked my receipt & found that it was in fact the before tax price, so I took my receipt back in the store & made him refund my money), & will treat customers like they have no idea what they’re talking about & like they’re just trying to “get over” on the cashier or the store, when in fact, they store has indeed programmed the incorrect price in their system (and at the frequency that it’s happening, the cause is surely, more often than not, pure greed (not just at Walgreens…not by any means) & not just a simple error. I wish that more cashiers would understand that this is a 2 way street, & see that it would be most beneficial for them to work with us, not against us, to fight these deceptive practices!

    • melinda moses

      I know being from working in retail myself that consumers are not always right. The stores don’t set the prices and the members of management has the right to refuse or to accept coupons. As for Walgreens I am not sure of how their coupon policy is set if management is allow to set up their own or not, but some companies do and the cashiers do take the blunt end of the deal if not written in ink and posted for all to see.

      • Amy Mac

        I don’t think the article was about coupons.

      • Lizzett Reel

        The article has nothing to do with coupons.

  2. marie

    The only issue I’ve had recently was when I purchased splenda and the register reward didn’t print out. I didn’t have time to argue or deal with the problem so I just left.

    • renee

      Hi Marie, when this happens, just call the customer service number for Balance Rewards (its on the website). Usually you have to wait an hour or so after the purchase for customer service to be able to see your receipt in the system. When this has happened to me, they have always credited my account with no hassles.

      • renee

        oops sorry Marie, I thought I read that your balance rewards did not print. Disregard my reply

  3. Lori

    I was at Walgreens today and inquired with the manager which Crest toothpaste was on sale 2 for $6; (buy 2 get 3 RR’s) he checked the ad and told me any that were in the correct size posted in the ad. So I took 2 packs of the Crest Pro Health Clinical t.p. 5.8 oz to the register ( regular price was $ 5.49 EACH). They didn’t ring up the sale price and honesty I don’t think they were supposed to be part of the sale b/c it said “select varieties”. Because no RR’s would print due to them actually not being included in the sale, they adjusted them to just $ 1.50 each and I didn’t have to mess with coming back to spend more register rewards. I also used 2 50ยข coupons so I just paid $ 1 each. No trouble with my Walgreens. Plus I was greeted twice while shopping. And told to have a wonderful day.

    • Ms

      When the last crest toothpaste sale about 2 weeks ago started I like you had price issues as well as coupon issues. I Gave my Catalina for 2.00 off crest and before even scanning the coupon The cashier flat out said we are not allowed to even scan these because it was printed at another store but it was a manufacturers coupon that did not specify only at so and so store. Also I have used theses same type of coupons at the store before no problem. After the “darn coupon’s” look I said ok fine I will take my money to Walmart who will ad match your sale and take my coupons. Btw the crest was cheaper at Walmart so I just price match at Walmart now.

      • Lori

        I was happy paying $ 1.00/ tube sure Crest Pro Health 5.8 oz tube.

  4. JG

    I’m glad you brought this up…I thought of the same exact thing (Walgreens being sued)when I saw the post about the dollar store gum, but didn’t have a chance mention the Walgreens issue I heard about on the news yesterday. I was a bit irritated to hear than Walgreens has been singled out, when I’ve noticed this issue at almost every single store (no doubt that Walgreens has been one of the worst, though)! And no, not just the occasional error!!! Not over the past 6months – 1year anyway…to somebody like myself who watches their receipts & the prices they’re charged like a HAWK, it has become quite obvious that incorrect prices & other deceptive practices have become an integral part of stores’ profits. Trust me – most stores have gotten to be VERY CLEVER about how they’re deceiving their customers…if you watch closely enough, you’ll see exactly what I mean.
    Even more than drug stores, grocery stores & gas stations seem to be REALLY, REALLY bad about this! My shopping experiences (at any store) where I’m not overcharged by at least $1 (usually it is closer to $5 though) are few & far between!!! PLEASE ASK FOR YOUR RECEIPTS PEOPLE (EVERYWHERE YOU MAKE PURCHASES), & ACTUALLY CHECK THEM AGAINST THE SHELF PRICES, PRICES ON SIGNS, & IN ADS, ETC. YOU WILL BE VERY SURPRISED, & UNFORTUNATELY, YOU’LL PROBABLY FEEL INSULTED AS I DO, BUT I’M PROUD TO SAY THAT I NO LONGER PAY A PENNY MORE THAN THE PRICES ADVERTISED – FOR ANYTHING!
    Since I’ve been unemployed for the past year, I have not hesitated to do things like spend 10 minutes in the customer service line to get my $.50 or $1 refunded so I get the advertised price for something that I was counting on paying when I bought it! The stores are counting on you not looking at your receipt, not doing the math, & not wanting to deal with the hassle of being properly reimbursed…PLEASE DON’T FALL FOR IT!

    • melinda moses

      Kroger is bad about not taking off their ecoupons that are loaded to the card and this causes me frustration and I lose money. I had a coupon for Kraft cheese and it was like 2$ off 2 packages at 12 oz or more and purchased them and I asked the cashier did it take them off and he said yes. After I walked out the door I noticed that I lost 2$ and the coupon was indeed not used. Now that is an example of misleading and false advertising. It does this all the time with the new friday giveaways I can’t redeem until later like almost a few days after being loaded on the card makes very inconvenient for me, but I still appreciate the freebie. I wished if going to ecoupon would make sure they would work properly, before telling us to use them.

      • Toni

        I have the same problem. Last week the $2 ecoupon for Stouffers did not work and still did not work this week. Sometimes they will correct it at the service desk and sometimes they say there is nothing they can do and I’ll have to call the phone # on the back of my card. That’s when I tell them just to give me a refund.

      • justme

        Kroger is bad with the ecoupons Melinda! What I’ve had to do is put all my ecoupon items together and do a separate transaction while slowly making sure each thing is adjusted appropriately

      • Shayla

        I had that same issue with that very ecoupon! I was told that it was because I went through self checkout (since that was my only option at 11pm at night). I was then told I had to come back in the following day to talk to CS…when I did, 50 minutes later with 2 screaming hungry kids (mind you, that was my fault but my only option that day), I got the $2 but back in STORE CREDIT (not even the method of payment I used). Seriously, Kroger is on my hit list about ecoupons that are bogus =(

        • Hilary

          Really?? I understand it’s the principal of the matter, but at what cost? Was the 50 minutes of your life with two hungry screaming kids worth the $2.00? Come on people, use some common sense.

      • Amy Mac

        Exactly why I don’t like eCoupons! They don’t work half the time and then I have to go and fight at CS without actually having anything in hand to say “See?”

        • Tiffany

          You can print out a list of your available Kroger ecoupons to take with you to the store. Maybe that would help. I couldntt remember what ecoupons I had if I didn’t.

      • Anne

        Melinda – I agree. Krogers IS bad about taking off ecoupons and I never realize it until later. It’s frustrating. They’ve also already started raising prices on items they claimed would drop once they stopped doubling coupons. Who didn’t see THAT coming?! ๐Ÿ™

  5. Toni

    I was in a Texas Walgreens yesterday and I had 2 exact coupon’s for the ballpark weiners and I was told by a Manager that I could only use 1 coupon because they have the same number printed on them and the manufacturer will not reimburse the store for both coupon’s. Never heard of such, smh!!!, has anyone else run into this problem?

    • melinda moses

      It should have printed two different numbers on them.

      • michelle

        Not if it is an insert coupon. And all barcodes will be the same, they have different coupon numbers on IPs.

    • Amy Mac

      I had that happen the other day. “We can’t accept both because they are copies and have the same bar code”. Of course, they do. They are for the same product! Duh. Straightened her out.

  6. Elizabeth

    I got tired of dealing with them never having the items in stock. I just don’t understand why when they know it’s going to be in the ad and that people are going to want it, they don’t have more in stock. I remember the Planters Nutrition PB that you got a RR for and I think there was a $1 MQ. I went to several stores at 8:00 in the morning and nobody had it. They kept saying they didn’t get it in and it would be on their truck. Well, it’s never on their truck. I just got tired of it. And then when you have to buy a filler to use a MQ and a RR, I just said forget it. I think I did the starbucks coffee a month ago, but otherwise I have not been in there for several months. It’s easier to shop at CVS. I actually just don’t coupon as much as I used to. I don’t feel as though the deals are as good anymore and I don’t think the coupons that come in the paper are as good either. I use my coupons and stack them with Target coupons and then use my RED card and the cartwheel. I’m happy with some of the deals I’ve gotten. I just got large size 14 ounce Nivea lotion for $1.36 a bottle. You would pay that for a travel size at Walgreens or CVS.

  7. Kristy

    This is why I have completely stopped shopping at Walgreens. I was SOOO sick of trying to find, acquire, keep and use my RR’s correctly, when they introduced the ‘points’ system I threw in the towel. A few free toiletries a year that I don’t really need is not worth an hour of my time every week. I can MAKE $30 an hour with my home based business. Your time is worth more than a few “free” tubes of toothpaste. (Which aren’t free, because you’re stuck with $3 of RR’s that you have to use “correctly” before they expire!) Please, all you people in the coupon-blogging world, please realize YOUR LIFE is WORTH MORE than this! This is the sum of my wisdom after 4 years of couponing!!

    • meme

      Agreed!!! I threw in the towel as well when they introduced the point system. Now only my husband shop there for Bronkaid and he can only buy 2 a month…LOL.

    • Stacy

      Agreed. When the point system started I said adios! I also didn’t need the small free items that I was getting enough to drag my son there at 8am when they opened to ensure I got one of the few they even had in stock.

      Also, when they wouldn’t take my RR the day it was suppose to expire and definitely not after it expired, like all my CVS stores, I was really done! CVS is much easier and less stressful.

    • Amy Mac

      I never could tolerate the RR system or CVS extrabucks having to find something to buy whether i wanted it or not just so it wouldn’t be wasted!

    • GG

      YES, I AGREED !!!

  8. Andrew

    My recent “deceptive” price advertisement with Wags happened last Friday.
    Nestle Crunch Bars with coupon 2 for $1.
    Nowhere in the coupon did it say not valid with Nestle Girl scout crunch bars. They are the same size but, the cashier did not honor the coupon. I called the 800-number and told me about it. The rep was supposed to follow up with an e-mail to me but, failed to do so.
    I informed at the 800-number when they ran past candy bar sales (snickers, m&ms), it didn’t have to be the plain version, it could have been peanuts m&ms or midnight snickers and that Nestle Crunch girl scout is a flavor of them.

    Another past price mess up, a few months ago they had Angry Bird pet toys on clearance for 3.99 (normally 7.99). It rung up at the register for 7.99. It was even tagged 3.99. Some associate went to the section that had them and honored the price. On my next visit a few days later, they still had more of those toys and the sign was still up in that section. Apparently, the clearance ran like a sale of sorts. I never heard of clearance being reduced and then brought back up to regular price after a few weeks.

    • Andrea

      I went to Walgreens also in the clearance SECTION THEY HAD DIAPERS ON SALE but ringing up full price !!

      • Crystal

        This almost always happens to me. Whenever I buy anything from the clearance section it rings up FULL PRICE so when I am at the register I always look out for this. I also always check my receipt before I leave the store.

  9. Cassie

    I personally have had a pricing issue before at Walgreens. I’m not exactly sure what items I was trying to purchase since I have only went back to Walgreens but just once in the past week since that incident and it was very aggravating. I did a deal that was posted here for Men’s Dial Body Wash, I believe and the prices came up so messed up!! I was beyond mad when I told the lady what it was supposed to be and she pretty much said there was nothing that she could do. I walked away with 8 body washes – overcharged. I just did the Purex deal there and it worked out just fine. Actually a bit better than I thought it would. But I believe they do need to take care of their pricing issues. CVS is most definitely my favorite store overall! They help your issues quick.

    • ryan

      Really, was your post just to get a comment on here??? You couldn’t remember what your purchase was for but…then go on about a sale item you didn’t get???? this site is for help not rants,,,,
      so sorry I just ranted!!!

      • =)

        “Really, was your post just to get a comment on here??? ” <<— Exactly what you just did by rudely commenting to another person's post. ;.)

  10. annie

    Walgreens is the worst for deceptive practices. Most of the time they don’t post the start of Sunday sales. no tags on the shelves.
    Register rewards not printing when they should.
    The reward points not showing up on my receipt when I purchased the correct product and size.
    Sale items not ringing up at the sale price.
    And of course the worst is dealing with the store managers. They are mean and I have to stand there and get my point across of being overcharged. They still agrue with you even though you have the sale price from the flyer right in my hand.
    Read here Walgreens themselves accused of coupon fraud:
    seriously, can’t stand them. I only go if the sale is a good one, cause they are literally in my backyard.

  11. Julie

    This is not surprising, and one of the main reasons I barely walk into a Walgreens!

  12. Julie

    LOL, just saw the pharmacy America trusts…….hahahaha! That is so funny:)

  13. boxster1951

    So, I take it by your statement your not believing this report? Seems, from all the reports I read, this is a very valid suit. Dishonest practices and greed driving Walgreens. How do you think they give you there so called great deals? A store that takes advantage of it’s customers needs to be boycotted and not supported. Removing them from your site would be the least you should do.
    Do the research and do the right thing for your members.

    • Amy Mac

      You say that as if no other store has ever made pricing errors. I have had it happen to me at Target, Walmart and ACME (my grocery store), too. Every where I shop. Should we boycott every store? I think the point is to keep an eye on the register.

      • boxster1951

        It’s all in how they respond to you when you point out the errors. Reading some of these posts you can see that the point of contact when making them aware is not always customer friendly. I agree that other stores make mistakes and it’s all in how they handle your requests. Once issues are bought to their attention they should be changed and it sure sounds like they continue happening. This shows there are not mistakes but intensional policies. Your statement that it happens at every store is possible but I don’t see every store being investigated? I don’t see the number of complaints against other stores like there are about Walgreens. When I shop and have on going issues, yes I boycott the as I believe it’s not a mistake but a policy of the store. When I point out to a store I found an error and they correct it without excuses I believe it was truly a mistake. When I return to that store and everything goes fine I know it was addressed. I have shoppe CVS a number of times and just about every time I do it comes seamless. If there was an issue I get an apology and I don’t see it repeated time after time. Tells me honest mistake and not a policy.
        I hope this answers your question Amy Mac?

  14. HR

    No matter where I’m shopping, I keep my cart small in order to easy track what is going on at the register and with the coupons…. I could never keep up/ make sure of the prices/ deductions/total bill otherwise! I recall as a child (20+ years ago) being with my Mom in Kroger’s and she pretty much had to go to customer service at every trip… of course there was the “scan right guarantee” so their mistakes equated free items when they made it right. But how many people don’t check their receipts?

  15. boxster1951

    So, I take it by your statement your not believing this report? Seems, from all the reports I read, this is a very valid suit. Dishonest practices and greed driving Walgreens. How do you think they give you there so called great deals? A store that takes advantage of it’s customers needs to be boycotted and not supported. Removing them from your site would be the least you should do.
    Do the research and do the right thing for your members

  16. Niddi

    I have not shopped Wags as much but it doesn’t surprise me.
    My problem has been at Walmart. It happens almost every week and I don’t have time to stand in customer service just to get back 20 or 30 cents especially when I have ice cream or frozen items so I just let it go. Recently I was overcharged $1 on a bag of oranges and .50 cents on a bag of potatoes. I caught it before leaving the store but had an appointment and the customer service line had 6 people in it. I called the manager to complain that the advertised prices is not what’s ringing up and I am tired of getting ripped off by them. Unless you write down every posted price and double check each item as it scans I can almost guarantee you that it is happening and that they are well aware of it.
    His answer was that with the volume they deal with it is bound to happen on some products. Balarkey!!!!!! intentional overcharging is more like it!!!!!
    It happens too often on a regular basis for it to be an occasional problem. Deceptive practice is more like it. Wish they would take Walmart to court.

    • Christina

      I totally agree with you….Walmart is THE WORST for ripping off consumers!

  17. Julie

    @ Boxster1951…………….You don’t have to make this a personal attack. This store got caught doing this, but Walgreens still gets their day in court. Personally I can’t stand them. Still laughing at the pharmacy America trusts!!!!

    • boxster1951

      Whom was I personally attacking? I was stating a fact. I expressed my thoughts on how I thought Hip2 should respond. There was no attacked thank you VERY much. Sine when is expressing an opinion or facts an attack?
      I wait your response

    • boxster1951

      I guess the so called attacker has no response? Looking at your reply either someone is overly sensitive or attacks with no reason and then goes quiet what confronted. Either way My point was not to attack anyone

      • Leslie

        You only gave her 18 minutes to respond. Maybe she is busy cooking her family dinner and will respond later.

        • boxster1951

          Took her very little time to accuse me of attacking someone. Really isn’t that important anyway. Just was curious as o who I was personally attacking was all.
          All is good

      • Stacy

        18 mins . . . . Kinda unrealistic to post another defensive comment in that short of time. It kinda makes ya look aggressive, which is probably where her comment came from to begin with . . . No need to be aggressive.

        Additionally, I think Collin is pretty fair in her posts on Hip’s page, you never know maybe she will decide to stop posting Wags match-ups it, but I would hate for her to react so drastically every time a store she posts about is ‘accused’ of something, I mean they have not been found guilty yet anyway.

        • Christina

          Personally, I live in Northern MN and have no choice but to shop at Walgreen’s as we have only them, Target, and Walmart for 80 miles! No kidding! Our grocery store…the only one for miles and miles and miles is Super One. ๐Ÿ™ Collin…please keep WAGS on your posts….I need that info ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Jim

          Well Stacy I believe if you would read a few of the posts here it shows a large majority of them confirming the allegations put forth in the report. As for the defensive comment. I was looking for a reply from her original post accusing me of a personal attack, which if you reread My original post there was nothing personal or directed at/to anyone person. I has a question in which I was seeking information, that was all It was. I also expressed my thoughts, after doing a lot of fact finding and research on the subject.
          I apologize as it seem I ma now the bad guy for making a simple request and sharing my opinion. I see that that this comment section is limited to only posts that agrees with everyone else’s views. Sounds a little like censorship to me.
          Again my apologies as now realize there are sensitive people here and there views are all that count. Twisting my post into a personal attack is not only childish but unfair. I wish you all the best and hope all the new posts suit your needs.

  18. Jess

    I refuse to step foot in any Walgreens for these very reasons, so I believe it’s all true. It’s always something-RR won’t print, they expired, or things don’t ring up right, or the cashier is making up coupon policies as she goes, or REMOVING “bonus items” that are attached to the product bc “you shouldn’t get that for free”. NEVER fails. And then they huff and puff when you walk back in for a refund of what you overpaid. I have to think, though, that they only get aggravated bc it must happen so often. I feel the worst for them, the front end staff. :-/

  19. Toni

    I always check my receipt no matter where I shop. Many years ago, my grocery total was way more than I expected, so I checked my receipt. I was charged for 2 Six Flags tickets which I never purchased. Over the years I have found hundreds of dollars in errors. Walmart is really bad for posting the wrong price on their shelves. I think one of the biggest problems with Walgreens is the fact that don’t have any or a very , very limited quantity of items when they open on Sunday mornings. I don’t go nearly as often as I used to and I don’t bother to get up early on Sunday mornings. If I get the item when I get there, great, if not, I can live without it.

  20. Adrienne

    I am lucky that I have gotten to know the workers at my wags and they r great and will always make things right even when they don’t ring up right. I just am patient and friendly and they r nice in return. sad not all wags r this way ๐Ÿ™

    • renee

      I agree, I think it depends on the store. I have to give a shout out to my WAGS in Montgomery NY and Newburgh NY; they are both super and not only do they provide great customer service, they give the military a discount.

    • Chelsea

      My wags is amazing too–we will spend as much time at the register as possible to get something fixed if the deal doesn’t ring up right or coupons are acting up. The managers are all really kind and patient as well. I always get excellent service at my local walgreens and would really hate to see my awesome store get looped up into this mess because I know for a fact they stick to prices in the ad, tags on the shelves, and will be more than happy to help if anything else should pop up that is not supposed to at the register.

  21. Stephanie

    I hate kmart something is marked on sale and it never rings up for the right price every time I go they have to do price checks ugh get it together

    • Pat

      Don’t get me started on Kmart. They advertise free shipping on their website for certain products and then you end up paying for shipping after you submit payment. When you call them immediately they tell you there is nothing they can do about it. I would have had it shipped to store if I had known that it wasn’t free shipping. I no longer buy from their website. Now sears I have never had a problem with. I know they own each other but Sears is run totally different from what I can see.

  22. Karen

    The only reason I shop at Walgreens is for the photo freebies. I hate the points system and the RR and having to use fillers. I tried couponing there in the beginning and once when the Belvita RRs didn’t print and the cashier got an attitude and I went the manager he gave me a $20 gift card to still shop there(but not the RR’s)…well I used the gift card but I don’t shop there anymore, except for freebie photo deals that is!

  23. Betty

    Thank you so much for posting this article. Wags does have so many deals going with card points and RR, and I do find that things often do not pan out as I had planned with all their deals. I do watch my receipt carefully, but sometimes things still don’t come out right; it is too hard to keep track of all of it. I have cut back on shopping there.

  24. Debby

    Maybe this is too harsh but I’m not surprised! I haven’t shopped at Walgreens for 10+years ever since I found something on sale and when it rang up higher than the sale sign said the cashier went back to check the price and said there was no sale sign there. I am 100% certain that it was since I only buy sale items at Drugstores (ok, so I’m harsh and cheap!) ๐Ÿ˜‰ I went back and sure enough there was no sign and I KNOW she removed it. Sorry, but I’ll stick with CVS!

  25. Shayla

    I had this happen yesterday…all the Purex signs stated buy 1 at $4.79, get 2 free. Well, sure enough I have never seen Purex that price but I thought I would give it a try. Nope, they all rang up $5.99 and after the third one two dropped to $2 and the third to $1.99. Luckily, they were not busy and a manager came over, checked the shelf and adjusted two down by $1 (since I was doing the deal twice). I will say, timing is everything. As as long as they are not busy, they will go above and beyond to help but if they are busy and overwhelmed, I have had quite the confrontation when I point out an error.

    • Shayla

      Not to mention, I found out that the Reach toothbrush 2-pk deal was a bust. Unfortunately, when you use the $2/1 coupon from, it will not produce a $2 register reward. I called CS about this today and turns out, that both the coupon and RR have the same code so it will not trigger the RR. Wonder what other products will give us a hard time in the future… =( Makes me a bit leery to shop there since I always combine coupons with products that produce RR.

      • Shayla

        Oh, on a side note, if you use the $1 coupons on any reach toothbrush it will produce the $2 RR. Plus, by error I found out that they are actually ringing up Buy one get one half off so that was an additive bonus.

      • Janine Felix

        my register rewards printed just fine, in northern California. although I have to agree with most of the comments I have been reading WAGS is the most difficult.

        • microdynamic

          I’m glad you posted about the RR not printing, it did the same to me. The store MGR refunded me the full transaction price of $4.78 (B1G1 50%) $2.99 + $1.49 in which I used 2 $2/1 coupons & paid the difference $.78 with store credit. She actually reduced the price to $.99 (no RR) for the repurchase. I used the balance of the “refund” on the B1G2 Purex transaction. I walked out of the store paying $.05 OOP.

  26. Rachelle Betow

    Safeway has been my problem. I load all my coupons onto my safeway club card and once it’s scanned it’s supposed to take off the coupon price. I ALWAYS like EVERY SINGLE TIME that I go something didn’t go through. It has gotten to the point that I take the printed out version of my coupon list to prove it was loaded onto my card and just always head up to Customer Service to “prove it” and they refund my money. The last time I was in there I was overcharged $12 on various produce coupons that didn’t go through. I have kinda gotten to the point where I avoid Safeway because I know it is going to be a hassle. I asked the cashier this last time if other people have issues with their card coupons not working and they said, “yes and so we are looking into other computer programs to solve the problem.” YEAH RIGHT. Ugh.. so frustrating.

    • Amy Mac

      eCoupons are awful everywhere!

    • JenniferS

      So glad to hear someone mention Safeway, in my area of Texas Tom Thumb. First of all I will start by saying I wouldn’t shop their if it wasn’t for their digital Just 4U coupons. Plus the fact that you can use additional paper coupons too. Last week I discovered a receipt that just wasn’t making sense mathematically, I had spent time punching numbers til I couldn’t take it anymore. So I stopped in while running other errands to rectify my receipt and get paid what I was overcharged $20.00 and some change. One employee punching numbers from my receipt quickly turned into two, before I knew it there were four Tom Thumb employees looking it over with puzzled looks. After comments of “There’s things that happen with the Just 4 U that we can’t explain” to me telling them “I’ve looked over this receipt over and over, do you think this is enjoyable for me either?” They eventually refunded my money and apologized. The kicker was the Assistant Manager made a copy of my receipt before I left for the Store Manager to look at later. When I spoke to the Store Manager recently, he never saw the copied receipt. He even said that after 20 yrs of being with Tom Thumb he has NEVER seen a receipt he couldn’t explain. For me my big thing is grocery shopping is hard enough with my 15 month old son. At the end of a long trip there’s no way I can stop at customer service to rectify errors. So I’m planning in the near future to go back over past receipts to check for errors, I do believe in keeping old receipts they come in handy sometimes. Really they are your only proof, go back over receipts it PAYS off!!

      • Erin

        Same thing happened at Target last night. I KNEW my order was too large, with too many paper coupons, Cartwheel, and two different text coupons, but I was on a child-free shopping high and feeling invincible. My receipt was so incomprehensible that I had to do the math, adding up what I SHOULD have paid for each item rather than my usual “check off item and corresponding coupon” method, and I still couldn’t figure out where the discrepancies were. The customer service rep couldn’t make sense of it either, and didn’t know how to adjust for missed Cartwheel or missed text coupon (though they were not missed–they simply didn’t come off). She pulled the coupons from the drawer and still really couldn’t figure it out. It was insane, but she was super helpful and did refund me what we mutually determined was due me. I really, really need to split up my orders when there are so many coupons.

  27. Amy

    I gave up shopping at Walgreens for this reason. I’m also moving away from Meijer. The mperks digital coupons only work about 3/4 of the time for me. And now they no longer double coupons. There are better deals out there with less hassle

  28. Hana

    I always check to make sure what the tag says is what I get charged at the register because I calculate ahead of time how much my transaction should be pre-tax. Often sale tags marked are not what rings up at Walgreen’s. Just yesterday I did the Purex deal that’s in the weekly ad where it is b1g2free. On the price tags it says, buy 1 at $4.79 get 2 free, but at the register it rings up 3/$5.99. I had to have them manually adjust it. I often have to do this at Walgreen’s, so I carefully watch each item as it is rung up when I shop there. I also had trouble with my coupons from the newspaper scanning. Very frustrating.

  29. Cher

    This just happened to me today! I went in to get the Dove deodorant, and it rang up 20 cents higher than the shelf price, which also affected the one I was getting for 50% off. The cashier checked it out, and said they just increased the price last week, so the higher price was what it should be. Thankfully the manager said to give it to me for the lower price. Um, no kidding! If the tag on the shelf says a price, you can’t charge someone more! Yikes.

  30. Katie

    My Safeway receipts are wrong (in their favor) 75% of the time. 75%!!!! I always pull over after checking out and check my receipt before leaving the store. (It’s the only grocery store near me, so that’s why I still shop there.) Check your receipts, y’all!

  31. Stephanie

    This happened at Michaels to me today! The sign clearly said that 2 certain kinds of scrapbooking books of paper were BOGO, but they rang up full price. The cashier was nice about taking them off my purchase, but when I questioned the signs, he acted like he didn’t believe me. I am not a liar or a cheat and I hate it when anyone insinuates that I’m trying to pull a fast one. If I hadn’t been watching the register, I would have paid the higher amount, trusting that the prices were right. I gave up on the paper. As for Walgreens, the one right by my house has a shady reputation. I got burned really bad on a shampoo deal a couple of years ago, and stopped doing any kind of regular shopping with them ever since. I shop CVS instead.

  32. Jennifer

    Their clearance items never ever ring up right I always have to tell them what the correct price is.

    • Allyson Tice

      I hate that the Clearance NEVER rings up right! If something is marked 2.99 it will ring up 4.99.. and so on… they always have to change the prices for me. It never fails! They always mark things down and they never ring up.. the cashier gets frustrated everytime.. its not my fault..nor hers.. but its her job to correct it. and dont get me started on the cashiers who whip out the calculators to do the “math” so they can show me i am wrong on sale items! I get so angry. a lot of the school supplies have been ringing up wrong.. the index cards advertised for .39 actually rang up 1.99 and i still have to take my reciept in for those! I always check the ads to make sure i have the correct item..size..etc,m but ALWAYS get overcharged at Walgreens. Walmart is getting bad too… they overcharge you a few cents on a lot of items.. check your reciepts.. all those pennies add up for Walmart in a BIG way! be smart.. know your prices….add it up on a calculator.. do what ya gotta do.. but we all work hard for our money to be ripped off by stores!

  33. Bubbie

    I rarely have a good time at Walgreens. Something almost always goes wrong…

  34. Rachel

    I went to Walgreens the other day and bought a pack of gum on sale for $.99. I had entered my phone # for my balance rewards # to come up. My daughter then went up to buy the same pack of gum and the price was $1.59. She gave me a strange look because she is 11 and was paying with her own money. I realized then that stores with these cards that are required to get any sale pricing works against kids. Kids can’t get a card till 13-14 years old. SO, kids get ripped off when shopping there. An 11 year old should be able to buy her own stuff from Walgreens and get the same price.

  35. MW

    I also have had the same problem with Walgreens. I now make my list..put the sale price next to the item, and the qty. I’m buying then add them up in my head before I check out. I have been overcharged many times, but I don’t leave the store till it is resolved. I don’t care how many people are behind me in line…I’m here as a paying customer too. Walmart and Safeway are really no better. I always check my receipt before I leave the store. I have been charged twice for things I only bought one of. The other problem I have is checkers who don’t know their produce. Depending on the item, you can get way overcharged for some expensive fruit that you did not buy……always check your receipts girls!!!!!!

  36. T.S.

    I can’t stand Walgreen’s! I completely stopped shopping there and moved to CVS. I ALWAYS get an attitude when I go there. They never take my coupons and the deals just never work out they way they should. No one there knows the policy even the managers. I got so sick of it after on of the cashiers called me stupid that I never went back!

    • Kate

      I completely agree. For me, it’s the attitude that gets me more than the items ringing up incorrectly. I think employees are defensive because they’re not empowered to fix problems when they arise. CVS employees seem to be able to override prices and fix register mistakes, and they’re never angry about it.

  37. Nana

    I have been noticed and having problems with Walgreens.. Last week on sat dove deodorant and degree deodorant were 2 for $5 and 1000($1) points for members.. I had 2 for $3 off coupons so I grabbed it but It ring up $5 something.. I had a weekly ad and told the cashier price is wrong and show it to him. It was 24th sat last day of their sale!! He was like, we can adjust the price but you won’t get a point. I was like what??!! It was on the weekly ad!!! and I checked all the shelve and none of dove or neither degrees price were 2 for $5.. It said b1g 50% off… I was upset and couldn’t understand it. If they are soon something like that then it shouldn’t be on the weekly ad. I didn’t buy it I just left the store !!! Went today again, they don’t have enough stock and i noticed some sales items price tags was wrong… I get confused all the time.

  38. Ms

    This past Sunday my local Walgreens had the skinny cow wafer bars on clearance for .49 orange tag but on the back there was a blue .99 tag and
    When they were scanned they rang up for .99 and I used my .50 off 2 coupon.
    I was already late so I just let it go. But my local store has the rudest coupon haters working and they act like I am in the wrong when I catch their price errors
    And demand a reimbursement. But that is why I keep my receipts.

  39. VictoriaF

    I don’t think Walgreens is doing it in purpose. Mistakes happen at any store and Walgreens is not the worst in my opinion.

    • Ms

      My Walgreens does. I dread going there. But in a small town I don’t have many options.

  40. Ms

    Anyone notice stores with BOGO sales just splitting the cost between both items so when you use free item coupons you still pay for the free item? Not really BOGO if I am paying half on both items.

    • Erin

      Mine doesn’t. I only occasionally shop at Wags these days, but I stopped by for cereal, free Lever soap, and free Bic highlighters a couple weeks ago. The Lever rang up full price on one package, zero on the other, and the longtime cashier who checked me out claimed the register rejected my second $1.50 Q because the second package was free. I wasn’t about to argue and stopped by a different Wags later that week. I ended up checking out at the beauty counter, where the cashier told me that the register was prompting her to adjust it down. Amazing how the experience differs based on knowledgeable, helpful employees.

  41. Jenny

    I’ve noticed that Target mobile coupons are AWFUL. If you use more than 2, it won’t scan all of them. It’s literally happened every single time I try it. I do two transactions: one with the mobile coupon items, then I invariably have to show the cashier to add one or two more discounts :/ Its annoying.

  42. Kim

    I’m sure this won’t be popular. But…I’m the lady in line who separates all the transactions. I do it so I can watch…like a hawk…every price that comes up to verify that it is the shelf/ad price. I know this irritates people behind me, but after so many trips in the past back to customer service….it saves ME time in the long run. As a moderately heavy couponer, I find all stores have had an issue one time or another with correct pricing. Patience and managers typically get an easy correction. As for WAGs and CVS, just cherrypick your items and know ahead of time your pricing strategies. Last week the Bic highlighters were inad couponed for 79 cents. The 1.00 off mq made them free. Just go in with a specific plan and keep it simple each time. My biggest headache lately has been Cartwheel. Target hasn’t figured out how to use its own product yet! Love the stacking at this store. I’m also in Texas and was told Tom Thumb did not stack digital and print. As for coupons with the same bar code, what about those rare ones in a PDF file by the manufacturer? Those are unlimited prints. No copies there. Love all the posts!

  43. Alexis

    This is sad because I know that it happens quite often. There are two Walgreens in my area (NC) I go to a couple of times a week, and this occurs almost every time. I never knew this was an ongoing issue with their other stores as well though. I used to have a bad habit of not noticing it until I got to my car and started looking over my receipt. However, now I actually watch the screen as the ring the items up to save myself time from having to go back inside.

  44. Ashley

    I agree with Kim, u have to strategize more. Know what the price should be of each item and handle te situation BEFORE the transaction is over to save yourself the time to going to CS. I’m not trying to be biased but I work for Walgreens and also love shopping there. Yes those pricing mistakes happen there but as a shopper at several stores, not just Walgreens, I can say with certainty that Walgreens shouldn’t be singled out. My manager at my store is awesome we usually always take the motto that the customer is always right. As a cashier I do too! I know that Walgreens has this problem (like any other store) and I usually modify the price no questions asked. As a secret to you guys, it’s very easy for a cashier to modify the price that is under 25 dollars. And if a register rewards doesn’t print out (with the exception of it being free in the end) we will modify the price of what it should be after the RR. But as I see as a cashier many consumers don’t take responsibility for following each stores coupon policy! It is very true the manufacturer will not reimburse the store if the coupon is not used properly both by the store policy and the manufactors specifications. Consumers are too quick to blame the store when they don’t take this responsibility to follow procedures. If u know you are absolutely right then have no trouble disputing the charge, but alot of this has to do with consumers closely following details. And if you really have a trouble with workers at a particular store, then switch to a store that has a good customer service policy like ours does (Glassboro, nj)

  45. Jennifer Rowe Clark

    I understand everyone’s point that you should be prepared before shopping and know what the prices should ring up as – however, as a busy mom who usually has kids in tote while shopping, that’s not always feasible. There are always people in line behind me and I’m anxious to pay for my purchases and get out of the store as quickly as possible. Often, it takes all my my attention to keep candy bars out of my kids hands at the register – I can’t always watch the prices as the ring up.

    What is most frustrating to me is the prices posted on the shelves often reflect savings offered AFTER Walgreens coupons are scanned, yet if you don’t point that out to the cashier the item rings up full price. I think this is a deliberate effort to confuse consumers and profit off of those who won’t point it out or won’t come back to the store later when they realize (if they realize) they were overcharged. That’s dishonest.

    • Jennifer Rowe Clark

      I guess my point above is they shouldn’t post prices on their shelves that won’t ring up as such at the register. If it requires a store coupon to get the price marked on the shelf, then the store should be responsible for making sure the coupons are scanned OR don’t post that as the price of the item.

  46. Pat

    i understand it isn’t always the cashiers fault when problems occur but they don’t have to get an attitude and make you feel like you are a theif because you use a coupon and get something free. I had a cashier tell me that the reason products are so expensive is because the couponers are getting items free with coupons. I don’t shop at Walgreens very often because of all the problems. I used to use the pharmacy but I got tired of them calling and telling me that my prescription was ready for pick up and going the next day to pick it up and then being told to come back in two hours and they will have it ready. After three times of that I went to USA Drug, then they bought them and closed all their stores and tried to get me to come back. I went to Kroger and am very happy. I actually found out that they were over charging me for some of my meds. They were on the walmart $4 list but were charging me $10 even though I always asked them to match walmart and they said they were doing so. Kroger didn’t even ask they just chaged me that price.
    Now I have never had a problem with Kroger. I print out my coupon list and one time I had a problem but I showed them the list and they gave me cash then and there. Even had a print out of a catalina from a Kroger blog advertising it and it didn’t print at the store and they gave me that too just because I showed them the print out!
    Now I think Walmart is worse than walgreens but all stores have problems with coupons because of the coupon policies I think to be honest.

  47. shirley

    I work in corporate retail. It is up to store management to insure that signing is correct. There needs to be a process along with checklists and they must be adhered to. If you find the price is off, definitely bring it to the Store’s attention – and get your refund. (sometimes after I checkout, I will walk back, take a picture of the signage with my phone as evidence, then get my refund). Either after the first time, or if you see a habitual problem, contact your state’s “Weight and Measures” department. This is the group who is concerned about ensuring the customer is getting the right price (or cheaper). W&M will do periodic audits as well. Pay attention to the prices – everywhere! I will have to admit, it is a lot of work for the retailer/merchant, but, it is because of all the “sales” and “coupons” that they have trained the consumer to “demand”. Its an ugly cycle. I do agree that it may not be the fault of the cashier – they are using a computer in front of them. If the cashier cannot take care of it, just ask for a manager – its really that simple.

    • Ashley

      Shirley I totally agree! Like I stated, as well, I certaintly dont’t think WAGs should be singled out, because it really is as simple as advertising tatics. As a couponer myself, I would rather go through the “trouble” of stacking coupons and being aware of in-store coupons, than paying more than I have to at a store that doesnt offer such promotions. You are right the retail/advertising business is an ugly business! But its the name of the game and as a consumer I am well aware how to beat the system and I’m happier for it.

  48. Celia

    I used to shop WAGS all the time (over 5 years), but the last several times I have shopped there my register rewards have not printed. I always made sure to purchase the correct item, size, ect and still no register rewards. Then when I approach management about it they tell me I did not purchase the correct item but the RR hang tag was under the item I purchased (size, quality, Ect) was all listed. I have quit shopping WAGS because of this. I feel like they were doing this on purpose because they were ripping me off by not printing the rewards for the items that were advertised. So I am glad to see I am not the only one who has had problems.

  49. Salesnob

    Just happened to me! I am sick and ran I for cough syrup. It was priced on sale o. The shelf for $4.99 and whrn I checked my account they charged me over $7! I’m going to go back later after I get some rest.

    • Jennifer Rowe Clark

      This is the whole problem. When you shop at a store – especially a store targeting sick people – you should be able to count on the price being accurate without having to check your receipt and go back to customer service to point out that you were overcharged. The very fact that so many people insist that you should just go back to customer service and ask for the management to give back the money they overcharged you is laughable. I would prefer to shop at a store that has accurate pricing so I’m not required to be “on guard” against being robbed.

  50. Darla Seaton

    This article is so timely. I went to Walgreens yesterday and had to correct the cashier on two items she rang up incorrectly (sale items that were in the ad). I didn’t notice until I got home that I was overcharged on three items. Purex tabs were in the ad and posted on the shelf “buy one, get 2 free”. I was charged full price for 3 items. I had to make another trip back today to get a refund.

    • Melissa

      I just got back from Walgreens and the Purex buy one get 2 free didnt work at the register. I was charged $5.99 for all 3, when it clearly stated on this huge sign where the purex was that 1 was $4.79. There was a long line of people behind me, the cashier said it was priced right so I paid, then had her call a manager over, who then took me over to another register and spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to refund me the difference. I’m positive this has been happening to everyone that has came into that store and bought this deal this week.

      • j

        Did this monday at the one here each rang up as 5.79 even tho the tag said 4.79 but the 2 free rang up as free but the price was wrong but they fixed it and got the right price

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