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What Happened to the Halloween Candy and Hello Couponing Groove…

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My low this week is most definitely the fact that I have already devoured much of my Halloween candy stash. Oops! Now you may be scratching your head wondering why I even have a stash of Halloween candy since it is only mid-September. However, if you have been couponing for a while, you know that the Halloween deals start early and whenever there is a great deal, it only makes sense to stock up, right?! Well, maybe wrong in my case! Is there a point in stocking up on Halloween candy if it will be gone long before Halloween?! Any tips on how I can somehow hide the candy from myself… oh and the hubs? 😉

My high is literally the high that I got after my awesome couponing trips to both Walgreens and Whole Foods earlier this week. As I mentioned in this post, I snagged some amazing deals and left each store feeling on top of the world. I have most definitely got my couponing groove back! 😀

[h2s_box]Every Wednesday, I share my high(s) and low(s) for the past week and I encourage you to do the same in the comment section below. My high(s) will simply be the best or most exciting thing that happened to me over the last week or so and my low(s) will be something not so great that took place. [/h2s_box]

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  1. Bella

    My secret to buying Halloween Candy early is to buy candy that my husband and I don’t really like. I know it is hard when we all love chocolate but usually after we eat a few pieces we remember that it really isn’t our favorite candy so luckily we don’t finish the bag. Good luck and congrats on the great couponing shopping trips! I have you to thank for all of my great trips, thanks for all you do!

    • Stephanie

      I do the same thing!!!! I hate 3 Musketeers so I that’s what I give out year after year.

      • Bella

        Last year I gave out Capri Sun/Kool Aid Juice Pouches (that I snagged super cheap)…my house was very popular since it seems most kids are thirsty and this gave them something to drink while they finished their route! Plus then I didn’t have to worry about all the “extra” candy around the house!!

        • donna

          Love this idea!!

        • sue

          Someone gave HUG juices where we lived and non of the kids wanted it. I on the other hand thought it was a great idea I threw it in the lunch box the next day.

  2. tilla ham

    just eat it lol kids get too much sugar anyway, you can pass out a pencil when they knock on the door, or some sample freebie haha. snickers are for mama!

  3. Liz

    That is my diet secret too…only bring treats for my hubby and kids into the house if it’s something I don’t care for!

  4. Sue

    Lolololololololol…….We have all been there. I don’t care how much it costs, I am not buying it until the night before.

  5. deb

    Just give in …ya know you wanted to..;)

  6. guest

    Have your kids hide the candy (from both you and hubby) and if the bags are still sealed and presented to you a few days before Halloween they get a reward (like maybe keep a bag for themselves, etc).

  7. Brandi Houchin

    I tried everything not to eat it! I even had my Husband put it in his lockbox, unfortunately the metal was thin & I was able to get into it (shameful)! So…I had to just admit I had a problem and swear to never buy candy again!!!

  8. Sally

    Shutterfly $10 code, expires tonight PT.




    Also, I got email for $15 Lord & Taylor on women’s shoe purchase, leave email here if you would like to have it and I will forward the email to you.

    • Cinthia

      Thank you so much! I used the second one and the third was already used. Not sure about the first. Thanks!

  9. Katelyn Bellingham

    HAHAHHA if you figure it out, let me know! I’m not going to buy any until the last minute. It’s the only hope! <3

  10. priscilla

    I just took went to Walgreens and got some bags of candy too, my kids (and I) are sure to finish them before halloween! But SUCH a good deal at $1 a bag and not having to deal with RRs or ECBs! I also scored the sponges.. thank you for posting that deal scenario, I almost passed on them!

  11. Dayna

    I usually put the candy in the back of a cabinet and throw a bunch of other stuff on it or in front of it so it’s a pain to get to. If I REALLY must have one I will, otherwise I will try to limit to having some one day a week…usually on Saturday. Try to find alternatives for your sweet tooth. I find that the Centrum fruit burst vitamins do the trick sometimes! (sad I know).

  12. Amy T.

    It’s funny you should post this. I bought six bags and we are down to only two at my house. I was thinking of going to get three more bags but there is no way it could possibly make it to Halloween!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      LOL! Glad I’m not the only one feeling like this! 😉

  13. Deb

    Too funny… many would really admit to that online!!!! I was going to do the same deal, but kept talking myself out of it for the same reason!!!!

  14. ashley urban

    lol well lets all just be glad we can have an excuse to eat all the sweets we wont at this time of year …. 🙂 thanks to the holidays lol

  15. luna

    I have to park my car out on the street so if I put the candy in the trunk of my car it’s a little easier to avoid the temptation.

    • Joy

      Won’t it melt?

  16. Erin

    Too funny. I was wondering if there would be any left by Halloween.

  17. Olivia

    This is the exact reason I haven’t snatched up that deal yet.. As far as buying candy I don’t like? I like them ALL!

  18. Holly

    I was about to type “to buy candy that I don’t care for”. lol, but others commented the same.

    I got candy 2 months ago, then again earlier this month (I opted for Sour Heads, Caramel Apple pops and Nerds. I only eat that candy if I’m desperate). And added in some toys from previous Halloween clearance and army men from the Dollar Tree (hopefully no kids consume that; my s/o was teasing me that it’s a choking hazard).

  19. Ashlie

    I normally don’t post high and lows, but I am hoping to get some mom advice!

    Here’s my low for today– My son will be 3 next week. We live in a small town, and the only activity open to his age is gymnastics. I stay at home with him, and other than church he gets little social interaction, much less ‘structure’ with another adult. We checked out gymnastics today, but the age group is 3-6, most kids are 5-6, and we weren’t impressed with the instructor. They also won’t let us do a ‘test’ run, you’ve got to sign up (and pay) for the whole session. Parents aren’t allowed in the room either (I still stay in his Sunday school class!). My son has a late birthday, so he won’t start kindergarten for 2 more years (2016), but we want to make sure he doesn’t have bad separation anxiety or fall behind. We will put him in a pre-k program definitely the year before ‘real school’ (2015), but can’t decide on what to do now with him and in the coming year. Should we find something at 3? Wait and send him to preschool for 2 consecutive years before kindergarten (at age 4 and 5)? Or is one year of pre-k enough? Or just say heck with it and love him and teach him at home haha 🙂

    I know this isn’t along the lines of eating candy, but it’s driving me to eat large quantities of ice cream! I’d appreciate any advice from those who have ‘been there, done that’ Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Jill

      My daughter went to pre-school for 2 1/2 yrs because she had such anxiety with leaving me. We found a great pre-school that let us join in January and do half a year. It really helped. The next year she went back and said she was never going to kindergarten and had a whole list of reasons. The very last year for preschool we did extended days until 2:00 so she would have to eat lunch away from home. By the end of this year she was ready for kindergarten. No tears when we sent her on the bus the first day of her big girl school.

      Most good preschool programs should have different levels so they are not bored going a couple of years. We started with 2 short days a week and added more time each year. This way he should be in classes with kids his own age.

      Keep looking for activities. Do you have a park and rec in your town or a YMCA sometimes these will offer you programs. What about swimming lessons?

      • Sharon

        Have you checked out the library story hours for little kids? Mine used to love those, and it’s free, and they learn that books are fun

      • Ashlie

        I’ve searched around and I found a ‘story hour’ at the local library for all ages. The next closest activity is about an hour away (until we start pre-k, he can start there next fall at age 4, and there are 3-4 to choose from locally). We live in the mountains with not much going on, but we’re trying to take in some of the ‘rural activities’ that are just one day events to at least have him around more people.

        I’ll definitely be taking him to story hour, and will check into the half-semester pre-k idea. I’d love that for him. They do offer short classes (8:30-11:30) which will be what we choose, but I don’t believe they offer just half years. It would be great if we could start him at 4 1/2 in pre-k for one semester, and then do a whole year at age 5 leading into to Kindergarten. My goal right now is to have him sit through his Sunday school class alone 🙂 Thanks so much for the advice! I’ll definitely look into it.

        • Melissa

          You should be able to enter him at any time during the year, as long as there is space. Just call and check. If there is a waiting list, get on that, then maybe a spot will open up just when you want it.
          As for Sunday School, I know it’s hard, but if the teachers are willing, just leave him crying and walk away. I have four children, the youngest is nearly 3, and this happens with all of them. They cry at first, but they get used to it.

    • julie

      Is there a library or book store near you that has toddler story time? The ones by me have a craft, some dancing, and they’re free.

    • Coleen6000

      Forget the gymnastic class. You are doubting it yourself. Trust your instincts. Set up a mommy and me playdate with a friend and their child. Library is a great option. Check a Barnes and Noble nearby, or a Pottery Barn. Collin lists them on her weekend roundups. He is not going to remember it anyway. You can enjoy this time together with him. It goes fast.

    • justme

      You need to see if there is a local momsclub in your area. Just google momsclub and something should pop up. It’s a great way to connect with other stay at home moms and to also have interaction for your son doing fun things. Or if there isn’t one in your town you could start one?

    • sep

      Ashlie i know exactly what you mean. my now 6 year old son also has a late birthday he will be 7 in January , and i also went everywhere with him, he wanted us by his side everywhere even at my moms he never stayed over at anybody’s house by himself me or his daddy had to be right there with him. he did play well with other kids as long as we were there but if we were not there he would freak out and stared crying even when i had my 2nd and my 3rd baby daddy had to stay with him and i had other people with me cuz he wouldn’t stay with anybody not even my mom and he loves my mom just as long as i was there lol. and i didn’t send him to pre k, and he was home schooled for kindergarten cuz i didn’t want him crying every day at school, and when i had my 3rd baby last year i couldn’t take care off my baby and teach the things that he needed to learn cuz baby stayed up most of the night and took little cat naps during day so i had to make the hardest decision and sign him up to go to school for 1st grad, and trust me it was harder on me than him i cried more than him. the 1st 2 weeks were hard he cried everyday, i felt bad every day i would drop him off stay outside his class making sure he was ok and he wasn’t crying then i would go to his lunch to have lunch with him and the school was ok with it they knew we both need it lol, and now it’s been 6 weeks he is doing so well he has friends he loves school and he loves his teachers, and now he’ll go and play with other kids and we don’t have to be there with him . he is much more independent and i think school has helped him a lot to be where he is now. so i know your baby will be fine but the 1st couple of weeks will be really hard then he will fit in just fine, and i think pre-k is enough if you don’t want to send him to preschool . i hope i’ve helped a little and good luck.

      oh and i’m on a diet so if i don’t get sweets no one does so every one is getting an apple oh gosh i have to go and get those apples from the yard in the morning don’t i lol oh well more apples for me.

    • Emily

      I’m sure there are plenty of other Mom’s with similar problems. Why not put an ad in the paper that you want to start a Mommy and Me group or a social hour at the playground. If you want it structured, maybe make one week story time, another week teach them to kick the soccer ball, etc. Each week a different group of parents can come up with the idea so that the kids get used to following direction from others. And, you could always back out of staying at his sunday school class. I’m sure he’ll cry and scream the first few times, but he’ll get used to it eventually.

    • tilla ham

      I have four children, and they are all different. two are social butterflies and one is fairly social…one is so painfully socially shy she cries if she has to talk to anyone (and she’ s 14) I don’t think preschool socially makes much of a difference either way, it’s how your kid is hardwired. I was the same mom to all of them, and they have little in common by way of personality. (except they can all be giant turds lol) I do think that preschool is fun, education and can be very important, and if you can do it for two years financially, then go for it!!! does your town have a MOPS program….or does your church have a mommy/toddler program? Maybe you can suggest to some church moms you start a toddler play group at a park or a mcdonalds play land

    • Liz

      Keep him home and let him be a kid! I stressed out so much with that decision with my oldest and couldn’t be happier that I chose to skip preschool. We did library time every week (I would sit away from him so it was independent time), I started a preschool “co-op” with 4 other moms where we met every week and took turns leading activities, and I tried to schedule a play date at the park every week. You could try leaving him in Sunday school to help him be apart from you or let him stay with grandparents for an afternoon. The time we have with our littles is so short, why start the school thing early? Once they start, school doesn’t stop until age 18! (Btw, he just started kindergarden and is doing great without preschool!)

      • Ashlie

        Thanks so much to everyone for the responses. I really appreciate it. I’m looking into all the suggestions. Kids are only small once, and we just want what’s best for him 🙂 And it seems like once you start them into something, then it never ends and the next thing you know he’s 18 and gone!

        • Jane

          You said that you live in the mountains….look into nature tot type classes offered by state/local parks (like nature conservation parks not city parks). A lot of them offer tot classes like looking for bugs, water, recycling etc. We do them and I even got to socialize with the moms there. If there is a YMCA nearby, there should be something for the kids. also check for your area. you might be surprised by what there is.

    • Amie

      Any sports in the area? My town has soccer baseball football recreational teams. My two youngest got their first team sport with playing blastball. I have a soon to be 5 year old who JUSt went into public prek whole days this year. He will turn 5 in dec. I thought I was going to have a horrible time with him the first day/week. He did karate with his brothers for a year before, and for a long time had issues with going in without me. Crying etc. it lasted for quite a few months, got better than he had issues again cause he was done with it. He played blastball for a season, and then did soccer the following season.
      He had a sad face and some tears, but he adjusted really well for prek and LOVES going to school.

      • Ashlie

        We found karate and soccer offered for 4 year olds (so next fall). So I guess for the next year we’ll look into playdates and library events and the fall/spring festival activities they hold for kids. (No YMCAs around) Then next fall we’ll find him something and go from there 🙂 Thanks to everyone. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to give me advice.

    • Jen

      Yowsa….I know that all kids are different, but I would start out by NOT staying with your child in the Sunday school class. Your child needs to start learning now that you will not always be there with them. After you do that a few time, they will probobly get used to it.

      As for everyone else and the “candy issues”. Self control people! Stop eating all of that candy.

      These posts today, are very disturbing to me today.

    • dani

      I have four kids and all of them went to preschool for free! The local high schools in our town have a class where the kids learn how to interact with the preschoolers. So they need kids! You have to sign up almost when they are born at our town but my kids went there three half days a week for two years each and one of them offered after preschool hours for a fee per hour if you needed it. Most schools do this.

      Also, one of the schools in our town was not in the best part of town and I was hesitant to take my son but I had forgotten to sign up early enough so it was the only place I could find him a place. I figured I would try it one day. They are each assigned a teenager and that teenager gets a grade for how nice and fun they are with your preschooler. Well the first day of school my son came out holding the hand of a boy who was dressed with his pants hanging down and I was worried but the boy gave him a hug and I realized that the teenagers get as much out of it as the preschoolers do!

      I never had any problems. In fact my kids all wanted their teenagers to come to our house and babysit them too. And yes, they do most of their interacting with other preschoolers but they get the benefit of teenagers too! it was a win/win situation! And free!

      I also went to story time at the library, MOPS, the gym’s preschool room, and they took a couple classes at the YMCA, swim classes at the high school in the summer, etc. I made friends with the moms I met at these places and then we got together to let our kids play together. Good Luck!

    • Jen

      Hi Ashley – Not sure if you will get to read this post or not. But I posted a really negative comment awhile back and I want to apologize. It was unneccessary and not right. It has bothered me ever since, and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt someone’s feelings. I hope that pre-k is going well for your little one. I have a child in pre-k this year too, and he loves it. I, on the other hand, miss my kids very much when they are at school. I guess I am the one with seperation anxiety!

  20. Kim

    I keep mine in the utility building locked . I’m less likely to get in it when the neighbors will see me carrying out bags of candy. 🙂

  21. Amie

    Put them in the freezer if they are chocolate. I don’t like snickers really hard so I’m not eating them.

  22. Holly C.

    I put all of chocolate in the freezer as well – snickers hurt if you try to eat them frozen (yes I tried)! Usually by the time it takes to thaw out, the craving has passed. BTW, freezing doesn’t work for Reeses or Girl Scout thin mint cookies – they are better that way 🙂

  23. Sandy

    I won’t eat the candy I buy myself, and I store my sister’s for her so that her family won’t eat it.

  24. Jill

    I tie the grocery bag closed in a knot with all the candy inside, then I stick them in the spare bedroom closet with the x-mas presents. Outta sight Outta mind

    • Angela

      Too funny… I do the same exact thing. Just have to make sure hubby isn’t around when I am putting them in there. LOL!

  25. Amy

    Eating chocolate is a high to me – so I guess
    I would see it as a double high…

  26. sarah

    One time somebody posted “The more I buy the more they eat” this idea sticks in my head and when the snacks are disappearing fast….I try to keep many items in the freezer cause they were too lazy lol to walk to the basement and dig in the freezer or it gets forgot bout down there, but I still go to the freezer for the best goodies lol, as I recall this was something my mom did as well, sometimes we would hide stuff in the freezer just for me and her

  27. Julie

    I put ours in the bottom drawer in the frig, then we tend not to get into it as often cause the candy is cold.

  28. Coleen6000

    Eat that candy, Collin. “Fun size” has no calories!

    • tilla ham

      I always wondered what was so fun about fun size…it mostly just irritates me that I have to open four packages 🙂

      • Leslie


      • toni

        it more fun to open 4 than just one!

        • Amanda

          HAHAHA These posts made me laugh!

  29. Gretchen

    My way of keeping my guys out of my halloween stash is to have a separate sweets stash. It’s all of the great deals like the m and m’s this week at walgreens. It also has the great gum deal. That way they can get something sweet if needed and my stach for the trick o’ treaters is safe.

  30. Tarri

    I have to hide them from my husband so he does not eat it all and then I don’t have candy to hand out.

  31. Sarah

    My high this week was getting to talk to one of my best friends for the first time in a few months when we Skyped earlier this week.

    My low is DEFINITELY having lice for the first time EVER (at almost 24). I work in a school, so I guess I should have known it would happen sooner or later. Such a pain in the rear end, though. And expensive! Holy cow! Luckily, my mom lives close by and has offered to come down to help me with the process of shampooing and combing as well as helping with laundry. To make matters worse, I have been growing my hair out for several years to donate. From root to tip it is over two feet long, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut my hair and won’t be able to donate it. I’m really upset about it.

    • Emily

      Pinterest says something about using tree oil in your shampoo to keep lice away. Maybe try that after you get rid of everything and hopefully you’ll never get it again!

      • T

        The PTA moms in my kids’ school all agree on tea tree oil. It only takes about a tsp mixed into a bottle of shampoo to keep lice away.

    • tilla ham

      you can still donate it…treat it before you cut the pony tail off, comb the knits out, store it in a plastic bag for a few weeks before you send it in. My friend and her kids just got lice this week too, and I am praying to every god in the universe that we don’t get it. It’s so expensive, and with 4 of us being girls with long hair and my husband having very curly hair a total pain in the butt to comb out. Keep your chin up, try to stay positive, I ended up yelling at everyone and having anxiety n ightmares about giant lice when we had it two years ago:(

    • Amanda

      I was a foster parent for years so I dealt with this A LOT. I have long hair too and I found the lice were immune to the shampoos. What did work was putting olive oil in my hair, wearing a shower cap to keep it on overnight (it suffocates them) and washing it out in the morning. Then doing what you can to comb the eggs out. I think we ended up doing it every other night for a week and it worked.

  32. Mimi

    Looks like many of us are on the same boat! Hopefully, I’ll be sick of eating chocolates by the 3rd bag so there’ll be some leftover for Halloween.

  33. Amanda

    We get around 500 trick or treaters at our door so it takes me a good month to stock up on enough deals to make it affordable for us. I think knowing that every piece counts keeps our hands out of the bags 😉

  34. toni

    first, i buy i candy i dont like. but i will eat all candy. Second, i tie the bag. Third i put in a tote and tape the sides. Fourth, i put high on a shelf. I get around 500 kids so i have to get a lot of kid. im only tempted adding more candy to the tote. my kids have no clue i have it hidden.

  35. Mandy B

    I had a lot of lows the last couple weeks. Last week, an uninsured drunk driver smashed into my parked car in front of my house, flipping his truck in the middle of our street. He hit my car so hard, that it was pushed about 10 feet down the street into the back of my fiance’s car. My car is totaled. No one was injured. Fortunately my insurance is covering my car, but my fiance doesn’t have collision on his insurance. A couple days later, someone stole our lawn mower from under a tarp in our back yard. With the out of pocket expense for a rental car, replacing the lawn mower right now is just not doable.

    My high in the past week is that my fiance and I, and my family were able to pull together to get through this. Even his younger brother, who lives with us, has been going out of his way to help out. Our community has also been very caring and supportive. It’s nice to know that people are looking out for us.

  36. Becky

    That’s why you have to buy candy that you don’t like so you won’t eat it! For me, I hate the “sour patch” type candies so that’s what I buy! 🙂

  37. Suzanne H

    I try to buy as much non-chocolate candy as I can b/c that kind of stuff does nothing for me. Also, this might sound nuts but we have a cabinet in our laundry room with a lock on it. It’s a padlock that uses a word as the combination. I am the only one that knows the combination. We had to do this b/c my teenage stepson has problems with impulse control – ADHD, bipolar, etc. – he will eat all of something if he likes it, even to the point of being sick. So we have to dole things out in portions to him. The upside is, I have a cabinet where I can put snacks that I score when there are great deals and hubby, stepson and son can’t get into them! I do have the combination and sometimes have problems with the temptation (and giving in to two sweet boy faces!) but most of the time I do okay since most of my cravings seem to hit at work or late at night and then I am too lazy to get out of bed, unlock the cabinet and dig through it. Sleep always wins! LOL

  38. Vickie

    What works for me and my boys: put all Halloween candy in the freezer til Halloween. We are all too lazy to grab a piece from the freezer than wait even longer to thaw it out so I do not have the candy bandit problem anymore. LOL

  39. Donna Hurter

    I just wish I had a child to come by on Halloween. After the 4th year of buying all the candy n no kids I found I just gained some weight. So now I go to my daughters house and hand out the candy n she can take my grandchildren trick or treating. So ladies your time well come when u don’t have to worry about buying and eating all the candy. You just have to get old to do it. I am 70 years young n I still remember all the fun it was.
    Never did find away not to eat the candy b/f Halloween. Just enjoy the memory.

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