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A Lost Dog is Found & Hip2Save App Excitement

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So my low this week was discovering that our much-loved dog, Murray (who joined our family earlier this summer), managed to escape from our backyard last night (due to a gate being left open). We discovered that he was missing around 8PM and then spent several hours walking and driving our neighborhood streets with no luck. We all went to bed around Midnight with heavy hearts and teary eyes…

Thankfully, this story does have a happy ending (as you can tell from the pictures!). Thanks to an amazing neighbor who lives a couple of blocks away, she discovered Murray in the wee hours of the morning and took him into her home to sleep until daylight. We were all re-united before the kids left for school this morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

In addition to finding Murray, my high for this week is most definitely the amazing positive responses we’ve received after releasing the Hip2Save App. I was so overwhelmed (in a good way!) reading through all of your comments and cannot thank you enough for all your feedback and suggestions. Your excitement was contagious and I literally walked around all day with a smile blasted across my face. Have I told you lately how awesome HipSave readers are?!

[h2s_box]Every Wednesday, I share my high(s) and low(s) for the past week and I encourage you to do the same in the comment section below. My high(s) will simply be the best or most exciting thing that happened to me over the last week or so and my low(s) will be something not so great that took place. [/h2s_box]

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Comments 59

  1. Starla

    Collin, you make me happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awe… thanks and your comment made me happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Adam

    I am so glad you got to bring him back home to your wonderful loving family!!!!

  3. Janine

    I can’t imagine losing Sadie!!! So glad you have him… By the way, he looks like he had a rough night!!

  4. kim

    Love the app!

  5. sara

    so happy you found your dog! I love the app! Hope you can add coupon database to app someday soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. laura

    so glad you have him back,,he looks like he’s a great addition to your family. ..and so cute:)

  7. Julie

    That’s wonderful news…so glad Murray is back home ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Lanie

    I LOVE a happy ending!!!! Big kisses to the sweet neighbor for keeping him safe, I just love good people!!!

  9. Alyssa

    Hey Collin!
    It’s alyssa your NC sitter, you know I’m a crazy dog lady! Glad you guys were able to get him back home. Love the App! You guys are awesome!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks so much, Alyssa! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you are doing well. Keep in touch.

  10. Rebe

    I was away on vacation at the end of July and hadnt realized you got a new dog. For a sec I held my breath and thought: could it be possible that she bought a dog instead of adopting a shelter one? Then I clicked on the link…not only you adopted, you chose an “older” one, which usually are harder to find homes for. You are such an amazing person in every single way!

  11. v

    Ok…maybe it’s just me… Kinda seems like Murray is beginning to look like your son. And taking on some of his personality traits. The two of them look like they’ve had a long draining night of worry …while you daughter is all full of smiles.
    I think it’s past my bedtime. When I get in that humorous mood, it’s time to shut down the comp.

    Glad he’s back where he belongs.

  12. Jean

    So glad Murray is back. He looks remorseful!

  13. brdavis55

    Glad your story has a happy ending for you & your family Collin. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Mourrene

    Glad you found your dog! I was surprised to see the kids in coats already. I’m in the south so some people are still in shorts here. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      It’s finally started to cool down here in Boise… especially in the mornings. I am thoroughly enjoying the fall weather! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Mourrene

        We’re starting to enjoy a little nippiness at night and early in the morning–sometimes. Winter never really kicks in here anymore, it seems. Thanks for all you do! You and your team rock! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Queenjen87

    Awe, so sweet about your dog. I remember how I felt when my kitty came home after a month of being missing (much skinnier, but every bit as loving as ever)

    My week has been crazy. I got a call last Friday that my mom who lives in another state had been in the hospital for six days with pnumonia. She has a buisness and I’m very concerned about the people running it right now, even though they seem fine. I have no idea what bills have been paid and what haven’t. She is still pretty much in and out of it. I am waiting for the dr to give me a complete rundown of what is going on, he is supposed to call tomorrow. I have called HR and talked with them about a transfer but really am at a loss about what to do about the buisness, if she’s going to come home / when (her house was horrible, we drove up and cleaned it over the weekend. Got about 1/2 way done in 12 hours of cleaning with four people) and if she will even let us move in. What to do about our house. Do we sell or rent it out. I’m just very confused.

  16. Jamie

    I love love love the new app. When I saw your post the other day that the app was available I said “YESSSS” and my husband thought I was nutty.

    I was at work today and got a notification that there was a hot deal – and I felt like you were sending me a text to let me know haha. Thanks!

  17. AshATL

    Please get Murray microchipped if you haven’t already. A lot of places will do it for $25, and it is money well-spent. Nationally, only 20% of lost dogs are reunited with their owners (and only 2% of cats!). Here in Atlanta, it’s less than 10%. I volunteer at an animal control shelter, and I can tell you that microchips are responsible for most of the reunions. We even had a dog from Indiana show up in Atlanta, and thanks to its microchip, it was reunited with its owners, who drove all night to pick up their mysteriously lost dog who was missing for several weeks!

    • llc

      I was about to recommend the same thing. Not only are they great for re-uniting your lost dog but they also provide proof that the dog (or cat) belongs to you.

      If you animal is ever lost (or stolen) and someone decides to keep your pet for themselves you have a way of proving the animal is really yours. Now it doesn’t do much good unless they take your pet to the vet, but if they do the Vet will realize that the pet owners info don’t match the people that brought in the animal.

      If they are lost and if animal control picks them up, they will call you immediately.

  18. kim p

    Our beagle went missing about 2 months ago while we were busy setting up a garage sale. What a panic attack, I haven’t cried so hard since I was a little kid. Thank god for awesome neighbors who helped search for him, he was found about 2 hours later. It was getting dark and it was 90 degrees out. I will never let him out of the yard again thinking he will stick by us as he usually would. So glad you found yours!

    • Caitlin

      Lucky! I have a old lady Beagle and she can get out of ANY fence. She can dig, chew, tip over, ANYTHING. She has even chewed through chain link!

  19. Debbie

    Seriously have been waiting for a Hip2Save App. Super pumped!!!!

      • NANCI

        Love your App! It rocks! one thing i notice there is no sound on your videos.

  20. Jackie

    Glad your story had a happy ending!

    It would be fun to have your kids write a story telling of Murray’s adventure! (All made up, of course.) I’m sure they will enjoy reading and writing telling tall tales. (tail?)

  21. Crystal

    I’m glad you found your dog Collin. I bet he is super happy to be back home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Michele

    Glad your doggie is safe and home. LOVE the new app. I’ve been waiting for this for awhile!

  23. Kris

    I know that horrible feeling of going to bed without knowing where that furry family member is. It must be the chocolate lab…My Max is a wanderer too. Thankfully, he also has returned after each of his unplanned excursions. So happy that your boy made it home safely.

  24. Robin

    Microchips are a good idea but the best thing we did for our wandering beagle is go to Pet Smart and get her a tag with her name address and phone number. She has been brought home numerous times by people blocks away from our house thanks to that inexpensive tag. Glad he made it back home safely.

  25. Ashley

    I’m glad the dog is home safe !!!! I didn’t know about the app…. I’m off to download it now!

  26. Krista

    Glad the dog was found! Seriously loving this app so much! Its awesome!! Great work! Thanks for all you do!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are most welcome! So happy to hear such great feedback on the app. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. teri

    Yeah Murray…and great neighbors.

  28. Cindy F.

    So happy you have your beloved dog again Collin! I am still teary eyed from your story. (i am such a sap! lol) The love of a pet is like no other. Many blessings to you and your family

  29. Anne

    So Glad… I have been following your website everyday an App. is good to have on a go.

  30. Amy Stotts

    I’m so so so so happy you all found your pooch! We had that happen with our beloved kitty not too long ago and I had signs up in all the local stores by that evening. He ended up coming home in the morning and I had to go take down all of the signs. haha!

    I didn’t even know about the app, but let me thank you and praise you in advance, because I’ve been really wanting a HIP2Save app!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Chrissy

    Very happy Murray is safe at home! I agree with getting him microchipped for the reasons discussed, as I have also volunteered at animal shelters, but of course you still need tags with your contact info on it as most dogs get found by Good Samaritans and if the dog has a tag they can call the owners instead of taking the dog to a shelter and hoping someone checks for a microchip. There’s also collars where you can add your contact info, which is added protection in case the tags come off. Finally, there’s even those collars with GPS on them so that if your pet gets lost you can find where they’re at. They have ones that aren’t pricey at all, although I’m sure you’d find a good deal! It’s also a good idea to have a pre-made lost dog flyer so that if he ever gets lost again, you already have a flyer with a large photo and contact info.

  32. tbits

    Oh I feel for you & I am so happy for his safe return! We had a yellow lab that liked to escape from our fenced in yard & we paid not one but two times to get him out of “doggy jail” Not cheap & no coupons or get out of jail free from our animal control in central Il. ๐Ÿ™

  33. ann

    Can’t wait for the Android app!!!:-)

  34. Heather

    I haven’t tried the app yet, but I’m really glad your dog is back. Our cat got outside last week at night, and we searched for quite awhile before giving up. I didn’t sleep too well that night. Fortunately he was waiting at the door when we woke up. It’s so nice to hear happy endings with this type of story. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. maflies1

    Please do let us know when those of us with Android phones can also follow along. So happy about your dog. I know how aggonizing that can be.

  36. deb

    I’m so glad you found your dog they are big part of loving family. Maggie is our dog and we got an invisible fence around the front and back yard and she also has a micro chip. No one in our area has a fence so we felt this would work . Thanks again for you do/

  37. Becky

    The best thing you can do is write your cell phone number directly on the dog’s collar with a black sharpie (in addition to having a microchip). Anybody that finds the dog in the middle of the night can call you and let you know the dog is safe. It will save you some sleepless nights.

  38. Wendy R

    So glad Murray is home. We lost our dog Indy for a week and we were devastated. Fortunately she appeared at my daughters girlfriends house 4 days later over a mile away. The night before my daughter was there posting signs in their neighborhood. We think she smelled her, and came to the house. Amazing.

    I am just downloading the app! I am excited to use it. Thank you for all that you do. You have saved us a lot of money, most importantly during a tough financial time. I was able to give things to my kids with contests, coupons, and other savings that I probably wouldn’t have been able to, and for that I am grateful!

  39. c

    bad boy murray! tg you found him. i used to have a big male lab that i raised from puppyhood. he would take off for hours in a busy nyc suburb.nightmare. good luck!

  40. Barnacle

    So happy you found your dog!!!!!

  41. Crystal

    I’m so glad You found Your Dog.We have a pug who also was lost just last week for 4 days.We had Him 11years .He stays in front when Kids play but He took off.well after fore days hearing My 13 year old cry day ,and night We our glad He’s home! Don’t think We knew just how.much we loved Him till We couldn’t find Him! Well Your over joyed You found Your Dog!I.know We were.

  42. Kelly

    We had a similar scare a couple of months ago with our boxer. She got out of the fence, so for 5 days we went door to door, to animal shelters, and posted on lost pet websites and on facebook. My husband told everyone that walked into his store and one customer had seen on another facebook page that someone had found a dog. It was her! She had ended up over two miles away…answered prayers!

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