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Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas Needed for Co-Workers

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Check out this email that I recently received from a Hip2Save reader…

Hi Collin! I need your help for Christmas. I have a lot of office gifts to buy as I am a manager and obviously have a very tight personal budget. My coworkers are fashionistas with quite discriminating tastes. Unfortunately, I am the opposite of them. I did luck out last year and got great stone bracelets from JCPenney that retailed for $35 for about $2.99. How do I top that this year? We don’t draw names so that is not a suggestion. Help…I am feeling the Christmas pressure as I just saw the first holiday decorations at Steinmart yesterday.

With Christmas just a few months away, do you have any frugal gift ideas to help this reader?!

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  1. Dawn

    Sorry just another 2 cents from me about this whole topic. This is where Christmas just loses all meaning: where you feel “obligated” to give someone (or someones) gifts! No one cares about crap jewelry, seasonal items or crafts. Most folks don’t want something food-wise that is “homemade” because you just never know if it was handled well–especially if you don’t really know the person well (that’s just my thing maybe). There have been tons of “meaningless” junk gifts that folks have mentioned on here (mixed in with many “good” ones too). I guarantee that most of those junk gifts are either thrown away, or given to thrift stores, or their kids to do something with (and then get thrown away). This is a whole commercialized Christmas thing again, and why department stores and other stores make money on all these dumb gifts. What a waste!!! When all that “wasted” money on each other could go to so many other worthy causes, or a family in need. In fact, there’s an idea: choose a family that may not have the best Christmas this year, and buy presents for all their kids (no junk toys!) and some food for the holidays. Say it’s all from your office and all of you go over and take it to them. Money much better spent.

    • Joy

      Our company did this last Christmas. We called a principal at a local school and she told us of a needy family. We pooled our money together and spent what we would have on each other on gifts for this family. My heart was so swollen with love as we wrapped each gift. This experience pulled our company together. Instead of thinking of ourselves (yes we have some fashionistas too), everyone came together to think of this family. We are planning to do it again this year.

      • single mom

        This is an Awesome Idea, I am a single mom, and this is soooo appreciated by those need!! yes my kids were brought up christian and we try to minimize the “Christmas means gifts” feeling, but its hard on children when all their friends are getting presents and they aren’t and it makes mom feel helpless you want your kids to be happy even on Jesus’ Birthday! Consider doing this for a family with middle school(Jr. high) students, many programs only give out presents to kids under 12 yrs old..

    • Terri

      My Company did this one year and we were all so proud, until we found out that the same family had been getting stuff from other company’s too and even three churches brought the kids toys, not knowing the others did….when the person that delivered the care package went back with some other things, they were selling the things they had gathered…..I would have rather “wasted” the $5.00 on a coworker than to have had our hearts crushed like they were. Took our faith in humanity to a new low and gave us all a not so HAPPY HOLIDAY…..sigh

      • Dawn

        I agree, that is totally sad and a bummer. Often it’s folks that are too proud to say they need help that could truly use the help vs. those that sign themselves up for Sub for Santa or other some other charities that could be taken advantage of. How can one tell if a family is scamming or really needs it?

      • marlena

        I had a similar story. I prepared a care package during christmas time for a family in need. Total about $200. While I went to deliver it I saw a boat, 2 four wheeler and 2 trampolines in their property. Im sorry but it didn’t look like a family in need to me.if that’s the case then I sure am family in need living paycheck to paycheck.. it upset me so much it turned me away from the idea if doing it again this year..

      • Kat

        I agree! Gifts should be given because of a desire to give, not feeling like you have to. It should be enjoyable for everyone involved. Thanks for the reminder.

        • Dawn

          Sorry, I don’t mean to get so involved in this post! Just an FYI, we were a family in need one Christmas with only gifts I got from thrift shops and freebies online or very cheap with coupons. My kids didn’t need gifts, but we wanted to give them some things. My husband’s brother lent us his VERY nice $5,000 4-wheeler and a couple motorbikes and trailer so we could use it over Christmas break to go riding (there was no snow that year). Anyone seeing that in our driveway would certainly judge us that we don’t need anything. True, there are total scammers in this world. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t truly people in need and that we can just say “whatever”. That is unfeeling. I agree it’s a bummer when a family that is in need gets MULTIPLE offerings. I wish there was a way to find those who really need it and who don’t publicize it. Maybe that’s the key: to find a family that you know of somehow through a neighborhood and give. Or for heavens sake, just give to a good charity instead of ourselves and more “stuff” we don’t really need.

          • Dawn

            Sorry, forgot to add, it’s interesting to see more than one person reply to this post saying that they did it once and because the “needy” people were scammers or sorts, that they’re not doing it again. Way to justify giving to yourselves again! Not all needy people are scammers. They do what they need to get by. Maybe they need food more than toys. I am careful about who is hopefully truly “needy”, but I will never judge another again. I have sold my daughter’s American Girl dolls (purchased in previous years that were better financially) just so we could pay a $300+ overdue phone bill. That was not fun telling her that she doesn’t really need them. Or selling my dead mother’s prized dulcimer because I have to pay for gas and rent. I guess if you haven’t been there, you don’t really know what I’m talking about.

            • single mom

              Yes Dawn is right Christmas is about GIVING, not giving to somone YOU think is worthy!! God gave a lot of unworthy people his only son!! stay in the positive spirit. those who are sinful will be judged (or get bad Carma how ever you want to look at it) Be happy and give as little or as much as you can!

            • Lucille

              I will never forget the Christmas our church backed into our yard with groceries for Christmas. That was approximately 58 years ago. Also one of the church members took me shopping for some much needed school clothes. Both my parents were in the hospital at the same time with major problems, an Aunt helped take care of me and my two brothers all teenagers or less until my parents could get back on their feet. Gifts of food or clothing is always appreciated if you are truly in need.
              Much thankful

      • Barbara

        I know how disheartening it is to realize that your generosity and goodwill went unappreciated but, let me tell you, that those of us who really needed the help and received that help from people like you.. experience a holiday that will never be forgotten. They are overwhelmed with emotion and enjoy the most heartwarming and inspirational of any holiday ever.
        I know, because many years ago, I had a holiday just like that and to this day, I have done everything I can to give back.
        And when I talk about that holiday and what it meant to me and my children the emotions keep flooding back.
        So thank you for being who you are!

    • Kristy

      Every year my family buys gifts for the local orphanage instead of buying for each other. We drop off the whole lot and always recieve a nice thank you from the kids. We usually get gifts for the little ones but more importantly the older kids who are often forgotten. The best part is if the orphanage happens to get an abundance of gifts that year, they save the surplus for birthdays and other occasions so nothing goes to waste

      • Joy

        This is a great idea Kristy!

        • Kim

          I agree with a few of the other posts about you can’t judge a person’s needs based on what you see or perceive that they have or don’t have. Although there are many people that take advantage of others generosity, there are many others that do not. My family has struggled a lot over the past 2 years, especially the past six months since my husband was laid off from his job. The only job he’s been able to get is a job is a sales position where he only makes commissions from sales he makes with no salary at all and we have to still pay for his gas to go to all of his appointments on top of it. Because my husband has to dress nice for his job and still has most of his nice suits and shoes from his former job, most people who see him would assume that he is not part of family that is barely scraping by and is living mostly off the income from my 30-hour a week job, collecting aluminum cans and plastic bottles for the recycling money and from couponing and bargain hunting. We have been very blessed to be able to rent a house out in the country from a landlord who has a big heart and has been gracious to us with our rent amount and being able to pay late when needed. My husband, son and I would have been homeless by now if it were not for this amazing man. If you drove by the outside of our home you would think it was a pretty nice home and would judge our family to be doing well financially, however, if you walked inside the house you’d find a completely different story. Our house is very old and the inside of it does not match the outside. We have very old appliances that don’t work half the time, we have no air conditioning in the summer and our heater only works well enough to heat one room in our house and we depend on our fireplace to keep warm most of the winter. My husband and I have two cars that are over 10 years old but feel blessed to have transportation.

          There are many people out there that have it rough. Some of them are basically homeless except for the kindness of friends or family members taking them into their homes. I work at an agency that has a food giveaway program once a week to provide food to the homeless and needy and I hear comments all the time from people in my office judging people based on what types of cars they see in our parking lot on the food giveaway days. They make an assumption that because there are some new or nicer cars in the parking lot during the food giveaway days that those people have no business coming to get free food. It makes me so angry. I know of two people that have nice cars and use their vehicles to drive around and pick up the needy people that have no cars but need food. They bring them to the food closet to get their food and then take them back home, and in some cases a friend with a car will lend their vehicle to a needy friend so they can have transportation to come and pick up food. Bottom line, you really do not know what someone is dealing with until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

    • Dayna

      I agree that there are a lot of junk gifts given out. A company I used to work for had an OPTIONAL white elephant party and about 10 people participated. The limit was set at $10 and it was very obvious who put in the effort to get a gift and the others who just went in their closet and grabbed an old “junky” gift. One of the gifts was covered in dust! If people didn’t want to participate, I would have rather spent my $10 on someone who needed it. It would have been one thing if we had to do it, but I think this was a way for people to get rid of their perceived junky presents. I’m not that fond of gift giving at the office.

  2. andrea

    sephora or ulta usually has a lip gloss or mini perfume collection of 5 to 10, so buy a collection, and div-ey up them to individual co-workers

  3. Sarah

    My DH’s office does the dumbest thing – everyone exchanges $5 gift cards. It started out as a Secret Santa “give so-and-so a $5 gift” but no one could think of anything for $5. So people started giving gift cards. Last year, DH gave a co-worker a $5 GC to Target and he received a $5 GC to Best Buy. Why bother?! I don’t think companies should require gift giving between employees – I think a communal donation is the way to go – no wasted presents, it’s easy to do, builds worker morale and helps the less fortunate.

  4. diane

    make up little gift bags with some of the freebies you’ve been collecting, Or make cookies and candy up over a weekend and package for gifts everyone loves food gifts

    • Lisa K.

      I make cookies every Christmas for my husband’s co-workers and since not that many people in their office like to cook, they LOVE them! This year he is managing a team of 40+ so I am looking for ideas also since I’m not sure if I can bake that many cookies.

      • Gretchen

        if you start early enough it is’nt that hard. I have yet to find a cookie dough you can’t freeze. So go ahead and make you one (or many) kind of dough and freeze it. Then the day before you want to send it in all you have to do is thaw the dough out and back the cookies.

  5. Kimberly

    Our boss purchased Himalayan salt or Pepper Grinders from trader Joe’s.

  6. Ashley57

    My husband’s manager gives everyone a $5 starbucks card. We like it! He (or his wife, lol) makes it a little nicer by getting cups from starbucks and shredding/crinkling brown and white paper, and then putting the GC inside.

  7. JA

    A few people have mentioned lotions, etc. Black Friday is the best day to go to Bath and Body Works if you are thinking about this. They have great sales and a really nice bag full of stuff that you can always separate for gifts. If there is something you don’t want/need, like a man’s body wash, they will let you exchange it for another scent. AND this is the only day you can stack multiple coupons. I walked out feeling like I robbed the place last year and the girl on the floor who helped me was just as excited!

  8. Mac

    A raise.

    • Annie


  9. Lisa Hoover

    My daughter is a teacher and she is in the same position, lots of gifts to buy. I know it’s hard to do, the last thing you want to think about after Christmas is next Christmas but that is the perfect time to buy these type of gifts. We are able to get really nice Christmas decorative gifts for 75% off or sometimes more. It makes it so much easier the next year when you pull out the Christmas items and the gifts are already there….

  10. Katie

    I think the best gift is donating something to the less fortunate however if you are set on getting something for a specific person get them something they will actually use not some holiday themed garbage (not all of it is garbage) that will end up in the garbage. A good way to judge if something is a good gift is think would I be upset getting this? (Of course that only applies if u are like the other person)

  11. Mel

    Everyday things that people don’t shop for themselves like a box of Thank You cards, a box of monogrammed note cards that are blank inside, nice writing pens, or stickers that can be used as envelope sealers can make nice gifts. It’s nice to have these things around the house or office when you have to write a quick note on the fly.

    • Kat

      Oh how thoughtful! Maybe something a little nicer than you would.normally.purchase for yourself. “Needs”, upgraded. I love this idea!

    • Valerie

      A lot of the printing companies (Shutterfly, York, etc) have deals all the time, keep an eye out and you could get something for everyoen. I received a pad with my newly married monogram on top from a manager once and I loved it!

  12. jules

    $5 starbucks giftcards with a nice handwritten note to each person.

  13. threebeachbabies

    My son has special needs and so he has a lot of helpers and 2 Teachers. I was able to get beautiful necklaces from Avon for about $2.99 each. They were a huge hit. If you know an Avon Rep, you could ask for a discount if you order a lot of items. They will usually do that!
    I have also found really nice desk items at Michael’s for a reasonable price (under $2).
    Good Luck

  14. Lyndi Hedgecock

    from the post i am assuming that everyone exchanges gifts instead of you just buying them yourself only. perhaps you could get everyone to pool their money together and donate it to a food pantry or a local charity. that would be a great way to use it for everyones benefit, you all would feel good about doing it and the people who need it would be able to feed their family. 🙂 good luck!

  15. erin

    My work does an ornament exchange. Just $5 or less and its so fun. They can be serious or funny. Its a lot of fun to go back each year and remember who got what. And the boxes we put them in are a big hi too. Target has great choices and walmart did too last year.

    • Kb

      My mom did this with her church group and got a really beautiful one at kohls!

    • Jenny

      We also do this at our church! Over all it goes great and everyone ends up with a beautiful ornament… but my mom has got screwed the past 2 years! She ended up with a pink “Babys First Christmas” ornament (which she gave me, since I was about to have a baby girl) and the next year she got a puppy and kitty ornament (ugly ones!) lol It was fun though, its become a joke between her and I over what crazy one she will get this year! I do love the party we have along with it though we always find a cool was to “exchange” them, whether it be a story with “Right- Left” in it, or something about the color of the bag matching our outfit! Lots of fun!

  16. Maureen

    You can purchase toys that are personalized and gift wrapped by the co-workers and delivered to children who are spending Christmas in the hospital (or whatever policy the hospital requires for donations.) It would definitely brighten the children’s day and most (hopefully) adults would partake wholeheartedly with this type of sentiment and should not be offended by the lack of a personal gift. In addition, you can shop on Craigslist for the toys and support your local families who are selling their (new) items who are in need of cash instead of more toys, etc.

    • Jenny

      AWESOME IDEA! My son was lucky enough to leave the hospital before Christmas when he was born 9 weeks premature, but what a delight it would have been to see total strangers come to bring baby items, some hot cocoa or just a hug! The hospital he was at did have a church make each baby a blanket for every week baby is in the hospital. We still have the 4 BEAUTIFUL blankets he was given! I cherish them and the ladies who made them!

  17. Deanna bridges

    Go Pinterest…tons of great ideas for gifts, to make, to buy and assemble, some with cute free printables, etc. ….you won’t be disappointed and you won’t believe what how little some of it costs!

  18. coupon woman

    I haven’t read through all the comments, so maybe someone has already mentioned a gift certificate for Redbox? You can purchase promo codes in bulk (5,10,20, or 50). If you want to divide them up, you just select yourself as the recipient and then give them out individually. Who couldn’t use some free Redbox codes? I know we as couponers get free codes all the time, but not everyone else does! 🙂
    Details here:

    • Ashley57

      I like that idea!

    • Lisa K.

      Great idea! We used to give a blockbuster giftcard in a popcorn box with microwave popcorn and a box of movie candy and I was wondering how we could do that again with no blockbuster anymore. Thanks for the tip!

  19. sabrina

    Start saving up those bath and body works freebies, pair with nail polish and comfy fuzzy socks! Raid those target clearance racks for candles, coffee mugs, stationary or other nice gifts. Buy gifts that have additional gift with purchases, Get creative and make something! These are a few of the things i’m planning on doing this year!

  20. edy

    My daughter is a special needs girl, since I been cuponing for 18 years, I get bags and take 1 bag every month throught the year, I fill this bags and take one to each person at center with locions,shampoo,toothpaste and cookies,koolaid packages water bottles,juices, peanuts, chips, and one loves to get coffee,sugar,cups,filters, and I got her a coffee pot when it went on clerance at cvs last year. And they are so appreciative of the things

  21. natalie

    I loved when my manager gave us scratcher tickets. They come as low as a dollar and are fun to do!

    • jess

      I already love this idea…usually do it for a quick bday gift…but Christmas for coworkers?! That is genius!

    • Jenny

      I do this with my own family (stocking stuffers!) I buy EVERYONE a $1 or $2 scratcher and hope for the best- I think we had a $2 winner once! lol but the excitement is great! They love it!

    • Dayna

      This was always a tradition with my grandpa. The family would get him a lot of scratch offs for Christmas and we would all sit around him while he scratched them hoping he would win the big bucks!!

  22. Amie

    I had a coworker who brought in a box of different kind of calendars and let everyone pick one. I honestly think she got them at the dollar store. But me and all my coworkers counted on those every year.

    • Hannah

      I’d like that!

      • Em

        That is brilliant

  23. cookie1069

    I use a website call I recently bought a yarn infinity scarf that was originally $25 for $5. I usually buy headbands and bracelets for my daughter from this website. They list items for about 2 days and the product is usually ship some time after because the items come from mothers who have a small business.

  24. Susie

    Last year I scrounged for as many of those free mini candle coupons at Bath & Body as I could find. I put one in a small cellophane bag with chocolates and a $1 scratch ticket.

  25. Lynelle

    I always make Christmas goodies and hand them out. I have had so many people tell me that they appreciated it because they didn’t have time to bake and the food was great to serve if guests stopped by. Some suggestions: Chex mix with m’m’s, haystacks, sugar cookie candy cane cookies, texas brownies, cut out sugar cookies, spiced pecans and walnuts, etc. I know folks alot of the time don’t appreciate “homemade” gifts but I love to get them, especially if the gift fits my personality.

    You could also have everyone bring a side dish and you could provide the main dish for a Christmas luncheon. A day of morale building and relaxation at the work place

    • Dayna

      People tend to make yummy goodies around Christmas, but I can understand people’s hesitation with these types of gifts…they don’t know how it is prepared, what might be in it, etc., but I’ve seen some very creative and pretty sweets made!

  26. beth

    The place where I used to work did a white elephant exchange where everyone brought in something they didn’t want(not broken or anything, but the cheesier and more ridiculous the better). It was always a lot of fun and everyone really just picked up something they had around the house.

  27. Janine Felix

    Truffles aren’t really that expensive, but considered a luxury. Also reed diffusers are kind of trendy and can be purchased in multi-packs at costco

  28. Elizabeth

    For those of you looking to give to somebody truly in need, I have a couple of options for you:
    1. Last year we contacted our daughter’s elementary school and asked them to give us a family in need to buy gifts for. They know based on how the kids come to school dressed, the fact they may get free lunches, and other factors. Know what the mom asked for? Pants and shoes for her kids. That’s it. Nothing for herself, no fancy toys or high-dollar gift cards. Just things they need and can use.
    2. Contact your local nursing home and ask about residents who may not get family visitors. My grandmother was in a nursing home and there were residents there on medicare only (no private financing) whose families hadn’t come to visit them for months if not years. They could use gifts and are very grateful for the attention.

  29. Ashley

    You could always have your coworkers and you put together your $5 and do little gift bags for hospice or rest home in your area. Because I’m sure your gift might be the only one they receive that year!

  30. katie

    Throughout the year at my work we do various things to raise money for a family we choose at the salvation army. we have a taco bar, baked potatoe bar, a farmers market etc…where if u want to eat we set a nice amount per plate. We only have women at our work who love to eat. with all the money we raise we buy the items listed on the families years past we would post the families lisr and ppl. would put their name buy the item they wanted to buy.
    we do a white elephant party which is pretty fun….u don’t have to do it, but sometimes its fun to watch ppl. taking each others gifts

  31. katie

    As for the families that abused these wonderful programs not only should they be confronted, but the organizations should also know what they did and be banned from any future help!!!#whatadisgrace

  32. Katie

    Join a buying co-op on facebook. They buy in large groups so you get wholesale prices and then the “host” separates the orders and ships them to the individual buyers. You only order what you want and there are some great deals. There are lots of different ones this is just an example:

    Otherwise, something that sounds expensive but isn’t 🙂 I just found this lady who makes organic vegan all natural make up. Sounds luxurious but the prices are really reasonable. There are lots of cool things like that on Etsy.

  33. Lin

    We would draw names within our department. Our department included about 25 people. We’d have a range of $15-20 but since only buying for one person it was do-able. My boss would take our department out to lunch (the company graciously paid for it) and we would do our exchange one at a time. It was really fun.

  34. kathleen

    You could make baked goods and bring them into share. You could also make a donation to charity in order of the staff as long as it’s not a religious or political type charity that might offend some. You could also just do something simple like give bookmarks, chapstick, etc. and write a nice handwritten note to each of them.

  35. donna

    I get what you are all saying. Hear is a ideal . I ‘m asking companys and churches to help me cause I do not have the money to do it all. Im make small gift bag with shampoo , hand cream ,nail clippers, and many of thing for the MOM and DADS at the children hospital. We are parents of a sick child and I no what it like to be in for months and be in and out alot .They should give us flyer points. But as for parents you wish you had a nail file or clipper and hand cream or chap stick cause you do not went to leave them child and go to the gift shop cost to much . sleepy pants and lg shirt are good too. cause we have gone from a local hospital with just the clothes I have to be take to a lg one hours away . we spend a lot time in ICU. And I know it would be a blessing. I save a lot of my freebie all year for this we have 3 children hospital and next year I love to be able to them all. If any one would like to help just email and I love to help you start or you can send things to me.

  36. Michelle Foister

    I think a good idea for an inexpensive gift could be taking a reuseable hard cup with straw and putting small items nside like a lotto ticket or small gift card or little samples maybe a pack of gum, small pack of tissue, hand sanitizer etc I did this last year and people loved it :). It is my experience that people you think need help dont always need it but sometimes people you dont think need help do. When I was growing up I was a welfare kid and it was never several organizations helping us at once and it is wrong for people to do that my mom was bipolar and had 3 kids under 5 when my dad and her got divorced she was undiagnosed until I was an adult but she always tried to work on and off but it didnt work out. My dad has always been disabled since I was young and back then the government paid my mom only $300 to try and take care of us it was not enough even then but my dad thought it was and didnt realize it even then that wouldnt cover food for us barely let alone rent etc. He was very blessed to have met my stepmom who has helped him to have a better life and me also when I visited them and later on lived with them. But regardless my real mom always taught us to be honest, not greedy, to not do drugs or drink. not to sleep around with several men and she sacrified soo much for us. But remember it is never wrong to do a good thing and you will receive blessings back normally adults are dishonest not the children who get helped 🙂 God touches our hearts to help people if it had not been for the people helping our family growing up I wouldnt be the good person I am today. I was homeless, once lived in a shelter for 3 days before we got kicked out etc etc and I dont say this for you to feel sorry for me I am very blessed but to realize children are the ones who need the blessings and the directions to give them hope to keep them from a life like that luckily I am the strongest in my family the 2nd oldest out of 9 children altogether but I am the main one who helps our family now even though I am only 35 years old it is overwhelming sometimes but I try to give them guidance and direction to help make good choices for a good life to help them out financially when I can until they get back on their feet but if they caused the problems by bad choices they have to pay me back and learn that responsibility for themselves I can afford just to help them or it would be different. But there is nothing wrong with doing research also and finding out before you give if it is the right thing to do and normally I give to people I know without a doubt need the blessing such as someone who has been out of work without pay due to cancer, sickness, taking care of a loved one or people even that work soo hard trying not to ask people for help when you know they need it. So I tend to help people I actually know because they may have had a lot of things, money etc but dont at the time and cant get help because of it. I am a very hardworking honest person that helps people also even though I have 3 jobs one full time and 2 part time jobs because I know everybody whether you think they need it or not can use a blessing 🙂 I keep saying it is the time to pull together and help each other it will make it more bearable on everyone if we do. I had a fundraiser of krispy kreme donuts that helps my boys earn money for summer camp well not everyone could eat a dozen donuts so I had them split it up in half dozen packages and sold 3 dozen that way that I otherwise wouldnt have sold and half of the money 10.50 will be split between my boys it is not a large sum of money but it still helped and I brought them in on payday they are selling them throughout the year I even offered to sell them individual for .60 cents a piece if needed. I got worried I only definitely had half a dozen sold and then someone brought in donuts for us that day. I was oh no what to do so I went around my bldg and was able to sell half a dozne to people in our ism dept, security and then a secretary bought it to share with people God already had it worked out I panicked for a moment but when i explained I was only asking them because someone had surprised our area with donuts people stepped up and said I dont need them but I could buy them to share with others. It was such a blessing and I truly appreciated them I had tried this method of selling because some people just wanted me to bring in the donuts and have them rather than pre paying me like I am supposed to have them do.

  37. LeVenia

    One year I bought Christmas coffee mugs at the thrift stores (.25 to .50) then bought packs of hot cocoa (B1G1 sale so like a 1.00 for a pk of 10) and then put a candy cane in to complete the gift. I had like 75 people in our group. So at our Christmas function I put them at the door and told them to pick one out when they were leaving since I had all different patterns and styles.

  38. wanderblogger

    I only give gifts to co-workers whom I’m very close to. Last year, I gave five people in my team personalized pens. This year, I’m considering giving two of them <URL=""%5Dglass animals because one of them is a pet lover while the other is into figurine collection. When I give people gifts I usually take note of what interests them. I go for stuff that I think the recipients would really appreciate not just because they have a hefty price tag. I still believe in the old saying that it’s the thought that counts.

  39. Lea

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  40. Carol Schnell

    Give to the animal shelters

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Become a Hip2Save Insider

Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! Once you join, you'll be able to save & share your favorite deals, rate posts and recipes and add items to your cookbook! What are ya waiting for?!

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