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I’m No Robot…

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Behind this computer screen, there is a person. No robot here. I have feelings, values, I have a voice, I am sensitive and can be loud at times. I am me.

I laugh often…

I cry…

I make mistakes…

I had no clue that my Target deal would create so much controversy. Had I known, I am not sure I would have posted. Not because I feel I did anything wrong but because the comments… well, got a little or I should say a lot out of hand. I truly value all of your opinions – even if you disagree with what I did. And I honestly like hearing what all of you have to say. I learn new things every single day from my readers. However, when the language starts to get inappropriate and bashing on one another and myself happens, it makes me feel sad about posting.

When you sit behind a computer screen, you are invisible. You can say what you want knowing that no one really knows who you are. But the question is, would you say the same things to someone’s face? Would you share your thoughts just the way you did when commenting?

If you aren’t comfortable reading Hip2Save any longer because you disagree with what I did, I understand. There are tons of other fantastic frugal blogs out there that may be better suited for you.

I’m not going to apologize for posting the deal I scored. I will, though, apologize for letting the commenting get out of hand. I want this site to be positive and fun. I want you all to smile and feel giddy when you hop on Hip2Save. πŸ™‚

And yes, I will be moderating comments on this post as I’m keeping things positive tonight!

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Comments 579

  1. Rachael

    I am so sorry that this happened. I have been a reader for several years now and this never used to happen here. It seems that the more people you get reading a post the more likely it is that you will get those who enjoy posting negative comments. I have always tried to stay off of those sites b/c I then feel bad the rest of the day just reading them. I love your site and check it several times a day. I hope this never happens again. I used to go on Weusecoupons several times a day until the negativity started to take over and I just didn’t like the way it made me feel. On the plus side, those of us who want to stay away from the negativity can read the deals without reading the comments. Thanks for having the format set up this way. BTW-Love all that you do Collin.

  2. irene

    Collin, sounds like all the negativity has really gotten to you. I did not personally read any of those posts, but they must have been very nasty. Give people an outlet and they will go hog wild. Anonymity is probably the driving factor. Thank you for telling them nicely to “buzz off.”

    As you can tell from all these supportive messages, there’s a whole bunch more of us who appreciate what you do… very much. Please brush it off as online bravado and keep those hot deals coming! Thank you for all you do and staying true to who you are!

  3. Cheyanne From Ky

    I have been a religiously hip2save reader for 3 years. I have not went a day without reading your blog!
    How dare anyone judge you. How dare them!

    You have saved my family from rock bottom many times by your thrifty teaching! The education you have given me has helped me my family out so much! You have helped me realize the value of 1$ !!!!
    Thank you Collin I know you are no robot your a person and I’m thankful for you !

  4. Jill W.

    Love you Collin and I’m sorry that people are unkind. Those same people with the “high morals” that would never do such a deal are the first to have their hand out for any give-aways you are doing. You learned of a good deal and you posted it. Thank you for sharing it! People have free will and can chose which deals they try. I have saved $1000’s of dollars from coupon matching and online deals through Hip2Save and I am very appreciative of what you do. Haters will be haters but we don’t have to allow them to hurt others!!! A little phrase I learned at a conference for Women years ago has helped me often…. Hurting people hurt others. It goes along the lines of misery loves company. So if someone says or does something hurtful it’s because they are hurting and want others to hurt with them, they may not do it on a conscious level but it’s human nature. We don’t have to allow ourselves to be pulled into it though. You are better than that!!

  5. Patti

    I just got back from my local target here in Charleston, S.C. and had no problems, Cashier was happily surprised & asked all about the deal with enthusiasm. I told her the $2.98 pink earrings were for me and the $24.99 men’s sport watch would be “”DONATED”” to my local children’s Christmas toy drive. Every year it’s the same old story, lots of toys for the young ones, but tough to buy for the 12-16 year old boys. I figure this would also be a “”POSITIVE”” way for the negative posters to use this great deal. Every story has a spin, turn it the right direction! Thanks again for all you do Colin.

    • Melanie M

      I don’t think that the people who feel this”deal” is wrong are going to take advantage of it regardless. If people feel this “deal” is wrong it is okay for them to feel this way. However, they need not be mean to Collin or the people who agree with her. I don’t feel it is right but I refuse to be mean. I choose not to take advantage of it because I would feel guilty and wrong. Wrong or right…Keep calm and carry on.

  6. Megan

    So unfortunate that it had to turn so ugly. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but no one deserves to be talked to disrespectfully, especially over a couponing deal! Thanks for all you do! By the way…Target has put out a statement on their Facebook saying that they are aware of how the coupon is working and are honoring it.

  7. Grace

    Collin don’t let those people destroy you, life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. Be a person you want to be, because everyone else is already taken. I know it sounds cheesy, but that really helps if you think like that. I recently move back to Hong Kong, but occasionally I still go to hip2save hopefully to score some good deals too, I didn’t read the target deal but I know every deal that you posted are being nice to us, sharing good things with us, so I appreciate everything you did very much. Don’t let hateful people make you upset, they just jealous.

  8. lesa

    SAD… people spew rude things when behind a screen.. they usually have a sad life if they get angry over a coupon deal that did not work out.. really there are so many other problems in the world to get angry over.. Collin you have saved me so much $ and i am a newby (less than a year), not all my deals work out exactly as you post, but that is usually because my stores here in CA have employees that are combative when you get things free or really cheap!… I thank you over and over again and even my husband is a believer!! lol..

  9. Des

    Is it for certain brands of watches because I tried it and it didn’t take the coupon.

  10. Ashley

    I just wanted to say that I am super appreciative of all that you do! You put yourself out there everyday to so many people who don’t know you! I think that sometimes people get carried away and focused on their own feelings that they forget that they are dealing with other real people with real feelings. I am praying that today you are encouraged and are able to let all of those other things go!

  11. sudha

    You’re the best person i know and you are doing a great job helping others like me to save money. I am following your blog from 2 yrs now. all day long your blog is open on my window. The stuff i get from couponing i use few and few i donate and i feel happy that i am donating (which is not possible without you) at the end of the day.

    Regarding the Target deal manager told me that its one time use per customer and Target knows about it. usually mobile coupon can be used for 6 to 7 times but this particular coupon is used only once. So this said we are not doing anything wrong. “COLLIN YOU ROCK AND KEEP GOING”

  12. Lorene

    Some people have plenty of money and can pay full price; others are on a budget and compensate with awesome deals! Either way we are all people and shouldn’t be so hard on each other. Target is not going to go bankrupt from this deal; in fact they will gain customers because of the positive energy they put out. If the deal was a mistake I’m sure it would have been modified within a few hours by target!

  13. Jessica

    I love love love Hip2Save! I tell anyone and everyone about this blog and it’s my absolute favorite.

    I have noticed a lot of not so nice comments from readers and find it disheartening. I try to live my life by a quote I read β€œLet us be kind, one to another, for most of us are fighting a hard battle.” Behind this veil of anonymity (the computer screen) it’s easy to blurt out things you would not say in person….or even worse….sometimes these ARE things people do say in person which makes me sad for the lack of civility.

    Thanks for all you do Collin! Much appreciated and what an adorable costume pic!

  14. RL

    Collin I echo all of the positive comments here. I have been a loyal follower of your blog for 3+ years. I check your site multiple times a day, even when I have little to no time. Whether I get a deal or not, your posts always make me smile. Your posts show that you are a good person and have a huge heart. Never let negative people pull you down. They aren’t worth it. Keep doing you and good things will follow. You are awesome Collin and some people just can’t deal with that. πŸ™‚

  15. Zosia

    Collin, happy you could get this deal. I am happy everytime i get some freebie or deal thanks to you! So many people love and appritiate your work, and there is no question asked about your ethics. Love you!!!

  16. Laura

    I think it’s been said over and over, but I’ll say it again. If it was an error in Targets’ system, it’s their fault. Period, end of story. If you want to take advantage of the deal Collin was passing along to HELP you, take advantage of it. If you have a problem with it then keep your rude and hurtful comments to yourself and just don’t do the deal. If you disagree, do so in a polite, classy fashion AS AN ADULT WOULD DO. If you don’t want to read Hip2Save anymore, then please spare us all and leave. This bickering back and forth is a totally “UNHIP” ( πŸ˜‰ ) thing to do.

    Collin, I commend you for taking the backlash with your head held high. In my opinion, you did nothing wrong. As my sister would say “those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. Rock on, Collin, rock on. πŸ˜‰

    • Melissa

      I agree with you. And please don’t tell me that people from Target aren’t reading these blogs too. I’m sure they know it’s happening and have had plenty of time to fix their ‘error’!

  17. ann

    Collin, I think you have a great way of making lemonade from lemons. I enjoy reading your blog, it has helped my to stretch my budget and I enjoy all the contests and happy fridays. God bless.

  18. Debbie

    Collin: So sorry people have to get negative on here. Love, love, love your blog. Follow it almost every day… can’t wait for the Christmas bargains to begin. Thanks so much for all your hard work. For the bloggers who didn’t like what you did (I somehow missed the postings) .. like anything in life, if you don’t like what someone is doing, move on.. no need to make it so negative. Life is short!

  19. Monica

    I totally agree with all the positive comments, you should feel proud of all the help you provide us ppl that need to save and don’t know how. Besides, how many times has it happened that you go to the store for a deal and end up buying something else. Sometimes stores take advantage of that and offer great deals just to get you in the store hoping that you will splurge a bit since youre getting a great deal on another item. If the store would go out of business for a certain deal, they wouldnt offer it.

    Some ppl are generally negative, they are not worth feeling bad for. Keep doing what you do, the rest of us appreciate you!!!!!

  20. saara

    Collin, you’re awesome and your site is awesome. from the deals you post to teaching us how to make yummy frappachinos at home. THANK YOU For all of your hard work!!!!!!

  21. Linda

    Collin: You are such a kind and giving person and although I don’t know you, I feel like I do just from your words and actions. Your website is like Christmas every day for me — you lead me to such great surprises and I look forward to what I will find. I am sorry this happened, but, as always, you were just sharing what you experienced in hopes that it would be beneficial to us as well. You have no need to apologize or feel bad. Your actions were from heart. Thank you for all your hard work. You are appreciated.

  22. Mary O

    I look forward to Hip2save everyday!!! I read it several times a day….
    i have never been disappointed…
    Not every savings is is going to work but I bet 99.9% will work!!!!
    A Hip2saver fan for life!!!

  23. mary

    Ugh, makes me sick reading those kind of comments and negativity…I don’t know how you deal with it:( thank you for being so strong and positive. I hope you realize how many many readers are blessed by you and this site and are grateful for it! Hoping and praying all the negativity can just roll off of you like water off a duck. Please keep up the good work, you have many fans!

  24. Sally

    Well I would gladly get away from the computer and discuss the matter face to face to you. How can we arrange this?

    • Tee K

      What is there to discuss???? Target has said on their facebook page that this is a valid use of the coupon.

      • Sally

        Collon said people are only discussing this from the comfort and safety of behind a computer. I am offering to cross that barrier to discuss.

        • Monica

          You are crazy!

          • Sally

            I’m crazy for wanting to talk to collin like a human being? Ok….

  25. MalibuBeachBum

    Here, the love far outweighs the negativity. It always has. This is why H2S is my favorite site on the entire internet. Thanks for everything you do. Now, on to the next great deal!

  26. Renee

    I hadn’t read the nasty comments since I was at work, but just wanted to say I support all you do. Not everyone will agree with everything you do, but I think you are very classy in the way you run your blog, and keep involved with your readers and keep everyone informed in a positive way. You go girl!!

  27. Jo

    I’m haven’t read the negative posts, but I’m sure if you weren’t allowed to do it, Target wouldn’t have let you. Please keep positive and posting! Thanks for all you do for us moms that are trying stay on budget, find a good deal and get items to donate.

    • Sally

      So are we now allowed to scan a coupon that physically can scan even if the words indicate a different product, by your logic? “but I’m sure if you weren’t allowed to do it, Target wouldn’t have let you” I’m just wondering where you draw the line on this and why.

      • Theresa

        That is not what she said. Come on now…

        • Sally

          Then as I asked, please explain the difference?

  28. Nikki

    I had no idea what was going on in the comments section of that Target deal until you posted this. I feel so happy every time I read your deal posts that I can’t imagine anybody making you fell any less. I think Matthew 7:3-5 sums it up best … why would anybody feel they are in the position to judge you? Checking your blog is often the highlight of my day. I appreciate your hard work and will stay loyal! Please don’t stop! πŸ™‚

    • Nikki

      Oh my goodness … right after I hit submit I saw that I left out an “L” in your name. I apologize Collin. πŸ™ I can’t believe I did that!

  29. DoriS

    It’s such a shame people want to bring such anger & spite to this blog which is meant to be positive & helpful. I proudly marched myself over to Target & was successful at getting the watch/jewelry deal. I even had one of the store managers ring me up & commented on how well I coupon & get deals. The watch will be a gift for a family member, the necklace a small reward for me! I even scored the $5 Target gift card with the Mars Halloween candy deal in one transaction which I then used on the Watch/jewelry transaction, thus making it almost free (I only had to pay $1.40). When you can score some great deals you have to put your pride aside and take advantage of them. Today you get something for free, tomorrow somehow things can sometimes find a way to stick it to you (traffic ticket, over charge on a bill, receipt, etc). It all evens out in the end!! We live on one income, I am a stay at home Mom. We are too “rich” for assistance (welfare, food stamps, etc) but too poor to get buy some days. So I LOVE getting freebies, or really good deals. Target said this one was approved, no harm done!
    Cut Collin some slack!! Keep up the good work Collin–love you & love your deals!!

  30. Beth

    Collin I have total admiration for what you do. I have followed your blog for hours each day for almost 2 straight years and I can honestly say that I have found at least 1 deal each day. I know words hurt more than they should and I feel that the written word even more so. Please know that you have lifelong fans and I am willing to bet they greatly out number those making the hurtful comments. Please know that you have made my life and my son’s life far better by all you do. Your blog is so much more than a place to score a freebie or great deal but it’s a forum of ideas and support. Please stay positive and know that though i am only one of your many followers, I have your back πŸ™‚

  31. Carrie May-Borich

    Keep up the wonderful work, Collin. You rock!!!

  32. Janessa Couch

    Your amazing and your site has saved me lots of money and I love it!!! Thanks for all that you do.

  33. SammyS

    Yay was able to get two pairs of earrings and two watches for 5 dollars! Awesome!

  34. Queenmum

    Thank you Collin!! You are a bright spot in my busy life EVERY SINGLE day. You have opened your life up to us and I thank you for that. Keep doing your thing girlfriend!!

  35. Mia

    I’m sorry about all the ugly comments πŸ˜” I love your deals πŸ˜ƒ If your moral compass doesn’t tell you to do it = DON’T! I didn’t feel right using this, so I passed.
    There are a lot of websites that push the envelope when it comes to morality. Just because it scans doesn’t mean it’s always supposed to be used in that way. Lots of people upset with CVS because P&G coupons aren’t taking the maximum amount off any longer. Well if you only pay $3.50 why should you be entitled to the max amount? I had a coworker who used to play the Target game by putting higher priced items before lower priced items to get the most taken off. Get tons of Glade candles just to get GC’s. Get tons of items to donate…I guess I like having a clean conscience πŸ˜ƒ

  36. Jessi

    I am so grateful for this website!! I have saved more money than I could ever imagine using many of the deals that are posted….I don’t get every deal that is posted even when they are wonderful like the Target deal yesterday…I knew it would be a hit or miss thing at my local target and didn’t want to waste the time since I really didn’t need to go there yesterday….we all have a choice in what deals and coupons we use and if we don’t like one or think its for us, we should just move on and wait for the next one :-)…I don’t think we need to voice such negativity about it….For the people that did score the deal, I think its great….It sounded like a lot of people were using them for gifts or donating them to diff. causes which is fantastic….Keep up the good work Collin, I really appreciate all you do!!

    • nicole

      I saw those as well, I wish everyone had the time to check on things before they offer such negative opinions. I love this site and Collin!

  37. Theresa

    As I had responded to a post yesterday, women are catty and I am a woman so I can say that. We have bigger problems in the world, people! Target won’t go out of business from that issue and I am sure their portion of the cost was minimal. People seem to think these stores pay regular prices. They pay a percentage, we pay the markup. Sometimes stores win, sometimes they lose. I’ll bet they win MOST of the time.

    Collin, you do us a service. Many people who read your blog work like I, and don’t have the time to research everything. Apparently, everyone here forgot what most of our mothers taught us – IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!

    Thanks for all you do Collin! I will continue to read your blogs!

  38. Marissa

    You have helped so many people! People can decide what offers are right for them and what isn’t. Thank you for your continued hard work. You truly are a modern day hero.

  39. ann

    Hello Collin,
    I, along with many others appreciate what you do. You provide information. Period. It is up to us to decide if this works for us or not. Keep your positive attitude and just know that for every negative comment out there you will find two or more positive ones. WE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!

  40. Laura

    Collin: I have been following your site since 2009. I remember exactly when I first came to your website because it was exactly 2 weeks before my son was due. My husband and I were fresh out of college & he had just started his (very low paying) job while I was making arrangements to become a full-time stay-at-home mom. I had no idea how to coupon or maximize each dollar until I came to your website. Because of you, I managed to cut our grocery budget down to $30 per week while living in a high cost area. This wasn’t because I WANTED to, it was because I needed to. Your website had invaluable tools and helped to educate me on store policies, coupons, how to stretch dollars, and even healthy and inexpensive recipes. Over the years I have used your blog to provide amazing Christmas’ for my family, enjoyed free pizzas and other “splurges” that we might not have been able to spend the money on, and changed my overall outlook on budgeting and money management. I have written to you on more then one occasion, and every time I do, I am amazed by how quickly you send me a personal response. You are truly an amazing person and I want you to know that you have blessed my family in more ways then we can count. Tonight we’ll be enjoying an extremely cheap Domino’s pizza for dinner while we watch our free Redbox movie and it’s all because of the hard work that you do so that families like mine can enjoy the “luxuries” of life under a strict budget. My family thanks you and hopes you know that you make a difference.

  41. Elly

    I check your site every day and I LOVE it! You have saved me tons of money and I am so thankful. I just went this morning and picked up some hoop earrings (which I’m dying to have) and an adorable tweed watch all for $5.98. Made my day–plus its my birthday. So happy birthday me. πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much for all the deals.

    • Laura

      happy birthday!

  42. Linda

    Please do not let those insensitive clods get you down. There are zillions of us that LOVE you and so appreciate what you bring to us through your conscientious postings!!! Thanks for all that you do!!

  43. Melissa Hansson

    Love to you Collin and thanks for all you do.

  44. Ally

    The coupon is not a glitch. It came straight from the target corporate office. All targets are to accept the coupon. It’s a marketing ploy to get users to use their mobile app!

  45. sophia

    Shake them haters off!
    If people had a problem with the AMAZING deal you posted-then GREAT! MORE FOR US!
    There was no “pushing through” the promo for me, it scanned just fine and even the cashier said they were aware of the great deal-DUH if Target didnt want that deal they would nipped it in the bud and pull the coupon (like many stores have done with errors)
    It amazes me how nasty people can get BEHIND the computer……

  46. Beth C.

    Great post! Well written! I love your blog and following it everyday (maybe a little too much at times) and appreciate all you do.

  47. Laura M

    Love you Collin. Your good deeds and hard work not only save me $$, but it also is my ‘fun’ time of the day…..getting to read your posts! There will ALWAYS be negative people in this world. I am so glad you took a stand against them and in a quite tasteful way, I might add. Keep doing what you do and with the same fun, love, and class that you have always used. πŸ™‚

  48. Jackie

    Hello Collin,

    May today be the start of a new and better day! Love your blog and videos! Just know that for the few nasty comments there are many many loyal readers! You have welcomed us into your home and life and I cherish the knowledge and your positive attitude! You have def. impacted my life in a positive way! Dont let anyone take your spirit away from you! They dont deserve to hurt or destroy the long road of success you have ahead of you!

    This song cheers me up when I feel down.

  49. Dianne

    The older I get the more I detest drama. It does hurt especially when you are doing all the good you can to help people ethically and morally. Everybody draws their own line somewhere based on what they believe, we are ultimately only accountable for ourselves. You are my go to blog, I love your humor, youth, happiness, excitement about…well…everything, but again, it does hurt and I hurt with you because I’ve been there. Just know that there are more of us who love you and wouldn’t walk in your shoes for anything but will follow your shoes in a heart beat. Have you pooped today? Made ya laugh didn’t I, that’s the goal, laughter does good like a medicine! Enjoy it…

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