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Have You Been BOO-ed!?

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Have you been BOO-ed or have you BOO-ed someone?! I was BOO-ed a couple years ago for the very first time and my kiddos had smiles from ear to ear when they discovered the abandoned Halloween basket on our front doorstep full of goodies and treats. We had even more fun putting together a basket to “BOO” one of our neighbors.

As you can see from the pictures above, my sidekick, Mary, was just BOO-ed for the very first time this past weekend and my sister, Bryn, was BOO-ed last year. So much fun! 😀

Have you been BOO-ed before? Or have you been the BOO-er?

** Interested in doing this in your own neighborhood?! Check out more info here!

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Comments 64

  1. Teresa

    never have been. whoever is in the business of giving free stuff away, let me know! I’ll give you my address

  2. Samantha

    Never heard of this, fun!

  3. Kelly

    We tried starting it last year by Booing two of our neighbors, but neither of them Booed anyone else. We are thinking of trying again this year but with different houses. I think it’s such a cute idea, hopefully it will catch on over here this year!

  4. Aryanna

    Nope, that does not happen here.

  5. Lindsey P

    Unrelated to the post… but your parents had exceptional taste in naming children; I have a Collin and a Brynn (mine has two “n’s” also. 🙂

  6. Cathy

    Iwish i lived somewhere people did this

    • LG

      Feel to start a tradition with a close friend. They will have fun trying to guess who booed them. It is always the giving that is the best and will help you to more fully enjoy the holiday. 🙂

  7. ashley

    I had just moved into my first house at age 19 and was so surprised when I came home from a 16 hr work day to find I’d been Booed 🙂 I had never heard of it before, now 9 years and two kids later and my boys get a kick out of booing others!

  8. Tablesaving

    We plan on buying a home next fall. Maybe we could start this in our “forever” neighborhood.

  9. Samantha G

    We just rec’d our first BOO bag. Are these safe? I am leery of letting my family eat the candy when we don’t know where it came from!

    • Rebecca

      Welllll how would we know if it’s safe? If you lived in my neighborhood I would say YES, but you probably don’t.

    • Lola

      I was thinking of that too. I don’t think I would feel comfortable unless I knew who did it. Anyone could drive up to our house and drop something off, even if they don’t live in our neighborhood (not that I know everyone in our neighborhood.)

    • Angie

      Why would someone waste the time to put buy the items, put them in an attractive bag, print out a card to hurt you? Only someone who knows you would do it.

      • Paulette

        I agree Angie! It’s no different than eating the candy you get on Halloween night.

      • Jenn

        There are sick people who would do that. Unfortunately.

  10. LG

    We have booed many neighbors in the past. It doesn’t matter if they don’t boo others (many share in the tradition, though). It is fun to ding dong ditch and try to see the looks on their faces when they receive it. When you get booed it is usually from someone you know that wants to share in the holiday for you. 🙂

  11. Becky

    This is such a fun idea! We were boo’ed once before we had kids and started the tradition with our kids.They love booing houses. This was the first year our boys got to experience being Boo’ed in return. Their excitement is priceless!

  12. nel

    We did it last year and my kids had so much fun running away, but they were bummed that we didn’t get “booed” back. Great if you have a young neighborhood! Would also be fun to do if you work in an office, kind of like a secret santa.

  13. Steph

    Our neighborhood does this every year. I usually stock up on some halloween goodies on clearance after Halloween for the following year’s Boo bag…like socks, tea towel, pencils, erasers, note pads, little toys, hair bows…the kids have so much fun with it.

  14. Steph

    Just an idea…you could always boo your own kids…fill a big bowl or bag and have hubby ring the bell and hide.

    • Krissy

      Cute idea Steph! I think I may go boo some neighbors :0)

  15. Dizzylizzy

    I used to live in a neighborhood that did this but they called it a “harvest blessing”. The neighbors were mostly retired elderly who were original owners of the house (built in 40s to 60s) gorgeous tree lined streets. They put fall candles, dried fruit, local jams, crackers, wine. Super fancy. It included a cute flier to out in your front window to let people know that you had been blessed.

  16. Brandi

    Just heard of booing this year at work. Though it was a little disappointing to get a paper cup with barely a hand fully of candy in it. I started to think it was a prank. If you get booed and do not want to boo someone else then pass on what you received.

    • Heidi

      Disagree. It specifically says you do not need to boo anyone in return. It isn’t supposed to be a burden if you do not want to participate. But I agree, who ever booed you should have put more thought into it, or they should have chosen not to participate.

      • Brandi

        However, at my work they specifically sent out an email that said if you did not want to participate then you should put the booed sign on your office door so you would not get booed. I agree it should not be a burden, that is why I suggested just passing on what you received.

  17. Chris

    Our neighborhood does this every year. We live in Florida where it is hot (even in October) and many of the neighbors leave chocolate candy in it, which just turns into a melted mess – don’t know what they are thinking!

  18. elisa_nj

    my daughter and son-in-law got one last week only they called it Spooked! Such a cute idea!

  19. Rebecca

    Our neighborhood does it every year! The hard part is finding someone who hasn’t been booed yet!

  20. shawna

    This sounds so awesome. I would love to have this happen I got three kids 2 boys and girl. My email is if u like to give me free stuff. I would give my address. This is awesome.

    • Hope

      I don’t think that’s the way it works….lol

      • Tilla Ham

        lol this cracked me up though, and PLEASE don’t give your address to strangers on the internet

        • Casey

          I, too, got a chuckle from the above comment;)

    • Angie


  21. Jessica

    In my neighborhood this has been going on for years, however I noticed that this year no one in our plan has been boo-ed. I do not know if maybe someone got sick form the candy last year and decided to stop before more people got sick or what. I personally never trusted eating candy that a perfect stranger would leave on your doorstep. In previous years I just took the candy that we were boo-ed with and recycled it to the next person. By the way if anyone is wondering the community and neighborhood that I live in is homes from $350,000 and up, so not a crummy place. I just would not trust eating something that I do not know where it came from.

    • Hope

      Such a debbie downer. Its candy…not a bomb. If you are leery about the candy all you have to do is inspect it before you eat it or not. As you should do anything, even if you buy it yourself at the grocery store, perfect strangers handle those things before you buy them too ya know.

      • Lacy

        I agree with you Hope! I am not bashing you Jessica, but this is unopened candy we are talking about! I really hate to see that people are getting so touchy about this when neighborhoods are trying to just have fun. Live a little and HAVE FUN!

      • Angie

        Agreed. No one would waste time booing you if they wanted to hurt you!

        • Summer

          Thanks for your comments, but I care very much about my children and will not allow them to eat anything that I do not know where it is coming from. If you don’t care will good for you. I am different than you.

    • Dizzylizzy

      So your kids don’t eat the candy from trick or treating?

    • Ande

      So, you do not trust the candy? But you are willing to recycle it on to the next person for them to consume? I guess you really care about your neighbors.

    • jenna

      I just have one thing to say about your comment on the pricing of the homes in your neighborhood. what does it matter? people are trying to be nice. If you dont want it give it away to another family who would obviously appreciate it.

    • hope

      I think this post exemplifies what is wrong with our society 🙁

  22. Melanie

    We got boo-ed this year for the first time – my kids loved it! It has gone all over our neighborhood over the past week. It’s hard to find a home that hasn’t been boo-ed at this point!

  23. Wishinitwas

    We just did it last year for the first time. We do it with friends not neighbors. That way it’s safe and we warn them we are coming so they give us a minute to get away! Kids love it!

  24. Susan

    We were booed for the first time last week. We live in a single street subdivision and know our neighbors and it went really well.

  25. smellyann

    We just did it for the first time, thanks to this post! Thanks! My kids were SO excited, they want to do it again right away, so we’re packing up another pumpkin basket. Fun times!!

  26. Susan

    Our neighborhood “boos” people every year, and it is great fun. This year, my next door neighbor did our house. I have a 5 year old and 10 month old. She had made personalized buckets for each of the kids and filled them with awesome treats….like a Carter’s Halloween bib for the baby and Halloween coloring book and cookie baking set for the older child. It’s a great tradition for the kids. Also, the “Great Pumpkin” always comes to see my kids when we are out trick-or-treating.

  27. Natalia

    Omgosh…never heard of it. Love this idea. Will start this year. Thanks

  28. misty

    We do this every year in our neighborhood. We do candy but also put funny stuff in there too, like paper clips, dog bones, and pennies.

  29. TF

    I have been Booing family for a few years now. I do not Boo anyone I do not know. Tis year I started something new with three of my adult girlfriends; ‘you’ve been Boo-zed’. Just returned from those deliveries and am anxious to hear about how they were received!

  30. Mark

    Not been boo-ed, But growing up, every Valentines day, my family and I used to put a small basket of flowers at the front door of a recent widow or widower, rang the door bell, then walked away, hoping no one knew it was us, but as time went on people knew it was us, then other families started doing the same, and pretty soon, every Valentines Day all the widows and widowers in the area received a basket of flowers.

  31. mc

    Our neighborhood has been doing this for over ten years. I think the kids enjoy it more than Trick or Treating! My son has so much fun putting the gift bags together for the younger kids on our block. He is now sixteen. He still remembers it all.

  32. AspieMom

    I never heard of Boo-ing until today from this post but my 12 year old son, who has aspergers syndrome ( high functioning autism ) ran right to the dollar store got 4 glow in the dark pumpkin buckets, candy and little ghost lanterns. He had sooo much fun! My 15 yr old daughter went along for the ride but was too cool to participate! We have only been in the neighborhood for 2 months so I thought it was a good idea to start a tradition I never knew existed!

  33. Melissa

    I was boo-ed last year and among the little gifts, there was a lottery ticket that was a $40 winner!!!

  34. Beth

    We do this in our subdivision ever year! We call it ghosting and we try to spread it to every house before Halloween night. It’s tons of fun!

  35. has free printable Boo poems. We start the Boo every year in our neighborhood. My kids love it! Because the kids get so much candy on Halloween, we usually put non-food items in our Boo bags. I think it promotes a sense of community in our neighborhood. My kids love to get Boo’d and they smile when we are out trick-or-treating and they spot a Boo sign on a neighbor’s door.🎃

  36. amanda

    I read an article last year, about giving a bottle of wine to your neighbor/friend, and leaving a note
    “You’ve been BOO-zed!!” I thought this was so cute, havent had the chance to do it yet, but I am hoping to this year!!!

  37. Tiffani

    I was Booed for the first time this year. The children were so excited. We Booed 2 neighbors and I do not know if they passed it on or not, hope so.
    I plan to “Elf” someone at Christmas.

  38. Meagan

    We were boo’ed (aka ghosted in our neighborhood) this past weekend. My neices were in town visiting and they had a blast creating bags and boo’ing two other neighbors in return. I sent them both home with extra bags to start the trend in their own neighborhood. Its fun to see how many ghosts are posted on doors throughout the neighborhood.

  39. Linda

    I did this a few years back. I enclosed a little ghost with candle, towels, pencils, toys, and coloring books for the kids in the family. You do not have to give candy. My family and friends love it.

  40. Bologna

    My boys and I boo’ed my neighbors & it was really fun. They are still unsure if it was us 😉 I gave a B&BW hand soap and some glow stick monster fingers I found at Target! I got boo’ed back with a cute Wooden Halloween sign & a glowstick necklace.

  41. Lucy

    I participated this year through the local MOMS Club I belong to. I agree it’d be hard to accept edible items if you’d never find out who they’re from. Trick-or-treat candy I think is a bit different because it’s limited to the homes you go to in your neighborhood.

  42. Jessica

    What a cute idea! Love this!

  43. Meghan F.

    Just did this in my neighborhood to get into the Halloween spirit. I throughly enjoyed it! I hope it brought a smile to their face as it did mine when doing it. 🙂

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