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Meijer mPerks: $5/1 Nerf Toy Coupon = FREE Nerf Jolt Blaster & More

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Calling all you Meijer shoppers! Meijer is offering up a $5 Off 1 Nerf Toy coupon to mPerks users (no special size restrictions!). Plus, this coupon can be used multiple times in one transaction (note that this coupon can only be used once). Just head over here, sign in/register for an account and clip your coupon; this coupon is redeemable through November 14th. Head over to the Meijer Facebook page for more details.

As an idea, you could use this coupon to snag a FREE Nerf N-Strike Jolt Blaster which is on sale for just $4.49. There should also be several other Nerf toy items priced under $5 in-store so completely free after the coupon. Awesome!

(Thanks, Freebies for a Cause!)

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  1. Melgie

    Thanks a lot!:)

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are welcome! I am so wishing we had a Meijer here in Boise!

      • Melgie

        I’m totally with Donna, this is the only site I checked like every 5 minutes,,. Its On my screen all day long..Thanks a lot, Collin:)

  2. Donna

    So, this is off topic, but I just want to say “thank you” Collin for everything you do! This is the BEST website and the only one I ever check (and when I say check I mean like every 15 minutes :)) Your videos make me laugh and who doesn’t need a laugh these days?! Anyway, I’m feeling the Christmas mood and want to say thank you for all the great deals you bring us everyday.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are so sweet, Donna! Thanks for all the kind words. 😀

    • Audrey

      I agree 500%!

      • SK

        wanted to tag along and say thank you and I agree 1000% 🙂

  3. Happymama

    How many times can we use this coupon? Thanks!

    • Christine

      You can load the coupon once to an account. Can only use once. BUT if you have multiple accounts/cell phone #’s than you can add it to those too.

  4. Joy

    Thanks, Collin!
    Is it good on ammo also?

    • Karen

      It works on the Nerf ammo…..any Nerf product. Even if less than $5…no overage.

  5. Allison

    It worked! Thanks a ton!

  6. Kathryn

    I wish I would have known it was able to be used multiple times in one transaction. I wish they would have let us know that 🙁

    • Karen

      Can only be used once. Says in the limitations when you click on the coupon…..may have been different earlier, but that wouldn’t make any sense. One person, with one coupon could clear shelves.

  7. Jaime

    I got tons of stuff. Little basketball sets, tiny footballs, small footballs guns and bullets all free!!! These will be perfect for toys for tots! It said I saved almost $500! Better clip this coupon soon before they take it off. Only negative was it would not work on the new nerf rebel stuff :(. Oh well I got lots of free toys for needy kids!

    • Karen

      With all due respect Jaime, I don’t think what you did was reasonable. I think it goes without saying that you would disagree……but really…..are you saying you did this 100 times?! Please correct me if I am wrong ?!

      • maria


        • SK

          this is what drives me CRAZY!! and then we complaint when stores get stricter with coupons policies!!!! seeesh people, grow-up!! And PLEASE do not use the of donating to needy kids…. trust me there are many of us reading this post who would LOVE TO do the same, but that is no excuse to clear the shelves, specially since there are many out there who are reading this to make ends meet and get toys for their own kids or family… ok i am done, dont want to end the day on a bad note. love you Collin for everything you do and all your fantastic readers for their valuable input and insider scoop on deals.

  8. patti

    that’s odd, usually an Mperk coupon can only be used 1 time per item in a transaction . I’m so curious about the multiple used in one transaction!

    • Ashley R

      it does say off each not just one. I saw it work multiple times on a baby formula coupon a few weeks ago

  9. Heather M.

    The one on my account says “Limit one use per coupon” under terms and conditions. Is this new on this Mperk?

    • sara

      It states one use per coupon meaning you can only use it for one transaction and it will be removed from your account, but it is for $5.00 off EACH Nerf product purchased and it does not state a limit on the number of products that can be purchased.

      • Karen

        Oh good grief. Do you **really** think that is what Meijer intends? Really? So you can go in, with one coupon on your account and buy an infinite number of nerf items at $5 off? So, theoretically, buying 100 items of $5 or less and getting them all free? If you owned a store, would you do this?

      • Dina

        I went to meijer tonight and tried to purchase about 20 of them. They all rang up for free but as I tried to walk out of the store the cashier told me I would have to speak to a manager. I was not allowed to take all of them but he gave me 3. I totally get how leaving the store with that many free is crazy but if the coupon takes off the price I don’t see why I am to blame! It’s not my fault there was a glitch in the system but I just let him have his way 🙁 so it did not work as nicely for me as it did for other people but that’s ok I still got a few free

        • Karen

          Dina I understand what you are saying and respect your opinion. I have seen this argument before……but have to disagree. It was a glitch, that was exploited. To me, it is akin to stealing. I know that sounds extreme to some…..but you **know** that was not the intent of coupon. I am glad for you that you got a few items…..I feel you were treated more than fairly.

          • Dina

            Thanks coupon police.. but I am just replying in regards to the original post on the blog stating that it can be used multiple times in one transaction!

            • Karen


        • valerie

          Dina, I think I talked to you at Meijer. Were you at the Hall rd location? If it was you thanks for the heads up about the cashier. It was much appreciated. 🙂

          • Dina

            I did talk to you! How did you do?

  10. guest

    not available anymore bummer

  11. Kira

    Thank you so very much! I am THRILLED to fill my boys stockings for Christmas with Nerf goodies!

  12. Jennifer

    It was still there for me.

  13. Jaime

    I should specify I did not only get free items I bought items that were also on sale which is why I saved so much money. I by no means used it 100x. I made sure to leave lots so that other couponers could use it too. I shop at meijer at least 3 times a week spending hundreds of dollars there weekly so don’t feel bad if I occasionally get a great deal! A month ago I got $150 worth of baby toys for $9. The trick is to check mperks daily as the good deals are only on a day or two and then pair it with a sale or wait for a price drop!

    • Karen

      Jaime…..thank you for clarifying. Apologies for my misundestanding ~

    • adam

      I’ve never seen coupons only up for a day or 2 on mPerks. Can you provide some more specific examples, as I’ve never seen any short-lived coupons for mPerks, with the exception when they had several weekly Facebook promotions.

      Thanks for posting Collin. Used on a few footballs for friend’s young ones this holiday season. Will pair nicely with the free Lindt I’ll give to the parents!

      • Ashley R

        I’ve seen that happen actually where the coupon is there one day then gone the next

      • Angela

        An example of this happening Adam: about 2 months ago mperks had really high value coupons. $45.00 off fisher price ball-o-palooza ( regularly $80). They marked it clearance before the mperks were released. Down to $48.00… So it came out to under $4.00! They had this mperk available for 24 hours before they pulled it 🙂

  14. guest

    i went there just now and it didnt took off nothing how long do i have to wait to make the purchase cus it didnt do nothing after i clipped the coupon

  15. Caitlin

    Awesommmme!!! I’m in Kentucky visiting my in laws and am gonna run in Meijer and snag this deal! Yay!

    • Caitlin

      Went tonight and shelves were cleared of freebies at the closest Meijer. Used my account and got two of the $5.99 guns for each of my kids. Coupon took $5 off each. I didn’t want to get any more so some others could get the deal. My MIL is going to check at another location tomorrow. The guns I got were regularly $6.99 and on sale for $5.99, coupon made them .99.

  16. Elizabeth

    Just sent the hubby out to Meijer to try this deal and it HAS been fixed in Indiana. He was going to purchase 3 but it only took $5 off ONE item. Darn 🙂 We still got a pack of darts, thanks for the deal Collin!

  17. Vishnu

    Hi Elizabeth, I am in Indiana too. Southport was cleared off shelves. I wish I could get at least one. Will try back tomorrow:(

    • allie

      I live right by the Southport Meijer, small world!!!

  18. Ashley R

    I knew I meant to check something after work today… i’ll just have to wait til tomorrow

  19. Carmel

    (IL) i went tonight and was able to use $5 off one item that was $5.99. Still a great deal!

  20. Rory

    I can’t believe anyone even began to raise a fuss about Jamie ‘clearing the shelves’ for needy children! Are you serious?! Buy your kids something else. I don’t care if she did clear the shelves for real. Good for her and I missed out. My kids don’t need a free nerf gun if some poor child gets toys for Christmas. C’mon people!

    • Renee

      Hope those “needy children” aren’t a yard sale or ebay……..

  21. Rachel L

    I went last night to use my coupon. Signed in to MPerks today and the coupon is available yet again to be clipped. If your shelves are not cleared and if you have already gone once, from the looks of it, you can clip the coupon and go again.

  22. Marissa

    Coupon doesnt show up for me 🙁 Is it gone?

  23. Holly

    Definitely a glitch in the system. I went this morning and purchased a nerf gun and bullets on my mom’s card and the same on mine since 2 different coupons loaded on each of our cards. When I did my moms it only gave me $5 off 1. So I called the cashier over and showed her the coupons. She just gave me a $5 coupon adjustment for the 2nd. Neither item was free. On mine it gave me both coupons. Both coupons are gone from our acct. even though on my mom’s I only used 1 of the coupons. The cheaper things were pretty much gone but you can still get a good deal. I got a gun and bullets and refill bullets for $4 and saved $13.50!

  24. Christine

    Went to a store in Michigan, clipped the coupon this morning. The mperks only worked on ONE item, so I got the $5.99 small one for .99. I had them remove the other 2 items I scanned (which one was another 5.99 shooter and one was a refill pack), since the $5 wasn’t coming off those. I think this $5 on each item was a glitch, I have never seen an mPerks do it on multiple items unless it was a 5% off your groceries mPerks coupon.

    • Kim Kelly

      Take a look at the imagineex items the coupon says the same thing! 4 off each item!

  25. Mitch

    I think the coupon was a glitch in the system…but I was able to clip the coupon when it was $5.00 off of EACH, before it got changed to $5.00 off of 1.
    I went to my local Meijer and grabbed about 6 items off the shelves, went to a self checkout, entered my Mperks, and scanned them all, and my total was $0.00. I had my wife stay at the register and I went back and wiped the shelves of all Nerf products under $5.00. Surprisingly, they all scanned in for free and I walked out with $230.00 of Nerf product for $0.00. Thanks Collin! These will definitely go to good use! I now understand the adrenaline rush with couponing!

    • Elizabeth

      Hopefully those all end up in a Toys 4 Tots bin. Otherwise, your greed knows no bounds and you should be ashamed of your behavior.

      • Mitch

        And why is that?

        • Karen

          If you don’t know, a comment on a blog isn’t going to help you understand……

          • Mitch

            I love the ignorant judgment. Maybe I am giving them to children that I know that would love them? Maybe I am giving some to my 3 younger siblings who are struggling back home with my dad who just moved out and my mom who was just diagnosed with breast cancer? Maybe giving them to children that I know so I can show my love for them individually than some random kind getting it from Toys 4 Tots? There is more in this world than giving random toys to random kids. Showing a kid that you love them and care about them can and probably will change their lives. Maybe I am giving away a few to some guys I know in college so they can have a night of fun and a stress reliever from classes? Please don’t judge with such ignorance. You don’t know what I am going to do with them.

            • Karen

              Nope, none of us knows…..but don’t be shocked when you come on here and brag about how you “wiped the shelves” that you got a negative response. It is just as likely that you are a troll, didn’t even shop at Meijer and just enjoy trying to get people’s underwear in a wad by your posts. Who knows? Who cares? I have gone to enough flea markets, swap meets and garage sales to see what happens to a lot of the stuff people purport to be doing “good things” with……..

            • Mitch

              I didn’t come here to brag, I came to thank Collin and to say that the coupon was possible to use several times because people had questions. I am a faithful Meijer shopper. I don’t care to make money off of these and the waste of time it would be for me to try and sell them. I have no desire to make people upset, I was just sharing my experience. I’m sorry that you got your underwear in a wad because I am supposedly a “troll”.

            • Elizabeth

              It doesn’t realy matter what you do with them, Mitch. What matters it that you greedily and happily cleared the shelves, leaving no one else an opportunity to get one or two. Hopefully no children were with you; what a poor example you would have set for them. Justify all you want, but in the end, there isn’t any justification.

  26. Shayla

    I went today and coupon is still active. Got my son and nephews all a football for their Easter baskets (yes, you heard me right…Christmas is already done!). I only did the deal once per acct – mine, the hubs, and in-laws each have one. Thanks Meijer for the nice perk, and hope everyone that could got to take advantage of it!

    • Shayla

      BTW, Meijer knows what they are doing because of course since I did more shopping then I had planned just because I was there to get the Nerf. haha, gotta love retailers and their tactics =)

  27. Michelle

    Had to pay 5.00 because some greedy people cleared the shelves. I’m donating mine to toys for tots. Still not a bad deal

  28. Aimee

    Ah the judgmental harpies on this site! Once again, as with the Target jewelry, watch deal, you people have no factual basis to claim it is a glitch. Also, it’s truly none of your business what people do with the merchandise they get from couponing. I went to a Meijer last night and the shelves were cleared. I talked to a cashier who said a guy had come in with a huge Toys for Tots bag and purchased a cart load. I then went to another Meijer, where I was able to use the coupon multiple times and a friend who lives in a different town called to say she was only able to use hers once. I purchased things for her as well as her mom who is on a fixed income and was worried about how she could get her grandkids anything for Christmas this year. The bottom line is you win some you lose some. Leave your judgment at the door. If you feel it’s a glitch, keep your self at home but don’t preach at others. You have no clue what their story might be.

    • Mitch

      Thank you Aimee. 🙂

  29. Sara

    Well said Aimee! And Mitch glad you were able to get some to make kids you know happy!

  30. Kim Kelly

    I went this morning and got 6 guns and 6 nerf dart packs! All under 5$ items, I paid 2.10 cents! 4 are gifts 2 are donation! I could have gotton More for other people I know struggling, but I didnt ill be sharing the ones I got basically free! By mid afternoon my daughter went to Westland mi store the deal was fixed! Now take a look at the imaginex coupon says the same thing 4$ off each and coupon is one time use!

  31. KouponKitty

    I have often found myself wondering where to morally draw the line between right and wrong with a lot of coupon deals. Discovering Hip2Save and all these wonderful deals this year has been amazing. But, I often find myself struggling, wanting to stock up as much as I am able on the things that I use while not wanting to be greedy or immoral.
    For my family, we could have bought six nerf guns for our nephews.
    But, where do you draw the line on what is greedy, or wrong? If the coupon does not state a limit, is it wrong to use on more than one item? How are you supposed to know (if not specified) what the limit should be?One, two, three, four….? On what basis can we judge whether someone is wrong for having taken a little more than their fair share or for clearing the entire shelf?
    Sometimes these deals are a glitch and sometimes they are not. Usually the answer is posted on facebook or can be obtained by calling customer service.
    On several occasions, I have rushed out the store to get a particular deal and the shelves were empty. I find myself frustrated that I took time out of my day to hurry and get a certain deal for nothing. And, I am also disappointed that I did not get what I was excitedly anticipating.
    Then for a brief moment, I feel jealous. Yep, that’s right. Envy. I suddenly wish I was that first person who cleared all the shelves and got to keep everything for themselves. That person is known to as my “coupon enemy,” the other serious couponer that always seems to beat me to the deals, my nemesis created by my joking husband one day while shopping when he spotted another woman that also carried a coupon binder too.
    Who does she think she is?? How could she clear the shelves? And, then brag about it and post pictures of her truck bed on Instagram with the 100 bottles of All? Or, brag about the $500 of Nerf products that he/she attained?
    I only wanted a few. And, he/she did not even leave ONE!
    Then I feel vindictive and vengeful. There was supposedly one lady that made it to the early opening hours of Family Dollar and bought out most of the All detergent when there was a great sale earlier this month. For a brief moment, I hoped that I, or someone else, could be the first one to all the stores in the area next time there was a great deal and buy out all the product. What would she do then? How would she feel if SHE could not get the product? How would SHE feel after she spent the time getting up early in the morning, clipping the coupons and rushing to the store only to find the shelves empty?
    Then, I come to terms of acceptance. She was the first one there. She deserves it. I get a lot of deals. And, I cannot always expect to get the deal every time. I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful for everything I do have and the many deals that I do get.
    When I come to Hip2Save, I often look at the comments to see if the deals are legitimate and working for other people.
    I have noticed lot of people posting comments about their experiences of taking advantage of a deal, followed by an onslaught of disparaging replies by other disgruntled readers, followed by further replies from the alleged shelf clearer and those justifying that person to why said person cleared the shelves.
    Does it really matter WHY a person bought one item, or one hundred items of a specified deal? Does it really matter if the products purchased were for the person’s poor family, charity or to sell on Ebay?? If there is a limit, then there is a limit. If there is not, then there is not.
    My dad used to say to me that “two wrongs don’t make a right.” It does not make it right to steal by using coupons fraudulently no matter how poor you are, or even if you are donating to charity. We are not entitled to give what is not ours. I really could go on forever on this topic…but, I won’t.

    In the end, I do not blame the consumer. Over this past year, my first year of couponing, I have found that most of the problems are due to corporate error and oversight. When these large companies offer deals, they need to really check and be responsible that the wording on the coupons and offers are correct. I cannot count on my fingers the number of times this past year that there have been significant ad errors.
    The consumers should not have to interpret whether a deal is legitimate and what is moral in regards to entitlement. The consumer should only be responsible to redeem coupons and deals according to the fine print and limits.
    Also, in my limited experience (for what it is) , many stores don’t really train their employees or managers very well on coupons. I have had lot of cashiers have expressed nervousness, stress and fear of losing their jobs over misinterpreting/ mishandling coupons. I could list countless times where even managers had no idea how to interpret a coupon or even knew their own corporate policy of coupon acceptance (albeit whether or not they would chose to adhere to it.) It seems to me that a coupons 101 course should be a vital part of employee training with all the deals available. Retailers are heavily pushing consumers to go out and shop with savings such as Cartwheel, mobile coupons, printable and internet coupons, stacking, etc.. So, you would think that training their employees would be a top priority. It only takes a few coupons from each shopper that are incorrectly applied to where the store is losing a lot of money or cheating a customer, or holding up their lines with frustrated customers while a cashier figures everything out.
    Instead, the couponer is often vilified, when it is nothing more than poor corporate policy and lack of employee training.
    I still love coupons, deals and Hip2Save. This is just my two cents….=)

  32. KouponKitty

    Also, thank you Collin! Your website is awesome!

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