ToysRUs and BabiesRUs: Deep Discounts on Furniture, Baby Cribs, and Much More (In Store & Online)

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I’ve received lots of emails lately from readers who’ve scored some amazing furniture deals at ToysRUs or BabiesRUs – in store and online! Keep in mind that many items may be out of stock online and only available for shipping to select locations (and popular items are selling out or changing in price quickly!). Also, you may want to call your local store before heading over there to verify products are in stock.

Here are a few deals available…

UPDATE – You may also be able to score great deals on convertible cribs (starting at $20?!) or this europa baby Palisades Combo Dresser – Dark Walnut for only $40 (reg. $399.99!)! – Thanks, Krista!

Smart Baby by LittleMissMatched Confetti Desk – White $50 (regularly $499.99!)

Delta Dakota Crib/ Changer – Cider $30 (regularly $299.99!)

Corvette Toddler-to-Twin Bed with Lights in Pink $199.98 (regularly $299.99!)

Canwood Base Camp Twin Bed – Natural $42.98 (regularly $169.99!)


Also, check out this email from reader Elle –

Yesterday my husband and I went to Babies R Us to check out cribs and carseats (we weren’t really planning on buying them immediately). But when we went there, a sales person mentioned a very good sale on cribs. A particular model of crib was being discontinued and being sold for just $50! We immediately bought the cribs (we are expecting twins and so needed 2!). We haven’t set up the cribs yet, but it looks like they are very good quality and originally priced at $329. It looks like other colors of the Baby cache essentials collection (and here) are also on sale.[/h2s_box]

*Feel free to leave a comment with the ToysRUs or BabiesRUs deals you’ve scored!

(Thanks, Carrie, Elle, Heather, Britt, Kerry, Tam, & all you readers who’ve emailed or left comments!)

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Comments 153

  1. Jennifer

    Congrats to those that have been successful. I am finding that the Disney Princess Combo Dresser has some availability if anyone is interested.

    • aim

      no store availability charges $49.99 for shipment…thankx anyway

  2. meggo

    wow….this was hard! The only crib I could get was the little mismatch crib for $43.00! I’ll take it! It’s being shipped to my local store.

    • A

      Which crib is it? The mismatched one I found was still $429.00. Thanks!

      • Ali

        I hope you get it. They just canceled my order that I placed a couple of hours ago.

  3. Kerry

    my order for the desk was just canceled! ;(

    • Ali

      Mine too. ๐Ÿ™ Boo!

      • angelahoang12

        price went back up too

  4. Callie

    If any of these cribs are located in store by any of you, there are a few models for only $18-$20 and you can pick them up in store at the online price! Of course no store within 50 miles of me carries them ๐Ÿ™

  5. angelahoang12

    the desk says regular price now?

  6. tilla ham

    probably my favorite deal ever. I am one of the moms out there that puts her kids before all else. I have never had a manicure, I don’t get hair cuts, I run out of my make up all the time, I don’t get new clothes until mine are in rags, I only buy one pair of shoes a year. I skip medications, drs appointments and all of that to do it for the kids. My kids have everything, and that’s the way I think it should be. I don’t have a dresser, I use a laundry basket, it’s a pain in the rear. I got a dresser for 108 shipped to store, normally 600 and it doesn’t look baby ish and i’m thrilled…it’s already in route to store

    • Veronica

      Tilla, no harm in taking care of yourself! A happy mom = happy kids, use some of that money you saved and look for a deal for you ๐Ÿ™‚

      • tilla ham

        the dresser was for me yeah!!! they all have fantastically beautiful furniture lol I have my grandmas old bed frame and a laundry basket:) but as I said, I don’ t mind, was planning to finally get a dresser with the tax return as our other bills are paid off, but got lucky today instead!

  7. Courtney

    nothing available within 50 miles. boo.

  8. Leslie

    I just got a twin headboard – Solutions by Kids R Us (Delta) in Cherry for my son = $21.98 (plus tax) shipped to my store. Regular price $129.99. Thanks for posting this!!

  9. kristin

    Everything I click on says it’s not available at my one store. I’m just going to go in later to see if I can find any deals

    • babyrn

      Me too! Sometimes you can’t trust the website info. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Go in TO THE STORE…it said things were not there online but when I got there they still had alot of the furniture. Mickey Mouse night stand ($100) and $140 bean bag chairs I got for $15 each (online said $25)

  11. Brittany

    Totally off subject, but did anyone receive a children’s place 50% off code via email? I only got the 20%.

  12. Noha A

    Thanks so much for posting this dea Colin!! I got the $30 Delta Dakota Crib/Changer combo shipped to me for free from a store that had it in stock!!!! Plus a 2 year warranty for only $12!!! Best Deal Ever!!!!

    • A.R

      free shipping to home? could you please tell us how? thx..

    • leena

      How did you manage that?!! ive been trying and calling around day.

      • Noha A

        I called a few stores that had it in stock. All in NY/NJ. The Staten Island store had it, as well as the West Windsor (NJ) store. They said since they had it in stock they would ship it to me for free. They took my payment info over the phone & told me I should have it by next week.

        • A.R

          was it the staten island store or the west windsor store which offered to ship it to you?.. thanks in advance..

  13. Merima Avdagic

    If u got stuff at the store was it marked dowm?? Or did u have to price check???

  14. jen c

    Went into the store and got a Sophia the First toddler bed marked down to 15.98 with 20% off and a Dora upholstered rocking chair for 12.98. Total was $27.31!!!!! I am going to have one happy princess on Christmas!

  15. laura

    I can’t believe it, but I actually scored on this deal! Shortly after I saw the post, I had to pick up my daughter at preschool, so we stopped at the store in town (despite the bitter cold!) just to check. I wasn’t surprised when the staff all looked at me like they had no idea what I was talking about, but then, after a few minutes, someone found me and said that after looking again, they saw that they had the Solutions convertible sleigh crib for lonely $20 – regularly $200 – in the back of the store and they would go get it for me. Then, after looking a little more, she also had the Babi Italia Mayfair convertible crib – regularly $499 – for $75. I took both! I’m due in February, and I’m thinking I will donate the other one to a crisis pregnancy center. I’m so happy the deals worked out in store, because I wasn’t having any luck online either, despite living near Chicago.

    • Happymama

      Bravo! I love to see that generosity! Laura, you are my hero today ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Merima Avdagic

    I think they changed the prices online!!

  17. noor

    none is available now..trying since 2 boo booo

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much for the link! I was able to get two of these as well : )

    • Stephanie A

      Great deal! Got 2 myself. Thanks!

  18. Sarah

    It’s not a pricing glitch, I went to the store and the manager told me that this is the first time BRU is doing this in the 10 years she’s worked there. There were dressers for $24, cribs for $47, nightstand for $15. The stroller/car seat set that was $17 had been sold out for a while though. Good luck! They also had stuff that wasn’t online like a play yard with bassinet for $36!

    • Kelly

      Bummer-my local store told me it WAS a glitch and gave me an attitude about it : /

      • amy

        all the orders are being canceled so unless you went in store you had luck most store are saying its a glitch I think there is some big miscommunication somewhere

      • Sarah

        Strange! Maybe it is a miscommunication, but we were told it’s stuff that hasn’t sold so they’re just trying to clear shelves. The stuff we saw was laid out on the sales floor.

        • Amanda

          My local store claimed it was a glitch too. Extremely rude and then tried to sell me a floor model nightstand, with a HUGE dent in the side for $174.99. I am happy to hear some of you were successful but I have to say I am super jealous about this one!

  19. Stephanie A

    Went to the store hoping to get a Moby wrap for $4. They were full price but I scored a Phil & Teds Escape baby carrier for $38 on clearance. It’s selling on Amazon for $229! Also got their Pepe carrier for $8 which is $90 on Amazon. So happy!

  20. Sydney

    I called a store in Phoenix, Arizona to inquire about what items they had on the super clearance. I was told they sold out of the cribs but the associate told me they had some great deals on bean bag chairs for $5.98. They also had an Elmo flip sofa for $5.98. I asked if he could hold the items so I could make the drive later tonight. When I did, the flip sofa rang up at full price and the bean bags (shaped like cupcakes) were on clearance but over $17.00. The manager said he could give me the beanbags for the quoted price, but not the flip sofa since it was full price. It took me awhile to explain that I would not have made the drive to buy a full price flip sofa. First, he offered to give it to me for 1/2 off because that was the Black Friday promotion from a couple weeks ago. I explained I also would not have driven all the way across town and called ahead of time for 50% off. He ended up manually reducing the price to $34.00 from $49.99. He then reduced that to $15.99 and took an additional 20% off. I will never be shopping there (Babies R Us) like that again. I appreciated the effort he made, but not the 15 minutes it took for me to get it. He verified the employee as he remembered seeing him pull the items up front to be held. The employee on the phone was SO excited to tell me the price too and no one could explain why he would have been so wrong about ALL of the items. I told the cashier that I couldn’t think of anything I should have done differently. I knew the online prices were rapidly fluctuating, I didn’t rely on the online inventory, I called ahead of time, verified the price and had the items held. What more was I supposed to do to make sure this didn’t happen?? All in all, I got the flip sofa for more than I expected to spend but less than I was prepared to. They were selling online for $15.98 through out the day so I still consider it a win. Given all of that, I couldn’t wait to give it to my daughter for Christmas. It caused too much trouble- so it was an early gift to her tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

    • suja

      Do u mind sharing which store in Phoenix?

  21. Teaira

    Thank you so much Collin. I had the corvette bed in my cart this morning but I couldn’t decide. My best friend went to TRU in MD. The bed was $129. So I said okay let me go to see what it is here. I scored the corvette toddler/twin bed for $77.98 plus I got a $10 gift card for purchasing over $75. My store had cribs for $13 the associate said. He purchase two yesterday. I don’t need cribs. The Sofia toddler bed was $12.74
    at my store. I didn’t even think about checking the little chairs and stuff.

    • amy

      Was it the red corvette? And where in md. I’m in md as well and looking to get my son the red corvette bed.

  22. Amaham11

    Can someone post the link for the Sofia bed being 12.74? I really want to get that for my little girl for Christmas!!

  23. Txwife

    Thank you SO much Collin! While I wasn’t able to find any availability online, as a couple people suggested (thank you!) we went into the store last night. A very sweet associate spent an hour looking for a crib for us. She found one Baby Cache crib for $50! My husband and I were so happy, especially since we just found out that baby #2 is on the way. ;). We thanked God our entire way home! A big kudos to the amazing employee who went out of her way to help us! Thank you again for posting this deal!

  24. Kerry

    Does anyone think it is worth a drive to the store today to see if they have anything left?! I am so bummed I missed out on this one.

    • mommytryingtosave

      I was wondering the same thing =/

    • Stephanie

      I would go if it’s not too far from your house. Or call the store first. When I went to mine yesterday at 3pm nobody was even looking at the clearance furniture. They had a lot of dressers on sale still.

      • Kerry

        I went. My Babies R Us store did not have anything today or even before today! They said they got hammered with phone calls yesterday from people. The nice girl did help me locate the desk and they are going to ship it to the store that is near me to pick up. Super excited that I might be getting that at least! Saying “might” because I will not believe it until i have it in my car! I wish I could have gotten a dresser! I will be happy with the one item. I saw on another board about a person that bought 12 cribs and lots dressers…..I will leave that without any further comments. I did not see see any corvette beds in the store i was in today, pink or red. We did buy the red corvette bed yesterday and got it for 259.99 at Toys R Us. They price matched the online price of BJs. I did not think they would since that was not on their list to match. But there was no issue doing so!

      • A.R

        Stephanie, may I know the location (city, state) of the store you are talking about.. I am due in 4months and I’m really in need of baby furniture..I could not find any online.. thx in advance..

  25. Kumar

    Thanks Collin, I got one Delta Dakota crib/changer this morning in CA, for $30 actual price is 299.99. My friend also got one Delta venetian 4 in 1 crib for $47 actual price is 249.99. Hip2save is a great best deals website with real experiences from real people, i been checking your website everyday since last 3+ years. Hip2save saving my money, thanks again.

    • mommytryingtosave

      Kumar. Did they have it on the floor or in the back. Also did it ring up for that price or did you have to show them online price, Which isnt there anymore??

      • Kumar

        No they don’t have it on the floor, and these are in the back in storage and no display of these items and need to buy as is. These are ringing for lower prices only and also there is a price sticker with the low price on the boxes where we bought. This is in orange county, ca. It looks they have removed the items from online web site now.

  26. JJ

    I just got home from Toys R Us. I was able to score an ottoman for $12 (regularly $119). I actually bought 2 of them because they were really nice. There were some other boxes on the floor with clearance tags on them.

  27. Jaydensmomrocks

    Thanks Colin! After reading your post yesterday I went to Babies R Us and got the Baby Italia Crib (regularly $550 for $75.98) and they sold me the matching floor sample chest for $85. My son’s room furnished with gorgeous furniture for an amazing price!

  28. Susan

    My deals went through! My $40 dresser (reg $399.99) and 2 $20 ottomans (reg $199.99) are waiting at the store to be picked up. Just got email confirmation with store pick up info!!! YAY!

  29. katie

    Thank you so much for posting this Collin! I went last week and they didn’t have either crib I was looking for, but a super helpful employee had bought 2 for her sister to choose from. She called me yesterday and had returned the one I wanted. So I got a $500 Baby Cache crib for $50. I still can’t believe it! Thanks for all you do to help people save. I love your blog! It’s the only one I check daily.

  30. elise

    I’m soooooo bummed! My desk came in, went to pick it up, and it had a huge hole in the side of it! Of course they couldn’t reorder it since it was sold out. ๐Ÿ™ it was preassembled too.

    • stacy

      was the desk regular size maybe for an adult? I was thinking about looking for one and using it for a sewing machine and painting the center squares white. I wonder if its shorter than standard height.

  31. stacy

    did anyone notice whether they put the nightstands on sale? I bough a dresser and matching chest but needed the nightstand but now they are not on the website. I would pay regular price since I got a good deal on the others

  32. Rebe

    I went to my local Toys R Us store (Springfield, MA) and they still had items in their boxes! I got a dresser, they had 2 different kinds, for $99. I saw a couple online for $49 but the shipping was another $50 and they sold out before I had a chance to decide, so I am happy. Thank you Collin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Barb

    I picked up my $95 dresser yesterday – it is as so nice I can’t believe I got a $600 dresser for $95! The drawers just glide – its such excellent quality! I also picked up 2 storage units Tammi above posted – also good quality and super super cute, they just made my sons room. Thank you Collin for posting amazing deals.

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