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Hipsters to the Rescue: What are Your “HIP” Baby Shower Gift Ideas?!

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Check out this email I recently received from Hip2Save reader Natasha –

[h2s_box]My cousin (who has honestly felt more like a sibling) is expecting her first born in all of ten weeks and I just don’t know what to get her. I’m 25 and have no experience buying for friends or family as far as babies go. Shocking, but this is the first baby in our family since we were all born over twenty years ago.

I know she’s going to have tons of diapers, carries, seats, toys, bottles, pumps, wipe warmers, diaper genies, pacifiers, teethers, the list of everything moms need/get goes on and on. Hoping you and your readers can help me out with some ideas of what to get her. She’s 22 so she’s a new mom and new at it. What are some neat things she may need but just doesn’t know she’s going to need yet? Or what are some items she’s going to want, but just doesn’t know she’s going to want?

Let’s talk budget friendly for me so I can make sure to make her a nice gift filled with nifty little items. ๐Ÿ™‚ The shower is just three weeks away so I am ever the procrastinator![/h2s_box]

Now it’s your turn. Please share your tips for creating a baby shower gift that is cute, practical, AND affordable! Also, feel free to share any other baby-related tips you might have!

And, if you’re expecting a little one soon or know of someone who is, you may also be interested in checking out the following post and reading through all of the helpful comments that were left โ€“ What are YOUR Price Points for Baby Items? Plus, don’t forget about the Baby Freebies & Deals Round-Up I posted last month!

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  1. Laura

    Buy from her registry. Seriously. I have a 1 year old and barely got any necessities…basically just clothes at my shower. I had a registry, but most people didn’t use it.

    • Me

      Yeah. It isn’t bad to give a gift that is not on the registry, but moms often do put a lot of thought and research into the items they put on their registry and so if you really want to give her what she perceives would be useful, it might be good to buy off the registry or buy the same item elsewhere for a better price and let her know to take it off the registry, especially if money is tight for the couple expecting.

      I had a registry and although I am very grateful for the gifts people gave us, people did not have to give us anything, on a practical note it would have been nice to have received the items on my registry. My husband lost his job right when we found out we were expecting, so money was tight. We ended up returning several of the items to buy the items we had on our registry. We sold some on ebay. We were buying our stroller/car seat/crib already so it definitely would have helped us to not have to buy the smaller stuff. I know it is our responsibility to get the items we need, but if someone would have asked me straightforward what would have been the best to help us, I would have said the registry. We ended up with a lot of cute tiny clothing that was outgrown quickly, frames that we never used, several baby books and piggy banks.. several clay things to make hand prints out of, lotions and perfumes that were not used… I was very touched to receive each of these gifts, and am still very thankful for them, it was the thought that counted and I was touched that people would think of us and celebrate this new child with us. I did receive gifts that were not on the registry that we did use a lot, and I am aware that people may be in the position I have been in which I want to give a gift, and my budget is small, so I try to do the most I can with what I have even if it isn’t on the registry, in hopes that they will like it…. but do not underestimate just picking something small off the registry and giving it to a mom to be.

      • Me

        And pretend I didn’t have so many run-on (or slightly incoherent) sentences… lol… I kept getting interrupted by little ones!

      • Sara

        Very well put!!!! I totally agree with your point.

        • Debbie

          me too, well said “Me”!

  2. Barbara

    Swales and halo sleep sacks

  3. Van

    Someone made me recieving blankets that are much bigger than the ones you buy at the store. They are awesome for swaddling, so useful as the store bought ones are too small for a tight wrap. They would be cheap to make if you can sew, just a finished edge on large square piece of fabric.

    • Tilla Ham

      I agree with diapers. My cousin was blessed to get so many diapers she didn’t have to buy for her son until he was 11 months old. The savings in that is astronomical especially to a new mom. I also sew burp clothes for everyone. I get the flannel fabric on sale at Joanne’s for 2.49 a yard, I use about 1/4 yard per burp cloth to make them nice and large, sew around nearly all four sides with it inside out, flip it right side, sew up the tiny hole and there you go. I AM SO NOT CRAFTY so this was easy for anyone. They are always a hit. If you want to get the special gift you are remembered for, get the prettiest softest most beautiful blanket, a small soft squishy precious stuffed animal, a huge case of diapers, a case of wipes, and a few homemade burp clothes and you’ll be the hit of the shower;)

    • Heather B

      Someone gave me fleece blankets but not the ones you buy packaged in the store. She went to JoAnnes and picked out 4 different patterns of fleece. She purchased a yard of each and then cut them in half making 8 blankets total. The fleece was on sale for $5/yd which made each blanket $2.50! My son is now six months old and they are still in great shape. They’re warm and cozy and bigger than typical receiving blankets and they were still thin enough that I could swaddle him. Really a great gift for only $20

  4. Rachael

    Often times people do not buy from a registry because it is too expensive. I suggest buying as many diapers as you can. Diapers are the one thing you know she needs. I had 3 baby showers when I was pregnant. I got almost everything of my registry, but the best part was I got so many diapers that we did not have to buy them for a year. It is just one less stress for a new mom.

  5. Nikki

    Since this is a baby shower and not a birthday where it’s best to be surprised as to what you are getting, the best advice if in doubt, is to ask her what she most wants. I am 23 weeks pregnant and will be having a shower. I created a registry and already had someone ask me what I most wanted off it. Do I care that I already know what I am getting from that person? Heck no. I am getting what I want which is what your cousin cares about.

    • Natasha Cline

      She actually mentioned something about how she would like to have a nice “baby first aid kid” with medicines safe for baby, and other items she may need. I thought that was both thoughtful and practical on her part. I may see what I can put together as far as what she asked for and try to do some surprised things also because everyone has shared so many wonderful ideas here. She has stocked up on diapers. she has thousands of them and wipes. She did this insane coupon deal and stocked up in sizes from newborn thru sizes that would probably fit a 3 or 4 year old. I think she’s gone diaper crazy ๐Ÿ˜› But everyone has so many cool ideas I would have never thought of.

  6. Sara

    Diapers and wipes. That is the most appreciated gift. Seriously. The new mom doesn’t need anymore clothes because that is what people like to give at showers. I’m sure she has received plenty already! Or shop off her registry. I am amazed whenever I attend a baby shower at how little ‘necessities’ are given to the new mom.

    • Laura

      I agree. At my shower I was surprised at what the new moms gave me. I assumed they of all people would buy the necessities, but nope. Everyone wants to give cute little clothes, especially if it’s a girl.

      • Happymama

        Agreed! I was thankful for the tutu’s and all, but boy I was glad I had a giant stockpile of diapers and wiped him the closet ๐Ÿ™‚

        My vote is for diapers and wipes.

      • rama

        I guess little girls clothing are hard to resist! I have two boys :)……

    • Natasha Cline

      She literally has thousands and thousands of diapers stockpiled. I think in theory she has it calculated to having enough diapers to last 3-4 years. It’s that crazy. she did an epic coupon deal. But everyone has provided so many cool ideas that I’m swimming in information now and have lots to consider and am having fun with it already reading the comments.

  7. Sara

    Will your cousin be breastfeeding? If so, the ‘Breastfriend’ nursing pillow is incredible. I know, corny name, but it’s much better than the boppy pillow.

    • Jesse

      Amen. I second this. I wouldn’t have made it bf without it.

    • Natasha Cline

      She actually is! If everything does well for mommy and baby. I’ll have to look into this. Is it available on Amazon? I have some gift card credit on there that I can put to good use ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Wendy

    I bought a gift card for a baby photographer it’s a gift the mom to be will cherish for a lifetime

    • Arielle

      That’s one of the things I received at my shower! Loved this and such precious memories of her as a newborn!

    • Jesse

      What a truly wonderful idea! I’ve never heard of anyone doing this. I’d have loved this gift, myself. Kudos to you ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Amber

    Someone gave me a bunch of baby medicines for my shower. It was great, because when you have a sick baby you don’t want to run out to the store. Things like gas drops, nasal spray, baby Tylenol, Vicks rub.

    • Natasha Cline

      She actually asked for this! She said she wanted a “first aid kit” for the baby with medicines that were for babies and other items she may need. I’m glad you mentioned this also and that you liked it. I definitely think I’m going to do this for her. And most medicines have a shelf life of 1-2 years.

    • Laura

      YES! My daughter had reflux and slept in this thing for months. My hubby’s aunt got it for us (we registered for it). I don’t know what I would have done without it.

    • Theresa

      My son had acid reflux….. This was the best thing ever!!!!

  10. Judy

    Food is the one thing that I never thought of and wish someone would have! If you are handy in the kitchen, then make up some of her favorite foods and freeze in individual portion sizes — she will thank you eternally because NO new mom has the time to shower, let alone cook healthy meals for herself or her family. I would just whip up whatever your specialty is – don’t worry if it doesn’t seem fancy – then label with whatever re-heating directions are necessary, and presto you have given a gift that keeps on giving!
    If you want to make it more fun, you can try to incorporate some silly rhymes on the labels (pea soup gets: “peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, peas porridge in the pot 9 days old…”, quiche: “humpty dumpty…”) you get the idea

    • Debbie

      Yes!!! this is a great idea! I would have loved this!! And take them a big stack of paper plates too. I gave COFFEE to my brother and his wife (along with some other things).

  11. 1luv

    I think a carrier, even one as simple as the infantino mei tai wrap is good. Some moms don’t have the strength to hold a baby in their arms all day, a wrap is a nice way to keep weight off the arms.
    Also, a gift basket of medicines, like Tylenol, nasal spray, boogie wipes, advil, baby Vicks, Vaseline, and a good thermometer would be very useful. Toss in a board book and a soothing cd….or a humidifier depending on your budget.
    Or a simple tote (Vera Bradley is at 65% off on eBay direct right now!) with some diaper bag items like a sleep sack, pack of wipes, lightweight blanket or nursing cover….

    • Natasha Cline

      The medicine was one thing she did mention wanting to get. Im definitely going to make a first aid kit for her. Even if someone else does it, or if she does herself, I’m sure we wont get the same items and she’ll have plenty stocked up just in case.

  12. jenny

    Here is a coupon code that can be used for various sites. I used it today for the baby legs, breast pads and boppy like pillow. You get the items free and just have to pay shipping. About $12. Like I said, I used it for the those things, but the others I haven’t, not sure if it is one time use…??? The code is “UCOVERS”
    1.5 pairs of Baby Leggings for FREE at (a $50 Value)
    2.A FREE Carseat Canopyโ„ข at (a $50 Value)
    3.A FREE printed Nursing Pillow at (a $40 Value)
    4.A FREE Sevenโ„ข brand baby carrier at (a $40 Value)
    5.10 pairs of Breast Pads for FREE at (a $35 Value)

  13. Michelle

    Moby basket! I loved mine and it’s much lighter than a carseat to take into church or restaurant etc

  14. Dorothy

    Baby picture frames makes a nice gift also a scrap book.

  15. Jen Patalsky

    I made a “diaper cake” for a co worker who had twins. I rolled each baby diaper and fastened them in a round shape around a box of baby wipes. I then made a second later wrapped around a round package of washcloths. I hot glued cute ribbon bands around the outside and placed little plastic safety pins all around and made a top out of ribbons and pacifiers. It was the hit of the giant baby shower at work and much appreciated (I also bought some clothes and an extra package of diapers to go with it.)

    • rebecca

      I second diaper cakes! If you feel it’s too complicated, there are plenty of YouTube videos showing you how to do it. It’s taking something simple and necessary to another level. I recommend buying a size larger if others are going to be buying diapers too since they can keep it as “decoration” for a little bit before use. My main thing is to remember to tell them the size so they use it at the right time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Adina

    I had a friend coordinate all my relatives, friends and co-workers to make meals for me after the baby! She set up a google document and emailed it around so everyone could access it. everyone put in their name and what they were making so that i wouldnt get the same dinner 3 nights in a row etc. Then she made phone calls to each person to remind them when their night was coming up. I had FRESH homemade suppers delivered to my door for a MONTH! Best thing ever. It took a lot of work from the person coordinating it all, and each person was so happy to help out! Sometimes when 1 person couldnt make a whole meal, she matched up a few people (salad, soup, main etc.) to make a meal. It was the nicest thing EVER.

    • Ali

      Wow, meals for a month?!? That’s awesome! I became a first time mom a few months ago. As my husband and I are new to this area, we only had 1 meals brought to us (by my mother). It really would have been so appreciated to have more! I was so thankful I had stocked up with homemade freezer meals!

      I think the most useful gift I received were gift cards to Target. Not only was I able to stretch the value by couponing there, but, as a new mommy, a 30 minute trip to Target feels like a well deserved vacation!

    • Shell is a fantastic way for you to automate the meals giving process. Everyone can sign up online and the recipient can view as well. It sends reminders to people so they don’t forget their scheduled meal.

  17. Erin

    I’m not much of a scrapbooker or picture taker, so I got a Pearhead Babyprints frame. You put a picture on one side and an imprint of baby’s hand or foot on the other. My kids are eight and three, and I love seeing them on the wall and remembering how small they were.

  18. Danielle Levins

    I have 2 kiddo’s, one is getting ready to turn 2, and the one thing I would have loved to have most is a coupon book of some kind that said things like, “good for one load of laundry, or good for a load of dishes, or an hour bath, or a nice long shower, or some hubby time”, basically, coupons that I could “cash” in when I needed them, on my timeline, when I’d reached that point that I was just ~done~. For a new Mom, especially if she breastfeeds, this would be something that hopefully would be super appreciated, I really wish someone had given me something like this, our second child was INTENSE, and there are many nights I just don’t remember from being so exhausted and not having any help outside of myself and my husband. We were like Night of the Living Dead up in our house, and would have just drooled all over someone with glee if they’d come over and cooked a meal, or did some laundry, or just held the baby while I had a shower in peace and knew he was just fine while I tried to unwind a couple minutes. Just my thoughts!! If I didn’t do this for a friend, I’d make sure and try to get something off her registry if I knew she’d made one. No one got anything off my registry and many brought clothes i didn’t need or want, I would have so much rather they put in for an item together or something rather than all the clothes, not trying to be ungrateful, but we’ve all been at the point where we’re thankful but really wish something else had shown up.

    • Rachel


  19. Jessica

    I loved my snap ‘n go stroller for my first kiddo. I got mine at a garage sale for $15 and was TOTALLY worth it. I think 98% of car seats will fit in it.

  20. Heather C.

    I’m expecting daughter number FOUR in approx. 5.5 weeks… and the 2 most important things that I’ll make sure to have on hand are plenty of baby gowns (I plan to have 7), and scratch mitts. Gowns are seriously amazing because you don’t have to fumble with getting squirmy little legs back into sleepers after diaper changes. And of course the mitts will keep baby from scratching her little face. Socks work too, but don’t stay on their hands near as well.

    • Laura

      Congrats Heather! That’s awesome. 4 girls! Love it!

      • Heather C.

        Awww, thanks Laura! ๐Ÿ™‚
        Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

    • Me

      I like the gowns with scratch mitts on them. Our hospital did not allow the loose mitts because with some babies they would come off their hands and the babies would end up gagging on them in their mouths. We had them for our first but stopped using them when we found out that could happen. Baby’s skin heals pretty quickly, and it is good to watch the nails if they get too sharp and trim them.

  21. cj

    I am a teacher and I always give a basket of board books as a gift. I buy books year round, when ever I find a good deal (l consider $3 or less a good deal for board books). Gordmans usually has a good selection of books but I also find deals at local book stores, Staples, and sometimes even kids clothing stores. Dollar Tree has cute baskets or tubs and I use tissue paper and or colorful krinkly filler to fill in around the books (so it really isn’t wrapped). It is never too early to start reading to a child, and I always think a gift of books can be enjoyed for years and years!

    • Debbie

      I like this too. I may sound cheap, but I just sent a friend a whole pile of used books from Better World Books for her new babies. They ship for free and the books are in great shape.

  22. Me

    If she knows her name already there are these super cute
    Personalized Name bands that go on bottles from
    They are reasonably priced $13 to $14 for 4 name bands
    I got these when my now 6 year was an infant now he uses them on
    Water bottle for sports practices not to mention they are dishwasher
    & microwave safe

  23. Jesse

    I know I’ll be in the minority, but I’d say DON’T buy diapers and wipes. I couponed and bought tons of diapers and wipes for my daughter before she was born- Huggies, Pampers, Costco brand, etc. etc. and you know what? She had a reaction to ALL of them. Giant waste of money and I gave them all away and bought the only ones she didn’t react to.

    Buy off her registry, or give gift cards. Quality, not quantity is key. If you live somewhere that isn’t super hot, I’d recommend Rain or Shine Kids stroller/carseat/carrier covers- they have some for cold weather and I use mine every single day. I also have the SPF sun cover. That and my Ergo are my personal “must haves”.

    • Jennifer B.

      I am in that minority too! Diapers became a very personal — and specific — thing with both of my kids as to what worked and what I could actually use. Besides, many folks don’t have the space to store a ton of diapers in various sizes and worry about which ones to pull out to use when (although I get the appeal of not having to run to the store for them).

    • Natasha Cline

      Nah, not at all. She literally has thousands of diapers. I am not even over exaggerating. She extreme coupons and she has it calculated that with heavy usage, she probably has enough for 3 years. Maybe more. It’s insane. Diapers and wipes, she will not need. haha. I did think about buying her some cloth diapers and wool covers from this organic company I found. You never know when a diaper or diaper brand may rash baby out and ruin plans.

  24. Ashley

    Gowns for bedtime for baby, they made life so much easier on me when my son was a newborn

  25. B

    The gifts I appreciated most were the unsexy ones off my registry. Everyone wants to get the cute outfits, blankets and toys but what I needed and used the most (and was SO thankful for) was breast milk storage bags, nursing pads, a humidifier, bottles, bottle brush, baby nail clippers, pump parts…you get the idea. I believe it is the thought that counts, but some thoughts are more useful than others!

    • Rachel


    • Natasha Cline

      This is perfect. I’m glad you mentioned this! She is going to breastfeed and I didn’t even think about breastfeeding items! This is great. she’s practical and your ideas are too. I’m going to use these ideas. Especailyl breast milk bags and nursing pads. I’m also going to do a first aid baby kit. Those are my two things so far.

  26. Ashley

    Get something for when the baby is a bit older like larger size diapers and clothes. Moms get so much for newborns but once the kid is one they have nothing. I got a few outfits in 18 months size. I was so grateful.

  27. Rachel

    Definitely some cute PJs for the new mama or meals/cleaning/extra set of hands. Also putting in votes for infant tylenol, a nose frida, vaseline or A&D, diapers and wipes (attach a gift receipt so she can exchange sizes or brands if needed), hand sanitizer – lots of these items can be bought inexpensively and with coupons! Other items that most might not think of: a silicone “tiny diner” placemat (or similar), a cart cover for shopping carts/restaurant high chairs, a diaper clutch/wristlet like the Skip Hop Pronto for quick errands when the big bag can be left in the car or at home.

    If you do get her clothes, go for larger sizes and attach gift receipts. I received so many clothes for my daughter that she never even wore because they were the wrong size/season and either didn’t have a receipt or I couldn’t get us all pulled together enough to get to the store for an exchange. I has so many useful items on my registry, but most the (well meaning) guests leaned toward “cute” stuff that often sniffed of their style/preferences more than my own. I was grateful for all of it though – she will be too!

  28. Tina

    One year I made a diaper cake for a friend’s shower. You can find tutorials on the internet or Youtube. They are so cute. You can add little items to the cake like spoons, wash cloths, bottles and pacifiers. You can always find sales and coupons on diapers. It makes for an inexpensive gift.

  29. Amie

    I only had two baby showers and only like 3 people at both. Not one item ever came off our registry. I was happy anyone thought of me in the first place. That’s probably why I thought my best gift was when I got a pack of diapers wipes and diaper rash cream. Wow I feel cruddy now reading everyone got pretty frames clothes and such. Between two baby showers I seriously had 6 ppl at them. I’m done having kids thankfully.

  30. Erica

    The NoseFrida!! Seriously the best (and grossest) baby item I own!!!

    • Natasha Cline

      ooooh I saw a couple others in cheaper brands. Do you think they would work just as well? I know I sound like a cheapskate but I’m a college kid with a new car ๐Ÿ˜› My budget is probably $40 right now. I plan on getting a few neat things I saw on here though.

  31. AC

    Not on my registry and not cheap, but literally one of the best gifts I got for my shower. This diaper changing pad is amazing, and easy to put in a purse, bag or just by itself. I am typically very frugal, but feel this is worth the money.

  32. Cathy

    I give a good supply of burp clothes. I use high quality prefolded cloth diapers and sew on baby flannel or cotton. They have become highly requested!

  33. Kimberley

    I always make a handmade gift (carseat cooler, grab n go bags, etc.) Check pinterest for those type of things. I always buy clearance fabric at Joann’s. I like to get a travel case for wipes and diapers, gripe water (awesome for gassy babies), and a little something for mom (a bottle of wine or lotion or something I know she will appreciate and usr). Items are usually put in a storage container if on her registry or a laundry basket.

    • Heather C.

      Love the idea of getting something for mom as a baby shower gift! My mom made gave me a goodie bag at my baby shower with bubble bath, a bath pillow, and other fun things for relaxing after my first baby was born. That was my favorite gift I received… Not the most useful like diapers or wipes would have been, but my favorite, and definitely the most thoughtful! ๐Ÿ™‚
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  34. Jessica

    I like to put together a medicine basket. Infant tylenol and motrin, saline drops, pedialyte, a temporal thermometer (my fave), triple paste, teething pellets, baby vicks and stuff like that.

    • Heather

      I do this too! The best gift I got when I was pregnant with my first child was a small gift basket for Christmas full of baby medicine.. from my mom! When mine were babies (and toddlers!) it was always a pain to have to go to the drugstore if one of them got sick. Plus, with my youngest, money was very tight since I was so young.

      I always include a forehead thermometer as well. They are pricey, but worth it. I rarely get invited to baby showers (not many close friends in the area I live in now), so when I do get invited to one.. it’s normally someone close to me so I don’t mind spending the extra money.

      I put it in a themed tackle box or other container with organizers. By themed, I usually decorate it to add the babies name, etc. If it’s a girl – I always put ribbon around it and make it frilly. It turns out very professional/crafty looking.

    • Natasha Cline

      This is an item she wants so I’m going to do this! Love the idea and I can get a nice basket and ribbons and decor for it at the dollar tree and spend the real money on the baby medicine items ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Michelle L.

    I made one of these baby puzzle balls for a recent shower. This is wonderful for a baby but is also functional as a puzzle for when baby becomes a toddler. It’s very easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of time (a couple hours total). I used flannel material (instead of wool or a wool blend) which allowed me to skip the whole “felting” process. I pre-washed the flannel and turned the pieces inside out so the seams wouldn’t fray. It turned out great! I wish I could attach pictures.

    Here are the instructions that I used:

    • Michelle L.

      P.S. It doesn’t take much fabric, but the Joann’s coupons can help.

  36. Sandra @ My Frugal Savings

    My daughter is 22 weeks pregnant today. She’s having a baby shower in May, has a baby registry at a few places, because certain people will ONLY shop at certain places! LOL Anyway, I told her to put everything from infant tylenol to baby laundry detergent on her registry. Those are things that will be needed and no one things to buy! My sister bought the diaper bag that my daughter wanted, and she knows about it, however, she has NO clue what’s inside that diaper bag! LOL She has the lotions, powder, baby wash, teething ring, wash cloths, feeding spoon, medicine nipple thing, diaper rash paste and I think a rattle. Not to mention story books and clothes! LOL

    I also agree with the food, if you cook, you may want to make a few of her favorite dishes that she can just pop into the microwave to heat. I know my daughter is having a difficult time right now as her husband doesn’t cook and she’s tired and doesn’t want to cook!

    Maybe you can make a mommy basket for just her like her favorite bath gel, lotions, tea, tea cup, etc. My daughter will be getting one from our neighbor and a few other things. LOL

    • Heather

      I’ve done a Mommy basket before! I included some attractive/comfy nursing gowns, comfortable slipper socks, hair ties, lotion, etc. The little things you like to have handy to make YOURSELF more comfortable with a newborn!

  37. Suzanne

    I second what many people have said. Buy off of her registry if she has one and you can afford something off of it. Maybe even go in with a couple other people to purchase a big ticket item (like a carseat, stroller, etc.)

    I’m pregnant with my fourth child. Some of my favorite things I’ve received and given as gifts:

    *Wet Wipes (unscented)
    *Diaper Ointment (Butt Paste has worked the best for my kids)
    *Infant medicines (Tylenol, gas drops, teething tablets – store brand is good)
    *Sippy cups, bibs (good, sturdy ones), feeding supplies
    *Good, dark chocolates for Mom & Dad
    *Coupon for a dinner of Mom’s choice after baby is born (purchased or home-cooked)
    *If she’s breastfeeding, items like Lanolin, Nursing Pads, some type of nursing pillow and cover are helpful
    *Gift Cards (my very favorite because I could go buy things I really needed)

    If you do a gift card, you could put it in a little gift bag or basket along with a bag of dark chocolates, baby lotion, baby shampoo, etc. Just little things that are useful and needed (yes, chocolate is needed!! haha).

    • Heather C.

      How far along are you Suzanne? I’m 33w4d along with my 4th. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  38. Debbie

    Sometimes the very best gift is HELP! Help with food, laundry, dishes, doctor’s visits, that 1st grocery trip, etc.

  39. Beth

    My favorite go-to for a baby shower is to take one of those tonka dump trucks and fill the back with baby motrin, gas drops, baby wipes, a thermometer, etc. The baby won’t be able to play with the truck for a few years, but the moms always appreciate the little gifts they can use now (especially the things they didn’t think about having on hand and don’t realize they need until they have a sick baby in the middle of the night with no stores open).

  40. christina

    I usually get a bin , either blue or pink or a white laundry basket and fill it with some or all of the following and stuff it with tissue paper… butt paste, favorite book, baby wipes and/or diapers (size 3 or 4), soft blanket (bought or made), wash clothes, bibs, receiving blankets, soaps and/or lotions you can get coupons for lots of this making the cost fairly inexpensive but make sure you add something for mommy… I usually get moose munch popcorn.

  41. Chrissy Preston

    When my aunt was expecting, I bought her diaper bag off of her registry and put in it toys for when the baby was older and clothes for him to grow into. I also got her lots of little items for the bag like baby lotion and diaper rash cream. I used the diaper bag as the gift bag.

    Last year for my baby shower she got me a infant tub and filled it with bath supplies and clothes with the tub as the gift basket.

    I suggest items for the diaper bag. Lots of wipes, baby powder and some diaper rash cream. Maybe get her lots of trial size ones so she can find the brands that she likes best. Be sure to pick up some for sensitive skin in case the baby has it. Even if the baby doesn’t need the sensitive products, they are great to have on hand for diaper rash.

  42. jmkbuett

    I use all of my little goodies that I get free/samples and make a gift basket to take to mom in the hospital. Nice little shampoos and lotions and chapsticks. I put in some granola bars and crystal light packets and candy. Makes for a cute gift that moms love!

  43. Natasha Cline

    I just want to thank Collin and everyone who has posted here. I’ve had a blast reading through all the comments and checking out all these neat products and items I didn’t even know existed. It’s been so much fun shopping and exploring amazon, eBay, clearance sections and homemade crafts. Hopefully she will like everything I’m getting her! I know she reads hip2save so I can’t list anything but this was an amazing help and I am so thankful for all you do!

    • momof4spoiled1s

      Hi Natasha, my post was #23 and I just wanted to add that since you seem to be leaning toward a baby first aid kit like myself and others have suggested you might want to put some kind of bound book in the basket with a pen that will allow her to jot dates and times she dispenses medicine to the baby when he/she is sick. Medicines have different wait times in between doses and from experience I found it very difficult to mentally try to remember when last dose was given or next one is due. Now I just write the medicine, date and time given and when due again. Doing this allows me to at least not stress out about trying to remember all that while trying to comfort my sick child. Another good thing about keeping a book or diary, you are also documenting illness for future reference if needed. My book for my daughter has been a life saver for me. Also, you mentioned shelf life on meds. I mentioned Hylands colic tablets. I highly recommend these tablets from Hylands. I use them for my chronically ill daughter because I have to be careful what I give her since she takes seizure meds but my eldest daughter uses them for her almost 2 yr old and has been using them since the baby’s birth along with the gripe water and I swear they work for us. As far as shelf life, I called the company the other day and they said the tablets never expire. The cheapest I found was at Mr. Medical for $7.46/btl of 125. Might not be in your budget but are worth every penny. Check them out, Hylands also has teething tablets. Both tablets dissolve really fast so pretty safe for baby, or should I say they weren’t any problem for us. As a matter of fact it helped the almost 2 yr old learn how to chew early even though the tablets really didn’t have to be chewed since the baby spit dissolved them so fast. I hope this post hasn’t been to long winded and I hope it helps.

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