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Victoria’s Secret: *HOT* Score 2 FREE Secret Reward Cards, a Bra, Panty, & Swimwear Items – All for Under $30 Shipped (Ends Tonight!)

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HOT! Getting Toasty! Lukewarm Starting To Melt Ice Ice Baby
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Don’t forget! Through today, March 17th only, Victoria’s Secret is offering up 2 FREE Secret Reward Cards with ANY $10 Swimwear purchase (including clearance!) when you use the promo code SWIMSECRET at checkout. Remember, each card will be worth at least $10, but they could be worth $10, $50, $100, or even $500! The Secret Reward cards will be valid to use 3/31/14-4/29/14 in-stores (excluding outlets), online, or by phone.

In addition to that great promo code, there are other promo codes available too! And since you can use up to three promo codes per order, you can score a pretty *HOT* deal! 😀 Check it out…

* FIRST – be sure to go through for 3% cash back or for 2%!

*Purchase a pair of swimwear bottoms on clearance for $4.99 and a pair of swimwear bottoms on clearance for $5.99 found here (reg. up to $32.50!) for a total of $10.98.  Note that sizes are limited, so if you don’t find anything worth getting at those price points, just pick any swimwear item priced over $10. I noticed that there are several swim bottoms priced at $13 which are available in various sizes – be sure to sort low to high.

* Now add one Panty to your cart. Choose from – Lace Trim Mini Cheekster Panty (GL-316-102), a Cheekster Panty (GL-316-099), a Lace Trim Thong Panty (GL-314-572),  a Cotton Lingerie Thong (item #319-666), Cotton Lingerie Bikini (item #319-665) or Cotton Lingerie Hiphugger (item #319-667).

* Next add a bra to your cart priced at $25 or more (it cannot be on sale or part of a sales that advertises a discounted price when you buy 2 or more). To spend the least amount out-of-pocket, you’ll likely want to select a bra priced around $26.50 (like these PINK Lace Bralettes priced at $26.50).

*Head to checkout & enter the following offer codes: BRASHIP –  SWIMSECRET  – SP1440885

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 5.24.06 PM

After all of the codes are entered, your final cost should be as low as $27.48 shipped (+ tax) depending on what bra and swimwear items you pick. So for under $30 shipped, you are snagging one or two swimwear items, a pair of panties, a bra AND two Secret Reward cards valued at least at $10 each (possibly more!). When you take into account the Secret Reward cards… well, this seems like one heck of a deal..

Don’t forget!  Go through for 3% cash back or for 2%!

(Thanks, Kylie!)

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Comments 72

  1. ihearthip

    I should not buy anything else from VS until atleast my last order arrives! LOL These are so hard to pass up

    • Jess

      Me Too! Must Resist Lol

    • Erica

      I’m right there with you, so hard to resist.

    • Katrina

      We need to start a VSA lol. Victoria’s Secret Anonymous.

      • Jess

        I’m In Lol!!!!

    • jessica

      I wish this post went up earlier! I was searching high and low for extra things besides the swim secret code, was really hoping for a free panty

  2. Haz

    I need a good deal on Bra’s but don’t care for reward cards.

  3. Shannon

    Thanks…’s what I got and I have the free shipping all march which made this an awesome deal for a swimsuit and 2 reward cards.

    Secret Rewards + Bonus Card = QTY 1
    Color (099)
    Qty Ordered1
    Qty Shipped1
    StatusIn Process

    Double-string Bottom Double-string Bottom
    Double-string Bottom
    ColorWhite Multi Stripe (q08)
    Qty Ordered1
    Qty Shipped1
    StatusIn Process

    Tie-front Triangle Top Tie-front Triangle Top
    Tie-front Triangle Top
    ColorWhite Multi Stripe (3d7)
    Qty Ordered1
    Qty Shipped1
    StatusIn Process

    Subtotal $12.98
    Order Total
    Merchandise Subtotal $12.98
    Shipping & Handling FREE
    Adjusted Subtotal $12.98
    Sales Tax $0.66
    Payment Total

    • Anndi Hicks

      How do you get free shipping all month?

    • Mandy

      wow!! Awesome deal!!!!

  4. Amy

    Is it only for angel card holders?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      No, these codes listed in the post work for everyone! 🙂

  5. gc

    SP1440885 not working

  6. Ana

    I want to trade $25.00 Amazon gift card for VS rewards , anyone interested?

  7. Cindy

    The SP1440885 (free panty) code is not working for me either :/

    • Cindy

      I have discovered that the code is only working for the cotton panties (3 of the options listed above)!

    • Angela

      There are only certain colors that are included in the offer (black, nude, or white). If you click on the bra tab, on the right side it will have the offer with “get the panty” link. Hope this helps!

  8. Cor

    Well I already used the SWIMSECRET code last night, hah, but I still got a bra & 2 pairs of panties plus the 1 secret reward card for 16.50 shipped. Not too bad! I need to cool it with these VS orders but I think after secret rewards I will be able to rid my underwear draw of anything old & ratty!

    • Cor

      And SP1440885, BRASHIP, and PINKPANTY were the 3 codes I used. I got items GL-319-666, GL-316-102, GL-313-880 for it all to work. Obviously if you are going to use the SWIMSECRET code this won’t work but it ended up being $10 off the bra, 2 free panties, and free shipping for me 🙂

      • Mary

        Good deal, I’m thinking about it as well!

      • La

        Thanks! I’m losing weight and need new bras badly! Loved your scenario 🙂

      • Ashley

        Awesome deal! Thanks for sharing your details Cor…I just scored the same deal. I almost checked out with just the bra and one panty then saw this just in time to score another for free! Super excited…my husband is probably sick of me hounding him to keep an eye out for my VS deliveries lol

  9. Angela

    I had a $25 gift card to use so I paid $8.31 oop for all the items above! Thanks Collin for making a birthday gift keep on giving!

  10. Pamela

    It now says you need 2 codes of braship and freepanty so it is one too many codes. SP1440885 takes $10 off the bra but no free panty.

    • Angela

      Don’t use free panty, use the SP1440885-it is the $10 off regular priced bra and free panty code. It took me a few tries to figure this out! lol HTH

    • Cindy

      SP1440885 worked for me, but you can only choose from one of the three cotton panties that pop up when you search “GL-319-665”!

      • Pamela

        It worked. Thanks!

  11. Kelly

    Has anyone ever got a larger reward card

    • Cor

      Last year I only had 2 cards and one was $10 but the other was $100, I was shocked. Don’t expect to get lucky 2 years in a row but they’re def out there!

    • Rubia

      During the holidays one of my rewards card was $100. I was super excited.

    • Kdenton

      I’ve had a $100 one in the past and over the holidays I was shocked to get a $500 one. I only bought a few panties to get it. Sold it on ebay for $400 and got a car seat and stroller along with other baby gear instead. : )

    • Mara

      Last time one of my 4 cards was worth $100. Hoping to get lucky this time again!

    • Chelsea

      I had 5 last December and they were all $10. I also know a friend of mine that got 20 of them and they were all $10! She was super bummed. I’m hoping for a higher reward this year–fingers crossed!

      • Doxie

        I’ve participated in Secret Rewards several times in the past, never getting anything but the $10 cards. Last time I had 8 cards, all $10 ! I’ve got my fingers crossed this could be my lucky year, even if it’s just a $50. I have my eye on a new hoodie…

        • Jess

          last Year I Got 2 cards, I Won $50 =) I Was Happy.

    • nasreen

      my friend was lucky with the first and the only reward card she had in last promotion and she got 500

  12. reina

    Got PUSH-UP HALTER TOP 7.99 and TIE-FRONT TRIANGLE TOP 7.99 these were the only swimwear left that had my size. The total came out to be 15.98 + 5.99 shipping =23.29$. I did not get the bra/ underwear since I do not need anymore. I got 2 secret rewards card -20$ 🙂 making it really ~ 3.29$ YAY! 😀

  13. Melissa

    Question, it says 2 free secret rewards card with swim purchase. But I also see it says free secret rewards card with $10 purchase – do you get both?

    • Kylie

      You’ll get two reward cards total with $10 of swim.

  14. Mary

    I just received the Victoria’s Secret “Spring On Sale” catalog and inside was a $10 off your $10 order certificate that is valid until May 2. It can be used online or over the phone. I am not going to use it and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade for Similac coupons that they have and are not going to use. Thanks!

    • Kylie

      I don’t have any similac coupons on hand.. but I have coke codes, lots of huggies/pampers codes, and lots of coupons to trade! If you could use any of this instead?

    • Brittany

      I have (4) $5 Enfamil coupons that I would love to trade if you are interested.

    • Brittany

      I have (4) $5 Enfamil coupons if you are interested in trading!

    • Stephanie

      I have Similac coupons good until April 30! Email me at stephs2013 at

      • Mary

        Stephanie, I sent you an email.

    • ThatWordChick

      Can I ask where your 10 off 10 was in the catalog? I just leafed through mine and didn’t see anything like that.

      • Christine

        Not all catalogs have it and the ones that come with orders never do. They’re targeted. They’re in the middle where the order form is.

  15. Anna P

    Oh my gosh, fabulous! So glad I checked your site before hopping into bed. Now I have a new bikini bottom, new panties, and a bra coming my way for less than the price the bra would’ve been. I will not be able to sleep from the excitement! Thanks for keeping me in the know!

  16. Darcey

    Quick question about the swimsuit. I’m hesitant about buying a suit without trying it on. What if I have to return it, will they take my rewards cards away?

    • sarah

      Me too…but i still did it anyways. I picked one very Similar style / cut of my previous one. So hope all works out.

      • Alicia

        Nope they won’t take your cards away. They have a great return policy.

  17. erin

    Got the pantys free with code FREEPANTY when I bought the bra.

  18. Angie

    Off the topic, does anyone knw whn they hav the 7 for $26 panty sale?

    • bellina

      i believe this friday , march 21

      • Angie

        Hope so Bellina 😉

  19. Veronica

    Does anyone know if these reward cards that we receive from online purchases will have a minimum purchase amount when it comes time to use them? For example, the one I got in my local store says that I have to make a minimum purchase of $30 to use a reward card. Is it the same rules for the ones we receive from online purchases?

    • Chelsea

      The ones from online will be a regular SRC. It’s only at your local VS store will you get the $10/$30 etc. SRC ones bc of a new marketing technique. However, it will depend on your store whether they can accept the regular SRCs or not–you might just have to redeem the regular ones online if not accepted at the store. HTH!

      • Veronica

        Oh ok! Thanks so much for the info!

  20. Anne

    Do the reward cards stack? I have two, Assuming they are worth 10 dollars each can I get 20 off of a bra or do I need to use it one per purchase. Also, if it’s a large reward card amount like 100 so I need to use it all in one purchase?

    • Rebecca

      It’s one per item, at least in my store. So you can buy a $5 item and a $15 item and use both. Online it’s one per transaction.

    • Laura

      My store allowed me to use as many as I wanted…..sad to say Christmas went very well with all my free shipping codes and what not so I had a stack of 25 Reward cards and they let me redeem them all at once. They had CRAZY good sales so I double scored. If you’re order us under the value of the card, then you forfeit the difference. Order total is $9 but you have $10 reward card then you lose $1.00. PLUS they will take expired coupons. They don’t advertise this, but just ask. VS has in my opinion always gone above and beyond when it comes to customer service.

      • Kylie

        You Do NOT Forfeit The Remaining Balance! 🙁 The Remainder WILL Stay On The Card Until The SRC expire On 4/29.

  21. Nina

    I just received my VS order, but there is only one reward card:( not sure why.

    • Josie

      same thing happened to me. I had the 2 rewards code and they only sent me one card. 🙁

      • Goretti Tada

        I also received only one reward card instead of 2. What’s going on? I only purchased my unmentionables because of the 2 reward cards.

  22. sarah

    I really wanted a padded bandeau last week but couldn’t make the codes work… but today I ordered 1 cotton panty, 1 pink panty, and the Pink padded bandeau for a total of $17 and some change shipped! Will receive 1 SRC. excellent. Thanks for the codes!!

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