*HOT* Capital One 360: Earn $100 w/ New Checking Account (Plus, Earn $76 w/ New Savings Account!)

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For the next 4 days only, Capital One 360 is offering up several sweet promos in honor of Independence Day! Through July 3rd, you can earn a whopping $100 when you open a new 360 Checking Account! Plus, open a 360 Savings Account and you’ll snag a $76 bonus! πŸ˜€

Here’s how to snag $100 with a new checking account:

* Head over here and click on the Apply Now button
* Follow the instructions to open a 360 Checking checking account (be sure to open your new account no later than July 3rd!)
* You’ll then need to use your Debit Card to make 5 purchases or use CheckMateSM to make 5 remote check deposits (or a combo of both) within 45 days of opening your account.
* Your $100 bonus will be automatically deposited into your account on day 50.
* Keep in mind that this $100 Bonus is only available for new 360 Checking Accounts (including Electric Orange checking) and your bonus may be reported to the IRS and your state

Here’s how to snag $76 with a 360 Savings Account:

* Head over here and click on the Open Now button
* Follow the instructions to open a 360 Savings account (be sure that you open your new account by July 3rd!). * * You must open the account with an initial deposit of $500
* The $76 bonus starts earning interest on day 1, but you can’t take it out for at least 30 days.
* This offer is only available when you open a new 360 Savings account (including Electric Orange Savings Account)
* Keep in mind that your bonus may be reported to the IRS and your state

What an easy way to earn a little extra money! And if for whatever reason you decide that you don’t want these accounts, you can cancel at anytime. Also, keep in mind that the required purchases can be of any amount – small or large.

If you have an account with Capital One 360 already, I’d love to hear your feedback!

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  1. Ashley57

    Is this what ING turned into? So if you have had an ING account, you can’t do this, right?

    • Carrie

      Yes, Capital One 360 is formally ING. And if you have received a bonus from ING or Capital One 360 in the past your are not eligible.

  2. Alicia

    I love my capital one 360 account! My husband and I both did this last year and we both were able to get the bonus. I’d love it if someone used my link! Thanks!

    • Kelly

      Split the bonus w me

      • Suzyq

        For real?!?

  3. Jennifer

    This is an awesome deal!!! We did this the last time it was offered. My husband and I each opened accounts, and each one of us earn the bonuses. If anyone would like to go through my referral link I will earn $40 for the referral. Thanks inadvance. https://r.capitalone360.com/DKXrdCWVxU

  4. Sarah Louise

    I love my Capital One account! Everything is so streamlined! Highly recommend!

    If anyone would like to sign up with my referral link, you would rock! Thanks Hip 2 Savers!


  5. Carrie

    I have Capital One 360 accounts. The website is easy to use, and it is great to earn interest on savings. I’m saving money every pay period in my savings account for my daughter’s band trip to Disney World in the spring.

    I’d be honored to be your referral for the offers above: https://home.capitalone360.com/referafriend?save=fn3XUjpexz#

  6. wendy

    I did this when it was $150. I maybe spent $7.00 I used it at the dollar store and McDonald’. On the 50th day I had $150 in my account. Great deal

    • starkissed01

      Is the Christmas bonus for signing up the same amount?

      • Brooke

        No, it’s more.

  7. Caitlin

    Did this a few years ago and ended up getting around $400 in bonuses between my family members. Very easy and so worth it!

  8. wendy

    Keep in mind the only way you receive the $40 referral is if your friends open the account with at least $500.

    • Jeannie

      I think that’s for the savings account, not the checking https://home.capitalone360.com/referindependence read the ‘nitty gritty’ small print at the bottom πŸ™‚
      Heres my referral code if anyone wouldnt mind πŸ™‚ thanks

  9. Molly

    To those who have this account… Are their any fees or hidden costs?
    Thanks in advance

    • Molly

      There…not their πŸ™

    • Ashley57

      No, it is just a basic checking account. I did it for the bonus once and then closed the account a few months after I got the bonus.

  10. Jenny

    I opened up a checking account and savings accounts for each of my kids last year and got around $150 in bonuses. I really like my account for my “fun money” account! If anyone would use my referral link, I would appreciate it!!!


  11. Heather

    If anyone is signing up, PLEASE use my referral link! I recently opened this account to earn bonuses to offset shipping costs for Operation Christmas Child! After you open the checking account, make ANY deposit (I only put in $25!) and use it to buy 5 items (I let my children visit the dollar store a few times to get small toys for Operation Christmas Child). I recently got my $50 bonus for signing up and making the 5 purchases. πŸ™‚ Wish we would have waited to open the account as now the bonus is $100! We’ve already printed shipping labels for 7 Operation Christmas bins from the $50 bonus we received, so I’m thrilled either way. Please help me pay it forward! Thank you in advance.


  12. Crystal

    I did the checking account the last time Collin post and go the bonus. I love banking here. If anyone is signing up I would sincerely appreciate it if you could use my referral link. Thanks!!! Have a great day.


  13. Linda

    For the 5 transaction, does it matter how much it is? For example doing 5 transaction of $2.00 at the dollar store within that 45 days.

    • Jeremy

      I purchased like 5 bananas (seperate transactions) and get it so it doesn’t matter what you purxhase.

    • Crystal

      it doesn’t matter what the amount are. as long as you do 5 transactions within the 45 days then it counts and you will get your bonus.

  14. Emily

    I opened one up a few months ago and got a $50 bonus and a friend I used as a referal got a $50 bonus as well. I only needed to put in $25 to start the account so check on the referal bonus amounts. Does anyone know if my husband opens an account if he will get the bonus too? He isn’t on my account now.

    If anyone wants to use my referal link I would love it!


    • Lynn

      Yep he can open his own account and get the bonus too He can use your referral code so you can get the bonus from him So can your kids!

  15. tatiana

    Is there a way to deposit money into the acct if I don’t have a bank nerby

    • jenjen98

      You can do mobile deposits of checks if you have a smartphone or you link other accounts you have to transfer funds.

  16. daisyrios

    How and where can I get a link to offer to my friends?

  17. Teran

    Does anyone know how long the $500 needs to stay in the savings account? Can I leave it in there and then transfer it back to y account after I get the $76 and just keep the $76 in the account.

    • jenjen98

      You can most definitely transfer it back after your bonus is deposited!

  18. niki

    does anyone know if I can open an account for my son, or does he have to be 18?im interested in opening a couple so I will be likely to use someones referral link as well πŸ™‚ just want to know the facts before I do…thanks in advance! also I have three codes for Victoria secret -10$ off a sport bra with code and pin I would like to trade for anything pretty much..let m know what you have… nikicoleman33@gmail.com

  19. RT

    Hello everyone! I have had a savings account for 10 years now with ING and then CapitalOne bought them out. It is a great bank. I use my accounts for two reasons: 1. the savings account has a better interest rate than most regular (not online) banks. The current interest rate in the savings account is 0.75%, which sounds low, but it is higher than most banks. 2. The free ATMs are the most convenient ones – gas stations, CVS, etc. They are all over the place, so if you withdraw cash often, this is a good place to have a checking account. They also do not charge overdraft fees, instead they treat the overdraft as a loan and charge you interest for the time your account was in the red. I hope this helps, and if anyone would like to use my referral link, it would be greatly appreciated.


    If anyone has any other questions, i’ll check my post periodically and would love to answer them.

  20. Vicki

    Has there ever been a better offer that may be repeated at a certain time of the year? I’m wondering if it would be worth it to hold out for a better deal.

    • RT

      They offer these at Thanksgiving and 4th of July only. You never know what the next offer will be…they have other products as well. I got $125 bonus for opening an investment account last year, and I opened one for my husband as well, so that was an easy $250.

  21. holly

    Loved this easy money last year. And since it’s an online account, I’m not tempted to dip into either account to use the money, lol. Here’s my referral link, would love if someone could use it: https://r.capitalone360.com/B8fXjnnPZ6

  22. crystal

    I opened the acount last year for the $125 bonus. After 5 debit transactions and 45 days later, they gave me $125. I haven’t used the account since. I do still have it open. I was wondering everyone’s opinions on using it instead of closing it. Seems as though everyone on this feed loves their account! I might have to start using it!

    • Jeannie

      I use mine at Costco because I don’t like carrying cash. Debt cards always make me nervous (yes, i’m old haha) but I only transfer in a smallish amount from my regular bank to use when I need to go shopping. Helps budget my Costco spending too πŸ˜‰
      Heres my link if anyone would like to thank you!!
      Thank you Collin for letting us post our links here too, you’re the best.

    • Crystal

      i also opened the account and got the $125 bonus the last time the deal was going on. After I got my $125 I just kept the account open because I loved banking here so much. This isnt my primary account but I do use it from time to time.

  23. Bri

    Can someone help me out please?
    My husband wants to open both. I remember people saying the savings has to be opened first and then the checking for the bonus? Am I just remembering wrong. Please help, thank you!

  24. Jana

    I’m another very happy customer with them! I opened an account just to get the bonus but love them! Everything is so much easier. My one and only warning is that when you deposit checks (I deposit and transfer via the iPhone app) you must wait longer than most banks to access your funds. Not an issue for me since I use mine as a savings and I like the deterrent so I don’t use the money.

  25. Nicole

    So to make sure I’m understanding…you aren’t eligible if you have an account even if you’re opening a NEW account? I had these back when they were ING and would like to open an account for my baby girl, due to arrive any day now, but am I not eligible?

  26. Patty

    For anyone who has become really concerned about using debit cards and security issues, this is a really good option. My husband I did separate accounts back when ING offered this deal on a Black Friday (I think we netted a total of $252!). We use this CapitalOne 360 account for lunches and smaller expenses. I use this at Aldi to pay for groceries since they don’t take a credit card. We just transfer money from our main big bank account as we need to and keep our larger account safe and secure by not using a debit card tied to the bigger money account. Kind of keeps me aware of what I am spending on small incidentals. We just transfer $100 or so at a time and replenish it as needed. I use a regular credit card for rewards and cash back on larger purchases.

  27. Jarrod

    Ally is better than capital one but there still a good bank, their bill pay feature is a hassle.

  28. Jenn N

    Does opening the account hit your credit?

    • Colette

      I’m pretty sure they do a hard pull, not a soft one. I think that’s what I remember reading on one of the credit forums. πŸ™

      • Colette

        I did some further research and it is as I remembered. They do a hard pull on your credit, which will lower your FICO score. They check your credit since they offer over draft protection and denied me an account. And if your score is low they won’t even let you open an account.

        • Lydia

          Yep. Never have I had a credit card (so I have no credit report) and thus I was denied a checking account ): HOWEVER the representative I spoke with told me if I opened a SAVINGS account I may be eligible in the future for a checking account, that I should try again whenever I liked and might be allowed. Especially if you take care of your savings account. Doesn’t do much for this round of rewards though.

    • Ann

      From their site
      Do you pull my credit if I apply for 360 Checking and the Overdraft Line of Credit?

      Yes. As part of your application, Capital One 360 will obtain information
      about you from a consumer credit reporting agency to confirm that you are
      eligible for 360 Checking. (But don’t worry, this is a “soft pull” and won’t affect
      your credit score.)

      If you choose to apply for the Overdraft Line of Credit,
      a credit check is required. (This is a “hard pull” and may impact your credit score.)

      Keep in mind, if you choose to apply for an increase to your Overdraft Line of Credit,
      that would also require us to do a credit check regardless of whether or not
      you were approved for the feature or an increase within the same day.


  29. Lydia

    Probably a dumb question-but if you do end up canceling the account, do you just transfer the money out to another bank? (If you open the savings account). And where is the referral link found on their site? Thanks! (:

  30. aaa

    Do they charge any monthly fee if you don’t use the account?

    • Crystal

      No they dont. I opened up a free checking account with them and have never been charged a monthly fee. I hardly use the account. This is an awesome bank.

  31. Monica

    Please use my referral link πŸ™‚ Am saving up to donate to Pelotonia where bike riders in Ohio ride for miles and where all proceeds go to cure cancer.


  32. Jenny

    I opened an account with them last summer. Super easy and no hidden fees or costs! I use it as my Christmas fund and the bonus is a great way to get started. Here’s my link if anyone wants to use it. https://r.capitalone360.com/o4idRBhBoq

  33. Jean H.

    Easy to do and easy to use. You will really love Capital one online banking.

    I would appreciate if anyone uses my referral link….Thank you so much!

  34. emma

    Last year when they offered this I tried to do it with my newly issued social security number (recent immigrant). I did it over the phone where the customer service guy and I spent an hour trying to make it work before the credit department turned me down for having no credit history. Here’s the good part and why I love this company. They sent me the amount of the bonus ($75) in a gift card of my choice (Amazon) for having kept me on the phone for so long. Amazing customer service! I will be opening an account as soon as I’m eligible.

    • Jessica Harlyn (@JessicaHarlyn)

      What a great story! I hope you can open one soon!!

  35. Laura

    These accounts are great – I have mine set up to automatically transfer funds to save up for regular payments each year that aren’t monthly (auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, etc.). I’d be thrilled if someone used my link!


  36. Jessica Harlyn (@JessicaHarlyn)

    This has been the best savings account ever! I have them take out a small amount each paycheck and then I use it for Christmas for the family. If anyone would like to use my link I would be beyond grateful!

  37. Stacy

    I first signed up for this 3 years ago thru Hip2Save when they were ING and have never had any issues. Great company, great customer service. Free money! It doesn’t get any better than that! Here is my link if anyone would like to use it. Thanks in advance! https://r.capitalone360.com/qP4Q8mtwYN

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