Hip2Save’s School Supply Price Points (+ Free Printable Spreadsheet)

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School Supply Price Lists

If you’ve wondered about the best/stock-up prices for school related items, then look no further! I have compiled a list of the absolute lowest price for popular items and the typical sale prices for items.

As an example, the price point for a 24 count box of Crayola Crayons is 25¢. In other words, I would stock up on Crayola Crayons whenever I find them priced at 25¢ or less. Since Back to School sales are already starting up again in full swing, you should have an opportunity to snag these crayons at this price or less if you just wait patiently over the next few weeks. And this same theory applies to all the school supplies on my list!

To view HIP’s School Supply Price Points, just click on this link or on the image above to print or save the PDF file to your computer! I would encourage you to consider printing it out and placing it in your Coupon Binder for reference when you are at the store. Or, if you’d rather, you can go here and save the Price Points document to your computer and edit/change the prices based on your personal shopping experiences!

DISCLAIMER: Note that several of the items on my list have the lowest price as FREE. Keep in mind that to get this FREE price, you may be required to make a minimum purchase (as is often the case at Staples) and/or to sign up for a Rewards Program or submit a rebate. Also note that these items may only be “free” once or twice per year – for this reason, I have given you a range.

If you disagree with my Price Points and/or have items to add, please share in the comments below!

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Comments 103

  1. Happymama

    Nice! Don’t forget when you recycle your ink cartridges at Office Max/Office Depot, you can earn $2 per recycled cartridge. I plan to get my son’s school supplies this way for free this year :).

    • nicolegammeter

      Awesome idea! 🙂

    • Michelle

      Although you do receive $2 per cartridge, you also have to spend an equivalent amount to receive the reward from the cartridges. I’ve learned it’s hard to achieve what they call “qualified spending” toward this, since I’m usually only spending or rolling my maxperks rewards. Say you recycle 5 cartridges, you must spend $10 in qualifying purchases to receive your $10 reward. It’s in the fine print on the website. I’ve found one employee (not even the manager) at my store able to explain this to me.

      • Colette

        Then recycle at Staples. You only have to buy $30 in ink every 180 days. You can recycle 10 cartridges every month. That’s $20 in free money every month! We’ve accumulated a ton of stuff with ours to donate to our local schools here shortly. Also picked up some 70 count notebooks for 17 cents today while we were there.

      • Sharon

        It also takes them 30-90 days to post to your Max Perks account. Can’t use immediately.

  2. Mona

    Phenomenal! Thank you so much for taking the time to create and provide the PDF. YOU ROCK!

    • nicolegammeter

      You’re so welcome, Mona! Happy to help! 🙂

  3. Laura

    If anyone was able to print the crayola ultra clean marker coupon and the 64+ crayon coupon yesterday and doesn’t need them, I would be happy to trade a $5 domino gift card for them!

    • Barb J

      I have one extra of the 64 count crayon, washable markers, Crayola 10 count paint and Crayola dry erase. You don’t need to give me the gift card. Send me your mailing address and I will get them out to you. bjdoll_98@yahoo.com

      • J

        You are so super sweet!! You will be rewarded for giving and not asking anything in return.

      • Laura

        Thank you SO much. I just sent you an email.

  4. Barb J

    I love this. thanks Collin.

    • nicolegammeter

      YW! 🙂

      • Debbie

        You can get a 12 package of black Sharpe markers for $3.50 this week. There is a 30% off Sharpe coupon on the Staples website that stacks with the $5 sale.

  5. Christi

    Thanks for the list Collin! My daughter’s school requested small paper plates and bandaids this year, strange!

    • Nik

      Not really that strange. Plates for snack time or holiday parties and bandaids for accidents on the play ground.

      • D

        Not strange at all. We get them at my school through parent donations and they come in sooo handy

    • nicolegammeter

      Those are unique requests. They’ll be handy for class parties and unexpected cuts and scrapes though! 😉

    • mel

      Paper plates can be for art activities or snacks. Band aids is a strange request though!

    • Ashley

      As a teacher small paper plates are great for projects!

    • Kim

      I teach junior high and I like to keep band aids in my desk. In my case, it saves class time. I can get a band aid out of my desk quicker than I can write a clinic pass. Plus, the student has to stay in class instead of wandering around school for 15 minutes.

  6. Ashley

    Thanks Collin! I was just thinking this morning about price points for supplies!!

    • nicolegammeter

      You’re welcome! 🙂

  7. smitha

    if any one not using crayola coupons can you send me ..

  8. Doxie

    I’m waiting to see some great deals on InkJoy & Sharpie pens!

  9. smitha

    can any 1 send me the crayola coupons if you are not using

  10. Jamie

    Coming from a kindergarten teacher, PLEASE get your child Crayola crayons! The other brands are just awful and don’t last in the classroom more than a couple weeks. I always stock up on Crayola crayons when they are 25 cents to replace my students’ crayons throughout the year. Just though it might help out! 🙂

    • katie

      I will second that!

    • Kristen

      Amen! Someone donated rose art and I let them use them because I love free! But they couldn’t put the caps back on and I had to do them for them and then they eventually dried out within a week

      • Kristie

        Definitely agree! Crayolas are the best. For glue sticks I will only buy Elmer’s as the store brands I bought in the past dried out quickly.

    • Marlene

      I 3rd that im not a teacher but ive used the other crayons and they are awful and usually the same price. Thxs to collin im able to donate a box of supplies to my sons teacher or i buy expo markers at costco usually 30 markers for about $12

  11. Cathy

    Collin,on a related note, I regularly refer to your general price points PDF. I have printed it and try to adhere to the prices as best as possible. I am very discouraged as over the past 1-2 years, I can never hit those points. Would you say with inflation we should add 10-20% to the listed prices or are your price points current and I am just a bad shopper…. Thank you for everything you do! 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the feedback, Cathy! I will definitely take some time to review these spreadsheets over the next few weeks and update them based on the realistic stock-up prices for the present time.

      • mtnhoney

        I would agree. I have had my binder set up since 2008. I went to college and worked full time so my couponing has sacrificed since then. …and my tp stash has gone along with it! I recently became a stay at home mom again and pulled out the ol’ binder to find all my old receipts and I am sorely disappointed in how much everything has increased. Wow. When did Tide and Charmin become as high as some Stock???!!!!

  12. lae

    The same $10 worth of Crayola coupons can be found in Nesquick containers. I saw them today in Walmart! 🙂

    • Sara

      Thank you!!

  13. Sarah

    What’s your price point for loose leaf paper? I alway feel like I’m missing the best deals on that.

    • Michelle

      I’ve gotten loose leaf paper for around .15 cents at OfficeMax in the past, sometimes Staples also. Not sure if they have instituted “with minimum purchase” requirements these days. I’ve gotten great clearances at Target, but it’s hit and miss.

  14. Carla

    Do school supply lists start as early as Kindergarten ? Or even pre-k?

    • ali

      yes they do Carla.

    • lae

      no they do not Carla

      • Doxie

        I think it really depends on the area. Every kid needs at least some things for school though!

      • Barb J

        my daughter had a supply list in kindergarten.

    • Adri mom

      My daughters both received supply list for 3 year old and 4 year old preschool.

      • Clare

        Same here, the school my child attended had a (long) supply list beginning at age 3.

    • Guest

      I work at a preschool and we don’t give supply lists however we have wish lists and do ask for any donations and help from parents. But it’s not like it’s required! Just their own nap pads!

      • andrea

        Any creative ideas for how to label the mats?. Or would a sharpie be good enough to know who’s who??

        • Guest

          We’ve just used a sharpie! Not too creative lol most of them have monogrammed nap stuff anyway, so we can keep up with it. They each have their own cubbie that their nap stuff goes in too so it doesn’t get mixed up

    • Kristen

      Where I live, yes kindergarten does have supply lists and they are LONG! Lol

    • hnhaslam

      I think that totally depends on where you live and the school your child goes to. In Utah the public schools don’t require nearly as much as the charter schools do.

    • Christi

      my daughter is in K and has a full list

    • Valerie

      It just depends on the school. My kindergartner has to pay $20 and all supplies are covered from that. We live in a small town and many of the families cannot afford school supplies.

  15. Amanda M.

    I know it’s a little more than the $.25, but Toys R Us, today only (7/9/14) has Crayola Crayons, 24ct for 3/$1 with a limit of 6 boxes per person.

  16. Laura

    Times have changed. In addition to the normal supplies, my kids’ public school supply lists have optional items listed this year: headphones (elementary and middle) so they don’t have to share in the computer lab as well as USB flash drive (middle). Does anyone have any positive experience with an inexpensive set of headphones that they’d like to recommend the brand & model?

    • Danielle

      Honestly, none of the earbuds we use at school fit my students’ ears (2nd grade). When I talk to parents I ask that they send the old school over the head attached headphones. But I would ask your teachers

    • Christi

      skull candy – can be found at target, is cheap, has interchangeable ear buds for kids with small ears and come in fun colors! I love mine and am not too upset if i lose them (which i always seem to do!)

    • heather

      In our school students need headphones K-8th. Last year my daughter was in Kindergarten and we got her some from Toysrus. They are made for little kids. They are called Maxwell Safe Sound. We also used them with a DVD player for an 18 hour car trip. They are excellent!!

    • Meredith Jacob

      I ordered headphones with a microphone from Amazon a few years ago and got a really good price. I would check there. 3 years later, my kids are still using the same ones for computer class.

  17. Brittany

    I don’t understand why my son’s school requests 16ct Crayola crayons! They are ALWAYS more expensive than the 24 pk. For prek, I went ahead and bought the 16 ct boxes since I know teachers make the requests for a reason. However, now that we need several more boxes of 16ct boxes for K, I’m wondering…would it be THAT bad to donate the 24 ct boxes? Any teacher opinions out there?

    • Danielle

      It seems odd that they would request 16ct ones. As a teacher any crayons are awesome. Crayola is the best!

    • Amanda M.

      I talked to my daughter’s teacher and she said to go ahead and get the 24. I planned to get them either way. 🙂

    • Ketsy

      Its usually based on the colors that they are learning.

      • makaylaisabel

        I’d remove from bx and make your own pouch, baggie, roll etc and send in the colors only that come in the 16ct. You can melt the others for fun crayons or use at home.

  18. SJ

    Some schools in my area have gone to a flat fee parent’s pay to the school for supplies…the school buys all markers, scissors, folders, notebooks, etc for your child. Kind of an interesting way to do it.

    It’s good for some parents, for the convenience factor…but not great for couponers like us since we can get things for super cheap…

    • Shel

      Exactly! I love school supplies, & have always been able to get great deals on them. It kills me to have to pay a $35 school supply fee (per child) each year when I know I could have gotten the same things for MUCH less! (This has been the only option every year since PreK.)

      • Clare

        My child is going into kindergarten and his supply fee (if we chose to have a company handle it) was $75!

        • Darcy Lundt

          That is absolutely insane! I would have said Heck no!

  19. chely

    My school did the same 16 crayola… Im palnnin got get 24, is cheaper, still crayons

  20. Karen

    Thanks for the list. I wish my kids school sent out the list sooner than they do. I know the teachers are already set but we don’t get the letters till mid august. So I always stock up on everything because I certainly don’t want to pay full price after I do get the list.

    • Sandra

      Have you checked your PTA’s website? We post our lists before school ends.

  21. Jenny

    Any teachers care to tell me why our school always says NO school glue? They want the other Elmer’s kind.

    • Janelle

      I’m not sure why they don’t want school glue. Perhaps they mean no liquid glue, so they just want glue sticks. I am a 1st grade teacher and we really try to avoid using liquid glue as it is much messier than glue sticks.

      • Jenny

        hmm. thanks. the last two years we’ve had to buy liquid glue (not school glue) and glue sticks.

  22. Essie

    What about price points for construction paper?

  23. Rosaline

    Sorry, new user here, so where do I go buy these products? Are these all coupons? If yes, where do I get them?

    • Judy

      it was just suggestions on what prices would be good deals on those products

    • Holly K

      Rosaline, start watching the ads in the Sunday papers. Lots of places have back to school specials for really, really cheap supplies without coupons. Depending on where you live, Staples, Office Max/Depot (now together in same store), Fred Meyer, Target, K Mart, even grocery stores.

    • Theresa

      This isn’t a shopping list so much as a guide to show you what you should pay when you do purchase these items. Keep watching this site and they’ll be posting all sorts of deals and there’s a list maker

  24. cathy

    Thank you Collin for posting the list of prices. We don’t get the suggested list until 1st day of school but I am going to buy same items as were requested last year because I know that will be close match.
    Here in California, teachers can not require school supplies or money. They can make suggestions. There was a lawsuit about language of “free, public education” and students can not be required to bring pencils, pay for field trip, etc. I wonder if similar lawsuits will be filed in other states, especially since it is getting more expensive and the lists are getting longer, and the economy has not improved in a long time.

    • Janelle

      Our school district in PA doesn’t allow teachers to make requests either for the same reason. We always end up getting a bag of supplies and just donating it to the teacher so she has a supply for when she needs it.

      • Elizabeth

        I dont mind pencils/crayons etc but having to buy headphones/ear buds as a requirement here sucks. It can get pretty expensive to not only find a pair that will fit a small child well but also be of good quality. Its frustrating, and of course my son’s pair from last year didnt last so I have to begin the search again this year.

        • Shel

          I’ve never had to get headphones for school, & I agree that it sounds frustrating, but perhaps if you think of it partly as “lice prevention” it will help! It’s all in the perspective…LOL 🙂 Good luck finding just the right ones!

  25. Jamie

    Is there any way you can do a list of where we can find those for the listed prices? Thanks for all the savings you find!

  26. Tarri

    I am hoping staples starts there Back to School deals soon, I have 3.xx in rewards to use and this would be an easy way to use them up.

  27. E

    This is our first year not buying the prepackaged supplies directly from the school. Ugh, not looking forward to it with my herd. We got our lists last week- what a treat. Atleast I have this ad!

    • E

      PDF alsways autoxorrects to ad on my phone ugh

  28. Elizabeth

    Last year was my first year back to school shopping and I had a difficult time getting the really low prices, but am hoping to have better luck this year. My biggest issue was not seeing the best sales until into August. School started August 19 last year and the majority of the supplies had to be in the classroom a week or two prior to that. Between waiting on the stores to have supplies out (and have sales) and getting the supplies to the school, I had a very small window of time to make the purchases.

  29. van

    officemax has ten cent rulers (good quality) and other really cheap supplies on display for sale and clearance

  30. Amand medina

    I love this list and thanks so much for making it but how so I get these Prices? What are the points

  31. Laura

    If anyone was able to print the crayola ultra clean marker coupon and the 64+ crayon coupon yesterday and won’t be using them, I would be happy to trade a $5 domino gift card for them!

  32. Nik

    I found 8oz hand sanitizer for .50 on clearance. Expires late next year. 🙂

  33. Molly Tuchtenhagen

    My little sister is starting preschool! What should I get her? I havent gotten a list yet but I want to stock up now. And what should I get for my freshman year of college? Thanks!

    • Cat

      Hi. My daughter started pre-school last year and they had a supply list on their website and they also gave parents one when they enrolled their child. When it comes to college you will generally get a list of required reading materials (rent if u can or buy online rather than the campus bookstore) from each class as well as any general supplies.

  34. Amie Maberry

    So excited I am almost completely done with all school shopping supplies and clothes for my three boys! I need to find one more yellow pocket poly folder with brads and get the ziplock bags and hand sanitizer and I’m good. New tennis shoes for each one and I’ve been buying shorts and shirts on clearance thru sears using my points at the outlet. Super excited to have majority done!

  35. Rona

    Wow! I really appreciate this. Thanks Hip!

  36. stephanie

    My walmart has crayola for .50 and the roseart for .25 :o(

  37. HappyMama

    We homeschool so brand doesn’t really matter. Crayola is wonderful but for .25 my kids are happy all day with whatever crayons we get. I think Office Depot/ Max had Scholastic crayons for less than .25 last year and we got some of those, some Crayola and some Rose Art. We also use a lot of paint, markers and coloring pencils, etc. for arts and crafts so they don’t notice. I do understand that in a larger classroom setting the need for a more durable product. I guess I said all of this to say THANKS SO MUCH, COLLIN, for all of the wonderful deals you post on a daily basis. Helps this household A LOT!!!

  38. michele fuentes

    Hi, would love to have the prices and stores match ups for these school supplies all together so we can manage the shop time.

  39. debbie

    is there a big price points list someone could share for like laundry, toilet paper, cleaners, etc?

  40. Lisa

    Thanks SO much! My printer won’t let me print this PDF in gray scale, any idea why?

  41. Laura

    On the glue stick it says $.25, is that per glue stick? My Walmart ad today has the 2-pack for $.50. Good price? Or will it be cheaper elsewhere later?

  42. Deb

    Thanks for posting this great list! It’s so handy to have.

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