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Walgreens: Points Booster Promo (9/14-9/16 Only!) = *HOT* Deals on Diapers, Nutella, Lipton & More

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HOT! Getting Toasty! Lukewarm Starting To Melt Ice Ice Baby
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Heads up Walgreens shoppers! As I mentioned in my new Walgreens video here, starting 9/14 and through 9/16 only, when you spend $25 or more in a single transaction, you’ll score 5,000 Balance Rewards points (= a $5 reward!) with the Points Booster coupon found in the weekly ad. With that being said, here are a few scenarios to get ya thinkin’…

Buy 2 packs of Well Beginning Jumbo Pack diapers 2/$11
Buy 2 OFF! Clip-On Starter Kit on sale for ONLY $4.99 each (Thru 9.27)
Buy 3 Glade Warmers, $1.29 ea or 3/$3 (Thru 9/27)
Buy 2 Décor Scents Red Refills, $1.29 ea or 3/$3 (Thru 9/27)
Total = $25.98
Use the Points Booster Coupon found in the weekly ad
Use the $1.50/1 Well Beginnings Diapers coupon found here
Use two $4/1 Any OFF! Clip-on Mosquito Repellent Starter Kit coupon found here
Use two $2/2 Glade items (excludes 8oz Sprays and Solid Air Fresheners) coupons found here
Use the $1/1 Glade Warmer coupon found here
Pay $11.48 (+ tax)
Get back 5,000 Balance Rewards points (= a $5 reward)
Final cost ONLY $6.48 total, just $0.72 per product!

Buy 2 Lipton Tea, 100 ct, $2.99
Buy 2 Nutella 13 oz $2.99
Buy 2 Sweet ‘N Low 120-ct $1.99
Buy 6 Gatorade, 20oz 6/$6
Buy 2 Planters Peanut Flavors, 6 oz $2.29
Total = $26.52
Use the Points Booster Coupon found in the weekly ad
Plus, use the $1/2 Planters Cashews Halves & Pieces or Whole 8oz or 8.5oz · Mixed 10.3oz · NUT·trition 9.25 or 9.75oz Peanuts 6 or 16oz Walgreens coupon found in the September Booklet
And, use two $0.75/1 Sweet’N Low (100 Count Box or larger) coupon found here
And, use the $1/2 Planters Nuts or Peanut Butter (6 oz or larger) coupon found here
And, use two $1/1 Lipton Black Tea Bag carton coupons found here
And, use two $1/1 Nutella Hazelnut Spread Jar coupon found in the 8/17 SS
Pay $19.02
Get back 5,000 Balance Reward Points for $25+ (= a $5 reward)
PLUS, get back 1,000 Balance Reward Points for purchasing Planters (= a $1 reward)
Final cost $13.02 total, just $0.93 per item!
(Thanks, Wild for Wags!)

Buy 1 Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit $4.99
Buy 1 Eucerin Calming Creme Daily Moisturizer 8 oz $7.99
Buy 1 Aquaphor Healing Skin Ointment 3.5 oz $8.79
Buy 2 Dentek Floss Picks 75 or 90 pack 2/$4
Total = $25.77
Use the Points Booster Coupon found in the weekly ad
Use the $2/1 Glade Automatic Spray Starter Kit coupon found here or in the 8/17 SS
And use the $1.50/1 Aquaphor Skin, Lip or Baby Care Product coupon found here
And use the $1/1 Any Eucerin Product coupon found here
And use two $0.50/1 DenTek Floss Picks (purchase of $1.99+) coupons found in the 8/10 SS
Pay $20.27
Get back 5,000 Balance Reward Points (= $5 reward)
Get back $2 RR (for purchasing Glade)
Get back $8 RR (for purchasing Eucerin & Aquaphor)
Get back $2 RR (for purchasing DenTek)
Final cost $3.27 total, only $0.65 per product!

Buy 1 Clairol Nice N’ Easy Hair Color AND 1 Clairol Root Touch-Up Hair Color 2/$12
Buy 2 Softsoap Body Wash 15 or 18 oz 2/$7
Buy 2 Skintimate, Edge or Schick Hydro Shave Cream or Gel 5.1 to 8.4 oz 2/$6
Total = $25
Use the Points Booster Coupon found in the weekly ad
Plus, use the FREE Clairol Root Touch-Up Hair Color, When you buy 1 box of Nice ‘N Easy Hair Color (up to a $5.99 value) coupon found in the 8/31 PG (EXP 9/14!)
And use two $0.75/1 Softsoap Body Wash 12 oz+ coupons found in the 9/14 SS
Pay $17.51
Get back 5,000 Balance Reward Points (= $5 reward)
Get back $4 RR from Clairol
Get back $3 RR from Softsoap
Get back $1 RR from Skintimate, Edge or Schick Hydro
Final cost $4.51 total, that makes each item only $0.75!

*PLUS – don’t forget to check out my newest Walgreens video where I share some of the BEST deals you can score this upcoming week (9/14-9/20)…

If you can’t see the video, click here.

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Comments 33

  1. Jessica

    Do Walgreen points expires?

    • Coupon Addict for Life

      Nope 🙂

      • mel

        Yes, they do. From terms/conditions of the BR program:

        Should any Balance Rewards Member not use their card (physical card, virtual card via
        smartphone or phone number look-up) in a transaction for 6 consecutive calendar
        months, the membership will be deemed to be inactive and all accumulated Points will be
        forfeited. For active Members, all Balance Rewards Points expire on a rolling 36-month
        basis. Complete terms and conditions of Point redemption are posted at

        • Coupon Addict for Life

          Wow I’ve never heard that – I’ve even asked my local Walgreens multiple times and they told me they never expire .. I’ll have to bring that up to them

  2. Janet

    If you’re subscribed to parents magazine, this month’s issue comes with a $1.50 manf q as well.

  3. arlene

    If i want to do a deal twice in two transactions, on the second transaction can i use the 5,000 points from the first transaction and EARN another 5,000?

    • Brooke

      Hi, Arlene. No, you can’t use points and earn points in the same transaction.

    • Coupon Addict for Life

      You can not spend points and earn them in the same transaction at Walgreens

      • arlene

        Thanks guys!

  4. angie

    Every time I do this with the booster coupons the cashier warns me that the total needs to be $25 after the coupons to get the points. So I gave it a try anyways and sure enough once I handed over my coupons (booster coupon first) at the end of the transaction I lost my points. Something with the computer systems. Not sure why it does that… and there’s nothing the cashier or manager can do to give me those points… Oh well! Win some; lose some.

    • amanda

      So for the booster point coupon to work the total needs to be 25 $ after all coupons even if they scan the booster coupon first?

      • mel

        From what I understand, your total has to be $25 AFTER any Walgreens coupons, manuf coupons don’t count.

    • Coupon Addict for Life

      Hmm I’ve never had that issue… Ive even had it to where i forgot to scan the coupon at all and the manager figured out my total before coupons and just added them to my account for me… You can try contacting Walgreens after have them add them for you – they will just need the info on your receipt

    • angela

      I had the same thing happen to me a few months ago. The manager stated I had to have an ending total of $25. The cashier scanned the coupon right at the beginning but it did not go through.

  5. amanda

    Oh ok. So like on deal #4 if I want to use a RR I have from last week would that be counted as a Walgreen coupon? Even tho it says manufacture coupon? I’m having the worst luck at couponing lol I want to get this right

    • Keishia

      No, RR are considered as a manufacturer’s coupon.

  6. naucathy57

    Your total has to be $25 AFTER all discounts to get the 5000 points. I was told this in store and also the Walgreens call center.

  7. Mar

    Its always $25 before Manufacturing coupons, but after Walgreens coupons. I have always received my points using the booster coupon first. The only time I didn’t get points was when I had a total of $25.57 and because I forgot to factor in a Walgreens coupon of $1 off it brought my total to $24.57 making it short. I was able to get my full refund and manager let me redo my transaction

  8. Whitney

    In the first scenario, can’t you use 2 $1.50/1 coupons? That would bring it down to $4.98 total and $0.55 per item.

  9. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Unfortunately, that coupon has a limit of 1 coupon per customer. 🙁

  10. Sarahjane

    So, you cannot use 4 of the Well Beginnings diaper coupons in one transaction like you suggest in the video?

    • KeriB

      I was also hoping we could use multiple of those coupons as well 🙁 I was going to stock up on diapers this week. Guess I can still do so, just will have to do multiple transactions/ hit up different stores 🙁 I’ve been excited about this deal since Collin posted last week. $4.75 per pack of diapers is still good, but was thinking I was going to pay $4/ pack. Oh well 🙁

    • Katie

      But, couldn’t you take your spouse and/or kids in with you and use more than one coupon in a transaction?

  11. Lindak

    Don’t forget if you have an AARP card to link it to your Walgreens card and you’ll get another 5000 points if you spend $25. The AARP bonus is once per month.

  12. Mellissa

    I’m behind this week because I was busy over the weekend, so I made it into Wags today for this week’s deals. I left the store thinking … why? Why do I keep coming here? Every time I go to Wags for a deal something always goes wrong. This time it was the werther’s. I took my two coupons … one expired end of Oct and the other end of the year. The register stated that they were expired and the store manager stated that they couldn’t override the system. Okay fine … no free candy for me … no real biggie. But the problems didn’t end there. The cashier then started stating … you didn’t buy this … you didn’t buy this … in regards to my coupons. The items are clearly visible on the counter and I just sighed. Why offer sales, register rewards, in ad coupons, monthly coupon books, etc. if you are just going to rude to those who use them? I just need to seriously cash out my points and stop looking at the Wags posts … I told my mom that Wags is like a bad bf that you just can’t break up with. I did fill out the survey at the bottom of the receipt and requested that someone contact me regarding my issues. So, I guess I’ll see how that pans out but seriously … why? Why do I keep falling for their attempts to lure me into these headaches each week?

    • Shayla

      I feel your pain. Lately I have been having more fails than successes and it gets so frustrating. To top things off, just found out my fav manager at my local Wags is moving on to bigger and better (good for him) but does scare me that the next manager won’t be as helpful when issues arise. Half the time I am doing these deals for other people (ie: family members, friends, church, food banks) and I think “why” but I am reminded that I’m doing my best and I can take my business elsewhere if that treatment continues. I think taking the survey is a helpful step, as I do believe they take reports seriously. Keep your chin up, it happens to us all at one point or another. If it’s an option, change locations.

      • Mellissa

        Thanks for your comment Shayla. There are so many locations around my house … the closest two are the major pains (which are probably bogged down with all my neighborhood couponers)… so it might be better to venture out another block or so to the others. I need to figure out how to spend my points and the RR I have now and just hit up Wags for milk sales,

    • Meryl

      I know some areas do not have a CVS on every street corner like I do which was why I GLADLY kicked Wags to the curb about a year ago. We have so few here so stock is really low, etc. I’m totally faithful to CVS, PERIOD!! 🙂

      • Melissa

        I’m with you Meryl! I think I’ve been inside walgreens 2 or 3 times in the past 2 years. I might go in for diapers, and that’s it. I absolutely won’t do register rewards anymore, and I haven’t taken the time to understand the balance rewards program, but from the comments, it sounds like nobody can!

      • Mellissa

        It’s funny you mention that. I did end my rant in my survey with the fact that I will just across the street and go to their competitor CVS which is much friendlier and less stressful to couponers. I like you … LOVE CVS. I just need to wait for the deals to come with them and not be tempted by the same deals at Wags. I just need to get rid of my points and RR.

  13. ashley

    I’m a coupon newbie i can’t seem to understand the Walgreens points and rr yet every time i try and do a deal posted if never goes as planned my Walgreens always seems to give me n excuse on something i did wrong 🙁

  14. p3nny

    No problem with deals & rewards at my Walgreens— they’re always out of stock– so no sale, no problems (Walgreens drives me crazy!).

  15. Maria

    My store was out of most everything listed in the various “deals”. I was able to get diapers and use 2 coupons in one transaction so that was nice. They aren’t our favorite brand but good deal @ $4.00 each.

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