Baby Freebies & Deals Round-Up: FREE Samples, Magazines, Welcome Kits, + Lots More

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Calling all you prego Hip2Savers or those of you with little ones! Below is a list of current baby related freebies and deals you can score…

*While supplies last, hurry over to the Nature’s One site where they are offering up a FREE can of Baby’s Only Organic Formula or PediaSmart or a box of PediaVance. Simply click on the picture/description of the product you’d like to try, take a survey and you will receive a code valid for your chosen product to be redeemed at Note that you will need to sign in or create an account to claim your code and you will need to pay shipping charges of $5.95.

*If you’re looking for a nice baby shower gift or just want to protect little knees from hard floors, you can snag 5 FREE pairs of Leggings from BabyLeggings with the exclusive promo code HIP2SAVEBABY at checkout. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay shipping which comes to $14.99 for all 5 pairs (shipping may vary by region), making each pair ONLY $3 shipped to your door! Plus, you can order additional pairs of Leggings for just $2 each + an extra 50¢ for shipping per pair!

*Go here and enter Yo-Baby’s Sweepstakes for a chance to win FREE YoBaby Yogurt. They’re celebrating first half-birthdays this year and welcoming all the new members of the YoBaby family! They’ll select 6 babies who will be turning 6 months old and give them the gift of 6 months worth of YoBaby Yogurt, a $100 gift card, a YoBaby onesie, a bib, an eco-friendly storage bag, and a Shutterfly photo book.

*For a limited time, new members can get a box of some of the best baby care products for only $19 + FREE shipping (regularly $29!) from Citrus Lane – just enter the promo code TAKETEN during checkout.

*Head on over here to score 2 FREE Belly Button Bands or 1 FREE Belly Button Body ($19.95-$39.95 value!) when you enter the promo code HIP2SAVEBAND at checkout. Note that you will need to pay shipping which runs $11.95-$13.95 depending on what you opt to purchase. You will also have the option to add size exchange insurance for an additional $2.50 (this exchange insurance allows one maternity band exchange for a different size within 2 weeks of receiving your original band).

*If you have yet to sign up with The Honest Company, then now is the time to do so! is now offering up this awesome promo where you can now score 3 FREE Bundle Kits which will contain a travel size Honest Shampoo & Body Wash, Lotion, Healing Balm, Laundry Detergent, Hand Soap, a handful of Diapers & Wipes, Prenatal & DHA/Omega-3 OR Baby & Toddler Multi Powder and Kids Chewable Multi-Vitamins! Just check the boxes to add all three kits to your cart (after you register). This is a great opportunity to check out these products and see what you like before purchasing them. Plus, I’ve heard very positive reviews from readers regarding these products – especially the diapers!

…And the best part is that you will only pay a total of $5.95 in shipping for all 3 kits (that makes each kit only $1.98 shipped…. SO awesome!!). Plus, these items are the perfect size to stuff in a baby shower gift basket!

*Score a FREE Car Seat Canopy ($49.95 value!) from when you enter the promo code HIP2SAVE at checkout (code will deduct $50!). You’ll just need to pay shipping which is $12.95 for 2-8 day delivery, so only $12.90 shipped after the code is applied.

*Get a FREE Seven Brand Baby Carrier ($48 value!) when you enter the promo code HIP2SAVE at checkout. You’ll just need to pay shipping, which is $11.95 for 2-8 day delivery. Please note that the reviews are mixed about the Seven Brand carriers and covers, so keep that in mind before ordering.

*Go here and fill out the form to request 7 FREE issues to Parents magazine. If you’re looking to purchase a subscription instead (good gift idea!), you can head on over here to snag 2 full years of Parents magazine for only $7.99! Plus, get their Ultimate Birthday Party Planner FREE!

*Head on over to Amazon where you can download 2 sample chapters of Baby Food Made Easy or a sample chapter of First-Year Baby Care eBook completely free for your Kindle.

*Get a FREE Seven Brand Udder Cover Nursing Cover ($34.95 value!) when you enter the promo code HIP2SAVE at checkout (code will deduct $35-$40). You’ll just need to pay shipping which is $11.95 for 2-8 day delivery, so only $11.90 shipped after the code is applied.

*Don’t forget to sign up for Dolly Parton Imagination Library program to score a FREE book every month for your child until they turn 5 years old. Head on over here for more details. (Thanks, Hannah!)

*If you’d like to snag an inexpensive deal on pregnancy tests, you may want to head to your local Walmart where you can find the First Signal 1ct Pregnancy Tests for just $0.88 (+ FREE in-store pickup if you shop online!)! This is a HUGE discount compared to the name-brand pregnancy tests which range in price from $3.50-$5 per test!

And you may also be interested in checking out the following post and reading through all of the helpful comments that were left – What are YOUR Price Points for Baby Items?


Also, if you’re pregnant, consider adding this item to your Amazon Baby Registry to let friends or family know that this item is on your Wish List! If you haven’t set up your FREE registry yet, head here and do so now and you’ll be entered to win a $500 Gift Card!


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Comments 35

  1. Suzyq

    I have 2 $5 similac checks I am willing to trade for anything ๐Ÿ™‚ baby won’t take similac anymore

    • Amanda

      I would be very grateful to trade. What are you interested in? I have lots of coupons for Gerber, Pampers, Huggies, etc.

      • suzyq

        I would take Enfamil checks or Huggies anything ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Theresa

          I just donated 4 of the free Enfamil starter kits they sent me and my family members. My baby has a milk protein allergy and the only formula he didn’t have a problem with is similac alimentum. I will check to see if my hubby gave the church the enfamil checks too and if not ill post back here.

          • Suzyq

            Thank you!! My little one just couldn’t keep the similac down so we switched to enfamil. I signed up on their site but haven’t received anything ๐Ÿ™

            • Theresa

              I found 3 $5 checks. I also got a target register coupon for Enfamil and a Walgreens coupon. Would you like those too? Send your address to

          • Amanda

            Same here, Theresa – the Alimentum is the only one mine will keep down. The Enfamil Nutramigen, which is the same as Alimentum must have an extra ingredient, because he projectile vomits that back up. Yuck. Totally different than my first one, who would eat anything and everything! lol.
            Suzyq – I have quite a few Huggies coupons, and I’ll see if I have some Enfamil ones left and I’ll send them your way – how do we go about doing that?

            • Theresa

              My new lil guy had blood in his poop ๐Ÿ™ the Nutramigen made it so much worse. Thank goodness for the alimentum

  2. arlene

    Wow, thank you so much for all of this! I am due in January with my first baby and this was so helpful to stay on a budget. You guys are awesome finding the best deals for us mommies (& mommies to be!)

  3. Rachel

    If anyone wants to use my code and I get 5 people to use it they will refund my shipping charges! This would help so much! 825E7AC7B – With this code you also get the discount so $14.99 for 5 babylegs shipped!

  4. Zanne

    Can anyone tell me if they have ordered from the baby leggings site? I have been so tempted but it gets mixed reviews when I googled it.

    • megan e.

      I personally haven’t ordered from that website, but baby leggings in general aren’t great on chubby thighs. They work well for covering the knees and/or ankles though. You can get baby leggings on eBay for $2/pair shipped, so slightly cheaper, plus you can just start with one pair instead of having to commit to 5.

    • Nikki

      I did for my 3 month old last month. I love them all, especially with it being almost winter. He does not have chubby legs. I agree with the previous commenter. You need skinny legs for them to work!

  5. Tasa

    When did you start saving for pregnancy/baby? What items did you stockpile beforehand? Tia!

    • Megann

      I did as soon as I found out I was prego! Stock pile diapers in all sizes and keep the receipt taped to the box maybe start with size 2 because you will get newborn and size 1 for your shower. Buy cloths when they are on sale or at a thrift store. But babies grow fast! Start with a few 3 month outfits but you also will get a lot for a shower so better to buy 6 months +. Don’t buy formula! Wait until the baby comes. I tried nursing but it didn’t work out for us. I switched formula 3 times. Buy some wipes. But a few bottles of baby wash. The more you have before hand the better. Easier on the pocket to pick up a few items as you see them vs when you need them. Hth.

      • J

        I agree..don’t buy formula! I signed up on all of the formula websites (enfamil, etc) through Collin’s posts. They all sent samples of formula. I also had to go through several formulas until we found a fit for my son. This is the perfect way to sample formulas with your baby if you have to.

    • suzyq

      As soon as I was pregnant just like Megann said. I always bought wipes on sale for $1 or less per 72/64ct packs – you can never have too many wipes. Definitely agree with her on the sizes for diapers to stock up on. You can also stock up on baby clothes at the end of season sales at Babies R Us and Target for really cheap.

      • Maria

        I know y’all are saying that you can never have enough wipes, but is that true?? They can’t dry out can they?? I am buying as many as I can before my due date in a month (!!!). I’m asking because I had some makeup wipes that dried. I also bought many diapers when ever they were on sale, basically only Walgreens and target brands, so I pray my baby won’t be allergic to those. I really won’t be able to buy after the baby is here for a while, so I tried to stock up. Thanks for any advice in advance!!

      • Maria

        Also as a side note, I bought a few outfits for 3-6 month and 6-9 months from dollar general today for $2.00 each that were normally around $9.00 or $12.00. The ones with yellow or white dots were the ones for $2.00 each. I hope this helps someone.

        • Suzyq

          Maria- I have never had a problem with baby wipes going dry like I have with face wipes. I do try to rotate them in my stockpile so I am using the oldest ones first and I also try to flip them over every now and again…not sure if that actually really does anything though ๐Ÿ™‚ I also read somewhere you can store them in the freezer but I haven’t tried that yet. We go through them so fast in our house with a 3 year old and 6 month old!!

          • Maria

            Thanks for yore input Suzyq! I guess I am becoming more worrisome as I’m approaching my due date. Every little thing has me freaking out! :-p

            • Megann

              Just breath! That’s a normal feeling. My little one is 6 months. Just remember babies need only the basics to begin with. You can get by with the bare minimum to begin with. As long as they are fed,changed and warm life is good! Once your little one is here you will forget about all if your pre baby worries!

            • Maria

              Thank you Megann! <3

    • Amanda

      Definitely diapers and wipes! If you buy a small pack of diapers per paycheck and a small pack of wipes, it will add up quickly, and then watch for sales and coupons and really stock up when you see a good sale (like this week’s Target sale for diapers). Don’t worry about buying size NB or 1 and getting them at the shower – all stores will allow you to return unopened pack of diapers for a different size of the same brand.
      I do agree with the formula, though. Sign up on the websites for the samples. You’ll have a few days in the hospital to see if your baby likes the one the hospital has (you don’t get to choose in the hospital unless you bring your own). If there are problems, then you’ll have a can or two of another sample variety without having to go spend a ton of money on your own. Plus, the samples always come with high value coupons/checks to help if you do need an extra can.
      Clothes-wise, BUY NEWBORN! No one ever buys this size for showers, thinking it’s not necessary and everyone else will be buying this size. Then you don’t have anything for when the baby first arrives. My two kids were 7 lbs. and 8 lbs. and were in NB size clothes for 2 full months. Not to mention that you’ll go through outfits like crazy the first week or two, because you’re getting used to how tight to fasten the diapers (so there will be leaks) and if your baby has problems with formula (spitting up on clothes). It’s a messy first week or two! lol.
      Hope this helps, and congratulations!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Shabnam

    Lookibg for the wallgreens well beginnings coupons if anyone has extras, they work the best for me im always waiting for a good sale ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks in advance.

  7. Happy

    Hello All,

    For those checking out the Honest Company, if you are planning on making a purchase of $25 or more, please consider using my referral link below. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be one of the first people to welcome you to the Honest Company.

    If you are planning on making a purchase, you can use the code Invited10 for $10 off.

  8. Kat

    If you wanted to try out Citrus Lane which sends a box of goodies for your child ages 0-5 then if you sign up through this code: you will get 50% off your first box! That makes it just $14.50 to try this out for the first month! A lot of great products from brands similar to Melissa and Doug come in this!

  9. melodynichole

    i have several similac checks. would like to trade for pampers/huggies or target coupons.

    • amanda

      I have lots of huggies coupons.and.I think a few pampers too. Send me an email…

  10. Tracy

    I would love to see some deals for breastfeeding and cloth diapering!

  11. Tif26ma

    Suzyq…I have tons of enfamil coupons if you want them.

  12. Stephanie

    I have several Similac checks if anyone needs them. I would like to trade for pampers or huggies coupons. Thanks!

  13. AshleyR

    I have Similac Checks, although they have my name on them so I dont know if anyone can use them, but I am willing to give them away to anyone in need.

    • amanda

      Yes, please! My son can only drink the expensive alimentum one. Would you like any coupons?

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