Walmart Beauty Box Only $5 Shipped

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If you like receiving goodies in the mail, you may be interested in heading over here to snag a Walmart Beauty Box. A different Beauty Box is sent out each season (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) and will include a selection of sample beauty products and tips on how to use the products – all for $5 shipped.

In fact, Hip2Save reader Brandice emailed to let me know that she received her Winter Beauty Box in the mail (see picture above), which included Pond’s wipes, Aveeno lotion, Pond’s cream (I love this stuff!) and more!

Plus, check out what a few Hip2Save readers had to say about their boxes:

I received mine yesterday. Definitely worth $5. Thank you.

I’m very pleased with all  of the products. I have used the L’Oreal face creams every night since and am in love with them. What a great bargain to be able to try new products. Plus I love receiving products at home.

I got mine today. Definitely worth the $5. Got a full size 1.6 oz clinical Secret, .5 oz Olay Regenerist micro sculpting cream, .5 oz jar of L’Oreal Revitalift, full size CoverGirl Continuous Color lipstick in iced mauve, sample of Couture Couture perfume and sample of Clear scald & hair shampoo & conditioner. All for $5 shipped!

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Comments 83

  1. DK

    Off topic.
    I have two box of pampers diapers(unopened),would like to know if Target will take it back or do I try to sell it.
    I don’t have a receipt for it.

    • CA

      If you purchased it with a credit/debit card they can look it up. If not, I think they will give you a gift card.

    • Alison

      If you paid via a card, they can look up the purchase on your card and pull the receipt that way. hth!

    • Jenna

      Our target usually will take up to $50 or $75 (can’t remember which) of merchandise each year w/ valid id w/o a receipt. Would be worth a call before hauling them in though.

    • MW

      I have taken diapers back without a receipt and was able to exchange for the next size. I think for most brands the boxes are the same price but have less diapers as you go up in size, so it’s an equal exchange.

    • Elise

      At Target you can return w/o a receipt w/your id until you hit $75, then you have to wait a year for it to reset. But it will be the lowest price w/in the last 30? days. Otherwise, you can exchange it for anything in that department. For diapers, you can get anything in the baby department.

    • Laura

      Walmart will return them, regardless. As long as your drivers license isn’t on the “do not return” list they will take them. I returned 4 packs of Huggies that I bought at CVS to Walmart, after discovering my daughter is allergic, and my CVS is unpleasant at best.

      • susan

        So basically you cheated Walmart? Kudos on your morality.

        • RT

          Wal-mart takes returns without receipts so they must expect to get items actually purchased at other stores. They resell the item and everything evens out. It’s just a way to get people into the store. They hope once in the store for your return you’ll by something else or come to them when you do need something. In addition, if the return is greater than $25 they are supposed to give you store credit which you obviously have to spend in their store.

      • Nancy

        I’m assuming Walmart reshelved them and sold them for the return value, therefore everyone came out even?

        • meg

          I don’t think that’s the point! It’s stupid stuff like this that makes returning things harder for people who do things the right way! Cracks me up that people do things that they know darn well is wrong and then they post it for everyone to see. WOW.

          • RT

            Wal-Mart and other stores are very aware this happens and are fine with it. They resell the items and if you return over $25 they give you store credit only. They figure once in the store you’re going to shop and you might think of them for your shopping needs in the future. In some situations it’s impossible to avoid doing this anyway, Often times people get large amounts of diapers they can’t use at baby showers and obviously don’t even know where they were purchased. You can return unopened diapers to Target, Wal-Mart, Babies R Us etc. No one is being cheated. If they were the stores wouldn’t take them back without a receipt. It’s good business the way it’s done now.

            • Shell

              My opinion is….if you cannot return an item to the store from where it was purchased, then that’s your loss. How is it not fraud to return an item bought at a CVS to Walmart? That’s just wrong. If anyone should have to take a loss on an item because you no longer have a receipt, etc. it should be you. You’ve only helped CVS out by not returning the item there…

            • meg

              whatever. Your an expert on what the stores are aware of and that they are fine with it? Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! The things people come up with to justify what they do is laughable. And by all means….please teach your children these values. Have a nice evening.

          • chris

            I worked at walmart and they don’t care at all. I’ve seen them take back dead plants. If you’re returning diapers still in the box unopened, it isn’t harming them since you won’t get back any more than they’re currently selling them for.

            They take them because it gets you in the door and you’re likely to make a purchase there if you had a pleasant experience. They also log you by your drivers license so they can limit you to 3 returns within a 45 day period.

            All of this is factored into their budget.

            • meg

              The fact of the matter is this…be an honest couponer and an honest shopper. Period. You have a nice evening.

  2. Erica Taylor

    Call customer service?

  3. Emily Adams

    You should be able to return them, they will probably give you a gift card since you don’t have a receipt.

  4. Melissa

    I didn’t know Walmart offered this. I love getting goodies in the mail! Thank you!

  5. Jill

    Since this came from Walmart we thought we could use our Walmart credit card but since our wally card doesn’t have an expiration date on it we can’t order the box….does that make sense?

  6. ✨KriziaLee✨

    Off topic… i have two Justice&Brothers $30 funcards (of a purchase of $50) if somebody want it let me know… exp. Feb 4

    • MiaMamma

      I would love one! Is it only online or in the store too?

      • ✨KriziaLee✨

        sending you one

      • ✨KriziaLee✨

        Yes, online and in-store

    • Maria

      If you still have it Krizia, can I have it? TIA. Email:

      • ✨KriziaLee✨

        Sending you one

        • MiaMamma

          Thanks so much, happy new year!

    • Stephanie

      I would love to have one!

      • ✨KriziaLee✨

        Hi, Stephanie… I believe I have one more but i cant find it right now. Send me your email so I can save it to send you the card as soon as i find it.

          • ✨KriziaLee✨

            I found it! …Sending it now

  7. Serena

    Funny, my box was different

    • Jenna

      What was in yours?

    • Deon

      Mine had cover girl lip gloss, Burts bees make up wipes, aveeno and dove lotions and shampoo samples. I believe they have two age groups for their boxes.

      • Renee

        Mine was different than both of those–I had Covergirl lipgloss, a sample of Nivea lotion, Olay Freshwipes, sample of Jergens BB lotion, L’Oreal OleoTherapy shampoo and conditioner. I would have really liked the one in the picture!

        • mich

          Mine was same as yours except I got a maybelline lipstick instead of the lipgloss.

        • Leslie

          This is was I got as well. Not impressed 🙁

        • Trisha

          My box was like yours but I had brown lipstick in it instead of gloss.

        • ctipich

          Yep mine had this stuff too came mid Dec

    • shopper

      They have several versions of the box, also based on age group and possibly when you order (for stock on hand).

  8. Ria R

    Can we use a walmart gift card to pay for the beauty box?

    • Shannon

      You need a credit card to sign up since its a subscription service

  9. Heather C

    I’m super excited to participate in this! My daughter will be 13 in July and
    L💜VES this kind of stuff, so I’m gonna save whatever I don’t want (including the cute “beauty box”) for her 😝

  10. Victoria

    does anyone know why this beauty box is not coming up on walmarts website? I can only find the baby box signups…

    • Heather C

      No, but click on the link that Collin gave you & then she’ll get a kick-back for it! She takes care of us & we help support her- it’s a nice relationship 😍

      • Victoria

        I usually click through her links as I’m a huge fan of this site, but I almost always check the validity of posts as not all come from her & her staff. I’m funny about entering my info on click through sites…

    • Hunterwoody

      You can google Walmart beauty box and it comes up. I only did this to find customer service for the boxes.

  11. Hunterwoody

    I signed in a few weeks ago, seeing order processed. Contacted customer service, order processed. Still no box:(. Contacted them again!

  12. Sherry

    Don’t be fooled by the full size stuff in the first box. The second box contained nothing that wasn’t sample size, plus a bunch of freebie packet stuff. Worth under $3 the way I figure it. Big disappointment. One more try for spring, then I cancel.

    • Chelsie

      I agree I figured I would try this beauty box for the first time and all it was was sample packets of shampoos, a tiny aveeno lotion, and a travel size burts bees wipes. And to top it off one of the shampoo packets had a coupon and it was already expired by the time I received the box…. Super let down.

  13. Sam

    I have 2 items missing in my box. I did not get the lipstick and a shampoo. Basically got all sachet samples. I emailed and called them but like usual, walmart customer service sucks! Called them again yesterday (finally talked to somebody) and they are telling me that the items are free and that the $5 i paid was for the shipping so I guess Im SOL. won’t order from this people again!

    • Angela

      Sorry to hear that! I was not impressed with my first month’s either. I am going to give it one more month and if it is not better, I am done, too.

    • keri

      make sure you cancel… whether you realize it or not you signed up for a subscription! =(

  14. Maryy

    Anyone has the grand theatre ReelRewards? Looking for 1 referral code.

  15. Amy B

    I received the same box pictured … I was disappointed in the items for this Winter box … I feel like they are more along the lines of free samples, instead of products. The Ponds cream was the only significant item. I laugh with my sister, she gets the other variety box, and I end up with all the anti wrinkle creams! Haha

  16. Shalena

    Got mine ordered! Can’t wait to see what I get. Thanks!

  17. Shannon

    Mine had Covergirl outlast lipstick, Dove Oxygen Shampoo and Conditioner, Dove body wash, Ponds wrinkle cream and a 5 count of Ponds wet wipes. Also had a one time use sample of a Maybelline face powder.

    • georgia

      From winter? I’m gathering from the comments that the winter box is the one everyone isn’t liking (which sucks because I ordered before there were any comments). Hopefully I get something worth the money and not just foil packet samples on a card…

      • meg

        I got the same and yes it is the winter box. Disapointed.

        • Rachel

          This is the one I got also. Seeing as though the covergirl lipstick alone sells for $10, it is not a bad deal, but not great either. I would’ve liked the aveeno lotion too!

  18. Brandy @ MommySplurge

    i review over 600 subscription boxes per year – based on this box the walmart beauty box earned a do not recommend from me (maybe 3 boxes have earned it!). i received the same box pictured. value for money and the products considered, it wasn’t worth the $5. except for the food category (low margins), most subscription boxes will give you back multiples (in product) on the cost of the box!

  19. Melinda Hengel

    I never received the last beauty box order I placed. I’m skeptical to order another

    • Rachel

      Check and see if you actually paid for it…I had an issue trying to get the one before this…my order just kept looping back to the start, and it would’nt actually let me buy it. I did it like 10 times and never saw a charge, and never got anything, so there has obviously been an issue with the ordering process.

  20. Deb

    Not sure I’d want to try that Clear scald hair shampoo! Tee hee (see last comment under the post) Thanks for my laugh for the day!

  21. Liz

    For $5 more you will get a better beauty box from Ipsy…i would suggest you to chk out mysubscriptionaddiction … she has all the beauty subscription box reviews. I got this walmart beauty box and the winter box was full of foil packets…not at all worth it. The 1st box was good bcuz of the full size secret deo but not worth it in my opinion.

  22. Deb

    don’t bother with the baby box, not worth $5.

  23. brandice

    Stop being whiny folks….I’m brandice the one that sent her the pic and think it’s worth it to get it delivered to your house…u guys blow $5 at Starbucks daily so suck it up and keep it moving

    • Amy B

      Wow. None of these comments were a reflection on you .. rather our opinions of a product purchased. I don’t “blow” $5 daily … this is a special treat for me. Be classy.

    • meg

      Wow…really? It’s your opinion that you think its worth $5. Good for you. The rest of us are certainly entitled to our opinion and wether we personally think its worth it to us. So you suck it up and act like an adult and get some manners.

      • Brie

        Telling her to “suck it up,” “act like an adult,” and “get some manners” is SO mature!!! You might want to take your own advice? Sheesh! SMH

        • meg

          Lol! Ok!

    • Liz

      Wow Brandy…dont make Colin regret using ur pic…y shd we spend $5 out of our pocket just because u clicked a pic??? Even if i spend $1000 everyday, i chose not to throw my money at some crappy samples from Walmart!!!

  24. DK

    Thank you ladies😊

  25. ctipich

    Mine came with travel size shampoo and conditioner from L’Oreal and a full size lipstick by L’Oréal, a 5ct Olay wipes, BB cream and then some foil bag samples of foundation and lotions well worth free and 5 bucks shipping

  26. MiisNoel

    IMO WalMart’s Beauty Boxes have been totally worth it!!!!!

    FOR WINTER: I received a FULL SIZE Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in “New” Maple Kiss (beautiful color) … “Large” Deluxe Sample (2oz. Each) of L’Oreal’s “New” Oleo Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner … Olay Fresh Effects Deluxe Make-Up Removal Clothes (7 Count) … Jergens BB Body Cream (1oz.) … Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Lotion Sachet/Packet and $1 Coupon … And finally a Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder (Card Sample) and $1 Coupon.

    FOR FALL: I received a FULL SIZE Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel Deodorant … FULL SIZE L’Oreal Glossy Balm in Petite Plum … Covergirl Glowing Nights Nail Polish (3.5mL) … Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner (1oz. Each) … Dove Pure Care Dry Oil (.4oz.) … Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Eau De Perfume Vial (.04oz.) … L’Oreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher Satchet/Packet … And finally Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Makeup (Card Sample w/Varying Shades and $2 Coupon.

    In my case, I personally think WalMart’s Beauty Boxes have definitely been worth the $5!!! For the Hipsters who are on the fence or were disappointed, I can only advise that this is a “blind” beauty subscription … One that “surprises” you each season with samples of products to try. If $5 is too “risky,” then I would pass. HTH ;]

    • Sherry

      The problem was that some people got a full sized item in their boxes, while others got all sample size and packets that weren’t worth anything. So not only was the box a bust for those people (and I was one of the unfortunate ones), but it’s not fair that some got more for their money than others. I don’t know what’s going on at Walmart, but it needs to change.

      • Margie

        I agree. I received all freebie samples (mostly packets) and not one full size item. Definitely not worth $5. I canceled my subscription right after I opened the box. My Fall box was worth the money, but my Winter box contents were all freebie items. I felt very cheated by Walmart, especially when I read that some received a lipstick or other full size item in their boxes.

      • meg

        Agree! I understand that maybe the boxes will differ with what you get but all the stuff should be equal! Some of the boxes are well worth the $5 but others are not and that is the problem.

  27. Karen

    I got the ponds wrinkle cream, ponds wipes, dove oxygen sample shampoo/conditioner, dove body wash sample, cover girl outlast in rose reg. size, dream wonder powder sample on card w/coupon. I think that was it. Will give it another months to see if any better.

  28. S

    I purchased in the fall and got my box, my debit card got cancelled and totally forgot about this deal and didn’t update my card but i still got my winter box!

  29. melissa

    Mine arrived the other day. It however arrived at my moms house in California so I will have to wait until she has time to mail it to me in Japan to see what I got. They don’t offer a military overseas shipping option for the box so we had it shipped stateside.

  30. Charlene Waner

    Hello , I ordered the Walmart beauty box , the first one was real nice . When the second one came it was not as nice the samples were the kind that are glued to the flyer .
    What’s up with that ?

  31. Connie D

    They charged me but I’ve never received it and I tracked it and says NOT FOUND! I’ve emailed twice and called no response!!! Time to dispute the $5 charge!!

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