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Reader Tip: Save Up to 80% on Getting Prescription Drugs Filled with GoodRx (+ Share Your Tips)

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If you regularly fill prescriptions and are wondering what store offers the best price to get it filled, check out this email and helpful tip I received from reader, Joe….


I came across a website called My daughter’s prescription is $900 a month without insurance, or the same to meet a deductible. With paperwork from GoodRx, I got a three month supply for $5. When I was at the pharmacy I heard a couple being told that the same Rx for them was going to cost $1,400, which they did not purchase. When they walked away I approached them and told them about My inhaler was going to cost $250 per month because of meeting my new higher deductible. With GoodRx, it is $25 at my same pharmacy.[/h2s_box]

To compare pharmacy prices nearest you, just head over here, enter the prescription drug name that you or your family needs and your location, and then click “Find the Lowest Price”. You will then be directed to a page that will inform you on where you can purchase this specific drug at the cheapest price nearest you! You’ll also be able to find pharmacy coupons, manufacturer discounts, generics, comparable drug choices, and savings tips! Awesome!

You can also download the GoodRx App on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone to get prices and coupons while you’re on-the-go. Plus, get a GoodRx discount card for FREE that can be used for discounts of up to 80% on most prescription drugs at most U.S. pharmacies. You can use it for every member of your family (even pets!) and there are no quantity limits or hidden fees!

Do you have any other tips related to saving on prescription drugs? If so, please share in the comments below!

(Thanks, Joe!)

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Comments 109

  1. Dale

    I wonder who Joe works for….lol

    • joe vezino

      Joe is retired, and not yet Medicare eligible.

      • joe vezino

        today I used GoodRX and got my RX for.$18.07. Would have been $72. plus used a $20 coupon off my next order with new RX at Meijer. Saved $92

  2. Alie

    Good rx is excellent.once I saved $110 i.e 50% of my prescription.

  3. Amanda

    I actually use this to fill prescription eye drops for my dog! Make sure you call the pharmacy first because I’ve run into places where they said no when I was picking it up. One place that was nice about it in my area was CVS.

    • Csessanne

      I use this for my cat’s medicine. She nearly lost her eye due to high blood pressure =(

      Thankfully the emergency vet understood that I’m a young adult fresh out of college and my budget is still a little strict, so she sent me on my way with the website and the written prescriptions. I ended up getting her eye drops for $15 (Normally $100), and her blood pressure meds for $10 (Normally $50).

  4. Jennifer

    God bless you Joe for this information, and you too Colin for passing it along. I have always wondered the best way to save money on Rx, especially since we are a remote duty military family with no access to a base pharmacy. I think this will come in handy for me and I am glad that I can pass this along to others if need be.

    • Pinki

      I have Tricare and use the Express Scripts Pharmacy to get my generic medications for free and pay $13 for non generic medication.

      • Pinki

        $13 for a three month supply of a non generic medication.

  5. Jane

    I recommended this site some time ago. I had researched over two dozen different sites and this one was the best. I even made an expensive script purchase, went home printed the discount coupon, took it back to Walgreens and they refunded me the difference. The script was about $145 I got back about $95. Awesome site.

  6. Vicky

    I google all those discount cards, print them all, and have them with me all the time. Then google what price in which pharmacy is and go there. If I don’t have time and need medicine ASAP then I go lets say to Walgreens, my primary pharmacy, and ask pharmacist to check all those cards and see which one gives biggest discount.

    • YG

      Same here! 🙂

  7. Jill

    My 11 yr old son had a liver transplant as an infant and is on several expensive Rx- I go directly to the website of the drug companies and often find coupons, including a program that pays 100% of his immunosuppression meds.- that alone saves us $150/ month (our cost after insurance) and they have offered the program for years, saving us almost $2000 a year for about 6 years- that’s a nice chunk of money that we use to pay out of pocket before knowing about the program. It was not income based either, so check the websites of the your medications if you regularly take a Rx!

    • Joy

      Hi Jill. Many moons ago I used to work for an organ donation program and saw firsthand the miracles of such a priceless and wonderful gift of life. I hope your son is doing. Best wishes to you and your son. 🙂

      • Joy

        I hope your son is doing well.

    • Sharon

      Congrats to your son Jill. On Feb. 6 will be 31 years for my kidney transplant!!! I have been on the waiting list for another for 2 and a half years. Just hope your son does as great as I have.

  8. YG

    I used MedSaverCard (free as well) instead of current existing insurance. It was better. I usually make them checked both (so u can ask them to check goodrx and medsavercard) and see which one comes out cheaper.

    • allyson

      thank you my mom has Lyrica and it is $300 and she has no insurance! This is awesome! God Bless!

      • JANE

        ALLYSON: I take a medication made by Lilly that I cannot afford even with the discounts. On their site I printed out a filled out a form, took it to my Dr. He completed it and faxed it off to Lilly. A month later my dr. called and Llly had sent him 8 months worth (free). I plan to renew in another month when when the supply is almost gone. I used to work in drs office and every maker offers this ( or at least did).

  9. Linda

    I don’t know how recently Joe used the discount card at Walgreen’s, but I was there last week, and the pharmacy tech told a customer that they were no longer accepting discount cards because Walgreen’s was not being reimbursed by the card issuers. She said they were only accepting discount cards from customers that were already using a card, but no new cards were being accepted. Please feel free to verify this with Walgreen’s. (I am not affiliated with any of the companies.)

    • joe vezino

      I use Rite Aid, Meijer and Kmart, because I muse transfer coupons each month and discount cards.

      Tx, Joe

  10. Laith

    When my mom’s insurance did not cover a very expensive med, we used GoodRx. Though it only covered 40% of $152, it saved us money. One tip I can offer is that the market price for my mom’s med changed after 3 months and the discount was not enough to help us. Different Pharmacies may offer better prices but in my mom’s case it did not matter. She now has new insurance that will cover but still very thankful for GoodRx because it really helped us out when we needed it.

  11. Patty

    Don’t assume your insurance copay is cheaper than the set retail pricing levels. Good RX is one of the best out there. I have used it on generic drugs and have beat the W Pharmacy Club prices at Walgreens and have found some prescriptions to be even cheaper than the regular store generic prices. A pharmacy assistant at my local WM Neighborhood Market said they found that Good RX usually beats everyone. You get a physical card in case you don’t have your phone and once you get a prescription filled, the price is set and you should not have to present your card upon each refill. Make sure that you either go to or call the pharmacy before they are automatically filled and tell them which card (insurance or Good RX) you want to use or you may be waiting while they unravel the combined initial filling of your RX. Will save you money and time.

  12. Heather

    Darn, I just checked and our daughter’s Advair Diskus only got a $13 discount, so it would be $293 per month. Hopefully, GoodRx will help us in other ways.

    • Carrie

      It’s expensive still for medications that do not have a generic available. But if you have any Rx’s that have a generic available it’s amazing the discounts that you can get with GoodRx’s card.

    • Jen

      Depending on your income, you may want to see if you qualify for discounts/free meds through the company that makes it (GSK). When I used to take Advair I got it for free from their program since I was in college and had no prescription coverage or made enough to pay for it – they’d send me a several month supply in the mail. Admittedly kind of a PITA to fill out the paperwork, but certainly was worth it. Not sure how their program works now, but may be worth checking into.

    • june

      You don’t even have to have low income with adviar for 2015. They have a new coupon that I found where you pay the first $10 then they will pay up to $50 so that will help you some. CVS in my area has no problem with accepting this coupon. I use it with my insurance which has a co pay so this covers most of the co pay. Do a google for 2015 gsk savings offer. You can also get the first month free ( limit once per lifetime). Works on existing prescription.

    • laura

      Go the GSK website and click onto Bridges to Access. You can fill out simple paperwork to see if you qualify for a free year of Advair. Every year you can renew your free service if you still qualify. I’ve been doing this for two years and it has been a blessing. I know that $300 per month for one prescription is a hardship. Good luck!!

    • Misty

      I just started the Advair Disques and with insurance it was going to be 270.00 I used Good RX and got it free. Not sure what it will be after this month but its showing free still.

  13. Maggie

    Love GoodRx’s app. My husband and I have been without insurance for a few months while waiting for the insurance from his new job to kick in (they wait 90 days). One of my prescriptions alone would have been $150. It went down to about $20 with their rx code. Couldn’t believe it. Highly, highly recommend. Also, shop around the next time you need an mri, etc. because the hospital is generally one of the most expensive places to get one.

    • Carrie

      While you are waiting for the new job to kick in with the insurance I highly recommend to check out a low cost sliding fee clinic. If you need any kind of testing done, they write the referral so you won’t have to pay to get it done. I had to get a MRI of my lower back and went to a sliding fee clinic. They wrote a referral to get one done and I didn’t have to pay any more than that $3 fee for my visit to the clinic where I got the referral from.

      • Maggie

        Great info! Thank you so much!

  14. Sherri

    Thanks, great information.

    Like Jill said above, always try going to the drug company websites first and see if they have any coupons.

    EpiPens have a $0 copay coupon right now, and they are very expensive under my insurance plan to get. They have an expiration date, so I always need to keep plenty on hand for several locations. Zomig, and other name-brand migraine meds have coupons most of the time that are easy to find online.

    • Carrie

      I had to get our epipens refilled lately and retail it was over $1,000! It’s crazy!

      • Sherri

        I agree, Carrie! They are vital, but have always been a very expensive copay. They seem to expire too quickly, IMO. Just go to the EpiPen website and print out the coupon to give to your local pharmacy.

        My kids’ local high school nurse asks for donations of expired EpiPens, which she uses to teach kids & adults how to administer EpiPens in emergencies. I feel good about donating the expired ones, instead of just throwing them away. They practice on fruit.

        • Julie L

          Ditto on the overwhelming cost of epipens. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars every year to keep the stock we need. Then the stress of keeping it at the right temp when not at home–ugh!!! I’m going to go check the coupon you mentioned-last time is was only valid for up to $100 which is still good, but more would be great!

    • S

      I get a coupon directly from Walgreens in the mail that makes 2 free. I have no idea how I started getting them, but it made me happy!

  15. Kristie

    If you have a Costco around, I HIGHLY suggest using their pharmacy. You do not have to be a member to use their pharmacy, although the prices might be a little lower if you are. (I’ll have to verify that.) My son’s acne meds were over $400, AFTER we met our deductible last August. I sent them to Costco after I heard about their prices and I paid less than $20 for the same medicine. I will say that some of their stuff is high, like their Epi-pens, but those are high everywhere. One of my prescriptions is $135/month before my deductible is met and $17/month after it’s met. At Costco, they run it through their discounts (instead of through my insurance). It’s $18 for a 3 month supply. I suggest to all of you to at least give Costco a try, if you are close to one. I used the GoodRx app last year a few times and found the prices to be very inaccurate. I reloaded it again and I’m hoping the app has improved. Thanks to everyone on here for the heads up about the app, as well as other helpful hints.

    • Denise

      What was the name of the acne medicine if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Judy

      I totally agree about Costco. A few years ago, we had a very high deductible insurance. It was $7000 per year. Some of our medications, especially generic ones, were so inexpensive there, usually under $10 for a three month supply. Most of the time, we had them put through as cash, not running it through our insurance. For some unexplainable reason, sometimes it would cost more with our insurance than if we just paid cash as if we had no insurance. It was further to drive than our local pharmacies, but the prices made up for that.

  16. Carrie

    I highly recommend GoodRx. We are a family of 4 on one income, and my twins are too little to go to school so I stay home with them. With the rising cost of insurance, it would eat up too much of our income so I opt without. The downside is having to pay full cost for medicine. BUT with GoodRx I am able to still get my medications at a fraction of the cost. I love how it shows the local pharmacies and how much it will be. It does change from month to month and often times I combine it with those coupons where you get a gift card for a transferred prescription. Double bonus!

    • RA

      You situation parallels mine. My husband shells out $820/mth in insurance for him and I, and our kids are on the state insurance. We can’t afford his insurance, but we can’t afford to not have it due to all the laws now. I really wish I could opt out. How are you going about the fine for not having insurance?

      • Melissa

        re: How are you going about the fine for not having insurance?

        This is becoming a huge problem with the “Affordable” Care Act. People can’t afford the Obamacare insurance, but if they don’t pay for it they get fined. Or their deductables are so high, the insurance doesn’t kick in until they have paid out so much money that they can’t afford to cover. So they go without needed care.

        • Amber

          If you can’t afford the insurance you can claim an exemption. They are more exemptions than people know about and not benign able to afford it is one. You just have to prove it.

          • Valerie Metcalf

            Also, if you live in a state that did not expand medicaid you don’t have to pay the penalty.

      • Angela

        We opted out of ins. for 2014 because they wanted $1200/mo. It was crazy! That was for a family of 4 & of course it had a high deductible and all that jazz. My husband & I decided to just save $600/mo & pay as we went for any doctor, dentist & eye care. Most doctors offer a discount if you pay cash. The penalty we had to pay was taken from our tax refund. They make you pay 1% of your income after the standard deduction as the penalty. To us it was worth the $600 & we paid for all of our visits & still have money set aside for this year.

        • Melissa

          What you did makes a lot of sense. You took care of your routine medical expenses yourself, which is great. (Thankfully, you did not have any extreme expenses!) However, the penalty will double in 2015 to 2% and increases the next year as well to 2.5%.

      • lj

        I am not affiliated with any medical cost sharing organizations, and I know this may not be an option for everyone, but check out Christian healthcare ministries. We have been members for 9 years now and it is awesome! I have had 3 pregnancies and an emergency gallbladder surgery and did not pay anything, not even a deductible. Their program allows you to subtract any discounts from you deductible. It is not insurance. Its a healthcare cost sharing organization but it works sorta like an insurance company. It is also covered under the ACA! The most any family would pay for the highest level of coverage is $450/month with a $500 deductible. Hope this helps someone!

        • Angela

          I’ve wondered about this! I’m so glad you brought it up. I’ll look into these! My husband & I are a little leery as it’s something we’ve never used or know of any other people close to us using. Do you use the CHM, if you don’t mind me asking. I’ve also read about Samaritain Ministries~but wasn’t too sure about them. Thanks for all your help!

          • lj

            Yes, we are members of CHM. We have been with them for 9 years and no complaints. The monthly payments have not changed at all in that time. My parents were with Samaritan Ministries and there are a few distinct differences and I’d be happy to share them with you, if you like. Both are excellent, just operate a bit different. You may email me if you like…ljsrh05 (at) gmail.

      • Ashlie

        There’s a chance depending on what state you’re in that you can get a reduced rate through the obama marketplace if you talk to the right person. If the cheapest plan that is offered for a family by an employer or by obamacare is more than 8% of your annual income (for ex: your yearly income is $50,000, then the total annual premium can’t exceed $4,000), then you qualify for assistance to pay for insurance, and you don’t have to pay the penalty for not having insurance. . We battled this for 2 months and even lost our insurance. After 6 calls to obamacare someone finally understood our situation and was able to get insurance for my family of 3 for $130 a month. Granted it’s a high deductible plan, but it’s still something.

  17. julie

    My doctor found the cheapest place to get for me because I don’t have insurance.
    I have taken previfem for a year. It is $9.99 a month at my local super market’s pharmacy.

    • daltonjsmom

      I have heard rumors that CVS will match this if you bring in a Kmart coupon and transfer to them instead… I have not tried it myself, though.

    • Diane

      Be careful using the Kmart gift card coupon. I had used it a couple of time and had no problems but the last time I went in their system had recoded my insurance to a government plan and they wouldn’t honor it. My insurance is Blue Cross for a nongovernmental company.

  18. julie

    Thank you though! That will be really useful in the future for sure. Thanks a lot.

  19. Jen

    If you are on a limited income, check if the company that makes your medication has an assistance program where you can get your meds at a reduced rate/free. I did this for my inhalers when I was in college as it was the only way I could afford them (no prescription coverage, and didn’t make near enough to pay ~300/mo). Had to fill out a bunch of paperwork, have my doc sign it, and after I submitted it they sent me a several month supply in the mail. Not sure how they work now as that was like ten years ago, but I know most of the companies still offer these types of programs. Certainly worth looking into!

  20. mu

    CVS takes competitor coupons, so the KMart one works there too. I get a $25 gift card every time I pick up a prescription. They are wonderful!

    • Melissa

      If you have insurance that uses CVS pharmacy, will you still get the gift card?

      • shopper

        The gift card is just an incentive to use their pharmacy/store. Has nothing to do with your rx nor how it’s paid. The rx gets processed normally. The gc is like a thank you.

    • annie

      hi mu, i fill my prescription at cvs too.can you please tell me how that work ?

  21. Joy

    How would this work for Medicare? My parents take a lot of meds, but even with Medicare and a supplement plan it seems like they are paying a ridiculous amount of money for meds.

    • Technologically Challenged

      Likely, there is a mail order pharmacy attached to their Medicare prescription drug plan. With mostmedical insurance plans medications are significantly cheaper or free when the patient uses their mail order pharmacy. Also, you/your parents may want to shop around for a different prescription drug plan to attach to their Medicare. check the formulary on the other plans. Or switch their Medicare provider to Kaiser Permanente, they accept Medicare recipients. Kaiser has a good prescription drug plan.

    • MARGOT

      Many if not most of the coupons are not valid for “Medicare eligible” patients, defined as people age 65 or older (see the Advair coupon). Ditto for Pradaxa and Lyrica. Even with our Part D insurance, my husband’s meds are incredibly expensive. His heart doctor is currently trying to get the insurance company to lower the tier that Pradaxa is on. The company rejected the first request, but we are appealing since the doctor vastly prefers pradaxa to warfarin. Note that every year you should enter the list of meds your parents take into the government plan finder, and it will compute the lowest cost for the year for the different plans. Then sign up for that plan.

      • Joy

        Thanks for that tip. They have United HealthCare as their supplement plan but I will check with them to see if that is lowest cost for their meds.

        • MARGOT

          Your parents should create accounts (one for each) at
          They can then enter the search term “plan finder 2015” to get to the drug plan tool. This should take you to
          And I now realize you can do the search without creating accounts. The good thing is, that after you go through the work of entering all the drugs, the info is saved and you can use that as the starting point at the end of this year for the next enrollment period, you only have to change amounts or add/delete drugs. (Don’t forget to use the 2016 tool then!) I sort on lowest overall cost for the year, but you can select other parameters. It is a little confusing the first time you use this, as it compares costs to “original” medicare. Also, even through we use the mail order option for our plan to get the lowest cost, I run the tool using a 30 day prescription request. HTH

        • MARGOT

          Forgot to mention – ask their doctors for samples!!!

  22. Mel

    Most of these actually don’t do a whole lot especially to brand name medications. I work at a pharmacy and discount cards give a lot of wrong information as to how much a drug will be at a pharmacy. They generally just want to get your information. Why else would they just discount you? But to each his own. I’d recommend getting manufacturer coupons for brand name meds. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drug be $400 after a deductible unless it just came out or simply isn’t covered by your insurance which is a whole other story.

    • Kate

      Restasis is $400 for 90 days with my insurance (tier 2 so it’s 40% that I have to pay). Reg 1200. I got $100 off with the company’s rebate card. If it were generic, it would be $15. 🙁

  23. theta

    It’s still showing over $130 for Tamiflu. That’s what I paid yesterday and now I have two more kids that are going to need it. There’s no generic yet, so I guess we can expect the manufacturer to continue this extortion through 2016!

    • Rebecca

      go to tamiflu website. They have a $10 off coupon on it. My whole family got sick with Influenza A and we were all prescribed Tamiflu. Saved $40 off the cost of all of our scripts. Definitely helped. You need a coupon for each one though.

    • Ben

      You might want to check your facts. The pharmacies actual mark up the cost of a drug significantly. Those generics that are only $4 actually only cost them .50 to stock. It’s not only the manufacturers that make a profit on the drugs…that’s why a new drugstore is popping up on every corner(at least where I live).

      • cbeths

        Just analyzing both sides of the fence ….Every one has to make something (cost of the drug, cost of the space, pay the technician, pay the pharmacist.) I’m more okay with over paying by $3.50 than overpaying by $100. The drug companies tend to change up their product a little each year to extend the life of their copyright on the drug, therefore no generics can be made until their patent is expired. This is where I would blame the drug companies for the high cost of prescriptions. But, in fairness, the original drug company (branded) did incur all the cost for research, development and testing of the drug… they do deserve to charge some extra for that.

        • Ben

          So look at the cost of branded medicine too. The prices vary widely depending on which pharmacy you are at. Pharmacist also are encouraged to fill generic medicines over branded ones and are paid a hefty bonus when they meet a certain quota. Pharmacies make more money on generics than brands that’s why they want to fill more of them. I’ve worked in one. However with obama care that will changed as generic prices are now skyrocketing. Also keep in mind the research and development cost to even get a drug approved here in the U.S. is more than you could imagine.
          With that said the best way to save money on branded drugs is to go to the company websites. Look at the patient assistance program if you need to but many of the coupons are now covering the cost of the drug and putting the rest towards your deductible. I take a diabetes med and pay $5 a month and the rest of the cost is applied to my deductible.(the coupon covers up to $2000/yr)

  24. Lori Stevens

    I have been looking on Good Rx web-site. I typed in a medication to see the cost. What does it mean when it says, “with free coupon” vs. “with free discount?”

    • Maggie

      This is a total guess from my experience…. CVS told me I had to chose if I wanted the ‘coupon’ or to have them bill my insurance. Since I had a ridiculously high deductible and the insurance value would be much more than the coupon price, I chose the coupon.

      I think the ‘free discount’ is just their everyday price which should be able to be used with your insurance. Again, I am just guessing from my experience but CVS did not want to do a coupon against insurance.

  25. Candace

    I love this app!! I’ve been using it for a few months now and it actually saves me more money using this, then using my actual insurance.

  26. Yessenia

    I used to work at a health clinic as a prescription assistance coordinator (years ago). This service was free for our patients. We had a database that would show us which companies had Rx through P.A.P (prescription assistance program). As Jen mentioned above, you could do the same by googling PAP and the companies name, or going directly through the company’s website. Almost every company offers some type of assistance for there meds. I only worked with the ones that offered them for 100% free and for an extended time I.e. For a year etc. Pfizer, Lilly, Gsk, Bristol Myers and big companies like all had a form that I or the patient would complete along with a Rx, depending on the company we would also have show proof of income but the patient would received a 3month supply at a time, for a year. Things often change with companies and I’ve been out the industry for a while but check with a local clinics they might have access to someone who would do this process for you, or samples dropped off by reps, along with coupons. Samples and coupons used to expire frequently at our clinic…..😔😔

  27. Kimberly

    I found the best value for two of the meds I take is to buy my local grocery store’s discount card for $11.99 a year and then I can get 90 day supplies for $9.99. It would cost me $30 for a 90 day supply going through my insurance plan.

  28. Abby

    I am currently doing IVF and medicine is expensive when you have to pay out of pocket for everything. I was lucky enough to have IVF Greenlight Pharmacy issue my medicines. They said that the ones that were being sent to the insurance company (even though they would not pay or reimburse for the meds) were going to be cheaper if I paid out of pocket instead of going through insurance. I even get hundreds of dollars back for a rebate if using Bravelle, Menopur, Noroval or Endometrin! My cost went from $3,500 to $1,500. Fertility friends– shop here first!

    • Bobbi

      I did IVF over 12 years ago (and now have 11-year old twins and a surprise 6-year old!), and my insurance didn’t cover the meds either. I’m glad you found a good deal to help with the cost. Good luck!

  29. Lynne

    My husband is diabetic, and looks like his 3 month supply of insulin would only be $10 cheaper. I did however find a coupon for a free vial of insulin! Though it does say valid with a new prescription….anybody think this would work since he already uses that brand? Guess I can just ask pharmacy next time we pick up mess.

    • cbeths

      Usually filling a refill does not qualify. How many refills are on each prescription? Usually a prescription is just for 11 refills (1 year.) So when your doctor writes the script again, it will be a “new” prescription.

  30. diane

    If anyone is looking for an all natural antidepressant with no side effects that’s safe to take during pregnancy there is a prescription supplement called Enlyte. It’s only been around for a few years so they don’t offer huge discounts. It was covered by my medicaid when I was pregnant but now I have no health coverage. The best discount I could get without insurance is half price through a mail order pharmacy making it around 58 a month. It’s been working for me. The company that makes it is still small so the more people that take the medication, the more discounts they can offer.

  31. Laura North Swymeler

    In the past I have used when we had really bad insurance. I was VERY happy with the pharmancy. And it saved me tons. I used it for migraine medications and now that I am back with Walgreens the generic meds I get at Walgreens are the same one that I got from They are loccated in Florence, Ky and are a Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site.

  32. Rebecca

    I have Tricare Prime right now so all our medicines are completely covered, but out of curiosity looked up my new med as I know it’s incredibly expensive. Would be $5K per month with this card & no insurance. Insane.

  33. Sue

    Does anyone have any advice for lowering the cost of a portable oxygen concentrator or supplemental oxygen? I have a friend whose child needs .1 LMP of O2 and they’re having a heck of a time finding a portable concentrator and a supply for their upcoming flight and move across the country. Currently their child is covered by Medicaid.

  34. Maggie

    GoodRX is awesome! It helped me when Wegman’s told me it would be $986 a month for a med. It sent me to Costo (where it was $130). (FYI – Anyone can get meds at Costco, just tell them you are going to the pharmacy if you are not a member). It has saved me $50-60 on other meds. Who would think that a CVS and Rite Aid across from one another would be so different in price?

  35. Becca

    I work at a small family owned pharmacy and we have the best cash prices around. We often have people who come from Walmart ad walgreens because they’re meds are so much more then our prices. We tell people not to use these kinds or discount cards because by using them you are allowing them to sell all of your information. Which means credit card company’s have your address, phone number and even the meds you take. This is how these company’s give you these deals. Also many of these won’t work if you have insurance they’re only for cash payers, and at my pharmacy many or these double the price. I would recommend everyone find a small pharmacy where they live and ask them what their cash prices are. I have noticed that many people this year have to pay $200 or more on one medication ( verses paying it slowing through out the year) in order to meet their deductibles, which sucks of course but then your meds will go down to their normal prices. I hope this helps!

  36. Becca

    One more thing, I would recommend if someone is on a brand name medication try getting a coupon from your doctor or online, these can often be used with insurance and they don’t sell you information. And I’m pretty sure the higher price still goes towards the deductible. Just my two cents from some that had worked at a pharmacy for 5 years

    • Maggie

      It has been a tradeoff for me given the not going towards the deductible for using coupons. Personally I could not afford some of the meds that I have been prescribed lately if I did not use the coupons. (Some of my meds have been $600-800/month cheaper using the coupon). If they sell my name, they sell it. I have been using the site for 5-6 months now and have not seen any indication that my information has been sold. (I realize that not going against my insurance means it does not go against my insurance but for meds that I am filling once or twice, it is worth it to me).

      The discount price can go against insurance. It just tells me what pharmacy sells what at what price. It makes no sense that a 30 day supply can vary in price so much for the same med.

  37. Duduwa

    I got a couple of those discount cards at Doctor’s and when I asked the people in pharmacy, they said it actually won’t help much if you have insurance. I agree that they are probably good for cash payers.

    • Maggie

      It helps with people in high deductible plans. If your family has to hit $6000 in charges before insurance kicks in, it might be worth just using the coupon and saving $20-$200 for a med if you do not think you will hit your yearly deductible.

  38. KL

    Another way to save: some companies provide discounts for prescriptions, esp. if they don’t have a generic (which means they are expensive). Here is an example for a migraine medication: Consider looking online to see if you can find a program for your RX

    • Christie

      I just called about the card as I have tried to use it before and with the Relpax card and insurance it was over $100 and I am on disability and cannot afford it. Relpax is the best migraine med on the market…samples! 🙂 The lady was real nice and said I should try the assistance program. I was hesitant as I have tried in the past for other meds and told I made too much…I reluctantly did and was shocked I qualify…they will send a year rx to my doc office….FREE….yippppeeee!

      Have I told you lately Colin how much I appreciate you! You made my day…I mean year! 😀 Soooooo excited! 😀

      Happiness is Hip2save! Colin…You are truly my hero! 🙂 You truly inspire me to be a better person….Thank you immensely for all you do!

      • KL

        YAY! THAT’S AMAZING! Could you share the link Christie so I can try to get the discount too? Currently I still pay per month.

  39. sharon

    I have a UNA card I use at Walmart. Most prescriptions I get at Walmart using the $/$10 generic list. I will a GoodRx card and see what kind of discount I get. I am pretty happy as it is.

  40. Christie

    Colin…You are my ANGEL! 😀 My ins will only cover 9 migraine pills a month which is not enough as I have them severely. The Pharmacist told me I could buy 3 extra for $56. Through this site I can get an extra 9 pills for under $20. Love it! 🙂

    P.S. I can not remember the name of the company you post periodically that has glasses for $1 but I need a new pair desperately as my rx has dramatically decreased and I need a stronger pair. Please post if you see it again. Thanks….Christie

    • lj

      I think Collin posts about coastal glasses, but I personally use Zenni optical. I thought it was a better deal for me. HTH!

    • KL

      Christie, could you share the link you used to get the free Relpax?

      • Christie

        There is no link…I just called them about the coupon offer on the box and the lady transferred me to the assistance program. Just give them a call! 🙂

        • KL

          Will do. Thank you!

  41. kitty

    Meijer gives FREE Atorvastatin and Metformin (I think) and certain antibiotics.

  42. v

    GoodRx’s is the first discount prescription I’ve used. Coming off of a hospital stay a short while ago, I was taken off all my old meds (some I had recently had refilled…Crestor, Diovan, thyroid med, 2 other BP meds, and 3 other meds).
    Was given new scripts for different meds. After the cost of the cab ride home during rush hour, I was pulling nothing but lint from my wallet. Searched online for an option to cut the cost of those new meds. Saved around 70 percent.
    On a follow up visit to the doctor I was given different meds (just a couple weeks later). BP was still hovering around 190/110. Needed something more effective.
    His office called them in to my pharmacy of choice. I chose Walmart. Prices there have been lower from my experience. Unfortunately, the ones the doc had prescribed were on the costly side. Not exactly what I needed to hear when I went to pick them up. Thought my pressure might shoot up before I made it back home because I had to leave the meds there on New Years Eve and go regroup. Prayed I would make it thru the night.
    Went back to the GoodRx site. Saw that I would be able to cut the cost of one of the meds from $74 down to $8.50. Cut the cost of the others down as well. Went from almost $200 to just under $28 total for that visit alone. Happy camper I was when I returned on New Years day to pick them up using the GoodRx discount #. The discounts have worked well for me. Definitely need to save all I can……hospital bills have started rolling in. Up to $29 grand at this point. Thank goodness for the 320 mg Bp med and the other two BP meds I take daily. They are working. No spikes when I open those arriving bills.
    It’s good to know I can manage those med costs.

  43. Jamie K

    GoodRx has saved me some money! I fill my prescriptions at Walmart. I have one med that isn’t covered by insurance, the cash price is $45 for a one month supply. I gave them my GoodRx card print out and it brought it down to $15 for the month.

  44. Annette

    I haven’t read all the above comments but want to make sure that everyone is aware of it’s the gatekeeper for all prescription assistance programs, including any coupons for meds, free/low cost clinics in your area, etc. It’s a GREAT wealth of information. Also, don’t forget about Walmart & Target offering 100s of $4 generic medications (even if you don’t have insurance at all)…

  45. Emma

    Just a few comnents.
    1. Costco is great but not always cheaper. Ck ea rx for pricing. Also u don’t have to be member to shop at their pharmacy.
    2. Goodrx worth the time to ck pricing. But CVS won’t honor for C2.
    3. Mfr coupon are great but once I had to switch to Medicare none of my rx now qualify.
    4. I’m spending over 3k monthly but because I am over the medicaid income level there is no assistance even though I am spending more than income And there is lifetime penalty not to buy Medicare part d. The kicker is that most of my meds are not included in HUMANA formulary so I never get out of donut hole. So even if a med is not covered by ins, just the fact that I am Medicare eligible stops any assistance. So ck formulates when signing up for ins BE AWARE EVEN IF YOU DON’T CHANGE PLANS, INS CO CAN AND OFTEN CHG RULES, AND DON’T ADVISE YOU OF THE CHANGE. Also you should demand the full summary plan description and a printed formulary. There is usually a fine print disclaimer in the enrollment doc that indicates that not all info has been provided to you.
    5. Mail order is not always cheaper. And when ins,suggests an alternative, dont assume its a generic of your rx. My ins has recommended pretty outrageous substitutions. For hbp those changes can be life altering.

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