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Proud to be Part of the “Hipster” family…

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I recently received an email from reader, Meredith, with the subject line, Proud to be part of the “Hipster” family! Reading what she had to say sure warmed my heart… so I had to share! πŸ™‚

[h2s_box width=”2″ style=”solid” color=”#000000″]
FROM MEREDITH: I just wanted to drop a quick note and say how proud I am to be a part of this wonderful community. When you posted of the 50% off Honest email that some Hip2save members were fortunate to get, I truly saw generosity overflowing all over your blog. I saw members giving codes, receiving codes and just an all over giving spirit being shown. I, like many others, took a shot to get a code as my youngest son suffers from eczema and these products have worked wonders. It is incredibly expensive to nurture the skin of an eczema ridden child and I took a shot just to see if someone would be willing to share their unused code with me. I saw dozens of requests like mine so I knew my chances were small but no biggie. If I received one great if not that would be ok, too.

Not even 5 minutes after posting I received THREE separate emails from other Hip2savers. I was blown away with appreciation. I used one and forwarded the other 2 to others asking for same extension of generosity. It feels great to be a part of this family and I truly love how everyone on this blog is always looking out for one another! Thanks again Collin for all you do and creating an environment of helping each other get great deals to help us keep ourselves and our families healthy and happy![/h2s_box]

NOTE FROM COLLIN – I am so grateful to all of you who visit Hip2Save regularly, take the time to leave comments and help out other readers, and to all of you who inspire me each and every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Also, please keep in mind that there are some new site designs in the works to make it easier for you all to trade codes in a dedicated area on the site. So stay tuned…

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  1. marlene

    Hip2save is my homepage i check it every hour. Thanks to all the hipster team ive been following for 4 years and love it

  2. Manuela

    You all do an awesome job!
    Thank you Collin for creating Hip 2 Save!

  3. CD

    Shutterfly Photobook code 8×8, expires today. DAJV-C617-CBTZ-1Y7SCK

    • Shauna

      Thank you!

  4. Laura

    I so agree! I feel like this is the ONLY site that has zero negativity. No moms bashing each other for their personal choices, no religion, no politics, just a bunch of ladies saving money and loving each other! Pat yourself on the back Collin cause YOU deserve it! I could care less about meeting a celebrity but if I met you, I’d freak out! Love this😊

    • Heather C.


  5. Jacks

    Code for–25% off AND free shipping
    Expires tonight!! January 31, 2015

    • solange

      I have a big problem to print coupons from I cant use my Ipad, HP chrome computer, please If any one can help me any idea. Thank You!

      • Vishnu

        Are u using an hp printer that is wireless enabled? Thi is the only way u can print from an iPad and.. U can print 2 if u have coupons. Com app and 2 more from the same iPad if u have groceryIQ app. Good luck. U can email me further if u have questions.

  6. A

    I have a code for $20 off of $75 at Vera Bradley online that expires tonight.
    Right now they have that you get a free collapsible duffle with the purchase of $75 or more, so this would hopefully work with that!

  7. Janine

    Thank you I have been following you since 2009! I love Hip2Save!!! I think the only time I don’t check your website is during review and examination times at school! Thank you you’ve been part of my life the last 5 years!

  8. Mommy of 4

    Two free Tiny Prints that expire TONIGHT at 11:59 PST.

    Free $20+free shipping! So free labels or whatever. Works on any amount, even under $20!


    This one is $20 off Holiday cards, so idk what it will work on. Expires tonight as well.

    • Meena

      Thank you for free $20 + free shipping

      • Meena

        Sorry about brief message last night. Thank you so much for the code. I used one code to make a mug for Grandma for her bday and address labels. The first one was already used up when I tried. Been following hip2save for three months now and can’t thank Collin and her group and all the other hipsters enough. Thank you once again for your generosity.

    • Heather C.

      Just used the $20 off holiday cards to make my daughter personalized Valentine’s day cards for her kindergarten “sheep” class (each of the kindergarten classes in her school have an animal theme). All I had to pay was shipping of $3.49… And I saved $19.75 on the price of the cards!

      She will be so excited to see how cute they turned out in the morning when she wakes up.

      Thank you SO much for sharing! ❀

      • Mommy of 4

        Yeah! Glad you were able to use it. Blessings! πŸ™‚

  9. Len

    Finding this site less than a year ago was truly a blessing to our family. I don’t have facebook, pinterest, instagram or any of the kind except my email & my favorite site Hip2save that i always check constantly for coupons & and tips/advance. Thank u Collin & staff and my fellow hipsters. U created a warm, loving, & peaceful community, always helping one another. I’m so fortunate to be a part of this community.

  10. Suba

    Love this site undoubtedly. U R awesome Collin. πŸ‘Œ

  11. Len

    Sorry, auto correct on “advice”.

  12. Renee

    Awesome family to be a part of …

  13. Nelly

    Great way to advertise the Honest company!

  14. KathyL

    Hi, was wondering if anyone needed someone to join a coupon train? I just started following Collin here and would really like to jump on a coupon train, learn more about it (rules, etiquettes, etc).. Can someone direct me please? I love clipping coupons, but there are many that I don’t use (no need for diapers, etc). Thank you in advance! PS. I love this website and the positive energy too.

    • Jeannine

      Kathy, while I don’t have experience with this, I would very much like to be a part of something like this, as I discard several coupons I know others could use. Thanks

  15. rut

    Best site ever..Thank you.


    I recently became part of the community. It is a great site for savings and caring. What a blessing indeed !!

  17. Lebo

    I can’t live without Hip2Save thank you

  18. Daphne

    I have to agree…Hip2Save has been one of the sites I visit everyday and the community is amazing! Thanks for all you do!! And thanks to the readers that are always so helpful πŸ™‚

  19. Michelle

    I loved reading this post! I always tell people to pass on what you cannot use instead of throwing it away if possible or give free codes away etc. I often have people give me things I may not be able to use such as extra coupons, clothes etc and they do it because I always try to find people to give them to if possible and they are so thankful. I have passed out extra coupons to random strangers at grocery stores or restaurants to brighten their day! Everybody needs a blessing and helping each other is something I encourage everyone to do because during the last 4 years my hubby and I have had paycuts and we have and are still working part time jobs along with our full time jobs we have had for 13-15 years because every year we make less and less money but by the blessings from and others I have taught to save money etc we all help each other and live better than we did before. We are truly blessed I worried when we got the paycuts I couldnt afford to help people anymore which is a passion of mine because of the blessings that I received when I was a welfare child and luckily I have been blessed I have never needed to ask for any monetary help as an adult but the more you bless others the more it comes back to you and I love making people happy. Now I dont normally give money because we dont have much left after paying bills but our bills are being paid and we still have an excellent credit score and we have less debt than we use to and owe less than 10 years on our house and we are only 37. Some of my friends and have also given each other gift cards we wouldnt use or exchanged gift cards with each other! Thank you soo much Colin and all the hip2savers and remember if you can pay it forward always!

  20. suzy

    I started following 3 years ago and live on this site !!!!!!!!

  21. Rac

    Proud to be Hiptosaver!! Thanks Everyone and Collin for the wonderful site!!

  22. Jos

    I appreciate all that you and your team do. Thank you so much!

  23. Gayle

    I couldn’t agree more with this posting! I love Hip2save the generosity of its readers!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shared this site with random people at drugstores who see me couponing – as well as friends/co-workers. The one thing most of us have in common the need to stretch our dollar further – and Hip2save helps us. Thank you to Collin and her wonderful team!!

  24. jamie

    I agree so much with this post too πŸ˜‰ I love having a community of people like this too.Sometimes I feel my saving money addiction is crazy,but then I check hip again for the one million time in the day and see others share my crazy addiction too.Love couponing and sharing deals with others.Collin you are my fav site.When asked by cashiers or others how to find deals I am doing, I say πŸ˜‰ you are my 1st blog site recommended πŸ˜‰

  25. Abigail

    This site is wonderful! I’ve saved so much money and have been able to get really nice things for a fraction of the cost. Also, everytime I’ve had a question about something, Collin or another Hipster has answered to help me out!
    Thank you for Hip2save!

  26. Keisha

    Fantastic site, fantastic savings, fantastic people!!!! Love hip2save!!!!!

  27. Mel

    Totally agree too! I love this site so much <3

  28. Elizabeth Nash


  29. Amy

    I love when my husband gets home from work and I say something like, “Collin did this…Colin said that…” he knows exactly who I’m talking about. As if I were talking about my friend down the street or something.This is by far the best money saving website and I’m thankful I found it in 2009!

    • Heather C.

      I talk about Collin to my husband and kids the same way… It’s like she’s a part of the family! Lol

  30. Ashley

    Been a faithful follower since 2009, love this site!! Thanks Collin for all you do!!

  31. Theresa Holtz

    Hi Collin, I have been following your Hip2save site now for a little over a year, when I really started couponing and trying to save money. I can’ express how helpful it has been. It has helped me save money and has allowed me to start a small stock pile. Between Christmas and New Years of this past holiday my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma. Our world has been turned upside down. I am so glad that I was able to start that little stock pile so that I can use what I have and don’t have to use out of pocket money at this time. Plus I don’t need to make as many trips to the store now that I am busy with my husband. Again thank you for you positive attitude and your great site!

    • Kylie collins

      Prayers to your family xoxo

  32. suzy

    My whole entire family loves you Colin and thinks you’re just such a sweet and kind woman. You share deals but you also inspire kindness which is the most important. Thank you for all the savings but mostly thanks for reminding us to give as well.

  33. Tamara


  34. Joanie

    I love this sight I’m on here almost everyday it also saved us so much money especially with 3 lil ones in diapers. Thank you Colin and everyone on here πŸ˜€

    • Jeannine

      Joanie, with three little ones in diapers, do you have a need for additional diaper coupons? I have been throwing them away but would love to mail them to you!

  35. Debbie

    Like everyone else here I also LOVE this site! Thank you for all your hard work!
    I am in South Florida and would love to get together with other couponers but cannot find anyone! πŸ™

  36. brianna

    I’m so glad for a separate area for codes. I always wondered why Hip2save didn’t have a forum section, but I know those can get out of control. Thanks for the hard work!

  37. Lily

    Im new to Hip2Save and I LOVE IT !! Been passing along to friends and family πŸ™‚ Thanks Collin

  38. Sara

    Hey MEredith – if you see this, send me an email. My daughters both have eczema, and I have a few cost saving suggests for you that I’ve tried, and they have brought us a lot more relief than others!

  39. sarakershaw

    Not sure if my last comment went through, so I’m posting again just in case. Meredithh – if you see this – e-mail me @ Both of my daughters have eczema, and I have found some frugal ways to give them relief.

  40. Sam

    I have $20 in old navy super cash that I will not use, if someone wants to leave their email for the code/printable coupon. It expires on 2/4.

  41. Vivian

    I totally agree! I love the hip2savers, I also once responded to someone giving away a dominos pizza coupon code, and was too late, then out of the blue the next day someone else sent me their code they weren’t going to use! It was so nice of them to go out of their way to do that and not ask for anything in return!! I’ve also had great experiences trading codes on the site too. I just request that if you use a code, pls do the courtesy of posting that it is used so others don’t try too . Love this site and love everyone on here helping each other!!

  42. Myth

    Hip2save had changed me fully. It helps me in saving money in each and every product i buy. It also taught me to plan before shopping. Thanks Collin for ur love…

  43. Tonya

    Yes, Collin and the whole H2S community are amazing! Thank you!

  44. Baxter

    I am so glad to be a hipster;) I am a 13 year old couponer (don’t judge,) and I would not be able to achieve the stockpile I have or the deals I get without all of the people who work on hip2save! Thank you so much Collin and hip2save team!

    • Amber

      Wow! That’s awesome.

      • Baxter

        Thank’s so much! My parents really like it lol

    • Blair

      I’m sorry to hear people have judged you for something as harmless and positive as couponing. More people should be like you at 13!:)

  45. marisol

    So sweet…!!!!

  46. MARGOT

    I too love Collin and the site. Even tho it is “not your grandma’s coupon site”, this grandma thinks it is wonderful – and I’m not easily impressed. I help my daughter and her family with my time and effort, since I’m on a very limited budget. So I scan the blog, and cut and paste those items I think she’ll be able to use, and send them (email) to her. Also to her SIL and MIL. You make it possible to pay it forward for me. And a big shout out to your mom!

  47. Felicia

    Love that! I also have coupon codes I sometimes need to share so making a place where that would happen is a wonderful idea.

  48. Michelle

    Thank you for everything that you do:) We are blessed to be a blessing to others. Give where you can, has always been our motto and I see this time and time again on your site. Love this community <3

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