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Homemade Hair Detangler Spray (Only 2 Ingredients)

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Hair Detangler Hip2Save

If you experience tears and battles when brushing/combing your kiddo’s hair, try this easy (and super cheap!) DIY hair detangler spray that uses items you probably already have at home!

DIY Hair Detangler Spray

1 part conditioner
2 parts hot water

In a small water bottle/spray bottle, mix one part conditioner and two parts hot water (not boiling water). For example, I mixed about 4 oz. conditioner and 8 oz. hot water in the 12 oz. spray bottle pictured in this post.

How to make detangler Hip2Save
My daughter has long hair and a sensitive head (not the easiest combination! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), so we have to use detangler spray to avoid tears. I love that I can make my own detangler and customize it with a conditioner that I prefer- and, it really does work!

[h2s_box]Written by Lina for Hip2Save. Lina is a proud mom of 2 small kids who loves photography, all holidays, cooking, thrift store makeovers, bargain shopping, and DIY makeovers. Her goal is to create a beautiful life and stylish home on a dime! To see all of Lina’s DIY/Crafts created just for Hip2Save, click here.[/h2s_box]

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Comments 46

  1. Elaine

    I tried this with my daughter and we love it. Does anyone have tips for static-y hair? Kid bed-head?

    • Alysia

      I use dryer sheets for my static hair.

      • Ray

        I use dryer sheets on everything for static. now that it’s colder it seems like static live on the couches and her hair and car seat. I tried static guard and it’s useless.

    • AGF

      A dryer sheet (like Bounce) is great for static-y hair. In a pinch the tiniest, tiniest drop of hand lotion rubbed between your fingers will help too. Just don’t overdo it, because ewww…greasy.

      For bedhead (mom to all boys) I use a spray bottle with water, then comb and add a bit of hairspray. Hope these help. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sped teach

      I always rub a dryer sheet over my hair when it’s staticky. Works everytime.

    • shopper

      The hair cuticle could be dry, put in hair oil. Dove makes one that is lightweight, doesn’t look greasy. Can also use the spray daily to add moisture.

    • Kristy

      For bed head, I just use Pantene detangler. Works great and makes the hair smell freshly washed! So I bet you could use this detangler as well for bed head.

      • Jennifer G.

        I recently went nuts because I couldn’t find Pantene detangler hardly anywhere. I’ve been using it for years & drying my long thick hair is hell without it. Finally found some & bought 3 or 4 bottles, however now I’ve noticed every time I use it and then blow dry my hair, there’s a very strong smell of mold coming from my hair. And i can spray a ton & doesnt seem to be doing much conditioning AT ALL. Very bizarre…Not sure what’s going on but glad to have a cheaper (& better smelling) alternative now!

    • Elaine

      Thanks ya’ll. (Yes, I’m from Texas.) Dryer sheet it is!

    • Robyn

      2 of my 6 kids have fine hair that causes them to look like Bride of Frankenstein in the winter. It’s awful! I switched them to natural fiber brushes with the wood handles (I have boar hair bristles) because it doesn’t charge the positive charge. The plastic-toothed brushes do nothing but make it worse. Also, a metal wide-toothed comb when it’s wet helps. Make sure you clean the hair from the brush every time because that leftover hair will hold a charge, too. On top of that, I carry some aloe vera cream in my purse, rub a small amount in my palms like its lotion and gently go over their hair. Works every time and smells awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Missy

      I have 3 girls with long hair and in the winter months when the air is so dry it seems to make hair more staticy. So if you use a shampoo that has the shampoo and conditioner combined, and then after you rinse that out put in just straight conditioner and then rinse that out. This seems to help with keeping hair from getting quite so staticy in the dry winter months.

    • Patricia Turnbull

      I buy Olive Oil leave in conditioner….I have massivly thick hair and get not only the static but frizzies like 90 and this stuff really works….put some on your hand like you would a lotion rub it together in two hands and work it in the hair using your finger tips and the majority of it left on your hands can be worked in slowly as well like messing the hair and taming it all at once…the hairdresser did it for me the first time and I do each day after my shower

  2. Jen

    I add a T of Argan/Moroccan oil to this and it works wonders for my corkscrew curly 3yr. old daughter!!! Also, a touch of coconut oil had been helpful this winter as well! Good luck

  3. Jules

    Awesome, just pinned this to try later!

  4. Sweet

    Does anybody know what to use on a doll’s hair to detangle? I bought an American Girl doll for my daughter and her hair is now a mess.

    • Lisa

      I haven’t tried this myself yet but I’ve read that a small amount of fabric softener mixed with water in a spray bottle works on doll hair.

    • HW

      Fabric softener works for doll hair. I have two daughters, now teens, and I would purchase the travel size downy in the spray bottle for their barbies….HTH

    • Tammy

      I have heard that water and liquid fabric softener mixed up and sprayed on the dolls hair. Then comb it out.

    • Daisy

      This same conditioner/water combo works on dolls also. My girls are always using ours to fix their barbies and baby dolls tangled hair.

    • Sally

      Never use fabric softener for an american girl doll, it causes mold. You can do a hot water dunk, boil water in a pot, let it cool for 4-5 minutes then dunk the hair like you would for making hot tea. Do a few dips for 10 or so seconds each and brush the hair from the bottom up to the top of the head with a wig brush. Some use braid spray, although I haven’t. The hot water dunk works amazing!

      • Tammy

        I have tried braid spray and it works – however, the smell can be a bit much but not yucky. I dilute it with a bit of water and it works very well.

    • Melissa

      The brush they sell at AG is magical- it really makes the doll’s hair so smooth and it’s easy. I think it was $8 but so worth it.

  5. Heather C.

    Awesome, will have to try this! Hopefully it doesn’t make my daughter’s hair look greasy or oily. All 4 of them have got stick straight blonde hair. Seams like greasy hair is more obvious on blondes with straight hair…

    • Emily

      I hear that! My hair is thin, blonde hair and always was greasy as a kid. (and now when I wake up or take a nap) As a kid, I didn’t realize that I had to wash it in the morning (and I don’t think my Mom wanted to deal with baths in the morning) in order for it to look nice and not be greasy. If this makes their hair oily, try using less conditioner than recommended in the spray bottle. Good luck, that’s a life long battle they’re fighting with their hair!

      • Heather C.

        Yes! My hair is the same way… If I lay down for Amy length of time it gets so oily looking. I’d love to be able to take a shower at night, but can’t because by morning may hair looks horrible. ๐Ÿ™

    • shopper

      Baby powder works well to absorb oil and doesn’t show on light hair.

      • BearsBootsnBlessings

        I have oil problems with my blonde hair. I also have had horrible problems with snarls. Check out the wet brush and tea tree oil shampoo. The wet brush is designed to remove snarls without pulling the hair. That brush is a miracle. Tea tree oil helps to shrink the sebulus glands and lessens oil production. I swear most shelf brand shampoos irritate these glands.

        • Marcie

          I second The Wet Brush! That thing is amazing! Bought one for myself and my daughter and I tell everyone I know with girls that they need to get one!

        • danielle

          Thanks! Just ordered 2 wet brushes. Can’t wait to try them out ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Jen

          I agree on the wet brush, it’s a miracle brush! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Heather C.

        Yes, baby powder works well in a pinch!

        • Candy Sue Deen

          Baking soda works well also to absorb oil from hair

      • Jenny

        Mine also looks greasy after laying down. I’m not a fan of the smell of baby powder and it always looks white on my light brown hair, so I made “dry shampoo” from corn starch and cocoa powder and it works awesome! Plus, I kinda smell like chocolate : ) My recipe is 2 tbsp cornstarch and 1 tbsp cocoa powder. Add more or less cocoa depending how dark your hair is so it will blend in. I apply with a makeup poof thing (don’t know the technical name, haha but it’s the small round flat kind used for powder) and then brush my hair.

  6. sonia

    I add Tea Tree Oil to mine to help keep away unwanted pest like LICE. Especially important this time a year for my kiddos! It is a natural repellant.

  7. Mom2three

    Off topic, but I was printing the $2 ziploc coupon at and when I signed up they sent me a free shutterfly calendar. I received it almost instantly (like an auto reply),
    Hope it works for others. Also I won’t be using mine if someone wants it, please leave your email and I will forward it to you. Thanks

    • Yessenia

      Hi, if it’s still available I would love to have it. Thank you.

      • Mom2three

        I sent it to you ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. camilledyan

    I’ve used this since that last time you post it, and it’s WONDERFUL. My girls and I have very curly hair, and this has just helped out so much. THANK YOU!!!

  9. Txwife

    Thank you so much! Here I was buying a detangler. This is so much better!

  10. Maria

    Silly question–do you use this on wet hair or after it dries? (I am rather new to the world of detangling curly hair!)

  11. Kandi

    Does the water always need to be warm or is that just for the mixing process? I,e. can I make this and leave it in a bottle until it’s gone or will it only work if it’s warm?

    • Daisy

      I use the hot water to initially make it, and then use it at room temperature afterwards. It works just as well imo and this is def cheaper than investing in the Suave or Target detangling spray that I used to buy.

  12. Abbie

    Is this a leave in conditioner?

  13. Jen

    Will this weight down my hiar If I use on dry hair? It is this for after I’ve shampooed?

  14. visitor3

    I am liking the sample of Dove morrocan oil that Hip2Save publicized.

    A friend with curly hair recently reminded me to check out the hair products marketed to African American customers — great stuff for curly or dry winter hair. Even the dollar stores carry small sizes of these so you don’t have to make a big investment if you are trying new products or need just enough to get through the winter.

  15. Jen

    Does it have to be a leave in conditioner?

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