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Hipsters to the Rescue: April Fool’s Jokes Needed

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If you have been following Hip2Save for any length of time, you likely know how much I love April Fool’s Day. It is literally one of my most favorite days since it’s typically filled with lots of laughs, smiles and just pure fun… it makes me feel like a kid again! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve posted this a few times now on Hip2Save asking for YOUR April Fool’s Day ideas and it’s always been a big hit!

SO, get to sharing! Feel free to share any fun April Fool’s pranks, jokes or tips that you may have (and as always, please keep them family friendly). Enjoy!

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  1. kim

    I am making jello lemonade, complete with jello ice cubes.

  2. Ann

    Replace mayo with vanilla pudding in the original mayo jar. Either at the office or bus stop or somewhere similar eat directly out of the container with a spoon acting like it is the best thing you’ve ever eaten. When someone looks at you, state you didn’t have time for a “normal” breakfast or lunch…whichever the case may be. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • brindha

      Lol…. I can imagine this…

  3. Cassandra B.

    last year i replaced my sons lunch with play food from my daughters kitchen! then i showed up at school around lunch time with subway. but i waited and peeked in the lunchroom while he emptied out his bag. the lunch helpers got a huge laugh out of it.

    • Lindsay

      That’s awesome! ! I need to remember that for next year.

    • Heather Cooper

      That’s a great idea! We have standardized testing today so I can’t go up to school but I made my girls’ lunches in a joking way…I cut a hole out of their sandwiches and put a pink plastic fly in them and opened the chips bag and replaced the chips with cheezits and filled a water bottle with sprite…I even found a “spilled pack of ketchup” plastic joke thingy at my local dollar tree to put in their lunch kit ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Nicole

    Replace prep cream filling with toothpaste. Lol!

  5. Christina

    Toothpaste inside of oreos.
    Taping the handle down on the sprayer for the sink, then when they turn water on it sprays them.
    Tape across the doorway at the level of kids head so they run into it.

    • Jamia

      Please do not put toothpaste inside oreos! It might taste good enough to eat like a chocolate mint cookie….and if someone were to ingest the whole cookie before anyone were to stop them, it could be very dangerous! Fluoride is toxic. Toothpastes even include a warning label~if one is to ingest more than the pea sized amount that is to be used for brushing, Poison Control should be contacted immediately.

      Instead how about cream cheese and if you want to make it taste worse, add a little onion or garlic powder.

  6. Jennifer

    Jimmy Kimmel had a hilarious idea, when your husband or wife goes to drink their first sip of morning coffee take out your phone to record and say April Fools. Don’t scfually do anything to the coffee just get their reaction recorded when they think you did!!

    • Sandra

      That’s a great idea!!!! Love it!!!

  7. Gabrielle McCray

    My senior year of high school some of our senior classmates let 2 pigs loose around the school. They labeled them pig #1 and pig#3. They spent hours looking for pig #3 ( which their was none) It was hilarious to everyone that didn’t get suspended lol.

    • Libby

      Omg this happened at my rival high school! What city were you in?

    • Kristen

      OMG that’s is too freakin funny!!!!!!

    • kate

      You mean they were looking for pig #2?

  8. Takako

    1. Open a bottom of a can of fruit. I used mandarin orange. You must use “pull-and-open” can. Keep the bottom part of the can (discard the top part).
    2. Reserve the fruit for later. Wash the can with soapy water then dry.
    3. Fill candy or small toys the can. I used my husband’s favorite candy.
    4. Seal the bottom of a can with hot gluegun.
    Ta-da! I did this to my husband last year and it was huge hit! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. barbara

    put a rubber spider or snake in the toilet.

  10. Eva

    April Fools Day is the day my husband proposed. It was so funny, because nobody believed them when I called them with the news. He always jokes that I never got the joke… Here we are 2 kids and 12 years later.
    One year when he had a tax business and I ran the office I left him a message that a Mr. Lion called. When he called the number back, he reached the zoo. Hello, may I speak to Mr. lion? That was hysterical.
    This year I am planning on switching my kids in their beds while they sleep. Since we homeschool, I’ll give them some college level work. Also, will probably play around with their food.

    • cami

      The Mr lion prank sounds absolutely hysterical!!!

    • Rebecca

      Same thing with my hubby & I! And we are 10 years & 2 kids later! I always say it was a joke that went too far lol.

    • Jen

      That Mr. lion thing is hilarious. You just had me crying from laughing

  11. laura

    I actually despise April Fool’s. Most jokes are hurtful or not funny. As an elementary school teacher, I hear the same lame-o jokes every year from my students. Ugh!

    • meg

      Wow. Kids at that age are great! Jokes and all. SMH

    • Ketsy

      I agree. My April Fool’s joke is skipping April Fool’s. I think one year I kept telling everyone that it was May 31st lol. Absolutely loathe it!

    • Guest

      You’re annoying and shouldn’t be a teacher!! I’m the parent to a first grader whose teacher is in her mid 20’s and all she does is yell at them and she sucks!!! Get a new job!!! Then, get a sense of humor!!!

      • Lauren

        I wish I could like this 1,000 times. Same jokes maybe; but to the kids everything is new and fun. When ppl get to the point of not understanding that, it’s time to move on.

      • laura

        Agreed! Get a new job and a sense of humor!!

      • rebecca

        I agree that Laura needs a sense of humor which in a way, makes the fact that she hates April Fool’s Day even funnier. It is a day for pranks and merriment but as a teacher I would hope Laura could rise to the occasion and not look down on children’s feelings. As a teacher, I would see this as an opportunity to remind my students to be respectful of others and make sure that if the other person isn’t laughing with you, it was mean and not funny. If you’ve heard a joke too many times, it’s wise to look at the heart that is saying it and not the words that may be repetitious. I believe if you see someone’s heart, you can easily smile. I pray that you Laura, find a way to enjoy the day because it can indeed be foolishly fun.

        • Heather C.

          Well said, Rebecca.

    • Sue

      Lame Laura?? Not cool!!

  12. Andrea

    Making cake mixed with frosting and forming poop! Gonna trick my teenage daughter that the dog pooped on her floor!

    • Amy

      hahaha…that’s hilarious!

  13. Queenjen87

    I always like that others can enjoy the holiday. But for me it is the anniversary of a friend who passed away suddenly in high school. I’m not much of a fan of April fools jokes after that. I always ask my friends/co-workers to please leave me out of pranks.

    • barbara

      Sorry to hear of your loss, similar thing happened to me in high school, nobody believed anyone that our friend had passed away in a car accident and told them it was a horrible thing to say as a joke, yet it wasnt one, this year 11years later, im going to try to enjoy the april fools holiday.

      • Queenjen87

        Oh my, that is quite strange. 11 years later too. His was an asthma attack however, but still.

        • barbara

          Thats definitely strange.

    • rebecca

      I am sorry to know this day brings such sadness when others talk so much of silliness. I’m sorry for your loss because it sounds like he was a very good friend. I’m glad he is so fondly remembered.

  14. lrymaruk

    Im thinking of pulling a prank on my husband. When hes getting up for work in the morning, attach clear plastic wrap from the foot of the bed off the floor to anything that is standing close by such as a dresser, that way as hes getting out of bed he sinks into the wrap:)

  15. lrymaruk

    Im trying to prank my husband in the morning as he’s getting up for work. (Could also work for your kids). Attach clear plastic wrap from the foot of the bed off the floor to something near by such as a dresser, as he gets up he sinks down into the wrap.

  16. Lori

    Fill your kids cereal bowl with cereal and milk. Freeze overnight. Add a small amount of milk in the morning and then watch as they try to put their spoon in to eat.

  17. lindsey

    I plan to get a long john and “cream fill” it with mayonaisse for my kids to give my dad… Harmless but effective. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Tanya B

    A few years ago, I made “poop” and left it on the edge of the toilet seat. It was made from undercooked brownies. It looked VERY real. LOL!! My son thought it was so funny that he took it to his grandma’s house and played a trick on her. We still laugh and laugh. Three years in a row I did the whole taping the spraying on the faucet, but now my hubby is on to me. I have to wait a few years before I do it again!

  19. Wendy

    2 years ago on April fools day I was 5.5 weeks pregnant. I thought it would be funny to tell my entire family and husband s family that we were having twins. We went for an ultrasound two days later.
    I now have 16 month old twins and will never live that one down!

  20. Unknown

    I safety pinned all of my kids underwear together with one laying out on top. When they went to grab that one to put on, a huge chain of underwear came out. They were cracking up all day ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Amy

      I love it!

  21. gina

    my brother bought my nephew some Pokemon cards he had really been wanting. He then bought a new pack of My Little Pony cards and carefully opened the seal and slid them out and placed the Pokemon cards inside. My nephew was so disappointed with the “April fools joke” of the pony cards my brother had to convince him to open up the pack. He still laughs about it!

  22. Becka

    I just changed all the contacts on my husband’s phone to characters from The Simpsons.

  23. Desiree

    Any ideas for pranks on a deployed significant other??? He’s been gone 6mo so the typical preggo joke won’t work lol

  24. Tina Matteson

    Last night I glued googly eyes to everything in our fridge! Can’t wait for my family to open it and see…!

    • Heather C.

      Hahaha! Love it, Tina!!

  25. widow06

    One year, I had been after my daughter to clean her closet. I pretended to be going to put away clean laundry. When I got upstairs to her room, I started screaming, which of course got everyone off the couch and running to see what was wrong. “A mouse” ran out of the closet”! She started screaming, and my husband started trying to find it. I let it go on for at least 15 minutes before I said April Fool’s! The best part was I didn’t have to ask her to clean her closet again ever!

  26. Minde

    I put my kids milk in the freezer. I can’t wait till dinner when they try to drink it ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Vv

    I packed my son’s lunch and said I have kept him some brownies. He said he really enjoyed them and shared with his teacher too. Guess what, they were actually BROWN E’s. Made alphabet E with brown paper.

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