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Hipsters to the Rescue: How Do YOU Save on Mother’s Day Deliveries for Flowers, Gift Baskets, + More?!

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I’ve received a few emails from readers lately asking for ways to save on delivery gift ideas for Mother’s Day (or other special occasions) that won’t break the bank. Check out this email I received from reader Cassandra…

[h2s_box width=”2″ style=”dashed” color=”#D620A9″]With Mother’s Day around the corner, I was wondering if you were going to be posting any good deals/delivery ideas for moms? I wanted to get my order in early so they didn’t try to charge me $30 for shipping 🙁 , but have no idea where to go. I was hoping you could make a post with ideas or a post asking other Hip2Savers their favorite ideas. [/h2s_box]

SO, if you have any money-saving tips, please share in the comments below!

Mary is a senior copywriter with 9+ years in frugal tips & deals. She has a Bachelors in Human Resources Interdisciplinary Studies. Connect with Mary on LinkedIn

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Comments 68

  1. Snowflake

    I take my Mom to a greenhouse or farmer’s market and she picks out what she wants. Hanging baskets are about $5. They are gorgeous and last all spring, summer and fall until it frosts.

    • SLT

      Only good if you happen to live within driving distance of your mother😞

    • Dasiy

      Look guys you don’t need to get your mom Stuff if you can make Her StuffIt and then but Her your o en favorito folwer but one and Her favorito choleate just lime me.

      • Dasiy

        Sonora but i meant like it keeps correcting me

        • Dasiy

          Sorry again that whatever i meant

  2. Sara Jane

    I noticed that Bath and Body Works allows shipping to multiple addresses and may work with their $1 shipping specials!

  3. Leanne

    Grab the livingsocial or groupon deals for those delivery sites with a coupon code for 15% or 20% off. Then, when the sites start having sales for Mother’s Day, you can pair the sale with a livingsocial or groupon deal you got. Some sites have restrictions, so make sure you read the fine print, but I can usually score a pretty great deal this way!

  4. Veronica D

    Tip for sending flowers:
    After working at a florist for a few years, A tip that helps you get more for your money is calling your florist directly and place your order with them directly instead of using an online service. Those online ordering services often charge you significantly more in fees. Sometimes the website has a description of the flowers that are in the arrangement- just describe it to the florist and skip paying the fees.
    Depends on yor florist, but most of the time it will be less expensive or at least help you get more for your money. 🙂

    • Cassandra

      Thanks for the top Veronica, that really helps me pick out flowers!

  5. Snowflake

    Also photo books from places like Walgreens are great. There’s almost always a coupon and they often can be ready for in-store pickup within 24 hours. Photo books are some of the most used, most appreciated gifts, from what I’ve noticed. These are especially great for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

  6. ktbug

    I buy a two pack of See’s Candy Gift Certificates at Costco; I put one in my mom’s card and one in my mother-in-laws card. That way they can pick their own candies and I got a discount pr pound by buying the gift certificates at Costco’s price. I also by cards from Dollar Tree so each gift mailed is under $18.

    • kristina

      love your idea ktbug. im doing that 🙂

  7. Jessica

    FTD had a groupon $15 for $30, so I bought that and used it towards flowers. Having them delivered a little early so they can be enjoyed during mother’s day, she will be home, and it saves on delivery fees!

    • Linda

      Be cautious in ordering discounted flower arrangements through FTD!! I used a Groupon (or LivingSocial) last year, for my mother’s birthday. The flowers she received were absolutely atrocious!! Seriously, they looked like weeds! I could have picked better looking flowers on the side of the road! I called FTD and complained. Their response? “We can’t sell flowers for that cheap!” (referring to the discount I paid). I made them send her another arrangement, which was mediocre. I went online the next day and complained to their Customer Service. Guess what? They’re never bothered to even respond! I’ll never ever use FTD again!

      • Ashley

        Thats awful! Why have a groupon then!

        • Linda

          I agree! I was so disappointed in FTD!

  8. Jessica

    Today cents of style has a free Mother’s Day card with a bracelet or scarf free shipping so mine was 8.99 shipped bracelet and card

    • Jen

      Was there a promo code

      • Jessica

        The code is MOM and it drops the bracelet or scarf down to 8.99 you get free shipping and a free Mother’s Day card the charm bracelets are really cute

  9. Pat

    I do online and order flowers from a German website several times a year and they send me coupons for ordering through them. I have been to the store when I am visiting her and they have always been honest and reliable.

  10. J

    Call a local grocery store that has a floral dept. I think delivery was $6 or $7 for the Friday before Mothers Day last year so not bad!

    I also told them I wanted to spend $30 and asked for them to put something together. Her flowers were beautiful (they used some nice flowers too, not just carnations. 🙂 and I spent under $40 for the whole shebang!

    • J

      Local to them!***

  11. lydia

    A good friend of mine is an event planner and several years ago she told me about the flower warehouse where she purchases flowers for her events. There are a couple in my area (Miami) that are open to the public. Their prices are VERY low and the quality is amazing. Flowers usually stay fresh for 3 weeks.
    This will only work if you happen to live in the same city as your mom, but worth checking out for other events 🙂

    • Pam

      I’m in Miami as well… how can I take advantage of this deal?

      • lydia

        Berkeley Floral Supply (in allapattah) and unlimited Flowers inc (by tamiami airport) 🙂

  12. Kiwi

    One year my husband and I bought our mothers rose bushes. They loved it and it wasn’t wasted money, to us.

  13. Emilie

    I have given and received flowers from The Bouqs before and the quality is so much better than any online delivery service. My roses actually smelled like roses!! They offer modern and beautiful arrangements- not corny or cheap like some others. Not being paid to say that either, lol. Just a happy customer.

    • Hollie

      My husband gets me flowers from the bouqs too! Love them!!

  14. Meg

    I just sent my mil a dozen roses for $20 using the current living social deal!

  15. Lindsey

    KalamazooGift.com has completely unique, gorgeously gift wrapped Mother’s Day Gifts at very affordable price points – shipped nationwide for just $9.95! Receive $5 towards ANY gift in the Mother’s Day Collection with code: Love2Give : )

  16. Diane

    Trader Joe’s has beautiful and cheap bouquets of flowers. That’s usually our go-to when we need a gift for our mothers and sisters.

    • Jamie

      I second this! I’m actually considering just buying all my flowers for my wedding at Trader Joes and creating something on my own. They have beautiful flowers…and their potted herbs are great too! 🙂

      • Kristen

        I got all my flowers from traders for my wedding 🙂

      • Lauren

        trader joes is great when ordering flowers for an event. I ordered flowers for my sisters laws bridal shower about a month a head of time and they had them reserved in the back all ready for me to pick up. They were beautiful and about a quarter of the price of getting them at a florist

    • Lynn

      I love their flowers!

  17. C

    I love sending flowers to the special ladies in my life year round (birthdays, christmas, mother’s day, ect.,) Please post flower delivery deals more often. Thank you!

    I purchased 6 bouquets from thebouqs.com and was highly disappointed with their service. I’m not using them again.

  18. Cannielle

    Both my Mom and my MIL are out of the country till late 2015, no gifts here. HAHAHA…

  19. Jennifer

    Ok, this isn’t the least expensive gift out there but, sharris berries strawberries dipped in chocolate are awesome. They have some reasonable deals and be sure to do a search for promo codes first! These were huge hit.

    • Linda

      I agree! My mother-in-law loved the chocolate dipped strawberries I sent her from Shari’s Berries!

      • Stormy

        I’ve got a bouquet from Shari’s in my cart now, but it’s $48 with shipping, after a discount. Can’t bite the bullet for that amount just yet!

    • joannemart

      It kills me to see the price of Shari berries, especially because you can make your own so affordably. Buy nice strawberries at costco, Wegmans etc, take the 50% off coupons from joanns, Michaels and acmoore, buy the dipping chocolates, pretty candy box etc. Melt chocolates according to package in microwave, dip berries, cover with nuts, sprinkles, candies or whatever you like, set on wax paper, box them and deliver, you can make dozens for under $10 and they’re delicious. Awesome project for kids too. Of course mom must be local.

      • Stormy

        joannemart, that’s what I’ve decided to do! The youngest will make a complete mess, but Nana should love that they will be handmade! Our HEB (grocery store, here in TX) allows you to choose any type of flowers they have and they will (for free) put them in a vase and arrange them for you. The plan is to have girls pick out what they want on Friday and go back Saturday to pick it up. Should be very heartfelt from my girls (and us) to Nana and will be a bit cheaper!

  20. Jennifer

    A dollar tree gift card is an awesome gift for a frugal mom

  21. Ana

    If you have a SEARS near by order some earrings online!!!! I got some Gold over silver earrings priced at $129.99 on sale for $15.99 and had $10 shop you way rewards so with taxes and shipped to store I paid… $6.30!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 AWESOME deal!!!! If you need help finding this deal you can email me and I will send you a link to it! 🙂 my email is ana.poncemartin@gmail.com

  22. Cassandra

    Thank you Collin for posting this!! It really helps me get some good ideas. Another reason why I love this site – you are so mindful of your followers! I appreciate the help!

  23. Kirsten

    I ordered my MIL a reusable shopping bag with my kids picture on it from Shutterfly with a discount code from a Kellogg’s Rewards email.

    • Judy

      me too!

  24. sarahgrecula

    I ordered a Vera Bradley cross body bag from the Evay Vera sale you posted about this week. It was about $20 and I am going to add coupon finds to it like lip balm, tissues and hand sanitizer.

  25. cheapcheapgoesthemommy

    I have several FTD 20.00 off coupons from my coke rewards I’d like to use for relatives to send mother’sday gifts. Everything still seems super high (especially with 23.00 shipping fee on some items) Are there any “decently priced” items on there anyone could suggestion. Most of the items are saying at least 20.00 for delivery. Thanks so much!

  26. lilyonthevalley

    If your mom is in Japan, order flowers from worldflower.net! I was just able to order carnations in a basket for 3,456 yen which turned out to be less than $30! Tax and shipping are both included! I used to send a gift to my mother, but shipping was too expensive. Ever since I found this site, I always sent a flower to my mom.

    • Tomoko

      Great tip! My mother lives in Japan too. The expensive shipping cost always makes me want to cry lol. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Edy

    I bought my mom roses bushes from a lady that sells Tuesdays-Wednesday at airline market in Houston tx sells the most beautiful rose bushes very cheap loved the legend rose bush and bought my mother on law some too ! And giving them bath body works candles and hand soaps

  28. Maureen

    If you want to pamper your mom with beauty products, Avon is having a Mother’s Day Sale on classic perfumes with 4 piece sets such as Candid and Timeless for $9.99. Skin So Soft and MoistureTherapy 5 piece sets for $12.99. There’s something for every Mom! PLUS get Free shipping May 1st Free shipping with any order of $25+
    (Delivery in time for Mother’s Day!)
    Use Code: FORMOM
    If you do not have an Avon Representative, I would greatly appreciate if you would shop my AVON Store at: http://WWW.YOURAVON.COM/MBERGENBUSH
    Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day!

  29. Momtofive

    If you are going to order flowers for your Mom, or really anyone, for that matter, please ALWAYS call a local florist direct. So called “specials” from major companies, or order taker companies are never like what is pictured. You will get more for your money if you call direct and tell the how much money you want to spend. With an order taker, a % of that total goes to that company, leaving you with much less into the flowers.

  30. Anna K

    I always use Bouqs to send flowers. I love their idea of no extra fees. When it says that a bouquet is $40 dollars then it really is $40. They have two different farms that they ship from (California & Ecuador). I usually order ahead of time so I order from the Volcano collection and I don’t know how but the flowers especially roses last much longer than buying flowers from the store.
    And I usually always find a deal whenever i order flowers. Right now they have a 15% off deal promo code BlOOM15
    Or Use promo code MOMLOVE to get double the flowers. So you basically are sending 24 roses for the price of 12.
    I also like that on some of the bouquets you can see pictures that customers posted when they got the flowers.


    So if you are interested, after you sign up your first bouquet that you send will for free! Here is my referral link


  31. Brooke

    Along with a few other gifts from my sisters & I, I’m hoping to go out for an afternoon Starbucks date with my mom (who LOVES the double chocolatey chip Frappucinos) during the “happy hour” so we can get 50% off our drinks. The Frappucino promotion is valid from May 1st-May 10th – Which is Mothers Day! 😄

  32. Brittany

    My mom has 5 acres and loves to be outside and in her yard. Arbor Day Foundation (www.arborday.org) has memberships for $10. You put in that it is a gift membership and the zip code of who you want to sent the membership to and they will ship 10 trees that are appropriate for that hardiness zone. You can select the type (i.e. flowering, etc). For my mom, I would pick the flowering with dogwoods & crabapples. I purchased apples trees from the Arbor Day Foundation and they have done ok (I am not the gardener that my mom is.).

    Ironically, when I was a teenager she asked me to get her a dogwood for Mother’s Day. She had the money and wanted me to pick it up as her “gift”. My parents were trying to cut back at the time and this was money she had squirreled away.

    • Stephanie

      Thank you!!

  33. Lynn

    My mom loves fruit cake so this year I’m going to order her a fruit cake from Collin Street Bakery. Fruit cake isn’t for everybody but she will love it and of course that’s what counts 🙂

  34. Ann

    Just spend time with them. My mom passed last yr, I would love to just see her smile once more.

    • me

      I’m so sorry to hear that, I’ll be praying for you and your family.

  35. Jessica

    I wish I could spend time with my Mom on Mother’s Day, but living 2,000 miles away makes that impossible! While my Mom loves flowers she hates that they die so I ordered my Mom candles from Yankee candle (she loves candles and they have the best scents! ). They have a promo running until April 26th buy 2 get 2 free which I believe is on all size candles. I got 4 of the large candles under $60 that usually run 27.99 each. Now if my husband would only let me know what he wants to get his Mom 🙂

    • Lynn

      Great idea!

  36. joannemart

    My birthday and mothers day come around together, this year both are on the 10th, and I send my mom flowers for my birthday every year, after all, she gave me life. Anyway, I usually start looking for deals end of feb. When the sales are good. Usually there is only a deadline for ordering, not delivery, so I order them months early at a bargain price and have them delivered in may. This year flowers.com sent me 40% off for flowers delivered by local florists, so I ordered a gorgeous arrangement to be sent may 8th at the total cost, with delivery, of $22!

  37. Joanne

    I have no one to send things to, as my Mom, Mother-in-law and grandmother have all passed on. But being a senior now, I would recommend some ideas to all you folks. We would love to have you visit with us for a day, if that is possible. On Mother’s day, gifts such as a massage, pedicures, manicures, hair cuts/colors, blow drys or perms can do wonders for a Mom. Flowers are nice, but plants last longer. Movie/concert tickets are great. Sometimes just having a “sitter” for a day to take care of your spouse/companion lets you get out and do things. Most of all–do send your Mom or special person a card. Cards do wonders and they cost very little. Hope these suggestions help you!

    • H

      Thanks, Joanne! Those are great ideas!!

  38. RJ

    I did this one year because I ordered flowers from a well-known site and they delivered such a crappy bouquet. It’s not visually spectacular, but I just simply added my mom to my Amazon Prime account ($0!) and gave her a $50 credit for Amazon. Then I found myself texting deals from sites like these when I’d find a really great deal (like most recently that Gillette pack of razors for 49 cents). I’m sure she likes flowers but she made a bigger deal of the amazon prime that year than she did with any flowers I sent her in the past.

  39. Ashley57

    I like to give people stuff they want – so I ask. I got my mom two china dishes off replacements.com. I got my MIL those door covers that people use a lot at christmastime – she wants to put them up in her sliding glass door – I got three different ones – a plain one, one with orcas, and a cruise ship one, since she loves cruises.

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