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Hipsters to the Rescue: What Are Your Frugal & Hip Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas?

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Easy Pecil Vase for teacher appreciation Hip2Save

Can you believe that the 2014-2015 school year is nearing an end and Summer break is right around the corner!?! As you may already know, during the week of May 4th-8th, 2015 many schools will be honoring their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.

If you’re looking for creative but frugal gifts to show your appreciation, consider making an Easy Pencil Vase or personalized and fun gift card holders for all your favorite teachers. Then just insert flowers (store-bought or freshly picked from your garden) or attach a gift card…an easy and much appreciated way to say thanks to all the wonderful teachers in your life! 🙂

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Also, here are a few other Teacher gift ideas I’ve received from Hip2Save readers over the years…

*For an end-of-year gift, change the note to say “Thank You for a reMARK(ER)able school year!”…and you have a cute but practical gift idea! (Thanks, Tera!)

*Use an empty spaghetti sauce jar with clearance jelly beans. Make a label and card to hang on the jar. The label could say “No beans about it (teacher’s name) RULES”. A cute (and inexpensive) thank you for teachers! (Thanks, Trudy!)

*Pick up an inexpensive movie and put a pack of popcorn and a $1 box of Movie Theater candy with it. Walmart and Target both have $5 movies and this makes a great teachers gift! (Thanks, Suzie!) [/h2s_box]

To get ya thinkin’, you may want to start off by printing these cute Thank You Notes and personalize them for each of your kiddos teachers. If you have any other creative, affordable, or meaningful teacher gift ideas, be sure to share them in the comment section below! And, if you’re a teacher, what gifts do YOU personally enjoy receiving?

To all of you teachers out there…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are so valued and appreciated! 🙂

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Comments 97

  1. Mary

    In Atlanta, our Teacher Appreciation was in February! We are working on graduation! Only 3 more weeks of school!

  2. Lynn

    Teachers, what do you guys appreciate?

    • Allison M.

      Practical things: stuff for our classroom (dry erase markers, folders, pens, pencils, scrapbook paper for Cricut, bulletin board supplies, colored paper for weekly memos, cleaning supplies, tissues, etc). Gift cards to Walmart or Target or Staples work too. I don’t really want more food/junk food/candy. I don’t need it, and if it’s in front of me, I’ll eat it lol.

    • Eliza

      Anything is so kind and thoughtful, but I find gift cards to be very useful. A few years the parents in my class pooled together and surprised me with an amazingly generous combined gift card to Target (I know we’re talking about frugal gifts, so I guess even $5 per person adds up when all go in on it!)

    • 1luv

      I always get Bath and body stuff from most the kids…lol…I’m scented out by the summer! It’s sweet that they do that, but even like a dollar tree gift card of $5 is good bc we get a ton of stuff from their education aisle.
      Some kids go crazy and get personalised items from things remembered. I don’t advise that bc it’s pricey !

    • wendy

      gift cards and school supplies….starbucks cards are my fav!

    • nicole

      I love the notes of appreciation from parents that have noticed what I do for their kids! If you want to add a gift card- that’s awesome too.

    • Luz

      Tpt gift cards, red box codes sounds good too

  3. Lacy

    Gift card to Walmart with a treat. Doesn’t even have to be much—as a former teacher I would so appreciate even just $5 to get anything I want! This works especially well when you have 3 or more teachers to purchase for. Better than a movie they don’t wNt or junk candy imho.

    • vivian

      That’s a good idea, we can save those $5 giftcards from Target deals done throughout the year!

    • Brandy

      Yep. Being a teacher, a $5 gift card is WAY better than homemade– as nice as it is, I can only handle so many bouquets of flowers and not-so-delish chocolates that probably cost more than the $5 anyway. Sure, more is AMAZING, but $5 in gift cards instead of expensive “creative” gifts is totally preferred. Nothing like being able to stop off for a FREE coffee (thanks to students/parents) on a rough morning and we totally appreciate it. I do keep some personalized stuff kids make, but I really just love a personalized CARD with a gift card of any value. 🙂

      • Brie

        Yes! As a teacher, a $5 gift card to Starbucks or similar location with a note of your genuine appreciation means SO much!!!! Homemade gifts are cute but usually don’t get used…

  4. Zanne

    I have been thinking and thinking of a teacher gift idea…doesn’t necessarily have to be frugal for my daughter’s first teacher (4 year old preschool) I want it to be really special because she has made such an impact on her life. Any ideas?

    • Nicole

      For my daughter’s preschool teachers (she has 2) I got really cute personalized water bottles on Etsy and then I did the Target gift cards that are pictured above “Thanks for keeping me on Target this year!” And I gave them each $10.00 gift cards. Hope that helps!

    • heather

      Some of the best gifts I have gotten are words. Write her a card saying how much she means to you. Throw in a gift card to her favorite restaurant and she will love the words as much as the gift card.

    • Dana Miller

      Any small gift but (gift card) with a note telling her that she has made an impact on her daughter’s life and why. I don’t think parents realize how much that means to us!

    • Ali

      Buy a favorite book of your child’s that you think other children would enjoy having read to them and write a personal note on the inside of the cover. Each time the teacher reads it she will be reminded of your child. So many teachers use their own money for supplies so gift cards are always great. Also at that age group you can usually get most or all of the other parents to go in on a gift card to their favorite place. We would ask for a minimum of $10 so $5 would go to each teacher but whatever they wanted to donate would be appreciated.

  5. Jamie

    My favorite gifts that I receive as a teacher are $5 gift cards to Dunkin’ or Starbucks. That is the perfect amount to say thank you but not so much that it crosses the line of an appropriate gift. Just enough for a coffee or two!

    Don’t forget the teachers who aren’t ‘regular’ classroom teachers who have an impact on your child’s life. Like band teachers, coaches or para-professionals who spend extra time with your children outside of school.

    • ashley

      i got starbucks gift cards for all 3 of my kid’s teachers. One thing to note is I overheard one of the teacher’s saying that they hate coffee with a passion but starbucks has tea

      • erin

        They also have bakery items!

  6. J

    Our PTO is asking every student to bring a single flower on one morning to be put in a vase for their teacher. (There will be extras for those who can’t or don’t bring one). I thought it was a super cute idea!

  7. Katie

    I recently did a spring craft with my son, we made coffee filter flowers with colorful ikea straws for stems. I was thinking of having my son do this for his teachers at the end of the year (and for his grandmothers for mother’s day!)

    • Ekthyer

      We have made coffee filter butterflies for Grandma’s mothers day. Use washable makers on coffee filters then mist lightly with water. Once dry, use a wooden clothes pin across the middle of the gathered filter as the body. We colored the clothes pins and gave them faces. You can also add pipe cleaner antennas. Clip the finished butterfly on a curtain.

  8. J

    And I think I might do the movie (with a Redbox code) popcorn and candy for all the teachers (Classroom, Pe, Music, library etc). Love that idea!

  9. Edy

    When my daughter a special needs ! I nominated her teacher for the glass apple from a tv station ! Reason , my daughter it’s on a wheelchair but, I wanted the teacher to treat her as her own child since she was 3 yrs old when she started school ! Now it’s time to treat my granddaughters teacher

  10. Natasha C

    My son’s teacher is always doing crafts for the class. Like sewing seat organizers. I think I am going to get her a gift card to JoAnns or Michael’s. Maybe both.

  11. Shannon

    My husband is a teacher and he said he doesn’t like home baked gifts because he doesn’t know the conditions of the kitchen it came from or dirty hands were used lol. Store bought is fine. But no mugs we have a cupboard full of them! Don’t forget about the specials teachers too. They rarely get gifts!

    • vivian

      I agree with no homemade food gifts. I work in a bank and customers always bring in hombaked goods and they just end up getting trashed. We just don’t know the cleanliness or condition in which the food was prepared in.

      • Jessica

        Agree with this statement!

    • Amy

      Yes! I am a music teacher. We are often forgotten.

  12. Abby H.

    I just made a few gift ideas for teacher appreciation. A basket wire w/3 jars and put some supplies from the dollar store, a cardstock paper “You are the key to my success” and my friend made handmade key chains and a strawberry basket w/soap, sanitizer, gum and strawberry candy – “I could not have picked a better teacher. Due to peoples schedules I made the gifts and sold them already in one day. I love these creative ideas!!

  13. B

    Please try to stay away from Apple themed things, teachers get so many things like that it gets overwhelming! Try something unexpected and nice, if you know the teacher well enough give them something they like or something that you know they could use. Gift cards to Target, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Amazon, etc. are nice too! 🙂

  14. Pharmchick

    Id love ideas for this too! This is my 3 yo first teacher plus 2 aides… He’s in a special needs class so they do a lot like change his diaper, help with potty training, along with speech therapy etc. I’m wondering what’s a good amount for the teacher and for the aides… Like an Affordable amount. Thanks!

  15. Shauna

    As a teacher myself I like to get the $5 gift cards. I also like practical gifts like lotion and soap. I teach ceramics and we go through a lot of both. Another thing I really love is handwritten notes from students. I keep ALL of them and put them in a file folder (I’m on my 4th one since I have been teaching for 12 years). Anyway, when I’m having a rough day or going through a challenging time, I pull out the folders and read about the good times and the positive affects I have had on students.

  16. Jessica

    I do something everyday of the week and put together little things but the thing I’m doing is a basket with teacher owl stuff that has a saying owl never forget all your hard work I went off there wish list of things they need for the class I found owl stickers notepads pens all at the dollar store with owls on it

  17. Lori

    If you give gifts for teacher appreciation week, do you also give an end of year gift? Just curious how people feel overall about this.. Thanks!

    • Anon

      I used to do both, but probably won’t, anymore. 🙂

    • Sarah

      I have been wondering that too. I did Christmas gifts, now preparing for Teacher Appreciation, knowing they get out in a month. I have 5 main teachers to buy for.

    • Vanessa

      I give for Christmas and teacher appreciation. I never gave any for the end of the school year – which is just 2 weeks away from teacher appreciation week in AZ schools.

      • Kerryiu

        Yay! Love seeing comments from fellow AZers.

    • Anonymous

      Depends on the teacher, your budget, and, unfortunately, school district/social pressure. Our PTA actively solicits for donations of food, gift cards, and services during appreciation week and solicits for money for the end-of-year gift. Other gifts (holidays, birthdays) are optional but most parents observe them, because they don’t want to risk singling their kids out by not participating. I felt that way for a while, until we got a teacher who clearly had one foot out the door (she actually changed careers, thank goodness). I gave her the benefit of the doubt through teacher appreciation week, when I witnessed her snarky attitude toward other kids (and not just through some of the things my own told me about her). I opted out of the end-of-year gift, despite *endless* reminders from our career room mom. I assume others may have been reluctant as well, since she didn’t send nearly as many emails in previous years. Since then, I view teacher gifts like tipping: you get a base tip/gift for doing an adequate job. Make an extra effort, you get more. Little to no effort gets you nothing.

  18. patty

    i give gift cards (usually target unless i know a specific place they like) and cheryls cookie cards for a treat. and my kids always make homemade cards

  19. Rose

    I always give gift cards 🙂 But this time Thanks to you I got to purchase the deals at Staples you posted awhile ago pens,highlighters,Expo Erasers plus got them Red Lobster gift cards a total of $30 for 3 teachers. Thats with using Target gift cards I had saved to get the red lobster gift cards. So $10 a teacher had the kidddos make the cards. I like to give my kiddos teachers supplies they can use but also a gift card so they can just go out and relax and have dinner.

  20. justme

    I’m so glad you did this today because I have been thinking about this. I don’t even have $5 to spare per teacher (my kids have several teachers amont them). I know I’m pathetic but oh well it is what it is for now. So I saw this idea on pinterest where you buy a little basket of strawberries and then tie a cute ribbon around it with a note that says ‘I couldn’t have picked a better teacher’ Teachers coming from parents who would like to do more but can’t afford to, do you think this is okay? It’s fresh and I think useful? I don’t know let me know what you think. I want to give something.

    • Shauna

      That is sweet of you to try to put something together on such a tight budget. I think it sounds great. Also, remember a sincere thank you can go a long way also.

    • Rachel

      I think that’s a lovely thoughtful gift!

    • Suzanne H

      I’m not a teacher but I think they would appreciate a non-candy/junk food gift! Most people are trying to eat healthier and it’s a sweet sentiment. It truly is the thought that counts so don’t feel bad if you can’t spare a lot.

    • Sam

      A nice gesture would be a hand written note or card from your child. Showing appreciation doesn’t cost money, especially if you don’t have the room in your budget. Have your child be specific about something the teacher does that helps your child or something about the teaching style that your child appreciates. I love hand written notes from students.

    • 1luv

      I always get Bath and body stuff from most the kids…lol…I’m scented out by the summer! It’s sweet that they do that, but even like a dollar tree gift card of $5 is good bc we get a ton of stuff from their education aisle.
      Some kids go crazy and get personalised items from things remembered. I don’t advise that bc it’s pricey !

      • 1luv

        Ooh this wasn’t meant for your post justme. This was just a general comment. I’d love fresh fruit! Strawberries, or other berries…even some apples..even just one caramel apple that says “I couldn’t have picked a sweeter teacher!”

        Or you could go to the dollar store, fill a dollar jar with a dollar mints and write a note that thanks them for their encouragement. (Encouragemint).

    • erin

      My goodness, I think this is an awesome idea! So many of these ideas are cute and frugal but when multiplied by twenty kids seem like overkill. Too much sugar, too many dust collectors, too many things reliant upon one’s personal taste, too much money wasted on stuff that simply gets trashed. Fruit seems as universal (besides cash!) as you’re going to be able to get. Even if, on the off chance, the recipient can’t or won’t be able to eat it, you know someone will!

    • nicole

      Even if you’re strapped for cash, I appreciate a heartfelt note as much as the other “stuff”

    • sara

      Sounds like a great idea to me.

    • rebecca

      i have worked at a school, and i know the personal note in a card signed by you and/or the child means so much. yes a gift can be nice or appreciated, too, but the dollar cost is not the main idea that most teachers are appraising.
      for the end of year or Teacher’s Appreciation week, a specific note is special, and the strawberries would just be a sweet and clever summery bonus! the teachers i have worked with would NOT turn up their noses at the cost of any type of gift.

  21. Lisa Hoover

    My daughter is just finishing her ninth year as a kindergarten teacher. She works so hard. One of her favorite gifts was a small tree, she received this her second year of teaching. The child is now 13 and the tree is over the top of her house. Whenever she
    looks at it she thinks of Logan. A variety of live herbs for a kitchen window sill is nice too.

    She also loves to receive the insulated drinking cups with lids, you can add some
    Crystal Light Packets, Notecards for all those Thank You notes, A Beach Bag with
    a beach towel, magazines and sunscreen or Movie tickets to the local theatre.

    A Gift card no matter how small is always a treat, teachers spend so much out of their
    own pocket each year. Most of us don’t know how little is provided to keep the classroom going.

    Most teachers will tell you that they do not need anymore coffee cups, most
    would prefer healthy snacks such as almonds, trail mix, granola bars over candy
    and after 9 years of teaching I don’t think there is anymore room for a “best teacher”
    sign, pillow or knick knack.

    Also, Notes from the child and the parent mean so much.

  22. mom

    We give the teachers spices from Penzys. They all love them we have been doing that for years.

    • rebecca

      wow, this is a great idea! on a teacher’s salary, Penzey’s seems like a kitchen luxury.
      i know i can collect about 6 free normal-sized spices throughout the year by being on their email list and getting their catalog coupons that Penzey’s sends out about every other month. put a few of these in a gift basket or bag…and i bet the teacher won’t get several of them, since it is a unique idea.
      maybe someone clever could think of an appropriate note to go with it, like “The thyme spent in your class really helped me bloom” or something, and put the seasonings in with a fake flower on the gift bag?
      or “A little pizza my heart will always remember you” with some of their pizza seasoning?

      • Erin

        I’m a foodie, so I’ve done Penzey’s small gift boxes (w/four quarter-cup jars). I’ve found their prices to be better than grocery stores (and the spices fresher). They also have cocoa mixes, “teach” gift boxes, and kitchen towels, which might be good gifts.

  23. JeannieNY

    I have no kids in school, but all of my kids are teachers now..From this end, I know that my kids especially loved a hand-made card or note from the child. You have no idea how sweet this is and special to my kids–especially if you can have them put specific reasons why they love their teacher (and I hope yours does!)…If you can ask your child “what does your teacher seem to like?” if the child is a bit older, they may be able to tell you. Yes, a gift card is absolutely appropriate, I can’t think of a gift one of my kids have gotten that just went to the trash..Some things they have gotten–candles, a pretty scarf (my daughter loved scarves so this was a great gift, a bakery cookie, wrapped candy, a pretty picture frame, or if a parent works/owns a business that makes something (one child’s parent owned an ornamental glass company and she got a hand-blown ornament!

  24. e

    We give each teacher the child has a 2 pack of black fine point sharpies and a handmade card from them. Useful and personal.

    • jennine

      LOVE that! especially paired with the WALGREENS 2 pack sharpies deal this month. with there in store coupon making them only .49c. then saying “thanks for pointing me in the right direction”

  25. Suzanne H

    Same idea as the Target card, I have given teachers Best Buy gift cards with a note saying “You’re the BEST!” I’ve done it twice and both teachers seemed happy. One teacher said she bought several movies and had a movie night with her kiddos. The other teacher said she ended up needing a new fridge and was happy to have the $ to apply towards it! 🙂

  26. 1luv

    We did the mason jar filled with mints and then printed out a tag that says thanks for the encourage”mint”

  27. Hope

    This is the first year in a long time I’m able to give something other than a note/card to all of my children’s teachers. I’m super excited and I’m sure my kids will be too. These are great ideas.

  28. Krista G

    First day of school I send a “teacher survival pack” ….a tote filled with anti stress tea, advil, chapstick, mints, a candle, etc. The last day, usually a nice houseplant and a gift card. They seem most excited about classroom items and things for their own children. Don’t forget bus drivers and other support staff!!

  29. Couponmomof2

    At the beginning of the school year I send a note to school asking the teachers to list their favorites (i.e. place to eat, flower, snack, school supplies, hobby, etc). I will then choose items from that list to make a gift basket. Doing so keeps me from having to guess what they would like and they actually get what they like.

    • Nes

      That is a really cool idea. I don’t like flowers or bath & body works so it is nice for people to ask although I do appreciate the thought behind ANY gift or card.

    • Sonya

      I do the same thing, with the favorites list. Then I can also surprise them through out the year with an unexpected drink or treat or gc for their bday’s, as I ask for that too. I love not having to guess where they like to shop or what they like to do or eat.

  30. deidre

    Clorox or Lysol wipes were one of my favorite gifts. I was easily able to clean my room and they always were appreciated.

    • Erin

      That is good to hear! I periodically send in wipes and I wasn’t sure if they were used.

  31. smellyann

    Man, I’m glad we homeschool.

    • Erin


    • rebecca

      well, i hope your “students” appreciate you, too, with a nice note or treat once in a while 🙂
      you are hard-working and underpaid just like other teachers, i imagine.

    • Really smellyann?

      I’m not sure if I misunderstand your comment but it comes across as snarky to me. I can’t imagine why anyone would make a comment like that, where it is not even the point of this post. I appreciate the ideas of ways to praise our teachers. genuinely appreciate the teachers my children have this year. They are outstanding & have been extremely encouraging! I am beyond grateful for the time they spend above & beyond their contract time. I know they spend countless hours preparing & teaching my children. They truly teach them to be responsible adults. I’ve spent many hours assisting them any way I can but they deserve our praise & recognition too! To have other adults in their life who truly love & encourage them is something I am grateful for each day. I could never repay all they have done for my children. Our district has not given teachers a pay increase in 4 years, & I know teachers spend their own money to help their students. I appreciate the ideas of ways to praise our teachers.

      • Erin

        I think you are really reading into it unnecessarily. The way that I took it was that gift-giving, especially to those you do not know well, is a loaded situation, as evidenced by so many comments (I can’t afford a gift, is XXX OK? Do I have to give gifts for all occasions? etc.). She doesn’t have to think about it since she homeschools, which has its own stressors.

        • Jill

          Her comment was unnecessary and irrelevant to the post.

        • Jill

          Her comment was irrelevant to the post.

  32. quira628

    As a preschool teacher. I prefer gift cards as well. Not for personal use but to use during the next or current year. Since I/we usually need extra supplies that we purchase on our own.

  33. N.

    I agree with several above post. Please don’t forget the support staff, Aides included. One of my son’s favorite teachers was actually an Aide.

    • Claudia

      While it’s a nice point that we must not forget. Sometimes this isn’t the case. My preschooler aged child loves her teacher while she isn’t a fan of the aid because the aid is forever screaming at all the kids.

  34. alese

    For specials teachers we put together a bag of reisen candies & add a not my daughter writes saying “you’re the reisen I love ______” (PE, art, music, etc). Simple but always well received 🙂

  35. Keri

    I love notes from families. I especially love when parents email the principal to let them how great the teacher has been. Teachers are under so much scrutiny and often all administration considers is test scores.

    • rebecca

      oh, my gosh, yes! i worked in a school administration and on a school board, and it is SO helpful for staff to know how parents really feel about the teachers they had, and know specific strengths they noticed in the classroom, if teachers had a good rapport with parents and students, and just to hear if the teacher was hard-working, cheerful, etc.

      sometimes, staff only hears complaints, or does not know specifics of how a teacher comes across with parents and students.
      during an annual review and mandatory teacher evaluations, personal positive notes and complements from parents are a treat to discuss with educators and add to a teacher’s file!

      • Jill

        I did this & just revived the nicest email from our principal thanking me for letting her know. Thank you for the great idea!

    • Jill

      Great idea!

    • Laura

      Brilliant idea! Will mean so much for the teacher and will not be much extra work for the parent. Thanks for that suggestion!

  36. ali

    I did gift baskets before that were filled with dark chocolate, Kind bars and assorted nuts, and my kids wrote notes that said “Thank you for always being so SWEET and KIND, even when we all drive you NUTS!” 🙂

  37. Nicole

    when it is teacher appreciation week, does that typically mean I need to do something every single day? My daughter has two teachers, two aides and my son has 2 teachers and 1 aide. That seems like a lot and for a full time working mom I am not sure how I am going to pull this together by Monday!! Any suggestions?!?!

    • Jill

      I just do one day. I know it’s a week, but I’ll send my note/gift cards in on Wednesday. I hope that helps.

      • Nicole

        thanks! That makes me feel a little better, I think I can only handle one day!!!

  38. Rebecca

    I work in a low income school, and wouldn’t want my students’ parents to spend money on me that they could spend on their child. A thoughtful note from the parent or the student matters more than any gift. If you do want to get something, teachers, especially elementary, ALWAYS need pencils. Stock up in the fall when they’re on sale super cheap and send them as a gift in the spring, when the teachers’ own classroom supply is probably running low.

    • e

      Rebecca, you are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for taking care of the children that need it most.

  39. GK

    I always love a card or note from a student and/or parent more than gifts. I like getting a Starbucks or other gift card though!

  40. ak

    As a former teacher I always a start the year off with a get to know your teacher sheet. Throughout the year I fulfill the teachers wish list items and know their wants/don’t wants. Helps me when I want to say thanks for something and know I’m not wasting money getting them something they don’t like.

  41. Victoria

    I only have pre-k school…last year (and will this year) just splurged on panera bagels for the staff/teachers/aides. It’s not too much to get a pack to go & everyone enjoyed. Coffee to go was too much for only a few that drink it. They have a Keurig now that was donated. so will just bring some k cups this year. Then Will do a gift for teacher at end of the year.

  42. Nicole

    Don’t forget the office and building staff! The school nurse and janitors should get something for all the puking that happens in schools. God bless the front office staff too, they make everything run smoothly.

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