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10 Kohl’s Shopping Secrets You Need to Know

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10 "HIP" Kohl's Shopping Secrets You Need to Know

If you regularly shop at Kohl’s, you may be interested in checking out these 10 “HIP” Kohl’s Shopping Secrets that will save you even more money!

1.) Shop on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of the Month

Kohl's Sales 2nd & 4th Saturday

Kohl’s offers its biggest markdowns on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month during their “Night Owls” and “Early Birds” sales events when prices are an extra 10-25% off. These rock bottom sales start in-stores on Friday evenings from 3PM local time until midnight and continue on Saturday from open until 1PM. Or shop online from 2PM-Midnight on Friday evening until 3PM CST on Saturday.

2.) Spend $48 (not $50!) to Earn $10 Kohl’s Cash

Kohl's Cash Hip2Save

Did you know that you can spend just $48 after all applicable discounts and before tax instead of the usual $50 and still receive a $10 Kohl’s Cash Reward (during applicable Kohl’s Cash earning periods – applicable in-store or online)? Even though it may not show up during the final stages of online checkout, once you complete your order, you will in fact see that you have earned $10 in Kohl’s cash!

3.) Shop Online and Stack Multiple Discount Codes

Shop Online and Stack Savings

Shopping online is convenient since you can stack up to FOUR discount codes for online orders when purchasing from a computer. If placing an order from a mobile device, you’ll only be able to combine 2 coupon codes per order. Keep in mind that you can only use ONE sitewide percent-off code (20% off entire purchase) and one free shipping code per order, but can use up to four Kohl’s rewards codes (i.e. Kohl’s Cash) or dollar off/percent off/department specific codes per order.

4.) Apply for a Kohl’s Charge Card

Kohl's Charge Card

Usually around once a month, Kohl’s offers 30% off AND free shipping for Kohl’s Cardholders (generally non-cardholders can save 15% during this time). If you shop at Kohl’s often, consider signing up for a store card as you’ll receive lots of exclusive cardholder coupons that stack with other coupons for huge savings. Plus, Kohl’s cardholders who spend over $600 a year get placed into the “Most Valuable Customer” program and receive at least 18 discounts throughout the year.

5.) Make Immediate Payments on Kohl’s Charge Card

Make immediate payments on Kohl's charge card

Have a Kohl’s Card and are nervous about late fees? Did you know that you can immediately make a payment on your Kohl’s card after using it in-store? Just make a payment at the register using cash, check, money order, or a Kohl’s Cares card or head to the kiosks located around the store. Cash or check payments will post to your account the same day, if paid at a register.

6.) Price Adjustments + Hassle-Free Return Policy

Kohl's Price Adjustments

Did you buy a non-clearance item at Kohl’s only to find out it went on sale a few days later? Price adjustments are available for two weeks after the purchase date if the item(s) purchased were further reduced from the original priced you paid. Just be sure to hang on to your receipt and head to the customer service desk to receive the difference. The price adjustment is also available on a Kohl’ purchase whenever you call customer service at (855) 564-5705.

Plus, as mentioned in their online policy, there are no time restrictions for returns! You can get cash back for up to 12 months after purchase and after that you will receive in-store merchandise credit. No receipt is needed for Kohl’s Charge purchases. If you use any credit card to make your purchases, your shopping history will be stored in their computer for a full year.

7.) Decode the LCD Price Signs

Kohl's discount codes

Wondering if an item will drop further in price this season? Look for a square in the upper-right corner of an LCD price tag. If you see a square, this indicates that the item has reached the lowest price of the season and won’t drop further unless it goes on clearance.

Also, look for other codes which indicate when an item will be marked down. In the upper right-hand corner of the pricing code, there are letters such as “GV” that indicates a limited-time price drop, “S” which means it’s a 1-2 week sale, or “NM” which means the item will be marked down again that night or the following morning.

8.) Sign Up for FREE Yes2You Rewards Program

Kohl's Yes2You Rewards

Love rewards? Be sure to sign up for Yes2You Rewards (it’s FREE!) as you’ll essentially receive 5% back on every order of $100. Plus, Yes2You Rewards members often receive birthday coupons and additional rewards, such as a $5 reward coupons, bonus points, and more. Keep in mind that Yes2You Rewards are issued once a month.

9.) Kiosk Orders always Ship FREE

Kohl's Kiosk Orders Ship Free

Not finding what you are looking for in-store? Orders placed from any Kohl’s kiosk automatically receive FREE standard shipping to your home. The in-store kiosks allow you to search inventory and locate the size and color you need on Kohl’ and are still eligible for discount codes.

10.) Kohl’s Honors Competitor Prices

Kohl's Price Matches

Find a lower advertised price? Kohl’s honors in-store only competitor prices from any national retailer that has a brick-and-mortar store (Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.) on select brands only – just bring a current copy of the competitor’s ad with you (make sure the ad includes a description of the item). Also you will be able to redeem Kohl’s Cash when price matching.

Discounted Kohl's Gift Card

Pair all the tips above with a discounted Kohl’s gift card for even more savings! Here’s what you need to do:

—> Go here to create a new Raise account (be sure that referral code is populated with hsave)
—> Enter mobile number so they can text you a code for verification purposes
—> Once verified, your $5 will be instantly credited to your account (new Raise members only)
—> Start shopping for a discounted Kohl’s gift card (or any other store you want!)
—> If your purchase is $50 or more, use the coupon code HIP2SAVE50 to save an additional $5 off!

Here is one Kohl’s gift card scenario to consider:

$54.78 Kohl’s eGift Card ONLY $51
Enter the code HIP2SAVE50 to get $5 off
Apply your $5 new member credit
Final Cost $41 for $54 eGift Card!

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Comments 68

  1. April

    I have to compliment and praise Kohls and their customer service, not to mention their return policy! I recently wrote a review on a pair of shoes that I purchased for my son there back in June. I gave the shoes a poor grade bc they fell apart after only a month so I glued them back together only for them to fall apart multiple more times. This was not Kohls fault by no means but they went above and beyond. They had me bring the shoes back to the store, without a receipt or box (I did use my Kohls card though), and they gave me a full refund for the shoes. I was completely floored!

    • Mella

      I agree with April! Kohls has the best customer service, that is why I choose to shop with them more often.

    • Alice

      I agree. In my opinion Kohl’s does everything right. Great customer service. Quality merchandise (most of the time). Returns without fuss.

  2. Michelle

    Has anyone actually tried spending $48 and not $50 to get Kohls cash? I would hate to go through the whole transaction only to find it didn’t work!

    • Alina

      I have and I always get the kohls cash.

    • Shopper

      Note it only works on your first $48.

    • Erin

      I did online and spent just over $98 and got $20 kohls cash. If you look at the FAQs on Kohls website it actually addresses this and states that if you spend $48 you will earn Kohls cash!

    • Erin

      I spent just over $98 online during this last kohls cash promo and received $20 kohls cash! Kohls actually addresses this in the FAQs on their web page and it does state if you spend $48 you will receive $10 kohls cash!

    • Debi

      I was .50 short and the cashier wouldn’t give me the Kohls cash. Ended up buying soap to bring it over $50

      • Wendy

        It is also based on the subtotal BEFORE taxes.

    • Thais

      I was JUST there and the lady in front of me was at $49.18 and they would not give her the kohls cash said she needed to buy one item at $1 to get it – they were looking around to add to it. And FYI that was her subtotal (before taxes). I know b/c I said HEY I read somewhere that you can still get it at $48.

  3. Lesomom

    Anyone know when the next Mvc free shipping on all orders is?

    • Ashley

      One just ended so probably not until next month.

    • BY

      I think there is another free shipping oct 8th -12th

  4. brindha

    I had a hard time using kiosk and ordering stuff… could enter 1 code and 1 gift card only when I wanted to use multiple gift cards and codes. Was frustrated and bought it instore…. need tips, tricks and help from fellow expert hip2savers. Tia. 🙂

    • Becks

      Ask an associate for help. I personally also do not like using the in store kiosk because (at least at my store) they are outdated, slow & the touchscreens are finicky…

      • emma

        Totally agree. The first time i used the kiosk was a nightmare and waste of time. Finally, the associate was able to help me navigate and put through an order for me.

  5. Ann

    Thank you so much for sharing Raise and ways to save with these cards, you are saving my family SO much money on Christmas this year, I have been buying Kohl’s cards and doing Kohl’s cash with all of your wonderful tips and I can’t get over the savings! Muah!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are so welcome Ann 🙂

  6. Just Me

    The price changed while I was checking out so I went ahead with my purchase but sent an email asking if I could have the original price. I didn’t think they would do it but I figured why not ask. Well they did adjust the price! I did have to send a screen shot which I happened to have but I was very happy. Excellent customer service so I will start shopping there more!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Wow that’s great! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. deanna

    Just to let you know, kohls rolled out with a new system. They will no longer accept gift cards as a form of payment on a kohls credit card, even kohls cares gift cards.. but customers can now pay their bills in store with a debit card. Yay! My store already rolled out with the new system. It should take effect in all store by the end of this year. Kohls will also have new chip card readers and will accept apple pay/samsung pay by the end of the year.

    • Nana Donna 2 5

      I can’t understand why they would do this. They already have the money. I recently received a gift card from coworkers and had just placed an order using my Kohl’s charge card. I plan on stopping by Kohl’s this weekend to pay it off using my gift card.

      • Nancy

        you could have used your gift cards when you placed your order online.

        • Nana Donna 2 5

          I received my gift card from coworkers in the afternoon on the day the original order had been placed (in the morning). I went to Kohls this week and explained and the customer service rep was very helpful and nice about it. She did a “return” by looking up the UPC ID on the kiosk and “refunded” my Kohls charge card. Then the item was “purchased” using my gift card. It did take away the Kohls cash I had initially, but she gave me credit for that. The transaction went very smoothly. Their customer service is one of the main reasons I continue to shop there.

  8. Kim

    Good to know..thanks!

  9. Lily

    I tried to go back to look for this post from the last time you put it up and was unable to find it. Thanks for reposting! 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are so welcome Lily!

  10. angel15

    off topic SYW DOORBUSTER “Eye of the Beholder” $5 in points

    • Wren

      Eeek, thank you Angel15! Worked for me.

      • Wren

        Oops, just noticed fine print says ‘spend $25 or more’. Darn!

        • Angel15

          Woops.. didn’t notice that.. oh well..

  11. lori

    Here’s another great Kohl’s tip that was given to me be a Kohl’s cashier….
    Often Kohl’s has sales with a buy one get one 50% off. If you only buy one of the items, you can get 25% off the single item!
    I’ve done this several times (just let the cashier know when you’re checking out) and it works!

    • JA

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to give it a try.

    • Ann

      This did not work when I shopped at my kohls 2 days ago. The associate said that you have to buy 2 items in order to get the discount. She was unwilling to accommodate my request.

      • James

        Ask for the manager in charge, always works for me if something like that happens.

  12. Kelly

    Another tip if you have a Kohl’s charge and are an MVC. Look at your statement, there will be a “Pay This To Avoid Interest” amount. It is 1/3rd of your statement balance. I have carried a balance on my Kohls charge card for years and never paid a penny of interest!! (Must look at your physical statement or download the PDF. It will not show on the online screens)

    • lindsey

      I to have never paid interest I love it.

    • kimannd

      I’m an MVC and my “To Avoid Interest Charge Pay” is always the same as my “New Balance”. Is that something you had to get approval for from Kohl’s Credit? Thanks.

  13. Abbie

    I like Kohls too but am always confused when i try to do an even exchange like getting the same shirt but a different size and they try to make me pay more money because the price went up. This happened to my mom too. I’ve stopped exchanging and just return now if something doesn’t fit.

  14. JW

    another tip…if you are 55 shop on Wednesday and get a 15% senior discount…

    • Mary

      I forgot about this. My husband is over 55. I will have to start shopping with him on Wednesdays.

  15. Karen

    A little off topic but still Kohl’s related…. My online Kohl’s account was hacked and the information changed to a unknown address. Well when this happened someone ordered $480 of stuff using my Kohl’s charge card.
    The thing is they didn’t change the mailing address, so lucky it was sent to my house. That is how I found out about it.
    I reported it to Kohl’s and after a 45 min call and a number of transfers, a report was made.
    They informed me to return the items as I get them… I was still left with lots of questions and no answers.
    However I did learn that I had 3 Kohl’s cards all linked to 1 account. Odd…?!
    Just a FYI….

    • Christina

      This exact same thing happened to me last Christmas time! I had to return a $800 watch that came to my house! The kohls people told me it was a scam to get kohls cash.

  16. Asha

    I lover Kohls and I loved this article. Thand Collin. I learned some new tips.

  17. Sue

    I wish that they would again extend the time period for using Kohl’s cash. I have wasted several dollars, due to not shopping the weeks that you have use for purchases. It use to be use even when expired.

    • Sharon

      My store always accepts them late – no matter how old they are – you should ask, you may be surprised.

  18. catherine

    Super cute maternity chevron striped skirt for under $9 (not counting 6% at ebates). I’m happy! (btw – apparently this skirt is great even for those not pregnant)

  19. Beverly

    I was told on Kohl’s Chat Line that Kohl’s did away with customers using more than one Promo discount at a time. I used to put in several discounts I had and they would honor them. Sad to see that go because you can save a lot on Promo, Kohl’s Cash, Shipping and Handling and any other coupons you may have. I have used 3 at one time and it was awesome. That is one the reason I use my Kohl’s Card.

  20. allie

    Collin, can we still get a price adjustment even if we used kohls coupons and kohls cash on a item?

  21. mary

    I went to Kohls today to use my Kohls Kash and a 30% off. I was really disappointed that they took my Kash off first instead of the 30%… big deal I saved $7.50! In my opinion it should have come off first and my Kohls Kash should have been treated as a payment for the remained. I feel ripped off!

    • William Lemons

      You got ripped off all around . You didnt really save 7.50. They
      scam you.

  22. Anna

    I am always confused about returns when I earned Kohl’s Cash. To be honest I forget to use it a lot. If I don’t use it, it expires and then I return an item that earned the Kohl’s cash…do I get the full refund of what I paid? with so many discounts flying around it’s hard to figure out what I actually paid for an item but when I return things it sometimes seems like I get back less than I paid

  23. quen hardiek

    I liked to shop at kohl’s and did till I apply for a job , and to my saddess, that on a corporate lever that they can let a click of select few women keep u from have employment, I’m sure if u ck my background I am just as qualified as most employed. This saddens my heart that in a small town this goes on, as a x business owner I give 99% of my applyed ppl a chance if didn’t work went on , So kohl’s loss if I can’t earn I don’t burn so ck my account very little spent there now . I did enjoy reading this information.

  24. Nia

    Kohls Kash should not expire but overall I like the store offerings and it really is a one stop shop like Macy’s or Belk just smaller which is great too.

  25. taintedtiarablog

    Kohl’s Cash does expire now, but there is a grace period of about 10 days or so after the expiration date to redeem it. If the system won’t take the Kohl’s Cash, you could talk to a manager about it, but there is no guarantee they will let you use it because they can’t tell how much is left on it if the system won’t recognize it.

    Also, you can now return items with your Yes2You Rewards card even if you do not have a receipt or the card with which you paid for your purchase.

  26. taintedtiarablog

    Additionally, the Yes2You Rewards cards offer triple points a few times a year (like right now). The Yes2You Rewards is paid out (emailed) on the first of the month and it expires at the end of that month. So, if you have 100+ points in January, your rewards will be sent to you on February 1st and expire at the end of February.

  27. Anita

    Does KOHL’S have anything made in the US?

    • William Lemons

      Not much. They have items made for them using cheap materials that look like the same product in other stores.

  28. James

    Tip, get the Kohl’s app and any codes you find here can be saved on the app so even if they sent you a 15% you can save a 30% code and then show the cashier your phone with your saved codes. You can also scan in any Kohl’s Cash and it keeps track of your Yes to you rewards for easy convience.

  29. Renee

    I’m not sure if this is a policy or a management decision but today I purchased a pair of paints (which I didn’t realize were ‘Buy one get one 50% off). When this showed up on the register, I asked if they could print the receipt so that I could come back tomorrow for the second pair. The manager told the cashier to just give me 25% off the original item. This is now going to be my new request for all deals and all stores; we’ll see.

  30. William Lemons

    You all are fools. Khols is one of the most crooked retailers out there. Their “deals” are set up. They inflate prices or will have an item made just for them with cheaper parts. You will not find the same model number anywhere else.

  31. William Lemons

    Khols has their cheap cloths made in sweat shops . Fact.

  32. Susan Lancia

    I love all the deals that Kohls offers!!! They make me so happy

  33. Carrie Reich

    Heartbroken and worst Christmas for myself and family thanks to Kohl’s. After losing my father and living by his words that memories is what is left after all. So I am going to call and go up the ladder to have some kind of resolution in this matter but how can you get back memories and fix children’s disappointment from a Christmas day? The issue WILL BE taken care of but that’s physical. How can they fix the mental issue of disappointment, let down & feelings of guilt and let down? Things happen! That’s life unfortunately but to have representatives working for you(Kohl’s) motto is worry free guarantee but yet an answer to fix customers issue, complaint and effect it’s had on their family while their celebrating very special occasion is– get the money it cost you and they didn’t have anything else could do or could recommend that they were unable to do!!!
    so your families holiday was ruined, your child from unwrapping has lost all the excitement and desire that has been building up for months and nothing to look forward to because anything else coming from extended family was in addition to/or related with the gift he has been begging and desired for ever. So then Christmas day was spent crying in disappointment and anger, making others feel guilty and sad then no longer cared to see spend holiday with love one’s at all by secluding himself to his room!! Yes I felt necessary to put all of this in my message because Kohl’s “quick fix” wants to return my cash… I DON’T WANT THE CASH! The kind of mother and person I am is always giving in anyway to hopefully improve life for all NOT only inner circle like volunteering at homeless shelter, inspire and help people make resemes/ rides for job searches(improve work ethic & less funded assistance) donation of any type and charity benefits for special needs, victims or diagnosed fund raising events! Point is I am income eligible for funded assistance by circumstance not choice so coming up with the money needed and finally being able to give my child something that ordinarily would not be financially possible was HUGE for me!! It was like winning the lottery to me. So only the only FREE GUARANTEE KOHL’S gave me feelings of let downs and disappointment, that my son will always remember this Christmas because he got that 1 thing he put on his list after he wrote…
    Santa because I worked so hard and am making better choices … ” Wishlist” that’s highlighted, starred with smilie faces all around so in case Santa wasn’t sure which one was his number one choice. So after heartbreak and blaming now I get Kohl’s employees word that (exact words said) “NOT to worry you will at least get my money back and M’am you can then buy it in another store ”
    HMMMM… So another words Stop your whining and get packed up for the road trip, in-store returning total inconvenience and spend your children’s holiday vacation searching for the product in stock elsewhere.
    **KOHL’S EMPLOYEE giving his prediction of resolution… But let’s not predict but state FACTS… A Christmas was ruined, no longer available so no exchange can be done at this time So wait months n months for the alert of product availability and not guaranteed to re-stock in future therefore return is only option and not by any fault of ours we can’t just exchange and receive cash that will need a quarter of the price ADDED to it to buy the SAME item ANYWHERE else and I was so grateful that I was able to put together enough money this year and in time for the featured promotion allowing me to get that SPECIALLY BIG gift that normally was out of the question!**
    So It not only took everything for me to put this Christmas gift together, I not only don’t have my present but will have money back and still won’t have it because I don’t have the extra money to add to the lowest priced basic and exactly SAME item as KOHL’S but not broken!!

  34. Sneha

    Thanks. Those are really good insights and tips to shop. I have recently received a new charge card from them which when activated,I shall receive extra 15 percent off. Would this extra 15 percent be combined with the 15/20/30 Percent off coupons that we receive? Thanks in advance.

  35. JoAnn Staats

    Can I buy coffee at Kohls?

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