Veteran’s Day Freebies & Deals

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Hip2Save Veteran's Day Freebie & Deals

Veteran’s Day is Wednesday, November 11th. In honor of this day, many stores and restaurants offer some nice freebies and discounts to Veterans and Active Duty Military members. In many cases, proof of military service is required to snag these deals. You may also want to call ahead to make sure your local restaurants are participating and to verify their ID requirements.

Black friday


On November 11th from 7AM-7PM, Veterans and Active Duty Military can head to IHOP for a free stack of Red, White and Blue pancakes – buttermilk pancakes crowned with glazed strawberries, blueberry compote and whipped topping. Click here for more information.

Veterans Day


Outback Steakhouse is offering all Veterans and Active Duty Military a FREE Bloomin’ Onion and a drink on November 11th only! Plus, from November 12th-December 31st, Military Mates will also score 15% off their entire bill. Be sure to bring in a valid form of ID or proof that you were in the Military. Go HERE for more information.

Veterans Day


Spaghetti Warehouse is offering up a Buy one get 1 FREE 15-layer Lasagna or Spaghetti & Meatballs or any original recipe Spaghetti entree – valid on November 11th! Just go HERE to print your coupon (or you can choose to have it emailed to you).

Veterans Day


On November 11th only, Texas Roadhouse will be honoring Veterans and Active Duty Military by offering them a FREE Lunch on the house (with proof of military service)! Please note that you will need to choose from their special menu with 10 different options, so be sure to go here to check it out. Plus, this offer includes your choice of a Coca-Cola product, sweet tea/iced tea or coffee.

Veterans Day


Applebee’s is offering a FREE meal to all Active Duty Military and Veterans on November 11th! Please note that this is offer is valid for dine-in only and you will need to choose from a limited menu. Also note that drinks and gratuity are NOT included. Go HERE to check out the menu.

Veterans Day


Active Duty Military and Veterans can head here and sign up to receive a coupon valid for a FREE All-American Burger on November 11th! Also note that Shoney’s offers up a 15% discount to all Men and Women of the Armed Forces, Police, Fire Department and EMT Units every day. Go here for more info.

Veterans Day


On November 11th, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt will be offering up a FREE cup of Froyo (11 oz) to all Active Duty Military and Veterans! To claim this offer, just show your Military ID or some sort of proof that you were in the Military. Here’s an article with more information.

Veterans Day


California Pizza Kitchen is offering a FREE meal to all Active Duty Military and Veterans! Please note that there will be a special menu and this offer is valid for dine-in only. Be sure to bring proof that you are or were in the Military with you. See their Facebook page for more info on this promo.


On November 11th, Veterans and Active Duty Military can enjoy a free entrée (choose from 6 different meals). And, family members dining with Veterans and Active Duty Military will score 10% off their meals too. Go here for more information and to see the participating meals.

Veterans Day



On November 11th, Active Duty Military and Veterans can enjoy a FREE slice of pie (valid for dine-in only)! Head here for more information on this promo. Please note that it appears these restaurants are located in California only.

Veterans Day


On November 11th, Golden Corral will be offering up a FREE meal from 5PM-9PM for Veterans and Active Duty Military. Go here for more details on this promo.

Veterans Day


On November 11th, Max & Erma’s will be offering a FREE 3-Course Combo meal to all Veterans and Active Duty Military! This combo includes a cup of soup or side salad, a 6-oz cheeseburger with endless seasoned fries and a fresh baked cookie. Please note that this offer is for dine-in only at participating locations only. Go here for more info.

Veterans Day


On November 11th, head to Cheeseburger in Paradise where they will be offering up a Free All-American Burger with french fries to Active Duty Military and Veterans! Go HERE to find a location near you.

Veterans Day


On November 11th, Red Robin locations are offering up a FREE Tavern Double Burger with Bottomless Steak Fries to all Veterans and Active Duty Military – valid for dine-in only!


Through November 22nd, Veterans can score a FREE admission to LEGOLAND Florida! Plus, you’ll also score 50% off tickets for up to six accompanying guests to experience the Park’s 50+ rides, shows and attractions. Make sure you bring a valid form of Military ID or proof that you were in the Military. Head HERE for more info.



On November 11th, Great Clips is offering anyone who comes in for a haircut, a free haircut card to give to an active, inactive, or retired military member of any branch. The Veteran will be able to redeem this card for a FREE haircut between November 11th and December 31st. Military personnel who come in and visit Great Clips on November 11th can either get a FREE haircut that day or pick up a free haircut card to use, with proof of service, any day before December 31st, 2015. Head here to locate a Great Clips near you.

Veterans Day


On November 11th only, Veterans and Military Personnel (and their families) are invited to save 10% on groceries at Publix! Note that this offer excludes prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, Ticketmaster, lottery tickets, postage stamps, and money services. Customer is responsible for all applicable taxes. More details here.

Veterans Day⬇MEINEKE⬇

On November 11th, Meineke is offering up a completely FREE oil change to Active Duty Military and Veterans. Go here and enter your zip code to find a location near you.

Veterans Day


On November 11th, you can take advantage of an Entrance-Free Day at over 100 participating National Parks! Check out the list of participating parks here.

A BIG thanks to all the Military Men and Women who have served our country in the past and who are currently serving our country now.

(Thanks, Aaron, Wanda, Freebies for a Cause, Coupons are my Currency, Brandice, Casey and Elizabeth!)

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  1. Brianne

    Thank you Collin we scheduled our oil change at Meineke, this came at a perfect time our change oil light just came on! =)

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh perfect! So glad you could score that one Brianne!

  2. Joanna

    I am so thankful for these deals, but as a military wife and mother of 5, it irritates me that they have a specific menu to choose from. In my opinion, for all the sacrifices my husband makes (and all other veterans) the least they could do is let them get what they want…..geeeesh!

    • Hindy

      Totally agree!!!!

      There should be some of those stuff valid for veterans YEAR ROUND!!!

      Joanna thanks to you and your husband for your sacrifices and service!!!

    • Kat

      I agree! Some seem better than others. Outback gives free blooming onions all the time; I’m sure it’s because it costs so little to make them. They could do better. I also think they should extend the free meals to active duty spouses and children because they sacrifice a lot too. Thank you and your husband for his service and all of the sacrifices you make as a military wife and mom.

    • Eb

      Businesses do not have to offer any free or discounted meals to veterans. With all the complaining that spouses do, be grateful any free meal or discount is still offered.

      • Brianna

        Wow. Exactly Eb. I got on here to comment and say that it looked like a nice selection and I hoped they made a fun day out of it. But yep, the spouses just seem ungrateful. Something is better than nothing at all. Because no, they don’t have to offer you anything at all.

        • Rachel

          Please do not clump all spouses as being ungrateful. There are bad apples in every bunch.

        • Lisa

          Agreed, Eb and Brianna, the issue is there are soooo many that come to take advantage of this offer (as well they should.. they earned it) and it is easier to accommodate MORE veterans than a select few. I am one grateful Veteran. Thank you to ALL that recognize us.

      • Tara

        I am a veterans wife and I agree. We are grateful of the businesses that do this and I think the choices are great. We dined at Texas Roadhouse last year and they treated us like royalty and it was a great meal.

      • Joanna

        All of you that have a problem with my comment must have no idea all that us wives. and kids go through! Shame on you for even saying anything negative for me sharing my personal opinion…. Nobody wants to take advantage of anything but I know my husband puts in 20 hours a day of work and we don’t get paid anything close to the people that work beside him that are not military. Not to mention the 16 month deployments where we have not seen him at all. It would be nice if appreciation didn’t have a criteria…for one day! That’s all!! My goodness! Spouses wouldn’t have to complain if people would be more supportive of them and their families in the community…. Probably the people making these nasty judgemental comments…to be exact!
        God Help Americans!

        • Eb

          Actually I do. My husband just returned home from deployment and while he was gone I raised our infant by myself. My husband signed up to serve his country not for recognition, discounts or freebies.

          • Joanna

            Add 4 kids….5 deployments and 20 years… Then let’s talk. I appreciate what you do… Maybe recognize that I have had a hard time and support a fellow spouse! All service members do not have the same jobs and definitely some go through harder times than others. Show some grace! (maybe some maturity too)

            • Kat

              Joanna, don’t even bother arguing with them it’s not worth your time. I’m not even a military spouse, but my father and both of my grandfathers are all veterans. I’m just a decent American citizen that appreciates the lifestyle my country provides me partly in thanks to the people that serve in our military. Talk about bad apples. Some people feel like they can say whatever they want with the anonymity of being behind a screen and a fake name. Restaurants have a 75%+ markup and it wouldn’t kill them one bit to allow an open menu to a small group of people one day a year.

            • TK

              It’s wives like you that make the rest of us look bad. This isn’t a competition for who has it worse. No one cares that you have 5 kids and that your husband deploys, we are all in the same boat. My husband has proudly been serving for 17 years, he’s the one who wears the uniform not me. I would still hold down the fort at home no matter what his job was. He also didn’t join for discounts and freebies he joined because of his love to this Nation. Please just stop. Colin thank you for posting this list, I hope that your husband goes out and enjoys some freebies on Wednesday. I’ve been a follower of your blog since your days at Lejeune.

            • KM

              Eb, I agree with you. It’s unfortunate that some of the more vocal military spouses also seem to be the ones who have a greater sense of entitlement. Joanna, Eb was quite respectful and polite. Perhaps you should take your own advice. You are coming across as the immature and rude one.

            • Joanna

              Thank you Kat!
              I just can’t believe how one small wish…. That my husband could pick something he wants off the regular menu could spark such nasty comments…we are very appreciative of any military acknowledgment and discount received and have never really used any till I started following this sight about a month ago…. Nobody would begin to compare service/ deployment or kids but just trying to get some understanding and maybe some compassion… Wow! Never thought of myself being selfish or a taker by any means but I guess wanting my hard working man to get a nice steak instead of a burger is a horrible thought… Haha. Guess I will buy it and cook it myself…. Cus I hold it down at home like that too ; )

            • Brianna

              You used the word irritates. Which just doesn’t sound good. I have 4 kids and my husband went in 17 years ago. My husband wasn’t home for most of their upbringing. I don’t expect anything and even at times feel we shouldn’t take some things. It depends on what it is and if it is equal to what others get for coupons off. We haven’t even ever accepted the discount off of any of our new vehicles or the loan on our house. There are a lot of things out there for us all through the year, so this day, you should just be happy and take it or stay at home and fix him what he wants. Just saying, must of us have been there and done that and when someone says it irritates them, just doesn’t sound right.

            • Joanna

              I can understand where that would be a bothersome word and I am sorry…. I don’t expect anything ever from anyone but I just expressed what I was thinking….which was my first time ever posting, I guess I should have used a different word. I accept your wisdom and I apologize if my comment rubbed you wrong or anyone for that matter. Thank you for being respectful… My comment didn’t attack anyone and I never expected to be attacked so viciously or categorized as a “taker”.

            • Brianna

              If you have a McCormick & Schmicks or Claim Jumper, they have 10 entree’s for free. Not sure about the other Landry restaurants but I just received an email for this one. Looks good!

            • Jody

              Joanna I completely agree with everything you’re saying! There should be NO “criteria” for their only day. Hey just to bring this up….did you know that Disney World offers their discount for active & retired military only-but not a veteran…LOL!! There also is another shame!! 😉 Thanks for you & your husband’s service to our country!

      • cece

        I agree! I’m a Marine veteran and i appreciate ANY type of discount or freebie that is offered. No need to complain about what’s offered!

    • Just Me

      This isn’t just about Veterans Day but I found Nashville, TN to be awesome to vets ( usually only active duty gets discounts). Every museum we went to had a discount or even better military and 1 guest free. I didn’t even think to ask restaurants.

      • Tara R.

        TN in general is awesome towards the military! My in law’s moved there after my FIL’s retirement from the USCG and we are hoping to retire there one day as well.

        • Just Me

          Congrats! But girl it was hot down there in July.

          • Just Me

            Also the children’s museum was great. They have a preschool day (Thursday? Each month) includes cheap admission ($5?) and a planetarium ticket. I don’t believe the kid has to be preschool. And they have a free week long summer camp but you have to sign up fast.

    • Proudvet

      Ugh… I shake my head at the entitlement military spouses think they have…

      • Heather

        Isn’t it ridiculous?! Nothing in this world comes free, not even freedom.. So when a little something comes along to show appreciation just take it with some class and move on!!

    • Michelle

      As a veteran and military wife it is annoying to hear people complain about free things if you don’t like The options don’t go there plain and simple. We aren’t owed anything we made the choice to serve and sure it’s a nice gesture of behalf of business to offer freebies/ discounts so please keep the negativity to yourself. Thanks Collin for posting a round up of offers, our family is thankful for your site!

      • Christie

        I am so grateful for all the countless hours Collin dedicates to “Hippers” 😉 as a military wife with 3 kiddos and NEVER have I heard her complain in years! I wanted to do something nice for her but she is so humble and politely refused it. We can learn a lot from her gracious attitude. We have heard of COUNTLESS stores closing /merging and frankly with the economy as it is I am SHOCKED as many businesses are participating. Let’s be grateful for all we do have…All of us! 🙂

        • Lydia

          Well said!! And so true! 🙂

      • Sarah

        I agree. My dad served when it wasn’t glorified or seen as an honor. It took him years to wear his Air Force hat or t-shirt and is surprised when people thank him for his service. I am glad that they are treated better these days but after seeing some of the whining wives on here, I think they are forgetting, it is a job, we aren’t in a draft time, he chose to sign up and re-enlist here and there. So stop complaining. My husband works long hours too, but he does it to support our family, as do the ones who chose military. It’s nice that these places offer something. I’ll be sure to drag dad in for a free lunch somewhere. He’ll be very grateful.

    • Reba

      I AM A VETERAN for last 40 plus years. All are LUCKY to get acknowledgment now.
      Back when I was honorably discharged, we got ignored and spit on. Give me a break.
      If you think he can do better and make more in civilian life, have him get out and get a regular job with no glory.

    • Reba

      This is an appreciation of service, not a hand out. If not happy, get a civilian job and work for $$ and no thanks.

    • Steve Ortlieb

      Really? I’m a veteran and I think it’s unbelievably generous of these companies to offer what they can. They are under no obligation whatsoever and yet they selflessly offer this anyway. People like you just don’t get it do you? No one owes anyone anything so when a gift is offered simply say thank you and move on.

  3. Just Me

    My kids really like going to Golden Corral so I always take them on this day since I don’t really like them or the price.
    Women vets!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  4. Just Me

    Also last year panera did a free pick 2 combo.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for sharing!

  5. Katie

    Home Depot gives 10% off your purchase all year when you show military ID

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the heads up Katie!

    • P

      So does Lowe’s

  6. Angela

    While we do not care for the set menu items, we are vegetarian, we are thankful to those that do offer free items as there are tons of places that do not.

  7. Christie

    Collin, Chick-fil-a is giving a free meal to veterans too! 🙂

    • Christie

      Chick-fil-a includes spouses and immediate family too! There is some family appreciation! 🙂 Please call to make sure your local franchise is participating.

  8. Penny

    We appreciate all the businesses that recognize the sacrifice our military men & women go through for our freedom. I don’t see Starbucks on here but last year they gave my husband & I (military spouse) a free regular coffee.

  9. Poppy

    I am a recent legal immigrant in this country and haven’t got a chance yet to serve in the military but in my heart this is my country and I would respect and protect this country every day of my life in every thing I do.
    I just want to take this opportunity to THANK every person and their families who has served and still serving to make America a place worth immigrating to. Thank You. God Bless!

    • Lisa

      Sweet of you, Poppy. Thank you and welcome to this wonderful country we live in. I wish you all the happiness to you and yours.

      • Poppy

        Thank You Lisa 🙂

    • ert

      Welcome to America! If you’re comfortable, leave your email and I will send you a gift card to go out to eat at either Outback, Texas Road house, Applebees, Chickfila or Olive Garden. Let me know which you’d like. Consider it a “welcome home” gift. 💗

      • Poppy

        Aww Thanks Ert. I am grateful for your kindness. It’s a gift and I would not choose it.. Anything you want to gift is a blessing 😇
        I can be reached at

  10. NavyMom

    Being a dual military family, we appreciate the recognition and freebies. However, being stationed at the world’s largest Naval station, we normally don’t take advantage of them. Lol. I may try and hit up Starbucks, though. 🙂 Thanks for posting!

    • Just Me

      Lol yeah when I was active we had 1 Applebee’s in town.

    • cece

      I remember those days! I used to drive to the next town on Veterans day but the restaurants were still packed. It’s better now that I’m out and not in a Marine town lol.

  11. Roe

    Thanks for the post Collin! We’re a dual military family and this is the first year we will both be home on Veterans Day.

  12. Jo Dra

    Denny’s is giving a free Grand Slam to all vets:

  13. Julie

    I am so thankful for the companies that offer discounts and freebies for our vets. Only one I have a problem with is the National Parks. I believe veterans should have free entrance into any national park any day of the year.

  14. Brian

    Sheetz is offering up a FREE Lunch Sub to all Vets(with proper ID) on Nov 11th – I didn’t see that listed. 22 years, 2 months, 9 days, and I don’t feel I’m entitled to anything, but very appreciative, especially companies like Home Depot and Lowes that offer year-round savings for us Vets/retirees.

  15. Ellen

    Sports Clips is giving free haircuts for veterans. Thanks to you Collin, we have scheduled an oil change for our truck. It’s about 200 miles overdue from the 3,000 recommended, so your post came at just the right time.

  16. Sonia

    Harris Teeter has 11% off

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