Shutterfly: FREE Personalized Reusable Bag or Photo Magnet (Just Pay Shipping)

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Through November 11th only, Shutterfly is offering up ONE of two free gifts when you enter the code SHOPPINGLIST at checkout! Choose from a free personalized reusable bag (a $14.99+ value) OR a free personalized magnet (a $5.99+ value). Please note that shipping fees will apply. If you plan on snagging the reusable bag, shipping is $7.99 and shipping for the magnet is $3.99. These would make great gifts for Christmas! πŸ™‚


Also note that lots of companies are offering up free codes via email this time of year, so you’ll definitely want to be checking your inbox for these freebies. Here are a few recent posts you may want to glance at…

* Shutterfly: Possible FREE Wall Calendar + More
* P&G Everyday: Possible FREE Shutterfly Custom Ornament (CheckΒ Inbox)
* P&G Everyday: Free $20 Off Shutterfly Holiday Cards Offer + Free Shipping
* Gymboree: Free $20 Off Shutterfly Holiday Cards Offer + Free Shipping
* Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Possible Free Shutterfly Ornament or $20 Worth of Free Holiday Cards
* My Coke Rewards Members: Possible Free $20 Shutterfly Credit (Check Your Inbox)
* World Market Explorer –> Possible Shutterfly Code for $20 Off Holiday Cards & Free Shipping
* IKEA Family: Possible Free $20 Shutterfly Credit
* Possible $20 Shutterfly Credit w/ Stonyfield Yogurt Purchase

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  1. Taylor

    If anyone has a free shipping code email me I could trade something!
    Whitefluffysnowball at

  2. Elizabeth

    Here is an extra $10 off $30 code I got in the mail today. DHXA-BXBD-139B-8VX664

    • Ain

      Not working! Says, it is invalid!

      • Elizabeth

        Sorry got it mixed up try DHXA-BXDB-138B-8VX664 I mixed up the D and B!

        • Ain

          LOL….this time you mixed up the 8 and the 9! But thanks much, I got it!!! Now if anyone can be incredibly kind to give me a free shipping, ornament, calendar, or photobook, I can order in time for the holidays!

          • Lauren

            That $10 off $30 has free shipping on it if that helps

            • Elizabeth

              Mine said to check the website for free shipping code which is only on orders over $39. Not sure if it is before or after coupons.

  3. Leigh

    Still holding on to hope that one of you will kindly send me P&G $20 off cards and free shipping codes to me at leighandrashaun

    Also, here’s another code I won’t be using for 40% off your order:
    Be courteous – comment if you use it πŸ™‚

    • Laura

      Leigh I have one you can have, I already ordered my cards through What’s your email?

      • Leigh

        Leighandrashaun @ please and thank you

        • Leigh

          Thank you!

          • Laura

            You’re welcome!

    • Laura

      Leigh I seen your email above sorry! I just sent you it. Let me know if you got it! πŸ™‚

  4. vinni


    I have shutterfly
    1free 12 month 8Γ—11 size calendar code Exp jan31 2016
    1 free ornament code Exp dec 31 2015
    1 free photo book code. exp dec 15 2015
    1 $25 off on $75 or more wedding boom order code. Exp dec 15 2015
    2 $10 off on sale price codes also avilable Exp Dec13 2015

    To trade. I am looking for kohls $10 off $10 reward or promotional codes or llbean codes, Amazon, Walmart, target, jcpenny codes and even shutterfly free shipping code

    If any one interest please Vinni.koraminu at

    • Jenny

      Would love a free calendar code or book. Would you take a $5 Kohls Yes reward? Not sure if they are account specific but I have one good through 12/1 I won’t be using….😊

      • Vinni

        Jenny message me on my ID

    • Bre

      any chance you would be interested in kohls cash for the free book code?

  5. alex

    free 8×8 photo book: DHYD-7WBW-EMEW-84J952
    $20 off $50: DHXR-B5NE-B0K8-S74CPY
    $20 off $50: DHXR-1V05-ZX67-X67-XS029A

    • Julie

      Photo book was already used.

    • Ain

      Someone already used the 8X8, thank you for posting!

    • Sarah

      They have been used πŸ™

    • alex

      oops i missed typed one of those $20 off $50 codes: DHXR-1V05-ZX67-XS029A

  6. Ain

    If someone has free shipping or the calendar or the photo book, please, email me Really, really greatful!

    • Sarah

      Thanks for sharing. It also says it’s been used

  7. Raql

    Can I use 2 or more codes in one transaction?
    I have both, the free shipping and the 20 free cards codes…

    • Jamie

      yes u can

    • Jay Kay

      If you are talking about the codes that you mentioned, then yes you can. You are only able to use one $ code and one % code per order.

  8. Nereyda

    does any one have a free shipping code i can trade for a $20 off holiday cards code?

  9. Jenni

    I have a code for either 101 free prints or address labels. Send me an email if you want the code!

  10. Nereyda

    If someone has a free shipping code email me at Please and thank you

  11. Amanda

    Hi I’m looking for a free shipping shutterfly code I will trade a 10.00$ gift card to email me

  12. Jodi

    Here is a code for a free metal ornament: KEAA-09DW-5END-40A28Z

    • heather

      Wow! Already gone. Missed it. Thanks for posting. That is so nice of you.

    • Ain

      Someone beat me to it! LOL!!!

  13. Jamie

    I have 2 free photo books if someone wants to trade for free shipping or ornament

    • Amy

      I sent you an email. I have a code for a metal ornament to trade. πŸ™‚

      • Jamie

        still available expire 11/30

  14. Jodi

    I have a $20 Shutterfly credit that I would love to trade for $5 Starbucks or $5 Target card. Email me at

  15. Jodi

    I have a $20 Shutterfly Credit that I would be interested to trade for $5 Target or $5 Starbucks card. Email me at

  16. Laura

    Here’s a code for a FREE ornament…
    PLEASE be courteous and comment if you use. Thanks, and enjoy! πŸ™‚

    • Darcey

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve been trying to get one of these codes all week! Really appreciate it!

      • Laura

        You’re welcome Darcey!

    • Ain

      Wow! Laura, you have been soo incredibly generous….but I am too slow!

      • Laura

        Just trying to help out, I already ordered all my Christmas cards etc so I won’t be using these. And Awe, I’m sorry AIM, I’d give you one but I have no more left. πŸ™

  17. Anne

    Code for free cover upgrade for photobook

    Code for $10 off $30

    Comment when used

    • Dc

      Someone used the cover upgrade. Thanks
      For the offer though!

  18. Rachel

    $20 off holiday cards promo code:
    Enjoy and please post if used.

    • NursingStudent

      Used πŸ™
      People are so fast!

  19. Lisa

    I don’t have anything to trade but could use a book code if anyone has one they aren’t using. Thanks.

  20. NursingStudent

    I’m looking for calendar, photo book, or free shipping codes if anyone has any! Already have everything made, just waiting for a good deal or a generous person. Thanks!

  21. heather

    I would love to get a free calendar code and an ornament. I could trade for a smile and holiday cheer. πŸ™‚
    pulleyheather at

    • heather

      Actually I have a $10 of at I can trade.

  22. Lisa

    I have a $20 off any purchase code. Anyone have a calendar to trade?

  23. Jay Kay

    This is a shot in the dark, but does anyone have a free shipping code they aren’t going to be using? I would really appreciate your kindness. TIA!

  24. Sarah

    I would love a free shipping code, I have $20 holiday cards from Motherhood Maternity or a free photo book from Oshkosh to trade! Email me please sarahat19 at gmail β˜ƒπŸŽ„πŸŽ
    Thank you!

  25. Lisa

    $20 off holiday cards promo code:

    • Raea

      Thank you so much

  26. Lisa

    20$ off holiday cards

  27. Amy

    I’m looking to trade a metal ornament for a free photo book (expiration after Nov. 30, if possible). Thanks in advance! I also have some $10 Shutterfly codes toward holiday cards if anyone needs them. I grabbed a few cards at my post office today. πŸ™‚ Please email me at

  28. Katelynd

    I am looking for a free calendar code or a free photobook code if anyone has one to spare, I have coke codes to trade… email me at Thanks.

  29. Mom

    I have three Shutterfly promo codes for $10 off an order of holiday cards, expire December 31. These codes are from the post office campaign. “Offer cannot be redeemed more than once per account and/or billing address.” If you have already redeemed a USPS promo code, you won’t be able to use these, so please be kind and let someone else use these codes. Please post your email below and I’ll send you a code directly. First three posters get the codes. Thanks for letting me share the offers here, Collin, and happy holidays, everyone!

      • Mom

        Sent you a code, Erica. Enjoy!

        • Erica

          Tysm #Mom lol Merry Christmas

    • Ain


      • Ain

        Can I combine this with other offers? If not, someone else can have it! Thank you so much!

        • Mom

          You should be able to combine with other offers; worked for me! Sent you a code. Enjoy!

    • Jay Kay

      I don’t need a code but you are very thoughtful. πŸ™‚

      • Mom

        Sent you a code. Enjoy!

    • Heather

      Wow- thanks ‘mom”- I was at my P.O yesterday & they didn’t have these. Thanks.

    • Mom

      I gave away all the codes. Wish I had more to share!

  30. Amy

    I am looking to trade my code for a metal ornament (from P&G) for a free photo book with an expiration date past Nov. 30. l also have two codes from the post office campaign, if anyone needs them. Please email me at Thanks again!

  31. Aly


    Please send me an email if you have Amazon or Shutterfly code. (I am VERY interested if you have free shipping at Shutterfly) I have a $20 best buy code to swap with you.


    • Erica

      Emailed you!

    • Megan

      Emailed you

    • NursingStudent

      Oops, that was supposed to reply to the comment above πŸ™

  32. Janae

    I would love a code I have never ordered from shutterfly before my email is thanks happy holidays 😊

  33. ROSE

    I have $20 off + free shipping code from Kelloggs or P&G. Would love to trade for free calendar code and/or free ornament code. Email me at

    • Taylor

      Hi Rose, when do these expire? I don’t have either of the codes to trade but I could gift you a couple dollars on PayPal or something. Email me if you’re interested 😊 Whitefluffysnowball at

  34. Jamie

    Have 2 8×8 photo book codes that expire 11/30 if anyone wants to trade for free ornament or free shipping code

  35. Jamie

    Have 2 8×8 photo book codes that expire 11/30. Would like to trade for free ornament or free shipping

  36. Jayna

    I really am in need of a free shipping code for Christmas presents if anyone has one they are not going to use I would love it. Thanks

  37. Megan

    Thanks! Ordered a magnet for the grandparents. It’s a wonder anyone pays full price for shutterfly with all these codes floating around. πŸ™‚

  38. angela

    Id like to trade my ornament code for the best buy promo code

  39. Nana

    Hi all! I have two Shutterfly coupons in the mail that I’m not using for $20 off a $50 purchase. Please leave a msg if you use them so noone’s time is wasted! Here are the codes:

    • Ashley

      Someone used both

  40. s

    Thank you so much! Used the bottom one πŸ™‚

  41. MBL

    $20 shutterfly credit: KE64-3108-RMU2-8KU1W5
    Free metal ornament: KEAA-3CYR-47SN-2F98FD
    Please post when used

    • Jamie

      used ornament thanks!!!!

    • Ashley

      Someone used the $20 shutterfly credit

  42. ss

    Where do people get all these $20 off and free ornament codes from, just out of interest

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Many times they will come from an email if you are subscribed to get emails from kellogg’s, Joann’s etc. Hope that helps!

  43. Vinni

    I have jcpenny 10 of 10 code today is last
    First mail one I can send

  44. Cat

    Shutterfly Codes:
    $10 Off: DHX5-2XW9-NFUB-U49D23
    Tinyprints Codes:
    30% Off & Free Shipping : PR6CX9A873

    • Laine

      I used the first code. Thank you. πŸ™‚

    • Melissa

      Looks like someone used the second one also

  45. Rachel

    If you sign into your shutter fly account from the promotional email that you received, shutter fly automatically saves the codes form your email to your account and mark them as used so others can’t use them. Never click the link to login to shutterfly from the email. Just open a new tab. Also, once a code is put in the promo box, shutter fly links it to your account, even if you don’t use it in the end. That’s why so many codes are marked as used when people give them away.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the Tip Rachel! Good to know!

  46. Zanne

    Where are people finding the free ornament codes? I am in need of them

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Most grab them from an email they get if they are subscribed to get emails from Kellogg’s, Joann’s etc.

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