What Are Your Thanksgiving “Buy it Now” Prices?

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Buy It Now Prices 1-1

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house this year? I recently received the following email from reader, Shannon, and thought it would be great for Hip2Save readers to share what your price-points are for holiday items, such as turkeys, canned pumpkin, pies, and more!

“I am wondering if you would consider doing a post on buying a turkey for Thanksgiving. I don’t know what store has the best deals or if there might be upcoming sales next week to wait for. Thanks!”

So once again, I am asking all of you to help out reader, Shannon (and me!), by providing your “Buy It Now” prices in your area for some popular holiday items. If you’ve recently found a great deal on a holiday food item, feel free to leave a comment below listing the store where you purchased the item, the purchase price, and any other helpful information. Thank so much! πŸ™‚

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  1. Judy Trac

    Just go to your friend’s thanksgiving party where u don’t have to buy or host anything lol

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  2. Cristen

    Went to Aldi’s today and got a 10lb bag of Russet potatoes for $1.79 and 2 3lb bags of sweet potatoes for $1.98.

    • Kim

      Sweet potatoes are 3 lb for $1.19 at our store. My price is between .30 & .40 lb. But when they are on sale, I buy them in bulk, bake them and freeze them to enjoy thru the winter.

      • L

        Great tip! Thank you!

      • Susie

        I buy them in bulk during Thanksgiving sales too. I’ve found they keep about 6 months simply stored in my basement.

    • Natasha C

      HEB has sweet potatoes 5lbs for $1

      • Tammy

        HEB also has the best deal here on turkeys. 44 cents a lb when you buy at least $20 of other groceries.

    • Whitney

      Aldi is a great place to get stuff like potatoes and onions! Ours has russet potatoes for 1.29 for 10lbs. They have sweet potatoes for .89 for 3lbs, and they also have fresh cranberries for .89 a bag! I like to buy multiple bags of the fresh cranberries to use throughout the year to make homemade cranberry apple butter and use them for muffins etc. they freeze great just straight in the freezer in the bag you bought them in. They can keep for 6 months- up to a year!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      That is a super great price! Great score Cristen!

  3. Amanda

    I get everything at Safeway, by getting the flu shot there I received a 10% off total bill coupon and butterball turkey was 1.79 a pound, got a big 10 pound bag of potatoes for 1.99 and Heinz canned gravy is 1.49 a can.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh cool!

  4. Anna

    This is in northeast ohio. 10lb bag of potatoes for $3 at giant eagle.

    • Jennifer

      10 lb bag of potatoes is $1.98 at my local ingles in west jefferson nc

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for sharing Anna!

  5. Katie

    We raise our own Turkeys! They eat SO MUCH grass! AND we know it’s all natural! πŸ™‚

    • Whitney

      Awesome! Hopefully your back yard doesn’t smell super fowl πŸ˜‰ haha!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Super cool Katie!

  6. Donna

    I bought a 24 lb butterball turkey for $18.00 at Tom Thumb. It would have been $30.00 but after using my reward card I was pleasantly surprised that it brought it down to $18.00!!!

    • Donna

      I meant scanning my Tom Thumb store card πŸ™‚

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Wow! Great deal Donna!

  7. Ali

    I find a lot of the typical traditional Thanksgiving staples are on sale. For Thanksgiving, I tend to go to a grocery store that often will automatically match items that are in ads of other stores, so I don’t have to do it myself. For fresh produce, you can never go wrong with going to an Asian market, where prices are typically cheaper and is where I shop year round.

  8. Jen

    I loved that target cartwheel deal for 40% off a turkey in the bag cook from frozen by archer farms…. I never have to touch that slimy thing, just stick it in the oven! I’m not big on turkey, but my husband loves them!

    • Kristie

      That’s what I did! Can’t beat $5.99 for a turkey breast. It’s just our family of four, so we don’t need much more than that!

      • scarlett

        When was the 40% cartwheel?

    • Cynthia

      I am heading to Target to get the turkey breast, and the items mentioned by Patti later in the thread. What is the 40% cartwheel referring too?

      • cdunncpa

        I got it. Cartwheel is Target’s own coupon system.

  9. eemommy

    Wegmans has turkeys for $.48/lb

  10. Gail

    Here in VA, at Food Lion, the best promotion on frozen turkey is 67 cents a pound, 10 pounds or larger, with a $35 purchase. Frozen Butterball turkeys are $1.19 a pound, at a 10 pound minimum. Fresh turkeys are $1.69 per pound, 10 pounds and up, and frozen turkey breast is $1.59 per pound. Off course, there are sales on everything else, but the bird is usually the biggest single purchase. πŸ˜‰

    Does anyone know what the prices are for Sam’s? I haven’t checked there yet, and have to figure out whether I am going fresh or frozen this year. We are frying a turkey, and if I go frozen, I have to make sure that bad boy is thawed completely! πŸ˜‰

    • meghan

      Gail, BJ’s had them last week for .89 cents a lb. Wegmans had a good deal too, .69 cents I want to say πŸ™‚ Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Holli

    Walmart .68 Cents.

  12. Melissa

    I just bought a turkey today from Winco for 73 cents/lb all other local stores have them for 79c/lb. Also, a ten pound bag of potatoes for under $1. And stuffing for under $1 for a big box. These are typical sales here in Arizona.

  13. Rosi

    Target market pantry whole turkey .69/lb. but, I bought the butterball turkey without any hormones at .89lb + my 5% discount with my target red card.

    • Rosi

      Opppps! I’m in charlotte,nc

  14. Gabby

    My costco has butterball all natural turkeys for 99Β’ a pound.

  15. Michelle

    West MI… Meijer has a promotion where if you spend $20 in store you get your turkey for half off. I purchased $20 in groceries (all sale and coupon items) and bought my frozen turkey for $.52/lb.

    • Marie

      This sounds like the deal I want…an all in one stop and shop!

  16. Kathy

    Wisconsin: Jennie-O turkeys are 57 cents a lb with store loyalty card (Piggly Wiggly) and a separate $25 purchase.

  17. katie

    Turkey should be under a $1 per pound. Potatoes under $3 for 10 lbs. We make our own dressing/stuffing from biscuits and corn bread, so much better than the box. Here is a tip: if you have people coming to your house for dinner don’t be afraid to ask them to bring something. If they don’t want to bring food ask them to bring drinks, or a pre-made dessert. A potluck style Thanksgiving is so much fun because you get a variety of flavors AND it takes some of the pressure off of the host.

    • ash

      Exactly Katie! I was a little surprised by the first comment. “/ I was raised to never show up empty handed and I guess my friends were too.

  18. Natalie

    Cranberry sauce $1/can or less than $2/fresh bag. Brown or powdered sugar $1/2 lb. Russet potatoes $1/10 lbs. Eastern WA

    • Christina

      If you have grocery outlet in eastern wa, they have ocean spray cranberry sauce for 40 cents a can.

  19. ~jenn~

    I never thought of it in terms of price to be honest. I love to cook. It doesn’t matter if I’m a guest or a host. I decide what I want to do and it goes from there.
    So much of everything else is about cost, price, dollars and cents in regards to the holidays. I love to cook and through all of the worry, stress, hustle and bustle what I decide to cook is going to be about what I want. My little gift to me for being a great H2S’r all year.
    So, long story short- if I decide to make Oreo truffles and I wanna put peppermint bits on the top…I don’t care if I spend $3.00 for a bag of pre-crushed candy canes if it means I’ll have a little extra time to make, bake, broil or burn (it happens) something else that I want to serve.

    • Jill

      Same here.

  20. Sara

    Tomato at 69cents is stock up price for me then I also freeze them πŸ™‚

  21. S

    We got name brand cream cheese cheese for $1.50 on sale, (reg$3) and a 50cent coupon! So only a dollar each!

  22. alley

    I hate paying for a turkey for the holidays so I look for free turkey deal. HEB has a free turkey when you buy a ham. I think kroger has it also but I’m not 100%about that. If I can find a free turkey deal then I look for specials when they are 19-25 cent a pound when you spend over a certain amount

  23. Patty

    I planning to buy my Butterball turkey at Target .99 cents a pound. (I get the biggest) I planning on spending $50.00 to get the $10.00 gift card and using the coupons to bring my total out of pocket down. They have broth .59 cents a can, frozen vegetables 5/$5.00, sodas 5/ $5.00, cranberries $1.39, flour $1.79, Libby’s 100% Pumpkin $1.69, Coffee mate creamers $1.89, Annie’s pasta and noodles 5/$5.00 and whip cream $1.54. The prices are from South California. Hope that help! <3

    • katie

      cranberries and canned pumpkin are cheaper at Aldi.

  24. Jackie

    Pretty please with my purchase at Super1 50 cents/lb with $25 purchase. They also run great sales on sweet potatoes ( as low as 37 cents). Regular price at 88 cents is half that of Albertson’s price

    • Laura

      Our local store (BelAir) had a similar deal! Buy $25 in groceries get a Turkey for ~$.50/lb…. I got a 12lb bird for $6.99

  25. CB

    Jewel has eggs for $.99! Limit 2, so I got 2. Good for desserts, but really just good to have.

  26. Couponclpnmom

    Out on the West Coast, I found Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce for $0.40 a can at Grocery Outlet. It was a BOGO deal. I recorded more must buy prices at http://www.tightbudgetsandwich.com.

  27. Karen

    Albany NY FREE Turkey at ShopRite if you spend $250 and you have 6 weeks to spend $250 in the store! Super coupon cranberry sauce .19 or .69 on sale .99 mini marshmallows 5lb sweet potatoe 2.49. (That’s all I can think of off the top my head)
    I also start my sale items 1st week of November for Thanksgiveing so I only have to run out for fresh produce week of.
    Tonight I saw big jay of Heinz Tirkey gravy on rollback for $2 at my Walmart.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  28. Valerie H

    Two weeks ago Safeway had a deal that if you spend $100 you got a free turkey up to 16 pounds. I did that deal. I buy ham when it goes down to 99 cents a pound. I plan my menu and what I have to buy at the end of October then when stores have sales I stock up. Safeway also had 33% off McCormick spices and there was a $2/1 coupon I could add to my card. Cranberries were $1.50 each at Target last week, they are BOGO at Kroger this week (about the same in the end) and a good price and they freeze well. Bob’s Red Mill has half off all baking supplies this month. Shipping was a lot but I stocked up and even with the high shipping price I still saved a ton over the regular prices.

  29. Becky

    We are vegan so beans and potatoes are cheaper than a turkey πŸ˜› Although, our extended family is not which means I pretty much have to make everything we eat on my own where ever we have thanksgiving so I guess it evens out. My extended family likes cheese and butter on everything, lol. Small sacrifice to make to enjoy a dinner with everyone.

    • Erica

      Same here πŸ™‚

    • Whitney

      Much respect! Ha. I wish I could go completely vegan. I just love dairy so much! I could do without the meat probably but the dairy is the issue for me. Any tips??

  30. Shanna M.

    Big-Y supermarket has a $7 off coupon for any turkey (You can get them @ the service desk) Price Chopper takes competitors coupons & has turkeys on sale for $.48/lb until Thanksgiving. I scored a 15lb turkey completely FREE! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Jen S.

      Thanks for the tip! I have one of those big y coupons and I do all my shopping at price chopper. I hope mine will take that coupon too!

  31. Pam Bennett

    I just took advantage of Target’s $10 off $50 grocery promo and bought my 20# turkey for 79cents/lb (Target brand, but they also have Butterball for 99cents/lb.). Best prices in my part of the world, Tulsa, OK.

  32. ProvoSavers

    Here in Utah, you can buy potatoes for around $1 a pound, cranberries for 99 cents 12 oz. bag, sweet potatoes are around $1 per pound but I like 50 cents a pound, canned green beans are 3/$1, butter $2 a pound, butterball turkey is 28 cents a lb. with $100 purchase and that store price matches, pumpkin $1.50 for 29 oz. can.

  33. Melissa

    AZ safeway 10 lbs potatoes for .79

  34. Kristy

    Bought a 15lb turkey at stater bros for $8.xx. It was $.57/lb if you bought $25 worth of groceries.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great buy Kristy!

  35. HBee

    Hi There, at Piggly Wiggly in Wisconsin, our flyer has Jennie O Turkeys 1-22# for $.57/# with $25 purchase…

  36. tamara

    The past several years Publix has their turkey for .59 cents a pound for their grade A turkey. I actually bought 3, one for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and one for later. You can NOT beat that price. I almost missed it this year, but luckily did not. I LOVE this deal.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      That’s awesome Tamara!

  37. maria

    VG’s in sterling heights mi has turkeys for .49 cents a pound with $10 purchase. Love Aldi’s prices!!

  38. Patty

    Did the same thing Shanna!!! Stop and Shop in Massachusetts takes the big y $7.00 coupon as well!!! Turkeys are .48 cents a pound…could get a 14 pound turkey free!!!

  39. Happymama

    Meijer always has the cheapest turkeys in my region – .57/lb with a $20 purchase. The amount you spend is BEFORE coupons/mPerks so you can really make out well:) I found Evolution drinks marked down to $2.39 and used the $2 mperk on each that applied to the turkey too.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for sharing! Good to know πŸ™‚

  40. Jessica

    I bought 2 turkeys at Publix for .59 cents a pound. And now Winn Dixie has a new promo going on if you spend $30 on groceries you can get any size turkey for $5.

    • debi

      We dont have a Winn Dixie near me..would loved that buy $30 and get $5 turkey..

  41. debi

    A lil over .50 a lb. Turkeys. Kroger. Alabama..check your local store.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  42. Andrea S

    Western Washington- free turkey up to 20lbs at Safeway and Fred Meyer when you spend $150.

    Also saw ad for whole foods .99 a pound for an all natural turkey.

  43. Suzanne H

    Around Richmond, VA, the best deal I’ve seen is at Food Lion – frozen turkey for $0.37/lb with a $35 purchase. I am personally NOT a fan of Food Lion and the one near me is overpriced so I felt like it wouldn’t be a great deal since I would have to spend $35 on other, overpriced merchandise. I bought my turkey at Martin’s for $0.59/lb, no minimum purchase required. They also had Butterball frozen turkeys for $0.99/lb. My tip – I always buy my Xmas turkey at Thanksgiving. Around here, they go on sale at Xmas but are never as cheap as they are around Thanksgiving. It keeps just fine for a month in the freezer!

  44. Donna in VA

    Frozen turkeys here for $.59/lb with $25 grocery purchase, limit 1 (Safeway) or 2 (Giant).
    Shank portion ham on sale this week $.99/lb (Giant).

  45. Jennifer

    Here is AZ at Frys yesterday I scored our turkey for .79 a pound with $25 purchase. That’s before coupons. Plus I got my 10 pound bag of potatoes for .69! There is a digital coupon for that.

  46. Kristina

    I just did my Thanksgiving shopping last night and got a great deal on my hams πŸ™‚ My store had the Hormel Cure 81 spiral sliced hams on sale for 1.98 a pound, normally 2.99, and with the 3.00 coupons I had it was a really good deal. Also scored big jars of Kraft Mayo for only .99 YAY! I’m in NE Oklahoma by the way…

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