Target: Buy One Get One FREE Pizzas (Today Only) = Udi’s Gluten-Free Pizza Only $1.85

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Udi's Pizza

Just a reminder! TODAY ONLY, Target is offering Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Frozen Pizzas including Red Baron, California Pizza Kitchen, DiGiorno, Udi’s & more! This sale makes for several crazy good deals. Check it out…

Buy 2 Udi’s Gluten Free Pizzas $5.99 each
Total = $11.98
Minus the buy 1 get 1 FREE sale —> $5.99
Use the 5% off Udi’s Gluten Free Products Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.30)
Plus, use the $2/1 Udi’s Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza coupon found here
Final cost $3.69 – $1.85 each!
*If your store allows you to use a coupon on an item made free by a sale, use another $2/1 Udi’s Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza coupon, dropping your total down to just $1.69 – ONLY $0.85 per pizza!

Buy 2 Palermo’s Primo Thin Pizza 15.7 oz $4.99 each
Total = $9.98
Minus the buy 1 get 1 FREE sale = $4.99 for 2 pizzas
Use the $1/1 Palermo’s Frozen Pizza coupon found here
Final cost $3.99 total, just $2 each!
*If your store allows you to use a coupon on an item made free by a sale, you could use one more $1/1 coupon, dropping the total down to just $1.50 per pizza.


Buy 6 DiGiorno Pizzas (at least 2 Pizzeria! pizzas) 2/$10 (Sale thru 1/2)
Total = $30
Minus the buy 1 get 1 FREE sale —> $15 for 6 pizzas
Use the FREE DiGiorno Pizzeria with purchase of 2 Pizzas coupons 10.6 oz+ 11/08 RP
Final cost $10 for all 6 pizzas or just $1.66 cents each!
*If your store allows you to use a coupon on an item made free by a sale, you could use TWO of the above coupons, dropping your total down to just $0.83 per pizza!

(Thanks, Totally Target!)

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Comments 94

  1. Kathy

    My target was out before 9am, and said they are not putting anymore on shelves…:(

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh wow. Sorry to hear they are out already Kathy πŸ™

  2. Erica

    My Target had a limit of 5 pizzas per transaction so I had to do 2 separate transactions to get more than 5.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad you could grab some pizzas Erica!

    • hello

      The limit was 5 FREE pizzas per transaction (I.e. 10 pizzas total per transaction). I was able to use all my pizza coupons and get 18 pizzas for $20! Great deal!

  3. Nicole

    What pizzas actually taste good? It’s been forever since we’ve had frozen pizza…

  4. Rosi

    Got mine this morning and the stock was already low at 10a. My cashier asked if I was having a tailgate party :). You rock Collin!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Lol! You are so welcome Rosi!

  5. Tammy K

    What does 11/15 RP mean?

    • chad

      RP stands for RED PLUM it was the coupon insert on 11/15/15. Hope that helps!

    • Kasi

      Red plum is rp and 11-15 was the date it came out in the rp

      • Tammy K

        Thank you!

  6. Anna

    I got six digornos for $3.86 πŸ™‚

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Woohoo! Sweet score Anna!

  7. mrsprzy

    My Target had a limit of 5 per transaction also. I was in at my Target at 8:30 and the stock was getting low at that point. I didn’t see anyone else grabbing pizzas though. Glad I stopped before I went to work this morning.

    • hello

      I think they put the wording on the sign like that to confuse people so they get less pizza. It said “limit 5 FREE pizzas per transaction.” SOOOO 10 pizzas total per transaction and you can do more than 1 transaction if you want. I got 18 pizzas in two transactions. H2h.

      • sophie

        I guess you didn’t get the message they were trying to enforce.

        • Crystal

          Right? Had they wanted people to be allowed to get 18 pizzas the limit would have been more. Totally missed they point. Shelf clearing, it always happens.

          • hello

            I didn’t clear the shelf…. my Target had WELL over 100 pizzas in stock. I’m done trying to help people. People like you who belittle others and call them names unnecessarily (I was following the policy) are what’s wrong with this society. I was raised to be nice to everyone and to help others and it’s people like you who take that for granted and ruin it for others. Happy Thanksgiving…..

          • hello

            And FYI the Target employee that was standing by the pizzas clarified the signage for me and 3 other people that were getting pizza. She encouraged us to get as many as we wanted. I could’ve gotten more if I wanted… and like I said there were well over 100 pizzas in the freezer.

        • hello

          Geeez rude. I was trying to be helpful….

        • hello

          They weren’t trying to enforce anything… the Target employee that was back there classified the signage and encouraged me and others to get more. Have a great thanksgiving, rude.

          • Cherry

            Stop getting worked up.

            • hello

              Don’t get involved.

  8. paula

    I was there when my store opened this morning and did get 10 pizzas but it was slim pickings. They still had not restocked from the sale last week. The associate said they were told about the sale yesterday and did not have time to order extra. Sad that I knew a week before they did about this sale and I do not even work there,lol.I was only able to use 1 Digornio coupon and 1 Red Baron coupon because the associate at customer that checked me out said I could not use a coupon on free items although I have before and she made sure to price adjust the Digornio coupon to $5 and not the full value,had got the full value last week. She was REALLY reviewing everything I got against my coupons but still a good deal in the end. I was able to get the Kleenex hand towel deal though. They had just got some in today and got them from the back for me.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad you could grab some deals Paula! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Stephanie

    My store refused coupons for the pizza completely πŸ™ still great deals but would of been better with coupons

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Bummer. πŸ™

  10. lisa

    My target would not allow me to use the coupons for the free pizza.

  11. becky

    My store would not let me use the buy 3 to get one free coupons. Also had a buy 2 get one digiorno. Didn’t find out until checkout. Did not have other coupons ready to go. Not good.

  12. Cass

    So the daily deals are only good on the day they go live? Like I can’t use the kitchen code today?

  13. Sara Newton

    My store said the Udi’s pizzas were not buy 1 get 1. :/ anybody else have that bad luck? They really try to stick it to you if you have a special diet! I left the store feeling a little frustrated. But the rest of my family is stocked up on pizza!

    • tracy

      The Udi’s tastes like cardboard so don’t be too upset! The best GF pizza or just best pizza in general that I have found is Against The Grain. Omg it’s soon good! But I can only find it at Publix. Sadly Target doesn’t carry it. Or my Target doesn’t anyways.

      • Cara

        I totally disagree. I don’t think they taste like cardboard. There might be better, but they aren’t the worst out there.

        • tracy

          Interesting. I love their skillet meals and their burritos are pretty good. I just can’t do the pizza. We can agree to disagree on that one. I’m interested to try the GF California Pizza Kitchen. Have you tried it yet?

          • Cara

            I haven’t, May have to do that. Freschetta has a gf pizza now too, which I think is good. But then again I like udi’s lol, so you May or May not like it.

            • tracy

              I actually just bought 4 of the GF California Pizza! Hopefully they will taste good! But the cool thing is that a $3 catalina printed out! If you want to try them, now would be a good time!

    • blessed

      I was able to get the Udi B1G1 in store I looked online before I left and it said B1G1 sold in stores only under the Udi’s

  14. taya

    Got all cheese pizzas got 8! Since we have a small freezer downstairs

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  15. Jane

    My Target said I could only use 1 of the B2G1 Digiorno coupons on an order of 6 β€œbecause it states that on the coupon” …….again meaning 1 coupon per purchase NOT TRANSACTION! I think it beeped because they were not allowing it on the free promotion now that I think about it. I calmly explained the difference between purchase and transaction and she put the coupon thru! They were actually still on sale for $5 each and the Jack’s are $2.50 and Tombstones were $3.99. No Udi’s at my store. All pizzas were BOGO and they were flying off the shelves! *also it scanned the full $6.70 amount for the coupon!

  16. Andrea

    Check and make sure all your coupons come off. I watched as they rang them up but when I got home I noticed only 2 had applied!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the tip Andrea!

  17. Lindak

    Wow I was lucky. Went when they opened and got 10 Red Barons for $11.65. Took my 5 coupons no problem. There was no one else in the aisle but it was not fully stocked, especially the DiGiornos.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  18. Linda

    Wow I had a good day so far! Got my 4 tombstone pizzas for $3.99! They took off free one with the b3g1 free coupon., and the purell hand wipe deal..Then went to Walgreens and picked up my free 8×10 photo along with the b2g2 free toys, thank you for posting the pics of some of the toys bc all I wanted was the mr. Potato heads to add to the potato spud from kohls for Xmas. The manager said they weren’t part of the sale, so I decided just to see what would happen when they rung up (didn’t go to manager line , as she was ringing up people when I was ready and didn’t want her giving me hard time) anyway they came up part of the deal so I got 4 !! I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t see your pic posted. Then, I went to toys r us to return an item that arrived broken from the early Black Friday deal, they ended up giving me a gift card for returning then they ordered me a new one free that’s being shipped FREE!!! So I ended up buying a sled with the gift card! Woo hoo! .. Thanks again for posting great deals!

    • Linda

      I also ended up getting the b1g1 gerber utensils that was posted with the coupon. πŸ™‚ thanks again

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      That does sound like a great day Linda! Thanks for sharing! YW!

  19. JA

    My store had tons of pizzas (and signs!) at 10:30, but was limiting to 5 free pizzas per customer. I bought 8 Tombstone pizzas, then used one b3g1 and two $1/2 coupons and also had .25 back on frozen pizza from iBotta. The deal was already awesome but I found out later that the b3g1 coupon took off $6.25!!!! 8 pizzas for less than $1 a piece!!! Also, iBotta shoppers–if you have the rebate for .50 back on gift bags, Target has lunch-bag size bags for .50 with penguins, snowmen, etc. Look on the shelf below the hanging gift bags in seasonal. HTH.

    • Linda

      O my batman!!! I just looked at my receipt the coupon does take off $6.25 for the tombstone!!!! Wowwww

    • Lindak

      Thanks for the ibotta reminder. Had that too

  20. jahat68

    My Target refused all pizza coupons. I had coupons for Freschetta and they wouldn’t even talk to me about them. Just refused. I left very disappointed.

    • Brandy

      Mine also refused all coupons for the sale.. I went to another Target (who didn’t have the Pizzeria ones so I didn’t use the DiGioro coupons… bummer), but at least got the Red Baron.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Darn. Sorry to hear they would not allow coupons.

  21. tracy

    WARNING!! UDI’S TASTES LIKE CARDBOARD!! Seriously..I wish someone would have warned me. Lol!

    • Anna

      I’ve been gluten free for years. Ive had many different gf pizzas. I can tell you it doesn’t taste like cardboard. I don’t really understand that, maybe you got a bad one? I wouldn’t discourage other gf people from at least trying it. I know a lot of people who also enjoy them.

  22. Sandi D

    My Target also refused all pizza coupons. They would not take any of them because of the deal. I asked why it wasn’t being treated like a target coupon that you can use with a manufactures coupon and they just said it was not. “no coupons with the pizza deal”. She even went to double checked with customer services. I bought some anyway because it was a great deal but would have done more if they would have allowed the coupons.

    • Candy

      How are targets allowed to just make up rules as they want like that? Did they have that in writing? That sucks, they get paid back for those. That’s irritating.

  23. angel13

    I got 6 Pizzas for $1.98.Thank You!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Woohoo! Such a great score! πŸ˜€

  24. A.

    Thank you Collin! Got 9 for $4!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  25. thestoriesofmydailylife

    My store said I had to buy 8 to use 2 coupons? Not sure so I got 8 and the coupons took off $6.70 each so I got 8 pizzas for $6.60. Good deal! Thanks!

  26. crystal

    My store wouldnt allow me to use the coupon for the digiorno. I didnt understand why cause i was buying 6. Kind of disappointing

  27. Jim

    Was able to do the tombstone deal with the buy 3 get one free coupon. Basically bought 8 pizzas for $8.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  28. christi

    They would not take one of my Digiorno pizza coupons–I bought 6 pizzas, but they would not apply a coupon.
    They told me they had refused all of those coupons all day, as the promotion was not with coupons. WTH?? Target trip for nothing. I also went for a few of the toy deals, but they were sold out of those also. Bad shopping day. πŸ™

  29. nydia

    My family loves Udi’s pizza!
    I can see how it’s not for everyone though. If you’re used to eating fatty, heavy pizza you’re going to find it bland.

  30. Emily

    I got mine! They let me use all my coupons! I got 10 digiorno pizzas 2/10 b1g1 free so $25.00 Then they took 3 buy 2 get 1 free coupons that took off $15! 10 pizzas for $10! I’m a happy couponer today! Thanks for the heads up. They let me do 2 transactions so my freezer is totally full!

  31. Mary

    My Target refused the DiGiorno coupon…. They had like 20 pizzas stacked at the customer service counter because people refused to buy them and they can’t put them back in the freezer. It was actually very disgusting… So wasteful. I can’t believe they would just leave those pizza out in front for everyone to see knowing they were going to be thrown away πŸ™ Very sad. I hate seeing food wasted…. Especially a day before Thanksgiving. I still bought mine… Figured $2.50 is still a good deal.

    • Carrie

      That is horrible!! I don’t get it, they are reimbursed with the coupon. They might as well take the coupon and sell pizza instead of having wasted food they can’t sell for anything At all. Really sad.

  32. Theresa

    My check out lady said that I couldn’t us any coupons on this deal. I was pissed, there wasn’t a disclaiming anywhere saying that we couldn’t

    • Harris

      I was wondering that. Was there anything specifically in writing anywhere stating no coupons were allowed with this deal?

  33. AJ

    Wow, I’m soo glade I didn’t buy the DiGiorno Pizzas.

    The hassle is not worth it, I don’t get why Target didn’t accept those coupons?

    I find it very odd that Target and I’m sure other stores throw away perfectly good food because they don’t want to be sued?!

  34. Mary

    I think they are able to do it because there is a limit of 5 pizzas. So you can’t buy 6 pizzas and use two b2g1s. But if I decided to buy 5 pizzas get two free I should still be able to use my b2g1 coupon because technically I’m paying for three of them which is what the coupon states. It obviously an issue because all of those pizzas are being thrown away. If corporate decides not to accept the coupon that’s fine but they should at least post a sign. It would save them and us the hassle lol

    • ash

      No it’s limit of 5 free, 10 total pizzas.

      • Mary

        Oh nice! That’s good to know! They made it sound like I could only get 5 when I tried to ur my coupons lol

        • ash

          Tricky! πŸ™‚

      • hello

        I tried to say that about and got chewed out…… I’m sick of rude ppl especially when I’m just trying to help other couponers. The sign states “limit of 5 free pizzas per transaction.”

  35. Grace L.

    Collin it might be a little late in the day to correct but the B1B1 free coupon was in the RP 11/08, not 11/15. Just wanted to help late shoppers like me:)

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for the heads up Grace!

  36. lori

    My target in MN would not let me use any coupons with this deal – said it is a black Friday deal so no coupons allowed! I left them at the store and am now on hold with customer service!

    • Smyth

      I’m in MN and I went to a smaller one and super wiped out there, I didn’t even try coupon. I’d like to know what corporate says about the deals and being able to use coupons or not.

      • lori

        Corporate told me that each store can do what they want with this – either take the coupons or not. I went to another target and used my coupons – got 8 pizzas for $1.00 each!

  37. Bethany

    My target was OUT when I went at 10am. They checked and the truck delivery that morning had no pizzas. I complained on Facebook and on their website. Yeah, why a 10 pizza limit? That’s HIGH when you’re not getting extra stock in. My target has grocery but it’s not huge. No Udi’s. πŸ™ I was irritated and walked out empty handed. Another woman arrived just after me and said she didn’t like this bait and switch sort of thing……bait people in with the promise of low prices and of course they’ll buy other stuff while they’re here. I’m probably going to do my holiday shopping elsewhere. I don’t appreciate it when a company pushes a deal so hard and then says sorry, no rain checks, and there’s limited stock.

    • krisya

      Mine had Udi’s left, but they didn’t put the signs near them at all. So I didn’t even try it. I know how that would have gone. πŸ™

  38. tracy

    I bought 4 of the gluten free California Pizza Kitchen and a $3 catalina printed out!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  39. Amy

    I had printed out the Red Baron coupons from earlier and was able to get 6 pizzas for 6.99!! Such a great deal thank you so much πŸ™‚

  40. Christy

    I went today around 6pm. In the regular freezer area they were out of DiGiorno’s, but a special end cap in cold area had a bunch! I got four pepperoni THEN I have a buy 2 get 1 free coupon and she took off the value of the coupon ($6.70) making my total for FOUR pizzas $3.29 or 82 cents each!! #DealHigh πŸ™‚

  41. Trina

    No luck with DiGiorno deal, all wiped out. Got the BoGo on Couple brew pub pizzas though, and paid for those with part of my previous Tide pod GC deal. So we can have a laundry and pizza party up in here now, haha.

  42. Robin

    I was lucky enough to score 10 DiGiorno pizzas today for a TOTAL of $4.90!!! I wasn’t sure how the B2G1 coupons would work, but the cashier said she would try it and see if they would take. All 3 scanned fine plus, they scanned at the non sale price ($6.70). I brought up to the cashier that it took off the full price and she basically said that’s how it scanned, so that’s what I get. Thank you for posting this deal!

  43. Sonya

    Faust got back from my target and they had a bunch. I was surprised. I really didn’t think I would get any.

  44. Angie

    One of my best scores ever!! Six DiGiorno pizzas, two B2G1 coupons (automatically took off $6.70 each!), less RedCard discount = 25 cents each!! Thanks Collin! Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ™‚

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