Target: *HOT* Deals on Apple Products

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Today only, is offering up select Black Friday Deals ONE DAY EARLY including several awesome deals on Apple products… 

*Apple iPad mini 2 starting at $269
Get back a FREE $80 Target gift card

Final cost $189 shipped!

*Apple iPad Air starting at $399
Get back a FREE $100 Target gift card

Final cost $299 shipped!

*Apple Watch starting at $349
Get back a FREE $100 Target gift card

Final cost $249 shipped!

And keep in mind that if you’re a Target REDcardholder, you’ll get an additional 5% off!

(Thanks, Molly!)

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  1. Mel

    This is unrelated but does anyone want a $10 off a VS bra & free panty? I won’t use it and it expires tonight at 11:59 EST. I believe it only works online. Send me an email at The fine print does state that the bra must not be less than $24.95. Also I have $20 off and I would like to trade for a $20 off shutterfly or best buy. If anyone is interested please email me.

    • Michelle

      I have the same VS offer if anyone wants mine. Email expires at 11:59 pm ET tonight. Cheers!

      • Michelle

        Code is gone. Thanks everyone.

  2. Rose

    The shark steam mop is on sale for $49.99. Is it the best deal ???

  3. Sarah

    Saw the email 20 mins ago!! I was able to get the Apple Watch for my hubby!!! So excited!! I thought I was going to have to go into the store, one happy mama here!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  4. Leslie

    The iPad mini 2 16gb is 199.00 right now on

    • Kim T

      Yup. So realistically you’re only getting a 10.00 bonus as a target gift card. Something to think about especially if you’re putting it on a credit card and paying interest.

  5. Michele R.

    Does anyone know if this is the best deal on the ipad mini 2? My son really wants one and I just need to get the best price possible. Thank you!

    • lg

      Walmart has it for $199

    • Christy

      Walmart has them on sale for $199 … If you price match at target… You can use the $5 off $50 and get the $80 gift card!!

      • Kboggs31

        Most stores don’t combine the gift card promo with price matching, unfortunately.

        • Christy

          Oh….. I must of got lucky when I did it. Sorry for any faults hopes 🙁

          • chrissy1925

            Did you do this online or in store? Did you call customer service?

            • Christy

              I’ve done it a few times over the last few months. I went in store, and never had a problem. Maybe they aren’t supposed to do it…. That’s the only reason I posted…. Cause it worked for me.

        • A

          The gift card automatically rings up. I think you would still get it if you price matched.

          • Nicole

            If anyone tries to price match Walmart’s price and they get the gift card. Please post! TIA 😉

            • SSW

              I went to local target and price matched Walmart’s $199 price for iPad mini2. When it rang up, I also got the $80 gift card! Very happy with this– I’ve waited a long time to get a mini for a good price!

          • Laura

            I was told that you can either get the gift card OR the price match.

            • Michele R.

              I was able to call Target’s customer service and they gave me the WalMart price match over the phone!!! I had to first place the online order and then they gave me $70 credit on my credit card. Woo Hoo!!

              • lg

                I wonder if you still get the gift card doing it this way

                • Michele R.

                  Yes, I was told I would still get the gift card and it actually showed on the receipt they emailed me.

                  • lg

                    Placed my order for two of them on hold now trying to get price match

            • Miriam

              I placed the order at this morning, and called a few minutes ago to customer service. They did the price match over the phone and are refunding my card for the difference! Woohoo!!!

              • lg

                Did you guys get your emails confirming the price adjustment? Haven’t received it yet

                • Michele R.

                  Yes, I received an email confirming the price adjustment and the order confirmation includes the $80 gift card that I will receive via email.

                  • lg

                    They told me the same that they don’t price match with gift card deal. Can anyone provide us with an order number as ammunition?

            • Tam

              Placed order for ipad mini 2, then called cs to price match. $70 credit to my card.

            • Lani

              Thank you my Hip2Save friends!!! I called Target and asked them to price match. At first he said they could not do the price match because it was a special. I insisted that my friends just did the transaction and the price match was honored in the form of a refund. He was able to do the same for me. Got the price match and the $80 GC! I would’ve never gotten such a great deal without reading all your comments and suggestions. Thanks!

            • Amberlynne06

              I’m so confused as to why this is working with some people and not others. I just got off the phone with cs and they said the $80gc is counted as part of the price, so I couldn’t get a price match. So frustrating.

            • Shannon

              I was told they would price match and to watch for an email confirmation? How long did it take to get your confirmation?

              • lg

                Shannon I was told the same thing never received email called back and was told they aren’t price matching

          • Del

            I was told that they do not price match when there is a GC deal or when it is a black friday price. If anyone gets it they have really great luck!

      • Andrea

        Where is the $5 off $50?

    • veryvarsha

      Do you have a meijer where you stay? It has the best ipad mini 2 deal. 125$ gift card with 269$ ipad purchase on Thursday morning.

    • Carol

      I bought my son one from and applied for a walmart credit card to get the $35 bonus (if you spend $75 or more once you’re approved). I got my e-statement and the $35 credit was on there. So, I paid $164 before tax.

  6. Jennifer Collins

    Thinking about getting a mini. Does anyone know if this looks like one of the lowest prices it may be?

    • lg

      Walmart has it for $199

  7. Jess

    What an awesome deal on apple watch! My husband and I love ours!

    • Abby

      What size do you have? I was thinking about the 38mm and wondering if the size would be adequate or if I’d wish I bought the larger (&s’more expensive) one. Thanks!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing Jess!

  8. Brittany

    Don’t forget to use that $5 off $50 code from yesterday.

    • Angie

      How can I find the code $5 off?

    • Lelee

      What was that for? I must have missed it

    • Brittany


      • Lelee

        I found the code earlier and it didn’t work. Still bought the watch with an additional $18 off with my red card!

  9. Angela

    $20 in free shutterfly cards and free shipping!!! KH64-E4NM-J74Y-17PY2M. KH65-0K0R-VAGU-CFA39A. Please be kind and post when you used them!!!!!

    • Amanda

      Using the free shipping thanks

    • Jessie

      I used the free shipping, someone else had already used the $20. Thanks for sharing!

    • myfinds4u

      Used – thanks so much!

    • Monica

      Thanks so much!! Really needed this!

  10. Amanda

    Using the free shipping thanks

  11. Amber

    Why will it not let me ship or ship to store?? Keeps piling up for me to select my store but it is already selected??

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Darn. Are you able to try it in a different browser?

    • dkane

      I had this problem too. They want you to go to the store to purchase. I did and I got the gift card black Friday pricing.

  12. Tina

    It won’t allow me to buy the ipad air online- says shipping not available. Anybody else have issues with this? It won’t even allow me to buy online and pick up in store and I want to use ebates on a purchase this big…

    • L Bee

      I’m having the same problem! It says in stock but that price isn’t available for any store I click and I tried like ten stores 😫

    • Moore

      I have been trying to order the iPad air 32g online. It is greyed out to add to cart for shipping purposes, but doesn’t say out of stock online. Wanted to use my wishlist and $5 off $50 coupon. When online didn’t work I called in store, who directed me to customer service. They were not sure how online worked, and no store in my entire state sold the iPad air in store today. Savannah, Georgia was closest location that had in their store for today. said they couldn’t help me after sending me through 3 different people who had no clue why it showed grey to add to cart but not say out of stock, especially since this is a 2 day ad, and this is the first day. When I asked to speak to manager or file a report, I was hung up on. I filed a complaint to try and get it honored tomorrow with wishlist coupon

  13. Andrea

    Just got back from target. The udis gluten free pizzas and the gluten free pizza crusts were b1g1. Such an awesome deal on gluten free!!!

    • EJ

      Awesome, thank u for posting because I was wondering if they were going to be included in the sale.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  14. Amber

    iPad is unavailable to order online I just spoke with customer service. Even though it is listed on sale and order pick up it is still unavailable and they are not sure when it will be available.

    • Leslie

      I was able to order online for home delivery (unless it gets cancelled).

    • Leslie

      I did have to choose the black 32gb though – white wouldn’t add to cart (I assume it is out of stock)

  15. Dwilson19

    Anyone know if i can get this deal in store? I want to purchase the mini 2 with price match at walmart and get the gift card back would that work?

    • andrea

      I called Target and they said they aren’t price matching because its an early black friday deal. :/

  16. Kelli

    My daughter wants an Ipad Mini. How does the Price Match on online orders?

  17. Taera

    So frustrating. Unable to order the iPad Air online for free shipping or in store pick up. 🙁

  18. Jenilyn

    I price matched wal mart online and store price of iPad mini 2 of 199.00 and then used targets 10 percent on Sunday and then the kids wish list 10 percent and then the 5 percent target card discount. Got the 16gb one for 163.00 😁

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


    • vgta

      wow thats a great buy, whats this sunday 10% off coupon?

  19. A

    Off topic, but does anyone have any coupon codes for children’s place? Would greatly appreciate anything. Thanks!!


      25%off Y00205NZRLNDPB

  20. Gsmd

    Does the $5 off $50 work for the iPad mini?

    • Michele R.

      I was not able to use the promo codes when ordering the ipad mini

  21. Mel

    Thinking about getting the apple watch for my husband. Anyone have any feedback? I would appreciate it, thanks!

    • Ashley

      I got one for my son a while back and he loves his Apple Watch!

  22. Amanda

    I have a $10.00 Bon ton gift card for inside only use want to trade for free shipping to shuterfly email me

    • vgta

      if you are not using, can you please share with me TIA

  23. Marion

    Does anyone know of a good deal for the new apple tv?
    My husband would love one for Christmas but I can’t find a deal anywhere…

    • Laura

      Marion, the only one you MIGHT find a deal on is the older gen. Apple TV3.
      The Apple TV 4 just came out. That one won’t have a sale or discount price. I have both. Buy the newer one. The older one is fine for a basement. The newer one has more apps, a better remote and a faster processor

    • Ebony

      I just left my Target and I was able to purchase the apple watch for $349 with the 100 gift card. They will also price match with the best buy $50 off when I take in the ad tomorrow. I also noticed that they had the new apple TV on sale for 111.49 instead of being 149. I’m debating using my gift card and paying the small difference

  24. k

    if we do this deal with our red card, do we get 5% off as well, or does it exclude apple products?

    • Rachel

      You get the 5% .

  25. kait

    can we buy more than one product (2 watches) and get 2, $100 gift cards in the same transaction?

    • Amy

      I believe so! I just purchased four IPad Airs in one transaction.

  26. Sam T

    Ok go a

  27. LynnNV

    Didn’t buy any of these Apple deals but was able to buy the Altec Bluetooth speakers. Bought them to use in my family’s Polaris RZR’s. Now we’ll have music on our rides. Great buy (used the $5 off code + 5% RedCard) and now I don’t have to head to Target on BF. 😃

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Perfect! Glad you could snag a great deal!

  28. loving it

    any one got code for $5 off $50?

    • K

      In a comment above.

  29. sharon a dietrich

    I’m guessing the I pads are all the WiFi version only?

    • Julie

      I saw the Verizon but it was $499 I want to think 32gb

  30. Julie

    Staples has the black 32gb iPad air for $359 right now. It says retina display. I don’t know the difference

  31. Laura

    How do you do price match on Target?

  32. Trisha

    I ordered the iPad Air 2 from Best Buy yesterday. They have $100 off with code ipadair2deal, which to me was better than a $100 gift card. I think their pre Black Friday deals are still going on.

    • Jenn

      Was that just yesterday?

    • Jenn

      Is that still going on?

    • Judi

      Was that only on the ipad air2?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for sharing Trisha!

  33. Marion

    Thanks Laura for your info on the apple tv. I was hoping to find at least a gift card with purchase deal…hopefully something will still pop up before Christmas!

  34. Amanda

    Has anyone been able to use the 10% wishlist code and the $5 code for the iPad mini? I’ve tried both codes online and they won’t work…..

    • Becky

      Call customer service and they will do the 10% online for you.

  35. Teaira

    Long stretch but does anyone have a Childrens Place code?

    • Anu1c.

      There’s one posted above.

  36. Renee

    For the iPad Air: it won’t let me select in store pickup, nor will it let me ship. If I go into the store today, will I be able to buy it with the gift card (as in the ad)?

  37. melissa2

    Where do u guys get $5 code? Any help is much appreciated. TIA

  38. Kat

    They’re selling out quickly! I wasn’t able to get the exact one I wanted but oh well! Happy birthday/Christmas to me! Thanks Collin! And now I get to use the gift card for hubby’s Christmas present 😉

  39. S

    Off topic .. Could someone clarify my doubt ? Yesterday I bought Disney princess 7 pack with s. Price 49.99 and used cartwheel 30% and toy coupon . But today sale price is 40 , whether they do price adjustment , including cartwheel (expired) and toy coupon..

  40. loving it

    target is not doing price match!!!!

  41. Lauren

    I just got the iPad Air. It became live again!

  42. Ns55

    Am I crazy? Why isn’t anyone going to Walmart and price matching and getting the gift card?? Will that not work? Do they not price match with gift card?? Tia

  43. Ns55

    Never mind. I answered my own question. I called Walmart and spoke to 4 people including a supervisor and no one had any clue and didn’t understand. just reminds me why I dont ever shop there!!!!

  44. Becky

    Anyone willing to email me their order # (or their email showing the price match refund) on the Ipad mini’s? Target Customer Service will only honor it for me if they can see that someone else was able to do it. They won’t honor it otherwise. Very disappointed. 🙁

    • jenn

      Me too – i am currently on hold right now, hoping i will get the deal.

      • Becky

        Good luck! I talked to a rep, their manager and also chatted with someone. I finally sent an email to Customer Service hoping to get it resolved. But they told me I had to have that order #.

    • Amber

      Please let me know if you got them to match it and what you had to do!

  45. Stacy

    Have been on the phone with Target Customer Service for about 3 hours now…have gotten disconnected 3 times. I’m hoping they will honor all discounts, price matches, codes etc when this is all done!

    • Amber A

      Let us know if you get it, and what you had to do. I’ve talked to 2 representatives and am completely frustrated right now.

    • Heather

      I’ve called and spoke with two people. They are not price matching at Target.

  46. Stacy

    Yay! I guess the time was worth it. Got 2 ipad minis for $94.77 a piece!!!

    • jenn

      ahhhh so there is hope….willing to help us?

      • Becky

        Yes, please help!

        • Stacy

          It took a long time because I got disconnected 3 times. I was so frustrated, but in the end, it was worth it. They will try to tell you that they cannot price match, but they can. They priced matched the $199 (gave the $70 difference to me as a gift card), got the 10% off wish list promo code, $5 off of $50, and 5% for using my Red Card. I’ll be getting back $160 in another gift card.

          • Laura

            Would you share your order information? I was not as successful as you even after speaking to several people.

          • Julie

            Can you email me your order number? 🙂

          • Julie

            Can you email me your order number? Thank you!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Wow! Great score Stacy! Thanks for sharing!

  47. Michele

    How did you get that’s price? I get mine for 120 each

  48. Melanie

    COLLIN – Thank you so much for posting about the Apple Watches earlier. I’ve been doing my research for months and this sale is the best price around. Xmas is going to be so awesome. I scored 2 watches & now have $200.00 in gift cards to spend at Target! You’re the best! Keep posting awesome deals girl! You Rock!!!

    * Does anyone remember the wireless head phones that got really high reviews that were priced $7.99. I wanted to check that companies website. They were available in many colors. I tried to look back in older posts but couldn’t find it.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are so welcome Melanie!

  49. Dawn Haak

    I really thought I scored with my ipad mini 2 purchase today but after reading Stacy’s comment, maybe not so much! Anyhow, I was in and out of Target in five minutes…………they priced matched the $199 price from Walmart and issued my $80 gift card. I used my Target CC and total with tax came to $209. I am planning to put that $80 GC toward a PS4 for my son! Hoping to score a great deal on that Black Friday??? Thanks for sharing Collin…………..I have been obsessed with your blog for years now and you have saved me sooooo much money!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      That’s awesome Dawn! So glad to help! 🙂

  50. kim

    i just did an online chat and they said they cannot price match since it is a promotional price. I ordered it to pick up in the store so maybe i will ask when i pick it up.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for sharing Kim!

      • kim

        i just picked my order up in the store and they wouldnt price matcha dn give the gift card. I guess it just depends on who you talk to at the store and online. Oh well, I will use my gift card for the wii u if its available. thanks so much for all you do it does save us a lot of money. 🙂

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