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Don’t Forget to Thank Your Mail Carrier or Garbage Man This Holiday Season…

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If you’re like me and have done the majority of your Christmas shopping online this year, then don’t forget to thank that important person that delivers all of your online goodies (and freebies!) right to your door… your mailman or mailwoman!

Garbage Men

And, with all of those packages ordered come lots of boxes for the garbage/recycling service to pickup as well as wrapping paper, Christmas Trees, trash from holiday parties and more. These people often go unthanked during this holiday season, so be sure to let them know your appreciation! You can see how I’ve shown my appreciation to my mail carrier previously by watching the end of this video, filmed back in 2012. πŸ˜‰

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  1. nannyrose

    I do a lot of surveys and set aside one $10 gift card a month to save for just this purpose. Mail Carrier, UPS and Fed Ex Guys (They feel like part of the family by this time of the year) newspaper girl, my trashman, my favorite grocery checkers , etc. I know these people are paid but they go above and beyond and everyone wants to feel appreciated. Merry Christmas Collin and thank you so much for all the deals and especially for teaching me how to save tons of money!!!!!!

  2. Em

    We usually do gift cards for our regular mail carrier and UPS driver. $5-$10-$15 depending on the person and our budget that year. If I know them, I pick a store I know they will enjoy shopping at. If I don’t know them as well, they get a Target gift card. I also get a small useful gift for bus drivers (gloves, flashlight, kitchen towels, gift card, whatever I think they could use) and teachers. Do I think it’s bad if someone else doesn’t do this? Absolutely not. Not everyone can, and it all adds up quickly. I do appreciate these people, and I like to do a little extra something for them when I can. Who doesn’t like to know they’re appreciated?

  3. Sara

    Don’t forget about Local Law Enforcement- (Dispatchers too!) or Fire Fighters! My husband is a Police Officer. Some departments get a LOT of sweets during the holidays. If you do send a sweet or food, I’d recommend you send one that is sealed and packaged from a store or bakery. Unfortunately, I know of several departments, including my husbands, that are very wary of homemade goods, because of poisoning, etc.. My husband has received $5 Starbucks/ Dunkin Donuts gift cards from residents that drop a big stack of gift cards off for all the Police officers, they have picked names from a hat for bottles of wine that people have dropped off, too. Even a simple card would work, especially with any positive interaction or appreciation for Law Enforcement. πŸ™‚

    • A

      Yes! So glad you mentions police and firefighters!

  4. Sue

    When I worked at a before and after school program a lot of the families gave me chocolate or $5 gift cards. I was so floored that they got me anything at all that I couldn’t stop thanking them. I really think it’s not the amount you spend at all, but the fact that you thought of these people who have often difficult and thankless jobs.

  5. Melissa

    I gave my main mail lady the Big One Throw from Kohl’s that were on sale during the Veterans day sale with a bag of assorted chocolate. I got my mail man (delivers when my mail lady has the day off) a Contigo Insulated Travel mug filled with assorted chocolates. It gets chilly here and thought these gifts could keep them warm while they deliver the mail.

  6. tsd

    And our mail carrier in our old town was a regular but now where we live they are contracted out apparently. I miss knowing our mail carriers. I guess even if we had a regular they don’t have to get out of their mail truck here unless they go to a block with lock boxes.

  7. Kat

    I got my mailman a yeti cup with #1 MAILMAN engraved on it. He is like part of my family and such a wonderful kind person.

  8. timmay

    I used to deliver for ups when I was younger. Biggest tip I ever got around xmas was $100. Granted this lady had at least a package a day for the month of December. But I would have done it without the tip. She knew me very well since I was at her door every day. I even brought the heavier boxes into her home and placed them where she wanted. The best part was that she was always dressed kinda scantily. Tight clothes short dresses. In just a robe sometimes. I kinda felt she di so only because she knew I was coming. Once even in just a towel like she ran out of the shower. I miss that delivery. But in all honesty. Gc to fast food are great. Especially since we are always on the road and I’m a rush.

    • K


  9. April

    I can’t find the comment now but I swear someone said they give their trash men a pack of Corona. I like that idea. Is that a weird thing to hand them when they’re on the job? Is that something I should take directly to the office and let them know my address & to give it to the men on my route?

    I just got my mail carrier a candy cane filled with Reese’s Pieces and I wrapped it up all nice. I give the same thing to my newspaper deliverer and our neighbors.

    • Teri

      Ha…Every year I give my trash guys (all young guys) either a case of beer or a bottle of tequila, with a card. I travel a lot, and don’t even have trash for a weekly pick up. But they are great guys. They always make a point to thank me. They share it, and serve at their holiday party.

  10. heather b

    Thanks you so much for reminding me!!! I meant to today!

  11. maya

    Thos year I gave my mail man a electric mixer with a bowl (for his house) and a cologne for his personal use…
    For my ups man I gave a programmable coffee maker both item were Abt $30 each I hope they both like what I gave them

  12. kate

    Just want to add my perspective… My husband is a mailman. IT IS A HARD JOB! He has not had a day off since Thanksgiving! He is treated awful by his co-workers (it seems like they are all against / competing with each other in his office, but since he has the least seniority in that office, he gets the brunt of it… it’s comprable to hazing in my mind), working conditions are poor (very cold here in the winter in the Northeast, and very hot in the summer with no air-conditioning – in the winter he constantly has frostbite, and in the summer difficulty breathing while in the extremely hot truck). The truck is another issue. It is really a skelton of a truck – the bare minimum, absolutely minimal safety. Most days he has no time to use the restroom, let alone to take a break. Since last January, he is forced to work Sundays, and MOST HOLIDAYS, with no extra pay for doing so!!! If he refuses to do so, he will be fired! Oh and because he isn’t a “regular” he has no sick days, no paid time off. As someone else mentioned, he is working everyday, all day with no quality time for family. He is absolutely exhausted after work. That leaves me, a full time working mommy of 7, pretty much alone to do all of the normal day-to-day responsibilities, as well as all of the holiday one!!! It is hard!!! He will work on the 24th until late. He will be completely wiped out on the 25th (also his birthday) to even enjoy it…. and its back to work on the 26th with no break… Please have compassion for your mail man / lady. Their job may look easy, but it is anything but!!!

    • Stephanie

      I remember when my husband wasn’t a regular carrier, it does get better once he’s converted– I promise! The 60 hr weeks and Sunday delivery (introduced right before my husband was converted) were brutal, they introduced it and we did not have a babysitter so it was really a scramble for a while. Yeah, CCA’s are kind of bullied around and get ALLLLL of what the other carriers bring back to the station. I remember my husband didn’t have his clothing allowance for the first winter he was a carrier in the Midwest and we had the whole “polar vortex” thing going on. It’s truly a rough job. This year, although it’s his day off and he’s a regular carrier, and we had prior plans, he’s being forced to work on the 24th as well.

      Others: Be kind to your carrier! My husband has a rough route (lots of stairs, lots of stops, lots of packages, 100% walking/park and loop route) that nobody want’s to be a regular carrier on and he stuck around for December delivery and the foreseeable future because people on his route were so kind to him that he didn’t/doesn’t want to switch to an easier route for everybody elses sake.

  13. Elizabeth

    My daughter is friends with her bus driver and we made a little gift bag for her. Nothing fancy but she loved it! And my daughter said the bus driver couldn’t believe someone gave her something. I gave my mail lady a box of chocolates. I appreciate the couriers a lot. I order so much all year long but especially during this season. I need to leave him something.

  14. Jenny S.

    My son just loves it when the garbage trucks come every Monday! He’s almost 2, and he gets so excited:) Our trash man already knows him to come outside and sees him, so he honks the horn and always lifts the big crane thing to dump all the trash in just to show my son, he’s so nice to do that! I wasn’t able to get anything ready for today to give him, but did have it in mind, so I will def next Monday! I’m thinking 1lb coffee and packaged cookies:)

  15. Huyen

    I’m a daughter of a mailman, who loves his job and he’s been doing it for over 20 years. Cash is always the most appreciated because he doesn’t get paid (yes, he could’ve been a manager making more, but that’s not who he is) and he doesn’t like sweets (so I often benefited from those gifts! 😁)but anything is greatly appreciated. He uses the cash to get himself lunch everyday. He keeps every card he gets, we display it on our Christmas tree, and he knows his customers by name. He’s made lifelong friends at work and even with customers; he’s even saved a customer’s life before. He has a regular who would send him home with t-shirts from her trips around the world for my 3-year-old daughter, his pride and joy. Believe me when I say the customers are just as much apart of our lives as your mailman is to yours. During the holidays, my dad works 10+ hours, into the night, and often gets called in on his days off. He lives 2 hours from his job but never changed due to seniority at his location. But he never complains because of his customers, even when he knows his life can be in danger due to the stuff he carries and the late hours (there was several very violent incidents last year here). I love the ideas I see posted on here and just want to thank everyone for being so generous. Your thoughts, even just a card, is very much appreciated.

  16. Len

    I started couponing with the help of this site just last year. We didn’t have enough, but this year my family & I were able to prepare some boxes for our kid’s bus drivers (2), mailman, garbage collectors, & our neighbor’s gardener (we don’t have our own gardener coz we just don’t have enough money to pay for that service so we do our own garden maintenance) and gave them last Friday as early presents. Anyways, in each boxes, we put Tide, Dawn, Colgate TB/Tp, air freshener, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, kleenex, clorox and lysol cleaners, and shavers and creams. When they came back the next day, they were very appreciative & even told us that their spouses certainly love our presents coz those items are most definitely put into use. We could have not done this alone but all because of Collin’s deals.We wish to send u card but don’t know your address so just to
    let you know that we are always praying for you and your family and your crew.Thank you for all that you do. You’re a God sent from above!

    • Dawn

      Len, I love the idea of giving out all those freebies to the mail people who delivered them. Nicely done! πŸ˜ƒ

  17. Ellen

    Dont forget the teachers, I feel they are the most deserving of a gift. They teach 20 plus children for 6 or more hours. Teachers deal with alot of stress during the day, crying children, children not behaving, parents, etc. They keep the classes fun and use their own money to fill their treasure chests for rewards.

    • Katie

      I agree! I got my kids teachers ornaments from pier one. They’re the most beautiful ornaments. And they’re 30% off right now! πŸ™‚

    • Joeyk

      Also assistants too πŸ™‚ both my kiddos have teachers assistants, my son actually talks more about his assistant then his teacher.

  18. Niki

    I’m thinking about this one. I have no proof but feel like my mail lady steals my freebies /coupons/and samples!! Sorry for her luck she won’t be receiving a gift from me!!

    • Tiffany

      Really Niki? You think your carrier would risk her job and commit a FEDERAL offense to steal your free samples? I highly doubt that is happening.

  19. Niki

    I wanted to share, some people don’t feel like they should be tipped but my boyfriend works for mannys delivering appliances, while he gets paid for it , it’s only 14$ an hour so when he gets tips for installing and delivering he is very happy. πŸ™‚

  20. christy

    Someone posted about making sure the regular carrier is working. I leave something for the regular and the sub. The subs usually have to work the crappy days, like days after holidays. They make way less and the regulars blame all the mistakes on the subs. Jus sayin, lol

  21. Jenni

    This stresses me out! Give something to this person, give something to that person. I actually plan to give my mail carrier some Harry London chocolates in a Christmas tin with some gift cards at the bottom of the tin, but only because I do sooooo much online shopping throughout the year and I’ve never NOT received my packages. As a full time working mother of 3 and a husband who works 16 hours a day; I just want to go home after work even though some days it feels like I’m going to my second job. If I could do my grocery shopping online and have it delivered I would. Anyways I’m all for showing my appreciation and Christmas spirit, but if I gave something to everyone (police officers, firemen, trash person, neighbors, teachers, parents or family of my kids friends, co-workers, etc) I’d be broker than broke.
    If I had the funds to gift to everyone above I’d much rather take those gifts and send it to our troops.

    • Lynnsy

      Jenni, I read through this entire list of comments and you’re the only person that mentioned the military as being deserving. Only person at all! My husband is army and is away this year like he is most years at the holiday. He doesn’t get tips. Just your acknowledgment that the troops are important means so much to me (and other military spouses)

  22. Katie

    I don’t understand why it seems like this post is becoming a royal debate. If you’re in this site you’re probably like me and get 4 packages a day sometimes. And ask those free magazines. And samples. I know it’s a carrier’s job, but ask yourself how much extra work your carrier does for you so that you can save money. I tipped my carrier generously. And you know what happened two days later? I had a package that didn’t have enough postage. He paid it for me and left a note. Not everyone workforce reimburse him. I did, of course. But when you reward someone they WILL go out of their way to not give you good service, but EXCEPTIONAL service. And I got one think they earned it. I honestly feel terrible about how much extra work my carrier Dave does for me. If you don’t agree then you don’t agree. I don’t understand why there are people bashing a good sentiment at Christmas time. It is NOT an easy job.

    • Katie

      Excuse the autocorrect…

      • Dawn

        Well said, Katie! Our mail delivery person is definitely worth a tip. Since I found hip2save several years ago, the amount of packages, magazines, and samples significantly added to our regular mail. It’s just a nice simple gesture to say thanks during this holiday season! πŸ˜ƒ Merry Christmas Hip2Savers!

  23. Sarah

    We live in a small town, but the garbage men work out of a city building. We take goodies down there for them to eat on breaks.

  24. Hydee

    For those who live where it snows, one of the best ways you can thank your mail carrier is to have your mailbox clear after a snow storm! Mailboxes blocked by snow can add hours to what is already a long day for your mail carrier as they often have to park and get out of their mail truck to reach your mailbox. Make sure there is enough space for the mail truck to pull up to your mail box and exit. (Technically if your mailbox is blocked by snow your mail carrier does not have to deliver your mail as this falls under the same principle as if a car was parked in front of your mail box. I think most, if not all, mail carriers deal with the inconvenience and still deliver your mail and packages adding significantly to their day as they do so!)

    • Sarah

      Also make sure to salt your walkways if your mail carrier walks.

  25. Hope

    I had one good mail carrier for a couple of weeks this year. He was awesome. He I would definitely give a gift. I hope to get him again someday. My regular carrier? No way. She stinks. Forgets mail (flags it as person didnt answer door when I’ve been waiting all day), delivers mail late, catch her in random spots in the neighborhood shooting the breeze, deliver our mail to other and vice versa on a regular basis.

    So yeah, definitely gift a GOOD mail carrier if you have the means to do so.

  26. Katie

    And don’t forget train and bus drivers! When coming home late at night from school or work I make a point to sit in the train car with the driver and I say thank you as I get out at my station. They recognize me because I do it so often and I truly feel safe during my ride knowing they are so close. I don’t drive and truly appreciate their services! This Christmas I would like to give them a handwritten card and a dunkin donuts gift card. I hope I have time to get it all together!

  27. Sue

    Hey your mailman is good looking and has a nice smile too!

  28. lisag29

    My mail carrier is the best! We’ve had him less than a year but he’s the best we’ve ever had. If he knows I am home and I have packages he will not only bring my packages to the door and wait for me to answer but also brings me my mail. When he’s off, I don’t even know I have packages, I just open my door and see them there. And I order a LOT of stuff online so I really appreciate what he does. They’re also timed on their routes and pressured to get through them quickly, but he’s taking the extra time to ring my bell and wait for me to answer. My mail carrier got a gift card yesterday because I really appreciate everything he does!

  29. Anna

    Don’t be offended if your recipient can’t take your gift. I am a county employee and we are not allowed to accept gifts of any value. TWhile the gesture is nice not everyone can take it. I risk losing my job if I accept gifts

  30. Natoli

    I spray my trash can with febreeze so the garbage man gets a good wiff of the good holiday smells.

  31. Tracey

    I have to say there are some nasty people on here .maybe if you showed a little appreciation to people they would remember that you thought of them and do a better job

  32. cindyawarf

    As a school bus driver of 3 different schools, I have 210 students that I greet by name every morning & afternoon. I maintain the bus inside & out. Every child is important to me & alot of times I give children moral support, maybe even a tissue. Sometimes I have to wait for a child who had to run back home for the eyeglasses he forgot & would not have them otherwise. I’ve showed up for their school concerts & games, just to encourage them. It’s hard to come up with some sort of treat for them, since I have so many. But I always manage to come up with something. On one of our hottest days I asked the superintendent of the schools if I could give each child a freeze pop to have on their walk from their stop home, he said yes. Every child knows they can ask for a seat in the front row at anytime, just to talk. The reason why I am posting this is because your child’s bus driver is one of the most forgotten people on your gift list! And maintaining a bus with that many children doesn’t come easy. This Christmas I received one of the best presents ever, a hug with a hand drawn picture & a pot mit filled with goodies that had a bus with the inscription “Best Bus Driver Ever” screen printed on it!

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